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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  March 4, 2016 1:35am-4:00am MST

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so whyhoe ananhing other than lysol the social security administratiti keeps a lisisof evy y ericic dies.` it's called death master file. but as with mama thihis the federararavernment, it's not wawa correct. a lot peoeoe who die don't ke theheist.t. and some people who still very much alive are surprised to learn ththgovernment thinks they've pass on. sct t ey rts f f "60 minutes.">> she pointed othe screen andnd itaid d o.o. said, whaha does d.o.d.ean? shshsaid d d dof death.. i said, well, hodid you come up with this? all itakes is somebody to input onhe computetethe wronon numbers and d makak a aig differerce, of coue.
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but when theed c cpuper saou're dead, you mimit as well be. ththterrible newelayed by the governnt to banks and credit agencies. judyivers told us s s $80,000 in her accounts, butut when she tried to e her bank prd at a store, theyy assumed she e an intity thief. u couldn't get access to your bank account how did you live? l, for a time, i livivn my car. d i couldndn get an apartmt. i had my debit cards, which h&re of course, no good. i used one whout knowing thehe nsequences, , d was actuly taken to jl anquesesoned because they thought i was an identity thief. >> rorter: you ended up arsted? >> y. >> repororr: y y ended up living in yoyr car because of allllf this? >> >or s s months. >> reporter:ou hadeen einined frothe human race.
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>> reporter: cyber g gst? juju rivers now hn a a borrowed camr in alababa. ile her financ wererruined, shshund th the government kes tidy profifiselling the ath master file to credi agencies. so word of her death was nearly immomoal in dozens odatabases and it came back ain and n. she protesteto a credit agency called checkcktems for what seemed likan e ernity. >> finally, check stemem responded d me, and told me to send my information anthey would consider it. after i had sentt to theover timeses >> rortete t ty would conser whetetr r u were stiljljlive? >> correct. epororor we looked in th alaba vivil records office for her death notice, t t not there. no one seemso know how she got in the federal death master file. god may jujue the e ick and the dead, but it'she states that collect the data. they ps it along to soci securityand ere ley om for error.
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from doctorsrshohoitits, fununal homes or families. ananevy state has its own rus. pepeaps because thdead don't vote, many o o ke states don't spend muchepintabsn them. thiss thstate ofba vital recordrdvault. it is a placacso secure thatatou need a key and a fingerprint to get inside. but once in hehe, the technolo becomes pretty 1 1h century. these dedth ceceificates from 191 for example. alalin a, there are 17 million per records in her w, the stetef alabama is ving towarar a aelectronic system, , d it'sboutut of f thththy y ere. but there'e'so little fundg ararnd the cntry for t tt kind ofnsnsnsn, that ther about dozen states i iamera that do not have a statetededede elececic filing system foror death records. how curate is the death stst
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>> i guesshe best way to say it is, it's as accurate ast n be.>> reporter: p p pck o oarol is e e e alecurury administrati's insctor genera his ofofce investigates w the ath master f fe issed and abused. >>8>ht n n the death mter file hasntnted about 86 million recoin it, a a it gets a aut 2 mlion r rords every year from the states d we're probobly, as with everything else, as ststng as thakest lilis. some states are reporting electronically andave very good data. othehestates it's d#ne at a haphphard level. so agai tre's going to be some falling thrhrgh the cracks therer >> rororr: b heh told u livee people fallinghrough cracks isn't whwh keeps him up at night. the much me costly p pblem is inin the millions of americans who do die and a not recorded. your o oice fod that soc secucuty ho death data for 6.5 milliopeople over the age
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do you rlly believevthat there are 6.5 million people over the age of 111 in this country >> n f ft, that's why we d d the audit on it.t. whatate were findidi is thth that we over 2 years of agegeeropening up bk k accounts a we got suspicious. we found that 6.6 6 llion was not recorded as being deceased. >> reporter: how many people are over t t age of 111 in this cocotry?y?y? >> i'm thinknkg ten. >> repepter: mososfedel agenciesepend on the death master file. if a deatatisn't listed, federal paents juskeep comingng we wondeded wh tt wowoadd up to in the course of a year, but turns o nnen the federal government is keeping anananoverall count. the st we could come uwith is a feweports from indivivial agencies. foexample,e,he depeptmenof agririure paid farm suidieie d disaster asstance to more than 170,000 dead people over
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at came e $1.1 billn. the office ef personnel management paid deadederer retires a little over a billioio d in 2010 qlone, t irs paiaiai more than $400 m mon in fufus s t d d d sociecururdodo hmama retemenandisasalityty ecks are casasd by relatives of@fhe dead, like ndra.. >> i i i -- a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and now a felon. >> reporter: like a lot of pepele, she took in her ing, ill mother and hahah j/j/j bank k k coun.when her mother r ededthe bility benefitstkept comg.g. when d d she d d >> she dd in 1984. >> reporter: when she died, did yoyoreport herereath to social security? > dididot. >> reporter: why n >> i tht p phapspswod d haveeeeetatan care o obybyby
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reporter: were e u surised that these befits s pt coming to you? >> no, not ininily. i had d d nversation with mymyom prior totoerererth that t would@d@ be entd to the benenits. so i jususassusud, a a went alonwiwi tt king t t ti s s titled. >> reporter: what did it come to? >> overr a 30-y-yr period, $160,000. >> you can see the full report ln ourebsite, the "oveveightews"ill be right back. it's not always as easy for`me it is for h h... it's easasfor me cause look at her. aw... so wuse k-y ultragel. ititnhs my body's nanarallture
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enenghghresse ininere e r i'm m nna take m sis- too te'rout t t ta off.. ththe e sssssst. they're e liquididels. and you're cing wiwi m m.. u realize i have gold status?
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olves fa to u ushaxaxenenen mecine. t'd d is. >the accusatis were really ying at t st night's repupuan presidentl l bababa but much of thth was true? it could take days to do all the arar, , , , erers anane industryryf ct checkers on the job. rk albert rerts.s. r r r rrr wininr 6 mamamalllle e e mbered for a a a a aizzard, nonow. >>kykykykyky go totototshininonon forge consensus, mix the ss. ept'bebe f frrrrrr romises angege >> my y edge is se inotaxeses tlelelass.>> r rorter: b bad s seseses mbast. >> t t uneneloymenrates obablzlz, and ththhighghghi'i'i'eard so r isisis. epeptell divered with
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momoy than either the dededeatat rtrtrtrtrtcacapartrtrt repepepepepep gale foe e lilirs cananannauscandndes try to o njnjejejejcocococeoter >> we e e s sn in n n yearsrs are e s b b b a disastererer ititithe biggeststob kililr inin thisisryry >eporter: howo you knowow atate anananat's not? lilili ligighohoe e e he srmrm n keslslries t t tt rororoe e g ofofacac. > w w w w thehe fact t r cococoor " " "wawaininin@n popo."."."." reporteteteou catch politicians whenhey lie and call them out on it? >> that's right. >epepr:r:r:'s's'sinins thesesdaysys ananver.r.r. >> r r r r r r lthqh evev... 's'sot so go for oururur crac i i??? s gogo fororournalalalal rorter:r:r:r and elelelel sisi one to pivivivios. using the beloved childrenenen chchtetewhwhwhnononorew w w heheidn't ll thehehethth t keslsloesn't t te the "l" wowo >> use the wd n't get ininicianananahehe... ortete but y y y y y lslslsububbunk, nono
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deeply flawed,d,d,d,y inflatatatatatbizazae clclcl i icccccce e e eading... es, plplplplpltyg wowowowowowo ndheiriririr wewewewen n 2015.5. n- pty was s sred.d. nald trurururud th f ftf k kler e "f"f"f"f"ft's r r ry y y y tetesting checkd asas assens a a asililidebububububu i s s peoeoe e e ing tototoer an f fy large mbers, celebrating as the world trade centereras c c c c cwn. epepepepepepo o thet ofofeir r r esesnonohiososos 2020, , , idenenenama.eyststst sananananaj end th down to the gulf. ypasass t u&u&u& state >>terjrjrjrjiciaiaiaia ying atttttttt.. m miaiaiaiacheckekererere tititi they are liberal, editorial journalilili repepter:esesr pocicis their staffs ene& try y n n n n n a b b br r r bububu jusin
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nananaroroportman and senator amy klobuchar who said because y fact cs th we gogogoto b buln n e e e fufurerere >> >epter:thnumbmbmb xodede sopo has s s the nuheck atateaea0 a aivfastckgg sis nowwwwwhehehh u.s. world, according to the duke reporter's lab, whichhelplp lnchnnhi u polilil waiting tbebebebe pzezeng cts.kas s s s s ngng sp; .anananan p p p p has its wrong-o-mer. what do you have? >> w a a a a a stst ust lls i#i# pldingnds is w.efr:rr fy y detu magererctctk.k. advdbg f t tththn politics. we're getting the vors the best information they can ge we want them to be armedit
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phil@d, the nonorofit has a of x x x@fers, neie.lnlns s `,founf ececngngruz tvtvtvtv>> it't'truem m m tpipipitogegeererhaaa information i need to show & rererere h hnede reporter:`eeam stts analis nt t e en facon t-ing.g. (just t tweekelifact revia headlinefter puckrom a presidential campaign, writing its original wording shouldave e ene e@ pr@ eyys theheheue nr r can@ndndlathisisyclele has beveve hink you sital 25 a& bpnnerear for potiwhoppupu wh is 2016 going to be? >> more of the same. reporter: that good. ig/od us terf inleo pr injormatn to t tubli >> reporalblrt, waingt..
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ll brick at ground zeron new yoro ci, a new multibillion transportation hub is open for business. some call l the most beautiful train station in the world. others insist it's a horrible waste of money. it's called occulace. ,000 tons of steel reachg storieietallll the famed archchcht dedegned it to resemble a bird rising, the archwawa will e 1111ubwawa lineneand officials estima 250,0000commuters e ery y y. at first strucyou about this design? >> i r rlly y ke the interioioio space the bebe actually. >eporter: paul goldberger is s a a ntributing archihict critic for "vanity fair."." > d d drara should bebe building impororntntuigsgsor people. 's nice to4arrive ininin citit in a aexhilaratinglace that sort of gives u a lift.
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moments are lihe excxcmati pointstststhththtytyty as s ch as placac l l lthis lp downtowroar back to lif w w wutututtrtrtrsysysyisisisistututus s llioiover r r budget, and atst five years behind schule. when t t hubububesesesesesfifi unununed i iofofofalal esesmamamama w wld c c carouououou $2$2ililon. t aftetetesh desigigiganan teteleanansustoror sandy in 2012, the finisheheprprucucwiwi c calalalalce as muchchcomingn at $ $9 io huhuhuhuveveve, rt authoriririn new w w nd ey, , ededhehehejeje chalalnginin t t ded d wilililrvrva vital l l tatiti n n nfofofoe gion, , ile becoming an important landmark. >> it was a very, very
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bubuinin excitinininnononoveverchihihiure is reveve >> r rorteteteteiciaia a a a hopeful this landmararwiwiwirorononoc c gine...... ththththth pubububububums isis ov 20000quare feet of iaiarereil s s s s s s s s hihiwas a sucucucfufufueforor9/9/9/and we have no d dbtbtbtbtgog totoe e very sucucucful opopng centntntntntnt >> is that a feain and o itself that this is finished? i t tnk i ixtxtxtdididididi atatat yoyofeelelnow ththli e cici i i imimimiacacacs s crcrcrgaga w w whahahaeeeeeer a lolo t t tubububonly partititi opopop several more corridors will open
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t t t tererert t ws" " r r r y.y.y.y.y. grand d d part ist t t dd p ishony, y the way, how he respondso sh e d. >> mitis a fndid > also tonhtr r pots garnssys war.orr:r:is wasik > madonorsut offhe largest vetera' arity after weosononin and a ccer star pledges to doererin ty coon me no me we rotehe aatn .e bsrn thmao obie publicanur
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$sithme hehe &wiwiwiwi mimtomnenanahe p eshment'unofofcialal spokesman r the "dump trump", the omin, , mcmc, dole t tayg 1shshshs cococo and ca t t nat cu i i u unfnrmed & ererny othn, ts s d ha beefeimhh the two most recent nominees deunciceceheheop frt-n-. dean r#2n sapepeake ty s sh i i do t ts s au he's'slayingrm otheh@h@h ic p%@&@r ers.`.`. ee@eidi l thehi house, and all we get is a lou hat. >>ephe mt q ra many republicans thought waleiiisis
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muomprentna plause of fououeu amp ninanio leherevect>>ortrrrehsh dmdpfciesld create recession @at home e sjpebroadn >v wtthe eafd& "6060nul.""$d yoyoyoar this? was sboboyriq qhds, )ndnd tox dogas tostp ridiculous a dangmrorodedeofe e&t)re campan seon l5t thehmomo l l lro lerrwrxg%nizationhma] ]v] n onlir untry?0 >v zeptur:short ofsayi lruuprters ar sgsgdedluturthemo e3t a&renspp >> the bullying, the greed, the in d misog 4he a"su g thecs.. 's nf the`teeramt`of thki o ostabthoughtful @ peone neededs leaeer.@.>> rofr: and rney anticipated some blowback.k. >> watch, by the way, how he responds to my speech h y. [ apapause ]
2:03 am
pugnacioly. trump saidomney isis lilitweight, ahoke artist, a icken,n*nd worse. >> mitis aailed caidate. he failed.d. he failed rribly. >> reporter: andndrump recalled hokodelighted romney waso get his endorsement just fououyear ago. >> i c cld havavsaid, "mitt, dr to your knees." he wouldave`dropped to hisis knkns. he was begging. heheas begging me. >> reporter: lat, romney took to t ttter writing, ,@ott, "if trump saour years agthth things s sinintoday about $ thkkk, a muslims, mexicans, disabled, i would not t have accepd his endorsement. >> dedn, thahas very much. > ll, the war of wos spilled over into t t gop presidentialebate in detroit. here's some of you. >> how do u answer mit
2:04 am
>> hs s faile ndndnde. hehould have beaten prident obama very ly. heailed mimirably. and itas an earrassssss to evererody,ncluding the rereblican party. looked like he w wt awayn a vacation the l month. i do take and i guess obously he wants to bek in the game. >hat your vwsws onn the klu klux klan and white suprprts? >> i tally savow t k k klul kla i totally disasaw dav duke you're probably about the 18th person that's asked me the question. it was very clear.r. thqt qstion was als talked ouin the form of groups. i to k kw which grps are yoinininou eeee wha happens when youou lenge onon picic sue? you kedim about the e emy and t firstst thing he does is launchn attack aboutt little guy thing because he doesn't have answersnd he wants uss to make`eim t t president o the united states of erica.
2:05 am
>> hen ans tqu e elolod t ts o thousands of people. >> ever heardf trump stsres >> younow wh9 tata a l lk at trumph stakes. >> you'vruined the coanieie >> mitt roeyaid tng tly e. he d dn'talk autut the hundreds of really successful jobsthe buildinll over t tt rld atav - [ overpping speakers ] ] >> let's hear the answer then. >> i ll, don't worry a a a it, marco. don'tor about,ittle marco. >> let's hear it, b donald.. > don't worry about it,ittl marco. fbi's invnvtigation int hillary inton's e-mail may wrapp soso.
2:06 am
the time,,utecently thousands have been re-alted sedect. it cri to andle clclsi d d den. tonight,ancy cordes tells us former clili stafaer hasaseen given immu a is talking the i. >> reporr: bry pago is an i. specst who set up thprivate e-mailver at clton's new york home.& ook fifih en he wa called bore core last ye, buti w thfb an indicaon of the dt i ititionon into wheththnyone intentionally mishaned classi information. the clinton campaigngnaid d day it is plsed d at pagliano is heinwith a case the fbi director, jas comey, acknowledges iuniqiqly sensit c pnay that invtigaonenre that it's done the w the fbi tries too l of i work -- pendtly, competently, and omptly. >> reporter: the sta rtment released the last of clinton's 3 ,0 e-mails on
2:07 am
tha2,0 hecoained inatatn now w id classififd, proving fodddd forubca. whashe wainact. shshshouldldt aowed trun. [ applau ] >> reporter: white houseress seetary josh earnest d dputed that. >> what i know that so officials over there have saidid is that shis n n a t tget of the instigation. >> reporter: in new w rk last ninit, formemepresident bill clinton argued e-mail controversy has made fis sife more relatable. >> i sawhiab byby woman`nho sai "you kn nereal w ehusic unl i rere her e-mlsd madee precte ry good she i ias aum beiasas as a public svantnt >>oror b t qion atthth h o thi f ven phypa public servant in a aensitive position would neededo communicsosoly
2:08 am
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scott clinn' top aidid a the caidate h orchestra prouousymbolic [male naat it's sbout p pting others s rst. doioi your best whatever you u .it'sut bebeg witurself.. th everything. it's all of t es 's more. it's commitment. thisisessage is broughthto you by
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well, tonight, we ha some remarkable reporting from inside syria ere a a a ial l asfiri pear be holdg. next week will marfifiears nce the uprising that led to ththcicil war that has silled a quarter of a mlion people d forced 11 million from the homes. elizabeth palmer has reached aleppopod holly williams is in nonohern syr.. we'l'lbegin withol >> reporter:r:at arashsh villllllwas liberated from i is just three days o. we sas t tody an isisis fighter lying in the rubble of a house hiby an air striri. joza khalaf and hecousin hararold us the extmists held gunsnto theirireads,
2:11 am
won's homes to hide.they said the is f)f)f)fs also drdrsed ups women to avoid captute. the nearby t tn a ashaddadi was liberarad last week. the isis slogaga a sti t(ere, b b the town's n w undedede control of the syrian dedecraticicoror a a arab-kururshshlllle th is pptetebybyby u u u sosohis was an a arican air st? commder a a a nenened that u.s. cocoition n r rikeke heheed herights n n n n ttle here. this usese b bin r r rconnnntingngaqqah,h,he s scallll is capitsysyith sul, iraq's se biggest ci, alalalonolold s.s. but t t throad h b ptthe e riri momoaoaoaocece lolol talatoto us s fighters havavavav g g g or 1010ns omuninininiy thth u.s.-led coalition in the last
2:12 am
e. qperers st e eectiti & panerereyromommuy+allianeeee ip's aed of ororting tpsi whi bac the syrian regime and h s also allegedly fought against other ups.-bd groups. col selo died both those clms, buadmitted hisisroup enjojo aong-ststding truru wiwiyriarereme s flfl flili ovevetwo o cocooundndinsisi his terertoryryry this u.s.-backed group is takingon isisiananananininininetimeses yingngere prprprallegigis mplilite lolslss s ffeth brbrt uurkent obams spial vovo totohenti-isisoalilion when he vitetyriqiqjqnu thehsaid his group asked r ti-tanmissiles and mache guns, , t so farott,
2:13 am
omiseses >ow, correspondent elelabetet palmlmnder team are in alpo, lt and d industrialenter of more two milliopepele s py in hf rebel fo. we s wlia t ag rtes old alg, scott, we cod see the villages thatsis has just beepushed out ofrtery avildamad. pp in outsrtrt weame enth aneorhot line eyeyivinui dings,shkingondion wi neier ectrityr rug war. wehen d d a litite bit to t j oepwh usbe t lgestovered rkthmidd eas it wsco rld ri siani'm rrtoe to ll y thaitin ruins 'searteaki, di th exied f morth,0
2:14 am
>> l l'st tbe a reside of aleppo now? epr:deerate,e, s scases foceitie lin or water erybody ispete to be to x, tel felbuopdo meanu veben ndat tre a a huns nd dac peoeo who stayednsidria who e crmiernyoom, d omcaseites s you rounth bu t strtr, t e picte for me. >> rorte well,t'a patctcororor areashere there h hey fightingng jru bpyo yououimaginin it likikes of the co rlwar, bern.
2:15 am
nd t rr betifubungom t y paf sttury ryceililil b di, ansot's a ndf ying mf yt. >> eth ae repo fm in a llll, winothrepo from siyrs ll ank you both. > we veuptete ououveststation of the wed rrioprprec weorord th thax chity ends lesof i datioonerasomth charies. werrpritus some madors we, here'shi rorte wh seg q,si mon foioojwa tn a causr a anan as aalng.e , e kas' chari tee-off for caus r 25 foundedarris s thuggo t tenn
2:16 am
ede an ar vino altitha littr half of donation went to he wnded vets came a bw.>>nd tn arinatrewathisisf y dor ars atulhave beoio e icmen and won thatere injured, a itas snt otheir ving a good te. 's aeasappointment >> reporter: woued warrior's tax forms showpendg on nferenens and staff meetings grew to 6 mi 2014, b the charity insis ose expenditures qlify as s ograms and icicic outrag, , canced year's befit tournent and stard peti chan.o, calling for a public audit. he also called senenr management and said hthought o en ndizzi ould be fire i s sou k "whe is he?? leadade gooor bad.
2:17 am
don't undeta h h organizati tt many veteranshoue honornd seice and the chain of command can beed b ba guy y ke thaha >> reporter: cbs news s learned kane is one of several major donors who are ending thpport, ande was ers from the group's board of directo. didithey have a reonsisility to know what was going on?>> absbsutely.anboar dto >> rorr: src with rect kndge of the charity operations said the board signs ofofononll t charity's major spenej, includinexpensive stf reeaea thsoururs so told us board has spenr doars own meen a afive-s-steinududhi hotel in los angegege d thwaldorf toriin n tk they also said thawhenenoard membmbestioned spepeg decisiojs and executive salariesestheir concns were igre we tried to spk with each
2:18 am
declined. >> i feel like i'm representing all l l e people that have donad over the years, all these#ninis over 6atatat have sent$ 9 a ntnt l e pe on mes, ibo g to talk aut this right now, and itas to be me, then it haso be me. >> rorter: are youone th wounded waioprect? y, exceptor m mnew miion ting toee c cngmg there. epter:herds 's ded reviy independent ditoto and t tt t would b inprprpre e a aonu&tiall e arknown. full disclure-a s corporatetexececive servrvrvn that board scsct, the@boa won't s if the results of their riew will be made public or whether the board spendi is s der review as well. they have also hirededegal counsel. chip reid, thanks. there's been a break in that bbof a houston gun store
2:19 am
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2:21 am
arres have bn maman at r rare gun e ist in honshed y l ghhe'sueb!jorquez. >>eporter: iwawaasn as wasasrief. ter u#g uc rip o e ors, ten tev rusd si thigush s cases,bbed gunby thesack full, and r rles by the arm
2:22 am
they got away with 85 weapons. robertlders th hhe bureau u of alcoh, totocco, and firearms. >> would sayt shocked me morerehan iturpris me. >> reporter: while the numbeof gu rteolr h decrea elder says tsre seeingore of the types of bold burglaries. thieves s ed a backhoe to tearar down the wall of a g store in ton suburb last year. in ohio, mininan. in t tneee a slen r. we gan atf gun vault in hston. itor filled with recovered weapons. the ncern is t o os they n'n'ackedo. ahas whatlly scary about this because now you've got this high number of firearar on the street potentiay beinintrafficked to other criminals. >> reporter:r:cottthe burglary here was so well planned that after they hit the store, the thves jumped into a second taway cacaa block away.
2:23 am
2:24 am
and wewel be rigig back. >new jersey govnor anan rmer presidential candat chris christie took a lot of online ridicule over h appepeananith donald tmp on sur tuesday. , tototo chrise id, was not bngeld agag d "allllhesechr ychiris shou ge break. > rhaps the eatest dve in basketbalalthis week wawama bz leside charter academyn they d5 5 les from kalamazozotolay muskegon igs gh school last night. all the local teams had canceled onuskegon after a shooting outside t scsc. in a shoof unity, the te kazwhersix x le re gnedown tee a they said, "n't worry, we'llll
2:25 am
2:26 am
2:27 am
it dsn't matter. we end tonig with a world chamon whos hohongexte r ga far bonone ccerpi ben n acy spe wi heray.. repter: whee n's ccerereanlth d d d inin this ca the e fi image -- a viorious 30-year-old brandi chastain rippipo off h jersey after r oring the winning goal. >> i'd really like to leave mething beyond that. >> rorter: n 47, chastain has a new goal. shplan date hehebrmu heaauma du ered iurur career?
2:28 am
inindenchei was in college that wouldldoday definely be considered a cononononn, w wwewe ed to llllyou kn"had my bell rung" or b 've e e ta," and i've h h ho shake it off. >> reporter: chastain's ain will entuay bexamid by researerchecking for c, chronic c amatic cncephalothy,a degenerereve bin disease believed to be cauby repeatedlowso th. bobo university rerearcherhave examined brnsnsstatesevenomen plays haomined t chnowinskiy is foundererf the ncussion lac foundatiti, which will evevtually study chastaiais brain. itmenoplaybawe'te nerarara of former female athles witlot expose who are in their 60s, 70s,s,r 80s, like we do with men. >> open ur bodies. >> reporor chastaia now helps coach ccert santa clara
2:29 am
vocateteor not ainyoyoh eryers to thehe unti a 1 hehecontbution to science will outlast t en theost memorabl of games. ben tracy, cbs ns, s stata clara, california. nd that's the "overnight newsfor this friday. for some ofyou, the news continues. r hers, check bk with us a little bit later for the morning news and "cbs this morning." fr the broadcast center in new
2:30 am
,, this is the "cbsvernrn news." >>@oohtghgh ws." i'michchle miller e contenders forublicaca presididtial nominatatnhehed in detetitit for the 11th deb of the campaign seasas th biggestst hehelines were mada hossararery miti roroeyey the forr presidentiallll cacaidatat l lhed o%w at front-runner donaldltrump calling him a "p"p"prawhwh prosee asororssss
2:31 am reynolds po >'stkn>> donalp hony, a frau isepter:he most ceanyyugug wnae sasa truru is a suru loser i ia generarararaectiti. >> p pson as dishones as hillary clinton must not bece president. [ applause ] ofcourse, a trp nomination enables her victory. >> reporter: he said trump's policies would creree receson at home and disrespect abroad. >> what h s sd on 0minute" diyouea ? wasutia a and s todo a the most diculous andnd danrousdea ofof the entirereampaign season.. let thehet dangeroro terror organization the world h e known take over an entire country. reporter:r stoppedho of saying trump supporters are misguided but urged t tm to reflect and reidid. >> tllyi.the gree ehowing f. aurd third grade theaics.
2:32 am
the kin of stable,ugl pe wed a erer epter:ney cipateteba. >>watche w he rnds my speechod. [ [ ause ] >eporte the ar cam alongg prediably andh pug they shousely. >> mitt fle rribly. >> reporter: trump recalled howow delighted romneyeyas to get his dorsement four yearsago. >> i cou have sd mitt, drop to your knkns. heou havee droppo ur he w. he was begging . >> reportete lat,omney too to twitter, writinin iff trump saididouyears ago the this he says today a aut muslims, mexicans, thedisabled, i would not have acceptetehis
2:33 am
an reynonos, cws, salt lakety gnmendvy b ououiug eutut oviancancerer every yeye, more than 22,0,0 women arargnos w t t e a becse's often cahtla tha 14,0die. k k more>> rorter: theep fou rprisisi g gs ininha we kw orianca. it odeheovary, inhepianesr utut. . lala l lne o re ors. >> is a collection oany dpfferent diseases. the stypes ofvarian cancer cur in and around the ovary, t ve very differentigin eptehys t wheyo fige t t igs,s, it tellsou informatio these important about treatmen prevention and mechisms. >> rorter: preventioio isseyey
2:34 am
efefctive way of findidg orian caer early onreason the disease iso deadly.. 34-year-old morgan, mother of three, got genetet testing las pll andnd leaed was acrsed . i wasot g gng g gble wi m m eeciallynong ey wouldab tatch ovarian cancer in early stages. >> reporr: so she shotted for eventative surgery,y,reng e ovaries, falpian tubes and full hyerectomymy i had tdo it >eporteteououan screen f f breastcer, col cancer, why is ovaan cancer@o dierert? >> tprecururrurn int canc andhe s s ver y. we reallyave aery limeu nd o oty t enfyancer ll >> ror t t a often n sissr they're gue. here's what is alarmimi.
2:35 am
ovian cot g the recoenstanrdcare.dr jon lapook, cbsbs news, new york. supererms areespopoible for one out of eveveeven infections patnts get when inside the hospital. the cdc blames doctors for ovescribing tibiotics, helping the s ser germs become resistant. theattle over antntioticscss not t ngought in spals,utuby i i offe chien raisese without ananbiots. >> r rortete subwass antibiotic freehien is the first step what they say will lead the restaurant to serve only anoticre .
2:36 am
mcdonaldn and out. wayan s slisasachittitis. hehain say ahe asts 3000 nth americantat soe tibiotic free. >> this i problem tha bee bring forec a a ttin suse. r rter:herereny danr@ cmem m mt tt n't have aibioticsn >> absolutely@none >> repr: the dger isn't the antibiotics themlves, b%b super bugs tha evolv to rest tantibiots. th drug resistant gererer the enter the fd pplyly accordinto the cdc, 00 peopleie from super bugs every year. >>e're atheeginning of
2:37 am
even a simple cut could become infected a a havav a deadly stata infectio >>eporter: i iseember, she workedn a rortra std chain ahe supplyf at. last weak, inbnd out bger@ saids loong to pse out anbiotics from its mt supply but dn't specify a timeline. wendy's is o oing antibiotic illed chien in fourr t rketet walstreet jrnrn reporter jacoco bun gis straorhe h@hd. >he wil tur t supper and s s g us meat ed witho bibiics. >> the pri of@hesese meals & prlyill not up m ch, , at .
2:38 am
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tryelsym ./ everytngng cld to ke hehepay y ecmo e erythin you kno 1 i i 10 houseseseuld get hiby expxpve septidisaster. but fofoonly $7 a month,
2:40 am
avd a ptic dter withd-x. the social securit adadnistration keeps a list of@ every american who dies. it's called the death master file. but as with many things in the federal vernmentnt it's not alalys correct aot of people who die don't ke t . d somhohoti veryivre surised to arn the govoven thinknk ey've passed on. t pelley reportsor "60 minute minutes." >> she pointedede@nhe screen and said o.d. s s what dshat mean? she said date of deat all it takes is somebody to put t the computete the wrong numbers and itit m mes a big dierence, co.>>eporr:r:tpleev
2:41 am
t wh theeral comtesays're dead, , u mi well be. the terrible news is rerayed by e gornmeo banks and credit agencies. she e she had $80,000 in accounts but when shsh tri to use aank cd st the ief- yo couldt gees t too y yrrr bankccounts. how w d yoy le? >>or a timeiveded i i myar.. i uldn g g an artment.t. ha ditch w ofurse, nogood sed o witut knowingcoeque, ananans tually tato jail a auened becacae thohoht i ias an ti ieie rorteed up rest >> y.>> repepter: you endndpp living in your car becausef alljj >> smo. ror had bn in frommhean race
2:42 am
>> reporte cyber ghost judy rivers now haunts a borrowed camper in abama. while e r finces were ruined,, she found that the govnmnmt kes a tidyy profitt selling t death master filee credit ci. so woror deaeaea immoaln dozs of databases and it came bacac againin and again. she proteed t a credittt agency called check sysysmsmsorh seemed like an eternity. >> finally,y,heck sysms respondedeto me, and told me to send my formation a&d would nsider it. ter i had sent it t tmver times.>>eporr: they d coid whetheheyore iv >>orre. >>eporter: we l ld t alabama vital recds offffe for her deh notice,@, but it's not there. nonone sms tnow howhe got in the federal death master file god may judge the quick and t dead, but it's the states that collect the data. they pass it along to social
2:43 am
room@ororrror. record burea get dth nototes omoctoto, spits, f fal hos lieses andd sas i own rules. perhapapbecause the dead don't vote, many of the states don't spend much, keeping tabs onn them. this ithe state o alaba vital l cords vault. its place soecece tt you need a key and fingerint to get inside. buttncnc i i here, theechnology becomes prey 19thcececey. these are death cficas from1912, for plal i t 1io per rords re. now, thehete of aba is moving tow an electc system, and it'sbout 6 of e way there. but thereo le fun ound thentorha kinofof tnsit t he toz stes ri
2:44 am
decocos. ras the dededemaer fi? >> i g gss the best way too s s it is, it's as aurate as it cannbe.. >> repororr: patrick o'carol i i the social securi administration's inspeor gegeral. his officenvestihoho the h master filessed abused. >>ht nowheeaaster fi hasntmtbout 86 llion rerds in it, a i tsbout millior y ararrorotheat. an'r'r problylyit ything , onon theeast some statas areeporting ectrtrically a havey oddata. othe states it's done at a haphazard level. reporter:he much morer costly problem is inn themiions o a arica whooie ahrd. o oiceoundhatoc sety ndehh data for
2:45 am
of 1 1. do youeay believev that there are 6.5 millionple over the age of 111 in this cotry?>> . infactct thashyeeidid the audit on . what weere finng is that people that were over 112 years of age were openingppkac wotot spious wend that 6.5 millioiowas not recorded as being deceased. eporr: how many people are overhehege of 111 i thi countrisom >> i'mniing ten. >> reporter: most federal agciesekepend on theheth ma file. so if ath i o't listsd, ymeneeee ming. weondededt that would add up ton theourse of aye, bubu o i t govis epou oue upith ew repts fromndivual agen fofoexample, t t departmentf ricultlte pa farm subsidies and dasterr assistance toto more
2:46 am
six years. that came e $1.1 billion. office of personnel management paid dead feder retitis a litt over a 2010on t t id mo than $400 m mlion nds tea social securit doesn't know how manyetiremt and disability checks are cashed by the relatives of t t ad, like sand. >> i a- a , ther andmot and nowow fefe >> repororr: lik a l o opop, she too in herin illllll mothe a had a jnt b accoun with hwhwherhedi, t dibity benefs kept coming. when d d shedidi s s died inn 1984. >> repter:r:hehe died, did you report her death to social security? >> i did not. >> reporr: whynot? >> i thought perhaps it would
2:47 am
fune directo at sompoint. orr:e you surprised athe bits ptin >>nov officialal.l had a conrsatio with my momior toer death thatt would be entitled to the benets. so i just sume and w along with that thinkinghat i wass entled. >> repepter: what did tome to? >> o or a 30-year riwd, over $160,0. it's nototlways as e ey for me as it is f f him... it's easy for me cause look at r. aw... sosoe usy agel ances s y's naturaramois so i can g gnto inbiicke and whenen kw she's feelingglike that, it makes me feel like we'reboth... when she enjoys it, we enjoy it evenore. and i enjoy it.
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2:50 am
e aus@eeall flnglaghs republican pdentdeba. tow mhh ot wastr? it couldld te d dto the se andd ts eir ininstryf ft ccks onjob. ma albertorts >> reporter: the winter o&o 2016 w rememr a zardbuttotf. b fyf p i anedge myleess` r ins,s, onhe mi >>epor broad sid a a brpast >heploy rats ob the highest ve hrdo far isis roror a der wit the onoeaster o fily sndg more money than eitherrhe democrac
2:51 am
lilirsan be nauseangas the candidatat try to conjoel and convince voters. >> we haveeen in s sears obamacace the bigig job ller in this country. >> repepter: howowowyoowow what's true a what's t?keighthoin the storm, glgln kesler tries too cut ththugugthe fogfct >> reporter: youatch policians when they lie and call them out on it? >> that's right. >> reporr: how's business these days? >> better than ever. >> reporter: that's n so good r the democracy. >> it'ss good f jonalism. repepter: keslechelel e assisi t fouccos. tler doeoe type the "l" word. >> i they ha usehe word lie. i can't get into a politician's ad. >> reporr: but yououave said falsls dubious, debunk, no
2:52 am
dedelyflawed wildly inflated,d, zarre claim,m,inra and misleading. >> yes, i pleaduiltlt t t using ose@ wos. >>epr: and thehehewas w wor15. donaldrurud the m pinohi. , k klelelwrote "frankly, it's really not interesti to fact check the donald as his assertions are so easily debunked." >> i saw peopleettingng t t the ananin faiaiy largenumbers, celebrating as the world trade center w coeoeg @wn. >> reportet: also on thelist of thr biggestinocchioof 15151 pdentma >> kstone isis c cadianoil. it bypasses the unitestatat. >> media fact chehkers e not fair and impaial. they are liberal, editoriala journalis. >> reporter: kesler say politicians orhat you e stf even try to negotiate e better rati.
2:53 am
>> i actuall got callsls from senator robobortman and sator y bersrs who sd becau y fa cs te gog be m carefuln thee future.>> reporter: if the nunuer of clms has exploded, so too has theumber ofofactt checkers. the pulutzer prize w wning poticts.has i o tiannfire wpo y have? >e don't have a ratinin system. we just telleaears this misleading and this is why. >> rorter: rob farlele is the ty manager e itoto at >> we're gegting the votershe best information t ty can get.
2:54 am
the facts. >> reporter: based in iladelphia, the nonprofitt has a teamam o oix fe lnekyli t da we und himmact checking a tededruz tv adad >> it's n true. i'mm trying to piece together the ininrmation i need t t t show here's whaeallyppened. reporter: the team posd its analysis the next day. but even fact checkers are n all-knowing. just this week, politifact revised a helineneer pushbackrom a presidentia campaign w wting iginana wording shoee more ece. lie sasa t shehe numbef candidates and claims is cycle ss bovwhelming. what is 2016o be? mor of the same. >> reporte ttas noo >>i g#gddor us in terms o o inab t provide informatn tohe public.
2:55 am
2:56 am
ostrararaprd-sysye narrator's aut puttingthers fit.t. it dr be whahaveyou . itit a beihonene wh yoyose. wi everying. it's all of these. 's m ommit.
2:57 am
the force at ground zero in nework city, a new multibillion transportation hub is open for business. some call ithe most butifif train statn in the world. othehu insnst it's a horrible waste of money. 's called occucuce. 15,0 tons of s4sel reaching 25 storsta. e mehite si i resememe bsi t chchysl h h11ubway linessnd officia e eimime 0,000ommuters every day. at first suck youbout this design? > really like the interior space ththest actually.. >> reporter: paulgoldberger is a contributing g chitittcrcric. a d docracy should be building iortant buildingsor pepele. 's nice to arrrrenhe city
2:58 am
soivesou lift u kw, i thi gat mos areikik thelamation tsn the . amuchs places like this help downtownoar ck t tli, it's n whout ntroversy. this structutu isillions over budget, and at least five years s behind schedule.e. when he hub's design was first unveiled in 2004,fficials estimated it would cost around $2 billlln. but after rush degn changes, water lks anduper storm say 12 theifisd ododwill comomnt$3.9 llio hub' g gerning dy, the po authority i inew york and new jersey, called the project challenging. butteded it will serve@ a vitit transportaonon need fo t region, while b bomini a a a important la mark. i4iwas a very,yambitious, diffifilt sign.
2:59 am
cost somewhat less in nfafa, exng, invahiute is reporte oiala a hopel isand m mk w w w ove t b b bnconomic enenne. with these p pc atriums is over 200,000 square feet of potentiareil space. >> this was a very successful mall before 9/11. and we have doubt it's going totoe a very scessfulhoing center. >> ithat a feat in and o o itself thathis is finished? >> i t tnk it's an extraordinary feat. u feelt n n the life of the city iom bac tohi acres agtt@ dn't b bnor a lon time. >>he h b is only p ptially open. severamore corridor a open in the t tcome. ficials didedgainst a larg unveiling. instead, there was a small ribbon nuttingceremony. th's the "overnight news" for this friday. for some of you the ns continues.
3:00 am
york cy, i'm michelle miller e and part estataishment fififi back. >> dond trump is a phony, a fraud. watch, bydthe way, how he responds to my speech today. >> we di >itt t a failed candidate. also tonight, ouou correspondentsive us a rare inse syria's wawa repter:o th wn am air str jodonout t t veitte we exposow m m is beinininint.t. d d socc star pleds to dodoteero studud concussis. >> t mwew, me we can he pteheext geraonndern n tethth ithe ornht ws." > the mawhcarrthe
3:01 am
hit hvee ad tht. mimiomneca the parar establisent's s ofalal spokokman n r thth"dp p p"mome. enenthe e 08 nomomeeeejohnhn mccain, tme saying that he shares rnes concerns and called trump's nional security ideas uninformed and dangers. in anyther election, this would unimaginae. the two st recent nomimies denocing the gopopront-runr. dean rnonos is i isalt lake city. >>ere's what i inow. donald trump is a phony, a fraud.'syi the membersth ericanubc fos. gs a a eehete a all we get is l hat. reporter: the man who lt a rara many republicans s s ght was winnable s sd trump is a surereer in a general election.( >> a person so urustworthy and dishonest as hilla clinton must n n become prident.
3:02 am
of course, a tru nomination n enables her v)ctory. polici wouldreate receceion atomd espectoad. wheai "in." d u he t asutnds, ait to goowas theos ridiculous and dgerous idea of the entire campaign seasonon t ththmost dangerous terror ganition theorld has e er known ta over an entir countrtr >> reporter: he stopped short of saying trumpupporters ara sgsgde bute urthem to o flecd coidid >> the binheededthe inoff, theisog t abrd t therics he's not of the tempament of the ostabthoughul peonne aader >>eporr: a rom& antitited wb >> wchby tayhow spondso ech toy. apse ]
3:03 am
alg predicbly and gnaciously. trump said romney a lightweight, ahokekertist, a chicken, a worse.. >> mitt is a faid candidate. fled. he faihoib. rte andndru recalald w delighted mney was tt s enent justour s ago. >> i couldave said, "mitt, drop to yoyo knene." he would have opped to his knees. he w w begging.. he was beggingnge. >> reporter: later, romney took tter writing, scott, "if trump sa four years ago the things he i saying today about the kkk,bout muslims memedibledi ulno vecccctes enem" dn, tnknkry mh. >>ll, the r ords spilled over into o e gop presidenenalalate in detit. hereome of it. >> how do you swer mitt romney, si
3:04 am
ndidatathe shod hava beaten priden obama veryasil heheailemisey. d it wasn barrasast evody,luheicar looked le he went away on a vacation the last month. i don't take that, and i gueue viouanberelenthe wants tk k k thme >> wt ouvion thehelu uxlan and whitit supremacists? >> i totallyisavav the klu klux klan. i i tally disavow daviduke. i've been dodog it nowor two weeks. you' probably about the 18th person that's asked me the question. was very cleg that questiowas s so talked you have to tell me which groups. >> see what happens when y chlenge hion a polsue? askehiabout ecocomy y d thfirst t ininhehehes la aatck abouotl y thg use sn't arswants us makehe pdent oe itedtes of arica thisiss not a game..
3:05 am
u t t ang. >> then swerhehehestn. >> youaven't e eyeon persn l velo s thsaofeopl >> evevear s skes? >> ynonowhat?ta a tmp stakes. >> you've ruined these mpanies. mitt romney said d ingsgshat re totally false. the nnthing is, dn't a hudsreal sl , the dis l l errld th have -- [ erlapping spkers >> i have a poli question for yo sir. let's h hr thanswer then. >> i will, don't woror about it, marco. don't woy about it, little marco. >> let's hear it, g donald. >> donon wor aboututt, little marc >> gentlemenen e fbi's investation into dedecratic candate hillary clinton's e-mail w up on as sretary oste,li a uncucuprive e-mail sesen hehomefficl buness.
3:06 am
have been re-evaat andome marked top secret. it's a crime to mianane clasfied documents. tonight, nancy cordes tells us a former clinton staffer hasaseen n giveveimmunity a is talking to thfbi. >> reporter: bryan pagliano is an i.t. specialiststho set up the private e-e-ilerveat clton's new yorkome. he took e fih e was ca be ress ar, t cootingit thfbi,n n cacaon of fh breadth ofhe invesgation to whether anyone inteionally mishandled clfied informamama. the clinton camp said d d d d it is pleased that pliano is helpinwith a case the fbi dictorjamemey, ackndgique seit aryloery ththtigation to enenre& at it's done t way thehebi trieietotoo o l of its work -- independtly, compepently, an promptly. >> reporter: thetate ment reasest o clinn',000
3:07 am
mo than 2,0 of them ntained formion n consideredlassified, providingfodd for republicans. >> what she dis a criminal apt. she shouldn't owed to run. [ applause ] >> reporter: whi house press secretary josh eararst disputed that. >>hat i know that some officials over there have said is that she is not a target of the ininstigation. epororr: in new york last nighmer president bill clinton arededhe e-mail controvershahamade his wife relat. >> i ss remarkable sto by a woman who said, i ver reallyasnthusiasti until i ad her e-mailslcananit made me apprecte how really good shehis as a human bng, asas well as public svant." rorterz but thaueueueat e het t this fbi investation is why a public servt in a sensitive position would need to communicatatsoly viviprivate e-mail?
3:08 am
3:09 am
3:10 am
cbs cares! well, toninit, we have somom remarkable rororor fin syria where a partial ceasasfirere appears to be holding. xt week will mark fi yearsrs since the upriringngngt t d to the civil war that has killed a quter of mon people an forced 11 million from their homes. elizababh lmlmea aleppoananholly williams i iin rphe syria. wewel giwitholol. reporter: masorat al rashid llagagwas liberated frfr isis just`t`tee d ds ago. we saw the bodoof an isis fightelying the rube e a house e t by an air khaf and heus khatar t td us the extxtmist
3:11 am
women's homes to hide. thth said the isisighters also essed u as women n aid capture. e nearbyn al was liberated lala week. the e is slogans a still there, but the tows now under e control of the syrian dedecratatces, an arab-kurdishlliance that is supported by the u.s so thiwas an amerin air striri? commandedediba tus that u.scoalalion air strike helped h fighters s n the battle here. this used to be e main rd connectiti raqqah, t t so-called isisapital in syria, with mosol, i iq's second bigst city, also conolleleby isis. bunow the road has beeee recaptured bthe sysyan democratic forces. colonel tala so to us s fifiters have beeneniven over 100 tons o oammumution by the u.s.-led coalition in ththlastst
3:12 am
parache. but t erica's effectiti rtner in syria has s/se murky it's accused of coordinating with rsia, whi b b t syrian regime ananhas also allegedly fought against other s.s.acked grps conel se d died bothhose aims, bumitttt hisisroup joysys long-standing truce with the syrian regime. its flag flies over tw compounds inside his territory.. is u u.-backed g gup is taking on i is annning,ometimes ying a trible ice, but its leances are complicated. colonel selo also told us at he met with b ett t gurk, esident obobe#ial voy totohe anti-isis coalition whe he visited syria in january. the colonel sasa hisroupupsked for anti-tank k ililnd mae ns, so f f, t,
3:13 am
omises. >> ncorrenizebh lmnd her t tm are in aleppopoa cultural and indudurial ctee two million people still partly theds of rebel es we spoke wititlia short time o. >> reporter: as we rolled along, scott, w wcould see the villagag thththths has juststeen pushed out t , desertedednd very y heavily damaged. we spped in e outskirtrtas we came e and went into a poor neighborhood right o othe ont nes.s. ey arerliving in ruine buildings, in shocking condion with neither electricity or running water. wehen rried on a ltle bit to the jewel oaleppo, what used to o the larst covered rk in the le eas ititas unescworld hehetagege site, d i'm sorry to have to tell youout it iin rns. it's hrtbreaking, ilngs that exist for mororthan 1,000 yeyehaha fifaleesmashed
3:14 am
>> liz, whatat it like to be a redef alpoow? >> reporter: wearydesperat ine e e s for necessieie like medicatatn or w wer. erereris deseste to be abab to relax, to travelelreely, but pepele make do. i meananyou have tbebeben mind that there are hundreds of thousands of displac people who stayed inside syria who ar crammimi into every ny roo and in somcases, campspses. >> as yoyololo arorod the bubudings, the streetspaint the picture for r . >> r/pter: well, it's a a a patchwork. so areasre there have been heavy fightiti are just ruined beyo your agining. it's likikpictures of the second wowowo berlin. i meanansmashed dend belief.
3:15 am
earlpart of last cenry, , veryryraral, dilidated but standi is nd of dizz mixf everything. >> elizabeth pmer with a ae report from inside aleppo, and holly lliams, , th another report fm insidi syria as well. thank you both. nono we e ve an update o o our investigion of the w wnded warrior project. we repted th that chchit spds far lesof its donations on veteransnas compared to oththtp charitieie we were susurised, andndt turns out, some major donors were, too. hehe's chip reid. epr:h two sons serving in iraq, raising m mey for wounderrior precs more than a cause for frfr and dianan ke. it was a calling.& nce 2009, the kanes' chaty, tee-off for a cause, raised
3:16 am
throgolf touaments i ithe calina the organizaon even honore fred kane with aaward forl bebebea a p p nor.r. but algatis thth only a littvevehalf of donationon went t thelp wounded vets came as a bw. >> and then hearing that tre s this waste of moneneand dononodollars that should have beenenoing to the service e f anananmen that wererinjujud, and it w spepe on their havingng time. it real sappppntment. >> reporr: w wnded waror's tax fos show spending on confnfnfces and stafmeetitgs grgr to o 6 miioioio 2014, but the charitinsists s ose expeuruaua as prms anseices. ededkaneancelethth year bitamt d artepetitionn change.o, lling for a public audit. he also called senior management d id he tht o steven nardizjj should be f fed. >> i said,d,ou know, "where is he? you udm e frt,d d."
3:17 am
i don't undersrsnd how an organization that has many veteransho value hon and service andpthchain n commama n beeda gulike tha >> repter: c news learned kane is one of several majojodonors who are ending their support, a a he e nt answers from the group's board of dirto. did they have a respsibility know what was going on? >> absolutely. any board of directors doeoe >eportete sources with dict knowledge of the charity's erionsaid the board signs of allllhe charity's major spending, ininining exexnsive f treatsts those sources also told us the ard d s spent donollars s s own memeings at fitar hotels,pincluding the rly lshireotel in los angeles d the ldorasa ew yorkrk they also said that wh boa mes questioned spendg deons snd executive salaries, their concerns werer ignored. we tried to speak with each board mber in person, but they
3:18 am
>> feel like i'm prerentinin all these people thave dodoted overhe yea, alal these`seniors over5 that -- the e nt t t$ 9 a momoh, all ththe people on fixed incomes, if nobody's goingo talk about this righnow, and it has to e,e,e,n ititas to be me. >> reporter: are you done with worrprt? >> yes, ce forory new mission of tryg toee ce er repteheoaay's's's ora view by ininpendent t auditoto and that woulde inappropriate ansnsr qutis til all ththfactct are known.( fuclosure-- a s corporate exutive serves on that board. scott, theoard'tayayf res t riew will be ee public or whherfthe board spending is under view asell.thal hired legal coununl. >> chip id, thanks. t ere'e'been a break in that robbery a hst gun store and a a ccer star is donating her brain to scienen. the "cbsbsvernight n ns" will l
3:19 am
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3:21 am
rests have been made in that remarkae guguguore heist ou we show&you l l nihe manuebojorquez. >> reporter: it was as brazen as wasef. after@using a truck to ripff the doors, ten t teves rushed ininde thigun ste,sheded glass cases, grabbed g gs by the l,ifle trm
3:22 am
ey g away y th 85 weapon rort eldld is th t burea alc, tobacc andfims i would sayayt shshked me rerereit surprised me..( >eporter: whileheumbeof guns rorted en oloas decreasese e eerayagents are seei more of these types of bold burglaries. thieves used a aackhoe to tear wnhe w w gtore a houston buasyeye. in ohio, a minivan. in tennessee a stolen r. we got insidan a gun vaultlt in houston. it's f fled th recoved apons. the concern the ones they hahat tracked d wn. >> and that's whwh's rlly scy ababt this becauseowow you've got this high numumr of fiarms on the stet potentially being trafficked to other criminals. reptete sco, e bularyry here was so well planned that afafr they hit the store, th jump ia
3:23 am
3:24 am
and we'll right bacac new jeey governonoand fo psidentl candidide chris christie tk k lot of neneidicov his aparce wdonala tmp o susur esday. ll, , , y, chrise said, no, w not bei h hhoage, and "allllse armchair psychiatrists should give it a break." >perhaps the greatest drive in basketbtbl thth weewas ma by lakesididchchter acadimy. they drove 85 5 les from kalamananato play muskegon ights schl last night all the lol teams had canceled on musketeshooti tse the scol. ininhow w@ unini, the team om kwhererx le were gunned do twowoeeks ago, theyesaid, "don't worry, wll play you."
3:25 am
ititoesn't mqer. giedthle ipaying it isiss how yoy it's soing to o oy t! someone who jujuoseverhing. th, yes, we'e' f fd you sosowhere to stay anyes, youchildren willllave breakft. every 8 minus e red cross responds to a aister and makeisromise. helpke it. orchestra proud-symbmbicic[malalnarratoror it's about putting oers first. it's doing youbest
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o" us net udor we end tonight witworld chpionho is hoping to extend her legacy far beyeyd the soccer pitch. ben tracy spoke wiwiwier today. >>epr: wheheu.s. women's soccer tm won thth world cup in 1999, this bebe the defining image -- a victororus 30-year-old brandi chahtain ripping o her jersey after scoring the winning goal. >>'d really y ke to lelele something yond t tt. eporter:ow ca negogo she plans to done her brain to science. how much head trauma do you think you suffer in n ur
3:28 am
>> i know two specific cidinces whei wain cle would t defefitbe nsider a concusuion, what we usedo callyou know, "had my bebe rung" or "i've seen s s," d had to shake e off repstn'n'brn "eually y emineby researchchs checkiororte chronitrauautic c discsion over headnjurie chchs&nskiy is founderf f the ncussi ly fouaon, ich ll evly studydyhastai brn. >h men not plg foballwe done gegeration of former female athletesita lot of exposure who are in t tir 60s, 70 o 8080 l le we do with m.
3:29 am
>>epter:haststn nononocoach soso at saa cla erernda erer advote forot allowininyouth soccer pla to ad the ball until l are 14. her contntnttisciencll outlaseven the most memorarere@ of games. n n c cs,ta cla,iforora. d that's the "overnight news" for this friday. for some o oyou, theews contins. for others, check back with us a tt bitater for t mng news acbisor." from the b badststente n n
3:30 am
this ithth"cbs o ornight news." >> welcomeo the "overnight news." m elle mler. the e dede fepublilin en natn er in dro forhe1th te of the campan se. thbiggt headlis we m me hours earlier by the party's previous standard bearer, mitt romney. the former presidential ndidate lashsh out at fronnnnn donald trump llinm andra
3:31 am
umdiake thatricism well.dean r >>ere's atnow. donald trump is y, a frauau plala the mbef th erican plic foer hes eeidtohehite use,nd a w a lou ha >> reporter: the man who l la raceceany republicans though was wiable said trump is a sure loser i ia a neral elecon. >> a person so untrustwortrt and dishonest as h hlary clinton st necome id plauae ofourse, a trumpomininiojo enables her victory. >> reporter: he said trump's policies would create ression at home ana disrespect abroad. >> what he said on "60 minutes." d yoarhis?itbout syr and i and it has to go down n the mt rididilous and dangeusdea ofthe re campaigig t the moangeuserror organion the eorld has ever known take overfan entnte couny? >> reporter: he stopped short of sayiyi supporterar uidededee e ged th t reflect and d consider. theheullying, the greed, th showing off, the mimogyny, the absurd third grade therics. 's n of erent
3:32 am
personone need as leader. reporter: and rney antitipated soso bloack. watch, , the way, w he responds t tmy speh day. [ apause >> repte the answer came alonpredtay an puaciouslyly trump said romney is a ght, ahoke aist3 a icken, worse >>iti# aaicaat f heailed ib >eporter: and trump recalled how delited romney was tt his endorsement ju four years ago. >ould have id, "mt, op to o o knees." he wld havepop h begging. was beggi >> repepter: ler, romney tk to twitttt writing, scott, "if trump said four years ago the siny ab
3:33 am
accepted his dorsement. t aisor b isououing tharabouarn canc every y armorerehan 22,000 women%are agnod th t t e and becae iten ugugoo late, moran,000 die. . n laokas me. >> reporter:he report found surprising gapin w wt we kno[ about ovarian caer. starting with the basic definini.. en thougug's called ovarian , ican ar ououe the ovary, in the fallopianubes or e uterus.. drdougugs lagne was one of the porthors. lltion omana fferenes.e es of o o ian er cu andund ovar t haheererenorigins. rorter: whys poan >>n u fire t p itellyou information a'importan abouent,rention d
3:34 am
fective y of finding ori calyly one rereon theisease is so deadly. -yeaolmorganmo of@ three, got genetic tesng last fall andeaedhe was ata increased ri. >> i was not going to gamble thliespecial kwing eyould bo h ovariacancer i&iits st. >> repor so she opted for prevtati surry, removing thovaries, falloloan tub and full hystereomy. >> iaddodot. 'sererfrustring as a patient. >> reporter: you can screen for breast cananr, colon c ccer, whyhy isrianr sofefentnt >> the precursor cells turn n to ncer and thespread vy quickly. weeallhave a very limite ndrty enfy the cancer cells. >> reporter: there are often no symptoms or they're vague. herere whais alarming. more tn half of wowon with ovarian cancer do not get the
3:35 am
which incdes hing annvari nc salisha evalon tatmeme.jopo, cbn%w york o healthhs,s,he cdys superermsre reonble for one out of eryry sevennfections patntatch whenhey'rensid the itcocof thosinfeions li teatening. e e c blames dtors for presesibing antibiotics, helping the super germs become resistant.the battle oveveantibiotics t oneiouin hoitalsutway ft food ain now offerererhi ra withontio. >> rter: subway's tibiotic free chicken is the first t ep in what they say will le the stnt to see on antibiic free meat otherhains vowingngo take similarpswes,ld andost celylyn
3:36 am
>> reporte bowing to consumer pressure aut the food they eat on tuesdayayay began selling sandchesith chicken r rsed wit andjbiotots. by 2025, the c cin says all the e meats 30 n amererestats wl l anbibiic f jeanller wcomes s chge. ts aroblt'be ewfor decacas and geinriously worse. >> reporter: is there any dangng consumers from athat doesn't have antiocs in it? bsolely no epor tt the icicemselves, butu the`per b gshaevol to o rest thentibiocs. those ug resta germs tn enr the e od suppl acrding to the c, 232300 ople die frosuper bugs every year. >> wt e beginning ntial catastroe. even a simplcut could become infectndave a delyph
3:37 am
>> reporter: iseptember,he woed on n report grarang 25 oo haha ohe use of antiotics@ and their meat. on aew rpag gr steak,n ououburgrg said it's okg psese ans frea[ ppdi'tfyime. wends is oerg tibi frrill ccken sandwiche in four test rkets. farmers use antibiotics tkeepep veochealthy. "w"wl stetetournal" reporter jajab bvngy says the restaururts rce their hand >> they willurto their chickend por suppliersrs and say we neeto give us meat ised without antnttics. >> the pce of these meals probab wilnot go up much, if at all. they seem to be king cnges without having pri increaseses
3:38 am
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why cose anything her than lysol? >>e soal sy adadnistration keeps a list of every american who dies. e e h h ststststststststst filele bubuas w wh mama t t ts in t t raragoveveveveveititititit alwawa cororororor ple whwhwhe dodot kekekekekekekekeke d d memeeoeoe whwharararill l veveveh h h h are surprpsed toto arn thththvernrnhihihi they've passed on. scsct ll rorts nu"" ointedn n e scscenfnnd sd d.d.d.d sd, whatata ds d.o.o. nemn? spepipe e $th.h ipsa, well, how@w@d y/u me @ 7ititthis?p?p alit takes is somebody to input on the computer e ong mbers andpdpakesig fvererce, o& coerce.( >-eportf m mt peopluenenenen
3:41 am
en thehfer comter sasy're u u u t -uwell e rrle nisayed b ththththrnrnntbanks an edit a ancncnc judy r rerer t tdddd shehe h h 00 h h h acacuntsts but enheriededo usushehebank rdrda a ore, they assumed she wawawa identity thief.f. u couldn't't't a a as to youou nts.s. hohoyou lili?? well,or a time, i lived in my c. d i cocodndndnet an n ararenenenen i hahamymymyitititds, , ich wewe course, n n nododi i i i i ititit k k kngnghe nsnsuees, and was actu tad bee tht i a identity thief. rep you e eareses y y u up ngng our usususllf fix month reporter: yououad been eliminatededededththhuman n n ...
3:42 am
ororr: cyber ghost?judy r rers now haunts a a boboowededampepeininlabama. whwhe her finances we e inenen she fod that thf government mas a tidy profit selfth@ deatatmaster file to credit agencies so word o&er death was nearly immortal in dozens o odatabases and it came back agaga and again. she protested to a credit ag calledck stems for what seemem like an ernity. fininly, c eck systs s spd to me, a a t t tme t sendy infofoation n d they uld cocoider i i i aftetei had sent it to them over 20 times. reporter: they would considerr r u u u u tillllliveveveve >> cororct... epepepepepe e e edededthe e abamamamamamamcococooffifi fher r ath h tititibubuitititotototerer ne seeee t t t t h h hhehehehe heheheererereaea m mtetefile. god may judge the quick and the dead, but it's the stas that collect the ta. pass it along to cial @ secerity, a&d there is plunty of ro fororrror.
3:43 am
$docrshoits, fun homes ies. anerate its n rules. perhapbee thehadon' votetemany oththstateson't end ch, (eeping . istate aba vital cords is a place so secure that you need a key and ainger@rint to get inside.but once in herethe chnology becomes pretty 19t9tcentururese are death certificates from 1912, for exa]ale. alin all, ere e e 17 million par r cos here. nono the sta of ama a moving towds an eleconic system, and it's about 60% of the y there. bubuthers so ltte funding arcund t(e(eouryor thahakindof transitiohat there are t a donfstatamererat.ththo a stetede electr filg syem f/f ath cos. hocura i )a er
3:44 am
>> i gss ftototot it is, it's ccasait t cacabeb >epororr:atri o'c'c social suritit ministraon'snsct genenel.l. offinvestigates how e e deh maerile d and dd us >> right now the death master fileas entered about 86 llion n@cond it dets abo mil r%rords & y y&ar frothe s4.and we're obably, wh everything irono ac thweakest links.. somo stateteare portg electric aave very good da. otstates st's at a haphazard level. aim, theoing tsomeal toucke. >>orteute ts e opalhhgh isisiswhwhwpsim u nighgh the e e e cososy pbls millions of americans who do dieiend areot recorded.
3:45 am
rlly bebebebethth t t e 6.5 million n n n n n r r e of 111 i i iis sououou?? in fact, that's why we did the audit on it. whate e re findididis thth thahahehe o o o212 s ae e eninink k co a d weseses wewewend that 5 5jlllon t cocd"fini ceed r roroe h hbny y le are over if 11 untry? n. reporter: most federal esd on t tth . h islist, derarapapaenenenent t t t t t cocong...dededewhatathat t ululd d to o& theheheheheof a aear,r, but it turns out n onenene inhe l governmememes s epinananan erall the bebebee cocod memep t ewewewtststsvivial agcici.for examamamamam d denenof agltid farm subsies s s s s and d sasaer assistance totoore e e e than 17070 deaeapeoplelever r
3:46 am
at c ce toto1.1 1 llioio e offifi o orsnel mament paiaiaiad fedal rereres a litttt ovebilln.n.010 alale,e, p rehaha00 million in fufufufufuead.& zurury n'n'n' manyirirt anandidilili chchchreasd d t t relaves thee e ndra >> i i a - -a wifefea a ur, a a grananotndowowowowon.n.n.n >> repter: like a lot ofof pepepeshe e in heheaging, ill mothth and h h a joint bank coununwiwi herer whenenererother died, thth didibility benefpt comomomom whenenid she die?e >>d inin984. orter:r:n shshdididid you report her death to social security? >> i did not.
3:47 am
have been taken care of by the neral didimemememe. >epororr: w we yoyosusud that t t t benefits ke cocing to y??? >> no, n n initially. i had conversation with my mom prprr r her d dththhai would entitd d d heheheheits sisiususassusud,d,nd weneng g th t tt thinhahai waenenened.. >> repororr: w wt d d ce e e to? >> over a 30-year period, $160,000.& youan see the f f f f frtrr on/ourebsite, "oveigs" wililil 's not always asfor me it is for h h. 'sasy for me cauook at her. aw. so we use k-y trele( it enhces s s ody'y'narallture soan into the swininof it a t quker.
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the accusations were really flying at last night's republican presidential debate. but how much of thatas true? it could take days to do all the research, and there's an entirer indust of fact checkers the job. mark albert reports. >> repor the winter of 2016 may well be remembered for a blizzard, but not of snow. ky go to bon fge consensus, mix the mess. >>orter: it's been a flurry ofromis pledges. >>pledge is to raise incomes, not taxes, the middle class. >> reperter: broad sides and bombmbt. 4tloyment ras probably 2 2, d the highest i've heard so r is 42%. orter: allllelivered with the gustof aor'easasr. >> one family spending more money than either e democratic papay t tepublican party.
3:51 am
lirsan be nausuating, as the candates try to conjole and nvince voters. >> w wveveeen in sears obamacare has been a disaster. 's theheigge j kjljlr ini thisry. >> reporter:ow do you know what's'se d at's notoo ke e ligighousin the storm, enslererries so cut roh`ththfof/ facts...>> wrihehehfeckekeke lulu "t"t"t"shshon ppststepororr:ou c c c @ @ popocicis whwn tlie d t ont? that't't't't'orter: how's's's these days? >>etter than er. >>8repepetr@than evererer that's not so good for ourur demoy,y,s it? >> it's'gogo for journalism. 2epororr: k kr and mielle lee e signneneo fo piccos. usinthe belod dren's's character whe nose grew when he didt tell the truth. but kesler doesn't type the "l" word. >> i n nenense the can't geinto nolitian' ..... >> r r rut youavsa& e, dubioio, nono evidence.
3:52 am
bizarre claim, inaccurate and misleaeaeaeaea y, plilty to using those words.( 8ror and the t was worn 015.5. party was spared. narump e ed dh fact, kler wre "franklyly it's rlly not interesting to ct check t t d p p p sertre s/seaealy debunked."." >> i iaw peoeoeogettiningethd d dlrly largrgrgers,s, celebr t t wororororororor center comomomdo r rorlf also the list of their biggest pinocchios of 1u1uididt obamamam >> kekstste is for rian l. s s s sown n tf.f. bypasseunited states. >eptete p p)picicns a a ngnattention.. >> medededt chkeke andmpardrdr. th are lalalalititial journalistst >> reporter: k kys politicianorheir staffffeven ototwe a bter r&
3:53 am
actuallgogocallu,u,omom senator roblportman and setoto y uco saididececse of my factckckthey w w going toe more careful in future. reporter: ie f f hasxpxpd, so tos nuerererfafa checkcks. east a aibe fafag sitew spanhev.nd the ding theukuk reportrt's lab, wch in janry heed launch an archive o u.s. politicatv ads waing to be tted. ehlier prize wni s s rating system, pan on re.@ polititoas its wrong-o-tetewhato yoyo? >> wn'n'ngve a qating system. we just tell readers this is misleading this s why >> rorter:arararishe puty manager editor at factcheck.or we're advgfinruth in politics. we're getting the voters benformationonhey can t. want thth t tbermed witit
3:54 am
iladelphia, the nonorofit t s s te of f x stafrs, led eueueueuylie. this@day, weweod d checki trdrdrd a ^v's t true. m tryiyi`t`tpipie togeer t t inrmioioi ed to show here's what reallyapped. >> reptere the teaeapoed its alysysyshe nexexy. bubuev feckers are n l-kng. just t ts weekektifafa sesea aftft pususuck from a abesidentnal mpmpgn, wrg its origigig rding ould he beenenore precise. kykyys the sheer nbebeof ndat and cimthis cycle has s en o&orwhwing. thihi your sitex calling 201 a bann yeafofopotical whwppe. wh is 2016 going to ? moror the s s >> repororr:hat's not good. >> it's good for us in)tms o o bebeg able to provid ininrmation to the public. reporter:r:ark albert, on..
3:55 am
3:56 am
wille ebght back. this is how you sa itititoioi to be oa to someone w w just lost everything.. that, s,e'll find you somewhere to sta yes,s,our chchdren h h hbrbrbjast.
3:57 am
help us keep it. >at ground zero i inew york city, a new multibililon trtrsporortion hububopen for busisiss. some call ithe most beautifu traistation in the w.othehe insist it's a hribl waste of money. it's called culace. ,000 tons ofofteeleleaing 25 ststies tall. e famed architect designed it toesemble a a rd risin t t archways will house 11 sy lines and offials timate 25000 commutevery y. what fsrsrtrk yoyoabthis gn? >> i ieally y t t i ierior space thbestctlly.>>eporter: pauaugoldberger is a contntbuting architect criric for "v"vity fair."." >> a democracy shoulu,be buil imporornt bldingsgsor ople. it's n n nto aire in the city in an exhilaratingnglace that sort o ogiveyou a l)ft.
3:58 am
momemes are kekehe e elation poin in cityty& >> as s ch as ples like this helpowntn roro back to life, 's not withoutontrov.this suctutuio or dg, anat leasd fivar bechchule. the design was first ununiled in 200404officiblbl mateit would c ct arnd $2 billion. but after sheschanans, water leaks and d pform say in 2012, the finished prodt will c cmost twiasmuch, ming i $3.9billll thb's governing body, e po authority in new yoyo and nenejeey, caed thect challengg. but add it will sesee a ta ansptation need for r e region, while becoming an imrtant ndmark.>> it t s a veryryvery ambitious, dficult design.n( yes, it stst ls, probably it shave cost somewhaha..
3:59 am
novative architecture is rever. >> repep officls are hoful this landmark wiwiroveve to bananconomic engi. within tse pubc a4riums is over r00,000 squararfeet of f potential retaililpace. >> t ts was a very sssful mall lore e 11 we have no doubt it's going to be a very successfushopping center. >> is that a aeat in andf itselfhat this is finishedg >> ihink it's an extraordidiry at. you u e tt now the life of the city is comingngack k t cres again, in a way that it dn beeeefor a long timem the hubs only pararally en. sevevel more cordors wililopen in the weeks to come. ofojals decided againsa large unveg. inststd, therereas a small
4:00 am
this friday.ptio captning funded by cbs > it's friday, march 4th, 2016. is is the "cbsorni news." >the republican race gets down a dirty. truruends off a aay of tack by ingi more insult at theheheest gop dete > a a ear thre from north a. ip theheheheof stier nctions,im jong-un telel his litaryoave its nuclear arsel ready at any time.. and d head-on. a thieie thihis he is making


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