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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 10, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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extinguisher to make his get away. bay area news at 7:00 is next. emergency crews in the south bay respond to the collapse of a warehouse roof. good evening. we begin with developing news in san jose. right now firefighters were at the scene of a partial roof collapse at a warehouse. you're looking at pictures from news chopper 2 which flew over the scene on cora avenue about 30 minutes ago. firefighters say they do not believe anyone is inside the warehouse. they're waiting for structural engineers to arrive and assess the safety of the structure. so far there's no word on what caused that roof to give. the storm that blew through the bay area over the weekend has moved out of our region but many local waterways are benefiting from a bountiful run- off. in most areas it's more water
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than we've seen in months. the spillway above fairfax in marin county flows in alpine lake and then lake loganitas. some 20 inches of rain fell this weekend the highest rain total anywhere in the bay area. meterologist has more on the impressive rain totals but let's begin live in orinda where a tree toppled over and that had people in one building fearing for their safety. christina? >> reporter: we can tell you that just minutes ago really this crew just wrapped up and finished their work here. they had been going on four hours of cleaning up that tree and they are just thankful no one was hurt. chunks of an old oak are being chopped up and taken down piece by piece. this massive tree just couldn't handle the soft saturated soil causing it to topple around noon on this office complex. >> just the whole building was shaking, you know? like the windows were shaking, doors were shaking, floor was
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shaking. >> dr. robert huey was inside the building treating a patient and thought he was experiencing an earthquake. >> i grabbed my patient and we're like oh, no what's happening and we're about to cover and then it stopped. >> the tree crushed down on aneighboring office closed at the time. brian gates and his team says when a tree like this falls you have to move fast to tarp the roof. >> it's kind of a one-two punch, first you get the tree damage and structure but you can't get it sealed up in time then the water does more damage than the actual tree. >> they are getting lots of calls about down trees in the eastbay. most trees are infected with root fungus, and can't handle heavy rain. >> the roots couldn't do the job to hold the tree up. >> the oak is estimated to be over 200 years old but now its ending its days labeled a killer tree even though no one was hurt. employees say that is the silver lining in this massive mess. >> we're just fortunate that nobody was walking underneath there because they wouldn't have been able to dodge. we have patients on walkers,
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crutches no way they would have gotten out of the way of the tree. >> we needed the rain, [laughter] but yeah, we didn't see this coming. >> now if you're worried about an old tree near your home or business you can have an arborist do an excavation where they test the roots for fungus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> trees around the bay area are at risk of falling due to the rain soaked soil. workers cleared a toppled tree on glenndale avenue. it was partially closed through the early afternoon. despite the recent storm we're still in the midst of a statewide drout. the russian river is roaring after nine inches of rain fell over the weekend and what a dramatic difference from last week when the river was down to just a trickle. despite all that rainfall, residents are still under orders to ration water. >> i'm hoping we just had a late winter. we're going to get more rain in and everything will be normal. >> water officials say the recent storm helps but there would have to be several more
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similar storms to make up for what could be our states worst drout on record. in the north bay received the most rain, some areas in the hills that came anywhere from 15-16 inches of rain by all of the end of the weekend and i want to take you back all the way to thursday, that was when the first rain moved in and if you take the rain accumulation from thursday through friday, saturday and into sunday this is what we are looking at for some of those areas like picking up almost 12 inches of rain, nappa picked up more than 7.5 inches, santa rosa reporting six and san francisco three inches, but if you look at areas like san jose, livermore, not as much, again over the north bay, mount tam reported nearly 20 inches of rain so when i come back i'll have a look at what you can expect for your tuesday where you'll see more sunshine and wet weather return to the area. the weekend storm is really a story of two regions.
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while the north bay got soaked the south bay mostly missed out as robert honda explained enthusiasm about the rain is starting to evaporate with reservoir capacity down to less than a third the santa clara valley water district had a lot of hope riding on this latest storm. >> i was pretty obsessed with it over the weekend looking at our gauges and reservoir levels waiting for this storm to materialize for the south bay. >> but when officials took their measurements of reservoir levels they were extremely disappointed. >> we were at 31.6% last thursday, this morning we're at 31.7%, it's dried up. >> water district has one last hope, run-off in the coming days, santa cruz mountains saw some heavy rain this weekend and today the san lorenzo river was flowing but still shallow. founder of the santa cruz mountains art center operated along the river for three decades says the storm and rainfall weren't that impressive. >> we've had the water right up to the building and when we get
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those downpours, the water because we're on the river will come right up across here and into our buildings. >> anything like that happen this weekend? >> this time no and the river isn't that high. >> the santa clara valley water district agreed. the run-off won't salvage this disappointing storm. >> we'll continue to get residual run-off but nothing that changes our situation very significantly. >> the water district says it will reevaluate its water conservation program on february 25th and that could mean the request for the public to cut back use by 10% could go up. at lexington reservoir, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can get the bay area forecast any time on your smartphone or tablet, follow the ktvu weather team with our ktvu app. the first big rain storm in months has exposed a leak on the new bridge. bridge workers found water in parts of the bridge that were supposed to be airtight, water tight that is. a spokesman for the project told us no one knows exactly how the water is getting in or
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how to fix it. engineers say it's not causing a problem yet. >> we see no signs of corrosion, certainly we're taking this issue very seriously and it takes a fair amount of time for corrosion to manifest itself. >> experts say they will find and fix the leak, then step up inspections to react if a problem is located. the other part of the bay bridge the western section is getting a name change. tomorrow it is set to be renamed the willie l. brown jr. bridge. of course, brown served as mayor of san francisco and was assembly speaker for many years. the $6500 cost of the name change is being picked up by the naacp. a jail inmate is back in custody tonight after a bold dash for freedom in fairfield. authorities tell us they can't remember anything like it. >> reporter: in the mate, 24 year old joseph shabert actually made it outside, here
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to the parking lot in the back of the courthouse but that's as far as he got. >> it happened so fast because i lookedded up to here and get the f down and body splash down between the cars. >> that was the end of an intensive escape that police say started when he was being transported through courthouse tunnels. police say he grabbed a fire extinguisher, sprayed three deputies, triggered a fire alarm and got outside before he was tackled and brought back into custody. >> what was he saying? >> he was complaining he couldn't breathe and get off me, and i'm not doing anything, but obviously he was. >> police say the 24 year old has a history with the law. he lives in vaccaville but has been in and out of jail since he turned 18. >> he's been in and out of custody since 2008. the majority of those charges are either narcotics related, vandalism is in there, criminal threats are in there, and some failure to appears and stuff like that. >> this time around, he was in on charges of narcotics, a
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probation violation and failure to appear and designated as a maximum security inmate. how he was able to get outside is still being investigated but deputies say when you take away someone's freedom you have to be ready for anything. >> their mind set at any given time can be up and down and clearly, they're capable of desperate things at desperate times. >> he will be facing new charges including assault with a deadly weapon, attempted escape, and felony battery on a peace officer. convictions on those charges guarantee that the freedom he was running towards just got a lot further away. in fairfield, ktvu channel 2 news. residents of an oakland neighborhood say they feel more secure after police announced the arrest of four teenagers in connection with the violent home invasion robbery. police say the teens range in age from 16-19 and they are suspected of breaking into a home in the upper diamond neighborhood two weeks ago shooting an 81 year old woman inside. she is recovering. neighbors tell us news of the arrest comes as a relief.
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>> it's really good for me and my wife. we have a young child so we're just happy to know they are doing things to find the person responsible for this. >> we don't feel like it's a safer neighborhood. i don't think any of us feel like that. we have to be careful. >> police say they're looking into whether the teens are connected to other crimes. former antioch city council man reggie moore died. moore was the first african american to be elected to the council in 2006. he served at that post for four years. he died this morning after a long battle with cairns. ahead tonight, millions of pounds of meat recalled from a bay area company, what inspectors say was not happening there raising questions tonight. internet giant yahoo is in damage control mode. the out age that outraged some users and had others calling it dejavou. plus a first for the nfl as a college football player comes out of the closet ahead of the
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draft. the influential entity already expressing support.
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an alaska airlines flight was forced to turnaround and make an emergency landing at the san jose airport a little more than an hour after departing for honolulu. the pilot of flight 837 which we've highlighted for you decided to turn around when the power went out on one of half a dozen navigation systems. the pilot landed the boeing 737 safely back at the airport at about 9:40 this morning no one was injured and the 132 passengers were rebooked on another flight and headed to hawaii again, about an hour later. a meat processing plant is recalling more than 8 million pounds of beef. our noelle walker explains the issue that lead up to the plants second recall in less than a month. >> reporter: production is shutdown today at rancho feeding corporation in
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petaluma, the only activity we saw a few cattle. for the second time in less than a month, the meat processing facility is the subject of a recall and usda investigation. the first rate happened in january. this time though it's much bigger. nearly 9 million pounds of beef from head to tail are being recalled, so much beef for the small facilities it was likely going on for a year and much of it likely already made it to dinner tables. inspectors say rancho feeding corporation processed disease or unsound animals without federalinspection, a key element in making sure food supplies are safe. >> you have an inspector who inspects every animal to make sure they're healthy and then as they go through the process, they look again at all of the animals. >> the editor of cattle buyers weekly told us he's stunned by the news which he says has far reaching impacts for north bay ranchers. >> they will now have to make arrangements for their cattle
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to be processed elsewhere and that means they will have to transport them a much greater distance. >> marin farms is one of those customers. today the ranch confirmed it's in the process of carrying out recall instructions and that's all they would say. if the latest recall isn't a black eye for the beef industry it is at least a raised eye brow. >> i grew up on a cattle ranch in the old days where quality meant something and we've lost that. >> this recall was not prompted by any reports of illness, multiple calls to the usda spokesperson went unreturned but she did confirm by e-mail that she can't tell me whether or not the company faces fines, criminal charges, or if they will be shutdown permanently. in petaluma, ktvu channel 2 news. the company that makes uncle bens rice is recalling bags of flavored rice after receiving reports the rice was causing allergic reactions. the recall does not affect products sold in grocery stores, but more foodservices is recalling bags of uncle bens
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in fused rice sold to wholesale distributers. last week three houston schools reported some students who ate the rice developed rashes. california governor welcomed the news at a panel of judges agreeing to give california a two year extension on easing over crowding in prisons. the governor said the extension would give the state the time necessary to help inmates become productive members of society. in handing down the decision, the three judge panel gave the state until february 2016 to reduce its prison population. currently california has some 112,000 inmates, some 5,000 more than the limit set by the courts. the all a immediate a county fire department says a $4 million federal grant will allow them to hire 12 new firefighters. the new hires will replace firefighters who have retired or who plan to retire later this year. the hope is the new firefighters can be hired and trained this spring. there's more tonight that home burglaries are on the rise in san leandro. police sent out an alert warning residents home break ins were up about 8% from 2012-
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2013. the figures from the start of this year are still being tabulated but police say it appears the upward trend has continued into 2014. >> what we're seeing is among our 13 square miles, our residential burglaries are happening all over town. >> police say they don't know what's behind the spike in burglaries. other eastbay cities have seen dramatic drops in the number of home break ins. the electric car maker tesla shot up for a record high. shares closed at $196. palo alto got a boost when china announced subsidies for electric cars. tesla stock fell as much as 40% in november after some car fires happened after accidents. well street managed to post modest gains today. the dow ended up seven points, nasdac did better with a 22 point rise. investors are looking ahead to new head chair's public
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comments tomorrow. yahoo is dealing with the fall out from another e-mail outage. an unknown number of the companies 100 million users were unable to log on to their e-mail accounts today. a yahoo spokeswoman said that service was restored by afternoon but didn't say what caused the problem. a five day outage back in december prompted many people to abandon yahoo and get new e- mail providers. then la month, yahoo servers were hacked and some users passwords were stolen. actor and commedian chris katan is facing a dui charge after his car slammed into a highway construction truck on a los angeles freeway. the former saturday night live cast member crashed his mercedes on highway 101 earlier this morning. chp says he failedded a field sobriety test. officers booked him on suspicion of drunk driving. white house is expressing its support for a college football play where could become the first openly gay athlete in the nfl. michael sam announced publicly yesterday that he is gay.
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24 year old is projected to be chosen in the early rounds of the draft. sam told espn he came out because he knew there were rumors already circulating. >> it's a load off my chest. i told my teammates this past august that i came out to my teammates and they took it great. they rallied around me and supported me and i couldn't have asked for better teammates. >> last year, jason collins became the first openly gay player in the nba and robbie rogers became the first openly gay player in major league soccer. the recent storm that brought the much needed rain to the bay area dumped several feet of snow in the sierra. skiers and snowboarders are enjoying eight inches of new snow that fell just within the past 24 hours. in the higher elevations with three to five feet of new snow experts are warning about the possibility of acalanches, despite the weekend snowfall, snow depths are still about a third of normal. well the rain is gone but
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low level moisture remains in place over the bay area and we are mostly cloudy at this hour and i expect we'll be mostly cloudy as we get going tomorrow morning, the possibility of patchy fog and drizzle. right now temperatures in the 50s, 53 san francisco, looking at 55 outside your door livermore, low 50s to mid 50s along the peninsula so for the week ahead ridge of high pressure will be building in and it will keep the storm track a little bit farther to the north at least for tomorrow, into wednesday, there is a system that may bring us a very slight chance that maybe a few scattered showers and right now it looks like just that opportunity coming for the north bay so for the week ahead again that storm track moving a little bit to the north, we will have a minor warm up come our way as we get into the week ahead with more sunshine in the forecast but again on wednesday we'll keep that possibility of a few scattered showers in the forecast. i'll show you whereas we pick it up here for you tomorrow morning we wake up again mostly cloudy, patchy fog definitely a possibility with the ridge of high pressure beginning to build in, drizzle a possibility
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as well, especially along the coastline, tuesday into wednesday we remain with a mix of sun and clouds and wednesday morning a look to the north you can see a few scattered showers over the north corner of california as we get into the afternoon and evening hours begins to slip just a little bit all the way down you see the north bay covered in mostly cloudy skies and perhaps a little bit of moisture falling over-the-air yeah. so not a lot but may see enough just to get us wet over parts of the north bay on wednesday. meanwhile as we get going tomorrow morning it will be a cool one, temperatures in the 40s, 47 in oakland, 49 san francisco, 40 santa rosa, low 40s for concord, livermore, san jose 44 for you. into the afternoon, low to mid 60s in the forecast, 59 for san francisco, low 60s for the eastbay shoreline, 64 san jose, 67 expected for gilroy, mid 60s santa cruz with partly cloudy skies for the afternoon, extendedded forecast showing you again temperatures will be
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edging upward, a modest warm up as we get into thursday and friday, some of the warmest numbers slight chance for the shower on wednesday over parts of the north bay. as we get into the weekend saturday is dry but we may get another opportunity at rain on sunday. >> thank you. it's time to start dreaming big again, with the jackpot for the power ball lottery growing once again. its now reached $284 million and could go higher before wednesdays drawing, 284 million isn't half of december's $636 million jackpot. since the odds of matching all six numbers are one in 175 million the jackpot frequently rolls over. a first for facebook founder mark zuckerberg already known for philanthropy and now he's accomplished something no one else under the age of 30 has ever done before. trending at, a not so flattering rip on starbucks but whose behind it? tonight, mystery solved complete with a hollywood twist. oñ
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facebook's mark zuckerberg and his wife have just been named the most generous philanthropists for 2013. the couple topped the list compiled by the chronicle of philanthropist donating $992 million in facebook stock to the mountain view based non- profit the silicon valley community foundation. this also marks the first time
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anyone under the age of 30 made the list of top 50 fill on there pitses. zuckerberg is 29. now trending at, a coffee shop in los angeles calling itself dumb starbucks, all the logos resembled the real starbucks but with the word "dumb" added. the coffee was free but some people said it was lousy. turns out it is all a publicity stunt. the associated press checked filming permits and found dumb starbucks is linked to a comedy production company. go to and look under hot topics to learn more about the story that first came out over the weekend. a free app taken down is now being sold on used phones for a lot of money. flappy birth had the number one spot downloaded for free 50 million times, yesterday a vietnamese creator said the game was ruining his simple life and took it down. the only way to get the game is to have a phone with the game already installed and there are several such phones listed on ebay, some are going for
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thousands of dollars. thank you for making ktvu for choice for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, we're live in san jose where the roof of a warehouse collapse, authorities are now awaiting search dogs to make sure no one was inside. tmz is up next on tv 36. (wfts.ecl)
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>> today on "tmz," >> there are now two operative theories. shia labeouf is crazy or he's not >> "when the segals follow the troller it's because he thinks sardines will fall in the sea. >> he's plagiarizing. >> he also did it over in europe where it might be popular. >> he also did it over in europe where it might be popular. (laughter) >> the most painful interview ever. sam ruben interviewed samuel l. jackson and mistook him for a different actor. >> you're as crazy as the people on twitter. i'm not lawrence fishburn! >> you don't know the difference between me and lawrence fishburn?


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