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tv   KTVU News at 7pm on TV36  KICU  March 21, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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tomorrow morning and the warmest day of the weekend, coming up. >> and the grass fire some call an early warning. the news at 7:00 is next. . the high tech hunt is on for the missing malaysia airlines jet. good evening. happening now, the search re resumed in the indian ocean for signs of the bowing 777 that disappears 2 weeks ago. at least one vessel has joined the search and more ships are on the way. they are using sophisticated equipment, but there's been no definitive sign of any wreckage. doug reports on how the u.s. is helping in the search in one of the most remote corners of the earth. >> we have not here in the
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united states reached any conclusions about what happened or where it is. >> reporter: the search for the flight is still underway. australian aircrafts used human spotters in the waters considered treacherous. >> it's about the most inaccessible spot you can imagine on the face of the earth. if there is anything down there, we will find it. >> reporter: they have covered 125,000 square files. they were talking of hope yesterday, but on friday, he took a different tone. >> i think we have to trench down on this. the purpose is to find the plane. >> reporter: malaysia plans to ask the pent gone for
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more -- pentagon for more help. they have budgeted $4 million for the mission, but continue to pledge their help. >> we are helping them if we can. >> reporter: britain joins the search on friday, and china and japan will work together in the search for the 370. an iraq war veteran badly injured has settled his lawsuit for $4 and a half million. scott olsen was hit by a beanbag round at 14th and broadway during the occupy match. he was left with a traumatic brain injury, something he never expected to happen during a protest. >> i wasn't going to get shot. i wasn't going to be attacked. and you know, police proved
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me wrong in that. >> reporter: oakland city attorney calls this a fair settlement. you can listen to audio from the night of the protest by going to family, friends, and fellow officers gathered to remember 4 policemen killed on this date 5 years ago. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ . >> reporter: the private memorial was held in lake mary. the sergeants were shot and killed by lovelle mixon, a wanted parolee in 2009. he was shot to death later that day. >> my heart is very heavy. i feel very emotional and at the same time, still disbelief that it's been 5 years when it seems like yesterday. >> reporter: a memorial park for the officers is open to the
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public. today we learn the name of a woman who died in the hit-and-run accident in san francisco. 82-year-old oy young was struck by an suv yesterday. he is the 6th pedestrian killed in the city so far this year. san francisco police are still looking for the hit and run driver. this is a photo of the white dodge durango believed to be involved. a man from emeryville was killed in a rollover accident in salono county today. he is identified as richard chin. the chp says he was driving a legacy eastbound when he crashed into the divide. the driver was wearing a seat belt. the highway patrol says it came off during the impact. no other vehicles were involved. fire destroyed a building in a south bay church today which held church records.
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it started this morning at the church of god in san jose. firefighters kept the flames from spreading to the search and neighboring homes. the fire does not appear to be suspicious, but federal agents will be called to investigate. it's not fire season yet, but you'd never know from the ficktures here. it took nearly 5 hours to put out the grass fire yesterday afternoon. all the flames scorched through some 40 acres. without assistant from the air, it would have taken longer. mike reports what fire crews already stretch ed then, some wonder what it foreshadows for when the temperatures really heat up? >> reporter: today a man looking for answers. looking find out what sparked this. a 3-alarm grass fire seen by
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hundreds in pittsburgh. >> usually it doesn't really happen in our neighborhood. >> right now everything is so dry. >> reporter: robert marshall responded to the scene. >> we were stretched to the breaking point yesterday. >> reporter: this would have been third to respond to the fire, but it doesn't because no one is home. it's closed due to staffing issues. he hopes that will change in a few weeks. >> we got a grant for $9.5 million to hire 27 firepoithers. >> a lot of the shut downs in every area makes it hard to respond timely. the dry grass is going to be nasty without the water. >> reporter: a smoky summer is expected. >> going to be very hot. >> reporter: and a smoky spring already up and running. >> we're going to look into starting our debate procedures
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earlier. >> reporter: a hawks nest can be seen. one possible cause of the fire, a bird eating the power lines falling to the ground and sparking the first flames. new at 7:00, ktvu just learned no charges will be filed in the stabbing death of a doctor near a it tt park last year. san francisco's district attorney says there isn't enough evidence to charge michael montgomery in the killing of jonathan denver. his family says he acted in self-defense. the first in a series of hearings was held today to discuss diversity and promote tolerance on college campuses. there was a series of incidents last fall at san jose state. 4 white students are accused of harassing their black roommate like locking a lock around his
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neck. some students say it's good to get the conversation going. others say it's going to take more than just talk to make a difference. a fairfield man has filed for a restraining order against his 9-year-old son's class mate. he harassed him for 5 months, and school officials have not stopped the bullying. >> he pushed me and i pushed him back and he punched me in the face and said, haha. >> i'm trying to protect the children for future attacks. >> reporter: the father says he knows only the other boy's first name because the school will not provide the last name. monterey county authorities have arrested 2 women for tying children to a wall. they found 3 children in this home in
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salinas. they appeared to be starving. the girl was chained to stop her from getting to food. they arrested christian deanda and eraca craig on a number of child abuse charges. the women have pleaded not guilty. a computer theft has personal information of ability 6,000 patients including personal information and social security numbers. the computers were stolen from a medical billing company. the department will start contacting patients next week and so far no reports of the information being used. google brought a special lesson plan today. students at fugser muddle -- fisher middle school were treated to an
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assembly from a google program. today's event had discussions about being smart about contents shared online. >> we always end up dealing with students who share passwords with best friends. students -- issues that start online that we end up having to counsel and mediate here on campus. >> reporter: nora was once a student there and took part in the discussion. this hotel in berkeley has some owners. the fairmont chain announced they bought the property. the dollar amount was not disclosed, but the new owners plan a renovation of the property. in the south bay building a new curriculum. why that
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matters to you and your kids. >> hundreds of trees in walnut creek potentially on the chopping block. the opposition taking route despite claims it's all for safety. >> it was cooler today. coming up, a temperature change you can expect for the weekend and when the clouds return.
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fighters it is fire farters firefighters. right advocates demonstrated outside a law firm they accuse of helping push low income renters out of the city. they helped landlords from rent controlled apartments. the attorney said, while we disagree with the allegations, we're unable to comment. teachers are getting a
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healthy raise after agreeing to a new contract. teachers approved a contract that gives them a 5 and a half percent pay increase. it runs through the 2016 school year. the contract received 99% approval. it's no secret some of the most coveted jobs are high tech. that's why as john reports, a new private school with a high tech curriculum is such a high ticket right now. >> reporter: at the corner of race and park in san jose, this former ibm building is being renovated for the new silicone valley private school. we found parents today clamoring to get their kids in to it. robbie educated in ind yeah. >> passion is missing. the kids are not able
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to get the fundamentals right. >> reporter: the school says it is accredited but independent which means it doesn't have to teach what it calls, the dumbed down core curriculum. >> unfortunately a lot of students are underprepared in turnls of science, english, humanities. >> reporter: the head of the school says other students across the nation rank in the top 1% of students worldwide. 3 to 4 years ahead of public school students. job placement agents say they have many well-paying high tech job openings. >> our biggest challenge right now is finding qualified candidates. >> reporter: bases is just the latest of one of the many schools focusing on science education. it charges $22,000 a year per student. >> i'd say it's the best
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investment you can have. they can reap the benefits of a quality education. >> reporter: she says she'll have no problem filling the 500 slots if the 4th -- for the 4th through 11th grade class. the number of californians without jobs dropped. it fell to 8%. they credit the decline on an addition of 50,000 jobs. it's official. crimea is part of russia . putin signed the bill completing the annexation of crimea. it was marked with fireworks and a celebration. the u.s. is concerned that moscow may have designs on more than ukraine. tension between russia said
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oil future is higher. the white house has warned it might target the oil industry for sanctions in the future. the stock market fell at the close. nasdaq down 42. health care sent the stock s woman. a california girl is hawaii bound. she matched all but the mega number. take a look at that big check. she won more than $421,000. her and her husband are taking a honeymoon they couldn't afford when they got married 52 years ago. as tax time grows near, watch out for a taxpayer scam. the general says more than 20,000 people have been targeted by fake agents.
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they call taxpayers, claim they owe money, and demand payment. victims have been tricked into paying a total of more than $1 million. its agents contact people by mail first and don't take payment by wire transfer. safety over pipe lines. this growing debate in walnut walnut creek will likely wind up in court. >> reporter: these trees give beauty. but they are in the way of the underway gas pipes and have notified officials they plan to take a chain saw to 700 trees. >> they've taken the position they can cut down all the trees without seeking position or a permit. >> reporter: mayor christina lawson has fired off a letter. she wants top officials to meet
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with her and a coalition of the east bay. pge and taking these measures across california. >> we are very focused on looking at reasonable alternatives including relocation of the lines. >> reporter: they have not notified the home owners whose trees it plans to cut down. a spokesman says the program is necessary so they can inspect pipes more quickly. >> it's safety by creating access to the pipelines, enabling inspections and maintenance. >> reporter: some residents are okay with the tree removal. some were not. >> i think they should leave the trees. that's what makes walnut creek so beautiful. >> i think safety is more important than beauty. >> reporter: pge hopes to start in may and finish by july.
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the mayor says it may have to take pg and e to court. more people than ever are expected to take part in oakland's running festival on sunday. organizers expect 10,000 people this year. 1500 will run the full marathon. there is a half marathon and a 5k too. i know runners like a cool morning to run. >> reporter: we'll have patchy fog and temperatures in the 50s. looking good for the running festival. today we actually cooled off a bit. looked like a summer day with the fog and the breeze. temperatures a little bit cooler than yesterday. showing some 60s for san francisco. san jose was 70. lots of sunshine out towards the inland spots. right now on live storm tracker, some showers out toward the sierra fizzling out.
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we have some patchy fog. already i've noticed a few patches back into the bay. current numbers updated. it is 62 in fairfield. san jose at 60 degrees. san francisco at 52 and look at all these 50s in santa rosa. wind sustained out of the southwest at 17 miles an hour. augusta at 17 miles an hour. for tonight, we have partly cloudy skies. a bit of a breeze as we showed you out there. here's the live camera. we have some chop on the waters right now. this weekend, some morning fog. a little warmer saturday and sunday. next week, more clouds and tracking some shower chances. overnight lows, lots of 40s out there.
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some patchy fog on the coast. no big changes for saturday and sunday. that will keep us dry with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. some fog back to the immediate shoreline and a change next week. more clouds and shower chances. a slight chance on tuesday and a better bet on wednesday. here's some fog at 6:00 in the morning. skies partly to mostly sunny. forecast highs for tomorrow, a little bit warmer. talking about some lower 70. san jose at 70 and san francisco 64 degrees. look ahead, your 5-day forecast. sunday will be the warmest and that continues into next week. >> reporter: thank you, mark. the quest for a billion dollars goes bust. we'll explain how a certain case of madness factored in. and say you want to get away from an ex.
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i-phone users prevent awkward inkoupters. it helps users avoid running into people you don't want to see. users can set up notifications for the people they want to avoid. the oakland raiders are hoping they have the answer at starting quarterback. >> that's the important thing about this important. it's a fresh staert and a fresh place. >> reporter: the raiders officially rescued matt schaub from the heat. oakland traded to houston to get matt schaub who was benched last year. some believe he takes the pressure off of drafting a quarterback in this first round. and then there were none. no perfect brackets in the challenge. the win by mercer was one of the key upsets that wrecked hopes. quick and loan teamed up with warren buffet to
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offer a billion dollars for a perfect bracket. we're always here for you. thanks for making us your news. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight an emotional night for bay area schools after a teacher is killed. tmz is next.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> halle berry is being sued along with amanda bynes and disney by a homeless woman who says she's got the best script in ages and she wants to get them all in the room to pitch it. >> only in hollywood do you have a homeless person who can look at people in hollywood and comeback.ey need a >> she thinks everyone needs a comeback. because she doesn't own a tv, ok? >> johnny weir and victor voronov, the first messy divorce in the gay community. johnny has a lot of very verysive things and he's protective of it. he apparently sent a remorseful email to victor, i'll survive if you divorce me but please leave my birkin


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