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tv   11 News 630  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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the eaern n ains. fightete areorking to find
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brush-fire right i ie e ddle of a aolororo springs nenehborhoho this aftereoon. check out this video o om our viewer matt. yocan see justow close the ames were to h m. thisispened near@villaoma park. it is close- oro blanco a consitutiti on the northeasdsde of the spris. we'll let yoknow whe investators learn h w itit started. muiggefirereae burned re ta ndd acres ininvoalal east of pueblo. the fire is under ntntl night and wewewet learned d 's abobo 65 rcent contained.d. crews s ll be out ovovnight to monitor r fire. o was hurt and no homes re d daged. this one may have been caused by a downed pow line. and two perate fires are s s smoldering o o ortrtrtrtn. the mountain post lls us neithefire actuall arted todaya bututotothad d
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today's wi, using g oke plumum that coululbe see for miles.s. the e meind th causese troue fofol those fififighters m m h ve e en a factor in a deadly psh. toght investatats are trtrng to piece together what went wrong. wss say it was flyingngery loand d m in between twl houses, just misng em e plane crasd in palr lake th mning and burst into flames. there were no survivivs. andreweweidenberger/witntnssss plane goindown 12:59:27 sually planes y by here, so noticed something wasn't normal." this is picte of t plane momentndbefore it went down. the sheriffs deparent says the we unable e see a tail numver onhe or hohomany people were in it. investigatats are trying to figure out h h therash happened. e air force academy is coopering wi boulder police in their investigation o oa cadet acsed of sex assat. lice arrestete21 year oljack warmolts a a the ademy afafaftheyay dna nked him to the case.
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univivsity hilin boulder last april. the drivernvolved in a b b asa a ar powererenennorth carefree, is eected to rvive. that t ash shut d d e tersececon oveight. e impact o oit lingeged into the morning rush. it was all c csed by this crh. wee told triver suffered seriouy injured. we'v' learned a dety yillein a car accedentntas a huhuand and father@rf thththas animas county deputy tras russell diesterday in trindidad whenfnis patrol ca veered across a road and hit a may va beeeesome kind crash. we will let you know when funel plans are de. weave anpdtoght, on this man.n. sean overstrtrt plead not guilty ason of insantiy. at's according to the cacan city daily record. hs acacsed of stabbing his girlfrfrnd's formerereachch in fremt county. his atrneys say the suspect had head trauma
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to theepublican nomination. he won seventates on super tuesday. hisisemainini rivalslsita lot ofatching d craig boswell has e story from marco rubio d for himsmsf dnesday morninin his h he state of florida nrly o bebere thastate's primar it's my me a a ae're gonna win florida, w wfeeeeerere autt. ruo needs florora after winning st one@stateten super tuesday. dond trump aimed sen victies and ted cron three s stes. trump dismsed rubio's chances florida where e e bibiioire e intains a double digit leadadn the polls. he i ia lilitwei as ve sasa many times bebere trtrp's viies on sup tuy y ve splpl t it's beyond e ghghare age we are n n in the acceptance stage there's pblk that gopop leaders will try to block trump'path to the nominatiti blakem`nays that would be bad for the f rty.
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ump'p'momeum has not only stund the gop estsblishment, ben carsoso released statement sayg he no longesees a pathththward. hillararwhat a supersday in t t democrctihillary intois startinto pull l ay frfr bere sander she won ven statn sur dada bernrn sanrs won four.r.ut sanders -- w w rallied wedneay in mai optimist. we can win here if the i ia large voter turnout. please vovo.o the vermonsesetor raed 12 milliodolllls morerehan inton in the last momoh. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. ey voters s six sta showed ninety rcent of trump supportersaid they were loing r an outsider and haha we ary wh h h rnrnnt. tomorrow nig a gop presidential candate will be m!ing fm m e deba stage. but still ben carson is stoppi short of ficially droppououou the race for thehite house. today, he saidheheees "no path forrd" to the nomation d says he e e not attenen thursdayay g-o-p debate e
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clear whwhher carson will ofofcially susnd his campaign. but t busususs managar says he noonger willllctivelseekoteses carson stant quwue " " bemain d dply committed totoy memeation, america. do not see a litical pa forwa in light of last evenins$supepepey primaryr resus. /# howererthis grassroots vevent o obehalf of e th people" will continue." colorado democts and publicans say they want to dawaw with the caucuc and a pri eleleion instd. the ecreement between the o parties mes after both pties said they we filled to cacity last`t` night. anansome republicansaid they were angry t t t di get to voice e o they want for president. the two parts ll try to ke the ange f f the 2020 elec. . . polilipare loooong for a m m who sasa he was robbing a baand then said he was jing. it happenenethis afteron at the bank o o colorado n nr atte a a murra on the southst madidn't'tave a apon lice wananto track d dn the guyfd taith him.
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med d rosprings the fifth bese place to o live in the s. denver topd the list. / austin, texas me in atumber two.. / it follod byby arkansas, , and d igh-durham, , rth carolili. /# coloro spspsps rounds outut the totofiveve the ris wasapickedor itsts lolocost of living, a a w unemployment rate, and its wide riety of o oions for recreion and entertrtnment. remember those slors hel captive bybyran? mingngp, the inveation has wrapped ababt whapped befofo they wereaptured. we'll tell you inin st a few minutes. but first, a a w reportheds light on iaiacancer sndtl ier. doctors want t memetonow ririt after th break. you're watching kktv 11 news with dianne derb d d ward, chchch memeorologist brian bledede and sam farnsworthith sportsthih
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out 20 thousand won are diagsed with oriancer@y year mpny d sin the dease is@ pickededp at late stes. now a new report is shedding light onow doctors s ghghbe able e catch lier a a treat it better. te okitaas s s. . hollywscptter dana baratta brings chactettoto fefen t-v,ut now she's
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n story y her ttle wit advanced stage ovavaan cancer. dana "it is incredibly frightening. it knocks y/u off your feet t a w report says ovian n ncer is not just one didiase but rathififrereypes o ocancs thth u ually startn the e erus or r rlopopn tubes.. dr bh the ovy itself isuch a fertile e ea for t cls to implt with lots of blood veels annutrients that they don actually begin on the ovary, but they actuay metastasize totohehe ovary.. the e portrtrom the enioiol academieof sciencece enneering, and medine e ys understataing these cancncs is it f f e ely detecon and trtbent.ats e report also cacas for more universal genetititisting foall women withthva cancer and their f filils. thererwas no oamily history. as far as i know. baratta wawatested and it tus out she did cacay a a gene thahaput her at higher risk. shsays there wer warnrng signs, including bloating and lingering abdominal pain. . ur years r shs remissisi but knows there'an 80-percent
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most days arovershadowed by how happy i am to o o er e hopes more research willchge odds forvaancer survivors. teri a, cbs news, los anafs.s. ovarian cancer is the fifth leadincause cancer d dths among women. 10 sairs b befly held captive in in january may face dcipline r mistes leadadg to the iidt. an invtigaon fds sasaorordedeepead erro leadadg them intiranian n territorial waters. among other things, they reportedly failed d conduct a standard operational@ briefing fore s sting sail.& the sailors were capred,d,nd rerw bldfded ananinteated during tiridainment. her big city just tookok major step to try to prevent tes from skikgkg san fransco@is booing the legal age to buy tobacco products iluding cigarett and d cigarettes from 18 to 21. thcity the second largrgt be new york to raise that minimum age. the new ordinancncs effect jun rit now.
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up after a torordo swept throu last night. thstorm damaged and destrod h mes. eople were hurt and were rushed thospitalal this happen in an aa uth of bibiingham. sportsuthority is filili for apter 11 bankruptcy protection anplans to c cse or sell about 14storesns the retailer sd it needs r lolotions as pnsumers shift to onle shopping. the colorado- based mpsays thr 463 storor wi remain op dururg th chapter ss. and reres might prpr the dsdsut down the videdegames and read beloved children's bauduor suess wld have turned12 today. to mark his birththth random house and dr suess terpses e donating 50 t tusand w dr suess boo to kids s nd. annewhat wasasoufavorite
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how w ng does re danger la? detailcomingng up in the full f fecast now, from the e breaking
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th winln pickckghup in e ternoon and evening. fire danger will be a concn... a f warng goes et through ek any linging showers will slide southeast.
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thananednesday, , he e0s a a a f f f fteerur d moly sunny ski. this i i still very mild for this timofofof year. we'll stay mild and dry, between e 50s to 7 7 throuou the weekend.d. slight c cncesor moisture anan
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mingngp, what's beingecalled anwhy. at you need to know in thihi11 ca f action alerer"
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kktvtv1 spor wititsam farnswth. how cool it at`tictutu??? it been nearly a mth. and thatne of e imes of super bobo 50 that
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ul pretty sweet to have at a athe e st memory of peyton manning in footll uniform, right??? ....appantly... peyton nnnnnnstill isn't sure if that's how he e s the end d d s career rerembered.. peyton m mning's agent t coon was a guest on sports di104.3 the f n in denver toy... in his intview he confirmed thananan has nonotoldimimf he is s g to play or not nex year... condon s sd peyton is going tata hisime still... wever long that is... d if mningngoes deci to play n nt year... condon , yes... thehe will bee multiple teams i ierested in mannink k r the e 16 season... denver basededurniture r r racing has been penalized by nascar. nascar suspended martin trux jrjr crerechief cole pearn for enrace and&docoetrtrx 15 poin in the sprint c standings because of a second s saighrace whehehehere was an issue with the rf flfls on the car... team said they will appeal t t the penales... stste basketetll resumes tonight... and
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only boys team left from our gionn the 5-tournament. they're tipping off agnst t ck nyonn n e sweet 16... hikhligh from atamcoming up tonht at ten. beforereouake dinner tonight, you u u w wt to checkouou fridge foror@rererin type ofof eese. lt is under recall tonight becae of conces of listea. this 11 cl for r t onon alert, sah swabe shows usushat toook outur. whols has recalled its maag raw milk blue che nationwide. -% o o oa possible listeria c ctamination. recentestsone in i ia reveed t preof the bacteria in some of its products. the rerall involves cheeue@solin p pkaging l le thth. maytag dai farar hav suspended th uction and disibututn while ey try to figig out thesef e probm. wleays so therenono anyny reports of fnye gettinininck cn withheecal olfosays if u haha somef ththeese at ho, , r#w . . u cacabring yourecio e s4ore e get arefund. in the studio, sarah schwabe, kktv 11 1 ws.
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ne ers memeingoing onig now t e raf eftsapningn e uny. wh b b be. we'l'lta y t trereive. pl, there re aanul of grass fire today.y. we spoke to onmimi the flames came dangerously close toheir housus
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>> anchor: previously on "survivir"... athe brain trib d die odbal behavior - >>e have the biggest. >>e: arked her as an early pawn. >> that's what youan t brns to have no game. >> jeff:t th beaeayyri, th wen'n'n' allianceas growing stroroer >> t giir's allian f ft tul to m >> jeff: while tai's hunt f thth idol -- yououill need keyo open box. jefef ----as growing moror desperate. cannot get tdol. jeff: a a a the lastmmunyy allenge,rawn lost again. sending brawn back the tribal
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appeared the obviousote. blodie,e, she's useless. >> b jenny wasaving second thouts.. >> jason is` startrtg t@o pissse ofof jeff: at tbal councnc, thererwbs definitelyomer backnd-forth, whatato wewe do.>> jf: jnyy reved her indedesioj. >> n%w i'm wooing.g. >> jeff:avg acia forr the second triballouncil in aow. jenn the t tbe haspoken. 16re left. o will b b vtete out tight? captioningunded by cbs and ford. we go o rtr, so you can. >> alecia, just so you know, was the other person that wrote yoururame down,utut i already knowowee h h three votes toendjenny home and i prpomised her i wouldn't write her name down. at's ala. okay. >> that's it


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