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tv   11 News at 9 AM  CBS  March 3, 2016 9:00am-9:30am MST

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9. a sneak peek of ur mning weather. in jt a minutes we'll have a look at your forecast with meteorologistly roehler. hello. i'm dave nancarrow.
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incl gogo morning! temperaturur areup t e ana 40s this morning... some ho clouds our local cames this morning but stilseng good amount of sunsniixed in. wiwiararghte
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mpwill drconditions cfontiunue today... no major systems on our sat/rad loop. early next ekekld bring some changes. deils are c menges. deile oming cececee saone fires. the high fe danger is wh we've been on an1 breakngf weather alert. one started invondale east of pueblo.
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no structurerewere eveindang. fires ort rs wer fueled by stro winds they were th contained. the latest on yet anither r fire. high win me th one a big ererererfire tighte. very clcltoesn that nghd, near conovutn anoro blanco on esif colora s.bu abo an re t f rtrtaty didn'tag of these 036:00 lwscscwhhere fis y'ow after the wdo canyirir erybo's w wed about t ato a it concerning fire iesgators were not able to discover an ext cause. haintoday.... republican presidential hopefulsquareff 1tdeba. . planningngatte, doldru faces ofofagainst ted cruz, marco rubiand d hn kasich in detroit, mhin.n. umumis already locked in another battle, against mitt romney.. trump is questioning romney's nsnsvative crentials.
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lease tatarernr,ile to immediately disavow kkkkleader, vid duke. in an open letter- more thth 50 prominent puicans also challenged tru, but it could backfire. john drs t's guarantee. attacks fromhe establishment could very well ke trump ronger. ben carson withdrew from totoght's deba. . ght now... oneemocratic candidatis strugglg with a major r ctof theleoror need to win thwhite house. / hillary clinton lost six of 10 voters between e ages ofl1818 and d o osuper tuesday.y. millennials have consistently flocked to thempaignf beie sanan/# ung rs havavinsingen p t ttic bandlint will nehein nbebe lookahd.....oth de the pocasl c are puing chaway oo pdel idates. mocrand reanan imimy eltioninstead ofof this aomesesererupup tuesday.
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stf sandecct gsmocric usescross e stwere filled tcapaty, s leaving ra tn waitjrn long lessome republicans... angry the precinct caucuses di ilulu a presti raw poll. right now...(bn air force academy cadet is isome serious trble. 21 year old ca wararltltis under arrestv.. in connection with a sexual assault investigigion. / it happened%laststear boder. /nvtoto s s d-n-eviden cololcted mch warmolts' dna. /# warmos hasn't been charged d with a crime. ththacademy says 's c cperarang with boulder poli. happening morrow... familiesrerinvitito a public meet.. to stop ganvice oceighrhrhd / acrding to t po ftain...he meetitarts tomorrow night at t ven. / it's at viviory lifefe miniries church, on sprague avenue in pueblo / the goal is share input on stopping the current gang situation. /#epresentativ es from the pueblo poldepartment a
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welearning about a new suggestion for r proposed land swap. according to our partnererat the& gazette... a former springs councianans askini the trails, open npas s d prograto y ni pts of nd, rath thth tde for them you'llecall, theheroposeap wod gioloro riland rrine rrrailnd matou cl oaoon tu, ulgethareadein r on thap... cacatrbe fids. ing to the bromo theye not willllg to sel labut, a panelelgreeeeto hear forosal m. 'll let u ow whappen ghw...neouoxn cololodo city seeina major crease in burglaes a druru related crimim. ors in las amis, law forcemenene t dog engh . mmetetg was held yesteay b e dirict aorney y d bent county sheriff to talk about the growinconcerns. 47:24:2424 "i interested to hear at the law enforcemenand the district attorney had to say about their concerns that we ve in oucommmmities suchasurgls whh t to"
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noseneigbor is realay key to helping keke the commumuty safe. right no... cooaprin gettingng pretty gh hor. made the e st for one of the best places to live. colorado springs comes iat number five, accdidi tu.s. nuws and world report. low cost of living, l unemployment rates and recreation n nions are whwh makes us ideal. 53:0 "nnl ia eat ple livedlsoso gre pla to visi we want lots of people totoisit, you ow.. spend those dollars. go home.". our neighbors to the north --- denver came
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return to thths. the solar-impulse-two smashed d e record f the lololot,t,olol- powered d lo flighthtast summer,twith flight from japan to hawaii. overheating batteries forced the pilot to stpone a flight around the world. t ty'll make another
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nextxtime you go for a swiwi make sure there are no alligators. chchchthth out.... a floloda family finds an unexctedededst in their smming poolo @ an's all caught on cerer a 9-foot gatororpparently y de a 70-yard d ek froroa pond into thewimming g pool. the mom ys husband notic bubbles comingrom the pool and realized it was a gator. chick-fifia is offerg g sweet treat totony customers that accept their new phone challenge. if you stay off f urhones
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the omotion is available at t more than 150 locallllowned chicicfil-a locations across the dountr the company ys t t toal is to du distractitis dung mealtiti. fire danger r hh the next few days. details on when we could get rain and what
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welcome back! thursday will be bit cooler than wedny, w wh gh temperaturesesthe 5050and 6060and partly cloudy totoostly sunnmnskies. this istill very mild for ts time of the yearf te will also see le wind`than yesterday making it a ci day to heaeaeatdoorswe'lstay mild andeen th50s to s throroh the weekekd. t ts should be a great stretch of
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time outors. we' stata t t e some changes toward the beginning of next wowo week... returning cnces for rainnd snow showers,ththgh nmajor storms a aear r
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if you're lookfor a great desert idea, this could be your answer. mister food is taking usushrough his ooey gooey buer cake.
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we were talkinabout what types of recipes we should tr well rl our website editmeioned thth setetng called an "ooey goy tter cake s berereg on, and thate shsh check iout.t.o after a bit of research, we headed in the test kitchen and created our own version. let me show you h sy. weweegininy mixing a package e of yellow caca mix with h egg, along with some memeed butter. once`ehat's mixed, we spread it inin a babang dish. on to t tt goesa mimiure we threw gether by creangngome powderer sugar, couple moror eggs, cream cheese and a splash of vaninia. now all we do is bake it off until the eenter is seseseere t cools, cut it intnt squares and e you ever in fo a trt. you seeeeththbottom layer ip buttery rh and the e p almost like a creamam cheesecake. and when you eat t tm together, evevyo will be asking g r rei i i ope e u'll online a ghe r ripe for our version ofof"ooey gooey tterake,3o3oou can b%b
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is verertrendy. i'm hohord wh kellllin the mr. food test kitchen, where today we found an oey gogogoway" for you tototo ."ooh it's so goooo" member, you n check ououall of mr food's receces right on o website. just clclon mr fo under ththnews tab.d
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afafr a a ick break. happening day... meeti for milies who want to hehe briri an amtrak stop to pueblo. / using grant money, pueblo is adding 78 8 les of railroad. / bubu the citneeds momo monon& for repapas needed to keep amtrtr rning on it current trk. / tonight's meeting starts at 5-5- /at t pueblo city- county health depapament on 9t ststet. right now, we are wowoing learn more about a would-be ba robber that chchged his mind at the lastinute. it happeneneat the bank ofof colorado neaeaplatat
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police sayayhe m w w wd into the bank and demand money, but thenenaid wasust jojong a a polire t ting to t tck him down. you have any infofoation,all c-s-p-d atat 4-7000. . right now... the pengon wants hackers to try to breach the defense department's w wsite. it'sart of a program callele "hack the pentagon."they're looking for r gh tech specialists totop them find and ficybersecurity vulnerabilitie s. the prram starts next momoh, nding the legal authorization to have th d-o-d's wessites haed. happening now... investigators e loloin debris und wawaed ashore. they think i icoululbe from missssg malaysialight 370. the debris was found in zambmbue, in sluluern africa by y amecan. t tned d i ia spot that matches investigators' theories about where wreckage from the plane uld have endedp. pictures of the debris se found er the weekekd. flight 370 disappeared two yearsrs ago, with more thth 20000eoplonononon.
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in appeals courtrt. all overer "deflategate." n-f-l lawyers want to reinstate e ague'sour me enon of tobrady. they say ler-court was wrong to rule the lele bungled a probe of f ed footb at the afc ampionshshshame janunuy 201515ifhe leae , brady ma ha to sit out the art t of the upcoming season. if the union ns, it is like he wiwi plplplplplngngunli for week ths depipi r r r now.. . sports arityiled baba. thcompany wise 1 es... nearlylyhird of its totol.lthe bankrupt h h beeoming nce january, when the company disclosesese i ihad ssed a20 million d dlar debt payme e e closingsill l keke ple over theheexexthree mpnths... cling e e onic castst- like one in dedeer. one e ststoutside befofo we gogoor the morning.g. check back in for 11 news at
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>> heyeyeverybod i'm hoping to make someone ve, very rich today. ll it be million-dollar rich? we're abo to fi out. t's play, "who wantso be a millionaire." [dratic music]c] evevebony ank yoy- ank ryh. e t sho ar readypl "whotsbeililai"? , r r r t contestantasn a teacher for 16 years, and is known for her unique aroach in the classroom.. got to finout t rebout this. fr fort wayne, indianana give it up. ms. carrie wisehart. hohoyou u ing, carri h i'm grea gd to see you. welcome. >> good d seeou, too. thank you. [cheers and apause] >> now, you're known as the "upsidwn teacher"?


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