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tv   11 News at 5 AM  CBS  March 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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cold tease t w.ccusedua ild edats behi bars 2tethcrim wnvgarsre still asking for help froe publicic ing ahead one of f e rgest hooltrt's sorn c coro ising a imoven whathe d to make se thstts travel atle fefe new is mning -- re pple faci chargefoa da-long g and-off wiutries i nevada. the charar're faciig now. a snk pe of ur morning weatfr youbreangews leer, thiss 11 news this o.ththks f jning mng.
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ani'vinancw.) a ok at das focahafraympatur are ti out i30s near 40isor. cs vithugh elday. wll b rmnd ees teoon.hswi rea forhehe s and 7070althainl y coitio era ightfor paing owertwrothkepere mftno to the evengoverall it llly d. asfromutof hh cl, l ayd d dry,ouheke th shod be grgrt sttch days enjoy soe oo we'lstt toome chges towa the begning of ne workee.. rni chancein a s owers, r or appeainhe n
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nextxteea at urorni comte wi jor ermama trtic g alg th th mni, no m slow our jojo e on your my `.o get south acadto nthcamy, ill take abt 12 isisorng.. live trafndions 2 ho tfficaton our web cnnelat next ico uin 1 mites. looking ahead. weni thest olistrt inouthn i# workg tove safetys ch ss. 'l tirn oueao adat nreerina poto d dgieein thi stor s ve adistricts tranta dart.
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be tal aut the seabes sie the naal safet col enrsedhem str.diri 1ysor thehey of tdents,s,y wa tmat en ctctctns inall seeln n three t ore an ss wsh bdon t. e distcts only theew bussesave pality vehet lts. bus lle usortad utanfor scol rat s.s spspiapot r taipcathskf llovovr h are mu h hher. th iat the seat lts wi lookike. cherylyleaver,ransrtrtion nanar, d "they are coming outh a three poioi sm.soing g kee would ve lur r. they fe i i goi much saferer why schoho busses are soafe. we wilbemorereboututs ng up p e nef urn 1111ews is morning. live in colorado springs,`i'm m
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kktv, 11 news. right now a horrific child sexexrime case e may finally be solved.. 20 years later. 48 y yr old joel maris behindndars this morning in jaililn texas. in 1 he allegedly xulyassaultetech case wasped a cole ye ususg new tetenolo, investigators link mark's finprints te teteat sce inoloro sps. authorities e ncerned ther may be many other r ctims s our community. tecte kurt smith, e cso: 8:22:25 "mr. mket has indicated that h criris wewe so prolific, he could not remember detatas of them.""'s done so ch stuff that he cannot identy spepefic indent" puties say market known to enter homes through windows and doors wearing dark clototng and athletic shoes. you think you may h he been a victit, investigigors
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u ll theat- -2. . thorning..po aretalking earlrngrs fire. ittarted just afr twth morninar i-25 d woododn colorado o ringng we sent our crew ther check things out. we're told it burved out t 0 feet. if we learn morere about t(e fireor the perso detained, we'll leyou know. new this morning....12 more peopreacing charges s r a -lonand-with thitie th b bthththtal to9 peopop. ey're faci konspiry, t ananthats s ges omom a sofofover gra cacalenelis he nev yall two ofdyand five oer m m a already in feral custody. now the latest... on the zika virus.... relief is the way from google. the internet search dodoarto aumanitariagroup. google enginrs are working
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spreadf the zi v v. ououak was declad a puicic al ergcycyast moht we have pdaton a arap firehat haen&burning for feys utue colado. i85 pcentta. e re started ts we avonle, , arue strong winds fueled the ames. 300 acres s rned, but luckily no homes re threatened. we are told a downed power pole likely stataed it.t. we're workinto learn the names of two ople wd la crase'reold the coros cell hasast notifi their families. thplane crashed wednesday morng in palm lake. investigators sathey couldn't immediately y enenfy a tail number in the eprning wreckage. they're looking g to what caused thplple to go down. right now.... following wk's crash, nehbors are meering a ancrh 25 years. it ight85 ced heading to lora
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park going 2 miles per hour, kikiing 25 people onboard. th washe sce oth mog ar thi, 91 igs lls themember at d a aone e lled w wh sadnesr r e lives lost. sandnd allen/n/nghbo r 13:30:19 "i was in bed and i heard a big boom." "it was just this big black hole with something sticngngut of it and smske billowing up in thth air."butted: "yoyo don't rerely think that much about it unless you go over the the gazebo and it's kind of a quieting feeling." eight years lalar,r,he n- s-s- figured out an iss with t plane steererg lilily played into the crash. the f-a-a ordered boeing to reresign the 73s ruruer sysysms in 2000 after this planend anher ple had t e same problem. this is developing.... major u-s-s airlines are siing to y y ca. american... alaskc.... delta ... uthwest... united and jetblue have filed applications to fly into cuba. e gornment says wil alw 20aiai
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u.s. andhava. an10 dndpsnine other cubab!cities with internationaaior. . e vernment w wl make a decision on more flights this summer. this morning....prpr ident obama is bacat the white house after a trip to milwaukee president ama fl there yesterdato conatulate the city for its vtory in the healaly communitits challengn coit mwaukee ion 2020itieyingngngincrcrsenumber wf peopith surain 2016. isfficls a keeping onhereheora vi thter ller i ight now.cong uon 1newswss momomo anotr oners cucud tackmeholmes wh wewre leag t e ufe, andnd utsay hoho tion sd t beec rst.t. enjoourm weather with a caution. what police want anyone with out-t-or plans to keep in minbefore hitting the trl. a centhttarto ur friday!emilis bafthbr lookinat t dayad we can n ct or the weekend.
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this ithe st fish sandwich in ameri. "w"wcome t tdelicis!" y y ayaytemperates a artingutth30to near s thththorwe have clouds moving
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&&erndreezy thih ternrnighs will ach fo the 60s and s along th mainly y dry conditions. there's s slight chance for a ssg owerr two through the pis peak onfter the evengoverall it lllle inry. aside frfrombouts of higig ou, westiland y, rougthe weekend.s s ouldld be a great stretch of days`to enjoy some time outdoors.
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toward the begiing of next wo week... returning chchces r r in and snow owowhohono major storms appear in the n ^t 7-7-y, along with a ol down. warm temps and dri conditions return for the second half of nexteeeea okt ur mningmu
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spermama traffifiis moving g ong smoothly this mning, no major slow downw on yo majs early on y y mondayommu. to get from uth academy to nth amy wiltata u u out s morng.foriv traffic itno 2houra da g ticatchchn n wel l r nefficupdada is & coming up in 10 minutes. we are enjoying a few warmer tempererures lately colorado springs police hope everyone will visit our trails and parks, but add a rd of caution. th is a reminder for everyone not eave valuabl inside your car at local parks police say sometimes even hidi iton the
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isn't enough. thieves s look m`der r ats d blkets detectivesarn n crooks can lot o damaf cte edit cd or drivers cense. 26:53:00 yoyo purur gets taken,hey could use the informatioioin ere for credit card fraud, they could do idtity theft wityour informatioand you could haha a whole lot of otr crimes that you could beviviim to, unknowingly while you're still hiki up the trail. th eoura allf to neveveleavavthose cakeys in ur carar may look liken invite for thieves to steal it. weave an updataxabout a dadaerous craigslist deal in a colorado n n nborhood cocong u uonon1 news thihi morng police think they know who shot a pson responding to an online offer. what we know today aboututhe suect't'caurburst isoner ia#cused of attacking james ho, forcg offialalto move the theater shooter to another jail. why prosecutors say holmes
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welce back t11 ns th mog. here's a de look at....ont. it's's right`--arw tting a lo at inma who ated the aurora thr te abc news is g y leas donty ma danie pushed his way through an open door and hit james holmes in the head.
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was not allowe toome e conta wh her inte e mesay y wtarg becaue convnvted killing2 peoplelend injurin dozens o oothers in an auror eater nearly 4 years ago. after that incident in prison, holmes was sent to another prison. the state's prison syste refuses to sayayhere james holmess now citing quote--"saty" issues. the prosecutor w w tri holmes told c ne thaholmes shoulul e hint icodo a as s xpaye e saysyse deserve know where is. let's send things back over to meteorologist emily ehehr. happy frfray! temperatures a a & startiti out in e 30s to near 40s this morning. we have clouds movi rough as wl toda we' b warm and breezy this afteoon.n.ighs will reach fororhe 60s anan70s along with mainl drdrconditions... there'a slight chance for a
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two through the pikes peak re m)m afteron into theveni. ovl will b binlyry. ide om so bouts ohiki clos, we'stayil any,hrough theeend. ishould a a great t retch of days s e me time outdoors. we'll start see some changes towardrdhe beginning of f xt work week... returning chances for rain and snow showers, though no major storms appear in the next 7-y, alongcoolown. eremndrierer itio tuor sf next week. a lookt your morning cmute with jororn shshn.n. traffic is moving along smoothly is morning, no major slow downs on your majors &early our mondayommute. toet fm soutututadad to nor academy wl u abou12minutes this morning.f liviv traffic conditions 24 urs a day, go to traffic watch on nur web channel at next traffic update is coming up in 10 mites.
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a chchk on an unusuadelili l lt. ming up on 11 ne this morning why he's'setti some high praise fome quick thinki, and gog beyond his regular job descption. bufit police believe they know whwhshot a person responding to a craigslist ad in a colororo o neighborhood. what we know today about the spspt's captur you see breaking news call t%pline anan
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lemme t a mcpick 2 2 w pick any two oyour favoritetelassics for r 5 5 5ksks m nat. . are n savor. r $5name yfl oose any 2 iconic stes, g mamama whth00% beef, flaklefi,searuaer poundth cese or cy -pie chienmcnuggggs ju5 buck y orn amin2 fo o mcnald's tteu lolo. ada baa ba
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morning. here's a livlook at.pueblolo 's and . i'm ?? " righw.. releuspepe in craiayst sotine wakip in trouble. policeaw t t suspect vehicle invoed in that shooting on monday night d chased it. this all happened nonoh of nver. two men and wowon are linked to the shooting, where a police say a man answered a craigs-list ad, hong tbuy drug bore s shot. wel yoknkn wn@we7arnre. this morng, a toddler is bacac ho safe after she waering into t t middde ofofhe e ceet. a mailman parely came her rescue. happene den ilrobe bley sath ttlein ddf e road, oa nd t-srt oe e blkethe ddler from tra@ har, d nto the reet to hey."cs are inby and i thought d ov tre aquick` i couluse e codautin the mdlof t roa
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s watctcng h ht e time. he rtetey o o dit a did t t ow e dadhe's now fininchd ababe chch& nenethorning.. dng to pueblo is gointoa bimo obti lot thtrma eblo. accotohe p chieftain:s aappening near thereof 4 a a grand ave.tag\thiseekend, pueblo w wer wilreace aging water pipis througe e enofy. the streets highlighghd will be closed. choosesen alternate roe if necessary. happing now -- a woma bd ba for legedling a homemadede license plate e her car. a deputy inew york says he stopped the man earlier this weeee after noticththcaaraton the ckher car. thiver a snd giration and no insurance. she is now facinseveral chahges including possession of a forged instrument...which ia felony.
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someththg reqely special about h h h stage at the pis peak cenenr. athrne pedi, jon gre and christiane noll. they're all award winning broadway verans. ththshow is called comedy tot, wnclus funnstongsrororld of theatristi pedi also hosts a radio show on serius x xs broaay chann. she'lllle nging in voices other than her own. eartha kitt,ette davis, carol anning, ethel merman, kathine hepburn, joan rivirs you amp,ane talk? angela lans, fr dreher. medy tonight with the colorado spspngs philhaonic is toght and turday`yight only.
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office or tiets west. we also have a l lat kktv dot co lookinahead-- "theheorce awakens" wili be lablfor tal l wn apl fit. viuierdo other featesess well - like tescen and other r terial f fdidi j-j abms. e f fce awakenenis theheighestst grossiseil of ae the u, ng re5 io llars. thlmlms cong out on u-y and d-april fifttaking le lo outde. the ke soancrmy.. nanaa shake for aciado ke mysf. you're shaha aficionado? not shakaficnado.tne shake aficiodo. hacrafted, slow-churned
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(clicks) this ultimate chicken clubrely has it t l. -tallylyright? -kinda rememds m of when i hait all. high-powered job, orts car. had to walalay from it all. ve known you since middle sool. n d thappe ourte. withthllteeat chkeke on arihe bun ththmamamalu s itlllis)
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happy friday! temperatures are startingngut in the 30s to near s this morning. wewe have closd tgh a well today. we'l'lbe warmer and breezy this afternoon. highs will reach for the 60s and s along with mainly dry conditionsns. the's a slight chance for a passing shsher or two through the pikes peak region mid afternoon into the evening. overall it will be mainly dry. asidfrom some bouts of high oudsdswe'lstay mild d and dry, tgh theeeke. this sul a eastreof days njoy soso toutdrs. we'lstararto see some chs toward the beginning of f xt rk week... returning chances for rain and snow showers, though no major orppeaeain the next 7-day, alonwith a coolown. warmer temps anan drier conditions return for the second half of xt wk.
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th jordadasherern. trtrfic is movininalong smoothlyy this m mning, no major s sw downs on yr ma early on your mondayommute. to g g grom south academy to north academy, it will take you about 12 minutut thih mornin..for traffif coitions 24 hours a day, go t tffic watch on our web cnnel kv.m...yor next dff upde imi uin0 te loloinahead... utut coladhooldistct wl l hehestn oucoitto insta bes onon ololusse nre ga to kinto for his mog. s vet districts ansportaonartmt. , dodo theistricicwa
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$a, sbh, forafetasons, pecial ospho fieldrips. e striay tree toa overr h, uden tlingain s kee pass, uld moreroteith a seat thdict has btag abououthe at bts sincthe thnanaon safy coununl endododo them last yr. stct 1sayshey en g ait for e ate t uprents. wanbenown so farthe strict has the funding g g nsnsll theheea belts onhrut o o o than 100 didirictct buss. that work shshld be e,ne i ith next thr nthshs the distct s s sonly theew bu wha atelts. . i lkedith e dictctut at paren are saying about the changeses eryl wver, t tportation manager, d11 "it has been a a queson for years. . rents have called andskedethy haven'te had seatel?" the new seatelts will look
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thats considered to much safafth at th o ogoesoss s ur ist. live in colorado sprgs, m gina esposito, kktkt 11 news. noto the latest on thehehe campaign 2016 -- donald truru's top three republican opponents all say they wananhim m t, but they also say if he gets the nomination they'lsupporxm. stey a wenhe to o he at fit gop debate since supuesday. itididnt take long befe it turned into o shouting match, with some of the candidates throwg jabs frontrunner donald trump. ohio governor john k kich proclaimed himself the o apult t theetroit debate stage.u owas a t tiipite h. on the democratic side ,hillar clinton n s her r es s s on novemberer.she ised thouounds at a star udde fundraiser earlier this weekek some say a bernie sanders win seenenlike a very long shot... but that
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do t buttedin colorado, we e on estataishment there and won 19 there are more tha30 priries and causes to go before ectiay theein wasngtoe' lookinin the volitile republic racacfor r e white-house. donald trump's critics are tryi to find someone who can take him dowow our washingtod bureau coesponden alemi jus l ex know mimimiomney ishe testo ta a ptty y swing atrump. wh areou hring nown wagt.c st peoe e seo wholeard dly will only pport him more. s carar me about how he ces acrossnot so much his licici but for people who supportet
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into trump on all levelstake a listst miromney: let meut i4ivery plainl if we r rublilins chooseonond trump asurnomie,e,spfosa d prospero fure are greaminishsh. ripped intn hisomestic licy, hiforeign pocy, his temperme- hiiaedineses nteseverything fm trump univertyo trumstny thivors knknothi so if anythingit mayayave shed me lightbut as clear and concise ast sit's unlikely to move thedle mumu. yeah, we'll be keepipi an eye on it. let's talkbout the upupmingmaries: there are 5 ntts tomorrow4 are puicaney'rcag it per saturday. kansas- kentuc- louisisia- maine and nebraska all head to theolls. esconteststsave been less
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than super tsday or the e contts on the fifteenth.h. but for anyone whos names not ump-hey'rell vy importt.t. especially for ted cuz who is less than 1010delegates behind trumpmp we're clearly y t missing carsrshe was unotablyl missededn st night's debate stage. but even if they do orly tomorrow don't expect ruo or kasich to go ywherere til stateseses bas. next weewill alsbe by with twtwback-to-ck bates in miamimior rlins d decrswe'll be there coveng bot , ks enno dada n pininter sa cadian k americs need to atteioto whappening gn the rest of the d. st truau td "60 mis"
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abt thriqmqmiceighboyoyowatch his terview this sundayht heron k-t-v.v. ri- - h koa's s repoedlylyed country to have s nuclmies read r use at a momens no. the annoucent meme t els of the hitng untry with theheestp s-nctitis in0 years. th after north korea aldlcondd nunur te a long-an cket lnc new is uning-- the texas ooper-- who arrested sandra bland---- has beenired.d you may reca- troooor brian encinia arrested bland during a traffic s sp last year. he accus her of failing to use her turn signalal three days later, bland wa fofod dead in r cece. nonone was indicted for r r death... b b gra ryidid bel eiaia clm mh he d d om thcar so he coululconduct a safefetraffic investigation. now an update -- - on the hom affected by landslides on the west side of colorado sings. //in allthe property value of the 17 homes affected has drdrped by nearly four million ar
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e gagatt t proies have en condemned. ##10 oer properties have 75 percent drdr the last n -- sing malan aiines flih-37 ght now the famies o12 passenge are sui the carrier d the governnt.t.txyxyekekline to fi t t suits d e sesend aiversaryryf the s disappearance . none of the 239 people on board ha been found. this morning -- dozens o employees at one local compy may be looking for new jobs. evraz laying ofo@70ple. the company says it'the result of a combination of financial issues e l mi in pueblolo spsndi pipprctct th sayhe beege crease o osteele ims from fororgn prors and uggish oil anangas drilling. we talked with a former employee who is sad to hear the news. paick ova - worked a evraz for 43 years // 04:26:26 hope they'll be alright the guys that got laid of and lost their j js, i hope it's s st a ququk turn around and ey get edk. ununntomesus
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after evraz said they were shutting down pipe production in land, oregon. colodo is gettinready to honor ananr enaw enforcentntffic coming up 11 ws this s s mornin.. atlans tg e pay reectso depu gund wn ithne of f ty. t fi-- h hthvishowingna bo cre tanilace w we kw aut specwh nexpoli ed their. 're artio lileyl o yo friday. meol e rer ick with you c pectctor yr y coteteorecast. an sherm wilin uwith a looktayoyorive ea cbshimorning-- we'ltalaith hnicon t thstacild batendndhetherll he anpan dold umumgnd-ta ruwith profofsion balooerho parof h in the boston marathon boing. she's now aring up to r n in this year's race. the newss back in the morning. see
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happy friday! tempatures a a ear r thisniwe haha clolos movingna throh as well to we'lle warmrm a ee thiafrnrn hig orhe60d 70alg m mnly dry coitioio. there'e'a adht chance for a ssing shower or two throh thththkes peak giid aftonintohe. . . all e maly dry aside from some bouts of high ouds, we'll st mild and dry, throughheeekend this should be a greaeastretch h ds to enjoy some time outdoors. we'll start to see some changes
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benning of next weeee..tutug ancefor andnoows,hougno major storms appear in t t nex 7-dada along with a cooln. warmer temps and drier nditions return r the second half of next week. a look ayour morning commute with jordan
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trfic is moving along s%oothly this morning, no major downs on yo majoror early on your mondayommute. to get from south h ademy to north ademymymy wili ta u abouou12 mis tp m.. liv afficondndio 24 hohos a da go raic watchou annel k..r ne t up is
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right no, ntedin il. . li been loing for m. just a f dago,o,e ed you th rvllce veo oe ecolorado o riris ce say he was stealing money from aot. his alleled m-o was to distracac ememees d enob the regter. alexexernoaccused committing the crimes at several hote across thth springs area he wasaught eaeaier th wee at a hoteleln the southeast side. doctcts in souththn colorara are epping up their fifit agaicancer. co u 1 rn.. e ideas keep ti on eisidey ese ors pushing rd to meet an important alal t fi.. colorado i igetting ready to honor another fallen law enfofoement officehat plans are taking shape to pay respects ts a deputyunned down ithline uty.
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it takes less than e minute to find out if you may havprpriabetes. anyou can do it ere. , whwh are you waing f? just go to o`e site. righnow-- ththu-s honor flag is in coloradodo it will be displayedoror3 urs today, one ur forach yeal coor nate carran rv. jefferson county depepities got the flfl yesteay and presented it his mother. you'll reca carrigan was killed inheinin of duty while serving an evicti notice. a memorial will be held fo carr omathth
5:49 am
is 1m. a a on cell is a home e some, but that doesn't mean n u can use deadly force to defend i that's a law that's making its@s state e pitol. cocorado inmates were exonerated whethey killed fellow inmates who e eered their cells and the make my day law prted thew law ult giginmesmmy.neneis morni gger planes, mflhts and fewecancellatitis helped bump ssenger traffic at the cocorado springs airport in january. that's accor our partners at the gazette.e.uring janurary traffic c s at the highese percectage in nearly eight years. t t airport credits the@ trfic provent to the qoute "contuestng of pl" this-- govnoch p chstie is speaking out abouthis viral per tuesday mont. christie became the target of tons o osocial media commentsecause of the blank ste he wore dung
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ththk smg g s jers) "no, i wbebe ldtanoi i 'tinup erng'o mgogo atavdo? i inin re stan up ther suprtg e rs w w believe itheh be pers totat hlalion riie dedututf bl idti race st mth his s doent of is being criticed as new jejeey a a a asome-o-p-p circles. tht peplplviy brbrn isnsnsovereret. comi u 1news rnin e's alue e mo we lo wete you to t n n othey t/ sprehed abthe co big. t .... ork in s sththoloradare
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omom i'm dave nrr. and m h scabe. y id! teerates a tiute 30s toear is mng. ha cuds vingough a weodaywebearmean eezy taftennighs wi rebch for the 60s a0s ong with mainly dry conditns... there's a slight cnce for a passssg shower wr two througthe pikes peak gion mid afternoon intohehevening. overall it will be mainly dry asase from some bouts of hig clouds, l stay md
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ishoul a great stretch of dayto enjoy somee outdoors. we'll start to s s some changes ward the beginning of next rk wk... turn chancefor rain and snow showers, though h major storms appuar in the next 7-dayalonon with a cool down. warmer temps and ier condnsnseturn for the second half of n nt teek. a lookoat yo morningommute with jdadashman. movalong smly thisning, no mar r downsyo majs early on your moay commumu. to get from south academy totoorth academy, it will ta you about 12 minutes this morning...for lili traff conditio 24 hours a day, go to traffic watch on our web chann at r nt trfic upupte is coming u u 1minutes. ght now. it's lon enenenmomo 'she sond ading cacaerrelalad death in the s. d it's 9to 95 perct preventable. its thththird most common caer t only 65 percent of adults get propop screenings. . a doctor at saint ma corwin spital tells
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ve 80 percent t adults get reen. 540:16 "t"t time to breedorn ers not when you haveymptom utuly peoe ve symptoms many timem the colon cancer is already spread." a neudy y und regular use of aspirin could d he best p ptection from colon cancer and othtr tumors inhat part oyoururody. this morning... police are asking for your lp finding a driver we hit a man. / it happened yeery mornin arnd 5-3the man walk theid ofotheoad ar g evd nearof the gods, when a /dark colored ford bronco hit him. a w wan driver, stopped briefly but whout cal fohelp. anyoneneit foatioioabout the ash isis asked to c/# 44457000 orri stoppers at 634-. haening toda-- u cacanow buth collectible stped pe froe stffice. it celebting the bnc
5:56 am
tht ailae at theicin.southern coloro, bouom order y maililit coststs ll 've ed thafoioonkkkk dot com lick on itntn ennono five aui to blk w yo' sole ampon ta" th wane state ta dert tst a four percrct lufemininenene hygiene ododtu. wonerepoed p 14-millio dolls ininaxes on femi hygiene prprts each ar. new 's t comssioioioio declin comment onhe lawsuit. happening now... costctcis ising y-lel wagefor e fitimen years. osemplplwi nowitit be paid 13-dollarsmsnd-50-cents or 13olllrs-an- hour. 's up by at least tne- dollar-per-hour from the previous staing wages. employees at the top of the pay scale will receive a two-and-a-ha percent raise thisear.
5:57 am
assault caca couldfinall solve thistethe case i reopenededcocong up 11 nens this rning... whatate're learning about t e suspect in this casese. and where he is right now.
5:58 am
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back. it's coming up on six o'clock on your friday. re's what we're workrkg on this morning. "loooong ahead... fothe e rst me... studentstsn the lalat scsc st iuthernoradadwiup. seabelt
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busses nethisning: an early morning fire is being investigated rig now. who police are talking to this morning abououa possible cse. now fr your breang news leaderthis is kktv 11 newsws this mnini. hello.. thanks f f joiningngs m mng. i'm sah scabe.anm d ncw.t' let'go tteologist em for a ok at what's happenininright nowith southern c corado weather. happy fritay! teererures arera arting out in the 30s to near 40s thisorng. we ve c cuds ving thh w wtodae'll b waerndbreezy ts afternoon. highs will reach for the


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