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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 21, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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[ bleep ] open the [ bleep ] register right now. >> a gunman storms a busy convenience store mid-morning. tonight, the clerk who chased after him. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. d i'm julie haener amount convenience store filled with customers, and a robber armed with a shotgun. police say not only did he demand cash, but he hit one man with his gun. live at that store on north capitol avenue in san jose. you spoke with the clerk who
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was inside when it happened. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. just imagine, several customers were inside at the time, when this robber stormed in, at 10:30 a.m. two weeks ago, waving his shotgun around, demanding everyone to get on the floor. this surveillance video shows a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses walking into drive liquors with a shotgun. the man immediately shouting, and cursing at customers to get on the ground. even striking one of them in the face with his gun, knocking him down. what you don't see is the fear of the woman behind the counter. >> then he yelled at us like, open the drawer, get the money out. >> reporter: the gunman demanded she open the register. >> give it toe me then! >> it's possible, if he mad, he maybe shoot at me.
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>> reporter: he then grabs an undisclosed amount of cash, before running off. the entire ordeal taking only a minute. these customers tell me their friend is the one who was struck. >> you don't expect someone to walk up on you like that in broad daylight, with witnesses around. there's people in the parking lot. you don't know what he might do. >> reporter: saying he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> you got people out there doing anything for a dollar. >> reporter: hoping he gets caught, not just on camera. >> i hope they can catch someone like that out of society. >> reporter: the cashier chased off the gunman into this parking lot, to try to get his license plate, but no luck. as for the customer who got hit, we're told he had a swollen cheek, and despite what happened, he still comes in
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this store every day. ktvu channel 2 news. new at 10:00, an outpouring of grief for an 18-year-old girl who was struck and killed by an amtrak train. tonight, friends and family, gathered in san leandro to remember britany silva. she was a high school senior who was planning on attending her senior prom. on monday, she was walking on railroad tracks next to her home, with ear buds in, and didn't hear, or see an amtrak train approaching. family members say britney had been accepted to five different universities, and wanted to be a doctor or a marine biologist. she also had just gotten her first job, and her first atm card. she was very excited about that. one classmate spoke with everyone, dealing with her loss. >> somewhere, somehow, we've all bun touched by the kind of person she was. >> britney's family lives right next to the tracks.
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her mother said she had on instantly warned her daughter about not having both budses in her ears when she was crossing the train tracks. now a harrowing story about a girl kidnapped for ten years. she was even forced to marry her captor, and bear his child. jana katsuyama is tracking late developments, and the threats the man used to control her. >> reporter: police say the girl was kidnapped here at her home in santa ana, and then taken to compton, where she was locked in a garage. yesterday, she was found living in bell gardens. just 26 miles from her family's home, and police say that the man told her her family would be deported if she tried to live. this, is isidro garcia. the victim says she was her mother's live in boyfriend, who began sexually assaulting her in 2004 when she was 15 years old. the victim says two months
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later, garcia kidnapped her from this santa ana apartment building. he got her fake id's, changing her name to laura. and his name to tomas. she says four ten years, he physically, and sexually assaulted her, and said her family would be deported if she tried to leave. the victim reached her sister through facebook, and then contacted police. neighbors say nothing seemed wrong with the couple. >> she always seemed happy. he always say hi to everyone. >> there are people out there that use mind games, and physical games, and take control of people's lives, especially, you know somebody that comes from a different country, that's 15 years old. >> reporter: attorneys with the immigration center for women and children in san francisco say abuse and violence against undocumented immigrants is a big problem throughout california. >> the fact that this person took advantage of her, and her immigration status, is something that's very common that we see. >> there are no words for that
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pain, that is inflicted. >> reporter: tonight, this woman, threw a translator said her daughters in san francisco were also kidnapped, and she had a message for the victim in santa ana. >> i want to tell her that that's not alone, and i want to tell her to find and get the support that she deserves. i'm sorry that she may feel as if god doesn't exist. >> reporter: attorneys with the center say immigrants who do report crimes and cooperate with police can qualify for what is called a u visa, that is something that gives them a path to permanent residence. >> jana, thank you. the race for an east bay state senate seat just got personal. the campaign of bob wieckowski is using this video in an online ad. it shows his opponent,
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shoplifting at a nieman marcus store in san francisco two years ago. she pleaded no contest to misdemeanor grand theft, and was sentenced to three years probation. now she is accusing wieckowski of being a bully for attacking her this way, but he is not apologizing. how store surveillance cameras can do a lot more than just provide a watchful eye. the technology that can track your gender, your age, and even your mood while shopping. aldon smith has put his hands in the faith of a judge. he is facing weapons, and dui charges. today, he was in court to change his plea from not guilty to no contest. smith faces three felony weapons charges related to a 2012 party at his home, where shots were fired, and an assault weapon was recovered. he also faces two misdemeanor dui charges stemming from last september, when he crashed his truck into a tree and drove
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onto a yard. smith is taking his chances with a judge. >> that's the difference between a plea bargain, where you see sentences dropped. >> smith may not serve any jail time, but the judge could sentence him to four years, four months behind boars. he returns to court on july 25th. 49ers general manager, trend balance can i released a statement today saying we are aware that aldon entered a plea today in a case that we have closely monitored. today was an important step towards bringing that situation to a resolution. for the second time in two days, a construction worker has been killed on the job here in the bay area. this morning, a man fell three stories while working on a sight at sierra road, and north capitol avenue. cal osha was called to inspect the death. the coroners office tells us, they aren't releasing the man's
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name until at least tomorrow. yesterday, 54-year-old elias veera died when he fell about 9 feet. he was working on a townhouse. a dead whale washed up today. it was discovered outside pillar parlor in half moon bay. it appears to be the carcass of a juvenile humpback whale. it can be seen bobbing in the water while spectators took photos. there is no word yet what could happen to the whale, which could float away on its own. a ride of cyclists to remember cyclists killed, or badly killed by drivers who are supposed to be sharing the road with those bike riders. the annual event happens in cities all over the world. ktvu's ken pritchett is in richmond, with what motivated some of the riders there to take part. >> that this ride of silence started here at richmond city
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hall is fitting us barks us some of the riders hope the decisions made at city hall will help make richmond even safer for cyclists. after the ride started, it lived up to its name. a ride of silence. except at three stops. >> the injury left him with a broken neck and two broken ribs. >> reporter: the back of riders with a police escort stopped to tell stories of schoolists killed or injured in richmond, or even elsewhere. debra palmer lost a friend, and iraq war veteran. >> a lot of motorists maybe don't realize that cyclists have a right to the road. that's one of the intentions of the ride. >> reporter: the city employee helped organize the ride. he says another intention is to improve what he calls a budding bicycle city. >> we've been making improvements every year, but you know, ten years ago, it was a pretty tough place to bike.
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>> the scene of one fatal accident was barrett avenue, no home to one of richmond's newest bike lanes. even on this ride there were difficulties. heavy traffic, incomplete bike lanes, and rough roads. >> the thing for me, and it's all over california. we have horrible roads. lots of horrible roads. >> reporter: the richmond city council is putting together language for a ballot measure for november. to fix the roads here in richmond, which should at the very least, fix some of the potholes. ebay is warning its users to change their passwords after a major cyber attack. hackers got access to the personal information of some 145 million customers sometime between late february and early march. but there's no evidence the hackers got ahold of financial or credit card data. the company says the electronic
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system pay pal was not hacked. ebay is not the first company to get hacked, and it certainly won't be last. for some people, it seems like a never ending battle to keep your information safe. cara lou takes a look at one piece of technology some people are now using. >> reporter: many of us have dozens of accounts we access online. if you can't manage to change the passwords regularly, there is a simple way to add a layer of security. banking, shopping, social media, a part of life for many of us, so is trying to keep track of them all. >> my problem is forgetting all the passwords. we have to change them so much. i don't really have a system. i change them when i have to change them. >> i change them frequently, probably once a month. i change my email account. my bank account. >> reporter: with all of the security breaches making news,
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we asked seth rosenblat if there was a simple way to stay on top of them all. he recommended using a password manager, which makes it easier to change them when necessary. >> they all employee a very high standard of encryption, if any of them are found to have been breached they're in deep trouble. you know, they really have to be on the ball. >> reporter: he says many will tell you if your password is too weak. some can generate strong passwords for you. >> they're basically a cloud storage service for your password. they keep your passwords on the cloud, and not your local machine. i recommend using last pass, roboform, one password, key pass. these are all really good ones. mask mean is another one, and that also includes the credit card encryption. >> reporter: quite a few sites also allow you to have a second
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password, or a form of authentication. he recommends enabling that two factor authentication whenever possible. ktvu, channel 2 news. stocks rose today, regaining losses after yesterday's big sell off. the dow gained 158 points. nasdaq added 34. investors reacted to reports that the federal reserve is optimistic about the economy growing. weather is changing around here. you see some showers still coming off that low pressure center that visited us yesterday. it's rotating like this, but also migrating off to the south and east, so it's leaving the area. as it does, that means we're going to see more fog forming along the coast. if you look close tonight you can see the fog pushing across san francisco, over into berkely, and over into oakland. tomorrow morning, you'll see it will be over in the inland bay valley. we're getting that cool push of
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fog. we had the very cool air pushing in. what's going to happen over the next three days is this marine layer is going to pinch down so the fog is right behind the coast. the cooling influences won't get that far inland, and temperatures are going to ratchet up. tomorrow, that marine layer is going to be thinner and it's going to continue to warm. here's what the computer model things for tomorrow morning's fog footprint. you can see about 7:00 a.m., a lot of it up here into concord. that's going to be about as far inland as it goes. temperatures, you'll begin to see some 90s showing up. those are the reds. the warmth is starting to work its way back to the bay. the high is going to build in, and the heat is going to start to come our way. tomorrow is going to be a warmer day. temperatures in the low 80s in the warmest spots. the holiday weekend is coming up. i'll let you know which days will be the warmest, because we're going to see some 90s on
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that. cameras tracking your gender, your age, even your mood while you shop. the concerns over what happens to that information. >> also, a pregnant mother thrown from an suv. how a south bay woman's quick thinking, and a shoe lace helped save the baby's life. >> and next he raped do
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a judge in the south bay is now deciding when, and where a notorious rapist should be released. christopher hubbard was known as the pillowcase rapist. noel walker shows us how some people traveled a long way today to tell the judge why they are afraid that hubbard will strike again.
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>> reporter: they call themselves the ladies of lake los angeles. they traveled seven hours to san jose to ask a judge to stop a sexual predator from moving in. >> christopher hubbard needs to stay in lockup. >> reporter: for decades, he terrorized women from the bay area to southern california. he got his nickname, because he put pillowcases over the victims' heads to muffle their screams. the actual number of victims could top 100. >> we don't want him out. nowhere we live, not where anybody else lives, he could be released to the antelope valley. he would live five minutes away from misty's home. today, the rape surviver told the judge, she's scared. >> absolutely. if you look at his history, when he got out, he never stopped. he just kept doing it.
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>> reporter: hubbard spent more of his life in prison, and mental hospitals than out. each time doctors deemed him no longer a danger and let him out, he raped again. this apartment complex was then called daisy ridge. it has since changed names. no one we talked to remembers the pillowcase attacks, but those who might call him neighbor now, believe he will strike again. >> we are not a dumping ground, and that's exactly what they're trying to do. >> reporter: they already have 100 sex offenders living in the antelope valley, and they don't need one more. the judge today didn't make any decisions, and didn't say when he will. a pedestrian is hospitalized with life- threatening injuries tonight after being struck by a muni train in san francisco. the light rail car struck the pedestrian on judea street on 16th avenue in the city sunset district at about 2:15 this afternoon. it shut down the line
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temporarily as police investigated. a muni spokesperson says the driver was undergoing a drug and alcohol test, which is standard procedure. caltrans plans to close a southbound stretch of 280 in san francisco over the holiday weekend. the agency plans to repair a hinge. caltran says the closure will affect an area from the king street onramp, to just before cesar chavez. the schedule calls for southbound traffic to be stopped between 9:00 tomorrow night, and 5:00 tuesday morning. we have posted information about detours on our website, just look for hot topics. we've shown you some of the problems and deadly mistakes that can be made at animal shelters. the technology now being adopted that could help save some of
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a raging wildfire near sedona, arizona has grown. nearly 5,000 firefighters are battling the flames, but windy conditions grounded air support today. no structures have burned, but more than three thousand people are now on notice, and may have to evacuate at any moment. still no word what caused this fire. a group called nerds for nature is helping track the recovery of mount diablo. people with take photos from several areas on the hillside, and post them online. plans call for those images to merge, to create a time lapse
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of what happens in the burn area. investigators determined the fire was started by a target shooter. no charges were filed. a bittersweet honor today for a san jose woman after she delivered a baby from a dying mother. it happened as ira wolnick came across. >> reporter: this is baby emma lynn. born not in a hospital, but along highway 77. a remote strip down in the southern tip of texas. she is ira wolnick, the young woman who brought emma into this world. it was july last summer, when wolnick was driving to her
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mother's funeral when she came upon an accident scene. one of the critically injured, a 19-year-old, who was 8 months pregnant. >> she kept asking me, mom, how is my baby? i thought she was referring to her toddler. it was her unborn kid she was referring to. >> ms. wolnick acted very quickly and helped deliver the baby on the side of the road. >> reporter: an onlooker used a shoe lace to tie the umbilical cord. >> without ms. wolnick being there, and reacting the way she did, we wouldn't have a positive outcome whatsoever. >> one of the things that i was there to exist, or just basic instincts, but it definitely has changed my life for good. >> reporter: the baby's mother died from her injuries, but wolnick says she fought long enough to give her baby a
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chance. >> i'm sure any more would give up her life for her kid. and that's what she did. >> reporter: now the baby is alive and healthy. the city of alameda has joined two other bay area cities, and is going to start taking pictures of cars coming into town. but unlike the stationary cameras in tiburon, and piedmont, alameda's cameras will be mounted on four police patrol cars. they paid $80,000 for those cameras last night. crime rates in tiburon and piedmont have dropped, and city leaders credit the cameras for the drops. civil liberties groups oppose the cameras, because of privacy concerns. now to our special report, on how some of your favorite stores may be watching you with much more than just surveillance systems. the technology is so impressive, so high-tech, it can track some personal information, and you may never
11:28 pm
even know it. ktvu's gasia mikaelian reports on the benefits promised to shoppers, and why some say the cost of losing privacy is too high. >> reporter: 12 years after the film, minority report, predicted a future in which stores use technology to target customers, some bay area retailers are doing almost the same thing. security camera company, 3dr is pairing cameras with facial recognition technology, to allow retailers to identify, and track each shopper. >> what is the store trying to do? >> the store is trying to sell more. >> reporter: jeff karns wouldn't tell us which stores, or how many, and would only say they're in big box, and specialty retail stores. it identifies age, gender, and mood. we wanted to see how accurate the cameras are. >> that's how you see the age. 37, now you're 38, 39. >> reporter: right on target with 39.
11:29 pm
my mood was a 3 out of 5. the analytics could often show how often someone comes to the store, and whether or not they buy anything. with that information, stores can improve customer service, and promotions, resulting in what he says is a better experience for shoppers. but a number of people we talked to say they're not comfortable with stores knowing so much about them. >> it's kind of creepy that technology has infiltrated our lives to that extent, that they can track our shopping habits. glass a retired person, of course, you want the best buy you can get, or anybody in this day and age with the economy, but i still feel it's somewhat of an invasion of privacy. >> it's scary. i don't know where the limits will be. >> reporter: karns says it's a far cry from minority report. that kind of targeting, he says, is pure hollywood. >> everything we capture is anonymous. >> i'm always skeptical when people say total anonymity,
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because it's usually not true. >> reporter: that veil of anonymity can be lifted if the information collected by the cameras is mapped with another set of data, cash register receipts. then stores will be able to identify exactly who's shopping, and how. if stores sell their data, targeting mailings and other messages could follow, based on how the marketers see each customer. >> young couples who are probably financially unstable, or these are, there's a classy one, rural, and barely making it. what are they using these profiles for, if not for targeting practices. >> reporter: not everyone is against letting the stores know
11:31 pm
their shopping secrets. >> it really doesn't matter. so no. >> you're all about the bargain. >> you could say that. >> if it gets you a better deal, you're okay with it? >> that's what i love. i go shopping for deals. >> reporter: and that sentiment is what stores are banking on, in hopes of getting shoppers to buy more. >> it's still unknown how all of today's data could be shared, sold, and used in the future. and that has some people saying the bargain come at two high a cost. gasia mikaelian, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> if you have an idea for a ktvu special report, or our 2 investigates team, we want to hear from you. email google this year has surpassed apple in annual ranking of the world's most valuable brands. the study says google's brand value went up 40% over last year, with help from google glass, artificial intelligence, and google's android operating system. the mountain view based company took the top spot from apple, which fell to second after a three year run at the top. ibm, and microsoft ranked 3rd and 4th. fly wheels app to get you a taxi is expanding to the east bay. the service will be available
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in oakland, berkely, alameda, and emeryville. it allows smartphone users to hail, track, and pay for a cab. it's already up and running in san francisco, los angeles, and seattle. president obama vowed today to take actions on accusations the va covered up. accusations that they allegedly falsified records on how long some patients wait today see a doctor. the president meet with the retired secretary of veterans affairs. >> i will not stand for it, not as commander in chief, but also not as an american. none of us should. >> reporter: the president said he has asked secretary shinseki for a preliminary report on the matter by next week. republicans are calling for shinseki to redesign. the september 11 memorial in new york city opened to the
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public today. ♪ [ music ] >> the opening began with the presentation of the tattered flag that flew near ground zero for several weeks. the national 9/11 flag was repaired, and now contains threads from other historic flags, including the one that draped abraham lincoln's body. visitors said it was gust wrenching, and brought back a lot of memories from that game. three east bay opportunities are hoping their dream becomes a realitiment they're doing it to honor the memory of a 14-year-old girl. >> reporter: three alhambra high school architect students got an assignment, and ran with it. >> we realized there's potential to take it outside of
11:34 pm
the classroom. it just hasn't been done yet, knowing no one has had a plan to deal with it, so we've come up with plan, now we're just trying to get it approved. >> reporter: they want the park next to a swimming pool at the housing development. they decided to name the parker to jenna betty who was killed from a train accident. >> she lived in this neighborhood. this is a place that is zoned for recreational use, but as you can see it's not being used for anything. >> reporter: the boys contacted the city and found plenty of support. >> a great memorial to a family that is still living there. >> reporter: the students polled some west air residents, and found a majority support creating a jenna betty park there. >> it's not like we're looking to build a skyscraper. essentially, they were looking to take a park area that is
11:35 pm
very accessible. >> reporter: but the hoa denied the question. >> i think their mind set right now is we're not taking it very seriously. we're just a couple of high school kids doing a project. i think we just need to show them we are committed to actually doing this. >> reporter: the boys say they're confident they can raise the 30 to $40,000 to pay for the jenna betty memorial park. in martinez, john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. trying to kill pests, but killing dogs instead. >> very shocked and concerned as a pet owner. >> the product that could poison your pet. >> people should be reading the label a bit closer. >> the bay area's warm up hits a small snag. the change rolling in,
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here, like this. and then cover the papi. announcer: the moment babies are born, their brains are forming the connections that determine how they learn...think...and grow. in the sky. [ babbles ] talk and read to your children from day one. this is tomato soup. announcer: their brains are actually developing with your every word. it's free, easy, and something you can do anytime. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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a tree trimmer may soon face charges for injurying baby birds. at least five young birds were injured in the process. he has already pledged to pay for their rehabilitation, but the san francisco chronicle reports federal prosecutors are expected to file misdemeanor charges that could result in a fine of up to $15,000, and 6 months in jail. no word on whether postal officials who ordered that work will also face prosecution. animal shelters struggle with overcrowding, but now a woman from palo alto may have an idea that can help. she contacted ktvu after seeing a rent story here on the 10:00 news about what's happening to
11:39 pm
some of the animals at shelters. amber lee is in millpetis and spoke to her. >> reporter: the app is being tested. workers here tell me it can be a great tool in getting dogs and cats adopted quickly, so they can make room for more animals. a terrier mix has been at the shelter for two months. at 8 years old, she is less adoptable than younger dogs. she's among the many animals in santa clara county looking for a home. >> there's probably an average of 300 animals looking for homes from shelters at any one time. >> reporter: the humane society tells us, 150 dogs were euthanized at shelters alone. that's where the app comes in.
11:40 pm
>> when i found a stray puppy in my yard, and couldn't keep him, because i already had three dogs. i had to take him to the shelter. >> reporter: it took months for that dog to get adopted, so she started the adopt me app, to get shelter animals adopted quickly, and make room for others who need help. she reached out to ktvu after seeing our two investigates reports, highlighting problems at the oakland animal shelter. she says her app is designed to help shelters save lives. >> reporter: this 15-year-old is on the team that's developing the adopt me app. shelter staff, and volunteers along with people who foster animals will be armed with the app to snap photos of them. >> we're going to write to you about them. >> reporter: then they will send the information out on social media. reaching animal lovers just about everywhere. >> we want to tell everyone about them, so they can come
11:41 pm
and adopt them. >> reporter: the goal was to get all animals here on the adopt me app and to get them to animal adoption centers all over the state and beyond. reporting live in milpitas, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. it would take about 80 years to completely do away with postal delivery. wild weather moved through colorado today. hail blanketed some areas. some of the hail was actually the size of ping pong balls making driving very dangerous. livestock had problems of their
11:42 pm
own, trying to escape the downpour. one tornado touched down southeast of denver's airport. weather watchers had a field day chasing the severe storms. there were no reports of damage or injuries. it was slightly warmer out there today. temperatures have gradually been warming. the weekend was cool, monday was cool, tuesday, kind of cool, and as we head into today, we warmed up a few. we got in the low 80s in these hotter spots, or warmer spots. 82 in antioch. 81 in morgan hill. lots of 70s. a lot of fog along the coast right now, that fog is going to restrict itself to the coast, as we go into the next couple of days. that will induce warming. here's the weather system, still dropping showers around lake tahoe. that is heading off to the east. as it does, this high pressure is going to build in behind. that's going to allow the fog to form. got a little fog showing up.
11:43 pm
there's fog showing up out of the beaches, obviously, it's in san francisco, it's in oakland, it's in berkely as well. temperatures outside right now in the 50s, it's cool. it's going to stay that way. look at the fog footprint for tomorrow morning. now that high pressure is starting to work and going to keep the fog along the coast until tomorrow evening again. less intrusion tomorrow night of fog means a warmer day, continuous on friday, saturday, and sunday. it starts warming up inland. currently in san jose, it is 60 degrees. if is mostly clear in san jose. as we look at the forecast highs, instead of 70s tomorrow, san jose, you go downtown, you're up to 80 degrees. still warmer on friday. still warmer on saturday. a nice little warming trend. nothing extreme here. kind of a subtle warming trend as this low pressure system exits, and this high pressure
11:44 pm
center comes in. tomorrow, starting to clear out. this system moving in, starting tomorrow too. mainly friday, saturday, and sunday when the temperatures really come up. we're looking at low 9s. 82 in napa. 80 in vallejo. 85 in fairfield. this is kind of classic spring pattern. this isn't anything crazy. exactly what you might expect for this time of year. as we head into the holiday weekend, we'll get into the low 90s. your five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view. you can see to three days, the holiday highlighted here. even around the bay, temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. a nice looking five-day forecast. i think we're saying goodbye to the rain for a little while, and we're back into spring mode. but a nice looking holiday weekend coming up. >> you timed it just right. >> timed it just right. >> thank you, bill. bail area veterinarians tell ktvu, channel 2 news, snail bait is linked to a
11:45 pm
recent surge in dog poisonings and death. veterinarians say an ingredient turns into a nerve toxin in a dog's stomach, and there's no antidote. >> they start twitching, and shaking, panting, running around, and they get to the point where they can go into full blown seizures. >> veterinarians say it takes as little as 30 minutes to start seeing symptoms. without treatment, a dog could die within four hours. we're staying on a few minutes longer tonight, because of our late start, due to the finale
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four people were killed,
11:48 pm
and dozens more hurt in a crash involving a tour bus. it happened on 410, near the southern california city of blithe. authorities say a big rig jackknifed, spilling those pipes on the road, a tour bus swerved. the bus was en route to los angeles from el paso. the coast guard helped play out a nightmare scenario on the bay today, of what could go wrong if a ship lost all of its power. ktvu was the only tv station onboard. david stevenson shows us what happens. >> it's 1200 feet long, and it can hold 11,000 cargo containers. the ships are getting larger and larger. >> so large, that the centaurus is too large to pass through
11:49 pm
the channel. today the scenario, the engine has failed, and the ship is in danger of drifting too close to the coast. >> working with this to simulate an emergency tow of a ship of this size. >> reporter: it's an unusual exercise, but a timely one. a 2008 state law mandates that ships switch from heavier bunker fuel to lighter diesel, 24 miles before approaching the california coast. the goal is to cut emissions. >> unfortunately, one of the consequences has occasionally been a loss of propulsion from these ships. >> we always want to be ready in an event there is a problem with a ship of this size. >> reporter: the next large scale drill is set for 2017
11:50 pm
ameasure time officials say it will prepare them for an event such as this. google's nest lab says its smoke detectors will soon be back on the market. the consumer product safety commission issued a recall. there is a problem that can disable it with the wave of a hand. good heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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it was an unforgettable day on the water for a couple of
11:54 pm
paddleboarders. they were out paddling last friday. they were going from fort point to ocean beach when they came across a pair of whales. at one point, one of the whales actually splashed one of the men. they said it was a rare, and needless to say, exciting moment. well the a's win, and continue their winning ways. the giants win, but the news isn't all that good for the giants. >> victory, but the cost could be steep. the giants do win, could lose however two valuable pitchers. they're calling matt cain's hamstring injury mild. brandon crawford, with nobody on. helps the giants build a 5-0 lead. but the rockies, in the 8th inning, threatening. bases loaded, nobody out. this is what a first place team does to get out of trouble. just a great double play.
11:55 pm
turned it beautifully. all of a sudden, the threat is no longer there. but watch santiago garcia battling in the top of the 9th. the pitcher trips over the bag, and apparently he is severely, maybe even torn his hamstring. he was not able to leave the field under his own power. he and cain will both have mri's done tomorrow, so we'll evaluate it tomorrow. so the giants do win the game, but at what cost? making the most with the very least, the a's in that no matter what, you just can't beat us mode. only one hit tonight. they still get over on tampa, six consecutive wins on the road. bases loaded, sean rodriguez throws it away, and the two runs come in for the a's. and their only hit of the night. first time in franchise history, they win with just one hit. courtesy of brandon moss.
11:56 pm
get a look at it. because it's their only one of the night. solo shot for the distance. his 10th of the year, 3-2 lead, and the a's also able to escape disaster, this is a beauty, tampa loading the bases also in the 8th. a beautiful play by moss. a's just keep on rolling. you don't exactly have to be carnac the magnificent to know we are headed for another san antonio/miami nba final. okc ready to check out once they lost sergio baca to injury. get out. not a game. tony parker with 2 of his 22. then in the 3rd quarter, they really begin to put it away. how about danny green? nailing 7 of 10 threes. lights out shooting. lights out for okc. they're down 2-0, headed back to oklahoma. not that there will be any
11:57 pm
shortage of interest when the world cup time rolls around in about a month or so, but a bit of local angle to keep an eye on. a couple of san jose quakes to keep an eye on. currently 30 players working out in stanford in preparation for the cup. quakes clarence goodson very much alive. and rondo loves tangling with the best of the best. >> you just have to step up your game, and i feel like i can do that as well. especially when you're playing with great players, it just raises the level of everyone. you just play your best and hope that you can make a difference and influence the team. things are on the up tick for the golden state warriors. the sports business journal has named golden state sports team
11:58 pm
of the-- [ no audio ] >> yeah. mark thanks. >> and thank you for choosing -- [ no audio ] [captioning made possible by
11:59 pm
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warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> i respect chris martin. he's a smart dude. he may or may not be back with gwyneth paltrow. he made it unclear. >> it was clear to me that they're just hanging out because of their kids. >> they happhave dinner the week the album comes out. >> is she helping him on the album? that means they're banging. >> no, it doesn't. >> bruce jenner, we have him at l.a.x. he's going out to france to hand kim to become an honest woman for the third time in h


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