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tv   11 News at 430 AM  CBS  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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havereatatat. w from your breakings er, issktvtv th rn llo. let's send tngover to meteorologist for a look at today's focast. fray! er a starng out ithe 30s to near 40s thisorningn#weweavevclouds momong throughghs s ll today we'll be warmeand breezy t ts afternoon. highs reach forhe 60s and 70along withainly dry conditions... there's a slight chance foa papapag shower or two through the pikes peak gion mid aftnoon inin t t evevene. ererit llma d asome s h ouwe'll stay mil anandry, through the weekend. this suld be a
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some time outdoors. we'll start to see somchanges towawa the beginnnng of next workeek... returnqng ances s s rara a s sw showho majojostms appr t t next 7-y,y,long wita cool down. warmer temps and drier r itilns return f f the second haha of next week. a ok at your morni commutete withordan erman. ajor proemfor your mornincoco vome o o oc.t d of the sptraffic movingoty. se ing thugsome ofheheonstctioarea no
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right now -- a horrific childex cme case may finally solved.. 20 years later. yr old jo market is hiars this morning in a jail in texas. in 1996, he allegedly sexually assaululd a child. the case wasned a couple years ago. using new tecology, investigatorlinkuk markrt's finger prints to tse colcted ene in colorado spngs. authorities are concernedethere may be many ototviims ur commit tectivku sthepcs 8::25 marart hacated that hisisrimes re so prolifi he uld not rememb detai o&/them.""he's done so much stuffhat he nnotdentify specificncidents." deputies say market is known to enenr homes ththugh windows and doors wearing dark clothing and athletic shoeses if you think you may have been a victim, investigators want to hear from you. yocan n ll them 2099.
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people are facing charges for a days-lonstand-off with authorities. that bngs the l to9 people. theye facing conirsat and threres chargeg fromomn armestandoff over grang cattl near cn bundy's ranch h sohern nada.yoll tw b sons anvether men are already in federal cuy. now the latest..onhe zvirus... liliononheheay fm goog. . the teet srch gigit has donateone-min lls to a aumanitarian group. google eineers are wking with the agency to map the spre of the zika virus. the outbreakas declared a public heth emergcy st mon. weavanpdat a gra thahahabeeninfoa feysn southe cadad it is 85 percent contained. the fire started earlier thi weekn ononle, near pueblbl strong winds fueled the flames. 300 acres burned, but luckily no homes were threatened.
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it. we're working to learn the names of two people who died in a plane crase'd coror'r' ce sll hasnonofiedththmi. the ane hednes morning in palmelake. investigators say they couldn't immediately identify a tail number in ththburning wreckage. they're looking what caused tpe plane to go down. right n#w.... foowing this wees crash, neighbors arremeering a plane crash 25 years ago. united flht 585 crashedeading to the colorado rings airpor the ple hed in widefie pa goi 2 mil p h llllg 25 peoonard. thisas the scene on the morning of march third, 1991. neighbors s lls theyemember ay as e lled with sadnesfor lo ndraenghbo r 0:19i ined a i ard big boom."it w jus this bigcke thsomeinicng o o a smokbiinupe r.utte "u
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bo it'sin aet ing. gharlate the-t- s- ananssueth t plainlikely ed t cra. e`a-dered boo sign73ruer sms i20 tethis planene her ane d e sameme proble this is developing.. major u-s ines arening up f to cuba. erican... alaska....elta ... southwest... uniteand jetblue ha filppcations flynto cubathmeays italw airod-tr fliwehe aavanan daind-tps otcucies wh rnnal tse ntl aisio mfls isme isorni.. imaac t white afa tlwe idid t ertoto corahey victy helthy itchalng etioilees am 20 citieying to ea t mbf leh alth
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ead-- e largest sc dtricin uthes rkinto iroafy es o scol bses. th'll be t fir in a aeat lt dirictasns to all e bts o reou me th 1 buss thorou be in the xt tee mo. the distcts tewer buese capalio vet t s.s espeal impornt moununt ips because ris of a rollover ces muchighe coldse hahay friday! mperatur are stting o sometimea smile can say more than w wds c cld ever express. but what if you couldndn smimi? fortaty,that's the sadlity for so manchildren today. but doesn't havto be this way.
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has been helng chin say re tn wo tir butif newto l m or nl ohestoud-mb[male nait a pngthfi
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wveu .it'sboutngstith urself. thveinit'sll othe. me. mi thes is broughtyou by
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nea40isni. we ha csdmongrougasl y.ll be waer a ee this afteooig rch for the 60s d 70onainl drndions. ere'a slht cr sswshower othh h e pi onid aerno thevening. overeritwie inly dry. idfr some bout hh ou, , , l ay m dr throu t teeeend sd gatetch days some time tdoors. westtoee se chge wahe bebinning nexwoee retuin ananfo and sw shers,ugno majrm
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wi a ol dow wartempspand d drier itions returnor the sd of next week. a ok ayourni comte wi jor sher
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morning mmut light vole traffic. eastesoff the spring trficimovongmohl constructitiwsre@ wrpi up onon c,osure&/i-25 putboboa ma mororng. osose asasunl 5 am p pblemto denver r pueblo. von ller... a a n of many talents... 60 carr cks througugfive seass the nf.. 16 forced fumbles during that spsp... d yeah... mt recently... e e pepebowl v-p..... whililthe e onons s ntntueo oa dealal with miller that will susulyly makekeimimhe higigststaid fefeive plplern the e ... millerer alreadydy loloed up anher deal. t samemeay it was s nonoced thth semymymyvarlamov w wldlde the
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team russia in the hockey world cup p isisal.. he ed frorohis top spot with the avs he coach prick roy has decidedetotoo with calvin pickard asheheumber one keeper for the remainder of the season... tonight is another very busy friday nht for the high school state basketba trnaments... antoght... our 11 spspts team will be doing our best to get totas many of those games as possible... join utonight at ten for all
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highlights... now t# the latest on the campaign 2016 -- donald trump top three reblican opponents all s s they want him out, but they al say hgets nominn 'll hi sterday theyey went he to headthfit p deba since sup tuesday. it dnt te long bore tued into a outingatch with some of the candites throwing jabs frontrunner nald trump. oh governor john kasich proclaimed himself the on adult on the detroit debatete stage. youoknow, donald has a tenusp relationship w)wh the eruth. on the democratic side ,hillary clilton has her eyes set on november...she raised thousands at a star studded fundraiser earlier this week. some say a bernie sanderwin seens like a veonsh... but that doesnt mean is giving up.p. nds)ll of the major polls
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beating dona trump buttet: in corado,e took on tablishment there d won by 19. therare more than 30 primaries and caucuses to go before election day. happening now-- nada's new prime minister says canadians think americans need to pay more attention to what's haening in the rest of the world. stin trudeau told "60 minutes" that's what canadians dislike about their american neighbors. yocan watch his interview this sunday right here on k-t-v. rit now-- h koa's leadadas rtly orderedis cnt to havitclr ssileses y fousat a mens notithannoement comes on the heelof t n ttine countrth the tohest sanctions in 20 years. this after north kor algedly conductea nuclear test long- range rocket launch. new this morning--
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sandra bland--as been fired. you may recall -- trper brian encinia arrested bland during a traffic stop last year. hehacced her of failing to useseer turn signal. three days ler, bland was founde iher ce. no o was indted for her death... but a grand jury did not belilie encinia's clm that he removed bland from the car so could cduct a sar traffic investigation. now to an update -- on the homes affected by landslides on the west side of colorado springs. //in allthe property value of the 17 homes affected has dropped by nearlrlfour million dodoars. //according to our partners at thgazette, two properties have be condemned. ##10 other properties have 75 percent opn value. a grass fire is out this morning. ittartrt yesterday neath babas of s sd creek ininherea of platte an wooten mn colorado springs. even though it was ls than an acre, firefighters still take it seriously, especially on windy days. 03:01 just a little bit of a spark . if you're camping near grasses and
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going to spread pret rapidly." the fire was started near a meless camp. the latest n -- on theisng malaysian airlineslit m-h-0. rit now t e familiesf 12 passengers ara suing the carrier and thgovernment. nexy week is the deadline to file the itstand the secendnniversary@y of the plane's disqspearan .p nef the r 9 peoplu oboaod havi been found. th mning -dons of emoys at o local company may be looking for new pbs. raz isaying off 7 people. the compansaya is the sult of a comnati of financial issues. the steel mill in pueblos suspending pipprction. they s tre's been a hugu increase of steel and sluggish oil andndnd . t t td with fr emplplee is sadadhehehe news. trk cordova - worked at hope they'll bebeighthe g gs thatatat gogolaid of lo t tir js, hope is justa quk rn aroununand get
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e ananuncememees just onon ntafdfevraz idy reshshtiti down
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tee ll, omas,,you've got prediabetes. but, with morexerciseseand a chahae iniettt it can be reversed. i'i' tried ercising. it jt kes me hungry. r bacon.i love bon, too. and who reallylikes to exercise?e? not . me neither!
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so, , 're e od?at?toh, you still have prereabes. bime. light volumef trafafc. east and west of the springs p traffic moving smoothly. no major problems for your morning commmme.enight v vume of traffic. east a west of the sprgs trtrfic movingngmoothly. cococouctititirews are wppin n a osure of i i isouth bouod arron sts momoing.g.his closure will l lt ununl 5 am. no problems to denvr puebeb. no problemem to denver or pueblo.
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jail. ce had b fn okikikfor him. just a few days ago, we showed you ththth eillance v v of e specececolorado springlice y he was stealing monoy from ael. hih alleged m-wawato dtract ththemployeeeeanan thththob theheheisisr.@. alexexermenonos acacsed ofof committi t crimes veral hotelslscross the springarea. he was caught earlier this wee at aoteln the sosoast sisi right the u-nor flag iin coloradoitill bebebeplay for 13 hours t tay, one f f each ye fallen cocoor natatrriganrveded jeffersosounty depepities t the flag yesterday d prested it ther memomo wilfor r rrigig14 a biblchel in vada. it i i 11 a-m. isel a home to se,e, buthatsn m u cacause adlycfo dend i tt's law at's
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o lorodo inmesesere e exonenatedhen ththilild d&d& fellow inmates w enter t ceces andhthth ke my y y y w prototteteteem. th new law would n n n ve inmates immunity new this m mng -- - bigger planes,ore flights s d r cancellations helped b bp passenger traffic at the colorado springort in j j jry. that's'sccororng our partners at the gagee. d d dg g nurary traffic c s at the highest rcentage in nearly eightht years. t t a a a a c cdits the traffififiprovovenen totohe qouou "#.#.inue strength of ououmarketplacac" tp moror-- new jersey governor chris stie is speaki out abo hil super tuesday`momeme. christieieieame the targrg o ns of f cialal media comments because of the blblk are he wore duriri donald ump'p'super tuesdadanews confererce. christieies he wasn'n'upset t t t was simplytenini aidt think smiling was appropriqi new jeey"no, i w wn't being g
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stslding up therer suppopoinin the p%rson who i b bies ththth best person to beat h h hry c c con christie dropped out of the rebl presididtie m m m m his enenrsemenof trump i i i being criticized acrososnene jejeey and i isome g g-p rcles. right w-- - caitlyn jeer says she e nts to he 'tr ambassadfor republican candndndndted cruzuzf he wins the presidency. jenner calls the tetes s nator a quote - - eaeaeaconstitutuonalalt and d very latetututu spspe this, , , hasn't. officialal endndsed hi shshsays i igiven th@ opportunity, she wowld lolo tadvise cruz z issues regagagathe transgende communy. ifoueeeejebmg ne cal
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ght now... it'colon cancer awarens month. it's the s sond ading cause of cancer- related ath in the u.s.s. anit 9to 95 percent prentable. s the third mostommoer but only 65 percent of adults get proper screenings a doctor at saint mary corwiwi hospital tells us by 201 theye pushing to he 80 percenenofofltltget t t ened. 54540:1616 "theheime to be e reened for lon cancernot when you haveymptoms.s.nfortunaly whwh pple haveveymomommanynyes the cololocancer is alalady spspad."."." a nenestudfofod regular ususofofofof aspin could behe protection from colon cancererer other r momo i ithat part t t your b b b is morningpolice are askikikikikiouououlplp
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/ ititapapapapyesterery morning g 5-30. the m m was walalng ononhe s se of t t road on mark dablblblboboevard near gardedeofof the godsds when a /dark colored ford bronco hit him. a wowowodrerereropopopbrieiey y bububulele wititutututlililiorororp.p.p. yoyoyoitititfofoatatatatouou ash h askalal/#/#4444440 ororrimeme ststpepepepepe4- hahaeneng g g g ---- you can now buy this collectle ststd lopethpo ficece it celratihencos super wl aret lahepo h he inut c b y orr ity ma. it cts 10 dowe'ved thainfoioioio tv d d c ju c ifindnxt. hahaing w-&pve&are suingblk neneyo'tsosoalled d&
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rcenlu tax ofemi hygien$pproducreportedlyn i&nnninine prts sachc ar.r npwpyoyo comssr decleddd hu laoit.xx h!pping ......t3o0isp raisist2y-veveges fo the first ti in nineears those employees will now either be paid 13-drs-a-50-cent or 13-3-llars-anhour. thatat u %by at least one-e- dollll-perour fromheprevio starting wages. ememoyeeeeatathe top of the y sce willeceive a two-andna-half percent raise
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cold tease t w.ccusedua ild edats behi bars 2tethcrim wnvgarsre still asking for help froe publicic ing ahead one of f e rgest hooltrt's sorn c coro ising a imoven whathe d to make se thstts travel atle fefe new is mning -- re pple faci chargefoa da-long g and-off wiutries i nevada. the charar're faciig now. a snk pe of ur morning weatfr youbreangews leer, thiss 11 news this o.ththks f jning mng.


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