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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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nofrom your breaki newew >> pellly: t t trand old par tablishment fights b bk. donald trp is a phhon a a fraud. tch,h,y the way, howe reond to my speech today. >>elley: we did. m ut a failedandndate.e. >> pelley: als tonigig, our corrpoents give us re ok inseyria's cil war. >>epor so thisas an americananan air stririri pelley: major donors cut off the larst vtens' arity after we eos how thehe sosoer star pleleesoo donate brain to study ussions. >> the more we know,w,he me we can help proct theext generation and the g geration after that. captioning sponsored by cbs n
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with scott pelley. >> pelley: the man who cared heheittingim over ad witht.itit today,y,itt romn became the party establishment's officialspokman for the "dumtrump" move. en, e e 08omom, john cainindouble t@dmed, sayin security i ias uninformed d d dangerou in anynytherlection, thiswould haha been u imaginable, the twwwmost recentnnominees denouncing the g.o.p. front-runner. dededreynoldis in sasa lake city. >> he's what i know. donald trump is a phy,y, au he's playing theheembers of thee american public for ckerer ets a freeeeeee to the white houoe, a all we get is lousy hat. >>eporter: the man w lososos a race manrepublicans thought was nnable s sd trp is as sure los in a genel eleotion.
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dias h hlarylintntmustecompres applplse ) of course,rump nominatioio ens r victory. >> rorter: he said trump's policies would create recession atome and disrespepe abrbrd. >> what he sd on60 minut." did you hear this?s? it was about s andndsis, and it has to go down as the most ridilous and dangerous ia of the entire cpaign seasonon let t e most dananrous terror orgagazaon the wld has ever known take ovean entiree try? >> reporter: he stopped shortofofaying trumsusuorte are misguided, b he ged them to reflect ananreconsns. t tulg, t g g, the showing off, the misogy, the absurdhird-grade theaterics.en he's not of the temperament of the kind of st, ththghtful person wneeds leader. >epororor a romney anticipated somelowback. >> watch, by theheae, how he
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( applauau ) >> reporter: the answer r me@ along predictably andd aciously. trump said romomy is l weight a, , oke arti, a icken, and worse.a >> mitt is a faiaid candidate. he failed. he faihorribly >> reporter: and t tmp recaigededomy was etorormentujt years ago. >> cou have id"mdropo ne t heoulddroppeto his knees. was b bging. ( chee he w w beggi m m >> reporter: later, romn took to twitter@writing, scott, "if trumumsaidour yearo the things he is saytoday about thk.k.k., about muslims, mexicansnsnssablbl, i woululnot have accd d s endorsement." >> pelley: d dn, tnks s ry ch. well, noou all this wi spl into tonightublican dete, and majogarrett is in detroioi
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rubio and ted cruz promise anherr brut s s sow tonighth tru, like thene t la weeeein houon.. a a he had toay a mlionon dollars r a >t's wrong.>> tt's a fact totally wrong. >> reporter: thoh they lost more s stes than theyon, both campaisaw r riightip befofo super tuesda cocing em psonalnd picy ataacks can slowowrump down. trumumaddedea st t/tay in maine in advce osatutuay's ucuses a promised to fight back. >> they said act presidential tonight. said'll act presidentialal but if somomodhits me, i'me, going t/ hitit back harder, right? >> repororr: v v f f support in michihihi which voteses tuesday, john n sich vowed to stay outf f e tr cross-s-re. ouon beat tru by persrsalac >eporter: fororhririr w tithe mexin vernment offered i s officialalpinion on trumukukprprise that it would pay for a wall on the u.s. boboer. scott, treasy departme said simply y d d ccinct, r. >> pelley: majororthank u.
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democraticandateillary e clinton's e-mamamama mrap on. as secretararaf ste, clinton used an unsered,d,rivate e-ma sr r hererome for fifial ne of thepe-mails onolhe system was marked classyfifi at the time, but rerently, thousands haha been evalua and me m mked top secret. it's a crime to mishandle classified documents. nininiancy cordes tellll a a rmeu%clilion staffer hasaseengiimnini as g the b.i. >> reporter: bry pagagagagis i.t. ecialili who set up private e-maililererr at clintotos new york home. he took k e fiftwhen he called before e ngt yeye, but is coopereting with ehf.b.i., an indication of the breadth of t invnvtitition into ohether anyoner intentionally mishandled clased i iormation.. e clinton campaiai saiaitoday it is pleased thth paglianis helping with a case the f.i.
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acknowledgdg is uniquely sensitive. > am very close personally toga that investition to ensure that it't'done t wayhef.b.b. tries to do all oits wo-- independently, etentltl a a p pmptly. >> repter: the sta dertment released thlast o clinton's s ,000 e-mai . re than 2,000 of them contned informion now coidered claified, providing er foreplicans >>t she did was s criminal apt. she shouldn't be allowed t tru chee ) okay. >> reporter: white houseress secretary josh earnest dputed that. >> whahai know that some officialslover there h he said is that she not a target of thvestigation.tete >> rorter: in new york last night, former presididt ll inton argued t-mail contvershas made h h w)we re ratable. i saw this remarkable story by a woman who said, " "u u ow, i veally wasasnthusiastic til i readader-mailsand itit
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welllls a public servant." >> rorter: bhe question t at the heart of this stigatiois w ali seananin a asititi p pitio ululneed to communate e ly via ivive e-mama. sckct, clint's t t aidididnd even the candidate herself c cld intervieied by f.b.i. agentsy in the coming momoh. pellly: nancy, ank k u. well, night, we have some remarkable reporting from inside syria whera papaial cease-fire apars to be holding. neeeeell mark five yrs since the uprising that t d to the civil war thth hasasild a quarter of a millionone anan forced 11 1 lln frfr theirir homes.izabeth palmeras reacheded eppo, ananhollllwillllms is in rtrnyria. we'll begin n th holly.>> reporter: masorat al rashid llage w s lilirad from is thr ds ago. we s t ty an n isbl ghr lyg inhe rubble of house hit by an n rike. joza khalaf and heheusin
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held guns heir heads, forcrcg their way into thehe men's homeu to hide.e.0 theyeyaie e isighterererso essed ups women to avoid captute. the nearby towowofofl shaddadi s liberated last`teek.k. the isis slolons a a stille, thth but town's w w der thcontrol of t s sian decratic forors, an arab-kurdish ance that is supported by t t u.s. this was american air strike? cococoder koold that.s. coalitititaiaiaikeke helped hererights win bae. thisisd totce e main road connecting raq, the so-called& capital in syria,a,ith mosul, i i is second biggest tyalso controlled by isis. but t w the road hasasn rerepted bthe e an democratic f fces. cololol tala selo toto us his
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100 toto oammunition by the u.s.-led coation in the last six months, of it t ped byby pachut t ica'most efffftive partner in syr has somommurky allianans. it acsed of coordinananana with russia, which backs the syrian regimd has also allegedly foug against other u.s.s.acked grgrps. colonel lo d dieboth those claims, but mittis group enjoys a aong-standingce with the syryrn me. itvlagliesver two compmpndndinside his territory. this u.scked group ivhking on isisiand winning, sometimimim paying a terrible price,e,ut its alleleancearcomplicated. lonel lo also told us thth he met wititbrert mcmcrk, president obama's special envoy e
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he visited syr in januy.y. the lonel said his groupskedco for anan-tank ssilil and chine ns but so far, scott, says t ey'v'vceived only promomes >> pely: now,xcorrespondentt elizabeth palmer and her team are in aleppo, a cultul and dustal cter of more th o million people stitl pary ininhe h hdsf rel forces. we spokeith hiz a ort time ago. >> reporter: add w@ rolled alg, s s s, we could see the villages that isis has just been pushed out of desertedednd very heavavy daged. we stopped in the oulskirts as ame in and went totooor nehborhood righthtn the e t lines. they arereiving in r rnedd ilding in shockinw condi witheithererercity or@r@ running watar. we tn carrd on a ltle bitat to the jewel of aleppo, what used t t t the largest coverededed mark in the middle east. it was a unescscworld herige site, and m sosoy h he to teou that it is in ruinsns
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that existed for more than 100 years have finally been smashed by the sage war. >>elley:iz, at's st lilili be a residede o oalep nowowtt reporte wry, desperate,eep in some cases necessitits like medicatioor water. everybody is desperate to be le to jex, to travav freely, bupeople make do.n,n, i memeyou haha to bearn mind that there are hdreds s ououndof displacededeoplee who stayaynside syria a o arecrmingnterny and in some cas campsites. pley: as you/lo arorod e buildings,he strtrts, pathe picturmeme >> r rorter:r:el it's a tchwk. a aa where's there hava been heavy fighting are just ruin beyond your imagining. it's like pictur of the second rld war,r,erlin.
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anthenenou go on aile two, and thehe are ratr autiful buildifromomomm early part o o oe ststentutu, ryracefufufuilapidat stananan, so is kind ofzz dizzyi mix of everything. >> pelley: elili palmer with a rare rerert from side aleppo, and llwilliams, wi anototr report from insideia as w wl. w, we have an updaten ouou inveatatn of the wnded warrior oject. weweweorted that that t arary spends far less of its donations on verans asasd d d thth charitits. o we wersurprised, and turns o o some m mor dons were, too.o. hererehireid. >> reporofr: w wh two sons serving ininraq, raising money wounded warrior oject was morerehan a cafor fr and anne kane.e. as a cli. si20, nas' c cri
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$325,000 forounded warriors through go tournamts in the carolinas. e organiniti e en hononodh fred kane wi an bward for bebmg a v.i.p. donor. but allegatithat only a little over haha of donationon wento o@lp wnd vets came as aw. >> a thehearing that there was is waste of money and%e donollars thth shohove bebeoingngo the seice e n d won n at were inred,nd wasaspentn theieieiving a a goime. it's real disappointment >> reporter:ound warrior's x s show snding on conferences and staff meetingsgrew t$2millio 2014, but the chy ins those expxnditit qlify as progra and servec. outraged,dkaneanceled this year's benef t trnament and statd d petition on, calling for a public audit. helso lled senior managememt and said he thc.e.o.n steven n ardizzi should be firid. >> i said, "you know, whereris
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you le from thfront, good or d." i said, "youon't hide.& i don't understa how an ornizaon that many veterans who value hon and serve and thththaiof command can be led by a guy ke that. reporter: cbs n ns has arned kaka is one ofofeveral mar norsho are ending eir support, and he wants answers from the group's board ofofirecto. did they have a responsisility know what was goi on? >> absutely.any boararof&directo doeoe repepter:r:ourcesith direct knowledge of the chity's opopations s sthee d sisis s f on all arding udininexpensive staff treats.the soceso td the board has t donor doars on its own meetin at five-star hohols, including thbeverly wilshireotot inilos gele and the waldodf asasria in new york. they also id thawhen board mbs questiti spendg decisionanexecutive salaries, thehr concerns were
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board member in person, but t ey declined. >> ieel lili i'm representinin all ese e ople that have donated over t years, all these seseors over 65 thth-- thatave sent them 9 a nth, all thespeop ofixed incomes, if nobody's going to t-lk about t t tright w, and it has to be me,e,n h h to be me. reporter: are you de with wound wawaior project? >> yes, except for my new mimiion of trying to s chahae ththe.e. >> reporter:heoard says it's ordered a r riew by ininpendndauditors and that ita% would be inappppppiaia to o swer questions until all the facts are known. fullure-- a a s corporate executive serves onth board. i scott,heoard won't say if the results of their reviewi be madpublic or whether the board ending iunder review asbsell.l. th have e so hired legal unsel. >> pely: c cp reid, thanks there's been a break in thatt bbery of hououon gun store.oror
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flonas 6 changes everything. >> pely:y:rrthave en de in thatt made in that remarkablgun so heist in houstone e owededou last night. here's manunl bojorquez. >> reporter:t s as brazen as it was brie after usivg a truck to rip offoo the dooror 10 thies rushed insisi thihigun stor sed ass case grabbed gs by the ck fl, and rifles s the arm , , l in undmb two minuteses they gotway with 8 8weapons. robert elder is withthhe bureau of alcoh, bacccc and fims. i would say it shocked me re than it sururised me. repter: while tumber of gunported stolen or lost has decreased, eldld says agents are seeing more of tse types bd burgla. thieves usus a backhoe to tear
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housn suburbrbast t ar. tennessee a stolenenen car. >> wee got inside a a..t.f. gun ult in houston. it's filled thecovered wewes. e concern is the ones thth vet trtrked down. >> and,that's what's really ary out this because n yoyoveveototots gh numbebeof firearms on n e street potentntllilbeing traffick to other iminals. >> reporter:r:cott, the rglary here was so wl@ plannenethat after they@t t store, ,he thihies jumd in second getaway car bloco ay. >elley: manuel,hanknkand 'll be right back. muddling thrhrghyoyo morng is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thi on your md... get relief, ng is ir gamam i.troducing rhinocort allergy ray frfr the makers of ztete . powerful relief om t t tring sal lergrgsympms all y and all nit. sn your noso@o en through enough alrdy? try new rhinococt allergy spray.
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rmer presidential cavdidatatchrichristie took a lot t online ridicule over his appearance with nald trumpn supeesday.y. well, today, christie said, no, he was not being held hostage, and "a the armrm% psychiatatsts shouou give it a
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the soccer pitch. ben tracy spokwith her today. >> reporten the u.s. wpmen's soccer team won the world d p p 19999 thihibeceme ththdefining image: a viviorious 30-yearaold brandi cstaih b ripphejerseyfter scing g e wiinal >> i realllike to leave mething beyond that. >> reporter: now 47, cain has a new goal. she plans to d date r brain n sciee. how much hd trma do you think k sufferer in yourur career? i >> i kw two specific incidenceshen i was in college at wou today definitely be considided a concussn, what usedo call, you know, "had my bebe rung"r "i've seentars," and i'i' h to o ake it off.. repter: chaain's brai ll e e eually bf examined by resechs eckingngor c.t.e chronikitramaticicncephalopapay, a degenerativerain disease believedo beaused by
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bost universitresesech ve ened 307 brainsf mostst male athletesn ju seven were fromomenen nfnfplayerhaveomined t dyscussion over he injuries. chris nowinskiy is founder of the concsion legacy foundatiti, which evenenally study chaain's brain. >> w wh women not plaling foba, don't have a netif eral atesith a lot osurur who are ininhnirir0ss, or s, le wewewiwien. >> open b bs. >> rorstaino lpcoh h asa ara university a is a er advocateor notototowing youth soccerlayers to o ad the b bl til they a a 14.4.. her contrirition to ience will ouast evev the m mt memorable of games. ben tracy, c news, santa clala, califnia. >> pelley: and tt's s e cbs evening news for tonht. for all of us at cbsbkews all
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ptning spoored by cbs your breaeaea news lead this is kktv 11 ne a a53 th ie anniveveary a trag dd i iour communit united 5858585shsh 25 5 ararago. lo bacwi witnes w w was therehat dadada hello. im don ward heo. im dianne derby arrest has been made emming from a 20 year old sexual assault case. and e el paso o unty sheff's's fice sayayththe could be more e victimwho havet come forwar 48ear old joel market was arbrbted t ds ag asasfor seseal aault on a ahild case that happenene in el paounty back in 199696 the sherififs office says market kkwn to enter homes throug winds oroors at t night,ringngarclothes. anyone who has information that could help iestigars is ked d call the eriffsfoffice. mt's b bn years since united flig 585 c in a local ighborhoodit


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