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tv   11 News at Noon  CBS  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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stted in 60 secos. getststartrt in 60 seconds. w, from your breaking nene leader, this is kktvtv1 news at noon. a fire burning on the east side of the citit we have a crew on n e way. we'll tell y everythinwe knkw. good afternoon and thanks for tching 1ews atoooo i'm betty seseon. we have an 11 breaking news alert. right now crews ararresponding to a fire a hpme. it's happening now othe eaea
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near astrozon and powers o o bruno circle. it's across the street from brickeelememtary hool. our crews s theay. this is s li pture from our cheyennn mououain came. u can see ale smoke and some flamas on your screen. this is a picture anmore video fromhe scnene. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. into the wkend. jordrd, eat looking day.& wow betty, what a great y toto
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s e mild this oon, were sifg some s sshsne breakinghroulets g g a aetter look outde with our garden of the e ds cam l lngngo pikes peak! absolutley gorgeous site. temps are already in 60s this noontime hour! wow! it's rougugy 10-20 degrees warmer alalady right now comparar to where we we yesterday!y! lookahead to theheeekend and beyond, the forecast remains dry, but that means fire weathth doeswellllwill w wsee e y re froe fire
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myplete her cast. lookinahea for the first time. studn one southehe colorado school disict will cklelep p p way to school. schoolistrtrt 11 showed us sne of the bussethat will gegeseatat belts. the disirict sayayparentsthave en askininfor them for yea, but ititasnt until the nnal safetyouncil endorsethem last yeara that a susuouconversation devevoped. d-ililuse the three atelted uied ssss vorororndard bu and for l ol fiels. thbes are similararo what you use in n caca cheryl wewewr, transnsation n manager, d11"we excited about
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questions abouwhy we don't have seat lts. but to think thill be a a%ay y si tng fororistrt 11 and thst district 11." righw vow,trirt 11 has the funds to install seaea lts on three scsoolobusses in the next three months. in the future, any brand new bus will also be equipped with seatabelts.s. other local districts are looking into orovivi atbelts on their bususs. rit w. policeceestigating an assault and robbery. it happened just after m)m officers tell us two men rananp behind another m m, anststted hittttg hihi e papa took a bag om the victim and ran off. isisned near1st and shn on wt t deolng ththfimamama descred a h-spanis twenties with short dark hair,ith a heavy build. he w w wear r dada c cored shirt.t.he s sond is also described as a h hpanic in
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nd ahin ild. hehehe wearing a gen shirt. if you know anynying, call @ policece. 4-7000. w todaya police say they have a suspect o y have starard an e ely morng gss re. . it started just after two a.m., near i-25 5 d woodmen n in coloradspring we sent our crew thehe to check thingsgsutwe're told it rned abavt 100 feet. if we lelen more about thehfire, , theheuspect we'll let you know. ththrace@eor the rublican nominationonurned nasqy during lt night't'fox news batete the the leading candidides went a each other psonally and professionono craig boswelhas. "donalump p ckck up where leftrom the deba...taunting hihioppopontntduring a rally in michigan friday morning. presidential candidate) "littte marco - - ttle mar." "lyin' ted cruz, lyin'n'ed." ththreblicic ent lasasnight oftelved i iyelling match. and d en turned vuar.
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"he referred to my hands, if they'rsmall, somethi else must be smamai guarantee yoere'no proble i gra it." setorsed cruz and d rco rubio o unched a bge of atcks s ainst trump.eqting m to c man presidentialandidate "he's tryi to copeoplento giving them their vote, just like heheonned these people into giving him the money." presidenti candidate) "you defraudud the people of floridlitt mar." presidenenal candidate) "is this the debade you want playing out ininhe general elececon?" despite their jabs - cruz and rubi' may haha missed their ance. "last night someone needed to land a knockououpunch and it didn evevelolo like they cam to box but noter w bahis opponents say trump will anonee and a president, ty sty they'lppt hiifif he wins. "if they're ying he's s g to ruru the cououou and ruin the reblican par then theyeyort of step backckrom that if theh say well but i'll endorse him anyway friday - rubio s sd the reason for that is simp. presidential candidate/courtes y: nbc "today") ) e as repuicans feel hillary cinton would be a disaster to the country. that's how w d she is. i would look at it aa rereectionf that's how bad shehe is, not how goododonald trump is."
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against t inton of a a the repuican candidates. aig swell,l,bs news, the whwhwhhouse." one person w wasn't he white e use.". one person who wn'n'n' the age last night was dr. ben carson. he`es expepeed tformal announce h sndininhis@ campmpgn tod.y developing todayay child sex x e case`eay finally be solve two decas later. 11s poer koeeeler has details.hloe? anks bet. theleteto county sheriff's office telel us 48-year-old joel mbrket was arrestededhis wewewen n tes. 1996,6,e alalgedlsexually asasulted a pild. the caas reopened a couple years agag usg new techchlogy, vestigators linked mark's finger printsose collected at the scen colorado sings. auoritie are concerned ere may be many her r ctims in our c#mmunity. dective kurt smith, epcso: 8:21:30 "hwareed for the one victim in is p pticular cpse. we believe he was responsible for four cas that we e ow of in el@pasoso
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cases.". tiesesay market is known to enr mes through wiwiows and doors wearing g clothi a a athletic c oeoe if y y thihi y y maye been a viiminveveigatororwant t/t hear from you. you u n call them at- 7199. repoing live i i ie s udio, kk, kktv 11 news. betty back to u. no e honon fls ing spyad in colo. it wl be hererfor 1313ou one ur f each year tha fallenenorpol nate carrigaga servrvrv jeffersososounty depepities received the flag yesterday and p pseed it s moth. you'll rececl rrigan wild in t line e of duty ile seinininininio notice. . a memorial serviceceill be hel for cacaigan on marc14th at faith h chapap in arvada. it is scheled for 11 a-m. p new informatn day. biggererlanes, me flhts and fewer r ncellatitis
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the colorado spriaiort in january. that's accdidi ourtners at thgazee. during january tffic was at the hiest perctage in nely e e years. the airport credits the traffic improvement t quote "cocoind strengthf our marketplpl" later today. the nal schedudud meeting for r the marijuana tata for. the grgrp is wnalize s recommendatitins to the city uncil. on t taya:ong for licens marijuanapa businesses, forcement of restrictctns on growingngperations in neighbhbhoods, a ahanges marijna business l censing g reirements. . we'll let you ow w wt happens. we have update e e rara fire that't'urning for . the fire started earlier t js week in avondala, nene pueblbl ews are back o o on scene day. at last ec is 85 perce containene stslng windsuelethe flames. 300 acres burned, , t luckily no homes we threatened.
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likely started it. neneat noon. loloangeles polili are iniging a knifefat repopoedly found years a, at the fo home of o.jsisison. ththformootball stararas living there in 19-94... athe time his exife e cole n n d ron goldn were killed.d. the hoho was demolished inin9-9898 by a new ownerpoliceay a retired l-a-p-d motooffir received the weapon from a consuction worker.... while he e s oviding g curi for movie filming nearby. the officer held oo the knife u.til rerently. popoce say the authentnty ofththstory is still i question. pt. . dy n nman n los anles s licece i would think an lapofficer, if this story is accuratat as bebeg told, would knhat antitiou come io contact with evidence that you should ananshall submit
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mpson wawaacququted ofurder chars in the 19999stabbi deaths of his ife nicolele br simpson and her frfrnd, ron goldmama simpson is n serving time in nevada for a sepate roroerand kidnapping conviction. morerehead on 11 news noon. cococo up. an update a schl shshting thatatnjured four students onlmomomo. y two more studente now facing charges. plus an 11reakininnews alert. crcrs working to battle a structure fire in lorado springs. it's across e street from a lolol elelentery schoho th're keeping all the ds side the school the time being we're ld roads are clolod e arar. parents s n lk t dthth school andk k their chchdren.
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ininrmioon the firir, we wantotoetk totour1 b.eaews s ejt. t now crewarre to aet a home. it's'sappening now on the east side of the spngs near astrozon andowers on bruno circle. it's'scrosspthe e reet from bricker elementary school. thiss a ve p pture from our crew at the scenen ain the hool acrs ththstreet is keeping kidsds inside, , t parents s n walk to the school to pi themp. wee e rkrkg to learn how it arted.ecout thisisideo tt
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facebook page. u can sesethe e ge smoke p pmem above ththtrees. 'll keep you p pted d this develongngituation an update o` a school shoooooo from mony. wewee learnrd d o moredents ararfacing chges relad to the shooting. it happeneatatadison junior-senior high school in middletoto, oh. . the sheriff's office says s e two knkn the soting suspececought a weon to schoho, bu didi't tell anyonethe e named boys are charged with failing to & ruportrthe gun. 14-year-old james austin hancock isisccused of firing a aun as studenen w w w ting lunch. four stutunts werere.. two t by bulults whihi the other o were hurt eieier b bgun shel or from trying totoet
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hancococfaces twtwcounts of attemptetemurder, d other charges foroe shooting. jordan. a mimi end t t te work week and a greaea
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now, from the 11 breing weather center, ...... a mild end to e work weeeean a cooler, but ce srto thweweend.empsps rrow areac t0s a
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s fofosunday. expectctreezez conditions in the afternoon ch d d, bubugusts should not ovevehelmg. o o nt dibance rive monday night inin tutuday. this will be e re of an impact to the higher terraiaithan valalys, , t few showers arpected monday night. with air cold enough oft, some wet t flak couldixell.
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now,w,rom the 11aking weatper center, ........ a a ld end to the e rk week d a coolej, bubu nicecetarto the weekend. temps tomorrow are back in the 50and 60s be reboundi to t e 6060anan7ps for sunday. expect b bezy coionsn the afternoon eaca day, but gus should not be overwhelming. our nene disturbrbce arrive monday night into tuesday. this will be more of impact to the higher rrain than valleyst a few
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enengh aloft, some eet snowflakes could mix in asaselel the hier t train may see soso light accumutions. want to g back to our 11 eaking n ns alert. right nonocrews are responding to fe atat home. it's'sappening on n ununcile ar astrozon and
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our 11 breaeang n ns alerere ght nonoews are responding to a fire at a
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it's happengngn bruno circ near astrozoand powers. it's acrososthe street from ickekeementary school. nearby roadsre closed, but parents cawalk to the school and pick them up. this is a liveveicture from our crew at ththscene. the fi departmt sa than o homom was damaged in t fire. they shared this video on th twitter pageuet a w minus agp. check out these pictures shared on our facook k ge. so my of you are sharinghat e with
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y see breaking newswshare it wititusouou facbook, just search for kktv. we'll let you know when weweearn
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alert. right now crews are responding
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p >> katie: you must be tired of my c cziziss. [ snsnfles ] bilil everybody gets afraid. >>at: not you. bl:es, , wh hapned to y befor ter ll wasasorn... don't t tlose yougain, katie. >> katie: you won't. ippromise wowot let at ppenen ricicic didn't reale things re so bad between you and


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