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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 24, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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the bay area is in the spirit of giving on this christmas eve. tonight, donations are pouring in to make sure as many children as be possible have a happy holidays. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie haener. christmas is now just two hours away. while many people are wrapping up their gifts for loved ones, others are giving back to those most in need. live in san francisco, where
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people are still dropping off those toys. >> reporter: heather, i've just checked in with organizers. they tell me they've collected 10,000 toys, and maybe more. and donating could not be easier. you could drive up here and drop off an unwrapped toy, or even give cash. >> nothing fills your heart more than helping children who don't have enough. >> reporter: christmas spirit is on tap at left odules restaurant. >> they have a lot to be thankful for. >> reporter: the generosity of others, surprises even seasoned volunteers. like a cash donation of $1,000. >> we are like, we will make it fit. >> reporter: like santa, the man slipped away without a sound. >> i was kind of wondering
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where they guy went. we looked back at him, where did he go? who was he? how can we thank him? and before i knew it he was gone. >> reporter: a crowd of tourists. >> a good tradition, and we just wanted to be part of it. >> i'm from taiwan. i'm tourist. my friend told me there's a collection. >> reporter: locals know they can count on lefty's to be open. >> it's really hard to find a place to take toys tonight. >> the bare stays open until 2. >> reporter: while a christmas eve drink may be a little naughty. a toy donation will put you right back on the nice list. in about a half hour, san francisco firefighters will show up with their trucks to load the remaining toys onto those red sleighs, where they will then deliver all the toys
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on christmas morning. stay with us, we'll be back in about a half hour to bring you all of that action live. for now, back to you in the studio. just up the street twinkling lights in san francisco's union square. we're told a few people are actually out there ice skating. it is rather warm out there on san francisco's christmas eve. earlier today, the square was packed with christmas cheer. earlier tonight, kenny spreaded a little yule tide cheer. our crew was in union square around 6:00 tonight. it was absolutely jammed with people, including one native san franciscan, who returned to the city and explained why he braved the crowd. >> spending time with family, that's what it's about. and my children weren't born here, for them to see san francisco, for me this is
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normal. >> some stores, including macy's extended their hours on christmas eve. it launched 107 hours of nonstop sales before closing at 6:00 p.m. other stores also kept their coors open for the last minute rush to buy presents. amber, how crowded was it there tonight? >> reporter: it was quite busy here at the target store that closed at 10:00. during the past few hours, we've seen plenty of people arrive here as the clock ticked down. the hunt for a parking spot, and the search for gifts ended with a loaded shopping cart. >> i got some food, some clothes. there's a couple of stocking stuffers in there. there's always, you know, a few last minute items that i needed. >> reporter: best buy was among the many stores that closed at 6:00 tonight. as the clock ticks down, this woman looked for a bargain on a
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present herself. >> i was here a couple of weeks ago, and i'm hoping to find cheaper. >> reporter: people tell us, time simply got away from them. now they have to get it done. >> yea. we got it. >> reporter: this couple unabashedly admits it still has plenty of gifts to die. so today it's shop until you drop, but they're ready for the holiday dinner tomorrow. >> food is ready. >> reporter: one young woman tells me half her gifts were bought ahead online. still a trip to the store tonight was necessary. >> i've been working like all weekend. so this is the first chance i've gotten to finally get all the stuff for my grandparents and my boyfriend's parents and everybody pretty much in my family. >> reporter: best buy employees tell us the hot items are smartphones and tablets. one man showed us a toy he bought for a teenage boy he's mentoring. saying he hopes the true
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meaning of the holiday was not lost. >> it doesn't necessarily mean a lot of stuff. >> reporter: remember this bargain hunter? she ended up saving $80 on a $400 speaker system by waiting until the last minute. you're looking at a live picture of target here in emeryville. some shoppers tell me they'll be back in the stores the day after christmas. but for at least tomorrow, they'll be at home, enjoying the holiday get togethers with family and friends. live in emeryville, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. ups says for some customers, santa's sleigh is running a little behind. some shipments will be delayed. the shippers said drivers have been making deliveries all day,
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and into the night, and packages that don't make it on time will likely be delivered the day after christmas. >> if your christmas plans included a roaring fire, think again. just like today, a spare the air day is set for tomorrow. >> reporter: john is getting his san francisco home ready for a big family visit for tomorrow, and says a fire would have been the perfect touch to set the mood. >> they want to come in, and watch tv, or whatever. they knew. seeing him on the news, another spare the air day tomorrow. it's just too much spare the air day. >> reporter: a brown haze hung over much of the area today. declaring today and tomorrow, winter spare the air days. they don't want to spare anyone's christmas plans, they're just hoping to ensure a healthy holiday for everyone. >> we're opting to give the gift of good health and healthy air to everyone in the bay
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area. >> reporter: weather conditions have stagnated the air, especially in the north and south bay, and say wood burning accounts for about a third of the particulates in the air. >> if you can imagine a cigarette being lit in the room, that impacts everyone in the room. wood fires are similar. >> reporter: john says he's lucky. he has a plan b. a gas fireplace just a few rooms away, but he says it's not quite the same. >> it's ideal to have a nice little fire going. the reason that you might need the heat is that you want to see the fire. it helps you relax. >> reporter: this is always a safe option as well. a yule log on television. safe for spare the air, but not quite the same as a roaring fire. there are no signs that the stagnation we're seeing will be ending anytime soon. in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> our chief meteorologist, bill martin has indeed been tracking the air quality across the area tonight. bill is here now. how is it looking out there
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now? >> a record number of air quality alerts this winter. we have one again tomorrow. kristin was talking about that. the lack of clean air has to do with the lack of rain. they're all tied together. this high pressure that set over us has put a lid on the atmosphere. all the pollutants from the cars and the smoke building. here's where we go tonight and tomorrow. santa clara, you're looking at unhealthy air. we're breaching into the red here with santa clara valley at 151. the getting in the unhealthy range. as we go into the next couple of nights, more of the same. coming back, i'm going to talk about the cold weather. the coldest cities tomorrow morning. then the question, where is the rain? people in other parts of the country are dealing with extreme weather. snow and ice contributing to a pileup involving up to 40 vehicles this afternoon about 40 miles east of cleveland,
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ohio. part of interstate 90 was shut down. eight people were taken to the hospital. >> i tried to steer my car into the wall to avoid hitting the person in front of me, but it didn't work. >> the northeast, power is slowly restored to area it's hit by a weekend ice storm. at least 14 deaths. forecasters are warning more snow is on the way for tomorrow morning. pope francis will deliver his christmas message to the world tomorrow, from the balcony overlooking st. peters square. today, preaching a message of love and compassion. music filled st. peters basilica as the pope entered the church. the pontiff also warned against those who close their hearts, saying they will walk in darkness. he calls on the faithful to
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learn from jesus who walked in light and embodied love. hundreds packed the church of the nativity. the church is built on site where christians believe jesus was board. in his homily, the top roman cleric in the holy land told president abbas, he prays for a just and equitable solution for the palestinians. a 3-month-old baby, born with only half a heart is being treated by doctors here in the bay area. >> they gave us hope where there was no hope before. >> at 10:30, the struggles his parents now face, and why they're saying, they're still thankful this holiday season. >> coming up a little later only on 2, a frequent, and unwanted visiter to a bay area market. what could finally convince the
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court to keep him locked up. >> happening now, santa is on the move. these are live pictures from norad, right now santa is over panama city, on his
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it's the kind of incident, the critics of the new graten casino warned about. ken wayne is live at the casino on golf course drive with what happened. >> reporter: there have been a few minutes since the graten casino opened last month be, but this incident is the most unsettling. a 67-year-old casino patron was attacked around 6:30 this morning in the parking lot. he was robbed of cash and personal items, and taken to santa rosa hospital with severe head trauma. >> i'm not sure i want to go in if they're having problems like the violence you told me about. >> they talked about this new big facility. we thought we would come over and have a look at it. maybe go in later. >> except now there may be some risk in there, that's not a good thing.
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>> reporter: the sheriff has had to add one more deputy than anticipated at the casino. the casino opened to great fanfare last month. not long afterward, an incident off the casino property caused a power outage that left patrons in the dark, and some complaining they couldn't get their money out of slot machines. >> i haven't gambled away my kids christmas presents yet. >> reporter: other patrons we talked with say they still feel safe coming here. >> there's people, guards around all the time. >> reporter: there are security cameras visible throughout the parking lot here, where the sheriff's office says this attack be took place. no doubt these security cameras will be a big him if they
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captured the crime on camera. police in tracy say they've arrested an 18-year-old man for a shooting in a mall last friday. officers say lorenzo hotel at the kay's jewelry store. the suspect will be facing charges of attempted murder. the family of jahi mcmath, the 14-year-old on life support after tonsil surgery learned today oakland's children's hospital does not have to keep her on a ventilator after december 30. today's ruling has left the teen's loved ones with a whole lot of uncertainty. the family of jahi mcmath expressed mixed emotions. the family will remain on life support for about another week. there's still uncertainty after that. >> i just don't know where my little buddy is going to be
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this spring. >> reporter: the judge ruled unless an appellate court intervenes, they are not required to keep her on life support. she suffered serious complications after the surgery, and was declared brain dead. another independent investigation reached the same conclusion. >> they have made that determination under accepted medical practice, and there's no relief the court can grant you. >> it's heartbreaking to here that of course. but it's christmas eve, there's still time for a miracle. >> reporter: in the meantime, jahi's family says they're glad they had their day in court. >> to understand they have
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rights, just the rights to know that you're entitled to second and third opinions. >> reporter: the family doesn't know yet if they're going to appeal the judge's ruling. they say now, they're just looking forward to spenting christmas with gentleman -- jahi at her bed side. police say a girl was hit on forndale court in san jose this afternoon. the girl reportedly ran out from a parked motor home when she was hit. the girl has serious injuries, however she is expected to survive. the driver of the car stopped and is cooperating with police. investigators say neither drugs or alcohol appeared to play a role in the accident. police arrested two people suspected in a street race. witnesses say two cars were racing when one of them was
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clipped by a third vehicle. the car then spun out of control and crashed into a home. >> how do you manage to get a car over here into a home on a straight street? >> i'm thinking young kids out here getting busy. personally, that's what they do. there's no respect for nothing. >> officers say one person inside a vehicle was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. no one was hurt inside the home. police arrested both drivers, but have not released their names. investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved. all of the big sur residents forced out by flames last week are now back in their home. the rare december wildfire scorched more than 900 acres. last night, the u.s. forest service lifted the last of the evacuation orders. in all, about 100 homes were evacuated after that fire broke out back on december 16.
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the cause remains under investigation. 16 people of the same family displaced by a house fire received a christmas eve surprise. alameda county firefighters caught up with them at a relative's house and delivered presents for the children along with some christmas cheer. 7 of them lived in that union city home. 9 more were visiting from out of town. ought of the family's christmas gifts -- all of the family's christmas gifts went up in smoke. >> it was really nice for us to come over here and see all the kids smiling and happy. that's pretty much why we do this job. we got 0 to see a little bit of that tonight. >> a grandmother and a 1-year- old were home when that fire broke out, and were able to make it to safety. no one was injured. the cause of that fire remains under investigation. a spare the air night
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again, these are the current temperatures. it's not that cold yet, but it will get cold around santa rosa, and napa. temperatures will get down to freezing most likely. that means frost. the coldest cities tomorrow morning, fairfield, concords, napa, santa rosa, right at freezing, maybe a little below freezing. the rest of us are going to be in the upper 30s and low 40s. it's another spare the air night. temperatures today, we got a couple of record cold days. tomorrow, we could see a couple more. tomorrow, i will try to pinpoint the spots that will be the warmest. we'll see you back here at be 10:45. up next, it certainly is not easy saying goodbye. >> there's no feeling. >> 49er fans bid the stick so long as fans move forward for the historic stadium to be demolished. ♪ [ music ]
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some 49er fans entered last night's regular season game at candlestick park on a less than positive note. one of 30 arrests police made during and after that game. another 80 fans were ejected for rowdiness. police say those numbers are about average for games involving a strong rivalry. what wasn't typical was fans trying to steal stadium property, including seats and signs. david stevenson tells us about the impending demolition and future plans for the site.
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>> reporter: 49ers fans came to candlestick park, snapping pictures, and mourning the day when it will come down. >> i wanted to take some pictures of the stadium before they tear it down. >> reporter: 6,000 homes, 30% of it affordable housing. a performance arena, and 7,000 square feet of retail spacious. demolition could take 2 to 3 months. for now, the 49ers must cancel their lease with the city in february. >> as far as the niners, god bless them, and good luck down in santa clara. >> reporter: it is not exactly a destination neighborhood. he's looking toward to the new development. >> that will be good for the neighborhood. anything is good in this area. >> reporter: losing the team and the stick is a financial and emotional loss.
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>> without the team, there's no feelings. it's going to be somewhere else. it's not the same. >> reporter: the 49ers are set to turn the land back over to the city's parks department in may. the hope is to have a series of big name concerts here before blowing out the lights at the stick. >> we want you to keep sending us your memories of candlestick. tweet us with the hashtag, farewell candlestick. invited to perform at a small town christmas parade in alabama. but their performance has stirred so much debate, they've now been uninvited from another parade. that's the prancing elite. a group of young men who perform as females. today the troop was told they
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will no longer be allowed to perform on a parade on new year's day in mobile, alabama. a charity got a hand today from a hometown success story. rapper e40 is a vallejo native and stopped by to spread some holiday cheer. he presented the charity a check for $10,000. the rapper, who's given name is earl stevens, says he made the donation because of the tough times many in the city still face. >> when you need food, clothes, when times are hard, during the hardship, this is the place to go. they always extend a hand. when the community comes together, and they all pitch in. >> reporter: the salvation army says it was facing a short fall this holiday before stevens called up. >> the bay area full of giving spirit this christmas eve. we're going to take you back
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live to lefty odules in a moment, where donations of toys are still coming in. his parents call him a miracle. the 3-month-old defying the odds and the bay area doctor. >> there he is. santa on the move. right no
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it's a san francisco tradition. donating toys to children in need. we head back to katie at lefty odules in san francisco. i'm getting hit with a little
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bit of snow. we're live where they've gathered more than 10,000 toys today. and many of those toys will be distributed by the san francisco fire department. i am joined by sally. you're telling me there's a lot of need this year. >> there's folks that are working that just can't afford toys. everything we receive tonight will go to great use. >> reporter: what's the feedback from firefighters? >> they have gigantic smiles on their faces, and bring those stories home to their families. there's kids out there that really, really appreciate and need the toys that they're getting every day, or are being to their donated to their stations also. we have 51 stations in the city. it's still a donation point for families. maybe you're going shopping, by an extra item, and just toss it in the barrel for the kids. >> they need the toys year-
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round. you can still donate in time for christmas. drop it off at any san francisco fire station, and starting tomorrow morning, they're going to continue the work that they did tonight and pass out all of those toys to children in need. live in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. a lot of good work being done there in san francisco tonight. highway patrol officers in the north bay got the chance to play santa, thanks to community donations. organizers of the annual chips for kids toy drive said people in napa and sonoma counties were particularly generous this year, which allowed them to provide more toys than usual. >> we're truly grateful because that need has been addressed this year. we were able to reach so many more families than last year. >> a last minute call today from the victim's services unit sent officers to the home where
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the christmas tree, toys, as well as food. parents of a 3-month-old are calling their child a miracle baby. the little boy defying the odds, and the doctors at stanford who helped make it happen. >> reporter: not being able to count on a tomorrow has a way of making you relish today. he only had half a working heart. >> there are no words. you're mourning for something that hasn't even been born yet. that hasn't even been given a chance. >> reporter: doctors had them so convinced their child wouldn't survive birth, they didn't even buy a car seat. they sought out doctors at stanford, who told them eric's future would be be full of challenges. but all they really needed to hear was that he had a future. >> they just gave it in a much
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brighter light, and gave us hope where there was no hope before, and that really changed the outlook. >> reporter: so after eric was born in september, they held him only twice that first week. >> i cried at his bed side every day. >> reporter: at only 1 week old, eric had his first bed side surgery, what theyweren't prepared for was the right side of his heart. >> miraculously, it starts working, and on it's own was not even something we thought we could wish for. >> reporter: medical bills started piling up. >> just the basic care of him is more than we can afford. >> but the hardships have only made them more thankful for eric. >> there's something far greater that he brings, that
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not even words can really describe. >> reporter: as they wait for eric's next surgery, they are appreciative of what tomorrow brings. supporters of same-sex marriage cleared another legal hurdle today in utah. a federal appeal's court rejected the state's request or stay on issuing same-sex marriage licenses. a federal judge last week struck down a law passed by utah voters in 2004, banning gay marriage. since friday, almost 700 same sex couples have been married in utah. on wall street today, stocks ended higher in the half day of trading ahead of christmas. an unexpected boost of orders of manufactured goods drove the dow up 62 points, while the nasdaq add the 6.5 points. the u.n. says thousands have been killed in sudan, and a mass grave has been found.
11:36 pm
the u.n. security council agreed to send nearly 6,000 more peacekeepers into the country, bringing the total number there to about 14,000. the move comes as the u.n. says a mass grave with 14 bodies was discovered in a rebel controlled part of the country. not far from that grave, another 20 bodies were found. chaos, and killing of civilians. the recent violence began about 9 days ago. displacing 80,000 people, many of whom are seeking refuge now in u.s. bases around the country. a sacramento national guardsman is met with a round of applause.
11:37 pm
that's sergeant first class landis rush, home from afghanistan following a 6 month deployment, back in time to spend the holidays with his family. he says the list of what he wants is short. >> hanging out with my daughter. every time i go and come back, she's 2 inches taller. looking forward to it. >> his daughter might be looking forward to the reunion as well, if she knew that he was coming. sergeant rush will be her big christmas present. >> what a gift that will be. one man arrested dozens of times for violating the very same restraining order. >> it's just not right to stand in front of somebody for them to act like that ñioczñz!ioczñz"ioczñioczñz$ioczt
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police in san diego tonight, investigating a deadly shooting outside a shopping mall. investigators say a woman called 911, about 1:15 this morning, saying she had been shot. officers located her inside a car at the mission valley mall along with a wounded man. she was pronounced dead at the scene. that man is in critical condition. police have not identified the two, by said they were in their 20s, and inside a black sedan with utah license plates. a hepatitis a warning tonight from the san francisco department of public health. a food handler on north beach tested positive for hepatitis a. anyone who ate or drank there from december 15 or december 19 may have been exposed. those who are concerned should contact their doctor. only on 2 tonight, it's a frequent problem at a convenience store in oakland. employees and customers say the justice system has repeatedly failed to protect them from a man who has a long history of
11:41 pm
violence and harassment. that man has been arrested dozens of times for violating the same restraining order. ktvu's eric rasmussen looked into the man's history, and what could finally convince a court to keep him locked up. >> he might be the most familiar face outside in oakland. employees say that's the problem. steve finny and many others say they've been the target of aggressive handling, drunken threats, and harassment by 42- year-old gaylynn pittman for years. >> it's just not right to stand in front of somebody who is going to act like that at all. >> reporter: he's been arrested for violating the order 21 times. store owners say they even have surveillance video of pittman harassing customers, but it hasn't been able to keep him locked up for long.
11:42 pm
>> reporter: he has even caused trouble at the first a and e church. >> he's a wonderful person when he's himself. but when he's not himself, he's very disruptive. >> reporter: it has some wondering whether this restraining order is worth the paper it's printed on. >> it seems like they don't want to help or do anything about it. >> reporter: prosecutors say they routinely file charges, but even that's not always enough. >> it's our responsibility to bring the case to court, and then it's up to the court to decide what the sentence is. >> reporter: now pittman is back in jail again for violating the restraining order, and probation. this time, people here hope that charges stick. in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. a pair of lawn gnomes that were stolen last night just returned to a home in the east
11:43 pm
bay. >> merry christmas to whoever gave them back to us, thank you. >> the special meaning that has the gnomes' owners full of christmas joy. >> plus, it's going to be a very warm christmas. bill martin will have your holiday forecast. >> and holiday help for those most in need. we're going to show you what it takes to feed thousands on christmas day. >> happening now, santa continuing on the move, these are live pictures from norad. ri
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volunteers at glide church in san francisco are busy in the kitchen getting ready to serve about 5,000 holiday meals tomorrow. this comes after they served
11:46 pm
more than a ton of prime rib for lunch today. the 2200 pounds of beef was donated by san francisco's house of prime rib. >> it's helped me get my life together. this is my way of giving back. >> the church is marking 50 years of giving back to the community. it's expected to serve 5,000 people tomorrow. just a few blocks away from glide, volunteers at the st. anthony foundation spent the day collecting curb side donations. organizers say they only needed 50 more hams to reach their goal of 500 by christmas day. they were also hoping for another 300 pairs of socks to reach their goal of 2500. if you'd like to make a donation on christmas day, volunteers plan to continue collecting tomorrow from 8:00 a.m., until 2:00 p.m. an east bay family is feeling the christmas spirit after someone returned a pair of lawn gnomes stolen last
11:47 pm
month. the decorations hold special significance. >> reporter: where have you been? and for you, the same question. these two gnomes went missing november 1. stolen from frank and janet rossisini's house. >> merry christmas to whoever gave them back to us. thank you. >> reporter: we brought you the story thanksgiving week, when they put up this sign, pleading for the gnomes' return. they were made by their daughter carolyn, when she was 8. they lost her two years ago, at age 54. >> she was killed in a motorcycle accident. so they hold a special significance in our heart. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: their heart soared after frank this morning spotted the pair at the base of that sign. >> i took a double take. a ran into the bedroom yelling
11:48 pm
at janet. >> she said no way, i said yeah way. >> reporter: frank put out a new sign that says more than just thanks. >> the sign says their faith in humanity has been restored but for this family something else has been restored that they lost. that was the joy with christmas. that joy waned when carolyn died. >> we haven't been celebrating christmas, it was too difficult. >> reporter: when someone returned mementos so connected to their daughter, so returned the christmas spirit in the rossisini home, that's been missing for two years. perhaps the theft was worth it. >> maybe carolyn was in her way, saying stop grieving, and get on with christmas. >> reporter: exactly what they, and the gnomes will do. in concord, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. and the daytime highs
11:49 pm
today, they got up there. we had some records too. a record in san rafael. we had a record in mountain view as well at 71 degrees. gilroy had a record as well. they're not picking it up on this map. 71 in livermore. tomorrow, just about the same, numbers are going to be right there with temperatures tomorrow back into the upper 60s, and low 70s. no rain in the forecast. that's sort of something we've been talking about. we were talking about the jet stream has lined itself up in such a way, we're staying dry. the temperatures right now are starting to cool off. in these areas, while bringing the overnight lows, you're going to see temperatures down into the freezing level. santa rosa, napa, toward fairfield. that will get you frost. north bay valleys, out towards antioch. those are the cold spots. redwood city is 38. you can get frost at 38 degrees. you could still see frost in
11:50 pm
morgan hill tome morning. kind of what we had this morning. stop me if you've heard this before, this is how it's been going for the last, all of december. this is how it looks outside right now. another spare the air alert. mostly clear out there. it will be a cool night. tomorrow is a spare the air day, and temperatures easily into the upper 60s, with some low 70s. as we head into the long range forecast, look what the ridge of high pressure does. outlined it here. you see the showers. that's the ridge. look where it is, it's up in canada. 1,000miles away from us, the potential weather that we need to get rain in here. so that stays that way. not just for this week, but probably next week as well. a spare the air day tomorrow as high pressure sets up, the winds go offshore. stop me if you've heard this. a north breeze kicks us offshore, and temperatures warm. 67 in fairfield, 67 in napa. 70 in oakland. 70 in berkely. some of these numbers might be low. some might be a little high. but i suspect some might be a
11:51 pm
little low. we could see low 70s. 69 in san jose. santa cruz maybe 75 degrees tomorrow. the five-day forecast said mild for your christmas day. a lot like we had today. a few clouds roll in friday. that was a chance of showers, but it's not happening now. just going to cool us off a few degrees. saturday and sunday, it warms up again. more of the same. we need rain, we're not getting rainment you just list with what you've got. the mountains, it's colder. if you're a skier, it's getting up there at some point. fred joins us now. coach harbaugh, a little bit of a different side of him today. i wonder if that win had anything to do with it? >> he just turned 50, it was a heck of a birthday present for
11:52 pm
him. niners head coach, jim harbaugh usually tolerates sound breaks. he was getting giddy with the pick at the stick. they could finally pay tribute. atlanta was about to tie, or else take the lead with just 80 seconds left in the game. that's when he picks up the interis exception. bolin was blitzing on the play. harbaugh says that reminds him of the effort two years ago by justin smith, who ran down philadelphia's jeremy maclin, and forced the fumble. two big picks by two rare players. >> great instincts. great determination, and athleticism. great that they could go make that play. i just don't know the percentage of athletes that would first make that effort. believe that they could make the play and then pull it off. i think that would be a rare
11:53 pm
pool that you would be drawing on. a wonderful feeling of victory. i was, and still am happier than a pig in slop. >> he said that twice today. raiders quarterback, terrelle pryor may want a new agent for christmas. his current agent ranted about of all things, his client returning to the starting lineup. his agent stanley said he thought giving prior his first start since november 10 was putting him in position to fail. he thought that conspiracy theory was the stupiddist think he's ever heard. the warriors
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six of the 30 bowl games are already in the books, including today's hawaii bowl. it's not one of the marquis games, but it's in hawaii. oregon state is one of the nine pac-12 teams in bowl games this season. the broncos receiver, troy ware fumbles, there's rashad reynolds for the beavers for the scoop and the score. oregon state hadn't scored off a fumble recovery in two years.
11:57 pm
reynolds scored two of them tonight. pile drived for the touchdown. the beavers beat the broncos. they finished 7-6 for the season. boise state is 8-5. the nfl may own thanksgiving, but the nba owns christmas. tomorrow, the clippers warriors game is one of the five games on the docket. their first win this season scoring fewer than 90 points. the clippers beat golden state on halloween night. >> we are establishing a rhythm. we're beginning to defend the way we're capable of defending. this is a fine time to get right. i like where my team is at. >> clippers and warriors, they really have a rivalry started. that's sports. >> could be a great game. i like seeing harbaugh get excited like that. >> he's always good for a bit. >> thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. we will see you the next time
11:58 pm
news breaks. >> be sure to join the ktvu morning team. they'll be here bright and early christmas morning, start at 4:30. follow us anytime on
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>> today on "tmz"... >> president obama is having a good time in hawaii. but they could end up killing someone out of shock when they cross the imaginary line in the sand. the secret service swoops in on you. thing. cool put a line in the sand. that's what they mean by drawing a line in the sand. actually, i know what it means. >> up until now you were confused. >> i really wasn't confused. >> w


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