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tv   11 News at 10PM  CBS  March 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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neighborhood he targeted. plus a fire ripi thrgx a local me and s srts e home next dodon fire too "omy god!" igatats s e trng to re out if ananneas inside. what they're fininng tonight. and a massive marijua bust11 ns watche crews pull dozens plantntout of a loc home. we'reresking how ititll went down. now, from your breaking nene leadis is kk 1news at 10. hellim dnne e rby.y( don ward is off. take a look at these pictures; dons of f f jua plants tak from one coloro springs home in a liai it h hpeped at a home on amber drive,@that't'neted d stetetlls boulutard. ns repo dususcucuck is lthe no dusuin, wh are polying abt the bust? they're not saying much at all. we'r'rstill working to find ou'ieople o
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arrested. only 1news wasasere when police a a swa started ing zens o&/pot plantsut of this unanauminhouse. when john n gohome this s afternoon,e couldn't'telve what he. john l lon/next-door neighbhb: "i came around the corner and ias l le 'h'h, guys ininazmat its, that can'n'be good.'.'not t guyinazt suitit.. guys s th gs, in swat geaswng h h nt- hb's hnhey're`ey qut u owowmean the rrs th mhteem like a aot of t plla, the learouou how many pot plantstsou can gr in your h hare tricky righno itit sethinghe coloro spspngs manajuana task fofoe wawameetabout tbrlier today... trying g to keep lararagrow wperations t of ornary neieiborhd s. arles hoh/task fce member: "whether it's a ensary, or a cultivation facili, , an infused proruct manufactururg faciwhwhe e can be l#lated." as for john, he doesn't want i ininhe house next door. john: "if f`u'u'u'eally into owing pot why don'n'you en up your r r
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license or whatever." but he's t letting it ruin his peace of mind. jo: : stilllleel fe, yo knowowspecially watching a thisistu ready to t put in the back k tt truck over there." at tasasforce wiwi meet one more timr j"rcrc 14tho prepare dheir final recommendati ons to beberesented to city y uncil. we'e' let you know whahahappentherer live in colorado springs, dustin zickckkktv 11 1@ws. thanan d dn. the cococodo s sings fire marshal is also o kingor more reststctioio on grlwperations and enforcemt of thehe we have an updatatto an 11 breaking news alert two fires s ntue t tbun on rtrtqtson.n.hey both started from training. a lot ofofou saw t smokerom this one. its 5555acres anb&90 perntnt contained. it iin the turkey creek ea no structures are being threatened. this is vio from the el paso unty wildland fifi. another r re hasurned 5 acaes and is a90
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new at ten, d air force acy cacat was found not guiltz of nd sex e. cadedechary chububububaccucud of inapppriatel y touching a woman and forcing heheto touchchim in a dodm room in014.4. a panel of eighthtfficers delibeted for seserahours tonight fore they ached ththverdrdt. new totoght a a sh to stopheise e gang violence in pueby a cal paor. . tonight he invited the communtiy to talk about th violence at viorlife mistries church he joine forces wita l boxing coach. the say allowing students to box it keeps them o of gangs, and t tcheses them a a afefe way to take o their ageson. "we're gngo mentor tan geheir l`lestytyhey' kikoheggrereions outn the gym,nsad orninto ns andndiolence,herere tang t vlence out inhe gy" e e ld thelass has alrea lelein siz
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is home destrod by a fire. they weren't able to most ofhe@ day because wasn't safe. it sed this mog g bru rcle. th's near asasozon anddemy corsprings. a lot ofur vwers sd @ their videos wititus. ththe flamam quickly spreato t home n nt door. the smsme wawa visisie r miles across the city. 13:40:00 we were sitti in the front yard with ththsale andnde seen the smoke and fire on the e ck porch, it went.i never seen use e re go that fast right nofirefighters don't ow ithere was anyone inside e at theime the e re staed. it could be a while before investigators knowausebeuse ofll the dame. e rereltfr aommunity survey are nowown, and the could end up on the vemb ballot. . last month the chamberf commerce in pueblo gave the community the chance to o them how they nt their tax money invnsted. hundreds took part. peopleoted said they wanted money spent o public safety, , roadepairs and ecomic development. the chber ofofommerce tes
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was to sta a dialogue. 14:31: gss i wououhallenge the electeteoffifials to have some dision ben n and vember about how theca acmpshhat for the ters, the people that support them and pay the tas because i think that what saw the voters sayiyi." the are no ballot i i iatives right now w t the chamr of commee e"ys eyeyill st likelylbe workg on onever the next few months. we have anpdate about`thisire bubuing in pueblo cy. it isisow 1 1 percent contaiaid. i iwafueled strong wiwis and o 30303& acre fi was caused byby powow le that blbl ovov suctures ever threat. . tonight, another major turn in tpe o-simpson case. possible new evidence comes forwardrdoror than 20 yes afr ththmurds. ia knifreported fou on simpson's foer propept secret until now. here's t catch: if i is
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any charges r it. it's allbecaususof dblopar. new tonight t newreporter kae e e onalks to o l/cal attorney a a a what coululhahaen xtxt investigigore examiningna knife at construction woer reptedly found ononj sisison's property yeyey a a. lapd ctata andrew neiman: he off dutor`retired officer was workrkg in the area of the rockinghaestate and he aimed that an indivial who claimemeto ba constructionon work proded m with thi kne e aiming that t wasound p py. lapd recoverhehehefe in the last month. ( they say the former officer believed thehease was closed and kept it. officersay the story could beus. " t..if idencu is found, simpsps lily would d t be c crgedecauf doleeopardy. neiman: : ouble jeopardy would be in place`herereso we could d not charar m simpson with thth homides thate's s r%ady been charged with becauauaue'been acquitted." so we turned to a local torney to plaidouble jeopar in this ca sten katzmzm, attorney 45:27 "is bacally that the
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there's a verdict`that's'seen reached." " but he eouldldace different charges. 8:37:35 "ybybyb type of obststction justice something alalg at line, but that would probably be pretty difficult." sting thththifwill be diffict. k kzman: 8:41:08 ow was it stored, t kind of p condition it's in. was i tamped in anway? far as ththretiofcer whheld on to it. tzman: 8:418 "i d ink thatf henew the evidence was, the 's office ghghbeking into some e o oargege involving him m lding onon thi" it's a ce at s sll grgbs national attenon. tzman: 8:43: "ititas fainining,t s the gigming terms of dna evidencthat hadust stard obvivisly given oj's's'ue itas somomhing tha pele, , self iluded, wawahe" kae pepepe kv v v ewew 1 15, simpson was aquitted of t t m mdersrs of his ex-wifenicole bro,
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simpson is svingngime in nevada for a 28 armed robbery and kidiping. 11inunesnon stop@news continidswiwiwihis. the smaller group p presential cans s o campaigning ahead a b eken day dr. ben carson told a crowd hes leaving the ce, but clinededo e dorsrsa candidate. e announcement was expected after carson released a statamearlier this week sang he do nototee a poltical l th fofoard. "a lot of peop whohoove me, ey jususwon't te f me, but it'sk!" there are primaries anancaucuses in several states tomorrow includingtucky, louisiana, and maine. happening g morrow. a wellnown priwill be la to rest. father bilrmrmdied in his s sllastonth after a longattle withthancece s visititi will torrow moing atat:3 att nitholic crcon highwa85/8 colorado springs followededy his burial.
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chance to learn ababt hovercraras.s. 's all part ofof grara district twenty got for r e stststlub. stem ince, t t tology, enenneering anmath. 1 "got interested in engineering and science e st beceuse i've had such an experience to whehei i s yoger r d fromomhe stem ogram itself."kids were also ablto check out a 3-d printnr. no wait weher a mild end to the wo weed ol, but ce sta t tthweweend. t tomo are back in n n 50s anan60s before rebounding to the 60s d 70s for sunday. exct breezez conditionsnsn the ternrnn ch y, b b gusts should d d be
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our xt d dturbance arrive nday nightnto tuday. this ll be mo of imimctcto the higher terrain than valleys, bua few shower are expected monday night. wi air cold ough aloft, , me w snowflakes could mix in as well. e hihi t train may see some light acmulations. pet owowrs will want to know
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a coagios ininction on the
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southernoradad comimi up on 11 news. we'll explain w at o oers need looooout for. bubufirst. a man arstut peekingngnto windows. wewel tell you where it happened and what he d to tryo avoid
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a man n rested after pe say we don't jusususrve any fish wi a acuer's's we serer w wd-caught, , rth atlaic. is cod grows in wawar that is cold, clcln and pristine, fullllf flflorful nuients, and that comes through in t t tish. is is the way we sp itito yoyo restauranan. it'sot pre-breed. ny do we e the highest quality cod,d,
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that's remkable. and thihi we get the be sh filet sandwich becausethat. this is e be fh sandch ameriri. "welcomememededecicis!" peeking into w wdodo.
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just0 sesends. yoyorereatching kktv 11 ws th dianne derby, don ward, chchf meologiaiaiaedsoand p sam rnswswth with sports. day, police arreed a man they say was looking into winws and acting spiciousus it happenedndnreof flintridid andndcademy in lorado springs. a woman callllllolicecafter sh saw peaking throh wiwiows. he was eventualltatad and arrest. poli say t susctord hard to avoid being caught. "he e ied to d dguise his
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and thwing his walle over a fence so we wouldn't know his identity, w wended upp tazing the individual." police arrested joshua vanas. they say he's also being investated for idedeity yheft t t and credit cardrfraud. a couple@ef roroers are on the loosostonight. theyegedly ran ubehihi a man, hit him andtole from m m. it hapapned just afteridninini near 21sansheldon ononhe st side of coloradring ter thssauedhe manthey stole a bag from him and ran away the n't mumu oa susuect descption, policece lolol ananal service h h enincrcrn ththmomo commmm skin infeion in c cs, ringworm. it's very contus. . puebnimaservices says normally they see one to two cases a moh. but since efcember they've seen one to two cases s week 21:2:227 "primarilwhou're lookg foisisair loss r rht around the ears,s,
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eyes and i itheir fa is chy y y enou y/y/l setheir paws becse th've been rubbing tir face."terinarians lls heheest t way to preventinorm in y yr cacaand yourse is keeping a ean enviroentn the largest scol d dtrict t t southe colorado iplanningo instalal seatatelel on some schooses. strict 11 says for several years, parentsave asked for seat belts. it wasn't until the n tial safety counc endndsed em last year, that a serious conversation started. were e eited about j j j swererg parents questions out why we don have seat belt i think thiwill ba very positive ing for district 11." 11 has the mey tall se belts o othreresses or the xt thrhf months.s.oving fofoard, brand new bsewill alsoe equipped with se belts. a local high school athle is competg with team u-s-a on the
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we keeping our eyes taylor finn frfranitou springs.....he is with the.s. ski team... tell you wt she's s tl`is weweend, coming upup. a.of coue... we've got ourur exexnded high school hoooo coverage coming yoway in a f minutes as well...
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there are 21es left on the scscduleor t denv nuggetsts. head koach michaha malone id that the most importananthing for his te how they finish th season... lets s e ithatattrong finish bebens tonight against t t brooklyn nets.s. === 2nd arter... dj augustinan
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bilater.r. d din h hris to ninia jojoc revee la.. the high school track and field on is beginning thismoh... and for u springs' rner taylor finn.n. she enterertheh season as the defefeing 3-a state champ in the 100 meterer hurdle.. but shuvs noon a track@khihi week.. she's on the e opes... thjs is taylor a athe u.s. telemark national championships in new hampshi.... the is thehenly y mber of the u.s.s.eam from the front range.n. far t js week she h h a ur and third dlacece fini wititseveral moreaces to go this weekend.... congratutitis and good luck to taylor.... in cactus leag play this afafrn rockies pitching was hammmmed once agaiai.. thehe a's scored nine r on 12 hits... six ofhoseseuns in the sesond lost 9-4 ==== the air force falconened mountai play th
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5-2... corado college t tink upset theh5th ranked tm in t untry stcloud state... but it wasn't to be foroththtirs tonighd.d. these 5-2 to drop 6- 27-1 on the e e with one gamemeeft y... that's tomorrrr once again agnsns cloud state... next weend we will havst chchpipis in high school basketba.. 5-a bo and girls... we'll crown them all..... but befo then.... a whollotta action tonight on the courts... our 11 sports s am
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ur highligs next.... e bracactspa bei wttd downwno those fina teams s at will mpetetfor r atadadtle. ghin 4 g sketll.. it's the greatight... . e winners adncinto the final fo next weekenen.. wewel start with the numumr one sandre g gls h htingngumber lo eas..== d quarter... et moving the balllldumpmp b bk for ssi day. foot t s on the line e e thiss onon two.....asdown 10.0. === how about this?!? liahavis with the board, falls to tloor but gets it o o to dejah h over for the layup... === enhecorps step o othth s... deja rrell th t t ps to davisiwor o... sand creek is on to the e seminalslslsh the 746 win...
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hosting number two hy family... == 2q mesridgkylee shook with the 1%1%ooter grgrzlzls ail by ==== ashley bowowowop of the key cutshe lead to a auckeke ===== bowen tries for the three it+s sok with the reunand put t ck musa ridge's season cos to an end 66-5-5loss. 3-a bs s sketballll. third seeded manou springs hosting kent denver inhe f fst rod... == 2q manitouriley manzo o o the reverse layin mustan u-4 ====== stevenensewith the p pt t ve maniniu extetes lead 28-8 8 ==== mustangs d dyn adamschecwith fast break lay in. manitou u ves on with the 63-37 win... ov to the girls bracket in 3 3 hos... tosprings hoing manual... ==== 2q manitous shelby myeri 3
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mustangn up 21-14 === angala jensen n ththth layin manitou up 28-19 ===== 3q mustangs brooke garretson st move geheucke and the ladydyustas move on th t 57-2929in... they fe ththwinner of th one... lamar vs ststsbsbsb.. === = indounding under their own hoop... lamagets t ball to aleaeeddy... shows off ehnice touch... lalar with a 12 point lead.... === bit later. again off the inbounds pss.. this time to leah gaines... drillthe jumper r a 27-13 lelen the eo. === ane lagirlrlrlhe deog in this fightht. get e e sev -28... the mars girls enr urnament with the sevevth seed... .hey' hosting the e pipiacle... === check out thisittltl seseence... st mary's ololia floreklsp r the and hits it..... we'll stick with her for bit because she stls it away and dishes to makenna dette e r
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d dn two o uppthree in a maer of seconds... ==='s maggigihartman lllling g owowmi with the ore... st mary's breezeinto the next und 89-31.1. in 2-a g gls... number one s against number eight eca... ===== closing seconds of the 1st hf f swks kyla o'neal wh the layin la lionsp 33-26 === eca's xi vanickle with tbu beatete 33-28 hf ===== 3q brina denton 3 pointer swink ns ciyl 603... ===== 4q kiowa up by 5las s im adrianna m es with the bucket cuts l%ld to 3 ===== kis madidiielinski witthe steaea fa breakper 42-37 ====== then it's kikis tawnwnupchchch with the lay in
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thepset in a 65-64 loss. lhan facing fowler acity auditorium in 2a girls... === calhan was the lower seed but pled like they we numbmb one... kylelerenzelman for three.e. up b bven... == swink fought hard... courtne estra with the board and the buckck... == bucalhlh got red hot before the e lf... itta fukes....mikaela parker..and en another renlmananhree... calhan with the big ups@t 33-18 ov fowler... an.... takakg on e eicict palmer hh scol... a very tight coest hehe.. rspaock elcon the d2e e r two... thunderwks with aive point lead... === here is how rye woululananer... laura ambler on the dribble-drivull up jumper..... meould go two ermes s where rye
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(clis) this ultltate chicken club rerely h it l. -totally, right? -kinda remin me of when i had it all. gh-p-peredob spspts c. had to walk away from it all.


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