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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 17, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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the california highway patrol is mourning to of their own. colleagues say they were also best friends. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the tragic events happened just before dawn after authorities responded to a crash. the two officers were told the accident was on the northbound side of highway 99 near kingsburg.
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but it was actually on the southbound side. officer gonzalez was driving. investigators say when he came upon the driver from the earl littler crash he swerved to avoid him and lost control of his squad car. it slammed into a guardrail, struck a pylon and flipped. the two officers 33 and 34 years old were killed instantly. >> we lost two fine officers members of the california highway patrol. they were classmates, trained together, came on at the same time. >> reporter: investigators say both officers were wearing their seat belts. the chp says it is standard procedure for two officers to ride together on the overnight shift. officers gonzalez and lee had many friends here in the area. officer gonzalez got his start
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with the chp and law got his careers started -- >> reporter: their deaths are sending shock waves through the chp family. >> a lot going on in fresno this week. >> reporter: officer ross lee worked the night shift with gonzalez before he was transferred to the bay area in 2010. >> i just immediately went back to the seeing him walking around in the hall way. walking into briefing. he was a nice guy, nice, approachable, friendly. >> reporter: he never got rattled or lost his cool. >> calm, soft spoken. seemed to have an air of confidence about him. he knew what he was doing and you could feel it. >> reporter: bryan law was looked up by colleagues in oakland that's where he got his start as an officer before transferring to fresno to be closer to family. >> he was a general stand up guy. when i came here to oakland he welcomed me as a new officer.
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i had no clue what i was doing but he was there to guide me and he helped build me to who i am right now. he very much is still part of our oakland community. like i said a lot of his classmates still work here in oakland. we were all friends. we worked day in and day out 12 hour shifts. so we never forget about each other. >> reporter: chp officers say they will never forget about law or gonzalez. they placed black bands across their badges to show support for their colleagues lost in the line of duty. >> sadness for their family as well. >> reporter: this is the first time since 1988 that the chp has lost two officers in the same accident. reporting in san jose, cristina rendon, ktvu news. governor brown is among those mourning the officers.
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he extended a statement expressing deepest sympathy to his family and friends. now to the south bay where more than a dozen people were displayed tonight by a house fire in san jose. about 6:15 this evening firefighters were called to a home on not far from east ridge home. they all made it out safely. but one of two dogs did not survive. fire fighters say the fire caused a gas main to break complicating their efforts. the cause of the fire is still unknown. in the east bay, arson investigators are looking into a fire at foothill high school in pleasanton. the fire broke out in a storage container shortly after 4:00 this afternoon. some sports equipment and items used for graduation night were
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stored there. one student described what he saw. >> the door was cracked open a little bit. at the bottom there was a small fire but there was a lot of smoke billowing out. it's been four years since muni increased fares but that could change soon. >> reporter: get ready to count your coins, this summer fairs on the city's trains, trolllies and buss are said to jump from $3 to $3.25 for a single ride. >> i would like to know the reason why they're doing that. i feel like fairs have increased significantly since i moved here. as part of a fair increase
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new two year $1.8 million budget. this year they're looking to increase thanks to a surplus. >> there's a number of items that are up for discussion. including looking at free munni for seniors. >> reporter: managers are looking into covering costs. there are other important priorities. >> when our buses are late 40% of the time. when we're having way more pedestrian and cycling accidents than any of us have ever fathomed. we have to do a lot more to invest in all aspects of our transit. >> reporter: so many riders accept that they'll have to dig a little deeper in their wallets. >> i'm gone -- going to get a monthly pass regardless. it's something that i need to get to work.
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>> i don't know what i'm going to do. maybe cycle. >> reporter: in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, munni carries more than 700,000 riders now. a fair hike would bem nummi's first since 2010. rides were just $1 in 2010. a test place stand off in green bray in marin county came to a peaceful conclusion just about an hour ago. a man was barricaded inside a home near highway 101. the stand off began shortly before 3:00 this afternoon. officers responded to a report of an intoxicated man. she made it out of the house safely. police say they were concerned because the man had at least one gun registered to his name but in the end negotiators
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were able to talk him into surrendering. the girl was wheeled to an ambulance although paramedics did not have to take her to the hospital. police say she's eight or 9 years old and was crossing market street with her mother at stockton when she was hit by a white hyundai elantra. the driver stopped and cooperated with police. now to vallejo where a brother and sister are trying to bring good from a tragedy. earlier this month, their father was hit by a truck. the brother and sister are taking an initiative to have
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safety -- installed. >> reporter: drivers are cooperating with police while the accident is being investigated. >> every time i look at that corner it remind me that that was the end of my father. and i don't want no one to lose their life that way ever again. >> reporter: juarez family wanted to do something to change tennessee a street their father loved. so the family is donating money along with an organization called team tennessee to add led signs at the crosswalk where he was killed. the signs will be similar to this one near a high school. >> we want to be part of the solution. we don't want, it's so much pain involved. >> it feels good. feels like that's something that my dad would have done for
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anybody. if not more. >> reporter: the family is planning a celebration in september when the lights are installed. they think their father would be proud of them. >> i think he would smile and say, that's what i thought them. you hear of proplayers making millions. but some say they're not even making minimum wage. >> the conditions that could make for tough driving on your morning commute. >> in 90 seconds, a city spending $10 million to monitor
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>> new video don't of a crash that ended a police chase in oakland. this is the scene at eighth and walnut 10 minutes before 8:00. three men were in the car when the chase started. three were injured and ambulances were called to treat them. the third man got away and police are still trying to track him down. officers heard gunfire and gave chase inside the car they found shell casings and narcotics. opponents call it a spy center but supporters say it will improve security. tomorrow at this time the oakland city council suspected of holding a crucial vote on a new surveillance project.
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the city calls it a surveillance domain center. a group of citizens intends to sue if that project moves forward, jana. >> reporter: that group is called the oakland privacy working group and they plan a big rally at tomorrow's meeting. their concerns that traffic cameras like you see up there and other surveillance cameras in the city could be funnels into a central network and might be used to spy on citizens. these days surveillance cameras seem to be everywhere watching. >> every time you go to the bank. schools have video surveillance. and to me it makes me feel deeply uncomfortable. >> reporter: tomorrow night the oakland city council is expected to vote on whether to award a in the work into one centralized domain awarness center. opponents call it a spy center
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holding a rally in protest. they say the program to improve homeland security has no business links the 35 port cameras with city traffic cameras or potentially later with other systems that housing authority, neighborhoods and schools. >> we see mass surveillance without any probable cause or reasonable suspicion as a violation of civil liberties. >> some residents feel more surveillance could be helpful. >> i think it's probably okay. i'm relatively comfortable with surveillance actually. >> i think it's a good idea. they're trying to stop everything that's going on around here. to see what's going on you know. >> reporter: opponents say they plan to sue the city if it approving the project. >> we could seek an injunction to halt the process until the civil liberties and other issues can be resolvedded. if the program is approved
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tomorrow, they do plan to have an oversight committee and create a data retention policy. but it could be quite a long meeting tomorrow before they finally make a vote. reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. also at tomorrow's meeting the oakland city council is scheduled to approve a $2 million settlement with a man who was injured when he was hit by a public works truck. the accident happened in december of 2012. council member gallo said city attorneys say the injured man will need medical care for the rest of his life. at the time police said four people were hurt including two people on the sidewalk who were pushed right through glass in the front of a building. police in martinez have arrested a woman who they say confessed to killing her own mother. detectives say 53-year-old chris tee lee called them yesterday to turn himself in. when police arrived at the home they found the body of 74-year-
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old inside. neighbors say they've called police several times in the past to report disturbances. >> you hear the noise. i didn't witness the violence but you would hear maybe yelling. >> reporter: detectives still haven't said how or when the mother was killed. southwood's bail is set at $100,000. officials say the fire was contained to the garage and no one was hurt. they also say there have been a number of fires in the neighborhood of late and the cause of this afternoon's incident is under investigation. the santa clara water district finds itself in a tough spot. they have water, they just
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can't tap into it. >> reporter: what really scares virginia balones is if the drought cuts back the drinking water supply. >> it's our every day life. that's how we survive. >> reporter: while the district says it has ground water reserves, options to supplement the supplies are drying up. as oakland reservoirs dwindle, acknowledges it has 263,000- acre feet banked in bakersfield but this year the district can't get the water it owns. the district needs to find an agency that's closer to exchange water with. but the cut back has made that almost impossible. >> obviously when the state water project is at a zero allocation there's less water for exchanges. >> reporter: the banked water is needed for the areas drinking plan to keep from draining water reserves. >> we're working with all retailers to make sure if there
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are any reductions in treated water that we still meet the drinking water needs of santa clara county. >> it's strange and scary at the same time. >> reporter: another major problem when the state cuts allocations it also severely limits how much bankable water can be withdrawn. the city council will address that in a meeting next week. robert handa, ktvu news. back east people are dealing with yet another winter storm. it created white out conditions on the road. this is what it looked like for a driver in rockwood. temperatures are forecast to warm up by tomorrow afternoon. and melt away some of that new snow. the stormy weather is causing minor problems at sfo. airport officials told us that flights coming from chicago have been arriving about two hours late but they say there have only been four flight cancellations because of the
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weather back in the midwest. we got a little clear slot right now. here we are, you see all these clouds moving in. that's your tomorrow. it's not rain it's cloud cover. at the end of tomorrow you could see showers. we'll see that again. there's your cloud cover at 7:00 a.m. at lunchtime here at noon, sunshine and breaks. the clouds really thicken up as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. in the evening hours, late evening there's a system that's going to push through and bring a chance for showers in the north bay. maybe some drizzle or sprinkles. wet weather around here. so when i come back this model -- i just ran it through tomorrow. but i'll take it and push it through tomorrow night and into wednesday. so i'll give you an idea of what you can expect for wednesday morning's commute. see you back here. during a weekend conference on raising consciousness.
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was held. >> protesters disrupted the conversation. security guards pulled the protesters off the stage and while guards and protesters fought over the banner the presentation continued. today was a holiday but some some oakland students get the day off tomorrow. skyland high school said they will be closed tomorrow tuesday to fix a ruptured pipeline. school then will resume on wednesday. it's a chance at the big leagues but a new lawsuit claims being a minor league ballplayer comes with a sacrifice. >> it's definitely a struggle for them. they have hardly any money. >> tonight at 10:30, the
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allegation that many minor league ballplayers are actually being paid less than the minimum
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car dealersships are reporting a surge in sales and they hope it signals a new trend. >> reporter: we're at dublin honda where the staff tells us they doubled the number of cars they normally sell on an average weekend. it's been a busy weekend for ken harvey's dublin honda. the sales staff at the ready to take shoppers for a test drive. the sales manager tells us new car sales plummeted when the economy went south about seven years ago. >> people shied away from new cars and they went into used
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cars but now it's reverse. we're back to a new car business is really, really strong. >> anything that has -- >> reporter: this customer tells me they had been thinking about trading in their old van for a honda crv for months and decided in the spur of the moment this would be the weekend to get it. >> we do. we knew what we wanted to pay and that's what we ended up paying. >> reporter: the dealership is looking to unload it's 2013 inventory with discounts of up to $2,500 depending on the model. >> there's a lot of people off work. it's a great time to buy a car. the factory incentives are huge. the discounts are great. >> reporter: the discounts and deals aren't limited to this weekend. dublin honda and other dealerships are offering low interest financing over the next week. but the selection is better if shoppers come early. this woman tells me she did her
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home work. >> why president's day why is that a good day to come. >> because i check the internet on a daily bay sit. particularly this dealership here in dublin. >> reporter: this couple knew how much they were willing to pay and came to the dealership when there was a sale, and are driving off the lot with a new car. lawmakers in california and new york have introduced bills that have banned beauty products that contain microbeads. the microbeads are made with a plastic ingredient that managers say is so small escapes sewage treatment and ends water supplies. with so many companies using them, some say the issue requires legislative action. she was just 19 years old but told a newspaper reporter she killed 22 people in four
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states. the stunning admission and her husband's reaction today. the halve iish lifestyle police say he funded with their
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new at 10:00, a class action lawsuit filed in federal court in san francisco that aims to raise the salaries of minor league baseball players. we always hear about all the players earning multi million dollars -- but some minor leaguers aren't even getting minimum wage, states this lawsuit. a bay area family says they know firsthand just how little some of these players are paid.
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ken. >> reporter: frank, it's a childhood dream for many players to work for a major league park. in the minor leagues a whole different story with some saying minor leaguers make so little money they can barely survive. the lawsuit alleges major league baseball quote has a long infamous history of labor exploitation dating to its inception. one of the complaints is oddel. oddel live with the mcdonald family. on their website the giants are once again asking south bay families to host young players who are trying to make it to the big leagues. >> i make them lunch and breakfast and then try to have some dinner here. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges quote most minor leaguers earn between 3,000 and $7,500 for the entire year despite routinely working over
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50 hours per week and sometimes 70 hours per week. >> we're alleging that major league baseball and all the franchises are failing to pay minimum wage and overtime for all the minor league players in the system. >> they don't get any time off barely any to go actually do anything. and when they do, they don't have a lot of money for it. >> reporter: things were so tight for oddel the mcdonalds used frequent flier miles so his wife could come visit. >> i hope it helps. it hope it sheds light for people to see that there's such a disparagement between the mayor may -- major leagues and minor leagues. >> the players can join the suit automatically under state law or they can opt in under federal law. we'll be having quite a few players involved. >> of the seven san jose giant players they've hosted over the years just one has gone on to the big leagues. major league baseball has not
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commented on the lawsuit but is expected to respond in court in san francisco sometime next month. live in the city, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. east bay regional park police tell us they think they know the identity of a woman who's burned body was found over the weekend. the victim was discovered in the entrance to regional park. the victim was a white woman in her 40s who lived in the bay area. and they contacted family members who haven't seen her since last week. her name has not been released. an autopsy is expected in the next few days to determine cause of death. a man who was shot multiple times in market street in san francisco is expected to survive. the 19-year-old victim was shot around 7:00 p.m. last night outside the westfield mall. he went inside the b.a.r.t. station and collapsed. at first his injuries were thought to be life threatening
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but now officials say he is expected to recover. he's described as an african american men in his late teens to early 20s wearing a white t- shirt. >> a north bay social worker is behind bars accused of stealing thousands -- rather hundreds of thousands of dollars from people he was hired to protect then using that money on his own lavish lifestyle. new at 10:00, debora villalon is live where she says there were dozens of victims all of them developemental adults. >> reporter: he was supposed to help them with their needs, instead police say he was helping himself with their money. when we dropped by their santa rosa home tonight, this is where he was arrested after a
11:33 pm
five month embezzlement. >> we don't live a lavish lifestyle. nothing in our house is new. it's used. >> reporter: where did the $400,000 go? >> i don't know. he says it's spent. i don't know. >> reporter: during larry's years as a client coordinator at the regional center he funneled social security funds from 51 developmentally disabilitied adults to finance his lifestyle. >> what he would do is request money out of their accounts. he would then take that money and instead of giving it to the clients like i said he would deposit it into his private accounts. >> reporter: they found fine dining, trips to golf resorts
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even expensive trips trips. >> i can't believe he did this. it's not in his character. >> i know he took good care of him. they all liked him. they all requested him. i know he worked day and night for them. >> reporter: police say valerie stark was in the dark about her husband's true activity as were his colleagues and his trusting clients. >> some are more able to grasp than others. there are some who are wondering what happened to my money. >> reporter: police say north bay regional center was completely cooperative in opening its books for this investigation. but they refused comment to us tonight. now at this point no cash has been found. so it's highly unlikely that any of these victims will ever get any of their money back. reporting live in santa rosa, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2
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news. singer david cosby is postponing two sold out shows in san francisco this week because of heart surgery. crosby says he expects to make a full recovery. his performances this week are being rescheduled for april 20th and 21st and he says the crosby filled those shows will go on as scheduled. tapping into a new resource to help heart attack victims. how ordinary people can help until first responders arrive. a chance of showers for the next 48 hours. the likelihood your neighborhood will get wet and how much rain is expected. >> and next,
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a fairfield father spent this afternoon doing what no father should ever have to do. he went to the place where his 16-year-old daughter was found shot to death. rojas went to the place where police believe she was shot to death. her father spoke directly to whoever pulled the trigger. >> i would like to know was she make to you to pull a bullet in her head at 16-year-old little girl. what did she make to you. >> reporter: rojas says that
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his daughter was a straight a student that had started hanging out with questionable friends. alaska, texas and north carolina are looking into cold case homicides after a young woman claimed to have killed at least 20 people in those four states. she said that she and her husband found their latest victim on craigslist. pat o'neil reports on the startling claims made by the 19- year-old woman who is now in a jail in pennsylvania. >> the fbi says it's willing to help investigate miranda barber's claim that she killed at least 20 people around the country. the 19-year-old and her newlywed husband are charged with killing a stranger they allegedly lured through a craigslist ad. the woman claims she killed 22 people in six states as part of her involvement in a satanic cult. barber says she killed only quote bad people. barber said she had no remorse
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and would kill again if released. >> you can take anything else that she said in the interview and you can take all of the number that is she threw around and all that out. the most surprising thing to me was that she said she would do it again if she was let out. >> reporter: her husband was asked by reporters. >> do you think she's being honest? >> who's to say. >> do you think she's being honest that she killed 22 people. >> i didn't say that. don't put words in my mouth. >> pat o'neil, fox news. a criminologists is casting doubt on miranda barber's claim. john levin says there's been a few serial killers who are women but typically they're older and don't use knives as she's accused of doing in the
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pennsylvania case. the co-pilot of an ethiopian plane is in custody tonight in charges of hijacking his own plane. he diverted the plane to geneva. one passenger said he threatened to crash the plane as the pilot was trying to get back into the cockpit. a swiss prosecutor said it's unlikely the co-pilot will get asylum. a prosecutor warned kim jong-un that he might be held liable for crimes against humanity in his own country. the crimes include murder, torture, rape, starvation and execution. they were drawn by a former prisoner to illustrate the charges. and unlike world war ii and the nazi holocaust people now can't say they didn't know.
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>> there will be no failure of action because we didn't know. we do know. >> reporter: but holding jisun kim accountable may not happen. the permanent members would have to recommend charges and it's unlikely north korea's ally china would allow that. a heartbreaking picture of what looked to be a 4-year-old syrian boy crossing the desert alone turned out not to be what it first appeared. the photo was first said to show the little boy crossing into jordan all alone that's him in the middle. the imagine was tweeted by a u.n. photographer at the border who has said that the child had been separated from his family. the photo then went viral and reporters began digging for more information. and after several hours a press officer on the scene said the child was not alone. he was just trailing about 20 steps behind his family.
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>> that's good news. and a family has quadruplets. why they were only considered three and why it's so rare. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin is
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a potentially life saving app to help cardiac victims is available in the bay area. >> reporter: frank, all of santa clara, every city here is now covered by this mobile app called pulse point. it's the first county in the nation to go live with this revolutionary technology that's
11:46 pm
designed to save lives. >> emergency services. >> reporter: the time that happens between the call for help and the arrival of emergency responders is crucial. now a tool to bridge that gap. >> it turns citizens into rescuers. >> reporter: it is a free phone app called pulse point that allows people to provide life saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest until first responders arrive. >> reporter: it's critical in the chances of survival. in the first few minutes the time is precious. >> reporter: the santa clara county district chief helps county residents on the app that works like this. it points users within a quarter mile of a reported heart attack. >> that alert takes you through the map. tells you where you are. tells you where the closest add is. >> reporter: according to the
11:47 pm
heart association every day more than 8,000 people suffer cardiac arrest outside of a hospital. only 32% of victims receive cpr from a bystander leading to 8% survival rate. >> a lot of times. this is exactly the kind of thing that we need. >> now i checked frank and julie and in just a few days since this app launched here county wide already 9,000 people have downloaded the app and agreed to do cpr. reporting live tonight here in san jose, i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. police in san mateo issued a warning. someone is calling people and claiming to be a law enforcement officer. the caller tells the person that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. he then asked them to wire
11:48 pm
money. a woman has given birth to a rare set of quadruplets and one of them was a complete surprise. they were all born on february 8th. the parents had only been expecting triplets. prenatal sonograms never picked up the fourth baby. and everyone who was in the delivery room boy did they get a surprise. >> they had taken three out. and they said more feet. more feet. and i said no. >> reporter: the quadruplets were conceived without medical help. and we had 65 in antioch.
11:49 pm
this was the high. 65 in napa. so temperatures tomorrow about the same a little bit cooler. the reason being all this cloud cover is moving in. look at all this stuff here. problem is it's not going to bring a lot of rain or any rain tomorrow as this area to the north called the dynamics the lift. the power that makes the storm go. it's too far separated so these things are too far apart. the way it works out tomorrow is we get increasing clouds throughout the day. as we work our way into the evening hours, more clouds and then showers want to develop in the north bay. so the weather story immediately is going to be for tonight will be the return of the valley fog. so the wind are dying down. 10, 15, 20 miles per hour. we have calm winds in napa, calm winds in san jose. what that means is there's a lot of moisture at the surface. and then just be prepared if you had it this morning or yesterday morning just be prepared to have it again tomorrow morning. and then things change around tomorrow night as we go into more clouds and slight chance
11:50 pm
of a sprinkle. beautiful night outside tonight. high clouds still out there. the fog is not showing up yet. we're seeing a little bit of fog not in the bay area, not in the central valley. this high central system is going to push south. so this system just kind of pushes through and is very weak. i'm going to show you that in the computer model and you see that. clouds, clouds, clouds and here's the system. here we are 4:00 a.m. on friday morning. this is pushing on. this is a front here so there's enough perhaps energy to get sprinkles and showers. it's not a game changer. not a deal breaker on your plans. just be aware we could see showers late tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. then it clears out. wednesday and thursday turns out nice. it's 64 in san jose. and it'll warm as you go into the five day. the five day forecast kind of
11:51 pm
dry. as i go out past saturday, sunday and monday there's not much there. there's a weekend view but nothing really staring us down. lots can change between now and into early march but right now doesn't look like the first week of march will be a good chance for a significant rain event. >> felt like winter outside today. >> for a while. sierra ski resorts say this holiday winter was the best so far this winter thanks to all the recent snowstorms. you could see the places were parked everywhere you looked. skiers and snow boarders took advantage of the snow and today's winter weather. donner was busy making up for lost time. >> it's just one of those years. it's not possible to make up what we lost but you know we'll do the best we can. we'll be open as long as we can this season. >> reporter: and ski resort operators say the past several days were even busier than
11:52 pm
christmas which is typically their best holiday of the year. >> mark is here with sports. maybe what's happening for the giants out there is a good sign for the upcoming season. >> i think so. at this point very early in spring training. everybody is always optimistic. after suffering through the season they did last year you look for very signs from the very outset. reasons the teams could turn it around and return to something resembling world series form. the giants happy to report that all but one player is in camp in scottsdale today. even though physician players don't need to be there until wednesday. the list includes newcomer michael morris who missed much of last year with a wrist injury. he says it's now 100% healed and he's totally ready to go. >> they don't even have to have therapy or anything. because it's nothing, there's no, i didn't repair anything. just shoot the bone down. as a player you want to play. you don't want to come out of
11:53 pm
the game. you want to help your teammates. sometimes you just have to suck it up. sometimes if you take mris and nothing shows up. what are you going to say? i don't want to play. no you're in there. there you go. one less big name free agent dangling out there on the market without a job. uvaldojimenez agrees to a deal with the baltimore orioles $50 million. 0-year-old right hander did win 13 games last year with the cleveland indians. they always say drive for show and gulp and pump for dough. you will
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♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ one of the great things about a slow sports day you get to do a little story one or two that ordinarily wouldn't get run. like this one out of philadelphia. 76ers announcing they signed groves into a two day contract. he was the manager of his high school team and they actually
11:57 pm
put him in a game. and he got two three pointers. he will go to a 76ers game. meet all the players, have dinner with them and come out on the court as they announce the last. so that's not a bad deal. name the greatest golfers of all time. got nothing on this guy at least for this one puck. >> it's a 95 puck to win a car. dreams are fast here in auburn. >> that's burch. 95 beet and $15,000 toward a car. and he's pretty understand stated with the celebration there as when you imagine a faster putting surface than that. just nailed it. perfect speed. right to the cup. >> that's superb. >> there you go. >> i think there's a magnet on
11:58 pm
that ball. >> i love the story about the guy with the 76ers. >> he's got a nice touch. >> he really does. thanks mark. thank
11:59 pm
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> i've gotten to the bottom of kanye west and it has to do with our discomfort over the fact that -- >> uncomfortable with interracial relationships. >> we have several people in the room in interracial relationships. >> and the only people that are uncomfortable are their mothers. >> miley cyrus kicked off her bangers tour. it looks crazy. she proceeds to ride around on a giant wiener. simulates fellatio on bill clinton lookalike.


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