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tv   11 News at 9 AM  CBS  March 4, 2016 9:00am-9:30am MST

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without havi to deal th cle. yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plpl tons of o odemand options so you canat whatever, whenever.yes and? why you g g g epepaying th? it'she f f f r re of`yaying "y"y a," we accepthe e ality eated by oururomedy papaners, paul. yes, rigig, , know do you? e a a llywd ininder@ rism tv fromomenlinknk now, froroyour bakakg g ws leader, this is kktv 11 news at 9. a sneak peek oyour m mning ather. ininust a minutewe'l'lhahaha lolo at your forecect with teorogist t ily roehle hell i'm dave nancarrow and i'm sarah schwabe.
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good morning! ! eing a lot of @ @ sunshinecrososthth re this ri. hes th vivi from our cameras arnd t t sprpr pueblo cacaca cici and monument. just a fewigh clouds. temps are warm anhis time yeste, ,
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st in e 40s. windsre light fofomoround 5-10 mph. we will see continued gh firedanger the next few days and intohr weeeend. more on when rain returns coming up w thisorning... police are investigating an assauland robbery.y. it happened just afteridnight. police say two m ran up behind anotheman,n,ndndndrted hitng him. the pairook b g and ran f. this hapned ne 21sd sheldon the west side of loradoprings. the rst suspect is describedd as a hispanic man in his twenties with short dark
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he waseaeaa dark colored shirt.t. ththnd man is described as a a hispanic m m mn hihitwenen with s srt d dk hair, with a in buill. he was@wearang green shirt. i&& you know anythin cal police... 444-7-00 right now --a a ild sex crime e e may nally y ve. two decades s ter ththfact 48 year r d jojo market is behihi barsrthis morning in il in texas. in m996,6,e allegedly sexually assaululd a child. the case was reopened a couple yeyes agag using new@technology, investors linked ma's finger prprpr to o ose llected at scene in colorado rings. mabe manother victims in our mmmmity.y. detective kurtmiththepcso: one victim in this particular responsible e r r ur casas that know of in el paso county. we'r'rstill looking to m m m cases.s. deputiti say market isnown to enter homes s
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arg da clothing and athletic shohm. if y thi you may have been a victim, investigators want to from you.u. u can them at 5- 7171. t t w... g-o-p presidintl cacaides a a turningngheir s ba to o o r camjgns, after eir lalast debebe.e. ted cruz and marco rubio spent the night t ththng insults at donald trump. you know, dold h h a tenus relationip with h e truth. "if there's anyone who deserveve to be attatata like that it's donald trump." ump took time to make his attacks persal. r5bio // hcouldn't get eleltetedog catcher in florida! // you're the one whes. why are you lying, lying tete r the debate, ruruo, cruz and johnhnich all said they wouldupport trumpf he winsnsnsnsnsublican nomination. oking aheaea the democjatic presidtial candidates are putting their focus on the global economy.
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uld st repepricawos. e crat f f o nufacting jobsnd t tde policy willrm theackdrofofo michigan's pririry on march eieiehanancontests a a ekater in ohio, illinois& and miouri. wee wointo lrn the n ofofwo peop who died in a planene cras we'rereolole`coronons ofof still hasn't notitied eifamimimi. the plcrasd dnesday morning g palm lakak investators say could immediataty y enenfy a aai mberern e burning eckage. ey're okin what caused e plane to n. right no. . llisiwk's crasas neies a rerembing a ple crash 07 years ago.o.niflight 585 crashed heinto the colorad spris s rport. u might rememeererthe plane d crcrd in m wefefldldld parkrkoi 25050iles p p hour, killg 25 people onboard. th washe scene on the mornininofchrdrd 91. neigs utheyeyemr that as one filled wh h ess foe e ves lololo
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r 13136: " " j j down hththtn dnwhereritit wen ghghghe usedbe a o== "my husband was down here in t kitchen, he took off outside saw smoke and i took o o a aer h h." eieit yeafs lalar, the-t- b fifired out ananssss wiwi t t pla's sdeerkelyly ayed into the asas the f-a-a ordered boeing to de the3737 rder r systems inininplplpllaneand other plane had the lem.wewewe enjing a a a warmfr teererur laty. colorara@ags pole pe eryoyo will visit r r trails and parksksbut t d a of cauauon. n't t ave e luababs s de your car at cal parks.police#sayayomomomesesven ngng itememem t t floorboaoas or in@trtrk isn'n'ou ththvevewill l l l lder r r anankets. t-t-ivarn crooksksks do t t dame if can eal a edit carar erercensns we t t t t t p picababan increase in break-ins.
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people a goingngut and yi o o par our trails anour r f erent ki orere, theyheir rs at the areas an're e ng those cars broron into. ououou a aleleose car keys in your c. it may look liken invite forthtotote itn we h h%%%pdatatononononss firi bning d ews wiwi bba out to ththe aren thth mning. . . f f@.atatatatchchk, it's 8585cececeee contne thrted earlier this week in ononon, ar pueblo o inds fueeeflfmes 3p0 acbuedededt ckilililil hoho threatededwe a told doed powerererer tart i i ppppppg no..e'e'vg a ththinintmtm o o heheururureater shooter. the associated press is in wly releededococaypp ie shshis@sayhrough a dodo and hamamam
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mntes.ntnt wasause ofohihi iction for theater shooting. aftethe atatat, hohoesas st to anothtr pristhatprprononystem rereres s to sayheheamam
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"t force awans" wi be avaiaiblblfor digigil wnad ap ewers n othfuuress
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ottetealom diri j-j j rams. ehehrcakenenisiriririghest grgrsi fififf&&
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dolllr the fifi is ng o o i u-raraand d-d-d-apapl fift a family in thsouthern-s had no iey had artrte siing in t t tt grgrt-andfathes s s ho miectlqlqlqld seseveve igigig t tbbebl s s s s d arar 1. - perfectly- preserved cards we ia umpled p pererag, fo while cleaning the homeeraro(lylytgimar rdrdown ectototo apprprsrs saysyshe st-pservf f ososven s n n sisisi ll f fore e e m dollars.. a two-year-o-oirl inouth carorona need memeelel geg dressefor e day.y. sohe eiad 9-1-to t t spchcrs s w w put her clcl. and detiespo
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running ararararitne eeg@ h han. e gigigi gth tctct ththththand d d d ia s e ed@dt alone 91 rm and dry weaeaerhehe t ts ekenen ili l l you know wheneneat cldhang
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pet t nts are bebetiful, unless y y have allergrgs. then your eyes mayee it diffeny. only flonase i iapproved t t rereeve both ur itchy,,tery eyes and congestion. no other nal allergy spray can say that. complete allerez relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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welce ck. 'lbe warmer and brzy thihi afafrnoon. highsill reach for the 60s s d s s along wi mnldry conditions... there's a slht chance for a passing ower o otwo through the pikes peak region mid afternoon in the evening. overall iwill be mainly dry. . ide from some bouou o ohigh clos, we'll stst mild a d dry, tough the
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stretch of ds to enjoy sose t@me outdoors. we'll start to e me changng towarthe beginning of next work week... returning chances for rain and snow showers, though no major stor appe in the next 7-day, along
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the second half of next week. if you'rstill looking for a quick and easy dinner idea for night, we might have the answer. mister food takes us through his easy chicken bubble bake. " today i'm so excited to she a new recipe that we just me up with. it's a spipioff of an old-fashioned pot t e, but with a new trendy twist. and the best p pt, it's weeknight easy and downrig comforting. let me show you. we start by mbining a couple cans ofream of chken soup a ang with some milk and a w spices, irring it 'til it'smooth. to
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carrotalonwith s se cooked tisserie chicken t twe've reddeded ce that's mixed,d,e pour it into a bakindish andop it in e ovon. ile that's heating up, we cut a packe refrigerad biscuits into quartersand toss em with me butte next we'll top e casserolth the biscndndacacin tven it goeoefor a few more minutes. when the top isolden browand the filling is bubbling hototit's r rdy to o serve. let mll you, this is one sile way to tasty pot pie that certainly wiwi grab everyone's attention. why not go toto food.comnd get the recipe fofoour, "easysy chicken bubble bake," so you can shake your dinner with one- pan meal that's a thumbs-up winner. i'm howard, with kelly in the mr. food test kitchen, wre today found a aew "comfortingay" for you to say . "ooh it's so
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rememberyou can eck out offood's recip right on oebsite. just clic mrmfood on the home page. 11 newewat nine will bback
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this morning... a man and woman wawang up in jailil. after an alllled crime spre the pair were arrested after a a a robby and d ase from grand junction t tglenwood sprgs in weststn colorado. the pa is accused of leadingolice on a chase at speeds of up to 110 miles- per-hoho they are also accused ofof carjackiki a vehicle at t knknepointntmmmmting a bbbby, and t t tinin items such as s s sososo c c out of theheheheicle whilele running frfr policic hahaening now..... clalaficatiololado's kekekedadalaw. the lalalows deaforce
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intruders in your home. / / ioioioioioio prisisisisis......d d e e forcece hem. thth191919191919191919 ast twice exoneneinmamas accused of k klingng fellow inmates who re in ce yeahe h y enled on, thout rd c c ces aga two inmas cused of stabbing a ow tatie li ection fily.ornini..m re filies e g airlqnec1c1ahehd a bin deli. 'sy of 1enfs on malaysia airlines flight 370. the ng jetlir went missing about two years ago. the families' lawyersytheyey dedede s s, , r negotiationsnsbecause "nothing reonable w forththming" the company. ogles donating money to lp fight the spread of e zika vus. the mpanis giving one lliodolls to scientists... to help figurereutut wherthe virus will hit next. you'll recal zika is mainly spread through uiuibites isn id in n america.
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>v tre are some peopopopn this rld wiwiwihe !ud "hey's only money." u u u t r eeing any of those 0pople on our show today. it's time to play "w wants to b% a millionaire." [dramatic music] [cheers and apse] thank you very much. thank you. welcome to the show. are you guys r%rdy to play "wants to mon [chehes apau]alrigh let'artete 'cause i i ve thihisty.two ars s sp yt shewne e withfznd,d dferete to ort a l s sehow`rbrb risk-taker wl go t tay. from bedford syvesant, new rk, please welcome beth hicks. [cheers d applause] hibeth. how you doing? great. >> welcome.


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