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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  February 26, 2016 1:35am-4:00am MST

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(female narrator) the preceding wawa a paid presentn forothe bye bye fodationo beautifufuyou collecti from itjsmsmics by jamie kern lima
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with olay, yiuiuge less, you can be ageless. . ageless. . or years california sill cos vaey was the heart of the technological iverseut he'stf what i kno at copr. repopr: as treat plains theew cash cropsig tete. >> it' time we bangg the drum and let people kn thehe's sosothing hpening over here. >> what's happepeng is a a exelelionnf stara up softwe
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in 2012 they decided to launch a monthly service providing samplers of premiumum health products, but first t ty had to leave san franci >> we c cld jt be another start-tptpest coast in thth vallllllr w cf is men ie dwt. >> repter: i i i h 1000000 bserd did $ $mi inespey t mmuny. it feltteeople inh nebraska wou bend over backrds to helyou. >> reportete t tpp is silili prairie a it'ssmaking citieie across t t m m mst where davav co-founded huddlee in 2006. >> >ur pipch is gegein here and ke a difference. >> reporter: services spopos teamam coaches posts their game filmo
1:42 am about lko tt rks?t' artecoit epr:aul comparere it this. >> weavee a c value and one [ bleeee >> reporter: you realize that ople from new york and ancisco will be watatin this?hat's fine. you knowhere to find me. >> repor another competitive edge everything icheaper. the median home herer sellsor 58,000000 >> you can grow your teammm faster wi less catol, same with office spacac >> reporter: today this area is becoming a mi o .>>t fmpl tt me visit a check out the wn @ee the go is is cool.
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it is, right? >> reporter: t t are challenges. companiesave strugg to attract outside talenen andnd investoror 75% of invesent l!st yr w wtt to three states, but that's channgng >> i donon thihi that reflects eistribution of great peoeoeo with greatideas. >> reporter: steve case heads up revolution, a venture@ital firm. it plans to@ invnvnv clolo to $1 bon in tec cpanies indeasts. somlelel i the flertr thihi tes builngng g gbusses. >> rr: hulds started with three employees.s. it nowas 400. u are theicrosoft. it's beenn amazing ride. i think that's what the most fun part of it is. >> repopter:uddle h employees#wng in 14 countrs,ut it's new adquartete is going up right
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for s hiss rning, neneaska. your smartonees esntiall a ptatae computer in your cketet that mns it@ cannall victim tohkers thth doohroughgh apps thaha youdoload. suritym fou of tothree aroid a howebrch number jumps to 97% among the top paid apps on t tse devis. >> reporter:hethth it' apps at helps a aertisers target you u helps hackers rip y y y f, you'll want to do your homoworkrkefefee downloading apap. ny way i had money they got it. >> reporter:r: californiausanan rvey downloade a ap. >> it wasomething you purchasednce for $15.
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relo the game sheou huhuhudsds p pesadeen de >>y hesankusat ookikitt t anhysically i was s sk becausii didn' what ty we >> some of thepformation these apps ask for are way bond what they should d askskg for. >> reporter: that stoty iso surpse to cyber security >> r rorter:hat t e the consumer? >> you're going to wonderrhy thereras aajsaction, wononr w w meonon got in yououou bank >> reporter: when you download apap y y'reeiving the app permission to accs otherer parts
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ockpp that ca t cas. >>od yhink an`@a@a@alones trmsion y ll iortion, lls@you've made, your deviceid. this is not a alalaococ >> rorr: andnd the weathernd flflhligig appss he showed u u in a demononration of what cou happen wnnomeoneneakeses photo of aheck to sendso the bana >> reporter: wt happens tohe check now. >> it grabs a copy of thth it. >> rorter: last year the gro discoveredmalware appsn hones that sent injnrmatatn to remote server. the infmation include texex@ messages, ske e s and ot. apfoughthtac bem the ps and pti s ster cu mren ac >he gett you lts t ild d pfile on u. >eporter: some apps are collecting information for adveveising puoses. in 2014 aawawit was sed
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flashlig app alleging i transmitteddnfortion too third parties wiwiout tellg consumers with. but he says he's found a flashlight app hat can do more bling things. >> this turns on@ your micro phone in the backgrod a sesnn enced tunnel t/t a serverdioved ibein reptrr: y yayayg the lnio coersationonondendi that auoac tobijing? yeah,e've tcked itit >> rorter:here it? >> o informati driri i i beijing beijing beijing. r rter: he gave a reportooo the fbi. his recommendation. >> we reallylyave to loo at our phone and shis is r rlly a personol computer tha fits in our pocket, let's shutown all the a as we don't use, let's delete apps that don't make sense e d redede the rk
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the meg hit uptown fun won song of thye, but i couldld become the center of a lawsuit. a 70s group c cled the sequence ys uptownunk sounds like their 1979 town funk you upup anwhile the producer isis sp pg into the spotlit. >> reporte that opening vococ unmistablendo iun mars he's thehe frontan who gave up uptown funkhe groove to sta at n nrr one atillboaoas top 10for a record 14 wks. but what's somete forgotten is that the song actually belongs the sittingng on the frontnt
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it's prutt dead on. everyone knows who they're ing about. thtall y. eporte the tall guyuy is music producer mark ronson. uit was h album uptown speciaia th contained t hitit song that featur bruno. ey r rorde a anizing 8rsns a theor t wordunk ghbeind ofame.e. >> eveve to the lasa minute therewere people wewe like c c you callll i i uptown funk. >> my g e ef went u u t t n pepele onn the street and said whose song is upwn fupgg
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>> reporter: he made a name f mself producing the critically claimed 2006bum. backo blackon five grammys. he r ralls t casualnversationboer family thatat tohhggst hit.>> w w weeeekingng a aununun ho in newewnd s s saysseah they came o o oo mhouse a a wa like what happed and she was li they tried to m me me go to rereb, but i wasasike e >> reportetetee says h h was awar the timef how trtred she really was. the oscar nominated cumear amollows her death at age 27.. i've e en it twice. >> reporter: whawas it likek too watch that? >>t's difiicultlt watch. i love the fstst hour because it's like spending time with an old friend ain. >> reporter:t was his friendshiph hererhat l l him
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iter f, , adad >he y seed s grown andmamare not just in her voice,ud she@newha she wanted. >>eporter: he produdud songs foro19 and ele's latest smash . buit was working with music rorolty paul mccartny that made hihihist nervous. >> it was credible.. it's'sverything rolledednnone.e. you have to g g ovevehat i'm working with paul really quickly because you have to be onour to.>> reporter: these d ds hes settling into his new found famam and the realizization thahat may hard to top hisisis latest success. >> the thing to remrr is like
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that momen ofoy o playi
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fine-tuning the heck out of johnsonnd jns is fighting bkgainst a $72 million rdict. the judgdgnt waswarded to a woman w w clalas the talcum prodts causedd her o&orian cancer. more than a thousand other r ses aree pendingrom coast to coast. anaarnene rorts. repr: she was diagned orianr i march of2013thher ui claimedhecu er in car phoge t comph nobobo de generationsf women have used
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them fee c cannd fres>>t' a fng y n tgro>>or s f hye fodes.s.heaw say trosulmate c csed h de ohohns k of th aociaon oalnd ncertartgac . te theri cr et resul ofdi osek bween tadehaeen mi thdiepep htly iased ran studs rtingcrease, bututhe exex forhelainffffcocoucted hiswn shahashows ire ri. >>heavee m 2 uds jof nd riskurg trox
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w johnson and hnson's lawy s sdd could b be perceived of denying the obvbvusus to the contrary >> the made a decision not to warn theustomers that they weresing a dangerous product. reporter: onday aur orreon ando fox'amy $ $ monndot2 llio pit ge >> whole fightasotot f hehe but so many other wome >eporr: johnson and johnsns id in atememe it sympmpzezeith fox's ly, saidhe verdicts against dedede of soundcience prpring the safety oftalc. also said the talm powder it uses meets the highest standards for quality and purity.` > thathe overerght news for this fray.
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withs a little lateror t morning news and cbsss this mornin from the broadcast cter qn n n york city. isthe cws gle ofst e ubnesentialonnds gd und ten of tir presidential debates. it was the final chance for marco rubio and tedruz toand ows on frontunner@ donald ump be super t tsday. hod this theydo? hehe is some of the action. > i also think if you're going to claim y y're the omm one that liftft this into the campaign thththoh ackckwledge that for exame you're the only person on this stage that' been find for hirin people t o work on yoururrojects ilillly. >> i'm thehenly on on thehe stata that's hir people. you haven'hire anybody. >n factctomee of the peoplple --
2:01 am
ofhousands of people. you'veveired nobody.u'vevead nothingut pro y uretit card and ecetera. u hat hir onepeon hhi worolol d had tay $1 lln.>>t' at wrong. pple kt up. i' seoplere gooit righg now. >> polish woers, you'll see $1 million f hiringll workers on o of his projects. he did . atpened. >> i'veired tens of tands of peoplpveve my lifetime. be quiet. let t talk i' hired tens of thousands ofd pele. he brings up somomhing from 3 s ago. everybody was happy. >> you paid a million dollars. >>he laws were totally different. i' hired pepele.
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>> marcoco iss right that a fal court fodona glty of being g rt of a c cacan e was a1 million judent againsnshim.% m tmp cy sayd've t t a c ie said ifohdy o ese e ople are stinghe audienceight now,ru lobbyists and your special interests anan your donors because the audsnsz is pacd d with em. i've had an amazi relationship with politians, bothemratsan icics, aonmane's wlass nen, glololo wevyrod u t a wanod doneubn naanuorkh t
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u ldaamf yoself ihinkonis r@t,e mimg h eed h wiwi gndut innn gt ame h t,e & te hiven ndndds >>e xt dratete or suld say prirys satu i sou cina and scy cordeses >> reporter:illarynton me today as e court t t black crowds. >> i think we need morsinging. i sing beceuse'm'm ppy. >> reporr: in michig bernini sands wa focussed on minonono too meetiti with residents ininflint. >> this water is brown. they contie to igne . >> reporter: n nthth candidate n win in delegate rich surr tuesday states without
2:04 am
ectorate inbamand orgia d ly tvirgrgia andnne. % ofemocrati vots i xas were hispic.@.@ >> wn@ y y y have people like ump saying that mans rapists s criminals that is@ an ragege >> reportet: a new nional pl finding clilton leading san ong hispanic voters by a rgf 2-2- she s a similardge with rican-americhough her husband's crime bill mass been a sticking poi foror some. twob lives protests inrrupted a c clintonundraiser last night. c i talk? maybe you can stst to what say.y.y. >> reporter: theherotesters w we escorted out and clinton lat saididheas sorry f f some of the terms she used in the '90s cluding using t t freig supereds.
2:05 am
oi wowobo con srsrs too hegris i partulredl because say too m my young blacks and tinos are ending u beh bars. > thank you. eveniniresisintbama claid progress against the isiserrorost group in ria.a. he said thattsis has lt 4 of itsts territor cut the pay of its troops and is reducedo using civilians asan shieingsl`but the wider war in syria i notoing mr. obams way. american bd rebelsre on the run. thforcesflthe assad dictatorship are advancingor the first time ins becausese of r rsian airir supupup and russiaiatrtrps is rare dpor afor@ a reporter to get io sya, but ebe paovedce dadaeportetehis u u ta
2:06 am
ririays it'sot the enrue'e'juststeen an sikeeehihi me wewee ou f fe e e s t ntndhe syri ay is trygolear isuburfpposition gh er syro ceaseire here ae momendre's g# t bee t. e of snndis t to seehe bldin hal a mile away ere t bels ading erheade ca hea the licoers scoutg t tirir tataet. th- whqt arehettg? thth a a teteoris hee ys. e relmb ba bom areasally rsled o chchr. eye cheap,utorriblyl inaccurate.
2:07 am
er ere? nono but t tre are fighters but there are fighters families coweriri under the cks. near bye@ enter tunne dugug b by fighte where they hid and fougug for years. th genal in charg leads the corols. you'retill usingirirtrikes in t t suburb in order to figh yes, he says, becauau they're dangerous for syr and the worl s we're just jusedn ususg any wpons t bt arelegal.l. means t whe thi ersttcheantrned mymyingr it' ctorlo l nhi more anew bck.ha b b n sides in thisar areomplplely exhausted and unlikely as it soun jt couple of subur
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rebels to allow food and
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>> r reirsthand > toth dirto of f e fbfb sai t his bate w apes theough fightht hngornment. fed mistrat oed ple to unlohe ipne of one of t t san bernardoo terrorists, but today appleolol ngerous. >> reporter: in its filingapple says the fbi is seeking a dangerous power and it wouldld bee forced to dead sit sixix to ten apple engineers to create n n code that apple c cls g/gernment opopatinin syst
2:11 am
bebe gernment fensic lab on mpany groundthat cou be ed to open other hundreds of seiziz devices in law foement's possession. apple says iff itt creates the softwareo break ihe@ ipne,ackers wll vie theco e cove case trgersir ament prti andti computer kw ialent toreee eech fbfbfbrereor james comey assuredd m mbers o congress that theyyanted access t t the phonee s bernardino teorist. he said the fbi is standin onn firm legalgrou but c cgresss eds to s s t limits on how far govement i uestigators can go. >> i lovecryption.
2:12 am
le tdetehe ur movin fofoard. ogeb etoile leg per supuprt pl >>ff, tornrnos ieral s stes yestery klet l lstour le,nclungng tee in rgrg wree finhip r toghgh it'e#peen you experienceo t aboit. r:his man w about to sit down right here to watch tv when the tornado slammed into hisobile homheering off the ofndhe wall.. do you feelucky to be alive?>> i'm'motucky, m blessed. >> >> reporter:ut the tornado tore the homom next door off the undaon. a 2-year-o boy andndnd his father were lled. somehow the boy's mother
2:13 am
in near by nenada 178uildinin were deyed. ateast thrhrornados were po inortrtt.inorartsts ofhirm releleed in pennsa torna rippepe through thcountry. a downpour led to flash fododg around wasngton, d d. andeft a major roadd ooded. in the new york area austtf nd sent this tru airbrbne. look a a4aia, off queenenen new york, -ft waves capsized a boat as it wasryryg to rescue fisherman and bacac he inn rginia you're looking at a photograph of tires before the tornado. kn y'reooking at the buildingngfterhe tornado. this was the garage do that up there i itheetalal that was ce the roof. it's ad example o o whaha
2:14 am
ilding madef sheetmeta wananooinlo one s injured the gua inanuu. wo a aetetorrt trre hug deman chargeab@ battiesl b m ov these areurststgt intoflfleslas w l lct reporr: when thirir te eest t t kyky stionughtt s turd d ban e ree th eploded in jo'sntntntuf tree@s.s. 'she l lesesesid inlvg batte e gaes heoe pcen aomafor reeserlew upp in h mouth. >>be an ate off
2:15 am
or samam battery cellso pow herare demb the hav bn unersity. he soo make ts product eaper andnd more p perful has led someompapaes t/t cut cornerer >> what we're seeinga situatiowhere manyn of these batterieie are simply not@t made to the same standard ashe batterieshahaha are made s at son. >> reporterj he says thaha items are consideredh power plications applications their batteries ara badly designed they can ovheatat is it something that theh u uru i i i i doingininrrecec no. in gener with thiss kind of teoogy it' difficultltor the userer to b afault. there's a w controlled arging circuitnd gaod packe that theellesin. both of thosthgs sulbe
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feelhe difncwith k tr.. arbus has andea tha uld rolio the inighd ex. flyg staon won >>orter: jeter rb nts t patent a ncttt t tee seats rn i iapidbenc ould st the three
2:20 am
peopop who nee additioiol space or eve fit a fourth person l le children. ben is e editoto ofusa today. >>f we've seen nothing else, they're very clever aboututoming up with ways to sell seats to passengers, , pecily when they can charge moror for eitr sts that are bette or foror seats that are less awfufu >epepter: aireviou ughtat ents for scking passge andnd thi semystanajcoept. it cre d phere the mi seat fachenger t t aislend ww wlili u@ 30 asseers pepee.e. teeongrsmannn worores extra coueordize tyin it har to acuaua witit 90conds. o oered a bill to ask the
2:21 am
>> if peop can't get out in an emergencnc conontion theye lives. itho't'' be afterfp there's an acdedede it's's latatandeople are dead. >> r will an a a ane saytheyeyant these seats and will they b%b%blolod @ itall them in a ane.
2:22 am
the nbnb hehehe problsou f f 3/4 of sports related deaeas in younunathletes. now ndydyay h save lis. reporter: twowo years a a he e was one of the college's top basketball players and then a physical reveaead a heard problele ending hcareer.
2:23 am
with it, b b b it was just -- just accepting that life and health is more important than a game. >> reporter:n thehe u.s. sports@ relalad sudden c cdiacea is highest t t g sketball ayers. e question js what's a normal heart sizeor these athletes? to find out this doctor revealed the heart ultrtround of more an00 n ayers. en y firstaw tm you thghesare rmal >> tnstincs t say ey en we'r nse to seegr thih e average nba plar is 6'7''. reporter: it turned out t het ge bigrr wh exercise,other the heart of the nba playsere about 1 thickerer than noal, thatas n felt to b dangous. thresearch establish a baselineneororoctors going forward.
2:24 am
>> thishld help us didiinguish those changes from dangerous heart contions that can l%ad t tsuenardiac h. reporr: in addidion the found that the majaj artery leaving the heart is als bigger in tse athlesnd knowi wilelp withe agagags.the ct says thisa m fothtes i oer sports. >> so'sge s s s came rougtoda for isisst th 5-yd frofgnistan was photoapapdearing ahirt made from a plastic bag.& it wentinin andsent him anutut gphed shirt from the nationalalam. the bag has been retired. u next, aath teacher's
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odds. we tightith a soon to a math problem tha has stumpethe best mds for w you g school kidso susueed at c clus?s? >> reporter: from the outside lingon high school does not look like a place that inspires grgrtness, old with gates on the windows in aovernigh news r this fridada for some of you thne continues nds s fofoothehe check back with us later for the
2:30 am
om new york cici, good night. welcome to the overnight newsthe guns are supposed o falll sile tonight in n ria where a cease firere is scheduled t take a midnht. theporaryru bro the unittas aus i signgno w@ foond di t t reachitie inia governmtac he nia tab in geneva..t a theososl tilltieie will stop.
2:31 am
on t osisiga th.helizetpalmlm on tnen outsedamasc. . >>eporr:r:his ed to ba neighborhood. now it's a battlefield wherehe syrian armyay it's got the enememon the n. therers just been an airir strike behindnd me. we're about f)ve milel fromhe center ofo damasass andhe syan army is trying to cle this suburbr of oppositio fighghrs. there'sertainly noeasee here at the moment and there's not going to be any time soon. onen of the syrian soldiers takes us to s s the buildings h hf a mimi away where he says the rere nowdidi erhe wn hear the ptscoutin t rg,he- what arere ty hitt they're rrorists, he says. those ar barrel bombs? barrelombs are basically
2:32 am
they're cheap, but very incurate.. arere a aivilia left erre?,e says onl ,t the areighteramam tocongnderhe tacks. near by we e tunnelsugdug by fighters wherereheyid and fought forears. the geneless theay thronseow contls. yore still ungik the subb inero yes, he says, because they're dangeroussor syr and the world soe're justified in usininananweapon that are legal. t that means thathenhis overstretche and under trained army does gain ground, it's victories look like nothing more than a few blos of rubble, but
2:33 am
exhausteteand unliky as it sounds a couple of suburver the army h h actuallllbe negogoated a mini truce to allow civilians. >lose to he another day of sevevatrn the rest. eeay stormswned totooss n a pennlvania ano por to tss of ousands to the w enenan tim reed i a o oststke. >> it's t eienc up goternceeooalkbo . >> rorr:ce w w w aut to s dow r he w wchch w thtorna smmednt his lee ffhe ofndhe wall. oueeky b ale? not luck m essed. >> reporter: but the torordo tore his nehbor's home from the foundion and sentjt
2:34 am
a 2-year-old boy, his father and another man died.. thther found00ards ay. somemew ththboywss motr survived with serious injuries. a 78-year-oldd manie and dings reamagft a funnelloudeftt a p o ruction. at least three tornados were reported in north calinana in pnsylvania a tornado ripifd throhamamountry hitting farms and dhisststcturur ththe was flash foding around washington, d.c. and left a mamar roadlooded for the morning commute. ininhe new yoror aa a gusttf wind senen this truckairborne tata a lookt thihi off qens
2:35 am
aa bt a a bace ingia retoaph lus res he too. wou'r loongt a-pl ti thehetotoo.heagor atasnc t ofof builil. there e e new c ccerns over the safety of e cigarettes and th t te itt has nothingngo do with smok this manan sufferedd burns when the battery from the e-cigagatte exploded. >> reporter: thisateses incident is raising concerns about the e-e-garerereustry whenent comom to the batteries. surveillan footage captured the moment josh's pants burst into flames at a kentucky gas station. he runs outsidetruguging to ditch his clothes before a man dousz hi wit a firir extissue
2:36 am
he posted jt t aec er b upup >spnltnave oking cicirettes, it's doing it. >pepter: he waslace i ia medicallll inducuc com f thr daysft heaye-rette bl unth octor. ear r weeknhio fir pant id a warning on itfacebo per cicittttteryxpded insiheoc of ctctab coat. people reported more than two dozens incidents of expxpsions and iresd byy e-cicirettes between009 and 2014. itt hasas the same fuel capability agasoline. >> repter: m my are l lkedo eatte overgg, maurinec and ncs au i
2:37 am
battetk are t samy und i i hovevoaoas w wch have been criticized of cchingg fire. >> in terms of the product itself, you are comparing appless to ales between what happenen totohe hover boardrd and the e-cigarette. >> reporor advocat maintain that exploloons a ra. in a statementnthe american ping associatiti sayshen charged and used under proper conditns battetees pose no more of fire riskkhann other batter the food & druguginiuion ot regulatee-cirees. marsrsrs you should avoid contact with c and keyeyananthinin we ve in r pocket
2:38 am
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2:40 am
for yearsalifora licon valley was theveeortetetelogygy b b bowowowany compmpiess a makakakakakakakakakakeethththththmidwest. >> reporter: across the grerererevevevenntetetetete t tewewewsh c c c c i iighchchch >>t't'e e e the d d dananleleleleleleenenenenenenenen. ortete w w w w w w w wpenininininininininilololololo o oart-up
2:41 am
2 22 l l lhehehe seseicee p p pplerererer prprucuc, , , rst thththad toveveveve sanan ananananan cocod j j b anoth start-up on t t t west t ast or weee coululul p p o o o ohis movovenen he est.t.t. r rorter: t t tow havav 1010100 susucrcrcrs s d d d m mli s seseses l lt yearr edededththththththcococoitititit i i ielelike p p peeen re, investors or other connections would bend over backwards too helplp >> r rortetehihihi liconnnayry andndndt't' m mg citits frfr a aosss m m m m m wherere dadad d d co-foundnduddle in 2006. o pititit isssetere and make a difference from the start.t.t.t. shhmeme epepepr:r:r: s sces s s ssssss
2:42 am
their te and t t t s s sare analyzesest. what is that works.s. >> it's supuprtiv cocoununy. >> r rr: heeparere to likekethis. >> we havaveeueueue a a onene oururoreeealue fire the.e. [ [ [ p] >> reporter:r:ou realilihat t opop froronew york and sanan franciscscwill be watchin thth. >> that's fine. >> reporter: another competitive edge, everything i chea@er. the median home sales for $188,000. >> you can growour team with less capitol. >> reporter: tay it's becoming a mini community. once abandon buildings house spaces. >> you hear from people that
2:43 am
town, they go this iss coco. >> reporter: there are challenges. companies have struggled to attract outside talent. 75% of iestment last year went to tee states, but that's changing changing. >> i don't thinkhateflects the distributionn of great ideas. >> reporter: sve case, a co-fnder of l hds up a venture capital firm. it plans t invest $1 million on tech companies inside tcoast. >> some people call it the fly ovev country. reporter:uddle staed with the employees. it now has 400. you ar the microsoft. >> it's been an a azing ride. >> reporter:ude has emoyees working
2:44 am
rehere i all ga for cbs this morning. your smartphone is a portable computer i yr p ckettx at mns itan fl@ victim to hacks andhthey do it through those apps that you download. security firm f that between 75% and 8 of the top three apps on android and iphones were breached. the mber jumps to 97% on the@ top paid as on the devices. >> reporter: wheth it' apps th help add eser target you or hp hackerrip youof u'ant to d yr homewk before downloading ps. anyay had money that they uld ta, ty got hold of . >> reporter: susanas a victim after shesea debit card to downlo alotachi p. >> itas something that you purchased once for $15. reporter: whe sheent to
2:45 am
hundreds of purchases had bee made. more tha 5,000 worth of trsactions. >> my heart sank.p i sat thend looking at it and i physically -- i was sick because i dn't knowhat t ey were. >> some of the informati these appssk@or are beyond w wt they should be asking rj >>eporlrr: tt storys no surprise to cyber security expert. he says cen apps designed to ste your personal inatn. what a the@ csequences r me as a consumer? >>'re going to lose your identy. you're going to wonder how mee got in your bank account and paid ajll. >> reportet:e sayhe you downad a app y'reivingg tht app permission too aess other pts oyour phone, like an ala cckbpp that n track p calls. >> do you thinkn alarmlock peds all that permrmsion, your call informanion,all history,
2:46 am
thiso me isotaafe alarm clock. >> reporter: and then the weatheand flashlight ahatt exploit apps to capture infoion he shod us in a demonstration ofofhat could@ happen when someoneakes aphoto of acko se to their nk. what happuns tohe check now? >p the flashlight app spies o thecamera. >> reporr: last yr th discered 11 malware apps tt gath inforortion and sentntfed it to a reme server. it incd text messsses.. apple ught back by removg the appsnd puttingicter security measuren place. >>hehuild arofifi onyou. >> r r rter: somes a collectingormation simply rdds advertisi purpos. 201thth federal trade
2:47 am
alging i transmitted consumums persona informaon witht telling them. . >ee says he'ss fnd another hlight app tno m mh more t tublilili things. >> approximate one turns on your micro phone in the backnd, stens in on youuu and s an encrted tunnel a server we@ didiovered. repopter: you'rsaying they're listening to people's conversations andending thaha audiackc toing? >> we've traed it. >eporter: is this on ts map? >> obnformamaon driveve in beijing. >>epororr: he gave a report on thth app to ththfbfb >> b b b b to me it's sware. >> we e ve to loo attttur phone anday it's a personall computer and reduce the riskf being ieddon. . >>,repororr: t creator f ththth
2:48 am
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2:51 am
the m h h uptown funk w w at the grammys. the 70s group says it s unds like a lot like t fir 1979 9 ne funk you up. meanwhilthe producer is stepping io the spotlight. >> reporter: that opening vocal is on unmistakable and so is bruno mars. >> repepter:e's thehe froro m m o gavee uptoto fk the g gove to stay at number one at billboar hot 100 for a record 14 weeks. but what's sometimeses forortten
2:52 am
guy sitting on the front of that whihe limo. >> it's pretty dead on. everybody knows who they're talking about. >> reportrtr the tall guyuy is music producer mark it was h hlbumum that conined the hit s sg thattured uno rs. theyey recorded ann agoning7 versions and then worried the word funk migig beindd of lame. >> en to the last minutee there were peoplpl likef i don't kno can youal i town funk maybe youhould call it just watch. >> reporter:r:y guess is if you we up toenplen the street and say who's song is at, they woulu say uno mars. does iother you? >> no.
2:53 am
himsf producing amy's 2006 bum. baba t bla won fivivee grammys. he r%calls the cl cocoersationobbout her family that l%l to their biggest hit. >> >> we were walking around ne yorkrkhere my stio u u to b b and she id they camever t to me house and iaid wt happened andndndyyried toake me go to rehab and saidi no n n no. >> reporter: he ys he was e was.s. thescsc documented amy shows her tragigi fallhatt eed in her death. >> i've seen it twic watch thth. >> it's difficult totch.h. i love wating the first hour. . >> reporter: itasis frndshiphat led him to
2:54 am
writing her irst album, adele... sheinstantl seemedd so groww andtu, not just in her voice, b knew what s want. >> reporter: he produced both sosos foradele's latest smash 25nd 19, but it was wkiki withth m r ralty t tt made nsononost rus. % >> it's iniredible. it's ttly terrifying it's everythinroed in onon you have to get over t i working with paul v vy qckly. >> reporter: tse days hee is settlingg into his new-found fame and the realizizatioio that it may be h hd to t his latest success.
2:55 am
where uptown funk came from, the
2:56 am
2:57 am
thth mic youove a a then johnson and johnson is ghti b ainst a $72 million verdict.t. the judgment wasas awarded to a woman who clalaed the talc produc c csed her cancnc. ana warner reports. >> reporter: she wasas diagnosed withthvarian cancer in marchch 2013. shshdi lastt tobe sheeee claimed t t talcum powoer is cars no photogenic thehe cny has known about it for decades. generations ofofomenave used
2:58 am
to help them fee cleannd fresh. she used them for feminin hygiene for decacas. her lawyer says t t products ultimatelylysed her ath. >> johnson and johnson k kw o o the associationf talcnd ovarian cancertarting back in >> r rter: the ameririn cananr society says results of studies on a possible link betwe lcum powder and ovarian cancer haha been mixed wit se studies a slightlyy increased riri and someeporting no crcrse.. but the dtor or t plaiatiff nducucd his own study yr in december that he says shoho a insed rk fl thereave be more than 20 studies and the majojoty o o these have found anvated risk. >> reporter: during trial her
2:59 am
th 1977 letter in ich johnson andd jojoson's o coultant said d dyinghe risks,enyi the obvious in e f fe of all evevenceoo the contrary >> themade a decisisn not to warn the ctomers that re using a veryy dangerous prodt. >> r rortete oonday a j j orreddohns andnd johohon to pay fox's famy $10 million in dadages d d other $6262ilon in p pitive damages. >> the whole fig was not just r her, but soy oer@ women. eporter:r:ns and jnson id in a statent itit sympathihes with h mimi,ut says the vererct g es agast dedes of soundcience proving the safety of talc in multiple products. itit said the talcum powder it uses meets the higiesttandarar for quaty and puriri.
3:00 am
r this friday.r some o you the n ns ntinueueand for others cck back witus l l loror the morng n ns ancbs is morning. from theroadcast center in new york, goonight. the gloves cameff i houston. was the final cnce for rco rubio and tededruz z land blow frontunner dd trump before super tuday. hehe is some of thoox. >> i think if you're going to claim that you're only have the ly one that l jted this into e campmpgn thaha you acknowledge that you've been find for hirininpeople to work on your projec legally. >> i'm the o oy one on t t stage that's hired people. you haven't hirededanybody.
3:01 am
d tensss thousands of people you've hired nobo. you'u' hadothihi but problems cetera.. haven't hired one pepeon. >> h hhihid w wkers from poland and he had t t ty $1 million. >> that's wrong. >> people can look it up. i'm surur peoeoe a a googling it righghnow. poli workers, y'll see $1 m mlionon foriring i iegal workers on his projects. he did it that hahaened. >> i ie hire t tsf thousands of people over my lifetime. tens off thousands. >any froroercountries. be quququ let t talk withi i'veeired tets ofhousands of peoplu. herings up somethinghgrom 30 0 years agag it workeouttt very well. evybody was happy. totalllldiffentn world, but i've hired peopop. nobody up here has hir peop.
3:02 am
govementntoundonaldduilty of beingorltttf conspacy and und a $1 1 llion judgment agains@m. >> mr. trump. >> i can onlyay this and i've saididt loud a a c car for@ many years and many of these people are sitting i i the aududnce right w becauce theudieiee is packed with them and they're packedith you, i've had an amazing relelionship wi politicis, both democrat, republican, * caus i was a businessman. onene magazinee he's a world classp busunessmama i got along with everybod you u t ang withnobody. you don't have one republican -- you don't have o o repeplican senator and you workith them ery dayf your life, althoughh you skipipd a lot of ne, theke are minor ils, b you d d't have one repububcan senator backing you. you don't havhe endorsement of one replican senator and
3:03 am
yo s wuld be ashamed of f yourself. >> i t tnk d dalds right, h isromiming if he's elected he will c c d bls i iwashington. he is righ he'ss giviv hundreps of - - > t next democratic primary is saturday in south carolina and h%re is nancy cordes. >>e cou turnhis into ary oif . >> r rororr: hillary clintnt and her preacherame out tod as shcourporter black cros in south carolina. >> i thihk wee need moror singing, don't you? i sinin becausese'm happy. >> reporter: in m m mganerere saererwas focusd o o minoriries toooo meeeeng with redents in flin >>his water iss brown and they continue to@ ignore it. >> r rorter: neither candidate can win i the delate rich super tuday stateses witit mimirity support.
3:04 am
georgigiand nearly third inh viinia andnd teessee. 32% ofemococc voters inn texas were hispanic. >> w wn you have peopleike trump sayit mexicsre rasts o o criminals that is an outrage.e. >> reporter: a new nionana poll findininclinton leading sanrs among h h hnini votersy a margin of twooo e.e. her husband's crimeme bill has been a stiing point forsome. o black lives ptesters nighgh > i talk? eporte t p pers we escortedut a a clinton ler said she w worry somef thththrms she u ud in the 90s clududghehraseup edators. shshsays it was a poor choicf words.
3:05 am
reform the way drug crimes in paicicicicre hanedecau rs. thisvening presint obama clclmem progog against the is t trist groupn ria. he said t tt isis has lolo 40% of its rritor c the pay of its troops and is reduced to using cilians as human shieies, but the wider w in syriri issot going mr. obama's wa aman backerebels theru the forces of the assad dictatorip advdvcing for thfifs te in yea busese of russian air suppo a a ann troops. is rare dpor a reporte to t into syria, but o o elizabeth palme covered thehe dictator's advance today. >> reporter: this used toe a neighborhood.
3:06 am
syrian army says t's the enemy on the ru ththe's just been an a strike behihi me. we'rabout fifi m mesmhe center of damascusndnd the syriananrmy isisryin c is surb opposition fighghrs. there is certainly no cea fir here at the moment and there's not gog totoe in he t te ofhe sian s sdiersakes us to s the buildingshalf a mile awawa where hee say t t rebels are now hidi. ovhead we can heaea thehelilipter scsutinin their ta, the --t arerehey hitting?g? they'ze terroriststs heeeesays. those are barrel bombs? barrel bombs are basically con ststs fillele with exploves outf achopperd th'r cheap, but horribly inaccute. are therer a a aivil yaps left over there?
3:07 am
but there are fightererer familieie coweng u u the attacks. nene by we enter tunls soldiers say w w dug b fiters where they h and fought fororor@ryear the general leads the way through ruins he now corols. u're s using air strikes inin the sububb in oer to fht??? ye he sa, b bausehey're dangerous r syria and the world so we're justifi in using any weaponsha are gal, buthatt means w wn this ovovstretche and under traineded armymyoessain grou, it's victories look le nothing morer thanbn f blocosf rubble. but the truth is that by now all siss ts war are completely exhaususd ananunlikely assss sounds just a cououe of suburbs
3:08 am
truce with t rebelso a aow
3:09 am
3:10 am
>> rare firsthands! today, the director of t f.b.i. sd thth his battle wi ple is theheoughest t ght he's faced in government. a federal mamastrate ordrded apple tonlock the iphone of e of the san bernardrdo rrisis, but totoy, apple told court that order is dangerous. ff pues has more. >> reporter: in ititfilingng applp says the f.b.i. is seeking a dangerous power and th it wowod beorceceto dedicsix 0 apapgines toreate necohae e@the go operang stem m m governmeme.s.s apple said there would even n ve
3:11 am
lab on company g ounds that could d used to open hundreds of other seized devices i& law forcement's possession. apple says if it creates software torereto theipipne, criminals will view the code as ize. hihi the h h hst q qst i have seen in gnment.t >v repepter: f.b.idibictor jajas comey y assured members of congress@today that the bureau only wanted access to the iphone usedy san bernarno terrorist syed farark. coy sahe.i standing on firm legal gund, bubucongreeedsdso sesethe limits ow fafagovernmeme @ inveveigors s n n . >> i'm a huge fan of privacy. i love encryption. it's a grere t t t. but our need fororlic safety andnour need for privavavare crashing into o ch other, and we've got to sort that oet as a people. >> reporter: apple agrees that congress shoulhave a b bger
3:12 am
the urt case is moving rward. go and facebook are expected toillel papepe isuppor of ale. >> pelle jejf pes ghdh jeff, thank tornadoes in several states yesterday lled at least fofo l ople, inuding g ree waverly, v vginini where we find chip reid tonit. man, , 's an experience, mamama yogot to experienee ittata abououit. >> reporter:incece donald was ababt to sit down t here to watch tvtvhen the tornado slammed into his mobile home, sheering off theheoof and the wall. do you feel luluy to be alive? >> i not lucky. blessed. >>orr: but the tornado re his nbor's mobibe he ts fouation sent it ilinss ahway. a a o-year-old boy, his fathern and another man died. r bodies and o oerebris wereound 30000ardswa somemew, t boy's mother survivedith h ris injuries. in nearby appomattox, virgia, w8ear-old madidi a 100 buililngs were damaged after a
3:13 am
path of destruction. leaeq t tee tornadoes were reported in north carolinana od, parar o othth farm werereeled. ennsylva a torordo ripped through a cntryry$% hittg structures in narvrv. a torrentialalownpour leado flfldin anarnd wawaingt, , , nd left one mamar road floloedededed ing comoute.e. in the newk k ea, a gust of nd s st th truck a aborn and, scott, ta a look at this. off f eens, new , 1212oot wawas capsized a coastrd boat as it was trying to rescue fishermen n nother vessesethat d run agund. anback here in waverly, virginia, , u're lookingngt a photograph of plus tires before the torna. now you're lking at a-plus tires after the tornado. is w w thehearage dodo. at up there is the metal that was once the roof. scott, is a good example o whataphen tornado memes a building madof sheetetmetata
3:14 am
out, none was inrerein t t coast t ard incidede t#t. chcp, thanks very much. the e rld'apaptitetete poable e ect has triggered huge demand for rechargeable batteries, but nyny these batteries areow rsti into flames in plac you would least expect. vinita aair is looking into o this. >> repepter:r:hen the fire first igninini empmpyees at this ntuc gas station t tught it s a bomb. it turned outo banan- garette that exploded in josh hamilton's pants suffered thirdegrgr b b b.itit jususthe latestncidt invog defective lithiuiuiun batties tt per e- gagattes. 22-year-d evpahlinger hah to be placed in a lly inducecoma f three days after one e tm blew up in his mouth. >> it's anlternati to oking cigarettes it's supposed to be a safer and d a althier way of doingt. >> r rorr: the same batttttt s that power e-cigarettes, alal power hoverbobrds.. nce dececeer there have b%en 52 r rorted incicints involving
3:15 am
jay whitacre is a professor at carnegieellon univivsisi he said the dema t tmake these oducts cheaper and me powerful hasasas some compans to c cners. >> what we'rseeingnght now i3 a s suation where mbe some of these batteries are simply not made to the same standard as thbattery that a made sa at sony or panasonic, whichave much more stringent quality y control. >>epororr: whitacre says that lithium-ion-powered items kehe e-cigarettes and hoverboar arere considered high-power applications. ifitheiriratteri are blyly designed whetheyeyre charged they can overheat.isist something thth the ur is doing incoectly? >> no. generalwith this s n o chnology, , very difficic for thuserero o at fault.t. ere is a wl-ntntlleded charging circuit, and therer should bgood pacgehat e cell l les in. both of those e ings should be designed to protect the user. >> repororr: industry y vocatete say these incides are ill rarerend that users should waysysse compatible j j eries
3:16 am
they say to avoid battery coact wi metal objects, scotot sucas coins, keysor jewelry. >> pelley: vinita na, thank yoyovery much. there's a plan to o ve wider air passenge sts wel get to the botto i and a young fan bags q qte a
3:17 am
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>> p pluy: airbus has an iae that could revolutionize the in- flightxperience. thininflying stataon wagon. here kris s n clelveve >> r%rorter: jet maker airbus s to patent a seatg ncept tatang aow of the airlininseatand rning itit in a rapidly andasily renfigurableleench. it could seat the traditional thressengege, shif two peopho nfed adal
3:20 am
person, like two parents and two small children. >> t airlinenenell c csider r anything tt alalws them to ke a buckf >> repter: b mutzabaugh the editit of "usa today" "today in the sky" blog. >> if we've seen nothing else in the airline industry, they're very clever about comingngp witi ways to sell seats to passssgers, especially whehetheyey cacacharge more forheither seatsts at are b bter or for seaea that are lesawfufu >> reporter: abus previouslyly sought pents vor aesigig stacngassengs s d is mindg coept. seat makak zodc created sexaxapattn whthmi seatataces theheassengers in the aisle and wiwiow while adding g to 30 mo pasasngers per planantennsee congressman stepepn cohen worries extra seatcould jeardizeafety making it hard to evacuate within the required 90 seconds as seenn this videde he's'suthored d bill requiring the f.a.a.a.o seseminimum seat- size standarar. if p%p%le c c't'tet out of an airplane in ememncncconditions they lostheilives. it shouldn't b bafter r ere's an
3:21 am
after there's an accident, it' too late and people are dead. >> repeptete the big questn no scoco, ll a aaie say they want thesesseatatand will satys ever allow thembe installed in a plane? >> pelley: kris van cleave, thank you, ks. what's killing pyers in the
3:22 am
wh a ntudy hasoundndext. pely: heart proroems count t r three-quartete of spspsp-related deaeas in young athletes. now, a newdy m m melp save lives, and here's d . jojo lapook. >> reporter: two years ago, , isaiahustin n s one of the nanaon's t cololge basketball l playerer thth, a physical before the n.b.a. dra revled a heart oblem, e eing s career.
3:23 am
th it, butt w s just-- you $% ow, just acccctiti it, accepting that life and health is morportant thth a game. >> reporter: in t e u.s., sports-relaledudden n rdia death isisighest amo baskskball players. normal hrtrtize for these athletes? to f nd out, dr. david engel and lleagu riewed e art trasous ore an n.b.a. players. whenou first saw them, ought these arbig hearts. the are abrmal?? >> t firstnstinct iso sa these hearts arenlarged. 're e e used to seei hearts for peoplehat are this big. the ave n.b.b. player is 6'7" and theheverageeighis 222 pounds. >> reportete it t rns out,e any y muscle, , e heart ts gger with h erersealthough e hehets o oe n.b.b. players were abaut thicker than , that was nototelt to be % dangerous. the resesechstlishes a baseline for doctors going rw and how does this help us? >> this should help us
3:24 am
dangerouheaec,ioio that cacalead to sudden c cdidi death. >eporter: in addition,nthey found the aorta, the mamar arryryryving the hea also bigger r these aththtes and knowing that wilhelp with fure dgnos. scott, dr. engel says thisiss now a model fof#evaluating hletes in othehesports.. >> pelley: jon lalook,`,nk y very mucuc jon. well, sosoer's biggest star came through with heart today fororis biest fan.n. murtazahma, a five-yr-from ahanist wasas photograph wearing lionel ssi t made from a plti bag. wenral l messient him m an aographedhirt from argentnta's naonal team. ththhas beenenetired.. up next, a aath teacher's
3:25 am
3:26 am
3:27 am
odds. >> pely:e:e:tonight t th a a solution ta roblememhat s stumped the best minds for centuries. how you g school kidso cceed at calculus? he'sireya vivireal >>eportete f fthoutse, lincololhigh school does not lookike a place at i ipis greatness. olith teteon the windows, in a tough easl.l.l. ighborhood. >> today is alout t king your life sierer >> reporter: bututook beyond all t tt, and you'll fifi this n, anthoni yom. >>his is a aoat sisilar to this guyuyight h he, right? >> reporter: the son okorean immigrants, yom teaches what is
3:28 am
calculus. >> one of my strategies, really to make e rereo provide at environment where kids are notot shamed of bsng questions. do yet it? >> reporter:is approach to teaching goes beyond calculating the slope of a curve. yom mas class meetetfterer schoho, oneekekes, and eveve holidays. the hard work has paid off. it's not always fun, but i do know f f sure, once they getethe ore and if i ask the "hey, s it worth it?t? ery sing one of thth say it was sosoorth it. >> reporte for three years in a row, every student tt ha walked into s class has passed e callus tete. and this yr, one studentcedrick argugua, got eveve questititiight.>> his style o oteaching coands respuct his pepeonaly y very likable.. he gets know his students o o a personal level. >> reporter: what is the secret here? they know that i siely care about them, a it's prep r them. >> reporter: witlo? yeah, with love >> reporter: cedrick argta and yom wereoth ordered by t
3:29 am
obama a vited cedrick to thehe white hohoe science faea. h ht h calcus uden>>his ococt science.e. >> reporte mira villarreal, s news, los angeles.s.
3:30 am
evening news for t tight. the guns areupposed to fallllilent tonight in syryb where a cease fire is scheduled to take effect at miight. the@ temporary truce b bked by ththunitedtates and russia is designed to allow fd and medinehe rchitiess and ing iaovernmnmt andnd its opnents bac to the npgotiating table. not all t hospital tillties will stop. the islamicstate.
3:31 am
lis outsi dascus. >> reporter: this used to be a neighborhood. now it's aatield where t t syrian armsays it't'gott theen enemy on run. there'shnnnirik behihi me we're about five miles f f the ceer ofascucu andn t t syrian army is trying to clear this area of oppition fighrs? fighters.p ththe's noease fe foror thehe moment. he takes uso see buildings half a mile ay. erheadean p hear the helicopts scoutingheir target, the --hat a theyy hiing? they're terrorists, he says. those ararbarbel bos? yeah. bael bombs are basical
3:32 am
chopper.r. they're cheap,ut horribl inaccute. are thth cilians left ove there? no, ththe are onlyfifitete, but there are ghrs f fies rind attacas. near by we enteretunnels dug g soldiers where thehid an fought for yrs. the g geraln@ chahae leads t t wayhrough ruins he now controls. you're still using a strikes in the suburbb in orderer t fight? yes, he says, because they're@ dadaerououforyriaia and@he worlrlso w wreustustified in using g y weapons that are legal, but that meaea when this overretcd armyyy does gain nd iictotoesook like nothing g t`an a few blockss ofofubbl b t truth is th by n allllidesesn this war are
3:33 am
like as i sous a cououe of suburbsver the army has actually n notiated mini truce th the rebelel tllow food and supplies to reach civilians. cbs news. losero home,, another day ofofevere weather@rs in t t reca for much f thth eastern u.s.s. the deadly storms spawned tornados as far northth to pennsylvania and knononoutut por. chih reed is a a one tornado site. >> reporter: vincent donald w about tot sit d dnn r rhtht here to watch w t t/rdo slamdnto hisis mobobe home sheering off t t r rf and wa. do you f fl luluy to be ive. >> yes.
3:34 am
e foundation. a a year-old boy and h fatatr ed. ssmehoho the boy's mothehe ived withh serious injuries. in near by va 78-8-ar-old man died after a funnel cloud leftf an eigig mileathh of destructio least tee tornadoss we rererd in nth carolina inenylylnia a tornado ripped through amish country hittiti fas and this structure. a doour led to flash floodingnground washingtgn, d d. and left aoror road flooded forrhe morningmmute. inhe newewewk area a gust of windndndt thisruck airbrbne. aook at this offrues new yk 12 foot wavess c csizedoast guard at.
3:35 am
looking a a photograph of a-plus torna and nowow after the rnado. this waw the garag doornd th was oncnc the roof.. it a aood example muchhhat happensshen aorna m a ilding. . >`ere are ne concerns ove thth safetyt ofe-cigarett a manm kentucksuffered cond degree burns wh the batterer expxpded in his pocket.. >> reporter: this latatt incint caught on taps raising new ccerns about the multionairere dolr baeriesf surveill fooooge captured the moment sh'sants burst intolame at a kentuckyy gas statio he runssutsidi suggling tol ditch his clotheseer a man uzs m. haumton posted oacebookust
3:36 am
it's the latestt incident linke to eleronic vaporize across theey. >> it's supped tobb a aafer and healthier way of smoking cigattes. he was placed in a c ca after he says an e-cigarettelewwp in his mouth. earlier ts week an ohio fire department issued w wning on itceceok charge of a an e-cigatte battery explo insidehe pket a victim'm' lab coatat pe reported moror t tn two zen incidts of expxpon and firesaused byy e eigarettes beeen 20000nd 2014. >> i i has the same fuel capability o one. - repr: i ilinked to the babaery. oper chchging, manufacring dedects a a aunctures@an cause
3:37 am
theeates are the same type found in many hohorboards whichh have cauaut fire. > in tetes.s. prt itsf you e e mparing apples to apples between what happens i the two. >> reporter: butut advocat mainin t tt explosions from e-serire rare. they sayhen charged and usese underropercondititns, batterieposo n moror o a fire risk than s silar batterirs t t t ar used in cell phones and lap to. uhoulul use c ce p pable batteries a a charaerss and avoid
3:38 am
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3:40 am
wiy, y ls,s,s,so canageles ol. agelels. . >> frsaliforni sill con's valleyey was the heart of the technolical iv, b he's i i ws known atsisico pr reporter: acrosshe g gat plainshe newashrop is high tech. >> is time we bang the dru and l people know tre's something happening ver here. >> what'ss happeni isn exexosion of s srt up software
3:41 am
in 22 ey d to launch amoy providing salers of premiumealth products, but first they had to leavean franciscsc& >> we could just be anoth start-up o o the west coastn the lley, oe can bart o movementt in the miest. reporte itas0000 s d did5 miio in sal hel bhi unun i i fel peopl in neaska wlden oveve bards to hyo orhi isicon prairie and it's remaking cit across the midwest whehe david co-founded h%hdl i 2006. >> o pitch is get in h he and make a differerce. >>eporter:erercepopo am coachepo their game film to
3:42 am
what is itbout linkoko that works?s i i i supportive cocoun >> r rorter:au c c c cd s. >> w have c vuend ofureals is fire the. [ bleep] >>eporter: youealize that people from new w rk and san francisco ll be watching tis? >> that's fine. you know where t find me. >> rr: aerpetige, erything is cheaper. the median home here sells 58,000. >ou can groro your eam faster wiwi less capitol, same wh our office space. rorteoday this a aa i i becoming a ainpaltlt alal. >> jusus heaea froro people that@ come v v and check out t wn le@e@ t ty gis ycool.
3:43 am
ippisriri rorre ehe ere c-allenges. companies have struggling to attract osipal a a sts.s.s. % % invnvtmtmlastst yeaea went$- es, tt's gi d't tnkhaefles dision of gat peoplwithth gateas.s.ororortetetete case heads up revolution, arere capital . ititlalaonvnvt c csesese too b b bononon t thpanini insisisihehehetststs >> s s spepepeall itthehe y-over y.wewewehinknkre peo ilding g gatsses. >>epter: huldstartededededed ree e e oyees.s.s. ititowas 400. you are the microroft. >> it's been an amazingngride. i think that's what the most fufu rt of it . >> rorter: huddle h employeesorking in 14 untries, but it's n headquters is goi up right
3:44 am
for cbs this rning,g, neka your smartphe is essenty a portable coer in your pockets, t means it canfall victim to hackers and they do it through apps that you download. a security firm fou 80% of the top three apps on android and ipnesewere breachede thth n nber j jps to7% among the top paia appppon thosese devices. >> reporter:hethert's apps that helps advertisersart t you or helps hackers rip you off, you'll want to do you homework bee dowowoading ap. >ny way i h h monon theyyot . . >> reporter: c cififniaa susan
3:45 am
rcrcsed onc for like $1 orter: w wshe wen t t reload the gamamam she found hund o purchches had bee made. >> my heart sank i just sathere lki a a a a at and i physica -- i w w sick because e e idn't know what thehe were.@ >> some of the informatiti these apps ask for are way beyon what ey should be asking fr. >> rep that story is no surprise to cyber securit pert whose companyny rackck malware. >> reporter: what are thehe umum? yououeoing to wondere w w there w a transaction, wr how memee g in your bank account and paid a bill. >> reporter: wn you download an app, you're ggg the app permisison to accesesth parts ofour phone likik annlarm clock appt n tra phone call >> do you tnk an alala clockck
3:46 am
call i iortionlls s u'vevemade, youreve id. this inot a alarm k. >> reporter: andnd the weatheree and flasasashtpps as h h showeds a dememststtion off w`attt could happen when someone takes photo of a check to sends tohe banknk >> reporter: what happens to the& k no > itrabs a copyy of the it. . epter: last yeaea the group discscered 11 malwarapps on hones that sent informatio to aaemote server e i i rtionon incdedext messss, ype calls and shshos. plfought bacac by reming e apnd p pting stricte curieasure in place.e. >> thehe get at yr lists to ild a profile on you. >> repter: some apps are collecng information for advertising rposes. in 2014 a l lsuitas settled
3:47 am
flashlht apppp allllini i i transmitted infmatiti to thirdrd parties withtht teteingg consumers with6 but he saysss he'sound a flashligig app that can do m me oublingthin. >> this@ turnsnour micro phone in the bacround and ndssn ncncpted tunnelo a server we diovered in beijg. >> reporter: you'reeing ey'reteteng conversationonand sding thatt@ audio bk to beijing?g? yeah, we' tracked it. >> reporter: where is it? >> on infnfmation drive in bebeing beijing! beijing. >> reporter: he gave a report to the fbi. hiscommendation. >e really have t look at our phohe and say this is really a personal compmter that fits in our cket, let'shut down all e apps w don't use,et's delele apps that don'tak sense andd redugug the ric of being spied on.
3:48 am
brightest flashlilit appeltsed with the ftc. susan sued goog oveveher allegegeck, but a judge % diissed itit sayingg she a a herer attorney filededededed latete google s ss usion than 1% of androidevices s s bad appsvs i thxnk we should've taken a ft at the rive tarzan knonowhwhwhtarzan go! tarzan does not knowhwhere tarzan go. hey, euse me, do you know whe e e wawarfall is? waterfrfl? no, me tararn,n, kingngngjuju. whwhdon't you want t tjust ask body? f y're a couple, you fight over directions.. it's what you . if you want t ave fiftetn pet or more onar insurce, u switch t tgeic ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right my ear?
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u dovery in jt e clk,k, ev k kp your t tleclean troducing lysol click gel. clk it in enjoy canreshness with eveve flus
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art heaethinin yeah, click theega hit uptown funk won song othe year, but t couou becomemehehehnof a lalauiui 70 gro cald the sequence saysysuptown funk sounds likikik their1979 9 wn funkk y y up. meanwhile the producer r step@ pg into the spototght. >>eporter:hatt opepeng vocal is unmistakabab a a so is bruno mars. he's the front man who gave up uptown funk the groove to stay 100 0 r a record 14 4eeks. bub what's sometete forgotttt is thththheong actuallyy belongs to he guy sittingng on the fro
3:52 am
>> it's ptty d dd on. everyoyo knows who they're ing about. it's the guy with the guitar andnd ththtall y. >> reptete the talal guy isss musicroducerr markronson. it waspp his albumptown spl that contained the hit song that featured bruno mars. they recordedd an agonizingng 87 versionsndn worried the wowo funk might bebeind of lame. >> even to t lastinutut there were people w we like can you call it wnfunk. >>y gueue i if you w wt up to ten peoplele onn the streetnd said whose sono is uptown fupg they would say brun es itothehe yo no. >> r rortete he deee for
3:53 am
acclclmed 2006albubu back t t black@k w@ivegrammymy he recalls t t casual conversation about her family that led to their biggest hit.t. >> we were walkingng aund soho in new yk and she says yeah th camam oveve tohoe i wa likikhahappndhe s s thehe t ted toake me go to rehab, but i w w like no >> reporter: he says he unaware at the time of how oued really was. the osr natedo amy follolo hereath at age . >> i've seen it twice. >> reporter: w wt was it likeo tch h that? >> it's difficult to watctc i ve the first hour because 's like spending time with an old friend again. >> reporr: wasis friendshsh witit hhat l l h h
3:54 am
iting her first album, adele e >> shehe nstantly seemed swn up and ture, not just in her voice, but s kw what she wanted. r%r%rter: h hroduced songsgs for 19 a adels lattmash . t itit worng with music royay paul mccartny that made him most nervou >> it as incredible. it's e erything rolled in ono. you haha t get orhat'm working with pau realiyuickly because yoyohaveveo be on your toes. reporter: the days he is settlili into his new found fame and the realizization that i may be@ harar to top his latest success. >> the thingngoemember isp like
3:55 am
at moment ofoy oflayiyi the music you love and thenn uninthe heck o o of thiss w you sa it going to o okay to someone who just lost everything. that, yesl we'll find you somewhwhe to stay and yes, your ildren will have breakfast. every 8 minutes the red d ososresponds
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nw? ew. johnsonnd johnson is fighting backgainst a $72 llion verdict. the judgment was awardeded to a a woman who claimss the talcum products caud hervari cancer.. more tn thousand other cases areendini fro coa too ast.t. an wr reports. %rortete shegnos withvariancerr in march@h of 13 thth helawsuitt cla the talcum wderern cars no photogegec the company has known about it for decades. 7 ginerations o womenavuseded
3:58 am
them feel c can a a frfrh. >> it't' aeeling you never outgtg repepter: she used the for giene fordecades.s. her lawyer sayshose p pducts timatelylyauseder death. >> johnsonon andnd j jnson knew of the association of talc and ovarian cancertarting back in 1979. rerorter: the american cancer societyayssestsf studies onossibleeweenen um powder have beeeemixed with s se s4sdies reporting a a sligly increreed risk and some studies reporting n nincrease, butpthe expert for the pintiff nducted his owntudyhat ows an incncased ri.` >> >here he b bn more than 2 stududs and thtpmarityf the e e found an elevated sk.
3:59 am
lawyers intducece into evidedee w wch johnson andjohn er saiai i c c bee perceived of denying the obvious in the face obll t t evidence to the cocorary. >> they madadecision to wawa t t ctomers that they re usi a dananropruc >> rorter: on monln a jury dered johnson and johnson to payy fofos family $10 million and another $6$&milllln in p pitiviv dadages. >> the whohoight was for not just for hehe but so manyther women. >> reporter: johnsns and johns said in statament sympmphis with fox'sfaly, t sdhe verdictoes against decadede off sound scicoce oving the savetyy offtalc. it also sai thehe talcumowder it usese meets t highestst standards fofouality and rity. that's the overninit newss for this friday for r me of@ youhe news
4:00 am
wi us a little l ler for the rnininnewsndcbs this mornin om the broadcast cente captioning funun c c@ ptioningngunded by cbs > 's friday, february 26thth 2016. this is the "cbsningngewu." targeted at random. a nman opens fire rkplple, killing a aleast the peoplp before e is brought downwny a roop. >> do you know whe donald is w? o,o, n n >> donalaltrumumfes competitors before super tuesday. adding insult to injury. airline passenenrs cheer when a


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