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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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.com, >> pelley: a party ichaos. >> this little guy has lied so mu.le >> here we go! >> about my recordrdo >> reporter: mr.hairman, is your party coming apart at the seams? >> pelley: also tonight. >> back on the record in the simpson matter. >> pelley: nearly a quarter of a century later, aew mystery surfaces in a notorious double murder. a red flt the top of the rld. the mercury's rising, the ic disappearing >> it'compmptely unprecedented. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a stock tip bewe of singing to who's going next in the red trailer captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening ns" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, donald trump retrted from his pledge to torture rrorists and kill
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both would be illegal until the ws of war. in atatement, trump said that as cmander in chf, he would not order u.s. troops to commit crimes. but it was just last night in the 11 republican debate thatep trump boasted e military would t refuse his orders. that debate sa deeply into pointless sults. today, conservives described it with words including "embarrassing, suicide, and imosio it left many republicans feelingpu that they regingn the c cockpit door of a party that had been hijacked with no idea where the g.o.p. was headed or whether it would land one piece. here's major garrett. >> m mlions and millions of people are coming vote for the republicans, and joining the republican pty because of me. >> >eporter: donald trump today d sought to take control of the republican partyust hours after clashing with s rivals athe 11th g.o.p. debate.
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much-- >> here we go. >> about my record. >> here we go with the personal stuff. >>e s lied so o ch. >> reporter: the rift between trumand the republican tablbthment continues to gw. trump canceled his saturday pearance before an annual conferen of conservativef activists, drawing ridicule from ted cr. >> he was told therereere conservatives thatere going to her >> reporter: those conservatives were skeptical of trump. >> if he doesn't show up, i think he's kind of dodging what's g on here. i don't think he represests our values at all. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud.he >> reporter: as mitt romney and other g.p. leaders ploways toeny trump the nomination republic national committee chairman reince pries said the turmoil would not hurt the party's chances in the fall. mrchairman, is your party coming apart at the sfs? >> not at all. i think what you see isome drama and some intgue, and i think that's good for our party >> reporter: what is the probability of an open or contesd conventi? >> you know, don know aboutll
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i ill belie it's lely we wodn go to a contested convenon, but you know whever the case is, we're going to be prepared. >> please, i know it's hard not to interrupt. >> that's not what y said in thop-ed. n >> breathe, breathe, bathe. >> reporter: despipi t t rancor at lt ght's debate, all the candidates pleleed to ppt eventual republicacanominee. >> because i gave my word that i would. >> reporter: at the conservative conferce, trump skiing ben carson today formally ended his campaign. scott, carn offered enrsemt but in a jab at th remaining candidates said he left behinbeing boisterous and loud in high school. >>elley:ynaj garrere, thanks vere much. thnext contest for theor democrats a e tomorrow in kansas, , uisia, and nebraska, michigan on tuesday. here's nancy cordes. >> there were so many insults flyingack and fort it was hard to keep track.ra reporter: in detroi the republican debate drew a brief mention om clion, but she quickly turned to michigan'si economy, taking a tough line on trade in a state hd hit t
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until after the damage is done, whh often means after workers are laid o. thats ridiculous >> reporter:n traverse city, bernieanders argued , nott clinton, has csisteny opposed free tra deals. nafta a permanent normal trade relations with china have cost this country millions ofnt decent-paying jobs. >> rorter:or both ndidates, wiing michigig ishi abt morehan just deleges. they have both visitedater- stcken flint, and both want to show, ott, thqt they are the ones w are equipped solve crisike thatnehen theyse arise. >>elley: nancy cordes, thanks. in ather imporobnt story toght, tt cease-fire in syria appears to be holding, and that gave ouruelibeth palmer a chan to exexore aleppo syria's sargescity, with two million peop beforthe five- year-old civil war. >> reporter: for three years, in the heart of aleppo, rebs
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the time the army had won, thehe world had lost one of its eateststultural jejels, the city's ancient marx. there are some things that people on both sid of this very bitter conflict have in um. one is the destruction, terrible here in the government- ntrolled area, and down there, th the oppositioholds ground, it's just as bad. t e her things they share e e exhaustion and misery. you see that on y side in salahuhuin, a poor neiborhood right ononhehfront line, wre tarps shield residentsrorothe es of snipers and famimies eke out life in n e inin can we come up and see you? the gai mi inv us inside. ere's no running water or electririty. in thehe tiny apararen f fza exexns that her son, a sold was killed in aion. without his salary, everyone, including ththfifi grarhildren, is survivg on
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downstairs, there's a soccer game. hamad is pretty fa o. his utches@sow.ut itit beea year since a r/rkeka to off h leg.were you coming ck from schoolol "no," hehes. "ias d errands witmymy mom." people can still do rands and shop for f fd d the part o epep that vevebeen smash totoits, andce ce odod lightnbackn the old citi, majoj ghahememthe officecein c crge, tellme tngs are quiet ze, o. the soldiers are relaxed, stocng up on suppliein spite of the oddeb potsh. t what's next? w y think thisiwill e??? "im hopi for negotottions,s, he tells me. "we've already s slled too much blood." eryone wspoke to, scott, tterer and ground dodo by th terrlelwar, is hing for @through h gotiation, but
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syrian army isiwhtinw aa siege on the op@ititn-n-ldsi&oep o oththou a t wobebere ty y tt ananantter. pelley: elizabeth palmewith mirkab, repeptiti from inijde syriaom thanks, , z. our next s s y yot the attention of the entirircountrtoday. e e even the president m mtmoned it. loangelelice revevled today at a knife is s ing testst t tsee if it's connected to the 19999dodole murder for*which o.j. . mpmpn waacquitd.qu rere ben tcy. >> reporter: t knife given to los angeles police was a aegedlyl found nearly two deces ago by a construction worr ring the demolition of o.j. simpson's brentwooeste. the worker reportedly gave it to a policeman. a.p.d. spokesman andrew neiman: >> the person we receid this knife from iretired l.a.p.d. officecewho retirereback in the late 9. 9 >> rorte that form officir
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identified, but he's believed to have hadadhe kfe for many years befo turning it in about a month ago. mamaia clala prosecuteteo.j.ut simpson fofothe stabbing deaths of nice brn mpson anron goldman. clarspoke to "tertainment night." f f ds turnut to be connected to the murders of ronon and nicole, it would be intetesting ifififre wewe some evidence on that knifefefet pointed to who might have lped to bury it if, indeed, somne else did. >> repter: t kfe used in the murdfrs has never been found. during h h t tala simpsonn famously triedn a bloody glove discoved at s house. that evidence was dismissed by s atrney, johnnie cochchn.n. >>f it dodsn't f, yomust quit. >> reporter: t l.a.p.d. says b the ory bebend ts new knife could turnut to be bogus. >> do you know what's gog on here! o.j.'sn the back seat with a gun to his head! >> repter: it comes as a cablee minisesees recountthe o.j.e saga has renewed interert in case. i
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ipmean, th is s e case that never endsds r rorter: l prorossor@r laurie levenson coverethe simpson trial and d the knife is a fcinati gevopme b of little legal significance. >> even if thefind s sein evidence on this, they would have tshsh chain of custody. ey would have to show how it got ththe,nd eveveif they sa, "it was j.'s'sndnd ninile's" cannot be retried for ththmurder. therc#double jeopardy. reporter:r:course, o.j. simpson is already behind rs. is serving a pron stence in nevada on a aunred case+ as for this newly found knife, scott, the l l.p.d. said they are not sure when thililget the teststestsn thatfe.n t 8^le ben, thanan. there s a lolomoed groundbreaking today in flint, miigan. a crew dugp a a rroded l ld pe outside a home whereran expectant mother aigear- old girl live and d aced it wi a copr p)pe.n, e wn, about 8,8,to g g here's a aiana diaz.
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i'm one of the nurses from the health department. >> reporter: npa was checking on stephae bradles s e-year-old daughterr cedjanae, who o stededositive for lead in septptber.. >> h h she been reteteed >> she wasetested and ititas lolor. >> reportrr: this is one o ofive >> reporter: this is o o o fi hoko)callthe nurses from the genesee county health department will make today, pt a ciwidefft to keep track of kidid withh lead poisoning. hos thlo of homes u have tvisit ineased? >> it's gone up huge, and the numbers of families 've seen have expentiallyrown. >> reporter: stephanie bradley id she drank the contaminated water througugut her pgnancy. when you were first told your daughter had high lelslsf le, what went through yourou mind? >> w i was vy , bee of howounghe i i indcai dn't kw the er it. repore mohsfter t itch i water s cko hurar,000 homestill have dangerous
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si figh le levin eioo but hof fli's 8 chilllen und s hav screecau testing i i voluy. since ad c remain in the body for decades, the state is developing a registry to track int resints for years. t ephae says untilll the lead lines are out, she'll be afrailhow the wateteis affecting her daught'suru""" >> it's making me want to lee the city o oflt, to moveveust because ofhe wer and evererhing.. it's-- it's-- it's f fstrating. >> rorter: the city says right now there's only enough funding to replace 30 ad pipes out o o 8,00 int's s covery wilillikely be curring theme unday's democratic debate. scot it's being held right herereflint. >> pelley: adriana dz in flint for us tonight. adriana, thank you. now, to the economy. hiring surged st mon as
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steady at 4.9%. that is an eight-year low. the latehing in cars is the streh loan, to pay for them. a new report o tod finds that theverage loan ns more th five years now, 67 monthsr r n w car, 63 3 nths f a used car. and the average an is a r%cords $29,551. mellody hobson is s r cbs news fifincial analyst. why are ople taking outhese long-tm ans? >> so during t t great recession peopletoed buying cars. they did not have the disposable incomeo do so. then, what happened five, ss year went by and car pricesar outpaced inflation during a time en wages haven stagnant. so in order be able tofford that $30,000 car, pe have stretched out the paymenenenr nger periods. >> pelley: what's e downde? >> hugdownside.ns the longer the payment, e more you' goioio pay interest.t.think ababt . i
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years. toy, the avegegeoan being 67 months, some as l/ng as 72 months, seven years, meahat when you tack hat extra period the average person is spendingbout $8,000 more i interest. >> pelley: ando do you think consumers shld be taking these loans or aiding them? >> avoiding them. t i'm absolutely against them,ot only thextra interest, which is really expensive, butlso thidea that you could get to a siation latein theoan years whwhe yoar is like a house-- under water-- meaning the car is worth less than the payments that you're making. that's not a good deal. >> pelley: that got us into a lot of troub\b before. mellody hobson, our cbs news t financial analyst, thanks so much. >> thank you.ys >> pelley: sentists can't. believe how quickly tharctic is melting. and would yoyolievev anchorage
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>> pely: in alka a dog racen without sn makes forgh sleddingananorage t lelehan two inches lt nth, so withthhe iditarod starting tomorrow, organizers brought tons ofofnow by train from fairbanks. farther nonoh, scientists are discovering that the sea ice ofin tharctic circle is melti c faster thahafirst thout. this wintete enough ice is missg fvalornia res. re's d dahahr. >epor trctiean is six milln@square miles, most of it cored d ice. but last month, the top of t rlwas up to degrees a a normal and broke the rececd for the lowest amount of ice in februarymore than 400,000 square milil short.. >> it's completely ununedented. pele w w wk up tre, you know, go up to the arctic, go out on boats andruise arouou to measure these things arn absolutely stunned. >> reporter: robt newton is an
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universisi. >> it's e dead of winter there.e. there's no light. it's welllbelow freezing. it should be locd in wh h e all the way across, but the ice is significantly retreedeven in wintertime. >> reporter: the shrinking sea iccould havdottitily disastro efft on animals, such as polar bears and seals, depe othe ice t hunt and eed. e-free oceans absorb morat and become warme wch speser up glacial melting, raisisea velslsn more. > is a great`r`flector of ght, whichs ere momw of the heat on the planet comes from. enater is dark. it's a fanstic a aorber. >> rorter: newton says cngesor in t arctic can alal affect weather here, causg storms a droughts to last longer and be more extreme. fascinatg for scieisis, but scary for a p%rson? scientists are both s scieists and people, so were both fascinated and frightened it, yes.
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changes happening now in t arctic might be reversible. neon saythe recent clcteon nations was a start, but, scot that it est go far e eugh to reverse the trd. >>ely:y:on, anks. big storm coming to the west wh we come back. you can't predict the market. but through od times anba.. t. rowe price. ...we've helped r investors stay confidentor over5 years. call u7 yoyo advisor.
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's haran on t t ad. >> come on! >> reporte a a cattlen face lenges beyond eir ntroro bubunot lo ago at th ranch soututof houston, tommy sonnen fad a obleof his own i- g. >> you k kw, eveve marriage has s issu. it's nototlwayayaysy. >> i was as unprepared for it as anybody...wh's tt?>> r r#rr:l began innocently enough. >> want to come lay down? >> rorler: sholy after theywn got marryeyes ago, ren ststted hangg ouwith the ljococ h y warnrner. >> "renene don't namamthose ."." >> reporter: but sheidn' listen. then she started singioo emtoooo hoho going n t t rededed aiaiai reporter:ndefororlong, ananer whad rnrn tototototo's w wststst ninitmtm a v vananwhcococo't omh m mh h livinon a
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goto bover. >> it t un't'tndaid)(('m'moioi t tsell t wholed herd."." d she goes"wl, i iyore l ththwhwhherdrd ay, don't you sell them to me." >> and he e okt t@ like,e\ou hava litit yoare azy.y.oroelearlylyrurhrho lh t t at t thyhyknow th renen h hetexpostinina blog called "vegan urvbl of r w we."she e trd thsands s followers, through those& contac, , neasasblb to raiai$30,0, enonoh h r a a ililild& tatataeaea >> allllf d dndne e s fifififi totoe f s fef' r%r%r%rr: is is emngngn n n wawa >> neporte iininmnmn @ah. i didn appreciate it, but, you&&kvkv, it was g gwiwiwiaiai. >> repepter: andnderers whwhwh thikiktogo. after his wife raised thy, tommy did somethinrare for a
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ttere e idhiegooeredededorlieieieiei >> howou doing, girl? >> reporter: he stopped eaeplinenehohoit felt, and nrkfor r r r fet ththro rlrlegeg farm m al sasa est we c c tell, t t o cattle ranan cononin n cotry. ow thqta chaha you, how would you like to change her? thing. h!>> repr: andhehe i i i erytytytytou n%fd to k mried for. steve e e man,onhe rdb"""" ton, t.. >> pelley:y:nd that's the cbs evening news for tonight.for alof us at c c cews al ound theor, good nightht captioning sponsed by cb captioned by media accessssroupupt wgbh access.wgbh.orgptptnsoror bcbs captioned by
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