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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 30, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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tears of joy as a 13-year- old girl on a ventilator gets the last minute reprieve her family has been fighting for. >> my child is not dead. i don't care what they say. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm julie haener. a reprieve for a 13-year-old oakland girl declared brain dead, but still on life support
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tonight. late today, an alameda county superior court judge extended a restraining order, barring doctors from removing jahi mcmath from that ventilator. the ruling gives the family until january 7 to pursue legal action and find another carrier for the girl. amber lee was inside the courtroom, when today's ruling came down. >> reporter: julie, the family says this court ruling is saving jahi's life. earlier tonight her relatives and an attorney stood outside this hospital. >> just saying to any doctors, that is listening, if you could help jahi, and give her what she needs, so we could move forward, that would be wonderful. i know there's some doctor that could help us. >> reporter: the family called
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the court ruling a victory. jahi was declared brain dead on december 12, three days after she went into the hospital for tonsilectomy surgery. the family says they now have time to figure out their options, and transport jahi to another facility. >> we're definitely grateful for the ruling today. we'd like to thank the judicial system for giving us opportunities like this. >> reporter: just one hour before children's hospital oakland was legally allowed to remove jahi from life support, the judge handed down his ruling. >> the temporary restraining order extended to monday, december 30 is hereby extended to 5:30 p.m., january 7, 2014. >> reporter: the ruling prompted an emotional reaction from jahi's mother. >> how can you say my child is
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dead, when she responds to my voice? today was the most stressful day i've had in my life. >> reporter: the hospital spokesman called the ruling, a tragedy prolonged. >> that was a judgment call of the judge, and we will comply with it. >> reporter: video of her reacting to her mother, but they are not releasing it publicly. they say they may do so in the future, in necessary. the hospital has not received communication from any medical facility informing it they are willing to take in jahi. reporting live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. this case has drawn media attention from around the world after the family made its crisis public. but a ucsf medical anthropologist says what happened to jahi mcmath happens daily in hospitals across the country. >> patients don't have the knowledge about the limits of
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technology. when physicians say the patient is dead, yet the patient looks alive and the family of course wants to believe the patient is still alive, they balk at removing the technology. >> she says better education is needed for patients and better communication is needed for medical professionals, as they learn the language of the gray zone between life and death. at, you'll find continuing coverage of the jahi mcmath case including a link to the family donation site. just look for the top story tab. breaking news in san francisco, where police opened fire on a suspect. it started around 9:15 in the city's bay view district. officers say they attempted to pull over the driver of a dodge charger. a chase took officers across the city to golden gate park. police say at least one suspect got out and ran, it's unclear whether the shooting took place. we do have a crew on the way to the scene, and we'll bring you
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the very latest details as they become available. also new at 10:00 tonight, a scary experience for a contra costa county family. that's where two masked men tried to rob a woman at gun point, while she sat in her car outside the family's home. ktvu's christina rendon is live now in pleasant hill, with how that would be victim sent robbers running. >> reporter: they have a background in law enforcement. it appears these masked men chose the wrong woman to pick on, because they didn't get away with anything. a pleasant hill woman never thought she'd find danger in her own driveway. two messked men pulled up, one pulled out a revolver, demanding she open the door. >> shaking like a leaf in the car. >> reporter: her grandfather tells me, despite her fear, she
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remained brave. >> we heard her come in. she didn't come in through the door. then we heard that shot. >> reporter: instead calling 911. that scared the robbers off. the two masked men ran across the street. one of them fired off a shot before they both got into a getaway car and headed west down maureen. >> nothing like this has ever happened around here. >> i'm shocked. such a quiet neighborhood, and everybody knows everybody. >> reporter: she saw police cars in the area, but had no idea what happened at the time. she says it makes her think twice about her daily walks around the neighborhood. >> i will be be nor careful and i will have my doors locked. >> reporter: daniel plans to protect himself and his family too. >> got to keep packing the guns. >> reporter: he says it's sad to do that, but he has no other choice when the neighborhood starts changing. >> lately, it's been bad. we get these home invasions,
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robberies like this. i mean, it's getting pretty bad. >> reporter: the suspects are described as latino men in their 20s. one of them is wearing a black mask with a skull design on it. the other had a black bandana and they were each wearing dark clothing. they were last seen in an older model sedan, possibly beige in color. you're asked to call pleasant hill police if you have any information on this attempted robbery. police in daly city released the identity of a man found dead last week inside a vacant building. the body of daniel eugene price of south san francisco was discovered friday inside the former sports authority building. police say it does not appear to be a case of suicide, and price was not homeless. hampering farm operations around the bay area, as robert honda tells us, state officials
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also took action today to reduce the risk of wildfire. the dry hillsides in the south bay, and throughout much of california are all state fire officials needed to see to go to a summertime strategy in windsor. today, they issued a ban on all open burning. including santa clara, alameda, san mateo, contra costa, and santa cruz counties. >> typically, we're entering into our normal rainy season. the burning conditions and fuel is as dry as it was in september and october. the only difference is it's cold and the days are shorter. >> reporter: had to deal with burn bans before, but not in december. now the usual schedule is in limbo. >> well, as we prune, we pile, and then we also let that cheer so that one of the requirements is that it be dry when you
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burn. to not create a problem with the pollution. so mine are ready to go. >> reporter: san jose firefighters say the unusual wintertime burn ban is a good idea. >> during the holidays people get together outside, and have a backyard barbeque or fire. in this weather it would be unsafe. it would just take one spark. >> reporter: it will be be about the same as summertime, when conditions get less dry. robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. bay area air quality managers are calling for another winter spare the air day on new year's eve. officials say continuing dry stagnant weather has allowed unhealthy particulate matter to burn close to the ground. fireworks show will go on as the winter spare the air alert does not apply to them. so far, air quality managers have issued 23 spare the air
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alerts. some unusually high tides will be back tomorrow. >> tracking what are known as king tides. >> we were just talking about it. they occur when the sun and the moon align just right with earth, and create these very high tides. happens a couple times a year usually. right now, the waves out at san francisco off the coast there bodega bay, port reyes, and monterey reporting between 6 and 7 feet high. this will continue for tomorrow. monterey bay, a high tide actually going on right now. for ocean beach it's beginning to roll in. san francisco bay will happen a little later this evening, then into the overnight hours for the cartegena strait. you don't have to be along the coast to experience this. the higher water will move into the cartina strait.
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for san francisco bay, 9:48 a.m. if you're going to be out and about celebrating new year's eve, i'll have a look at that forecast coming up. >> king tides get their name for being the biggest tides in any given season. this is video from past king tides in san francisco. this time around, the high tides comes a creek levels are low. they -- comes a creek levels are low. scientists are asking people to help them track the tides by taking pictures of them, and posting the photos of of them on social media. the dow jones set its 51st closing day high of 2013. nasdaq finished 2 points lower. shares in san francisco based twitter continued their slump today after hitting a record high last thursday. the shares then lost 13% of their value on friday, another 5% today. twitter closed at $60.51. off $3.21 a share. apple revealed an irregulartory
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filing that ceo tim cook docked himself in august, after apple's stock same. cook still pocketed $1 million in salary, and almost $3 million cash bonus, and more than $36 million in stock. fueling your body, and towering your home. the innovative program turning food into electricity. >> only on 2, a job fair with a twist. >> we're blessed to have an opportunity like this. >> preparing
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a spectacular display of fireworks is scheduled to light up the night sky in san francisco tomorrow night for new year's eve. the city is gearing up for that, in fact, many parties. >> an up close look at what many of us will see from afar tomorrow. >> reporter: do you guys wants to see some fireworks? there they are are. not as impressive as they'll be tomorrow night, but this time, these two barges will make their way toward the embarcadero for the fireworks that will light up the night sky. a lot like a butterfly's cocoon. when the time is right, they'll
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break free and show their colors. some of them flying as high as 1,000 feet. >> it's definitely loud. >> reporter: new this year, some of the fireworks are angled to shoot right and left. giving a larger canvas to paint the night sky. he has a front row seat. >> that's the funny thing, you would think it would be the best show ever, up close and personal, but you really don't get the perspective being underneath it at all. >> the best spot is from the embarcadero. the balloons and champagne will be popping at the opera, and symphony. where workers are getting ready for the masquerade ball. >> there's a lot of joy going on, and memories that are being made. >> reporter: 200 guests will
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sit down for a three course dinner, then head to symphony hall. >> we have a guide here who knows how to pull the right strings. >> reporter: others are stocking up for their own celebrations. the champagne is flowing at k and l merchants. let the new year's eve countdown begin. the fireworks will start at midnight sharp, and go for about 15 to 20 minutes. reporting live in san francisco, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now, muni will be free in san francisco from 8:00 p.m. new year's eve to 5:00 a.m., new year's day. caltrans and caltrain are also free. b.a.r.t. will run until about 3:00 a.m., but you still have to pay the normal fare. there were final preparations in new york city today to make sure everything is ready for that huge new
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year's eve party there. the times square ball is ready to go. officials ran tests watching it light up and move up and down the pole. the ball weighs almost 6 tons. after plans to mark the new year, plans call for it to stay above times square for the rest of 2014. 1.3 million americans had their 26 weeks of unemployment benefits expire on saturday, including 36,000 here in the bay area alone. u.s. senate majority leader harry reid today, said he hopes the senate will pass the extension bill, but he had no prediction for what will happen in the house of representatives. the national security agency is hacking into computers too. a unit at the nsa intercepts
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computer deliveries, exploits hardware vulnerabilities, and has hijacked microsoft's system. he cites nsa documents, but doesn't say how it got the information. russia is increasing security at train stations and other places following a second deadly bombing in as many days. reporter amy kellogg says this is all happening with the winter olympics just a month away. >> reporter: two terrorist attacks in 24 hours in the southern russian city once known as stalingrad, now known as volgograd. 17 people were killed. >> because the sh ran nell was identical in both explosive devices, this confirms to investigators the two terror attacks were connected. in all likelihood, they could
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have been prepared in the same place. >> reporter: the group has threatened to do as much as possible to derail the winter olympics in sochi, just a few hundred miles from where russian's islamist radicals emanate. >> the risk of successful attacks around sochi itself is reduced. however, i think there is a heightened risk against softer targets, particularly transport hubs, the metro, in cities across southern russia and also in major cities such as moscow. >> reporter: it is widely said president putin hopes a major part of his legacy will be a successful olympics. chechnya continues to cause him trouble to a certain, albeit terrifying extent. in london, amy kellogg, fox
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news. >> the u.s. has offered its full support to russia for support during the olympics. >> people going there need to watch out for their own safety and security. >> the state department says it's not aware of any threats made specifically to the u.s. for visitors for the games. visitors in the sochi area are already subject to vigorous security checks. coming up at 10:45, ktvu's allie rasmus spoke to the family of one skier as the winter olympics approach. more high clouds overhead. i do think we'll still continue to have a little bit of patchy fog along the coast, seeing some tonight. should see some along the coast tomorrow. it will burn away. for the afternoon, the clouds will be clearing out as well.
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partly cloudy to mostly clear skies expected for your evening hours. temperatures tomorrow, a lot like what we had today. 64 expected in oakland. 62 in napa. 64 for hayward. as you get into the evening hours, into san francisco for celebration, or if you are planning on heading outdoors to watch the fireworks, temperatures in the low 50s, as we get a little closer to midnight. tomorrow morning going to be another cold start in some areas. i'll have a look at what you can expect as we get going tomorrow morning and the extended forecast, coming up. the first winter survey is expected to take place friday in the sierra, after a year of dry weather. last year's initial readings showed water content to be 150% of normal for the date, but electronic readings indicate today's snowpack water content is only about 20% of normal. a job fair behind bars. tonight, at 10:30, a unique experience for inmates and interviewers. in three minutes, turning food waste into energy.
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how creating power is also aaçó@
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a train collision sparks several explosions in a massive fire in north dakota today. it's believed the crash happened when the train struck a gain farm west of fargo. thick black smoke could be seen for miles. residents within a two mile radius were urged to evacuate. incredibly, no injuries were reported. the federal aviation administration chose cities for aircraft test systems.
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the fda chose the sites for geographical locations. drones could create 100 somehow jobs and generate $82 billion in economic activity over the next ten years. they could be integrated into national airspace as soon as 2015. dozens of san francisco restaurants will face lawsuits for violating the healthy san francisco law, have settled with the city attorney's office, or cleared for wrongdoing. 57 restaurants faced possible lawsuits for not spending a company surcharge on an employee's healthcare. the money will be distributed to almost 4,000 employees at restaurants in the city. in the east bay, a unique job training program is accomplishing two goals. it gives new hope for the disadvantaged, it will soon
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generate megawatts of electricity. >> reporter: learning the skills needed to recycle restaurant wastes. they were once street roving troublemakers who did -- >> nothing at all. just being in the streets, up to no good. but learned the hard way. >> reporter: those were dead ends. >> get a little bit more mature, and they realize that the short cuts that they had counted on really aren't there. >> reporter: the food waste they collect in oakland currently being composted now will soon be a treatment plant. >> we realize we can recycle these new urban wastes and do it in a way that provides us renewable energy at the same time. >> reporter: the meth answercation goes into this turban. >> at the same time, we develop
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a product called biosolid, which is a digested solid material and that's used for agricultural fertilizer, as well as alternative cover at landfills. >> reporter: and fulfilling lives. >> i see this as being a stepping stone, just opening up doors for me in the future. >> i'm excited to know i'm a part of something big. >> this program will actually save me from doing a lot of bad stuff. i can focus on my future, my family, and my son. >> reporter: we take recycling, and recycle people's lives. lives recycled mostly by their own self-worth. ktvu, channel 2 news. the tournament of roses parade. it is a new year's day tradition. why this year float builders are waiting until the last minute to add the flowers. >> only on 2, we're inside this jail, learning why inmates are getting prepped for jobs long before the release date. >> a reminder, you can get
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to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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the san francisco jail launched a new pilot program that is made for inmates on the outside once they've served their time. some of the services are offered to inmates who don't know when they'll be getting out. an exclusive look at the program. >> reporter: san francisco's county jail houses up to 588 inmates. many of them are considered a high security risk. many of them say they're ready to change their lives. >> we're blessed to have an opportunity like this. >> reporter: the san francisco sheriff's department held a job fair with a twist.
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>> in the past, the sheriff's department has had reentry fares for the post release folks. >> reporter: along with veterans aid, and recovery housing, there were sign ups for universal healthcare coverage, and sign ups for wells-fargo. >> the benefit is that the individuals can develop a relationship with that entity, and thus be able to connect with that service once they return. >> you guys sent me a letter. >> reporter: the goal is to get inmates ready earlier than ever for life after jail. >> what this is about is breaking a cycle, and making a community more healthy. >> reporter: herman doesn't have a release date yet, but he says he knows what programs will keep him out of custody. >> now, i can see them up in person, it's more i'm aware of it more now.
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and i see that there's a lot available. >> reporter: inmates will give coordinators feedback, with an eye towards expanding the program into other jails next year. in san bruno, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. the city of hayward is set to host a job fair on january 11, it will include a demonstration on how to apply for jobs online, and how to create an online profile to be notified about future job openings. the job fair is on january 11 at hayward city hall. a judge said today, he will rule by the end of this week whether to keep city college of san francisco accredited and open. a san francisco superior court judge heard from lawyers. they want lawsuits filed by the city, and two teachers unions thrown out. they're seeking preliminary injunctions to keep ccsf open. but the accredited commission says it has problems that render it unfit for its educational duties.
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>> it's like closing the american dream. it's just, i cannot imagine san francisco without ccss. >> ccsf is set to losity accreditation on july 31. more than 400,000 californians have signed up for covered california. and in two days, they'll be able to use their new health plan. we asked the program's executive director what to expect. >> the coverage can start in january, but they need to pay their bill by january 10. and they pay it to the health plan. not to covered california. >> peter lee says most invoices are going out this week and most plans will accept payments over the phone. it's estimated about 2 million people nationwide enrolled in health plans under the affordable care act. vending machine companies will have to start posting calorie count information starting in the new year. it's all part of the affordable care act. supporters say it will help
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people make healthier choices. venders say it will cost them too much time and money. with just a little over 24 hours to go before the start of the tournament of roses parade, the final preparations are being made to those famous floats. california's unusually warm weather this december is slowing things down a bit. >> reporter: the smell of flowers alone is reason enough to volunteer for the final day of decorating for the rose parade. roses, gerber daisies, orchids. it's a flower lover's dream. >> we're putting on our bed of roses, and our final additional is going to be our gerber daisies around the edge. >> reporter: they may be oversized, but the likeness is remarkable. this guy is modeled after a real police dog named johnny cash. >> i was blown away. i broke down in tears. >> it really does look like johnny cash.
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>> identical, right down to the birth mark on his tongue. i couldn't believe it. we are so very proud. again, we're just so humbled to be here. >> reporter: it's the first float for k-9's for cops and the first time 11-year-old briana hernandez will see the parade in person. >> going to be on the sidewalk. >> what kind of tricks do you do? >> they have a routine and act like a superman. >> reporter: i wanted to show you some more of the beautiful flowers out right now. gorgeous roses will eventually be on the float, and these irises in white and purple. over here, you see them in this beautiful shade of violent. if you think this area has a lovely floral bouquet. not this area here.
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the white part, supposed to represent bubbles and waves cresting, those are onions and scallions, and yes, the smell is pretty pungent. back to you. history will be made during wednesday's parade. one of the floats will serve as a wedding chapel of sorts for a couple who's been together for 12 years. the two will be the first gay couple to exchange vows on new year's morning on the a.i.d.s. healthcare foundation float. they say they're honored to be a part of history. >> focused in love. we're standing in love. that is why we're on top of this giant cake. >> parade officials say the float is in keeping with this year's theme, which is dreams come true. two bombing attacks in russia, just weeks before the country hosts the winter olympics. a bay area athlete's mother talks about her fears. >> i just try not to think about it. >> waking up to a lot
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san francisco based wells- fargo has agreed to pay $591 million to fannie mae. the agreement resolves all repurchase claims against wells- fargo over loans it sold before 2009. fannie mae, and freddie mac were facing bankruptcy brought on by bad loans when the government stepped in in 2008. digital first media announced it has finalized the merger between two giant newspaper chains. they will now operate under the digital first name.
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it is the country's second largest newspaper name and has 800 multiplatform products. locally, it will run the san jose mercury news and tribune, among other papers. some were planning to fly out to wisconsin. if you want to see the 49ers on the frozen tundra of lambeau field be, tickets are going for as little as $140 on stubhub. that's the nfl ticket exchange. flights for $800 to green bay, or fly into milwaukee for a little less. >> milwaukee is about 120 miles out, then go in on game day. >> 49er fans who don't want to make the trip to wisconsin will be packing into bars all over the city on sunday. one of the bars getting ready for a very big crowd. sunday's playoff game is right here on ktvu, fox coverage
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begins at 1:00. kickoff is at 1:40 sunday afternoon. we're also airing our own special, road trip to a championship. we'll take a look back at the 49ers regular season. you can catch it friday after the cotton bowl, and then again saturday at 10:00 a.m. right after mornings on 2. it is a mysterious site some say is out of this world in a field in monterey county, an elaborate new crop circle appeared today. people say this youtube video shows odd bursts of light near that crop circle. one man says the video is proof the markers were created by another life form. not humans. >> i'm a skeptic, but this could be aliens, i don't know. if there's proof. but right now, it looks like aliens to me. >> so far, no one has come forward to take credit for the crop creation. meantime be, the mystery behind it is increasing.
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is it the work of extraterrestrials or the work of
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athletes from around the bay area are gearing up for the winter olympics. for the athletes friends and family, security is a special concern after recent violence in russia. >> reporter: watching your daughter do stunts like this can be nerve wracking. >> i want to look away, but i
11:45 pm
can't. >> reporter: sherry has gotten used to it. >> she can go down the hill, and all the butterflies that must go with that, and everything. i need to stand here and watch her do it. that's what moms do. >> reporter: qualifying to compete in the olympics would be the culmination of a life long dream for casey oakley. >> she spent so many years, and i'm her biggest fan. >> reporter: the piedmont native started skiing at tahoe when she was 9. when casey made the ski team, her mom took up russian, and started making plans to watch her daughter in the winter games in sochi. bombings were the last thing on her mind. there are been two bombings in the last two days. officials believe they're tied to an extremist grove. she thinks the distance and the high level security of an international event will keep the competition safe. >> i just try not to think about it. i think the security is going
11:46 pm
to be really, really tight. >> reporter: oakley says her daughter was in sochi a year ago for a world cup skiing competition, and the ski area seemed to be well guarded. >> she said it was really well guarded up there. >> reporter: the recent violence won't change her plans or her daughter's goal. >> you've got to trust that your country is taking good care of you and the security is in place over there. >> reporter: we reached out to ask if there was going to be any security changes because of what's happened in russia recently. we haven't herred back from them, but we will update the story when we do. duck dynasty star phil robertson is embroiled in a new kind of controversy. the video was recorded in 2009. a and e network recently
11:47 pm
suspended robertson after robertson made remarks that were anti-gay, and racially insensitive in a magazine article. beyonce is underfire for using an audio clip from the shuttle disaster. all 7 crew members were killed. the widow of the challenger commander called the clip disappointing. beyonce has issued an apology saying the song was to help heal those who have lost loved ones. a new study says there could be a link between cholesterol levels and alzheimer's disease. they scanned the brains of 74 older patients without dementia. they found high levels of so- called bad cholesterol, or low levels of good cholesterol were linked to having the plaque
11:48 pm
deposits associated with alzheimer's disease. some workers in the bay area will be getting paid more starting on wednesday. the minimum wage is going up in san jose, due to an ordinance passed last year. it will increase from $10 an hour to $10.15. in san francisco, the minimum wage will rise from $10.55 to $10.74 an hour. also taking affect, is an extension of the green sticker program. it's now good for another three years. that means plug in hybrid cars can access carpool lanes until 2019. the law is one of 8 authored by state senator, leyland dee. we're settling into another cool evening. with that in mind, again, keeping in mind that tomorrow is a spare the air day. poor air quality for some. for parts of the north bay and the santa clara valley, a comparison from today into tomorrow. notice the air quality index going above 100. that means if you're very
11:49 pm
sensitive to the pollutants, asthma, respiratory issues, lung disease, this is something for you definitely to consider. unless you're exempt, it is illegal to burn wood in the fireplace. let's check in on some of those numbers. 39degrees in fairfield. 42 in napa. 42 in santa rosa. as we get around the bay. 40s to low 50s. 47 in oakland. 44 in livermore. half moon bay, reporting 46 degrees. seeing a little bit of patchy fog along the coastline here, so i do expect we'll have it with us for tomorrow morning as well, with high clouds continuing overhead for most of us, as we get started as well. take a look at stormtracker 2 no rain sight. but we do have plenty of clouds. we'll be greeted with them again tomorrow morning. i do think we'll have partly cloudy skies for the second part of the day, and into the evening hours. this ridge of high pressure has weakened just a little bit. most of us saw a little bit of a cool down this afternoon. tomorrow numbers will be very similar to today. this ridge of high pressure is going to just remain in place,
11:50 pm
and the clockwise motion sending in those high clouds, and that's really about it. we're not going to see any rain anytime soon. as we get going tomorrow morning, a chilly start in napa. 32 for you. 30degrees santa rosa. mid-30s, redwood city. upper 30s, san jose. for the inner east bay. 33 in livermore. 32 expected for antioch. how about the afternoon? low 60s in the forecast. 63 for santa rosa. 60degrees san rafael. low 60s san francisco. into the santa clara valley, 63 san jose. 66 expected in santa cruz. if you're going to be out celebrating tomorrow night, be careful. partly cloudy skies. low 50s in the forecast as we get into the evening hours for san francisco. and when the clock strikes midnight you're looking at about 50 degrees. the dry mild weather will continue for new year's day and beyond with your bay area weekend in view. not going to see much change when it comes to the numbers or
11:51 pm
any rain. >> that looks pretty steady. despite a tough political year president obama is still the nation's most admired man. gallop reports president obama garnered 16% of the poll, beating out george w. bush and pope francis. hillary clinton was named the most admired woman of the year. it is the 18th time she topped the survey. all of those great bowl games are getting underway. mark ibanez is here to talk about it. >> we're slowly getting into the big ones. the grand daddy stanford will be involved in. into the oregon. they figured we're going to play in the alamo bowl, might as well make the best of it. mack brown's final game with
11:52 pm
the longhorns. 253 passing. the duck's d, what really game changed. derrick malone will pick case mccoy, and return it 38 yards for a touchdown. 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns by oregon ducks tonight. and making barry a product. nick aliota a very happy retiree. calling it quits after tonight. but liked the final score there. it seemed like an unattainable goal since jim plunkett left stanford. the cardinal going to pasadena. with national prominence comes a whole lot of media attention. sometimes a little overwhelming for players. coach explains to his guys when you win, you're going to get a whole lot of attention too. >> i told the players to be
11:53 pm
honest, it's a testament to what they've accomplished. it's a testament to what our seniors have helped build, to win consistently, win the right way. produce high character young men and have a football game that's exciting to watch. >> good coach. just about every nfl team that doesn't have a man they want would love david shock. green bay packers up next for the
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i guess you could say we're still trying to find out who the st. mary gales are. losers of three is straight. better figure it out. they've got gonzaga thursday night. the defense sparking it today. loose ball, passed a bowl in the lane. he led the gales who had five guys in double figure scoring. 18 threes for the gales tonight. that made the difference. 88-80 winners over pacific. to get where the 49ers want to go, teams always have stories like the one that unfolded in arizona yesterday.
11:57 pm
a guy comes out of nowhere to make a major contribution to victory. such was the case yesterday. rookie quentin patton shows up large. made three great plays. big yardage on an end around early to set up the score. patton missed most of the year with a broken foot. also issued a key block. in the final moments, a sensational catch. his coach, harbaugh, definitely took notice. >> like the way he came through. like the way he made the tough catch. i really think he's a competitor, competing for balls, competing to get in position to make a block. competing when he's running with the football. i think all things were regood. very excited for him. >> that is the sporting life for a monday night. and an early happy new year. >> happy new year. >> glad to have you back. >> good to be back. we have an update now on
11:58 pm
that officer involved shooting prompted by a police chase we told you about earlier in the newscast. here's a live picture from the scene. police confirm that the suspect is now under arrest. police say he was fired upon by officers but not shot. one officer was injured in the one officer was injured in the confro [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> we found out there was a dog in a very loving home now that will soon be abandoned. but it's justin bieber's latest pet. >> so happy buying it and you see the dog's eyes and it looks so sad. >> he doesn't know what will happen. >> the dog has a bleak future but he doesn't know it yet. >> britney spears had her big vegas debut. miley cyrus was there, who was dancing the entire time. but one person that was not thrilled to be there was katy perry. she was literally standing there like this. >> that's so unfair!


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