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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 24, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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her name is sophia. a 4-year-old berkely girl with a rare illness. tonight, doctors sounded an alarm. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. it's not polio, but doctors say it's a lot like polio. it's an apparent virus, striking children. leaving them with paralyzed limbs. leave at packard hospital at stanford tonight, where we met one of those children. >> reporter: frank, neurologists want to get the word out about this rare
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illness. not to frighten families, but to make them and doctors aware it's out there. >> sophia is still a healthy young girl who's thriving. >> reporter: sophia jarvis, like any 4-year-old goes to preschool, and dance lessons. but one of her arms hangs limp. this berkely family describes an ordeal that started two years ago. sophia was having trouble breathing. >> over the course of three days, she wasn't using her left arm. >> an apparent virus, extremely rare had attacked her spinal cord. >> about the size of your pinky, i guess. it's pretty delicate piece of machinery. so, when things happen, i think it happens pretty fast. >> reporter: sophia is the
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youngest of five bay area children stricken. the oldest, 17. one of them has lost the use of all four limbs. >> it's serious. if you're affected. but the odds of being affected are extremely, extremely unlikely. >> reporter: those tracking the disease admit, they don't know how it spread, there's no warning, and no treatment. similar outbreaks have occurred around the world, but they're too rare here to get a handle on it. >> we need more cases to make sure, what is the virus that explains these findings. >> i'm going to be okay. >> reporter: for this family, and the others, the unchartered territory. sophia's parents focus on what they have, not what she has lost. ingly know that we're so lucky that she's here, and that many families go through losing a child, so we're so grateful that sophia is with us today. >> reporter: this illness, rare
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as it is, is being publicized. so parents know if a child is having trouble with an arm, or a leg, don't wait on it, and doctors need to know, because polio disappeared so long ago, they're symptoms that many doctors have never seen. there are concerns tonight about a possible link between the most popular pain medication for pregnant women and hyperactivity in their children. ucla researchers say a study of 64,000 danish women and their children found mothers who took acetaminophen during pregnancy were more likely to have children with attention deficit disorders. acetaminophen is the active ingredient in tylenol, and some other pain medications. happening now, a live look outside, as a series of potent storms is heading toward california. northern california to be exact. which means we are finally going to get some rain. our chief meteorologist, bill
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martin is tracking the first round. >> he's in the weather center now. when does this rain arrive? >> it's going to start showing up tomorrow afternoon. the rain doesn't really get here until we get towards the middle of the week on wednesday. here's the system i'm tracking. this comes after a day of record warmth in the valley. 80degrees in gilroy. that was a record. this system is one of two. it's a good looking system. they're both very potent systems, they're going to move into the bay area. this one, as it moves in on wednesday, is going to have aing significant impact on the wednesday commute. as we look at it closely, it's got plenty of tropical moisture. there will be some wind. when i come back, i'm have a specific timeline. we'll run it out, so we can take a look at the commute on wednesday. the next storm, number 2 though shows up on friday. we'll have all of thosety tails back here in -- details back here in a bit. >> follow them all week on twitter and facebook for updates around the clock. new at 10:00, a state
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lawmaker wants to overturn a new law that requires food handlers to wear gloves. critics say it wasn't thought out. they will say it will cost too much, and won't do a good job of protecting public health. ken pritchett spoke with bartenders who say the gloves law makes no sense for them. >> reporter: this gloves law would apply to those who work, stay in the restaurant industry, who would handle ready to eat food with their bare hands. think, a sushi chef. one lawmaker thinks this glove law was a mistake, and he has a bill that would kill it. part of being a skilled mixologist is speed, a rhythm ruined if between every drink and a trip to the cash drawer, a bartender must change a pair of gloves. >> that's 200, to 250 pairs of
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gloves going into a landfill on a nightly basis from one place in san francisco. >> reporter: aaron gregory smith is manager of north beach bar, and executive director of the bartenders guild. the law was aimed primarily at restaurants, but smith says when bartenders cut limes, or lemons, for example, the gloves must go on. >> we believe that that bill came into law without proper debate. >> reporter: today, sacramento assemblyman, dr. richard pan announced a bill to roll back the glove law, saying gloves alone do not ensure food safety. >> clean food involves either washing your hands or wearing gloves. you can have a dirty glove, or a clean hand, and your food is better off with a clean hand. >> reporter: smith says over the year, there is a real cost of time it takes to repeatedly don and discard a bartender's gloves. >> we have the potential to
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lose about $80,000 in revenue, from the number of cocktails that we would not be able to serve. an effort to appeal the new student rights law has failed. opponents had been collecting signatures for a ballot initiative to overturn the law. today, the secretary of state announced they have failed to get enough signatures to put the measure on the november ballot. the assemblyman who wrote the law released a statement. it says the people who belittle the writes of transgender students should know their efforts encourage the bullies. they should be ashelled. ron. -- should be ashamed. ron calderon is free on bail tonight. last week, he was indicted for allegedly taking $100,000 in bribes. federal authorities say calderon accepted kick backs from a long beach hospital
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official who is exploiting insurance laws, and didn't want them changed. they say calderon also took bribes from what he thought was a hollywood studio. but in reality was an fbi sting operation. democratic lawmakers are calling on calderon to resign by the end of this week. developing news from vallejo, where firefighters say two people are unaccounted for at this hour, and may have been inside a vacant store that burned. the fire was reported at 7:30 this evening at an old army surplus store on via vista avenue on couch street, and it quickly went to three alarms. fire officials talked to transients who were in the store, and suspected they may have started the fire. two of the transients are missing tonight. one firefighter said this is the third time the building has burned in the past two years.
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the price of crossing the golden gate bridge seems destined to rise to $7. the higher toll could be in place in a matter of weeks. district officials are set to vote on a proposal to raise the toll from $6 to $7 in april. another 25-cent increase in 2017, and in 2018, a 50 cent jump to $8. fast track customers would retain a $1 discount through all of those changes. the proposed hikes are set to go through the district's finance committee on thursday. those who have lost loved ones when they jump to their death on the golden gate bridge made an appeal for a safety net. members of the bridge rail foundation shared their stories of loss outside san francisco's city hall. a mother of a 20-year-old man who suffered psychotic breaks in the days before the jump
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said the majority of those who do could are mentally ill, and need to be protected. >> we don't want any other father, son, sister, or daughter to experience the terror, the torture, and the trauma we live through every day, and relive, each time we hear of another victim. the time has come to make the net real. >> the group says a record 46 people jumped to their deaths last year. the bridge district did approve of a metal net in 2008, and is currently in the process of getting a final design. so far, there is no funding plan to pay for the estimated $66 million cost of the project. children throwing punches. 2 investigates an elementary school accused of leaving students unsupervised, and unprotected. >> apple's private information left open to hackers. the warning you need to hear before installing the
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before installing the recommended fix. one of the best things is that millions of peopleia will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at
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♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get sta-green fertilizer now just $8 at lowe's. ♪ questions tonight about a shooting in oakland. a man told police he was walking down the street late this afternoon when he was hit by a bullet. he said he didn't know where it came from, and he never saw who fired it. it happened just before 5:00 near 90th avenue and mcarthur. that's when the man flagged
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down officers, asking for help. the man was able to walk around, and was speaking to police. he was then taken to the hospital. a few years ago, the city of oakland helped provide cameras to businesses in the fruitville neighborhood to help deture crime, but some say it's not nearly enough. business owners are once again fed up. >> reporter: shootings, armed robberies, and drug deals are all too common on international boulevard between fruitvale, and 42nd avenue. >> either a shooting, either a stabbing, or either a robbery. >> reporter: joe says no one hears about it, because everyone is too scared to speak up. he says almost every business has been the victim of a crime over the past two years. thieves recently stole cell phones on display at this store by cutting the security cords. even more serious are the shootings. just days ago, four people were
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shot. one killed in an area with cameras. joe says they're not working. >> a lot of these people, sure, they took the cameras, but they don't want to pay the internet, so guess what? the cameras aren't working there. most of these thieves, they know which cameras are working and which ones don't work. >> reporter: he tells me the crimes are so bad, he closes up at 7:00. because by night fall, it's too dangerous. oakland police do patrol, but joe says the city needs to do more, instead of telling him to move his store to another location. >> there's a lot of latinos, the very good business for us. we're not going to move. >> reporter: business owners say they do have monthly meetings with police, but it's
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not enough. they hope by exposing their stories, it will keep the crimes away. a court hearing is scheduled tomorrow for a woman and her boyfriend who are charged with killing a woman's 3-year-old daughter. the body of kaley slusher was discovered inside her mother's apartment in napa on february 1. police later arrested the mother, sara kruger, and her boyfriend, ryan warner. investigators say they learned the girl's body had been kept in a suitcase at one point, and then actually kept in a freezer. they are charged with assault on a child causing death. despite earlier allegations, they are not charged with sexual abuse. both are expected to enter a plea today. san francisco police say more potentially poisonous meatballs have been found. only this time in a different neighborhood. four were discovered last month on la playa. last friday, we showed you some of the 21 suspicious meatballs that had been found in a twin peaks neighborhood.
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they believe this is the work of one individual intent on poisoning pets. investigators say keep dogs on a tight leash. we have new information about the derailment of a b.a.r.t. train near the concord station last friday night. pictures of the track show just how twisted they are. we've been told, they'll be looking for signs of wear and tear as a possible cause. a union spokesperson says the front wheels of the train stayed on track. the derailment happened in the same spot as another derailment three years ago. >> the agency is using a new video to remind drivers about some common courtesies. >> once your train arrives, allow those getting off the train to exit before you enter.
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>> riders should also avoid setting bags, or other items on seats. they're asked to give up seats to people who need them more. also, b.a.r.t. says the important to never hold the door open, because that can take a train out of service. a long running legal dispute between the city of san jose, and the matrix card room appears to be coming to an end. casino matrix may get what it wants. gambling on the top floor for high rollers. now some city council members are asking regulators to allow 8th floor gambling by the end of april. today, casino matrix recommended its suit be put on hold. miley cyrus brought her tour to the area tonight, despite controversy that the concert is too sexy. there's a lot of debate over miley's on stage behavior. >> reporter: people are just
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now starting to trickle out. i didn't see the show myself, but what people here are telling me, it was quite the spectacle, with miley doing an awful lot of her now trademark twerking and more. and it is salacious moves like that, not her music, that's making headlines again. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: miley cyrus just can't stop causing controversy with her on stage antics. we had to bleep her opening comments to fans at saturday's bangers tour show in southern california. clips from that gig show a parental advisory, warning explicit content being broadcast. she shows a lot of skin, and sexy moves. >> it sends a really bad message, i think to the youth of today.
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i don't think that's appropriate. >> reporter: she would not allow her daughter to go to the concert, saying the pop star has gone too far. >> there's something to me about being a role model that's really important. i think because i have a 16- year-old, you know. >> reporter: scores of fans poured in to watch the cringe worthy moments from miley. most of them teenage girls. >> reporter: but we did find these three moms. chaperons from lafayette. >> they're very grounded, mature 8th graders. >> reporter: they told me they were comfortable with their 14- year-old daughters attending the former child star's racy show. >> she's a grown up lady, there might be a couple of things that we go ooh, but overall, i think they're old enough that they can handle it. >> reporter: something this fan understands and appreciates.
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>> i think the judgment is way to hard on her. >> reporter: while there was a large crowd in attendance here tonight, frank and julie told that it wasn't very difficult to get tickets at the last minute. a possible indication that people may be turned off by the tone of the pop star's show. reporting live in oakland, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. one more day of nice weather, with the clouds increasing, and here comes our next weather system. it gets in here on wednesday. tomorrow is going be to be about increasing clouds in the evening, and afternoon hours. tomorrow night, the radar will probably show rain offshore trying to move in. for tomorrow, increasing clouds. here's the computer model, fog along the coast. here we are at 8:00 a.m. watch what happens, we get into noon time. all of the cloud cover in advance of that weather system, that's going to get here tomorrow, or wednesday. tomorrow's temperatures are going to be cooler than today. a record high of 80 in gilroy.
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tomorrow's high temperatures, in the upper 70s. when i come back, the computer model rolls all the way through wednesday. we'll time out the commute on wednesday, and the second storm on friday. electric vehicles could become more affordable for californians under a newly introduced bill. it's called charge ahead california, with the goal of adding 1 million electric vehicles to california by 2025. the bill proposes expanding rebate programs, and more charging stations. sponsors say it would be able to meet air quality, and climate goals if it can get more people into electric cars. still ahead tonight, the proposal to split california into six pieces. the man behind it is speaking out. why he says the idea is good for
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we have continuing coverage of a spectacular fire. it grew to three alarms. sent so much knock in the air, it could be seen for miles, and it set off a series of explosions. the building is located in the bay view district on gerald avenue. it was used by the luxor taxi company to repair cabs. the loss is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. as amber lee tells us, one of the cabs destroyed was a classic. >> you can hear the explosions, oh, my god. >> reporter: witnesses shot video of the fast moving fire that broke out at luxor cab's maintenance warehouse. this is where the company repairs its be taxis.
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>> it was insane, that thing was shooting up like 30 feet in the air. >> reporter: six workers were inside, but managed to escape uninjured. >> the flames were coming up. the smoke, and it was quite scary. >> reporter: about a dozen vehicles were destroyed, including a 1938 buick special. a cab that was part of the company's history. >> the vehicle that we're going to miss the most is this one. this was a 1938 buick special that we were restoring to its original condition. >> reporter: also destroyed was several taxis similar to this one. >> we're very happy to provide wheelchair service. >> reporter: that was specially equipped to be wheelchair accessible. a commitment to the manager who supervises the garage that was burned today. his mother is wheelchair bound. still, everyone is happy that
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no lives were lost. >> amber tells us, the cows of the fire is still under investigation. luxor's assistant manager says the building was packed with flammables. it is not a common occurrence. the security threat for apple devices with warnings to quickly install an update that fixing the problem. ktvu's noel walker reports on why this bug is so dangerous. >> reporter: we hold the world in a palm of our hands, but a bug has warmed its way into apple. potentially putting your private information at someone else's fingertips. >> i think that's messed up. that's our privacy you're invading. >> reporter: if you have an ios device, or a mac computer,
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you're volatile. >> in reality, all software has problems. >> some developer somewhere is going to be feeling bad about a simple mistake. >> reporter: finding those mistakes is the job of many security experts attending the security conference in san francisco. the apple bug spans across all platforms. a big problem that appears to have started with something small. >> it was as simple as a copy paste. there are two lines back-to- back, go to fail, go to fail. the first one closed a loop, the next one skipped a routine. >> reporter: it skipped the party that is supposed to identify the person that you think you're communicating with. >> the security can be removed. that's the flaw. >> reporter: there is a patch available for iphone, and security experts say you can't install it soon enough. >> they had an update, so i updated my phone as soon as i saw it. >> reporter: the experts suggest before you download the patch for your mobile devices, do it from a secure network like your home, or your work.
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noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now on the vulnerability. apple said it's working on a fix for a desktop, and a laptop computer. the update will be likely released in the next few days. up to 1 million gallons of water down the drain. >> water is precious right now. so i hope they know what they're doing. >> later tonight, why a south bay city says it's options ran dry right in the middle of a drought. >> angry
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2 investigates tonight cell phone video of fist fights involving elementary students
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in the playground. parents say that's not the only problem. administrators with the oakland unified school district are promising action. the promises were made after 2 investigates started asking about the fights and a lack of supervision on campus. >> reporter: it's a question of supervision. we talked to more than one parent today who said there is not enough at fruitvale elementary. >> i'd say five to six fights a week. we have video of one girl being jumped by 10 kids. boys and girls. >> reporter: 2 investigates obtained video of that fight. we were told it was from december. one girl goes down to the ground, only to get kicked. as far as we could see, there were no adults around to stop it. >> who is taking this video? >> the kids. on their own cell phones, and they're floating, every kid in the school has them, and has came up to me and is showing me what's going on. >> reporter: that video was taken here on the back side of fruitvale elementary school. we watched recess, and saw a
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lot of kids. for a while, we didn't see any adults. no one stopped these kids for climbing several feet up and over a dugout fence. the principal did eventually come out, and call everyone back in. when we caught up with him outside the front of the school, he he didn't want to talk to us. >> i've got to get back to the school. >> reporter: we were told all questions had to go to the district. after going to the district today with this story, the spokesperson told us the district did take another look at what they call scattered reports. and a spokesperson now says that second look has convinced them that there is quote room for improvement. starting tomorrow, a few things are going to happen. the district is going to send its staff to the school to analyze staffing, and the need for antibullies, antiviolence programs. the staff is also going to meet, and parents should get a letter at home this week, explaining what is next.
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in oakland, claudine wong, 2 investigates. >> we want to hear from you at wall street started the week with a rally. the nasdaq picked up 29. health insurers led the market higher, after medicare reimbursements will not drop as much as had been expected. linked in is expanding. it hopes to increase the numbers substantially. the company plans to implement any government censorship issues with measures that would also protect the rights and privacy of its members. mountain view's whatsapp plans to introduce voice activisted service later this year. facebook plans to buy the messaging service for as much as $19 billion. it allows users to exchange
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texts while avoiding fees. its voice service should be available on android, and iphones, come spring. a silicon valley activist spoke about his idea to split california into six states. what that would look like, and reaction to the proposal. >> reporter: julie, here is the vision that tim draper has for california sectioned off into six different states, with most of the bay area in an area called silicon valley. today, he talked about why he wants this on the ballot. it's been 50 stars on the u.s. flag, unchanged since hawaii was added. >> i think maybe two. northern california, and southern california. >> i'm from the east coast, so we have much smaller states on that side. it would have to depend what the benefits would be. >> reporter: a ballot measure
11:35 pm
would split california into six states. >> california needs a change. >> reporter: draper says it would give citizens more access to their government. >> we are all better off with more local government. local government is more efficient, it's more effective, it represents us better. >> reporter: the six cities would be jefferson to the north, north california, including sacramento, silicon valley, with most of the bay area, central california, with stockton and fresno. west california with los angeles, and south california with san diego. >> each of those states then can create a fresh start for the people of that state. >> reporter: draper believes in the effort so strongly he's taking a leave from his silicon valley venture capital firm. >> that gives me basically three years to do something really good for society, and this is what i'm doing. >> it begs the question, maybe we should have it split a little bit.
11:36 pm
>> we're so diverse. so if anything, i think that splitting it into 6 different states is a way to make it less diverse. >> reporter: draper says he already has people who are willing to campaign, and also raise funds for this effort. so how close is he to actually getting this on the ballot? >> reporter: it's a really tight deadline, and he has quite a ways to go. he would need to collect 800,000 signatures from voters to get it on the ballot this year. or he would have to go to the 2016 ballot. whatever happens, he would still need to get approval from congress. arizona's governor is under increasing pressure to reject an anti-gay bill. it would allow refusal of service to the lgbt community under religion.
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some of the nation's largest companies, including apple, american airlines, and the nfl have joined in the call. governor brewer has until friday to decide. i am tracking the first in the series of winter storms headed our way. up to 1 million gallons of water, wasted. why a south bay city says its
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a public memorial paid tribute to two highway patrol officers who were killed in the line of duty. 15,000 people came to the campus of fresno state
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university to say their final goodbyes to officers juan gonzalez, and brian law. the two officers died one week ago today. they were responding to a traffic accident on highway 99 south of fresno when their patrol car swerved, hit a barrier, and flipped over. both men died instantly. >> both young men dedicated to the mission of the california highway patrol, and took great pride in their work. countless others are alive because of their dedicated service. >> following today's service, the two friends and partners were buried in separate services. both officers worked in the bay area, before moving to fresno. san francisco police announced the arrest of four different suspects. detectives say they arrested 25- year-old nester torrez, and blanka torrez last tuesday. they are both from oakland.
11:41 pm
on friday, they arrested clifton thomas of san francisco, and 34-year-old jasmine ward, also of san francisco. hong win was found dead. the suspects are booked for homicide, and robbery. a hearing addressed the issue of fraud involving service dogs. the department of fair employment and housing says it hears claims of websites with quick steps to access a service dog vest, without requiring much in the way of proof of disability. >> anyone can create a vest, or tag, or certificate, saying this is an assistive animal. that is the cause of the whole problem. >> one lawmaker says he will be reviewing the issue, and the process author thousandizing the use of service dogs. thousands came to hear the dalai lama speak.
11:42 pm
he told the crowd success follows good works. >> activities can be honest [ inaudible ] >> dalai lama shared stories from his boyhood days, by pulling on his mother's ears, as she carried him on her back. he concluded his visit with a private visit with silicon valley business leaders. a man known for bringing intelligent comedy to hollywood has died after a rare and painful autoimmune disease that attacks the veins and arteries. his break through occurred when he cowrote national lampoons
11:43 pm
animal house. he also costarred in "ghostbusters." he is survived by his wife, three children and two grandchildren. harold ramis was only 69 year old. where is this water coming from? >> wind and rain is back in the bay area forecast. he's tracking when we'll see the first of several systems.
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major changes are coming to walnut creek's broadway plaza shopping center this week. starting on wednesday, shoppers will no longer be able to park in the lot near nordstroms.
11:46 pm
during that time, the plaza will offer complementary parking seven days a week. >> it's great for the people who live around here, and great for the tax base that helps support the community. >> many stores have relocated to make way for the renovation. construction gets underway a week from today. defense secretary, chuck hagel today outlined plans to downsize the u.s. army. hagel said the pentagon needs to adjust to smaller defense budgets. he proposes reducing the army to about the size it was before world war ii. hagel says the military needs to be more nimble than the costly large scale force that has been fighting wars in iraq and afghanistan. republicans are already
11:47 pm
objecting. here are some of hagels other proposals. eliminating the a-10 attack aircraft, which is known commonly as the ward hog, and possibly closing some military bases. president obama is expected to propose a 1% pay hike next year for federal workers. the president is scheduled to include the pay raise in his budget proposal next week. the federal government civilian workers got a 1% raise in january after 3 years of pay freezes. the white house says even a modest increase will help keep the best and brightest in public service. in the midst of the drought, the south bay neighborhood watched as up to 1 million gallons of water was flushed into a dry creek today, most of it going to waste. only on 2, ktvu's robert honda reports, santa clara officials say their options dried up. >> reporter: water gushing into saratoga creek in santa clara is an unexpected sight during the drought. especially after the santa clara water district decided it would no longer release water
11:48 pm
into creeks and streams. so after seeing water being pumped into the dry creek for hours, some people contacted ktvu to ask why so much water was suddenly being released. we came out, saw the same thing, and heard those same concerns. >> that side of the creek is completely dry, and that side is a cascade of a waterfall of water. what's going on? >> it's good to keep wildlife alive. but water is precious right now. so i hope they know what they're doing. >> reporter: the water district said it had nothing to do with the water release. we discovered it was actually a city of santa clara project. a city well needed major repairs, so the water had to be purged to avoid contamination. although some of it is recharged into the ground water basin, most of the water is lost. while 1 million gallons is a significant amount, the city delivers between 18 to 20 million gallons each day.
11:49 pm
still, the loss is a tough thing for some residents to accept. >> we're not watering the ground, we just let it go brown. >> reporter: city officials say they have no way to recapture the water being pumped out, to use it for other purposes. they say they do plan to notify neighborhoods before future releases from now on. in santa clara, robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. a pretty nice day out there. very spring like. towards gilroy, they hit 80 degrees today. morgan hill, you were 79. 74 in livermore. look at these numbers, about as warm as they're going to be for a while. a couple of degrees, because of more clouds. this weather system approaches. what we'll see tomorrow are just the leading edge of clouds. we're going to see this leading edge of clouds move in throughout the day. by the evening hours, mostly
11:50 pm
cloudy conditions. temperatures tomorrow, not in the mid-70s, but in the upper 60s, and low 70s. still a warm day, just not as warm as today. the winds are switching around. san jose right now, 57 degrees. san francisco, you've got fog rolling in over the bay bridge. santa clara's forecast, you're going to start off mid- to upper 40s. 63 at noon time. warm. here's the weather system. wednesday's system gets in here, a quarter inch to an inch of rain around the bay. in the heels, you may see 1 to 2 inches. friday's got a little more oomph. friday and saturday systems got a little more push. we're going to see wind with both of these systems move in.
11:51 pm
good weather headed our way. there's strong systems, so we'll see a little bit of everything. clouds tomorrow night. there's tuesday at 8:00. wednesday morning, and this stuff starts it to load up. it comes onshore about 1:00. starts rain in the north bay and there's your afternoon commute. 70 in fairfield. 68 in napa. forecast highs, still well above the average, but not quite as warm as today. 70 in gilroy. the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view, increasing clouds. here comes the rain, then this deal on friday. that's the one. i think friday into saturday morning, we're going to get a good amount of rain, and a good amount of wind. just what we need. these are good, strong storms. there's two of them. we need them, and we have them for you. we haven't had a lot of big activity this year. this will seem like a lot. especially on that wednesday
11:52 pm
commute. mark's here with sports. warriors keeping it going. >> 6 games in 10 nights. the load always lighter when you get off on the right sneaker. victory game 1. detroit city. visiting with his college coach, tom izzo of michigan state. andrew bogut was back for this one. he looks healthy right there and the warriors, never able to pull away. showing a little aggression. he had 19 points, as they stay right with the pistons who had greg monroe keeping them in it. a beautiful pass back to monroe, who led everybody with 23 points. quite a few of them like that. a big time dunk. the steal here. steph curry had 19. popped it there.
11:53 pm
off to their fourth straight win. basketball is a team game, but sometimes one-on-one is just the best. madison square garden the place tonight for two of the nba's best scorers going head- to-head. the knicks carmelo anthony, hits a three with 50 seconds left to tie it. the window is open for the mavs, dirk nowitzki. >> dirk, carmelo, for three. tough shot, and it will go! at the buzzer, he got the bounce! let the celebration again. >> dirk nowitzki right there. he called it the ugliest game winning shot of his career. that is the shooter's touch right there. looking good. by now of course you've heard about the cleveland browns who are interested in
11:54 pm
charles not having coverage stressed me out.
11:55 pm
i literally haven't been to a doctor in 15 years. i had a car accident when i was uninsured, and i declined medical assistance because it was gonna be too expensive. as a result, i deal with back pain on a pretty regular basis. after it had built up for so long of not having insurance, i couldn't believe that it was just that easy. it was just nice to have a plan that was a reasonable monthly premium. i'm in because i don't want to put a price on my health. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? visit, and get covered today.
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is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ just getting good. type a personalities, egos, making money for the most provocative off-season for the 49ers. the possible trade of coach harbaugh. obviously fire to go with that smoke. the latest filtering out, usc also is interested in trying to
11:57 pm
lure the 49er coach away, as was the university of texas. so the bottom line, there must be some reason that multiple teams believe harbaugh can be lured away. from my point of view, there should be no reason that happens. he's done more for the niners than any other coach since bill walsh. the post olympic sharks ready to trade their home colors for teal again. they work out before taking off for that. the shark team is basically healthy, as they have been all year. dan boyle really needed that rest since that big hit. the two weeks, i'm sure didn't hurt his cause at all. you will hear from him tomorrow. that's the sporting life for a
11:58 pm
monday night. >> thank you for choosing ktvu, channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> you can always follow >> today on tmz --
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12:00 am
salvation was unleashed. >> the rattlesnake that killed jamie. >> not giving the in the slightest that this snake killed someone before. >> i would rather deal with a fire. [laughter] >> one direction breaking out. they stand to lose a lot of euros.


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