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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  March 3, 2016 1:35am-4:00am MST

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sometis we use k-y uragel to hancncmy b by's naral moisrei can getoabiquker.
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feel the dfee th k crowd funding has becomeme multibillion d llar i dustry. a way for small businesses to rae money and for people to soliciciciable don two of the biggest web ses are go fme and you caring.becausessitearrgel relala thisal fraud. an cayy' rsing momofor a rt cse.. but the is nothingo stop them from poeting the sh. tyree king killed by a drunk driv rast summerear his home in sprininieldl ohio.ththxt the3-yeararld's pares sathere consol by a nghr r nev met
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the woman ofred to set up a you caring c cwd funsite to raise mofor fural exes. >> we ought sunny was a good neighb. t that neighr, tina hahaer, eaded guil to telecommunications fraud aftererep tye's parents accused her of pockcking $1,000 of $3,000 raised. it was sickening to play on a family, and use their kid d r that rea it is jus c czy>p fnkly >>cang repreatep insists indencof frauds e rare >>aunchingngundred of thousand of fundraisese a y yr. vastajory mingo use t e e tetere peoplwho o o need here and now. >> youcaring and gofundmare popular ways to raise money for peop wee fro
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crowd funding sites raise e billion in 2015. profititng themselves usually throh fees, percentages of donations. thistibilliodollar ininstry is largely unregulate tyree's fathplae t ohio senorrrod bro king h cause to the federal trade commison. in a s atement. senatobrown says famies sh nev have e f toace seeing deceased loved ones connected tound-ising scam i urge the ftco examine to ensu thahafamies are protectcd. thiprprprso c fundg is safe and legigimate. pple are soliciting mey. you t knho they are. it gs s spicious andnd cult to enforce. >> phihillins was onenof the biggt rocktarsf e 0s d '90s slingbo50 mimiion albums.
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sic ene. well, coins is bac reininoducing clsic tunes. he spoke with anthony mason. >> repter: it ong time sce we arfrom pl collin whose abruptly announced d his tirementive years ago. since then wrestled with depression, divorce and ne injury that even him from playinthe drums now. he is back. well, all most. p pe give me one re ght just one more night >> rr:h ven number one hits ithe 80s.&& phil colol b bame a glob supetar. s music cncncae. the ck hf ofhe '80s, you eveveveer no m m y. no, no, i . i like hahao ut i didn rze it. ceel it c cing ininhehe ght >> clins-relsing s buai dsal l acksnd updated ver otos. >> the n y
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>> small steck into musi for the erast nounced new marial since 2020. >> no can'st lovinyou. >re wtingon? >> i hen't been. have tried to oid being m%, frankly. th's whyetired ststased up w)w) it. >>p th what part of it? >>an desibe it know, ll out ololo witit mumuc a t. arteto feel ke musicas themem ne>>r:fter collins red ththairwaves in the s, as a solo artt.
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heheuffed lash.bengs rog stonll hihione osfaly inexpxicilfieded i ckl. >> d you ever ask k urse by you ca auning bag. it dodo gaimont a have a l le of iwn i t goookior i jack olsoand i are thriedo be stanaing in front of pl collins. >>ollins sd to take e e e blamfor all thmusical excees of the 80s. r flnghecordcrs the atlaic tplayoth legs ofofive d in 1985. >> welcome mr. robert plant. >> for a much magned peormance ththe. with r bert planimmy page, and john paul jones. >> part of the led zeppelin that wasn't'tuite so good as it might have been. i have bn ame rd tt ever since. wasn't my fault. robert w not ready. was not match fit. the sff
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you have twear your voe. and jimmy s dribbling. >> jimmy wasribbling. >> i knew th was dange when saw it. >> reporter:an expla that t tm for meme >>ou kw, cg gpof fhe mouth. he was in another place. i can feel cominin the gh >> as artiststlike alend pharel collins emerged from thshadowand backith his family. >> and wh ur we? ea >es yeah rlized we madada mi >> rorter:eungith s thfe, anhe ick with his two y yngest so,
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o is 1 -- said the o oer dayn his birthday he wishedt t ul >> what didiyou think when he said it you? do you view it as a second chance s splpl m msed each o oer youake me fluhis children ma him recononder it. >> the kidgole y. watcsomeip at's gd. yeah. i realook overer shoulder i,t grt >>t y wasnsn t t b.h,h,h,rttoay, forgotot ababt . >> kw if went or wh all thso you kn you wou sell out. le stop n treaeaen i really am touched hat. i can elit, you know. i can, i can imagine it.t.
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,, > , e 100th anniversary of the natl parkvi. connor kniten has been takin a osome naturalonders you may not knowbout mike mammotve national park in kentucky. >> rorter: there is e amth cave national park.
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to see it. add a ttle light. an entire undergrod world is illuminated. a world millions of years in the making. still being formed. a op at time t tdada located st beneath the hills ofouth centralkentucky. uammoth ve is mammot it is by far theongest known cave s stem in theorld. wecoveved morerehan 404 miles of pasge ways. that's twice as long as s e second longest cave onla earth. we could jt keep walking forever. ong before david kim was leang rds mammoth.
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stroto. >> very, v vy famous tourist attracts. only the wealthiespeople couou ford tbe her so bng ablto lve your mark and indicate that you were here was a status symbol. >> at the time, ma'amo w w privately ned. amtzhe cave avue reputation grgr. sopopo profits. eady seam promptar ttake at t e hos in theibackyards. yet pd,ina ns teing orieundergrwun werero o4o4 >>rains sof the rst tour tcaveount. throctio t tomole, erytng cng >> 14, fst`tomile d atame roadno lonr r ereryogo tr.>>ay dve into ma et scic jey.
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ytng b.a ti knono as the ntucky cave ws. of ne c c c foded e rog totoeca t amth's t in eir@ rect reporter: arereouettimed by theuys? ve intsectn. otound torld.siprinoffial cave inrmatn deedo e @ & lasounng ce names lossss c ear. >>y th youurt ou you yr toururars. they have your money the in their pocket. rrabout your rucucuc keep on driving.doheoa >> at the very end othad s ne the fame le cave exfld in i ilolokissg impoan create roqd to@w to hisave. >> fyd set outut to discover a a ve. atathe beginning of f e e ad. whililexoring a possible enenance. cococoby fling rock. trapped undergund. r8 days the story of t kentuckykyare of.
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caivated t natio2hntrat be worldwdwe stor cube aueue o5rfirsnaonwide january,y,ebruru5.the whwhe tion wch radiwaw. congress wasasastesosoululst.. happo dlfld d d tutuy. die jbe uers wleacim.llad, euloging. thbrexploror. in cave cotry, movement began totonsnsepthat somethi this wo'te to happen again.>>y ed to seseme mb. they wanted the caveo be remembered the way t ty remembered it before.
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thth wanted d protected. finini_ in n 41, mah ca
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ment park serviciclater bought sckelly in xater endidi ar i iernaonal spacstatn.n. l ld ly khan yterd he spent 340 days inrbit, e lolgt spinfor american. mark strassmann at johnson space centern houston with mor hensbuilng nin th is a mo of ththsoz acacacpsule that brought kellyback to earth. over he, a replicacaf the spe statio think out it kelly orbited the earth, 16 timea r almost a a that is 143 3 llion mile or abobo the distance betweee% earth and mars.
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after 340 ys in space.e. >> he is bac ter nearly a year living in eaeah's s tite pthou apartmenen 220 miles above e e st of . lks hehehen m@ssion cocol. nasa wilstududthe e -y-ar-old d for impactf long time igss what happens to the human body after 3434days sf tolitt gravity and too o ch radiation. they willlassess the ychogiefs lini in such cramped alien quarters.>> inonecear uncomfortable. it is a harsh environment. for inin, h!ving nrunning water. kind of ok i have been in ods campinfor a year with regards like, hygiene. and lilioff. the year iace arts now >> the goal, to helplputure astronts survive even long acssns likthe three years it could take to got to mars and back astronaut reid
1:59 am
space station 2014. >> from the federacommunity. thousandthings they wili at. what is gog on with muscles, bos, e es, fluid shift, how is his brain coping >> naswi have e unique portunitto anaze cnges coarinhihito identical twin ototr, fmetraut mark kelly. ininundreds of extxtordiry phos frospace,elited cial med fololwelongor the ridede ininctober, took th rabl ors acwalklk>> i belelel in the e poce of flyg spa.
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i believe in eraon. at aup tuesday! >> the front-runners look like a cih to clinch. >> if winner took all this thingg is over. >> som repcansnsear its over. >> he is w w w i willay in novembererern we lose. i totdou so lson-own a justice. the supremcot takesesp the est aborti c des. a gang invades aun e.e. and stls dozens of weapons. annergy tycoon dieie the wheel l dayftft his indictment. and, the most super of the supe tuesdayturns.s. >> scottelly back on m mher eart
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overnight newe". eir tails are getting le f-rrs daldld trumumand hillala cntntacac done annn on r tard a nation in sumr and a face-off inll trump wonnn 10 ates, seven on super tuday. he now hasore@ tn a qua of t dellegates he needs. republicic candidate ben carsrs saidesterday heeesoat forward for hi c cpayan and there is only antacleleouee left ted uz, marar rubio and john kasich. a ny insurmountableeoursrs becacae ofheelegatee math a a ur o o the statetete remamaing. here's majajett. >eporarco rubub voted early in flora, the state tha ul l s snd ainst donald trump. incredible p pvilegend hohor r otor myself for
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% ofhe pplulhoed sterdadassp r s ereruesdayay dit teump.p(p( t t cru w texas and okhoma but fell way short of originaloal of a a sups toto d southern eep. stl, cruz urge other republicans to d dp out. o l lg as t f fldemains divided, d dd ums path to the nominatatn rains m like th-ld b a daster for repuican las nhtrumpdd presentiti styleleews nfnfence innlentr-a-a-ao ndnd beghat aswoulbeendidif fees i am unifire, people will find that harddo believ >> on cbsbsnews, forne candida lindsay gram wasasas buying it.f >> i t tnk we a about toose totoost shonesttoliticianb in amamican historor hillary clininin
2:03 am
ihink dishonest beats crazy? >> former stududts say trump uner w scam anti-trump ad is part o o o multimillion dollalaush o re um ronl-runnerr a aear phed. they're going too p $25 iointo fm two weeks from what came over the wires. frankly i think at's ffafa'm'm concern it's fine. >> 201212 repubcacaomee former msachusettsp g gernor mitt romneyxpectetoto be sharplpritical of tmp i i h eech. th cepublican govererr of massasausettsharlie baker said if given the opportunitye ul not veor tru i i nonoer. the turnouo onupersday amongg r rurlicans wasp at an a timeistoriri gh jogarrt on thcaaign fous thank you. on t t demraticc sis c cntnt has wo states inclung seveveon ser tuesday.
2:04 am
deleoeteteshsneees.'sancycy co.>> yeste w onehe sior bookok>>epter: clinn's ser wierupsi be beree sandede 59points ialaba. pointssn anan abo00oint bhh ia xas. ao today her cign mager n n clatleads lge thanyny l en sorbaba had aa inininhe 200pry. clintobaly mtioneddersin htospspch. d shto on trtrp.p. >> knowe hav g g w to bu t ,ptorkk n&to makericaca greatagain, erica never stopp being grt. >> sanders didin s byououe dits. >> insoutest. oklahoma las ght,e@
2:05 am
insist hisn h i i thehe. senator ers doesnsne to ststt walknnew statesee t t s srtinning evevywhehe. and d large margs. w w w w be easy bauseight nowillary clion itsts leading in the pol imichigan, ohio, uisiana, and fla.a. four stes that te this momwh. scott,he i i celelrating big victory here in new york city tonight witit a s sr-stdd fund raiair featuringng elton john anty perry. >> cordes, tha you. >> awe t mak sense off this we'll turn to john ern, cbs news political direcr andnd anch o o ace the nation john, a lot of a reblicans oftoppin trtrp. practical isenate. >> it iss l shotot there is definitely motion. i kekeonee invnlved withh the ti-trump effort to ranan the rublin pic onbcale ofon 10. he said 11 but harnessin tha panic ires politiciansnd gula trganiz themsves ickly.
2:06 am
requir theto taka big@ sk. ey don't'tee be on the wrorg si of public opinioioio no guarantee. attacks from the establishment could make trump ststng. wt nef@heos plplsible@ appppaches? >> gss the shot long shoulde toy trump the detes needor/the launching aithering set o o ads i iediately inelelate rich es, ohioorida,hi voltn mch e hope would b too tear trump wn andeom ndide towin.n. then treould b n cle nn.and ththelegat c c b b pereuaded to pick some one other an trump i possiy more controllednvironmenthtf e ention. >> looking quickly at democrats. does sanders he a shot@ aga hillary clinton at thi point? >8 a very, very y sttshot. he is winning stateses shisning mene she has a delegate lead. unss sometetngpg hang she is on the way off to the
2:07 am
>> john dickerson. in@n hoton, the police released an incredible indjvidulyodayay it showswswseam o i teftz ransacking a g g sto --- ievess ranancking a gun store. tglar i i the southwest houston gun shop wasasast anddou grou men pulled up to the pickup truck. smasd e wiow attached a chain to the doors and pulled t tm off the hinges. n pe rushed in and r thh store, smashing glass cases w wh hamms. grabbing hdguns by the sackful. t a ale we see one man scoop fr ifles off the ba . an ely investigation shows the thieves got away with at least 50 we scott, so far there havee been no arrestsn tera o oia y, weapons stolen in this burglary will likeke end up the black market and could b used in violent crimes. manuel, thank u.
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righback. well as donald trumpas pronouncing himlf thewinner, rk phillips tel us europeans were having trouble pronouncing m alal >> repter:y're trying to figure out the name. th're t figur out theman. donald trump was once sn as a politics. ev as vaguely amusing. budys laughinoh now. instead they're@ scramblg to t deaea with him. taking trump lesso from those who know. >> on he pho h behioas
2:11 am
>> head of the sis rnment when trump was promising to buildd a glittering new golf resort ere. aroseever kept. >>nhingss soured very, veryy quickly. >> reporter: the europeanb press habeen fl opocalyptic foreboding,adness smethe ver er spieiel. real?asked the economist. ann mcilly, reallyhat is spooking iha h isunning . being changeab. puinthg out. ing ananevent. >> reporter: if f u want to know wheo think o& donald trump,p,ry the bookies wherer trump' odds are dramically improvin dah sethehe os. >> tmpdd shortedup. 3:1.
2:12 am
>> much more likely. 2:1, scott is a good bet. clinton'odds are even better. i a sin ou recent elections here and in the u.s., the book mss h beelter p pdictors of the result than the politic st mk f reporting to night from london newsroom. rkank u. in an important story, the biggest abortion case in a decade w argued before t ght justices of tupme court. this one is a challenge to a texas w thatposeou standards on abortion clinic supporters say the law protects patients. jan awford i following this. i thecourt' first contversial ca since the deat of justice antonin scalia. but the questions from the dd refleedeep divisions. liberals appeanitedheew regulations raising standards r abortion c cnics wou force
2:13 am
timaly otrucng woman's t bortion for noooo reason. stice baderginsbu, at i iisboutst a wan has fntnt rig to me is choicr herself. the conatesskhere is the eviden the law w i ct shut doy clin stsam alo, t treres infoatathey csed for res thah had nhi to@ d with this law. tes psioned theaw in 20, amio tcveve a peaniani w do convi of kli pnt a i botched late termabon laeq clinics to operate mo likeurgeryry centerers and he doctors wit adadtting pviles aea hoalxaprtati jod en sns tbill as carut omen.thtshat this allout.
2:14 am
dtyfca. epr:my mmier,ce t aio cnic chaling the l sai i w a smokescrn.hiw ru. harsh and dothing to advance medical health for women. >> reporter: the key vote here asnll abortnes i the moderate conserv anthony kenny. today heid not tip h ha.. he did ask whether theou should send this casekk to lower courts to get meevidence sct,tould delay decisi i the case until juice scalia's st i filled. jan crawfor at the court tonight. jan, thank >> today, justice came in twt infamo murders near the unersif virginia. kris van cleave is at the courthou epeptehackled jesse mattheleft a packe arlott chchlottvi crt pg guilty to th murde of t ege uden.p hannah'sather, jo.
2:15 am
mato b ehd.shddhaoror a rrible prpre.>>rainheecon year a uveityfirgia inerer o o 2014nhe shedher bod wound s wee late serity caeo swe the last p pso spve s he dna reve during ghamvestigatio ld m to harrington's mdethe virgigia te sdesarefter concnc 2009. they y it takes a v rageelage to raise aild. i know it takes one to bury a child. >>ganyhe ji, welcomed thehelea al. >> i would say thery emotion relief. thisas been finding jusce for morgan heen a burden on our family for sixnd a hal years. >>n exchange for pleading guilty, matt to is s srsd the h penalty. instead he wl serve four life sentences.ototthh attorn, maw apologidd tohehe famimies of his viims.
2:16 am
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> br m mlelele was every inch theco, producing natural gaga fro s sle h%h madad apke ergyec@o ex in gasucti. ll t tay a. len lone b b t heheiedn one car ash. ngspus. circances under vestigation. is omariaia franca 56-year-old mcclendon'suv crashed into the wall in the
2:20 am
flam. pacovalderama. >> he drovovstraight to the walll there was opportunity toorrect or get o o e roadway. th dt occu >> reporter: t t dea of the former ceo o i chesapaake eney one day aerer d dartmen of justi chargededimith ririing bids on oil lease is a claimimi nied. cclendnd kidaawas considere a onee toom@ade chapapke bill yuyubzbz dolllls.s. in 2010, heold leslestahahhh thatmemeca was sitting onn enengy gmine.. >> w dd t equivalent of two sdirabias ofil i the form o natural gas innnnhehehe unitedtas, n#n one but o.>> repter:fterheoooo came the bu. wasas force outt of chesapeake in 2013. authorities say,y, mcclendononas inintehan 50 mpn ur and neang a seatbebe. t donow if the acciden
2:21 am
t@ile o stone toowo w ply fh the ven dercreatehe dent. but at thisointimet oks prur cut a dry. >estoaveulutthe v' black bo scott they're hoping the bloks will telhem more aut thercstances of the acac. >> thank u,, omar.%
2:22 am
ne. > vement aory boaoa un abori cancer. evy year than,0 won in the u a diagsed. becae it is often caught too lamorehan 14,000e.e. . n lapook has me on this. >> reportete y'y'ept fod rprising g gs in ha we ow about ovarian cancer starting with the bas definitionon though it is called ovarian cancer, it can start outsid t ovarinhe fallopi tubes o uter. >> these are allll tumors. >>r. das levinene heads the
2:23 am
report authors. it colion my differert diases. the subtypes of ovarian ccer all occur in o arod ovary, butyave vy different origins. >> why is that important? >> wn you figure therg tells you formation important aboutreatment, prevention d chanisms of f veloping nc% >> reporter: presendtionveion is ke ghno effective way of finding ovarian cancer early.onreas the disease is so deadly. 34-yold d an melnekov, g genenec testing last fall and arnes e was increased sk w gngam withthy le k theouldnotc orian cancein early stes. o she optediv h cha meant roving the ovaries,allopian tub a stececmy. >> had to@ diet. frtrating as a patient.
2:24 am
uanee for colon cancer. why is orian cancer d drent? a . >> the cells turn into cancer and d read quickly. we have a limitededindow opportunity to identify cancer cells. >> often no symptoms or they're vae. here itsalarming. more than half w wen wit ovariance do nototet standacarere tatme by an ovarian cancerr specialist. dr. jon lapook. thank you, doc. >> today,.s a malaysian officials say debris that washed up on mozbiqu lt weekend is beed to be part of theail sectionfoeing 777. the same type ofircraft as mayslrneght 0. that planedippeared two years ag wit239 ppleboard.
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an forearly a year.scotkey's return home xt.ndightit a m o spen time awa f e plalat tha anyca hi stsnini bht himimho.. uarkassmana now with t rthlin >>co kelly b b on mr eah tet 00ayay in sp one of the stars in the sky was scot ll't have to look u anymore to fdd him.ile he orbited earth 16imim day. ere glu to tfinw gaga b.
2:28 am
some of n%brly 11,000sunrises and sunsetsesa pat tagogoa, hurricanebnn photos that laraed the horizon. kelly had fun. posing f f sfies. goofing around in a gorilla susu. ceknow m kidav tched that@ video and think hysterical. >> reid wiwin snth mths abrd thehepacecest one is flololo scott on teevnes wing wha iss goononutthfa eagedn de ago. >>epororr:epnnn coert t id beaeae upscotty talkingo s/k/kne iitit l ititm an astronaut ghttnow. >> reporter: in a mterr of hours kelly wilil bee b bkherere he traraed at johce ce. it feels like our ride is o or to
2:29 am
know. you know, even t t l lkkk rwararto cominme a a t trere isis ts thth i m m m i clelely could ve stayed, youou knowow wever r r it to&&>> r rorte scott k k k madadus fee were also standing on toof the rld.strassmann, cbs news,, hohoton. > and 's t ovovt for thissthur fomef y y y n ns cococococofofo o o@rs che backithh little leror the mni ws and cbs t morng. from t broadcast center i n n
2:30 am
>> announcere this is the erght ne." welcome to theererght news, i'm ddaer the r r rlicaca presidential eld contues to ow. ben carson who hary mame a n theh ser tuesday praries and caucuses is effeively endingis mpaign. carson says he sees no path forwand witl skip night's gop debates in detroit. the debate will be hosted by fox news, and this time, front-runner donald trump says he'll be there. trump ipped the f f debate iowa over his dustuph moratoto m myn y. sisisithen,, he h hnnn a
2:31 am
campmpgnmp a his party ul m together tos nating nvmv.. tranivs rai atod, and some i the gop wt to ocktrsth a s whocent dernolsht resolution no cprict. itooks lee cou wi siev, origore. epr:rump usese ballomisawdy ma rts bacrop.>>it oy t badne te al if wr@ t allthings.trp di@hatteddwaar. omimti h victories. and longng before marco rub cured h fst onl victory ofofhe campaign in minnesota, bi ser. >> he hasn't wonon anything. he i not going to w very chchch but t o ongratulate ted. becae i know how harded worked on texa
2:32 am
>> repororr:ruz won at home in texas and neighboringahoma ancl trump unfior iden. arica shouldn't't have a president whwhehord wou me aredouou cld peattheh. plause ] reporter: cruz h thihi messagagfgr rubibi johnh kasash d becarson >> for the candidates who have not yet won have not racked up significaca dete i askou to prayerfufuy consider ourur comin togegeer. >> we have real problems. >> rteaid combmbivend argued har new tacks, swed trums momentum. >>ive days ag we beg to plain totwhe american people that donald trump is a con artistst >>eporter: after the speech, rubio toldbs news t t gop would never ral yaely` a trump. >> i willo anything it akeses to keep trump from booing nominee.
2:33 am
>> ihink we are goih to be recluse. iihiee are goioi toe more@ unied. i i inke wiieuchgerpart t kre gooo win er >> surf votnix stateshowe 90% o tmp suor wer ngor ouer. 50ar angryith the feral vernment. tweek tmp and bisquare f. rubitr trump bybl di. y polal opponent worngo naru qor t ti masshuttepca rnrl b says h wowonooteor t tmpn noer anso b donor arealso plong fd too stop him. >> anti-trumpuper is planningeead in e next round of states. they claim new research will unearth a t tvef dt orump ing bd controversial spatements to fococ on his business deals. the plan tossaulthe
2:34 am
> think we are going to be ch bigr ptynd g to winn november. >> reporr: asbdonald trump pushes towarddnougug deleg oece theubca nominitionon >> t tes a lot of courage to run for pres epr: gop@ establishment i dent team crisis reached a f f pitch. >>he maths completel i trump's favo >>ublicans wille commion an aboion@ on their own party. ss theres an explosion inhursda night's date, tris donald trump is ing be the nomie. repepr: wit30les his hand. one superer pac tryingo s s p h tras gn . m nserve, cmon sense nserertive >> n a lifelon conservati, not consnstent consvative, he is a fraud. >> tim m mler communication ct for jeb bush's campaign. no senior tadadadvise for our prprcipals far no one tried to sp donald trump.
2:35 am
at thinks th wantoo he on immigration, abortion, cull troe.xe healre >> the super pacpentnt mlis in w w wo prentrumvmv caucus win e all. haw i don'l'lnow anything wha you are talkingutith white supremacy. >> pla tolo fward with two weekpendingpree focing with states with primaes a&a caucuses, march 8 to 15th t the groom's neyepdl comomg from well hled billionaire rebl nors. the rickettsts family, hedge fund manager, paul singer andnd megeg whitman, president and ceo off hewlt-packardterpriseonight is theeginning of nald truriin the reictytoer itmas s rist's rmatlinancial co-chair and blalaedisupport for trump as opportunism. hillali totkk b leap towards the nominationn super tuesday. wiing seven of the 11 states... still bernieie sanderc insnsts he
2:36 am
nay cordes with the clinton campaign in orid thank you allll@ so much what a a aumer sup esday. she won six southerntates by 30 to60 pncludidi delegate rh texas. she pulled off anupset in ssse an toositionersesese a th anti-trump. we know w he gotk to do. but thtt work- tha wks nonoe america great agn.n. amera never stopped beit. ndnhomamimiot lora pl h hometeff rmon it is go t be me. he saie@ou soldier on evenn if the d degate mh i i daunting 1te will have vod. 35 statesremain. >> cbs news exit pls show clilton ouerrmedh
2:37 am
older voters a womeme >> i b bieve what we need in am k ameri today is more lee anana kindss. s wowomong white men and voters under 30. >> i knonoatreta clinton and many of t estlished -- esblishment people tnk tha i amooking a a tnking too big. i n't t so >> reporte clinton is one step closos to making h htory as the t womama t t head a prential ticket for a major party. a ththllor supportererero tctcd her frontun awayigrsago. heararboutn. cautting >>hi womet thing . i ink h p i rightfullll thehitehohoe. liso cebrate es i f fridaecausepe thema is com up d beusthta islas
2:38 am
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i did everything i iould to makeheparty perfect. almost everything.g. know, i n 1010ouses could gehit by expvetisasabur $mont d-x helps break down waste. oid a ptic distewi rid-x. olely) w it,ait, wt!oucacat put it in likekehat... ... you have to rirse it first. that's baked- alfro. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? trust your dishwasher withthascade platinum. it powers.......hrhr... your toughest stuck-on food. better than finh.
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crowfu has bome a multibillion dollarindustry. a way for small busivesses to is mon and f f peoe to solicit c aritable donationon two of theigge webit go fund me and you caring. causthese sisis a lararly unregulatete there e potential for fr anyone can say they're raising money for a worycause. but there iothi tst them from pocketing the cash. ree king kille byy a druru driver lasas summer nea his home in spririfid, ih e nexttay the 13-year-old's
2:41 am
fo thom offed tet up you c cg crowdund siteo raise moy y funeral expens. >> we thought sunns a good neighbor. buthat@ig,inhahaer, pldedd glty to telecommicatioraud aft tye'pants a a aed herf pocketing $1,000 of ,000 raised. >t was seccen ing ensickenin to py o a family, and use their kid f that reasa it justcrazy. >> frankly. >> yog'epresentive insists incidencef frauds are rara. laung hundred o thousand fundraisers a year., st miry coming to use the site are people whoho have need here andnow. >>yoywinggnd gofundme are popular ways to raise money for people whohoeed hp omom medical bill to adoption f fs and college tuiuion.
2:42 am
pritti telsuly thuges,r odoons. this multibilli dollarrr industst issargely unrerulateteree's father c pendo ohio sator sherrod brown king his cause to ter trtre commission. in a statent. senana s ss families should never haveff to face seeing deceased l o connecteto fund-raising scams. i urge the ftcc to examio@ ensure that fies are pro tektdpro -- precd. >> t ts profsor says crowd funding is safe and legitimate. >> people are solicitin y. yon'owho t are. it gets suspicis a a ditch cult to enforce. philollinsas one o the byest ck sf t '80s and '90s selng about 150 million albums. then he disaeared fromm the
2:43 am
introding classic nene po wititnton>> reporter: it has been aong time sincf we hearo pl llin w g a aupupyp aounced histetirt five years ag nce then wrereitit depression, divorce and neck ry that ev him from playing the drums now. he isback. well, a. please ge me one more nighgh onene moreight >> reporter: w wh seven number one hi in the 800s. il collins became a aloba persta his music escapable.the e ck half of the '80s, yoyo were everywhere. i know i'm m rry. no, no, i do el le i have t go out. i dent realizizidn't realize . i cananeml itom i ght t >> collins is re-releasasg solo albubu waitedigsalracks and
2:44 am
theu. >>ts a n me, ahah >ma s bk iomur sr who hn't unce n matl s 02. n i cantopoving you. areoy writingsong >>en't been. i haveried toid being me frankly. 'shy i reti. i just was fed up with it. fed up with what part of it? >> i can't describe know, fell out of lov with musiabi l keusicas the eneny. just one minin or afterolns rumdd the airvesn the0s, as a solo artist. tohton >> reportere and with the band, he sufredd cklash. bemimi as rolling s called him one most unfafafa and
2:45 am
didou ever aourself by u bam pununingg. >> i doe g gnentumnd l l etsts` y do ieait o o oells met is erer i'too f f . >> jk n nhols and i ara thriending front hi coins. olli sd to te the am f t music excesses t 80s. for flying the concord acros the atltic too p py bot legeg l le ai1985 >>elco mr. robert plant. >> f f a muchh maligned performance there. with robert plant, jimmy page anjohnaulljones. >> part ofofhe led zeppen that wasn't quiteooood as it might havebeen. have been blame ford that ever sisie. itasast my ult.
2:46 am
was not match fit. ng the stuff. d d have toea yr vovoe. andimpmy wasblg.g. jmy was@g. >> i kne tha dangeusus sit. >> reporter:ouant toxplatherm y ow, comg o othe mouth. was in anotheplace. can feel it coming in the ght >> as artists l le ele and arl arl, cns emerged from theehadows andackk with his family. >> a a withour wife? yeah. >> i i am. yeah, weealized w made a mistak >> reporter:reuniting with h third wife, means he is back with hiswo yngsons, nicholas, nog 1414 andmatthew, who is 11.
2:47 am
-- - ididhe other day on his birtay he wished itld en. >>t dpiid you think when he sa itt you? do you v vw it as aecond chchce?? simp.isseacache you make m m blue h hhildnmade him reconsider i the kids google youtube. watch some of the clipthat od. ye. i really look over their shshlder. and i, thaasre >> that guyasn' t d. >>yeah, starting to say,y,orgogo about that. >> y kno iffb wt out on orh ahe songs. u know you would sell out. people s in the treatment. i really am touchehy that. i can ell , you know.w.. i can, i can imagineit enoughgpressure in here for ya? i'm gonna ta mucinex sinus-max. too late, 7`'re about to take off. these olve fast. thw liquids. and you're coming with me...
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munex`sinunumax liquid gels. dissolves fast to unlea mtrgth memecine this.
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itthe rus.alwa did you k kw ththe's a a h iquid thatlalas for twelve hoursrs y dedeymlvur c c liquid. s advanced fmulaeases powerful medicinehat ac fast while its extendereleaseicours t dmm . > > 16, ter theatiok e. connorr knighten has been taking a tour o some nal wonde u`y not know about mike mammoth cave nationalark in ntky. >> reportetehere is lot to se at mmoth cave national park it's jusnot aays tt easy see it aittle light.
2:51 am
illuminated. a world millions of years@s in t mang. ill rma drdr a a time toto day.casten t hills soucera keucky oth ve is by far t l lgest known cave system in the m t t t405 miassays twice as long a a the second longest cave@nnet earth. we could justeep wat forever. >> long b b bavav was leaning tordsh.eavisirserngheir famouss touriri attracac. tealtest peo cld affoo here. beiveourk anicat ttereer was atatus syol. >> at the timem ma'amo was
2:52 am
amtz the ce avenu reputution . so did ofits... steaea s seamrompd farrsrs tak a look at the holes@sn thei backrds. >> you g paid, buyinfew erns lanterns. telling stories underground and people were e lling to do it. >> trains boughome of the firsttouri to cave coy. with introduioio of the automobile, everything changes. >1934, f f aomobe @ arrivedd at mammoth@cave.@.@ now w e rlroad iso longer where yoyo go on your tour. >> today the drive into mammoth is a quiet. scenicjourury. but 100 yea agag it anything but. timenonono as the the ktutu wa. owoeoe o neayaveslooded d the road tryingo dectit of mmoth's traffic in their dict. >> rorr: are youetting swarmed byhe guys?
2:53 am
boot arorod the w w w. signgn promisifficl fon mesig too use similar sounding cave nam like cossal c crn b the teouig it ou yoyoou tou lls. eyave youroney in eir poet. so aut yr . troad >> a the verndf theoa sryst ve.owby l oav explor, d collins. if lo ksingng wportan that is whe haslacking. ho c tdo get is ca fd set ou to disco a cave t beginning o t roa e orosble ence. coin aalli ro trped undergrgund. 18 day s s of the kentucare .okg totote,
2:54 am
htrntec worldwe story. it scud be argued ofur first wide. jay, bruary, 15. the whee n nion watchehe oas new. congress wasasalted so theyy couldlilien. ppeno old ikentky. flolo die jus rerserer able t reach ballads werewrwrten, eulogizing thbrave orer cavecoy, a ment began suha somhinghi wouldtavef to ha ain. he wanted to see somhing dumb. they wtedhehe cave to be membed tayy remembed it before. all this uglstuff arted. th w wted it prte finally in 1941 mmoth cave
2:55 am
ic t`sutptef
2:56 am
2:57 am
scott k mly back in tex after spending aear at intertional ace stat kellyl landed safely in kazakhstan yesterday. ppepe 340 days in orbit, t ngspe e t for any amaman. mark strassmann at johnson space center i honit mo. here side bldin nine. this is a up of the yuz spacee capsule that brought kelly back to earth. over here, a rlica of the space stion. think abououit. kelly orbited the earth,e y y r almost yea no(((( that i 3 milli s.s. orut the distae betwtwn
2:58 am
scott kelly back on mother earth after r 0 ds inspace. he is back..r neay year livivg in earth's ultimatetenth ar 220 sve rf.hen missi controlo houstonnetting out a b b cheer.r. nasa willtudy the 52-year-old fofothe impact of long time weiglessnene. whwh hapapns t t the human by afafr 34ays ofooite grity doo mh radiatatn. they wil ass the psychogil effects ofivin in shraed alien quarters. >>it's not necessarily uncomfortable. i i a har ro for instan, having no@ running water. kind of look iave been inhhhe wools c cping y yrth gas like,gi anliftft theer inpce ss w.heal,oelelel future astronauts survive even longer speissis lik tee
2:59 am
mars andndac astronaut reid spsi mons on acatatn i i20 >> fro he falcounity. thousand of things they will look at. whatgoin onit muscles, bones, eyes, fluid shift, how is his brain coping. >> nasaaill he t uqu oppounityo analyhanges tokesen ig sturcoarininhim todeic tn brothe former aststna m kelly. h hdreds extraornary photos from space, k%kly invited social mediaollowers along for the de. octer, he took t ts memomoble se of his firsts spacacwalklk >> ielieveve the impnce of f fingn space.anee rrcrcrc elvee in ploration. d will miss being -- on the front lines o t endeauor. >> kelly says the harde thing about h h tim in spa w missing his friend and bmily. but he will see manyy of themm wh he rurur h t housto that's the "cbs overnight news" for is thursday.
3:00 am
r othe,ckac withs ttleerororngng news and cbs this rning. fr the brost centete i newyoity, i'm dahr. what a super tuesday! >> theheront-runners look lili a cinch to clinch. >> inner took l th tng is over. >>ome reblicans fear it is over. >> here is whai will say in november w wn we lose. i told y y so. >> also tonight -- down a juic e e eme court takas upuphe biggest abtion ce in
3:01 am
gang inv a gun stoanea deapons. ergtycoco dieat t l one dahis inctment. d, the mt super the super esday returns. >>tt k klyack onothe h. >> annncer: this is the "c overt news". tpeir tata lights are getting smaller as f fnt-ronald anllarcln race ne an open roatoward a nomination in summer and
3:02 am
trump has won 10tates, seven s s tueay ow h m me an a quartof tegates he need publananandite carn id yrdaye paforwfos caaign and this oan obstacle urse left f tedru marco and d ich.a arlynstae courcausofhe dele andththna oat reining. here'sajor gabrett. >> reporter: marco@wubio voted early inloriri, the stste that coulbe hisasstanait do tmp. >> incredible prprilegegan
3:03 am
present. ast t ump he a pren s new ererce in n ulla ball a aeghat adsersrs hopewobe aen ofees. i )m unireoplel fi at hd ie on ne, foerandilindy grahasn'buyingt. think wexare ababt to los mososdionest popon eric history, hihito hsw could dohat t mi ws y? think diest beats cr >>menestuden sayayru ersity w a scam. >> anttrump ads part of a multimillili dollar push to rail trump. ththfront-runner did notppea phased. >> they're going to put t 5 millllinto it fromwo weeks fromomhat came over the wis.frk ate as conrnedt's ne. >012 republican nominee former massachusetts governor mitt romneneexpected to be sharplitical of ump in his speech. the cucut republan govor of msauset chahaie baker sa igivee ithe uld not vo for trump in november. >> t turnout on n per t esday amonrepuicans atatall l titi hric gh
3:04 am
r us..thk yo the democtitilint s v ten n ates inclu and d e now has 44% of the delegateteshe needs. here's nancy yororor >> yesterdaywas one the history book >> reporter: clinton's super tutuday wins we super sized. shbeat bere naby9 pointstsn alama. 43 pointntin geoia.ananout 30 botvirgia and a memo her mpai h manageted clinn'delete ad i ilarger tany leadad then senat obama had at any
3:05 am
in her vicry speec ininead she took otrump. >> we know we haha got work to o but, that wowo, thth w wk is not to make americicgreat again, great. n thepsoest. in oklahomst nig, we won by 10 points. >> reptete today his aides he ie hunt.. senanasaers esn't o start istates heh ts to stt in erywre. and by lge mns. thonone ea becau right in the polls in michiganohio, louisiana, and floriri. s@t, ice fund raiser featuring elton john >> ncy c cde thaha y. awe@eo kekese othis 'll tjohn dicrson, s ne pical d dr and anchor of "face thnation." jojo, a lot of talk amonon republananof s spping trumpn how praraical i ithat? >> it is a long ot ere e initmovati )pasked somee involved with e anti-tmp effort to rank the republican pann of onto 10. he sd 11. buharnessing that panic requires policians and party regularsrso organize themselves quickly. there is no leader of f is effort. requires them to taka big
3:06 am
th don't like to be on the wronsi opuic onion. nouarantee. attackckfrom the establishment could mama trump stronger. >> whahais one of e momo ausie oaoa? iuese shoes shotoulde to denentrump th gates eded forhe nomination. nchingititring s of f f states, ohio, , orida, wch the pe would be e tear trump down and give some other candidate a chanceo win.en tre wld b bnoar winn. and ththdecoulbe contlled environment of the >> looking quickly at democrats. does sanders have a shot against >> a very, very distant shot. he is winning states she is winng more than he is. unless something changes she is on the way off to the nomition
3:07 am
in hououon, the police he released an incredible videotoday. it shows teaeaof tev acng gun sre- thieveransackiun store. >> turglary theoustn gushop fand furiris. group ofen puld up to front of the storein a aarge pickup truck. atcheded chain totthe doors and pulled them off the hinges. ten people rushed in andan through the ste, smashinin glass cases with hammers. grabbing handguns by the sasaful. at this angle weweee one man scooup four rifles off the scsct, so far there haveve been no arstst federal ofcicis sasa wpons
3:08 am
likelylyndp on tlack market and cou be used in violent crimes >> manuel, thank you
3:09 am
3:10 am
right back. >we as s naldrumpmpas s! well as dodold trump was pronouing elf the nn mark phillips tells us europeans werereaving trouble pronououing him at all. >> reportete tre trying tofiguuthe ne. and they're tryi to figure out e man.n" nald trump was once@seenens a peculiar aberratioioof arican potics. even as vaguely aming. but nobody is laughini now. stead they're s#rambling to len how to deal with him. takingrump lessons from whknow. >>n phbehaor w
3:11 am
>> heaof tis govontn trp wa printo build a glittering new golf resort there. promise never k kt. >> t tings s sd ry, veryp qu reporter: the europopn press s en f fl of apocalyic@ forebodidi, dness screamed the coof d deg. re? askee ecobomist. ann mcillvoy, really what is spooking peoplpl thats whate isunng o beinchangeable. pulling g e rug out. being anvent. >> reporter:r:f you want to know what pplplrerelyhinkf@ nald trump, try the bookims whertrp's odds are dramaticic i iroving. alex donahue sets the ds. the trump odds shortened up. was:1. now 2:1.
3:12 am
>> much more likely. >>:1, t is goot. clinton's odds are even better here is a sobering thought. in recent electiononhere an the e s., , e bo makers have been b bpredictorsf sult tn the political pollststs. >> m mk films reportrtg to night from london newsroom. ma, thank k u. in apot or the biggest abororon case in a dede was argued before the eight justicesesf ththsupreme court.thnea chalnge to xas lalathatatmposes toughgh anrds on abortioclinics. supporrs say the law protes jan awford is folllling this. it i ithe e urt's first ntroversca sin the atat jce ant sli t thquestionom the justes were no less intense. and d ep divisions liberaru appeared ununed t new guonisrd for abortion clinicsld force many to cle.
3:13 am
righ abortio good reas. ste ruth b d wsbg, wh aut iat a woman has a ndamentnl right to make this choicr hersf. the coertives k k ere thevcethw ct shut down nanclinic juste sam ito, there is informatioth theheclcled for reasons that had notng tdo thhilaw. tes passionedethe law in 2013, amid natatnal outcry or a pennsylvania clilic where a doctor was convicted of llg patiand ththe ininintclaoron the law reir termore liksuy centers d have doors w mitting priviveges at near hosp texas representativeody
3:14 am
th itshahathis is all abouo- women's health. and quality of car >epter:myegtromomilr, ceo ofhebortion n inic challenging the law said it was a smokescreen. >> this lalais cruel. harsh anandoes nothing to advancncdical health for women. >>epor theey vote as in all abortion cases is the moraonseatatanony ` y. dada did nip hisan he did aer t cou shldd this case ba to l_wer urts tget more evidence. and ott, that would delay a decision in the casentil stice scalia's seat fled. jrawford at the courtr tonight.jaha you today, justice came in t t infamom_ murders near the ivtyviia kris van cleavavis at th courouse. >> reporter: shaled jesse mattttw left a p pked areslle cocot pleang guilty to the murder of two
3:15 am
hannnn's f f fr, john.ans ri gif us all s e enabled th wicicd n toapprprded. she did change t t world a ibibce. >v gram stngec ar at t iverertyvirginiaiaepteer20heshe ni. r was found six wee later. seserity camdeo showededhe last person toeep her ale wawamatthehe dna recovered duringng graham inveveigation linkedat t harr mr e iaia ch sntididpeared after a ncert in 2009. >> they say it takes a vililge to raise a chi. i knkn it takes one to bury a child. >> morgan any mother jill, welcomed the plea deal. >> i w wld sayheharimary emotion isief. this has beefiing justice for morgan has been a burden on our r mily for six and a half years. in exchch forlein guilty, matttto isispared e death penalty. steaeahe will serve four life
3:16 am
mattheologed to thth familili of his victims. tural gas piononr has been kill in a mysterious c csh. d,d,n arming report t out elusive cancer. the cbs ovnight news wililbe ght bababa one y y ridedema a decision. th t a savney. decided to save money by swiwihing his rcycleinsunc g. there's nohaha in saving money.
3:17 am
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, aubr mccccndon was e ery inchchch on, hekcoy anddhhhaturur g g g fromshale,e,e ma chapap energrgrgcococoo exxoxo gas proroct welllloday a behinine e whwhhe dd in a one c crasas hererereoeic villa francnc 56-6ear-ololmcclcldon'v crasd in t t tali the over@bss a e eloded into flames.
3:20 am
dre e e`ight int ware oortyty corrrrt or g gn the roadwawa that didn'occur. orter:r:r:ththf e er ceoeof chesea eneney cococoe afr depapq ofustiti chahged him w w riing bioias a he die mcclcldodowas nsiderededed pipipir ininhe oililndar drdrling bu..thom made chepeakakak ybillio of dodoars. in 2010, he coldldesley@yt "6060in"" rica was sittin engyold mimi. nhe few years have discovered the equivent 6 of twoaudibias of fil in the fofof natural gas in the un sot o o r r#rte !fter t boocime the bust.. wasasorord d t as ceo of chcheaea i20. thorsay,ndonas going faster than 50 mes an hournd wasotri a seatbebe. but do notnow ifccent intentiol. t ll te our investigs one to two weeks topletely nishhehe
3:21 am
accident. bubu this point in time it looks prty cut and dry. >> investigators have pulled out the suv's black box. scott, thehere hopine box ll tell thth more about the circumstanof t aent-tu tnk, , ar. anrgt callorioio
3:22 am
next. a government advisory board ded an alarm about ovarian caer every year more than 22,000 women the u.s. are dinose becae it is oftecaught too temoren ,000ie dr. jon lapook h more on thi >> reporter: tay'seport und ring gapin wt know about ovarian cancer starting with thbac nition. ough it t alled ovarian cancer, it can srt outside t ovary in the falloloan tubes or uterus. >> t tse are all t tors.
3:23 am
searar lab andndnd o of f e rert authohoho>> it a colleion n n anan djt tj. suesf cancnc l r or ndhe buty ve v ffen >> w iatorta? hegurerginit tes inatioioimt oueat,reved mechanisms of lo cr. rte preion ey.t w ffecveay o ndovn erly. ononisse is deadly. 34-yeyd morganelnekov, genetititeteteg last fall and learned shwas at increased ri. i was notoing to gamble ti my li knowinghewould t catcariacancer in rlstages so she ted fopreventative surger in h case that m roving
3:24 am
tratasat. >>an scrfoea er yon en con ccece y va cfft? theellsurn cce d ad. we he a litewi oprtuntodeers. o nmpmsthe gu hetsar. re tn w wovn er dt t standard of re,@treatment by an orian ccer speciclist. d n l anyou,oc. , andan ofsay dehat shup o ombique lt en ev tof t t ctioof boeg 77 ype ofircrafafas lalis flight 3th planeisared two years o wi393939ple boa. it is s e only triple 7 still ssing. he h h been watchingngrom a
3:25 am
ott kelly's turn homomne.well, thom, u'ot pdiet. buitorexexciseand a changin die an be evd. i've tried exersing. it jma me nury for bacon. loacon, o. and whly like ercis not me neither bo! [botlah] so'rg od? at, you ststl ve prediabetes.
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3:27 am
> > endonig with a who spspreime f ehhan y amn or stightthey bug him memesmn n#ththhe rthlinttacon mr rth af34gaysn space. repter: for almyear one the stars in the sky was sct kewell don't have to look up
3:28 am
ile he orbed e eth 16 times day.y. w wgld d the windodohe gave us. hisoci m pinil somef ththnearly 11,000 sunrises and sunsets he saw. patatania, hurrica dannyny phphos that enrged the rizo kelly hahafun. popong f sfies arnd in a goria su certainly i knkn my kids have tched at video andndhink i i qs hysterical. >> reiwiseman spent simonths aboardhe sce son. >> everye followi sco witt everyone is watchinihais goinon out there r more enged than a decade ago. >>eporter: even stephen colbert saideam me up scotty. >> tking to some one in orbit still is, it's like i'm an
3:29 am
>>eporr: in a matter of hourkelly will be back where he trainedt johnson space center. o. >> yea a long me, you kn. u know, evev though h look is things s at i miss, i clear however long it took. >> reporter: scott kelly made us feel we were also stanng on mark strsmann, cbs news, f fhjthuray. continues. little later for the morning news and cbs this morning.
3:30 am
>>welcome to t ornht field contin nrow. bers who hdlde bl ipetues primarieuss efivele&ng his says he seeno ph foard and d ll skip gh p p bates inetroit. e debatetwill be hososd byox ne, and this tim frononrunner donald trump saysys he'll be there. trump skped d e fox debate in waves dusth moderator megyn kelly. t t@ncen heeon a . major garrett reports.
3:31 am
campaian, na trumpmpnd h party would move togogher towards nominating convention. trump and rivals rememn at odds, and in the e p want t ocump'pa. a split thout precedenenin modede pitics with a resolution no one can predict. >>t lolike wulwiwi six, seven, eight, or nine. >> rorter: trump used the babaroom at his gawdy mar-a-lago ackop ionly too badner didn'tal if wininr thg is over.. trump did t repeat claims that ted cruz w a l lr.insneacomplimenting his tw ctries. d long before manao rubio secured his fit only victory of the camign in minnesota, trumdedeared himhe nht's big r. >> he hasn't wonnyg. hehes nogoing to win very mumu.bui conulatted.
3:32 am
work on xas. that's a big g. >>ededor mysf. >> reporter: cruz won at home in texas anneigigoring oklahomama and declared trump unfit for the presidency.. ame shoul he a president ososword wouou make you embarrassed if youchildren reed tm. [ au>> rr: cruz hath meage e ruru j d n ca. >>8>or the candidates s s ha yewon n vtate, whoave not racked usiificant delegate i ask you to prerfuy conser oominin gether >> we e ve reaeaproble. >> repepter: rubio remaiaid d ive anargueded attacks, slowed trump's momentum. >> five days ago we begin to explain to the american people at donald trump is a con artist. >>eporr:er t speech, rubio told cbs newthe gop would never@rally around trump. >> il athg it t totoeep trump from booing nominee. >> tmp sounded conciliatory.
3:33 am
momo incluve. think we are going to be more ified. think we will be a much bibier party. i think wereoing to win in nonomber. ururvoters i ix stes shod 90% of trump supporters were oking for an outsider. % e e grwith theeder rnnt. in under two weeks, trump and bio square off. rubio trails tmp by double digits. not only his political ponents rkin dl dold trump's quest for the nomination. massachusetts republican rnrnie b ss he would not vote for tru in november. an big mey donors are alsoling fto stotohim. >> ai-ump super pac is planning a two week ad blitz in the next round of states. thth claim new research will earth a trove of diron t gobeyond coveral statements to focus on his business deals. the plano assault t e publanront-runner.>> thi w wgoe a much bigger party and going to
3:34 am
>>orr: adonald trump pushesowenengh delegates to secure ththrepublican nomina..>>ak lf coagto run fopresident.t. rorr:heopop blisendeityrisi i s reached feverch >> the matis cply in trums rb>> rlins womtion aboon tir oarty nless the i an explio in thursday nighghs dete, nomie. >> repor with 300 degates in his hand. one super pac trying to stop ump hisis its me. >> i am conserva, on nse coervative. >> not a lifelong conservative, not coistent conservative,@he is frara. tim mr atio director for jeb bush's campaign.& principals pac. so far no one tried to stop nald trump.
3:35 am
igonoron,`gun contro taxes, h%th care.>> the super pac spentillis in iowao prentruaucucu n there. d't anyt what e tag out with w suac>> pnsplow forrdith twwepeing rerecusi stas@with pma acaea, mah xo5t5t groos monererted comg from wewl helionre pupuananon ricktstsamil heded fund manager, paul si aeg whitman, presidede and ceo of hewlett-packard enterprise. >>on ie ginn nana tmp bringing the republican partytyogether. whitman was chchristieieie national financial co-chair and blasted his support for p appptunism hlary clinton took a big leap towds the n nination onsusutuda nning seven n thehe1 states. still bernie sande insists h h
3:36 am
campaign in orida. >> thaha you all so much. what a super tuesday. she won six uthern s s 30 t60 points includudg delele rtexas.s. shed offffn upupt huses.anbegan to positheelf the -tru. we ow whaha gor do but at w--hat work is not me america grt amerner stpebeing san lahoma. miesot colo. isome statermont is good to beome. he said he would soldier on even if the delegate math is daunng. 1have vot. 35 stes remain. >>bs ns exollslsho clinton ouerformrd witit
3:37 am
der ters wom. >> i belie what we need in mm in america t tay is re lovo and kindness. sanders wog whe e n and voterser r . >> i know thec cli d mathe blisd tahmt tfoplelenkt oo g thig to don't thininso. eporter: clinton is e ep cler tmamangngtorythe t man toead a presidtiicicfojor part thrill foruppopos o watcd her fronrunner status slip away eight yeararago. she cares aututomom. e s abt t itin i t tnk womenet t ts done.. i`ink%place ishtfull in the white house clintononse to celebrate
3:38 am
up. and because the state isislways s kelegrnd in geneecs. hes s ing g be ing up against donald truru, e need to stara layayg the ground work now. because the he is practically y local. keeps a small residee up the way, called mar-a-lago.. >> t "cbs s ererght news" " ll be rig did you kw there's a coughliquidat lasts for twelve hoursrs try delsym twelve hour cough liquid its adedorelea pofumeci that acts fast while its extended release medicine laststfor 12 houou. sy .hi, annehow e u dodog? , evelyn.n i know it's bebe a diult ti .pe ur pd . ye. i mier aot m ok t s fa i ie chk ve been waiting r. mom haa guaranteed acceptance life insuranoly@ throh e conienn prm, and is w wl really help with the cost of her final expenses. fordable it costs less than 3cents a day-- that's pretttt afafafable, huh? 'ss the ct ptagemp so, you said it was guaranteed acceptptce? yes. it's for people ages 50 to 85.
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tifference k-yultrel crowd funding has bebeme a multibiblion dollar industry.. y smalbusisso raise momoy and for people to o solicit aritable d/datioio. two of theigst w sis a gound me and you caring. because these e tes s e largely u-rerelateteteththisotenorraudud nenean say they're raising money for a worthy cause. t e notng to op thth from pocketing the c sh. tyree king killed by a drunk drerast t t r s ho in springfield, ohio. the next day the 1 1year-old's resay ey were consoled by aeighr they never met
3:41 am
the woman offered to set up a you caring cro fund te to raise money furara penses. >> we thought sunny was a goge neig. t thateir,r,harp pleaded guil to lecommat fududer tyreres parents accuseher of pockinin$1,000 of $3,000 raiseded is sisientola faly, and e thr kid for that rean, it isust,ra.>> frank. >>ouring repsentativiv instcncidence of frauds arar ra. >> launchi hundrededf thousand ofofundrdrsers a year. vastvast m mority cong to use the sisi are people who haveneed here annow. >> ycaringngnd gofunune are popular r ys to raise monoy for w need
3:42 am
and coegtun.crowd funding sites raise $2 billion in 2015. profitting themselves usually ththugh feesesor p pcentages of dpnation this multibillion dollar dustrys largely unreted. tyree'father come plaeaeo ohio senator sherrod brown taking hauseo fedel trade commission. in statement. senator brbrn sa families s shld nevavf f fe ng deceaseveveonesnnececd totog ge the ftc to examinto surerehat mili are protecte this prprsor says crowd funding isisafe and letimate. peoplare solititi monen. you don't t ow who they aren it getetsuspspus a dit cult to o force.>> pcos wawaone of biest ro stars of the '80s an'9 selling about 150 llion .
3:43 am
sic scene. well, coloins s bac reoducg sic tunes. he spoke with anthony mason. >> reporter: it has been a long time s sce we heard from phi collll whoho abruptly annoced his retirement five years ago.sie thth pression, divorce ananne injury that prevents him fro playing the drums now. he is back. ll, l st. pe givee one more nigh st o oore t reporteh sen n one ts in thth80s. cecame a supur. himusiincapathckalf @fs, ewhere. >>no m y. noi do. fefei ve tgo out i dnealize it. i can fl oming in)t >> cli-releasiol msaitesatr a covephot..
3:44 am
>> sma stebantntmusic. for the singerho hasn't announced new w terial since 20 >> no i can't op loving you. >> are you wriring songs? i hav'teen.i ve tried to oid being me, frankly. that'shy i ret i stas fed up th it. >> fed up with what part of it? >> i can't desibe it. yoknowowll outf love with h sia bit. started to feeeeeeke music was the e emy. ju oneind >> reporter: after collins ruled e avn 8080
3:45 am
he suffed a ck. coming arolling ste called@d him one mosunfaly and explicably villified men rock 'n' roll. >> did you ever ask yoursese by u beme punching bag. i idoes gain momentum and ve a life of i i own why dodo read it. so tls mit iere. i don't go looking for it. >> jack nicholson and i are thrillll to stunding in f@ of phil colls. >> collins seemed take th blamamfor l e musical excesses%othe 80s. for flying the concord across e atico ay both le`s of live aid in 15. >>elcome mr. robt plant. >or mucmagned performance e ere. with robobt ant,immy pe, and john paul s. >>art heed zlithatat sn'tui so as it mig b ve bn ble rdt e. wasn't myault ro noteadydydy
3:46 am
vewewe youice. and jimmy s drblingn >> jimmy was dribbling. >> knew that was d dgereus enen saw it. reporter: you want to expin that term for me? >> you know,inouof t mouth. as in another place. ian feel it c#ming inhe night >> as artists like adele a pharell, collinsnsme from the shadows s d back with his ny.. nd with urife? >> yea >> yesi am.yewelid we made a mistake. >> reporter: reunititi witithis s
3:47 am
o is1. -- said t t oer day on his birtrtay h shed it would d & happen. >> what dididithin he sbidto you? do you vitits ch >> sple. we msed%each other. you make melue his childrenen made him ronsider . >> tidgoog youou.tch sof the clips. that's good. yeah. really look er theirld.and i, tt waeat fun. >> that guguwasn't t bad.d>> yh, starting s, forgot about that. >> you know if you went out door with the ngs. yoknow you would sell out. people stop n the trent. i real am m uched by that.
3:48 am
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2016the 100th annirsary ofhe natioioiopark service. connor knighten s en takin a tour of some nal wonders you may not know abo mike mammoth caveatnal rk i ntuc. >eporter: thereres a lot to seseat m mmoavnaonal park.
3:51 am
to s it. d a lili light entire unrgd world is illuminated. a world millions of years in the making. l being formed. a drop at a timemeo day. loted juststenebebebhe hil ofouth central, kentucky. mmotcaves maot its by fhegest kno caysld weisreremoren 405 miles of passaays. 's t tce a along athe second longest cave onlanet eart we could just keep walking forever. >> long before david k k was
3:52 am
rly sitors wering th stroketo. >> v vy,ery yamous touri racts. only the wealthiest people could afford to beep here. so being able to leave your mark and indicate that you were here was a statususymbobo >> at the time, ma'amo w privatelelowned. amtz the cave avenue repution grew. so did profi. steady streaprpted farar ta t thlein theibards. y uet paid,uying a few nterns teininorieununpeop werwiwig to do . trainugugugome herst to to caveountnt.wi introdun he aumobileleevhing changes. >> 1 first aome veatammoave. now e ros longe e goyo tou >>odayhe d dvento ot auiet scenic jrney. tp100 0 ars ago was anng b.
3:53 am
nene oarav f e ad trytot bit ofammo'sraffn ct >>eporor aouetetng arheuy eveve intersection.boboboaround t w gnproming offifial cave information was designedo e mir songe nanalike colossal cav earns. y e timi yououigured it ou you paid your`tourist dodoars. they havev mey the in their p cket. sorrrrabout your luck- keepn ivin down the road. at t e very e of e road was crcrtal caveve owned by the fame leemt ofave explorer, f oyd collins. >> if lolokissing waimportant. he had to create the road to get to his cave. to discover a cave. at the beginning of the road. whe exploring a possible entrance. collins was a fallingock. trapped underground.
3:54 am
looking to m me bett le, captivated the nation. his entrapmpmt me a rlrlide story. it scubergueone of our rst nationwi nuary, february, 15. e whole nation watch. radio was new. congre was halted so they could d . haen to old floyd in kencky. >> floyd die jusfo scuers were ablereim. balladadwere w wtten, eulogizing. the brbre exorer. ave couny, movemt beben to ensure that s shing likekehis wouldn't h he to happen again. >> they wanted to see something dumb. they wanted t`e cave to be membered the way they rememberedt before.
3:55 am
they wanted pct >> finally i i194141mammoth h ve
3:56 am
mek seicteboug marie, you have prediabetes. prediabetes?! i don't ha time to eat rit ise. i!a a sy m m! oh, you' a ausy mom? ye thisiss at news! busyoms s verget predidtete wait, wh? llle st...yeah thth is u l the op risforreababes,
3:57 am
scott kelly back kn texas after spending a yr at intntnation space landed safely in khstst yesterday.he spent 340 dayininrbit, the longest space stinr any american. mark strasssann atohnson space cunter in housn wiore. here inside building nine. this is a mockup of the soyuz ace capse that bro kelly ck to earth. ov here, a replica of the space station. thint it.key orbid e h, day r al a aeanow.ats 14lln miles. or aut dnce betwn earth and rs
3:58 am
after 0 days in spacac >> he is bacac after nearly aear living in eah's ultimate penthou apartment. 220 miles above the rest of us.s here in miss houston letting out a big chr. nasa will ududthe 52-year-old for im of long tweightlessness. what happens tthe human dy after 340 days of too little gravity anantoo much radiation. theyill assesesehe ycholocaeffectofofiving in succramped alien quarters. >> inonecess uncomfortable. it is a harsh environment. for instan, having no running wate kind of f ok i have been in thth woods camping r a year with regas s ike, hie d lif. e year in space star now. >> the gogl,o help futurur astronts survi en longer space missionsike e the ars it cld take tootot ma back astronont reid
3:59 am
acstatn 201 >> from the federal communy. thsand o othth twi ok at. whats on witmumc bones, eyes,id shifthow is hihibraicong. >> naswill have thunue rtunzehang comping aln brotheheormer r tront t lly.y. uns extraornary ph from spac kly iit ci media follorslo for the ride morable seiehirsspe wa. >>elieve in the importanan of flyinohinpace.
4:00 am
i believe in expration. captioning funded by cbs captioning fded by cbs > it'srsday, m 3rd 2016 i ithe bsniews." >>the mpai don trum leading g publans s y to il gop fro-runner's path to the papay's nomion. > scott kelly, space odyssey, and the astronaut is back home in the united states this momoing aftespenenng a year in space. >>d il c cmes caht on cara.


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