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tv   11 News at 6 AM  CBS  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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s. how it helping d dens of faminies get back their fefe." plus hapapning today... go presidential candidates are prearingngor another round of bates. which candidate is a aeady planning on t tendingnan..kinghe: re tuouou acrs s colodo on sur tuesesy... butut oplere n h h hbout t t y uces work o. oth democratan puicans want to change w fr youeang ns ader, this ikktv 11 news this morning.llo...ornings thisorni i'm sarah schwabe. and vinancrow... it's les o o o ologt emy for a okt whwh's
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southern colorado weather. good morning! we are s srting temperatesofinhe 3ors, a20earl toy. ski are m mtly clear. thursday will a bit coolelean wednesday, with high temperatur in the 50s and 60s and partlu cloudy tomost sunny skies. . . veild r im of t year. wll stay yild and dry, betweenenhe 50s to0s through theheeekend. this shoulbebe great stretch ofs to enjoy some time outdrsrs 'lstart toto sans towawa t ginnnng ofofext wowk wee.. returning chances for rain and snow showers, though h major storor appear in theheext
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ololown. a lolo at youroror commutete withthordan sherman.. no sigficant slow downs on yourni cmu t ing.umumisairl typicaca r yo thuhuy ing. a a a mpmpd mme unfoing day, cocoar to whererisis yterday. ft. cars traffic logoing alon utady an idgearay, otis ststststual sl dns mar interstions d stp hirn r li tfficicondions 24 hours a da go tfficatch onon webha akk.c. your nt t affifiupdas ming up in0 nute`.raffic ovalonoa thi morng,o major slow dowown ms eaeaononmonday utut t 4t frthem nth amy ll te you about 12inutes is morning...f ltrafc ndions 24 hohoa day, go to affic watch on w chann atv.m.u xtxtraraic da is ming 10 minutes. chances are you saw one hese fires. theigh fireger is y 'vbeen on an 1breaeag weathehealt. one e arted in avondale east of pupu. was likely arteteby a downed power line.
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dang. two fires s fort carson were fuel by stngwis theyeroninin. e lateststyet another fire. high winds me thne a big concern fofofore ghters ititot very close to homes in thatateighborhood, near constitution anoro o anco t east side ocolorado springng it bneabout an acrerbut rtun didn't damage anof the houses. 03:56:00 it's always scary when there's ldres y'know aer the waldo canyon fire, everybody's worried out that so yea it's ncerning fire invtitors wernot ab discover r exaau. only on 11 news... rightow... a sohern colorado group is helping the mostsneedyn r communitynathe springs scsc mission n nr wntoto colorado springs j jt reopened their food p ptry.y. news gina sito ivernow.giwhoul bobwththprogram? dave, rah, around 150 people ilize it everyryay. it's been clcled for t#t weeksks
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renovations. it u ud to b bthat you could pick up a pre-package x of foo b b bow tescucup mission s anmed ehspac a mi groceryryrere ts plps volunters at the ng m three timea week e w w rst ha v th resces is. for years, s sugglgl wdrug addion while raising hekids she faced homelessness, and did spend nights i ia shelelr. now, s h her own apartment isappy whe li. pss thsuppt familyervices p-m lps s ren our coity get n eir . y phelps, vontee riue "ani that t erwoul pla lis)and how ch it have held my life wheh i was raraing g children."
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but for low-income families. all the food products are based a point system so it's fair. the food pantry is open tuesday and thursdays stararnr qt 1. families can shop he once a nt dave, baba to you. happening today.... blican pridtial hops square o oin tir1th ba plannjng tatte, donald trump faces off against ted cruz, marco rubibiand john kasinin detroit, michigan. trump is already lococinin another battle, against mitt romomy.. trump isuestioning romney's conservative crentials. romney has attacd trp p er his ful to lease s ure immediately disavow kkk leader, david ke. in aopen letter-ore th 5 prominent repupuicans also chalng trumpbut itcould backfire. john dickerson there's no guarartee. attackom elime cod elmakemp er.
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tonight's deba. today... forr governor mitt rororo is expepeed ttalk about the state ofhe presidentiaia race. as wjust mentioned, romneyas stepped up his cricis current-p esidedalalalnt-runner natrp rect days. . we'll let you know what we find out later on totay. right now... one democratic candidate struggggng with a major ction the ectctatat need@twin e white hous / hillary clclcln lost of vs thes d d on k&per tuesday. / llennials have consistently ocked tohe campaigngnf bernie sandmrs. /# young votersave creasingly buen par demrarac rty's se a clintnnnn ededm in okineah s s ththlil e e ololadade in$& chge way we oo presinel caidates. democrcrs repuicanwawa a primary election, inead of cauau this all comes aftet super tuesday. both paies complained about the rrrrsystemf thousand oprecinctctcttings. cratic ccucuacroso
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leaving rather than wait in longng lines. srepublicans... angry the precinct caucusesedidn't include a presidential raw popo. righghghw... an air e academemdei# isome ououble. r old jack warmomos $& under arrest... in connection with a sexual assasat inveveigation. / it happened last year inboulder. / investigatororsay d-n-n- evidence collectedatch rmolts' a. armolts hasn'teen n arged wi ameme e acadady sa it' coeratwith boulder polili. happening torrow... families are invited to a public meeting... to stop gang violence in local ighbororod s. / accorling to the pueblo chieftain... theeeting stas tomorrow nighd at tfven. / it at victory li mimirieshu ospspavenueebeb. the al i i shanpnp o stpi t cururnt gang sittiti. /# representatav es from t pupulo police department are attending g e meeting. one soulul coro s s worried abt an
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wh lnforcement sugst could hehe prururt some crimes. but fit... a controvelala s sp is ill up forf didision. one%rmer ci council mb i suggng co rires does. live look ououidedon your thursdayrom r phil long camera! emily has a a eck on your forecast. jordrd sherman keeping an e on
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morning g g t! re he y buddy, wha iss at ican lio have ss. ""ma a paful, bsterinrash ifou h chickenpopo shinesesirlreadydynsnse you. 3 3eoe wi shgles in n r lifetime r st w p reaeant ive e shot. yoknowi'not eling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmrmist toy
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od morning! are starting temperatures ininhe 3 for most spots, a few 20s sbrly toy. ski are mostly clearthursdayill
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withthh temperatures in the 50andndns s s ly c cudy stunny s s s. this is ststl mfothth timeh@h of the year.r.e'll stay ld and drdr between the 50s t70s ugugthe weekend. ts shouou be a eatch of daynjoy so time ouoo. we'll ststt to see some changes toward the beginning of nextk...etng ceraw showews,sthougugnono mar stormsppeae in the next 7-day, a ang with a coco down. a lo at morningmute wi jn erma no snificantntlolodowns onon yo m mni commutehis
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typipi r yo thuhuday m rning. amuchmpved commmme unfofgjng g dada
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where we we thth time yesterday. ft. carson trc sgoalong uth ademy an mesa ridge parkway, otherwise juju yr usual slowow at major ininrsectconanop lightthis mornini for live traffic conditions 24 hours a day,
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yourext trafbjc update comi up in 1 1minutes. this is developing right n... we're arning about new ggestionor a proposed land swap. accordg g g urtner zette...orspngs cocilman is king the ails, open spaces and parks prram to buy nine plotstsf land, , thth an trade for them. yoll recall, t t pseswapwoulgive cor ngndrounng tilibanou cline.e broor, irern, wo get ththarea shaded ired on this p... called@d@dawberry fids. accoing to the broadmoor they're not willing to sell land. t, a aanel agrgrd hear a formal proposaxt month. . 'll leu kn wt haen lilioooong whoever trd to rob a bank. coming up on 11 newswshis mprning.. what we'r' learng aboua & ange of art ng robry fit...
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eacres. wh l ece sstcoheheprt cw leu se ts er mes b owfo lo ayour morni mes. ings ro. the teteoo gd thh toit'lta 14inuto o t ugwn meroad owererblvd. to i-25 4 4 4 nutelat fromwers wdyou
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lawe'lbe r rack. welce t11 ns
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m southern codoity seeg jor ibulaes and related imes asasmas,ay law forcemenenare nononoenough abit. uny eting s yrdayayay e dirictttney anbe co sheffta out thgrowg erns. 474:4: "iasasntestor at e law forcenand e strictnenehad toabthr ncns tt haveveoucomounities suchas burglaries which is t biggestopic." organize s that being a noseneigbor is really key to helping keep the touny safefe lelesehingckr to meteologis emily roehler. good morning! we a a startinin mpates`of the0sorost spots,
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mostly clearursray wil be a bit cooler than wednesday, with high temperatures in the e s and 60s and rtlyliloy to mtly sunny skies. this is still ver mior this titi of tea w stay mild dry, b bwe t s to0s throuou theeekend. thth shoulbetretch of days to enj se me outdrs we'l'lstart to see some changege ward theheegegeing of next work week...eturning chs for rain andnow owers, though no major storms appear in the next 7-day, along with a cool down.n. a ayourng cmute jshern.
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commute this morning. volumes fairly tical for your thuday morning. a much impved comme lding today, c cpared to whe we were imyeyeerday. ft. carson traffiis slogoing along south academy and mesa r rge parkway, otherwise just yoyo usual sl downs at major intersectcons and stights this mngng for live`erafficonditions 24 hos a day, g traraic wch o o webhannel akktv.c. ur nfic dates co up 0 miteo siicananownsyo moing utthis morning. volume is irly typical foror your thursdadamorning. much proved commute unfolding today, compared to where we were thisime yesterda ft. carson traffic slow goinalong south academy and mesa rge parkway, otherwise just your usual slow dnst major intersececons and stop ligs s this morni. llout, following the death of a colorado fallout, following the deata of a colorahe'sepy. cong uws thihihi rnin.. what we're lrninaboume repeussionin the sff's office. t first... police a looking for whoev trd to robank. whawe'rleng ange hearrihe sing ws cl
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anime 578000. welcome back to 11 news is rning. heooinanonity right w. it's p and . i'm& right now, we e rking to n about be bk ro t and s mit hapnehek colodoat ananmurray ido sinin poliay t t man walked into thbank and demney, but aid usng a
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fofoatioals-d 4-00. new thoror.... three out fr rswod d -ele president vladim ti if n.n. n xtlen rsisi0-. puwawaected urea agor h tererhiapal rin skycket r russiaia annexeththcrimn nsin inwo aro. eninnow.nvesgato e looking ebris fowash ashe.e.they tnkcod berom ssing malaialigh 370. the dedrdr wndn mozambiq, in sthcay ananrica turupupn a spott tcheinvestators' theories about wre wreckag fr the plane would ve ended up. pictures of the debris were found over the ekend. ht 370 d dappeared t t tears o, with re than 2 2 peoplplon boara. right now. the pentagon wants hackers to try to breach thehe defense department's website. it's part of a program called "hthe pentagonon they're e for gh tech iaias s elem f d cyecy vulneritie
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ththprogram starts nexexnth, nding dhe gal authoration to havavave d-o-d's websitit hacked a a n accused sbbing hi frie's fr ter hnogu b reasononf inty. police say back ininananry sean onverstreet had his girlfriend lure e e victim froh@s home in cotopaxi before oversrsrst stststs him. afr a fight, the victitiwa le to ruay. ovet ae has head ta from a car crash that contributedo his mental impairmenen fallout, folng theeath of f a colodo sheriff's deputy. coming up on 11 newshis mornrng... what we're learnina ouso repercus theriri offifiplus a ither look outside this momoing... are we in for some ner, less wiy weatr? y s yoorect, and
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good mni! were s srt erates f in 30s for most spots, a few 20s early today. skies are m mtly clclr.r. thursd will be a bit cooler t ananedneneay, wi high temperatures in 50s s d 60s anan cloy to moly sunnn skies. this is stilvery m md for this te of the year. w w stamild and dry, bweenhe 50s 70s through the weekend. is sululbe a great streh ayto eoyoy sosoimehtdrs we'll start to seeeee chans towardrdhe bebennininof next work week... turng chchs randnow ers,ug major storms appear in the next 7-day, ang with a ol down.n. a lolk at ur morng commute
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nocant slow downs on your morningcoe mnivo i tal urrsmog.mumpved utfog yd to whwee thisime er f carn trfiis sw going alg soh acand rge pkwayotheis ju youuaowt jor terstis anop ghts ts mornin f liv afcoho dao tora wch on ou b b annel k your next traff uate comg 1minu w th morning parkf's rgis o oa b rit no s accordg t/istestin deer. eanttoesas rtly dan regnedver taicat led to auts deh.yoll r-- ctecaan was shot d kied whilsean ectioti lastonth hedepupues whu. rk couy unheriff walsopled o aintre e is w acacing oisn, thoffiad erthy
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carrig are schedulemarc14 theyill elat t fai ble e apeln n va happg wjust w daeft a top ci iseaving his pos ringfireefhris inte le tn threye asked aun ftyad to e re rtnt tthe ief hims whhe waseavith j4 ysthe onlywer we gs,e'e' justg -- end s. our artnat t gettey e f ll waway with 8housusd doars paf sevence ckag new omrn..a waed n wakin behi bar police found 3-o-o a rmen aotellaodcle,eaor d ademin pr. ofce madadcontacwi sermo, a hs rest. e e@ hwas wantor muipleon rrt. weleyoowf weearn ts. eng toy...ting fami wto help ing
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di8 s ofof ilad m t, the c m r pairs needed tk%ep amtk rurming it cur track. . / night's meetininstarts 30 /# at t pueblo - countyealth dertmentntn 9th street thehca016 -% ihehehnhnupand d 'rnrnrnrocrctcc c es colodo a a a rececd. shoyou e e@e@cr pueblo and e paso counties. ere we a f people who we frfrtrtred ananleft becauauau l leseserer too o ng. we talked to s se people whohoho re excxcededbout the large tutuout. 36:09:00 i i i i it's reallllimportant r peopleleo come oututndnde e part o othe much needed politil revolution in this country, we've seen a lot of changes for the negative about thsand colorans ucedndnd thake 2008 rd thousand. this morningn'. six ort range miiles launched. according t# south korob, the north launched six projtitis ofs east coast.
6:34 am
after e approval of f h sanctions s ainst north korea. lateteteday... lyeye are back ineaourt... alalover "deflategate."n-f-l lawyers want to o in e league's fouou spensn of tom bdy. lowerourt wasasrong ule e league bunglededrobe ofl deflated footballs at the afc championship ge in january 2015. . the leaeae e ns, ady ma to sit t the starof thepcg`as the unn wiitlily he will playa rungngs unlikely for eks. right nono.. e-carettes are banned on a rplanes. the ananortatidepartment annoced the rurung yesterd 's desned d protect people om u uand expxsure to aerosol fumes. e-cigarette users cacarry them onto planes, t are not allowed to charge thbatteries during flight. is is sfvelolong rightowowow sports authoiled f/f,f bankptcy. the cocoy witi close 140 or... nelyrdrd of its total. e bankruptcy has been looming
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scscscd that it had missed a 20 mlion dlar debt payaynt. the e e elosings will ta acover theheextxththe months... including the iconic castle- - ke o in denvnvnv lateda.... hikh courwi hear arguments in several cases linked to o death of a aan who dieinin police cusdy. it's happening in maryrynd... surrounding the death of fredd gray. attorneys will be represenng five of f e siofficers facing crimimal chargeses e urt will figure e t whher offifir william poer, whose trial endedein a hg jury in november, can be c clled t t teststy agnst s s lleagu. happppini now-- a federal appeals courjudge y be under cderaon f j the u-s prurt. the wte house is repotedlyononderini nepeelly to replace e late ananann scia. key graduated d th presisint obama from harvard law school 19-91. shshcurrrrtly serves on the u-s courof a aealslsn cer rapidsiowa me rublica aue it should be up to the next president to nonate a repepepment. right t w.... cocorado springs
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it made the list for one of stlaceceto oive. corado spriris comes in at number five, cording u.s. news andorld reportrtrt low co olo unemployment rates and recreation options a wt makes s ideal. 53:02929 "not only is ia grgrt place to live, but also great place to visit. we want lots o& people to visit, u kn.. spend those dollars. go me.". neighbororor the noror ---& denverame in at number one. e e ty is trying to ma lking downwnh moendly... comi up 1w1 this rning... what aity planner is saying e citytyeeds to ke downtownore approachable but first...nvestigators are trying to figure out what caused a plane to go down. w a neighbor dcribes what they hed... aln n way,mimir weatatr re and jordan will let you know what to expect on ur drive to work.
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we're in droit where do t tmp will me face e face with megyn kelly at "ahead ocbthis morning'r detit wre naldruilmeto fa witgyn lly atat totoght'republican d date. and- we'ake you insi the n landmdmk acss from the nine-11
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good morningngwe are srting mpures off i ithe 30303p3p most spots, a a w 20earlrl tototo skiesesre mososy clear. thay wil be a bit cooler thth wednesday, with high teeraturn the 50s and 60s anpartly cudy y mostly sunny ses. this is still mfoththim the year.r.lly ldnd wehehe ts rough the weeken this should be a t t reteh of days to enj mee outdoors. we'll stararto see some chcnges towa theinning of ne work wk... returning chances for rain and snow shower thougugnoorr he next 7- a wa owow a look4aurorning c cmutete wiwi j jdadashman. no significant sw downs onon ur morning mmute is mornivolume is fairly typical for ur thuday morning. impvecommute ldg & day,omd towhere eris time yeery. ft. carson traffic is slow going along
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and stop lightthis morning. for live traiconditions 24 hours a day, go to trafficatch our werektcor r trafaic update is c c cup in n n inutes. happeneng w... investigators are e yiyi to figure out what caused a plane go wn. it hpened yeerday.e e `iesesrom wh t t anokok lbebe hitting the grou. this i iwhat it looked likiajust minutes latete wegre told the ane bubut flames as soon as it hit the gund near palmer le. the two people on bod d re kied11 news talkedo one witnwhsa t t tne was flng verw i tw es rigeforthe crash. maryrytiale/i r 10:41:55 "i the theai beuswe've d n dera re a at's very loud and that's s
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your nornincomme this momomog. lumemes fafaly tical f your thursday y ing. much imedmute unfoldinday,patore wwe is ypdat.t.sovqaffiis oi along uth ademy d mesa parkway, rwju youussl at mar inectis and lights this moinorive traffic conditns 24 hours a day, go ttrafc watch our web l at your nextrafc up i ng uinminute happening now. invtigators e trng to gu out what caed a pne tototodown.
6:43 am
these e cturesesrom what the plane looked like before hitting the grou. iss whatt t oked ge juju minutes later. we'rtoldldheur into @ ams soon as it t ound neapalmer le.thtwo on d re kill. ns ededonwitnwh thehelala wasing ry lnde in beten usesight borthe ash. mary martinde/ghr 1:55 "i thougherain dai bewe've d a train dera hererendthatery udnd that' exactly what it soundelike."." yeststrong winayononed t cse, instigatatat stl o sosoall t. grp souern rado e their sers miryrere momoinin.. whthtransformatio n isuch a big deal to the community.... 0 t first... making g lking g wntown more friendly.. what aity z anner is saying the ty needs to maka dntown reroachae now t's seov to jas browfor a ok at your morning d
6:44 am
it'sretty quiet morning so r.ustitibluf pkwy. from woroad ti-25ill take u 14 m. faoni-25 wtakeou 2minuted rko downto also 22 nutes. w
6:45 am
with 40 et s cturylink,a faly ofour cllonlinet t t tsting, ging,orowdingngov yeye, e internetet great, but t think hair and makeup went a aittle too far. yeah at notorng. ch pr o-day beard, horn-rimmed glasse ju-slept-in-his-ca kinda thinin yeae, i ss the r rpled crazy cle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's tht essencef this role.
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welcomback to 11this moing. here's aooin pblo gh is d . m
6:47 am
town mo "waable." according ur p ptnerat the zett.. canis tryiget folks toit thcars in dotown coro springs.s. / r wnto cadspring be moale, ill& to ver gs/ e s tbe use safemforble anininreing. e plr ggesd rrowg ce reets... and add more parking. /# that would make cars drive slower, crash less... and make bikers and pedestrians feelor safe.@ we'll let you know what else we learn about this. is morni... anstronaut i waking up on americacasoil... fothe first time imo than 300 days. . doctarchkiki stt kelly to see what kindf impact s long duration space mission had on his health. family and friends cheered as astronont scott kelly stepped off a plan in houston overnight. during his time in orbit, k%lly ieou peri t tfftsf urips ininpa hiwowowovinghe way for an eventual missioioto mar
6:48 am
mission n t latacevement oururnt e rabuit'sot thehe- ere wi bmoit's'sn our r of cry xpre wet ver op" w,rs will look at chs lyly ges by compang himo hi identicatwininrother, mark. right w -- there are no plpns yet for the funeral of a las animas she's deputy. deputy travis russel was killed in a c c c tuesday. he l lves behind a wifand ree e ds. penein tdad.hicle veerednto mimitraffic d hit another car. russel was taken tthe hospal where heied. this is video of a stata trooper saluting hisisody as it moved totohe coroners office. investstatatbelieve russelad a medical issue before crashing. a group in southern colora turns s e of their seices io a mi grocery store ng up on 11 ne thihimomoing.....
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us anoer lk wer d jojoananasou fic mmute crea shasoicananmy i owy akakfoan aci mf.wait you'u'a' shaha afifionado?o? not a shake afafioiado.. th shake aficioiodo. hoa. -(-(kles) yeah. well, perhrhs yoyocould be oneneoo. go ahead. mm. the's a coolness ld, it's cololol okay. ice crm is cold? stopre, . ico,","yse.t. nes owhu mehaare e re '! p p fvors li bourbonwn sugar. and all shakes a half-price after 8
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more uour m &rar car the more you get. stop in g yourardrdor download the ap and start rewarding yourself withthore today. kum & go. where & meanse. welcome ck. dave ncarrow and i'm sarah schwabe. good morning! we are startg tempatures f f the 30s for most spots, a few 20s early today. skiesre mostlylear. thursd will a a cooler sd, th hig temperatures in the 50s and 60s ananpartly cloudy mostly sunny skies. this is still very mild for this time of the yr. we'll stay mild and dry, between the 50s to 7 7 through the weekend.
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some time outdoorsrswe'll starto see some chanaes toward the beginnof next workeek... returning chances for rain and snow showows, though no major orms appear in the next day, along with a cool down. aurorng cte th jordan sherman. no significantntlow wns s yoyo morning cocoute this morni. volume is fairly typical for yoyr thursday morning. a much improved commute unfolding today, compared to whwhe e were thisime yesterday. ft. carson trafafc is s sw going alg south adansaidy,wise just yo ussl@wns amajo inrstions and stop lights this morning. . r live traffic conditions 24 hours a da go to traffif watch on our web channel nene traffic update is comininup 10 minutes.only on n ews... on on new..
6:53 am
transfmed onofofheir services into a mininirocery store soso families in our community can get e food theheneed for free. ns reporter gina esposito is live atathe spriris rescue mission near downtown colorado springs. this week, the food pantry reopened. gina, why is this such a big davesa it'a frfr servivi th pvidefofo anclothes. issn't j jt for r meless, abououabout o-o-irds the people it helps are low-income families who need an extra hand. ining me n n live is hillala mamauson. . she's s e clieie o o reach mananar for the springs rescue mission. good morning, hillary
6:54 am
in nvr commit when n soofe e lks the d hl l ? hill that all families are treated fairlyly based onourpmilyize, you t either 2or 50 0 ints. thisis side of thstore ep all veveme based od that families can get once a mth. has items that youoreally need a kch for. on ts other s)de, it's alb food att has be donted fr pplin oucouny. thifooo c c be ck uonce aonth. it has mircowavavavr. gina thanks hilla. around 150 people walk into their doeveray. it bcl f tee and this wk it r odany is on tuesys anurays starting`gt 1. the freething section is openenonday dnesdays. they are alwaylook for donationontoo.o. hillararys you canrop off
6:55 am
eir r rehohooff vegas. sah tyou. are w onof fire thhihi fire danger is why wegeee on an 1brea wealert.. one stte avonde east of pueblo.@it w tikstar@ed b) wned p pe.trres were eveve ngo fis s ororcaon we fueled by strong wis eyerthonwae e teststn t anhe re. ghghghdse ig concern fofire fight it g very clostoomes i that neiborhood, near constitutiod oro blanco on theheasside of colorado spspngs. it burned aboututn ac foatdn'tamage of looked oy ndow and i saw ththfirererucks so i iame out here to o
6:56 am
igor'ssecait's lylose fi invtito wernot disver anexact caus haenentoda... repuanan esidal hopels squarf their t8ebebe.. anningo attend, donald t tmpmp faces off against d cruzmao bio d d hn kasich in detroit, mhin. trumis already locked in anothebattle, agaanst mitt roey.. conservative credentitis. romney hasacked trump over his refusal to release tax retus and failur i iedtely savokkk leaddavidu in the mean me, marco rubio is ying to becoco the biggggt alteative to trump if we chooseonald trump as our nononee will lose in nonombmb . ben carsonithdrew from tonight's debate. candidate is struggling with a major section of the electoratat
6:57 am
10 voter twn e agak of nd 2 sur esdada mimiennials s csty flkedeto the obeie s srs. untete he eangng been part t@ the cratic party's base and clinton n ll n nd them in november. countries sbe targeting hoits, as a war strategy accordinto a rights group. they s there's "compelling evidence" of at least six deliberate attacks on dical falititi by ria an ssia s ed facitieie wereed to pave the w ground forces to advance on a key sttegic point in syria. this mororngn... a aut 100peop are going back home, after b b b evacuated. derant`tn ethanol and opane. no o o was hurt. transportation inspectors are working with the federal railroad administratiojito determine t`e cae o& thehe ci. w fr overnht. man wawang uin jl. afr trying truomice. all happened early th
6:58 am
meadowland in colodo springsgs officers pulled over a ariver who said he d no idenfication a tried to ru for r s ararst. afafr a short che, b bnt ggwas taken into stody with the help of a couple paramedics in a paambulance. he's a look at whahacoming up nonbs this moing. " ming up,en carsrn bows out, ahead of nighs god/debate. and what some feign policy experts warning about a trump presidency plus, e changes coming to some fa- food chainin to help make their food saf. more real coming uon cbs this morning,
6:59 am
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ood rng. e to "cbs orngngngtt rneyreo div inpeech cling d d dd trump a phony and a afraud. >>a manht. fo m criminanviolt d robb nds tran h h ahiteal obodo? > w% b bin with a l at today's "eye opener," your world


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