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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  December 26, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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in this color that i really liked. we'll stop on the way home. (groans) -- captions by vitac -- now at 7:00, a new plan to keep jahi mcmath alive beyond a court deadline. >> it looks like we may have gotten a miracle. >> california prays for rain of the temperatures hit record high around the state. >> day five of record warmth, a temperatures change we're working on, in the friday forecast. >> also, an increase in cycling. some of suggesting bikes need to be taxed just like cars.
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a new development tonight concerning the faith of jahi mcmath. good evening. i'm heather holmes. doctors declared jahi mcmath brain dead and ready to take her off a ventilator in a few days, the family has found a long-timy care facility. eric has details. >> reporter: the uncle and family just came out in front of the hospital. they won't name this facility. they don't want anything to get in the way of making this move actually happen. 5 p.m. on monday, a judge ordered to keep her on life support. two doctors have declared her brain dead. she came here to have tonsils removed but suffered complications. in order to move jahi, her attorney says they need
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children's hospital to agree to insert tubes to provide air and nutrition to the girl. even with this development though, the uncle says they are still working against the clock. >> they pretty much gave us a ticking time bomb of december 30th, so well before then, possible. so we need children's hospital to work with us and get this done as soon as possible. >> reporter: the family's attorney told us a group of catholic doctors reached out to them. it's within 50 miles in the greater bay area. we are still awaiting a response from children's hospital about this move. the family says they haven't heard from hospital officials yet. i just spoke to a hospital spokesperson moments ago. he said they expect to be giving us some sort of a written statement momentarily within minutes and when we get that, we'll have that plus an update on jahi's case tonight at 10:00.
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live in oakland, eric rasmussen. near record temperatures around california, with no rain insight. this has been one of the warmest christmas weeks on record. now water districts to starting to talk about the possibility of water conservation measures for people and water flows for wildlife. >> our creeks are drying up and that is a problem for wildlife. it's one of those tough trade offs that come with being low in water supply. >> the santa clara valley water district reservoirs are at 34% capacity. there's still enough on reserve for drinking but not enough to continuously release into streams for wildlife. and the 20th alert of the season, the district's ban on wood burning is intended to upon help air quality. stagnant pollution trapping weather conditionings are blamed
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for the air. the coast guard is warning people to use caution because of an increase in rip currents from the oregon boarder south. and as john sasaki reports, a shot spotter device could bring police knocking on your door. >> richmond was quiet today, but new year's eve is always a different story. >> it sounds like afghanistan. >> some people say it sounds like a war-torn city because of the way residents celebrate the new year. this is the shot spotter system which records all the shooting in the city. >> not concern forward our safety, the people that's out there. >> richmond had more than 800 shootings over the months of last year, more than 100 in six hours in on new year's eve.
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more than half involved more than half of gunshots and 16 of them were at least ten rounds. the highest number of shots fired, 28. >> what does up, must come down. >> policement to convince gun owner -- police want to convince gun owners. property can be damaged. it's an arrestable offense. >> police tell me a man was killed in 1999 by a gun falling bullet. >> we've had gunshots go off in one area and we've been able to locate houses or cars or even people hit quite some distance away. >> that's why people will be out in force with the shot spotter able to pinpoint it within 55 meters. officers will be visiting individual house fist they believe a fire came -- houses if they believe a shot came from there. and a tsa agent was killed
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in the shooting. today, paul ciancia wore a bandage over his throat. he's been charged with 11 federal courts including murder and attempted murder. if convicted, ciancia could face life in prison or the death penalty. a robust year on wall street with the major indexes up about 25%. stocks moved higher. the dow industrial gained 122 points to close out another record high. nasdaq was up 11 points. today's catalyst was a decline in weekly jobless claims. claims fell sharply. 338,000 americans applied. that's down. lower than most of the economists had forecast. amazon is refunding shipping fees to some who's packages did not arrive. over loaded systems, and bad
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weather were blamed that prevented packages from reaching destinations on time. neither shipping company have said how many customers were effected. in addition to reshipping fees, amazon is sending $20 gift cards to some of its customers. retailers are using deep discounts to lure shoppers back into the stores. in concord, we found plenty of people returning or exchanging gifts. some of the biggest discounts, are on clothing with some stores offering up to 70% off. >> we've had significant gains over last year. the shoppers have responded extremely well, especially to our apparel and appliance and tools. >> 2.3% rose last year, the highest sales growth in three years. a large crowd lined up at the sun valley mall for one
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particular item. >> it's the hottest shoe out right now. that's the new hype. >> nike's new basketball shoes, 12 gama blue, a pair retails for $170 and shoppers got them at a $10 discount this morning of the previous version of the shoes caused a similar response when they went on sale before christmas. san francisco health officials were speaking out about a possible hepatitis a exposure at a north beach bar and restaurant. the health department issued that after a server was diagnosed as having the disease and being infectious. >> if they had eaten at this establishment from the dates of -- on the dates december 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, or the 19th, that they should go ahead and consult with their physicians. >> city health officials say the server is no longer working and there is no risk from eating or
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drinking. a 21-year-old man sub behind bars a kudz -- man is behind bars accused of killing his girlfriend. police arrested rodriguez this morning. he's the suspect in the killing of 21-year-old alma ortega of gilroy. the two had a troubled past, and that ortega had a retraining order. yesterday, the parents came to the apartment they shared with their daughter and found her dead. a first of its kind law providing transgender students with segregated restroom facilities and allow them to participate in gender specific activities is set to go into effect in california january 1st. paul chambers is live to show us how that district is dealing with the new legislation. >> reporter: we went inside the school to see the transgender restroom which is already
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dedicated for transgender students only. the sign may look unisex, and that's the only people who will be able to use the restroom. according to the school board president charles ramsey, the restroom in the school's clinic is meant to be a safe haven for transgender students. >> they know they can come here and feel safe because they'll have staff here and other people won't come behind them. people won't attack them. >> every of school will have a at least one restroom dedicated to trnz trnz. >> i believe transgender students. >> i believe the best option should be unisex restrooms. >> this is just a better
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tolerance towards the transgender community and will hold a special board meeting on january 29th to bring everyone in line. >> this is about education, as well. if we have to educate all of our kids, that no matter how you're identified, that it's okay and you're not going to suffer. >> reporter: now that conservative group says they want californians to decide. they have hundreds of thousands of signatures. we reached out for comment but we did not hear back. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. christmas may be over, but not for one newark family. for them, they were robbed at christmas and today it was saved. >> a new movement attacks bicyclist to pay for road improvements. why officials say it won't approve here. >> and coming up, the temperatures change you can expect for tomorrow and i'll let you know if we have any rain
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clouds the rest of 2013.
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christmas arrived one day late for a newark family. someone broke into their home on christmas eve and got off with all the presents. police, firefighters and the community stepped in. >> stockings were hung for old saint nick', but through this window christmas eve night, instead, crawled a thieve. the victims were children who awoke christmas morning, their presents all gone. >> it was very sad. and disappointing. >> jonathan and their mother were out tuesday night. they didn't notice until morning that jewelry, computer, and wrapped gifts have been taken from their newark home. >> especially for the kids it
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was something that that should never happen because it broke their heart. >> but today, christmas was saved. >> when the family went to the newark police department where a patrol car was covered in gifts. >> every officer that day felt pretty sorry for their loss. >> officers collected gift cards for mom and the kids, and then alameda county firefighters arrived with more. most donated came from the community. >> they're also investigating trying to find out who broke into this cows and they have other cases to follow because there were other break-ins, in the city, on christmas eve night. >> but today, crime was not the focus, but fun. a ride on a fire truck home as
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firefighters filled the base of their christmas tree with presents once more. >> i'm so happy. >> and a christmas once ruined, now, this one was the best. >> ken pritchett. this congress is the worst ever according to a new poll from cnn. it shows 73% of people have so far done nothing to address the country's problems. 28 percent disagree. the poll also shows republicans have a slight edge over democrats. when registered voters were asked to choose, 49% chose the republican candidate, 44% chose democrat. and sandy shehan plans to announce tomorrow she's running for the governor of california two republicans have declared their candidate see. jerry brown haven't said if he'll seek reelection, but it's highly expected that he will. the only holiday bowl game is set to kickoff tomorrow in san francisco. big pep rally this noon time
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in union square helped drum up support for the fight hunger bowl to benefit the san francisco food bank and the saint anthony foundation and the gly foundation. they'll donate one meal for every ticket purchased. >> we've had a great week, been treated by the team, and it was a privilege to be a part of the cause, and fulfill some needs. >> 6:30 at at&t park, and there are still some great seats available. a sharp increase in the number of commuters riding bicycles have some sort of procedure and taxing them like cars. the goal is to raise money for street repairs and improvements. >> even on a slow day almost 700 bicyclists help past san francisco market street by noon. an estimated 75,000 people ride in the city each day.
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>> we've seen bisickling grow -- cycling grow. >> cities like chicago and portland tax bicycles to help pay for road infrastructure. cyclists say it defeats the purpose of two wheel transit. >> the bike is that you could pick it up and you ride along. nowadays a kid now has to register their bike and. >> taxing bicyclists has transaction among some drivers. >> it's got to come from somewhere. >> since there's so many that ride bikes, i would imagine that would be a good thing. >> san francisco last considered and rejected the idea in 2009. >> when you look at building an equivalent of a dmv here in san francisco, which would include registering all vehicles, ascertaining the worth of each bike, the system would cost more
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than the tax would bring in. >> starting bicycle registration would require state approve and faces strong opposition. in san francisco, david stevenson, channel 2 news. >> and i feel a little strange saying this, but it was quite a beautiful day to be cycling in the city. >> all the tourist folks were wrong. temperatures have been trending warm. some records once again. day five, as far as temperatures for today, gilroy at 73 degrees and 60s across the bay area. for santa rosa, livermore and morgan hill, it's december 26th. right now, we have a few high clouds approaching the region from the pacific and those clouds will filter in for your friday forecast especially during the afternoon hours. current temperatures are kind of mild at least compared to last night at this time. still show something 50s for san jose, oakland. santa rosa 47, and san francisco
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still in the upper 50s checking in. 58 degrees. as far as air quality, it has taken a hit over on the past few days. another one issued for tomorrow. spare the air alert as we head into friday because the weather pattern really not changing too much. bee have the stable layer trapped in the haze and the pollutants. they are trending a little bit compared to today in most spots. north bay toward the santa clara valley but that spare the air alert in place tomorrow and into the weekend, as well. there's a good chance because of the weather pattern changing too much. >> overnight lows, lower 30s, napa, san francisco 43, and san jose in the upper 30s. tonight, mostly clear skies. tomorrow, increasing high clouds throughout the day especially throughout the north bay. temperatures in the lower 60s, starting out, in the 30s, and then this weekend, hazy
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sunshine. temperatures trending back up. here's the overall weather pattern. this weak cold front moves in. high pressure returns. no rainfall insight and sunday will be the warmest day. here the forecast model showing you the forecast model throughout tomorrow. by this time tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy skies with with the clouds, still pretty warm, especially for this time of year showing you lots of mid-to upper 60s. sunday will be the warmest day and partly cloudy skies on you new year's eve. >> thanks mark. a famous bay area okay tree is spared from the ax. plus, people on the move. a live update on the post holiday rush. but first, a new video from al-qaeda, showing a kidnapped
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american pleaing for his release get the app or go to
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al-qaeda released this video of an american kidnapped more
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than two years ago. 72-year-old warren wienstein tells president obama he feels forgotten. the u.s. will not negotiate with al-qaeda, they've said in the past. arborists provided safety for the tree in sonoma county. this is from 1916. that property is now a state park. the tree was scheduled to be removed because of a fungal disease and park managers were worried a falling branch would damage the cabin, but now the arborists said the tree could survive another 2 to 10 years. aaa says a record number of travelers are on the move. here's a live look at interstate 880 through berkeley. our ktvu news crews say other highways were hassle free today.
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the aaa forecast call it is for 94 million americans to journey 50 miles or more. that's the highest ever. the post travel way is underway at airports and found the curb side drop off area was bustling and the parking lots were crowded. no delays or cancelations at airports in the bay area. thank you for making ktvu your source for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm heather holmes. our coverage continues with tonight's 10:00 news. union employees at ac transit vote tomorrow on the 3rd contract and some workers are not ruling out a strike. we're always here for you at tmz is coming up next here on tv 36. have a great night, everyone, and we hope to see you back here tomorrow.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> kevin hart and mr. chow. say if there's a celebrity version of "naked and afraid," would you want to be a contestant? >> it's going to happen. they're definitely going to do a celebrity version. >> can you imagine kate upton or something? that would be awesome. >> not going to the good kate upton level. not going to be anybody want to see. ? abe bogota, naked and afraid! >> we have kevin nash, iconic figure in wrestling. >> i went and did a bit of research. stacy keibler number six. number two, candice michele. >> my favorite is


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