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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 4, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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breaking news in eek land -- oakland where a threealarm fire is burn:00. it was rerted tonight. firefighters are working to keep the flames from spreading to nearby building. this is how it looks from the station in jack london square. the neighbor said the fire is in an abandoned grocery store.
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we're working to get more information as soon as we do we'll bring it to you. more breaking newses in hayward, an officer-involved shooting. an officer shot a woman. amber lee is live at the apartment complex in the 21,000 block of foothill neighborhood. >> we're at the somber wood apartment complex and there's an active scene as police continue to collect evidence. >> around 7:30 neighbors say they were start emed by -- startled by what they heard. five loud gunshots. what did you do. >> i was in the room at the time, i immediately ran into the other room until you
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thought egg was safe -- everything was safe. the officers were requested by pleasanton police to do a well fare check on a woman. >> when officers responded they made contact with that person, and a shooting occurred. >> the woman was taken by ambulance to the medical center, she does not know if the condition is life- threatening. the police have not said if the woman was armed. the woman called police and said she was depoliced -- depressed. >> too close to home, pretty scary, i have two kids. >> the chief said she does not have information about the circumstances surrounding the shooting. live in hayward, amber lee.
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developments tonight in the case of caylee slusher the girl found dead over the weekend. prosecutors called her mother and her noters boyfriend with murder and the girl's body had been in a freezer for three days. >> frank, there's no crowd of mourners or vigil but candles are burning outside the apartment where kaylee died. >> napa city council had a moment of silence for kaylee slusher. >> the mayor wants to hear more from police on the contacts officers had with the girl's mother and boyfriend in the weeks before the death. >> what did they encounter,
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what did they see, was all the proper follow-up handled. >> the mother, sara kreuger and her boyfriend ryan warner appeared in court but did not enter a plea. documents revealed new details. kreuger and warner admitted the child was found dead by unknown circumstances and for three days they stored her body in a suitcase and then placed the body in a freezer. >> they were cooperative on to a point. >> the d.a. did not file sexual assault charges. but there was evidence of that. that's a special circumstance that could lead to the death penalty. >> there's not sufficient evidence to support charges of special circumstances. >> family members appeared at the hearing but did not talk to
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reporters. drug use has been talked about. >> the mayor expects to hear more from police about officers prior contact with the girl in a week. a grand jury could explore any potential break down with police but it's too early to go in that direction. vocal opposition to the plan for a $10 million surveillance center. the contractor under consider cannot be legally be hired. privacy advocated rallied and said snyder electric has ties to the nuclear weapon industry and city laws forbid that.
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the domain awareness center is a data center where police can view feeds from cameras around the city in realtime. >> this center is another form off homeland security and our government to look into our lives more. but physically. they are doing it electronically. i don't have a issue with the surveillance center. snoop councilman said at this point the city attorneys have looked into snyder lick tronic and said it not involved in nuclear webs -- weapons. police in san jose is asking for help finding armed robbers. one of three robbers are responsible for seven robbers in a two-hour period on october 27. the men carjack a vehicle and
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robbed several pedestrian. a black escalade and honda or toyota are associated with the crimes. anyone with information is asked to contact police. the city of san francisco recorded the second fatal pedestrian accident this year. it was a 78-year-old man. it was on sunset boulevard. police say the driver of a toyota corolla struck the man. he was hit so hard his shoes fell off and his body was wedged in the windshield. the victim is isaac barrington. it busy and dangerous, people don't stop for people in the crosswalks. the three women in the car suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the accident comes on the same
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day the transit agency launched a safety program. installing more traffic signals, lighting and pedestrian count downs. a police standoff in fairfield is over seven hours after it started. police were called to the home this afternoon. a family member was threatening them with a gun and breaking things. the police got everyone out but the armed man. the police took that man into custody at 8:30 tonight. he was taken to a hospital as a precaution. to the drought, water officials in dublin and san ramon will be asking for reduction in water. served by the zone seven seven their water from the state.
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what steps may be taken and how planning long ago may's some of the water -- may east some of the water. the grass will remain green all summer long despite the drought. that's due to flapping to put in a recycled water system using waste water. it was put in place throughout the district, to stretch water supplies in times like these. purple sprinkles. all part of an extensive system dedicated to recycled waters. >> we think the conditions are serious, but not desperate at this point in time. >> burt says the customers will be asked to cut back on water by 20%.
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dublin gets water from the zone seven water agency which receives 80% of the water from the delta. but with a depleted reservoir the state said the water delivery is cut to zero. >> we're looking at ty loss of supply. there could be shortages from 27 to 47% but they planned ahead. we have 2 to 3 years of water delivery stored underground locally. >> 20% of the water used by customers is recycled waste water. good for landscaping but not drinking. the district may consider paying homeowners to get rid of this grass. >> right now 60% or more of our water sales is outdoor use.
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that's irrigation. there were many ideas, including a repate -- rebate for the customers that conserve a lot amount of water. >> the california fish and game commission could vote tomorrow to close fishing on every california stream that reaches the ocean. fish and wildlife has closed seven creeks from big sure to -- big sur and san mateo county. he was one of facebooks first users, now this local harvard glad is telling us about the start upstart. tracking a rainy system
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more than sow 50 businesses have voted to stop a tax on soda. there's enough support to get it on the move ballot.
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that proposed tax could drive some out of business. >> we're inside a niche business that almost exclusively sells hard to find soda. >> cherries and berries, lemon, lime. >> specialty sodas are his passion. >> import products, cola, cream soda and the unusual and generally odd. >> this is his life work, into which he's poured his life savings. >> we're here to survive we're here to 35. >> -- thrive. >> supervisors are supporting a
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soda tax. >> policy change, plus education have made a huge impact. >> donna cordero said taxing is effective when it funds programs designed to educate. >> the 13-year-old is learning to make healthy food choices. he prefers fresh fruit and price doesn't affect kids choices. >> you can raise it to $5 a soda and people will buy it. >> if the city can target soda, what's to prevent it from tar getting other sweets later. >> there's plenty of things that's not have benefit to the
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human body and picking and choosing as we work down the food chain could be a slippery slope. >> the proposal tacking a 2- cent tax on every ounce sold, this is before retailer markup and crv. that means a four pack that costs $6 will be pushed closer to 8-dollar range. >> more details, two other california cities rejected soda taxes, one is richmond and the other inel monty in los angeles. but voters in mexico approved the tax. a police officer pulling over a stolen car led to a high speed chase, a police officer opening fire and a manhunt. the driver refused to pull over took off.
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at 3rd and 19th, the driver smashed up several vehicles injuring another driver while trying to get through traffic. an officer on foot tried to get the driver to stop. the driver abandoned the car back where it started. but a massive search failed to locate him. >> i see police with dogs and guns. >> the police recovered the man's jacket and hoping to find other evidence in the stolen car that may help identify him. a hit and run driver who seriously injured a 70-year-old map is behind bars. the suspect is 62-year-old abraham adams of hercules, they identified him with help of video. we've shown you another video
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showing a suv hitting the victim in a crosswalk on january 17th. adams is held on $50,000-bale. to santa cruz, a story we brought you last night at 10:00. tonight only on two, robert honda speaks with the mother of one alleged victim and the wife of the suspect. they have two very different perspectives. the wife of the man charged with child molestation says they are living a nightmare. santa cruz police arrested richard brode and charged him with lewd conduct with a child under 15, rape, false imprisonment and possessing child pornography, i talk to the mother of one alleged victim. >> he's a sick man,.
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>> did you trust him at one time? >> totally trusted him. >> she let her daughter play with him and another girl inside the home. >> he would buy them food all the time. he went out of the way to be nice. he would wrestle with the quills. >> brode was charged in court this morning. he pleaded not guilty assigned a public defender. brode wife defended her husband. i'm behind him 100%. he's a good man. this will get straightened out. >> the judge issued a protective order. brode will return to court february 19th. the parents of a healthy college student says a generic
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form of birth control is to blame for her death. >> lauren alexander died after a blood clot that causeddard yak arrest -- cardiac arrest. tomorrow on the news 2 investigates if consumers are protected and why to makers of all generic drugs cannot be held accountable. not a bad day, a few clouds out there, the main jet stream is going north, it dry up there, the under cut is cutting under the ridge and shooting into our area, it will spread moisture our direction tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow morning, not bad morning, coastal fog, valley fog but mostly sunny. get into the afternoon commute,
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not bad. 10:00 tomorrow, there we go. there's the rain, looks like the thursday morning commute will be wet. the system lined out, a lot of moisture in the pacific that will impact the bay area through the weekend into next week. i'll have all the specifics and time willing and talk, i'll run the model through thursday so you can time-out the commute on thursday and on friday. hayward's only shelter for single men and women have been reopened. leaders of the shelters say it only opens when the temperature is expected to dip below 36 degrees. it was closed because the weather was so warm. now it is back open. there's sleeping arrangements for 20 adults. volunteers do all the work except for paid security
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guards. new developments in the case of phillip sea more -- seymour hoffman. a surge in complaints prompted by a call of certain. peer pressure. back to our breaking news. new video of the fire
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back to our continues coverage of the california drought people wasting water. one way to get people to conserve is to use peer pressure. local water agencies say they are seeing more more people policing their neighbors.
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>> hal collects rain water in garbage cans and saves shower water for the gord especially -- garden. there's a neighbor. >> he doesn't really talk very much but he washes his car almost every other day. >> a little peer pressure goes a long way. everyone has a heightened sense of awareness, we encourage people if they see something that's a waste of water to talk to their neighbors. >> good arch. >> in january they saw a 3% increase of people calling about complaints of water wasters or concerns about conservation. in the east bay district they have seen complaints rise from 20 amonth in the fall to 71 a month this winter. >> the water is running all night long.
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water smart works with municipal letters to see show it stacks up. >> they will take action and change their behavior. rich can see why neighborly nudge may work. the more people telling people to conserve water the better. in san francisco the complaint calls go through 311, they suggest a friendly discussion with the neighbors first. an update on the three- alarm fire in a vacant building we told you about. these pictures just into the newsroom. firefighters are getting the upper land but it not under control. it is burning at the location of an old supermarket at 54th avenue. crews were called just after 9:00. no reports of injuries,
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neighbors said the building has been aban don'ted for some time. four people arrested in connection with the heroin found in the apartment of philip seymour hoffman and more details about his final days. he withdrew $1200 from an atm machine and gave it to 2 men the night before he overdosed. at the sundance film festival a writer introduced himself as a heroin addict. a last ditch effort to save redwood trees. see what an artist came up with when we provided a description. like it or not, facebook has changed the way
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to keep chasing all the horizons you want. introducing the all-new 2014 jeep cherokee. ♪ . it's the social network with more than 1 billion users. facebook has changed the way people connect around the world. now it is facing changes to try to keep users engaged. particularly younger users. live in membership low park after learn -- menlo park after learning about the early days. >> it has been quiet at facebook headquarters, but mark zuckerberg thanked users, we spoke to you in users and one
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of the early users? i'm a service that helps people stay connected. the face that launched 1.2 billion friends who joined facebook social media site. >> i got my facebook account in 2008, i've been using it since. >> i'm able to stay in touch or keep up with their lives in a way that wasn't as easy with the previous social networks. from the launch at harvard to being one of the most anticipated ipo facebook has changed the way people communicate and the way people talk. >> i heard about it when i got an e-mail to my harvard account. >> she's one of the first to sign up on facebook in 2004. now an editor and chief of c-
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net review says it has to be reel haven't. it has a lot of work to do to modern ice. there's 35 brache offices worldwide. but the sheen has dulled for some users and there's signs it may not capture the younger generation. >> my brother in early high school, he's saying it boring and a lot of other people around his age group are saying they don't want to use it. >> zuckerberg posted a message saying i'm more excited about the next 10 years than the last. the world will be watching to see if users like facebook's own timeline in the future. snoot and you can join the conversation on our facebook wall. share your thoughts.
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wall street regained some of the ground it lost yesterday. gaining 72 points. that's d-backs up -- nasdaq up 34 points. charles schwab company is sending a thousand jobs out of the city in the next 3 to 5 years. the workers will be going to texas and colorado. a spokesperson said the high cost of the bay area listing is behind the move but the corporate headquarters will remain. there's word that radio shack will close 500 stores. the wall street journal said it part of a restructuring plan. there's 4300 stores in the united states and another 1300 worldwide. it too early to say which will close. there's a call for the fbi to investigate the desiccation
11:34 pm
of a mosque in mantica as a hate crime. someone sprayed messages of hate. strips of raw bacon were found in the parking lot. an apparent insult. >> unfortunately some people have hate, the racism that can be spread and all is based on lack of knowledge. the council on american-islamic relations is asking the fbi to investigate as a hate crime. last year some sprayed "no allah only god" on the mosque. one key to solving a crime is a good description. >> the mountain view police department has an artist that turns a good scrippages into a crime fighting -- description
11:35 pm
into a crime-fighting tool. there's an art to it. >> art can be subjective. >> it's a collection of lines and shades. >> describe her face for me. >> that paint a picture. >> what's the most out sounding feature. >> if a picture speaks a thousand words kevin wants three. that's him, that's her. >> a sketch artist for the mountain view police department. on a daily basis you help people out. >> a sworn police officer who's a classically trained fine artist. >> where most artist draw with pencil, paper and imagination he drawed a computer tablet, stylus and ears. >> this is based off your memories not mine. >> a lot of suspect sketches
11:36 pm
come across our desk but his stand out for the realistic portrayals. his talents help solve crimes. he brings so much more to the ability to identify people by what he draws. >> her hair? >> brown. long. >> at the start of this story we put him to the test, sketching anna from my description. >> average height. slender build. about 30 minutes later it looks like all that doodling paid off. >> still doodling. in mountain view. ktvu. making sure you get help in an emergency. clouds are increasing and so are the chances of
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. oakland has the suspect in custody. it was this morning, officers found the victim outside of his home, he is an adult male in his 30s but they are not releasing the name. the stabbing happened after one of the men called police. police in vallejo said someone shot a man at the aa smoke shop on tennessee street. there were a number of people involved but didn't name
11:40 pm
suspects the victim was hospital iced with serious injury. supervisors will penalize the san jose fire department if the response times don't improve. the fire department is not meeting the obligation to respond within eight minutes. supervisors voted to withhold the payment of $700,000 putting it in a trust fund. >> we are rewarding poor performance. we do what we're doing we'll get what west got. late arrival. >> san jose will get the money if firefighters meet the 90% target for three consecutive months and submit an improvement plan. san bruno filed suit accusing the utility commission of improper conduct. eight people killed and others
11:41 pm
suffered life changing injuries when a gas pipeline exploded in 2010. the companies are too cozy and pg&e turn over documents with the deliberations on the fine. it is reviewing the city's lawsuit and will respond as appropriate adding that it is focusing on completing the investigation. a san francisco supervisor voted on ban the box. bars landlords and employees from asking about a conviction. the giants and the 49ers square off at pebble beach.
11:42 pm
the charity match that brought them together and also the surprise guest. >> it could be raining this time tomorrow. mike maher tip's --
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it took two years of political maneuvering but the senate passed a farm bill. the house approved it last week president obama will sign it friday. it will cost $1 trillion over 10 years, it came after cutting $800 million to food stamps. they cost $5 billion a year paid to farmers if they grew crops or not.
11:45 pm
it will reduce the federal deficit by $16 billion over the next decade. crews are cutting down dozens of redwood trees. the property company says it's doing so in hopes of attracting new tenants. current workers are not happy. >> crews work to fell the redwoods at 2001 gateway place to the dismay of tenants. he thought on the property managers would be felling sick redwoods. i work right there, i saw they were working on these redwoods, those redwoods were not sick. >> the mature redwoods were one of the reasons to lease here. >> they sent a memo, we won takenned the memo discussing modernizing the property and
11:46 pm
the city approved a select tree removal program. tenants feel sandbagged. >> it was buried in the 8th paragraph out. >> equity says we respect their right to hold the views they do the tree replacement program is part of a larger program to make it more appealing to a broader rang of tenants. it planned to replace with jack randa trees --:00 jack randa trees. >> there was a falcon nest right here. a falcon's nest. >> and it gone. it incredible when you think about it. >> tree removal is underway but tenants are going to protest
11:47 pm
the removal. >> the san jose city council gave the okay to extend a trapping ordinance for wild pigs even though not one pig has been caught. a resident showed damage of pigs damages her backyard. the dry weather has brought the pigs closer to communities. >> i think they are getting confidential in this environment, and that doesn't mean we are, but i fear for my dogs, i do fear for myself. >> the city council approved a three month pig trapping ordinance and it is extended to full year giving trappers a better chance to catch wild pigs. the city council voted to start the process to build a solve -- softball complex with four fields next to the east
11:48 pm
ridge shopping center. the project will cost $10 million and could be ready in two years. pressure from the drought may change a sweet deal for east bay homeowners, 474 homes are part of the dee an row vista -- diablo vista water system. they pay less than $50 a month for the water, but even homeowners here may face restrictions. that decision is expected in the spring. the temperature were to mild side, no 60s or 70s, just 50s. you can feel the weather changing around. 57 in san rafael. three, four days ago we were in the 60s and low 70s. before the ridge of high pressure, it's here, this area
11:49 pm
is undercutting the ridge and will move through the bay area. increase clouds tomorrow night. with that comes the chance of rain. it's cloudy out there now. breaks in the clouds. the clouds will linger throughout the evening hours. it will be cold overnight. look for valley fog. temperatures are mostly in the upper 30s, low 40s. so it's going to be a cool night with clouds. talking about the high pressure center. it's dropping down. when it does sets up the jet stream in a zonal flow. an opportunity for multiple rain events in the bay area. here we go. wednesday at 7:00. tomorrow night, and overnight about midnight. it raining. you get up on thursday morning the roads are wet, it raining in san jose. the thursday morning commute
11:50 pm
looks wet. showers in the south bay. 6:00 on thursday, maybe wet in the afternoon, and friday at 5:00. snow up in the mountain and moisture off the pacific. another for saturday and sunday. good news in terms of potential rainfall. this is what it amounts to do through thursday afternoon. an inch of rain in wedwood -- redwood city. maybe a half inch, an inch of rain. and there's more behind it. that will be helpful. forecast daytime highs. it will be like today. clouds increasing late in the day. five-day forcast with the weekend in view. wednesday night to thursday, thursday is rainy, friday a few showers, saturday and sunday it lights up and gets going after
11:51 pm
that. you know, storm door is open, i didn't see giant storms but a lot of moisture, we could see 6 inches of rain in the north bay over the next seven days. it's rain. that will make a difference. >> that five-day forcast there's a lot of activity. bruno mars is winning big after his halftime performance during the super bowl. >> billboard reports sales of his album are 164% up that much since sunday. the rise expected to account for 40,000 copies sold just this week. >> that five is so -- guy is so talented. >> so fun to watch him. the warriors could have used his talent the court. >> i don't think anyone would
11:52 pm
argue. if you said horrible, awful. the worst shooting team in the league was on the floor tonight in oakland you would swear it was the warriors not the bobcat who are the worst. the worst shooting night for golden state since 2004. 10 years, 32%. you wouldn't know it from this shot in the 3rd quarter. that's the highlight of the night. funny thing about that shot they were town by 15 after it. a steal here go the other way, and ramon, to lay it in. the warriors never were in the game particularly in the 2nd half. jeffer son with over and under. bogut had 30 points. 13 rebounds. they looked flat-footed. not only couldn't they shoot the defense wasn't on their game. mcroberts goes down the lane.
11:53 pm
warriors and this is a disturbing fact. lost five of the last seven on their home court. >> still in the fun and games and raising money for charity at the corps clam -- corporate clam bake. 49ers and giants. a look at the luminaries, got a nice swing. but sweet part of the club on that. part of a team that helped the 49ers raise 40,000 for a good cause. they had help from the pro, matt bet especially court out of -- betancourt out of alameda. snow, the former gold glove 1st baseman with a chip to lay it up there close. the giants win the last hole.
11:54 pm
$60,000 to charity. >> on the golf course it's different, it not our sport. we get nervous. i was lucky to go toward the end. i could see the line and hit a good one. >> up sermonnous, the way alex smith left the 49er organization. he was back ♪ [ male announcer ] this is the comfort of full-grain napa leather. this is a fully equipped crafted interior. this is dual-pane. this keeps you up to date with everything and everyone. this is nine years that give you 31 miles per gallon, highway, and leds come standard. this is the freedom
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be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. . there were no hard feelings on the part of alex smith on his departure from san francisco. >> no, sometimes sevenedly so -- deservedly so. there were rough years, it was nice to leave on a positive note. it still in a lot of way home for us in the off-season. a lot of fun to see these guys. >> he's a kansas city chief. he always conducted himself like a gentleman. >> thank you for choosing us for news. we'll see you the next time
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news breaks. we'll be tracking the rain and updated forecast when it ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i could and got her a subaru. (girl) piece of cake. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> today on "tmz," >> paris hilton is alive and telling the story that the rich get richer. she made $100,000 in atlantic city and went to the blackjack table and made $50,000. >> why not double your money? i had my check in my purse. i put it on the table and i'm like, let me see. all or nothing. >> you lost your salary? >> yeah. >> you have two kids. >> happy black history month, everybody. [laughter] >> beyonce, got her boobies hanging out. she was wearing this shirt cut down so low. you know what else is interesting, she's watching kelly rowland perform.


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