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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 23, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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it is the end of an era. the 49ers host their final game at candle stick park. and it contained a pick six. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. candle stick -- stick may be a
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little rough around the edges but she did not disappoint. as there was a pick six thrown. navarro bowman returned an interception 89 yards for a touchdown with a few minutes remaining to secure the win in the niners game. we begin with sports reporter fred inglis who was on the field for the game and it must have been amazing in the sidelines. >> it was amazing. it was a lot of things. this contest did have play off implications but it was also a final chance for the fans to wish this 53-year-old stick rust in peace. as the 49ers took the field tonight, the sold out candle stick crowd got loud and
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emotional. they came here to see football. say farewell and connect one final time with friends. >> the die-hard fans. just the true passion that everyone has when they're cheering for their team. not to mention they're an amazing team so that helps. just the energy and the comradery i love it. >> reporter: candle stick is currently the third oldest. >> people think it's a dump. but i love coming here. i love being in traffic. we all love it. it's something we understand and accept. >> sometimes it's a little slippery. but you adjust to that then you have to adjust to the elements, like the wind and stuff like that. a lot of great memories here. >> i'm sad to see it go. >> reporter: why? >> well, because now that i can
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final aafford to have season tickets they're taking it away from me. >> reporter: is this a divorce or a wink? >> i think it's a wink. i think it's a wink. especially since we're going to tear it down and it'll be rubble. it'll be sad to track down 101 and look over and not see it. >> reporter: former owner eddy debarlo gave the final game ball to his nephew. boys to men sang a few songs before the fireworks capped off the farewell. if candle stick would not have been as much fun or exciting had not the 49ers beaten the atlanta falcons. mark ibanez will have the highlights. including that memorable final play at candle stick for a very, very long time if there is no play off game here. >> as fred mentioned that really was a great way to end what could be the last game
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ever at candle stick. >> mark ibanez more with the final interception that clenched the final. >> the pick that closed the stick, like you said earl willlier. the -- you said earlier. a lot of times it's a big dud but not this one. niners were leading 27-24 less than two minutes left. it goes right through navarro bowman after a kick off. watch leslie newman. and then it looked like the falcon could go in for at least a game tieing field goal. instead the ball is deflected into the hands of navarro bowman. 98yards.
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and the dive that sends the 49ers diving into the end zone. they will with their 11-4 record definitely be in the postseason. actually they could win the division if seattle loses and they beat arizona next week. here are some words from a couple of the heros from tonight. >> have you ever been associated with a moment like that a turn around. >> not in the nfl. >> talk about a moment to go out, could it have been better. >> no. the áf that's the best of the season. >> 90 yards. what do you think about the crowd roaring. >> i'm going to do more conditioning. i got tire at the 30. >> there was so much involved in the game. us, if we win. we get in. having the last game at candle stick possible. it's just one of those moments you want to cherish.
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you want to take it all in. >> reporter: so many heros from tonight's game. of course we'll have all the highlights leading up to navarro bowman's we'll call it enthusiastic run. i love seeing harbaugh chasing him down the sidelines. >> move out of the way. move out of the way. >> lots more memories made tonight. and we have to talk about it. >> the pick to end the stick. i like that. >> thank you. well there's been plenty of criticism about candle stick over the years. yes it's a little run down and lacks a lot of the amenities of the new stadium in santa clara. and it was cold and windy at times. but it has its experiences. ktvu's ken wayne is live at the stick who has been talking to fans who just wanted to be part of the experience tonight. >> reporter: fans are still in a very good mood tonight. they've been pouring out of the stadium just a short time ago.
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many fans compare, many fans compare their relationship to candle stick park as like a relationship. there have been some ups and downs over the years. but tonight fans are remembering the good times. >> it's like, it's like saying goodbye to your favorite love, right. it's your favorite love. >> reporter: tonight the love affair is over. it's time to pack up from the last tailgate parties and say farewell toll the place many fans love to hate. johnson has been making the trek. even though the new levi stadium will be closer to him. it won't be the same. >> the feeling at candle stick,
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was nostalgic. >> reporter: his buddy wanted to get a souvenir. >> maybe like a beer plastic cup. >> reporter: you're not aiming too high. >> no not at all. >> reporter: a little parking lot football and a chance to show off some candle stick pride. >> i got this about three months ago. i'm a dedicated san francisco niners. >> reporter: the worse hard luck story we found is this man who paid $300 and drove from southern california to learn his ticket was no good. >> i drove eight hours from long beach. wasn't able to get in. >> i don't know what to tell you. i feel bad for you. >> maybe you can get me in. make my christmas. >> reporter: we couldn't get him into the game. believe it or not somebody tried to steal some seats from candle stick park. here are two of the seats that were recovered from san francisco police. two people were arrested for this incident. but all in all, a very good
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game here at candle stick tonight. did you have a good time? >> yes. >> reporter: you had a great time. live at candle stick park, ken wayne. ktvu channel 2 news. while the crowd at candle stick was mostly peaceful tonight a scuffle or two did break out. word of a fight at the gridiron bar inside our park. one of our photographers headed to that location. when he got there, one man was injured and arrested. if candle stick could talk, this is some of what he would remember. ground breaking was in 1968. tonight likely marked the last
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time fans will walk into the park and cheer on the niners. bars across the bay area were filled with people who could not make it in person to the stick. in san jose the crowd at rookies state park watched and roared at the action. next year people won't have to leave santa clara county to see the games in person. the people we spoke to tonight said they're ready for the change. >> it's just down from my home. that's what i'm looking forward to. front yard bar-b-que. >> it was a dump, but it was our dump. >> reporter: fans from the south bay also said they're looking forward to building some new traditions around the uncoming way at levi stadium. our coverage continues on our website our web team has put together a slide show of viewer photos from the stick. and you will always find cool
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pictures from the stadium over the years. you can say goodbye to candle stick by sharing our facebook badge. also we would like to hear your favorite memory from candle stick. you can also tweet it to us with the hash tag farewell candle stick. developing news to tell you about in the south bay tonight where holiday shoppers describe moments of panic after a bold smash and grab robbery inside this packed mall. the brazen jewelry store robbery had people running for cover at san jose's east ridge mall this evening. eric rasmussen is live at the mall on tully road where he talked to witnesses who initially thought the suspect had a gun. >> reporter: more than one person told me they thought they heard gunshots. turns out it was the sound of a man smashing a jewelry case with a hammer and of course it happened when this mall was packed with last minute shoppers. it was a smash and grab robbery with hundreds of potential
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witnesses. steps away from santa claus, someone hit valiani's jewelry at the height of christmas. >> to see something like this it's crazy. >> reporter: manuel oliv era was with his wife and two kids when they thought they heard gunshots. >> the crowd was panicking. they were like wow. i was scared for my family. for my kids. >> when i heard the noise i thought it was a gunshot. >> you thought it was a gun. >> i thought it was a gun. >> reporter: this kiosks worker told us not to show his face out of concern for his safety because he saw the robber. our witness says that the crowd was the perfect disguise. >> he was holding the jewelry on his right hand and on his left hand he was wearing a gun. or i don't know, they said hammer. >> reporter: police continued to investigate not long after we watched the workers cleaning up. they told us they would be
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reopening. at the busiest time of year. the loss was whatever the robber could fit in his hands. the suspect was wearing a black mask. gray clothing, shorts, and white air jordan sneakers. police say no one was hurt in all of this but they're still looking for the people responsible. a rare and expensive cello stolen. the emotional significance it holds and the message for the person who took it. waking up to hazy skies. the area where air quality to be an issue. marching
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new developments in the case of the 13-year-old oakland girl who replains on life support tonight at children's hospital. today her family felt the support of the community and received a reprieve from the court. the family of jahi mcmath is bracing for a second opinion on their daughter's condition as they continue to fight for the teen. eric rasmussen tells us about the two develops that the family calls a victory. >> reporter: it's a story that seems to touch a nerve. for people who did not know jahi mcmath personally.
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>> if she was my little girl i would want the same thing. i would want to make sure that i exhaust everything to make sure that i can save my little girl. >> i went in there and kissed her and kissed her and said you have so many people down there honey that love you that you don't even know that just love you to death. aoáeupgs. >> reporter: the pamly took legal action to keep jahi on life support and today won what it considers a small victory. a judge ordered a pediatric from stanford children's hospital to do a test. dr.fisher conducted tests to evaluate jahi's brain condition. no matter what the result, the teen will remain on life support until january 31st. >> she is on a ventilator and
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they cannot touch her. >> it gives her time for jahi to come back to life. >> reporter: the hospital's chief of pediatrics says we have the deepest sympathy for jahi's mother who wishes her daughter was alive but the ventilator cannot reverse the brain death that has occurred and it would be wrong to give her false hope that jahi would ever come back to life. the medical examiner will hold a hearing and we don't know if the result of that exam will ever be made public. allie rasmus. the white house extended the deadline of obama care for 24 hours. for those who have no insurance the deadline is still tonight. but because of high traffic on the federal website this morning the website decided today that it will give people
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until 11:59 p.m. on christmas eve to sign up. that new deadline does not count here in california where if you want this state's health coverage you have less than two hours to sign up. paul chambers tells us all you need to know about today's deadline and why the enrollment was extended in some states but not here in california. >> is that how much you make before taxes? >> reporter: the calls were coming in by the hundreds here at covered california in concord. >> what is the first and last name. >> our agents were actually taking calls consistently throughout the day. >> reporter: the call center is usually open monday through saturday but yesterday people had to come in. as covered california says a record number 77,000 californians signed up for coverage this weekend alone joining those already enrolled. because those who wanted coverage under the state exchange must at least start
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the enrollment process before midnight. >> you made a good faith effort to start the enrollment, you can finish it tomorrow. because there's glitches that we don't even know about. >> reporter: plus it doesn't have do deal with as many people as the federal government affordable health care. >> covered california is only dealing with california. we don't have a variety of time zones that we're dealing with. >> reporter: if you're worried about a penalty, don't fret you still have time before that happens. >> you still are able to come in and get enrolled in covered california and still get service up until march 31st. again covered california says all you have to do is start the process or drop an application in the mail and
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they'll help you. david stevenson, ktvu news. hundreds of thousands of people lost power in michigan, north and new england because of the ice. many could spend their christmas without electricity. massive flooding in the south is being blamed for at least five of the deaths. it's also making it very touch to get around. >> i walked downhill to the parker, around the neighborhood and through two corn fields. >> reporter: a tornado in arkansas killed one person while ice and snow in oklahoma are blamed for three traffic deaths. unlike other storms slammed areas the situation in new york city has been almost balmy. people were running in shorts yesterday because of 70-degree weather there. a winter spare the air alert here is in place and another has been issued for tomorrow. you know what that means.
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the burning of wood is banned unless it's your only heat source. we just saw a string of spare the air days ending last week. this is the scene looking through san francisco. through the layer of haze. this was at 3:30. it -- in terms of the air quality we have an atmospheric risk. typically you want to keep the numbers down. the worse air quality focused up in the north bay. and right around that orange color. and the thing is, a pattern will not be changing too much. we could have some more spare the air alerts on wednesday into thursday. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning will be pretty cold. some patchy fog up in the north bay. lower 30s here. san jose 42. coming up the temperature change you can expect for your christmas day and we'll let you know if you have any rain clouds. management and a redwood
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city management plant that has had two more fires says it is committed to work to keep that that -- that facility open. the manager says it will allow site inspections. the most recent fire took place last tuesday and took five hours for crews to control. both of those fires started in piles of items to be recycled and created enough toxic smoke they prompted a smoke advisories for residents from san mateo to santa rita counties. the frightening surveillance video just released of a car plowing into a crowded store in the south bay several months ago. and coming up a little bit later. she was thrown away and left for dead. but today happy developments to tell you about. about free power by denskie!
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[ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso on grant avenue and watch what happens here, san jose police have just released frightening video of a car driving right into a crowded wal-mart store back. it happened at a wal-mart store on story road. after he crash into the store he started attacking some of the customers. he was charged with assault and vandalism. police released the tape in the hopes that more witnesses might come forward. angry shoppers are taking aim at target after that massive security breach. more than a dozen lawsuits have now been filed against the retailer including this one by san francisco resident jennifer kirk. her lawsuit claims target failed to implement and
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maintain reasonable security procedures and practices. which compromise the credit and debit information of 40 million customers. a bay area consumer expert predicts target's trouble will spur more lawsuits. >> unfortunately it's not surprising. target has an obligation to protect their shoppers. whether or not this lawsuit has merit i don't know but i'm not surprised that there's eager beavers at the trough. >> several state attorney generals have also launched their own investigations into the hack. consumer perception of target has plummeted to its lowest level in at least six years. sentiment tracking service you gov brand index surveyed 15,000 people and found that the score was favorable by plus 26. a day later it dropped to minus
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nine. today the register monitored minus nine. and we found shoppers scurrying in and out of stores staying open late to accommodate last minute shoppers. toys r' us expanded the marathon hours for final holiday shopping at 6:00 a.m. saturday and won't close until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. when toy retailer closes their doors at 9:00 tomorrow night they will have logged 87 hours of straight sales. some lucky young folks found themselves leaving the christmas at the park celebration with a new bicycle. the bike give away is sponsored by the environmental services department and the green team department service. to be eligible to get a new bike. six-year-old natalia didn't have a whole lot to say about the environmental side of the
11:28 pm
program. but boy she sure did love her bike. >> it's pink. and has a helmet. my favorite color is pink. >> in all, 36 bikes were handed out this evening. >> pretty nice. some expensive instruments stolen from a bay area music teacher. >> i felt regret that i shouldn't have left them there. >> his plea now to the thief and why it's not even the price tag that has him more upset. more on the niners big win including navarro bowman's play if you haven't seen it yet. >> the place was rock
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a bay area musician is sounding a sour note this season after a burglar broke into his apartment and then stole his two cellos. new at 10:00, amber lee after speaking with the cellist on his effort to try to get those instruments back. >> reporter: the cellist filed this police report but is hoping that the attention will help him get his cello back. he says the theft is affecting his livelihood. he has christmas eve and christmas day performances so he hopes to get his cello back soon. >> i live off playing cello. so that changes a lot. it is also a very emotional
11:32 pm
loss. >> the music teacher says that it's like losing a friend. the cello he is playing in this video and another one along with his wallet and his bike were stolen. but he says all he cares about is getting this cello back. he bought it in his home country of poland over a decade ago. he came home to find the back door of his apartment open. the cellist told me the robber likely reached in from a back window that doesn't have a lock. and unlocked the door to the ground floor of his apartment. since the theft, the musician tells me he's been teaching and playing with a borrowed cello
11:33 pm
but it just isn't the same. >> people who play instruments understand that after they've played something for a long time it's something very dear to them. >> reporter: amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the man who cofounded twitter will sit in the board of directors for the walt disney company. also the ceo of square. disney's ceo says dorsey's experience with both companies will help disney use the latest in technology to reach more people and improve the relationship with people. he replaces judy lester who reached the maximum time on the board. it's estimated that 100
11:34 pm
u.s. citizens remain in sudan. four military personnel were injured when their plane suffered injury from an attack. violence has uprooted thousands and killed hundreds. >> there was a lot of losing, -- looting. a lot of gunshots. a lot of dead bodies and very, very out of control youth. >> reporter: the recent violence comes after sudan's president accused his vice president of trying to orchestrate a cue. the two men are long time political rivals from different ethnic groups and the dismissal of the vice president has sparked ethnic tensions. the dow finished up seven # points thanks in part to solid consumer spending numbers. apple stock was up $21 today and closed at $570 a share. after word that apple had reached a deal to bring the
11:35 pm
iphone to china's largest wireless phone company. with more than 750 million subscribers china mobile has a customer base about twice the size of the u.s. population. before this deal, the iphone was only available in china through two smaller cell phone providers. san francisco animation studio called atma is delivering an unusual greeting but instituting two dozen iphones for dominoes. check it out. pretty cool. the video posted on you tube and the iphones reveal an effective message and so you want effects as they fall like dominoes. the company didn't actually purchase the iphones however. the phones the lighting and sound effects are all computer generated. >> rescuing hearts all across the country. >> just this morning alone we received 100 phone calls.
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>> the overwhelming support for this puppy. >>
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a judge today slapped down some key parts of san jose's controversial tension reform policy. the judge said the city could not tamper with employee operations or cost of living increases. this legal fight may not be over yet. >> the fight over pension reform has been moving over san jose city hall since measure b was passed last year. today a judge ruled san jose could not make current city employees pay more for retirement benefits nor take away the cost of living
11:39 pm
investments from retirees. >> these employees will not have to bear an impossible burden and lose up to 40 to 50% of their salaries paying for a pension plan that has always been the responsibility of the city. >> reporter: it guts the mayor's pension measure. measure b. it says that what measure b tried to do was illegal. >> reporter: opponents of more than b say they also hope the ruling will stop the flow of city employees especially police officers from leaving. >> whether it's enough to stop the exdouse i don't know. there's been so much damage brought by this council and by this mayor. >> reporter: councilman ricardo says measure b has not been touted. he says that even if the city can't make employees pay more for benefits. >> it is clear that the city can essentially cut pay. and utilize those savings to pay for those benefits. >> reporter: by phone from washington, d.c., mayor chuck reed agreed and said that it is
11:40 pm
just another of the both sides. before the new year, they will meet with a judge. the dispute could head to another bargaining table or a courtroom. the national shoots sports foundation says the ordnance was improperly approved. conflicts with existing law and violate it is constitution. the pleasant hill city council approved the ordnance. it places restrictions on how close a gun store could be located to a school or club.
11:41 pm
mikael sustevo rifle was introduced in the soviet army. the weapon became widely used because of its reliability and because of how easy it is to operate. when reporters would ask him if he ever felt badly about creating a weapon that contributed to so much bloodshed he said he blamed the nazi's. he would have rather work on a good lawn mower. and more on the puppy that was found in an area dump. the big demand for the little dog that has animal control workers very excited. also ahead, our meteorologist mark tamayo with our bay area forecast including how warm it'll be for christmas. it fell short of expectations but the america's cup may be coming back to san
11:42 pm
francisco. what the mayor say it is city has learned. another candle stick memory. in 1987,
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the abandoned poodle mix pup will not be homeless for long. the center has been inundated by calls after our story. and it's no wonder look at that face. >> reporter: the phones have been ringing off the hook. calls from across the country all because of this face and the story that brought this puppy here.
11:45 pm
>> just this morning alone we received 100 phone calls within a three hour window. >> reporter: she has been named gem. a precious find honest the city's trash at the recology transfer station. recology workers were sifting garbage when they spotted gem wiggling in a trash bag. >> luckily we stopped the line in time before it fell off the belt into the pit. where it would have been transferred to our one of the landfills. >> reporter: gregory foster and his fellow employees saved gem and called animal control. >> we pulled the puppy out of the bag. we examined it. the puppy was frightened. it was scared. it was whining. >> the whole situation that she just went through is traumatizing. we don't know. again we don't know how many days she was in the repsych -- in the truck. we don't know. >> reporter: gem suffered nasty wounds to her leg. she will recover but it may be weeks before she's put up for adoption. the calls are people who want
11:46 pm
her. one dog with a waiting list of more than 100 people. but there are other gems at the shelter looking for a home. >> someone doesn't get gem they can always come down to our shelter and look through our kennels we have other lovely animals up for adoption. >> reporter: animal investigators are looking at who put this dog into a trash bag and into a dumpster. we talked to the man who found gem who says he would like to be on the list to adopt her. san francisco city leaders made their first move today to bring the america's cup back to the city. mayor ed lee today delivered a letter to the cup's event authority. it includes the city's preliminary idea of hosting the next races. mayor lee noted that the races generated hundreds of millions of the dollars in economic activity for san francisco. detractors point to a $5.5 million shortfall made up by san francisco taxpayers.
11:47 pm
the mayor says the city has learned from the first series of races. >> we suffered a lot from the lack of experience and confidence about what this event could do for us. now we have that experience. >> reporter: one big difference in today's proposal is locating autoof the teams at piers 27 to 29 next time. mayor ed lee told us he expects negotiations between the city and the event authority to go two to three months with the goal to have the america's cup back on the bay in 2017. after undergoing a software upgrade, the mars rover is preparing to head off to a new mix. the space laboratory on wheels is going to explore mount chard. scientists are hoping that area will reveal clues about how life friendly the planet could be. this exploration will be the third since the mars rover landed last year.
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lots of 60s. mid- to upper 60s and one record to report. you can see that right now in oakland. 67degrees. the old record was 66. as far as the latest right now on the satellite a few high clouds moving into the region. so with that partly cloudy skies especially for parts of the north bay as you do work your way south you do have fair skies. but still some of that overcast working its way into the bay area into tonight into early tuesday morning. current temperatures the cold spot once again is napa. currently 33 degrees. up in the north bay tomorrow morning once again in the inland valleys. you could have patchy fog redevelop. san jose currently checking in 50 degrees. for tonight we'll go with this, partly cloudy skies. high clouds moving in. tomorrow for christmas eve. a cool start to the day. hazy sunshine with partly to mostly sunny skies. here's a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. 45degrees on track to reach the 50s by 3:00. 64. the extended more clouds and
11:49 pm
cool temperatures but no rain clouds. the rain clouds remain absent from the bay area forecast. this cold front remains up to the north. so no rain threat here. in fact, just a few high clouds paying us a visit. it's been over two weeks since rainfall here in the bay area. the affected rain pattern is here to stay as high pressure remains in place. we've been tracking a few chance of sprinkles on saturday the 28. right now we have a few extra clouds. as we mentioned cooler temperatures. if you are heading to lake tahoe. no snowfall in their forecast. partly cloudy skies for tomorrow. and over the next few days for wednesday, thursday and friday. basically the same weather story. upper 40s to near 50 degrees. and overnight lows back down to right around 19 to 20. forecast highs for tomorrow. a little bit warmer than today. we will show you this. santa rosa 68 degrees. san francisco 63. some more neighborhoods with the san jose 67. look at this lower 70 showing
11:50 pm
up in santa cruz 71 degrees. here is a look ahead your five day forecast. as we do approach christmas day. no major changes with temperatures. overnight lows pretty chilly and afternoon highs pretty high. 7:00 partly cloudy. by 3:00 mostly sunny skies. and mild conditions with your weekends always in view. just a few extra clouds. temperatures back down into the upper 60s to the lower 60s. so we're looking for the rain clouds. you're not going to fine it here just yet. for tomorrow and into christmas day a few neighborhoods could be flirting with the 70-degree mark. the unusual weather pattern. >> that's just really something. >> thanks, mark. also really something was the victory tonight at candle stick. it's funny because on social media it's lighting up with reliving memories of the catch and now it'll be the return. >> absolutely. antiicallymatic would not be a way to describe it at all. it was nearly a bad walk down memory line for 49ers and their
11:51 pm
fans. atlanta had every intention of taking a wrecking ball to their play off hopes. but years from now they will be talking about the the pick. the park showing her best side this evening. the 49ers down at the field. set a malicious tone early. dante whitner belting, steven jackson. however whitner called for illegally hitting a defensive player. steve jackson exacts his revenge into the end zone. touchdown atlanta. taking a 7-3 lead. it was 10-3 at the half. kap to michael crabtree continuing to look very healthy. down the sideline he will go. 47yards and the 49 drive continues right down to about the 10-yard line. this time, kap looking good with a little slip to antwon
11:52 pm
bolder wide receiver. 10-10 in the third. kap put it on his hip. he will high tail it. a good 22 yards for the first down. keep the chains moving and now the drive to start the fourth quarter. same drive kap will find his way. 2010 into the end zone. 51yards rushing for kaepernick. 6:30 left now. 20-17, kendel hunter looking good. beautiful work using his block. bulldogs his way. 45yards to the two and from there frank gore gouges straight ahead for the touchdown. niners again look comforteddable 27-17. matt ryan leads the falcons into scoring position. looks for and finds the former cal basketball and football player touchdown. 27-14. 27-24 on side kick. jason snelling with a beautiful
11:53 pm
play on the sideline as the ball went right past navarro. tremain blocks and deflects it right into bowman he will go 89 yards with a spectacular play. into the end zone he goes, looks like he was puttering oil there at the ends. niners clench a play off spot with the victory the record 11- 4. they can win the division shall seattle lose next sunday against st. louis. and the niners beat arizona, various play off scenarios but for now. jim harbaugh just talking about the victory and the pick. >> that was the, one of the greatest plays i've ever seen. not that i've ever been involved in a football game where something like that happened in a game. and it was a great play by t. brock and a great play by
11:54 pm
navarro bowman. looked like a pick and roll in basketball. took it to the house. but that was the best, that's the best thing that i've ever seen happen in a football game. maybe i posted -- might have been close to the catch. that was the best birthday present i've ever gotten. second only to being born. that was awesome. >> 50 years old tonight. maybe aged a couple of years just this evening. it was a jam packed bay area sports evening tonight. sharks skating at the tank and the warrio free power by denskie! there's a better way to save. at sears last minute gift sale. get up to 60% off family sleepwear, and up to 50% off select craftsman tools. plus this 32 inch tv just 189.99. holiday a better way. sears.
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never a bad night to win but you get a feeling that the warriors are going to -- in this one. a little quick start for the warriors end up in the hands of edward lee courtesy of iguodala. a little nip and tuck throughout the game in denver. iguodala had 12 and the warriors win it 89-81 and in shoot out activity down at the tank. the sharks win it 5-4. patty
11:58 pm
marlow scoring to beat denver as well. that's the sporting life for colorado. >> good sporting life tonight. >> yeah, nothing but victories. >> thank yo
11:59 pm
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> i am officially boycotting cracker barrel if i knew what it was. [laughter] >> they decided to take all of the phil-related "duck dynasty" stuff off the shelves and then flip-flopped. >> would someone please tell me hat cracker barrel is? >> the greatest singer in the world, we got celine dion. >> merry christmas! >> her ri christmas! >> who cares? >> a y


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