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tv   11 News at 530PM  CBS  March 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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witie . e will@ r f fwarng nd and south of highw 500on sunda from 11a- 5pm. latein thening small, otty r rowmq move acro epall,
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deveping tonight. we've learned peytonanning is fifily retiting after 18 seons wi the nfl. spts d dector sam farnsw jojos us now. enill there a aublic ananuncent ll, its offici... he made that annououemen he bnc. but as f a public ananuncement... thatill happen tomoow mning in denver. duriri his career manning won an astonishing five m-v-p awards and dozensnsf passing records. he leaves the league as the all time 'leading passer,' with ththmost wins. he's also onlylquarterback to win super s with twoiffere teams. wel have m mh more o reme lat o ts new at 5:30 ... cocoradodoprings mayor john suthers tells our partners at the gazette - he's frustrat by y pupulo's failure to acceajor funding for
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11 news reporter jessica leichch s us live from fntain creek pss, what areis conrns? danini, youomarenber i jaar mayayayut withthomssiors ttry fi a soln for statersss. the runoff from fofotaiaicreek is also o probobm fofo puebs the war head downstream. "fridadapueblo county commissiers did nonoaccept colorado springs' proposalin nuy they told mayor susuers they'deen simimimiprpnises in the papahat di hap mayor hnuthers/color a ngs hat's different here ou ind ireilling nta contctl intergrgnmtal tmthth'sorcele."the w prosalalls foj 5-io lls to bspent er ne 20 years througthatagreemt. ififolororo spngs don't follow ugh, we wod ve tpay a million dollars in penaies to pueblo o unty.
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wihold aermit thatould allolocolorado springs utilities toauhcthe e herneliver syststst s- s apr 27th. it would deliver 5llion ll ter r r y from t pueo o rerervoir to coloro ringng pueblg weses fntain and securiri. ba in january, pblblcounty commissioners and the ma agreed that ing to court wouldn't he matter. buffie mcfadadn/puebl o county commissioner "we've got to find a sioioi/ thtime is nononoe haha to put someeeth into agrgrment." ebloounty isere t tot t t tomorrorning at 9 at the ebloounty courthouse. . rerertrtg live in lorado springs, jessica leicht kktv 11 news. arity in boulders working on m proposal to buila ree story cocox provide housing fofo young g ults are homeless. bunot everyone in the city thinks it's a good idea.
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abt 40 people between 18 and2424earsp olho we lily in fost re owe imimof vlee.. some people whwhliveven the area arconcerneneif ds walking to hool past the new ilding would be safe if people inside e unpredictatae becaususofental illness. new information night abou presiden jimmy carter's battle with ncer. he announced today, he no longer peds treatment for caer. . the former presidede me the announcecent during tday scol class he pl, orgia. a cenr esmamaid wilil ntjnuebecafafand resumemereatment i iit'sded.d. the e t t resintntatatred nc-free ecember.he hadaggressive form of mela tt had spreo hilian ai jimmers yrs o. w w ght. erstady,`lancy rea s s ed ay at heheho in los angele etairepopos.
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ncy daviviand wawaalady a a rkinactrs h fut sbanentered scennana n ncy h rr ce om h hl caf e vyvy "i ad wo ..she ted 11 urfis be becina ll mo tti and ro thenirof califnia. ana w years latefit lady of the white housus snd up i rond reagan d dsolemnly ear two months after his inauguration president reagan survivivn assassinioattempt. thscare thatelpeshed narean'sf ppnted he w houou. as per prtofothe e ididt reviedisnd consultetean a arologer fofo vice on secucuty. i waso obsessed with his safety, any ti hwent out theouse i tnk my heart opped that devotion went both ways. friends callededed reagan's marriage the grtest love affair in the history of the ameririn presidcy ty seseled into whington, mrs. reagan n unched an titis retionthe e e.
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ojt t at bec of f her lega her r ust say nob/campgn swept across the c cntry and into schools ... enally briing her to the ited nations athe first first dy t taddress the gegeral assembly. she stay on the sideline o political popo, , t was there whener huand coul't finthe words. sound upanan we're doing everythi wetca 're dog evererhinge a s ter avine whhonaeaanmer's didiasnd ncy tersf toursg her husbd hinpe . "that's the worst part of this disease. tre'sobody to exchan memories with." after ronald reagan!s death, she hersf at odds with other rereblicans by pushing for federafunding for em cell research t ttry to find a cure for a aheimer's we've lost so much time already and i ju can't bear toose any more. ==traveled to shingtgt f the veilg oferuhba statueand e pt a han lilics, , dorsing john
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the whithouse in 200 this ithe nominee the pty nancy reagan s sfered falls and visibly owed with age. she wasescoco`dy form president george w wbubu at the july 2011 funeral of fellow foer first lady..... betty ford. t t r ears wereonely. she visited her husband'd'grave on ten anniversarof his de ae every year, s e grewe frl. s ce said the paf loss ogot rs
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says that 'high titis' magazin s asked far eir speciaevenenrequesto hold the '201616olado cacais c c' in the city,o be withthawn. pueblo cnty says they're unsure why the magazine askedor them to stoprocessinin the request, b that t organizers have been having
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deadlis. the magazine relead a statement that says in part: "as has beef te e r 41 years, hurdleand oblelehaveve ntinued to be put t , /#/# buwe a a goingnghrough everyry possible channel, meeting with ofcials and amending forms to make sure we cacelebrate and educe pele on nnabis in pueblo." weched o o to o e magazine, but w%re told they wldn't de avavaable for dididial comment untnt tomorrow hillary ylinton n d bernie saers s e facing offffn@ another presidential debate tonight. it's happening in flint, michigananthe e nter of a major u.s. w wer c c cs. 's exeected d be the fofos s duriri the debate. r 18onths,s,orsive water from the flintntiverer seepedd intohe d dnkin supply... it's blamed for elevated lead levels in some children's bloodstreams. investigators s vealed state ofofcials knew about the problem...but taed to do ytytng about i i"theosimimrtt thing ey
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aling to this communit f fks don't trtrtrthe government." the latestolls give clinton a siab vantage in micicgan. a wiwihere wouou help her exte hehelele over sanders w lolo will l see fire nger? <
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stch from the 11 breaking weatherntermeorolojist jessiclebe wu'll start to see s/se changes tord the beginnin nexwoeek... returning chances for rain and snow showers wl work into the forecast a aa on monday ththugh esda l coco t tperarares s s s t t t0s a a0s0sn n n dadadada warmer temps and drier
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next week.until etom appreciablmotureea datats y y ll b ba fe dang plala ion tohe fastsdo not bu anything on t winin
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s fici. ytonni isetirg omomtbalafte 18 ssons. thonma the annouem this morning. john elw a se e m teamma havelrlrdyespo tthe ws. i'llreth yoyot..... conferen trnamt brkets art r e moint d pa12 whe aifoe, c andu
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kk 11 sptsth "the n nquarrbac t denvro, ytan. plau four ars is mo..haa det habeen e ..w.t'o close e e oka er nea.. that's aott ins. a l o ucownsnsnsa t rds...anncncthe brcos sur bo w. a whole lottttti think about ettetetoco bk pl.. y. pn nnind ou tinhebrcos hllll ti ffoball. a waou erwiwieconcacasur bo... hey edr is 1 asinvehocondo ding ate. pser t17thar and toow w idenv. wo m.. n o chons. d. tin imae him ionunor wng t lrd trhy the broncos will hold an
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tomorrow mning... . t today. john elw releld the fofoowing stemen.. "when you lookt evhing peyt has accomplished as a player and peon, it's easy seeow fortunate we've been to have him on ouream. peytonon evething thatate thought he w and even morenot onlyor t t football team bututn the commun / ...p.zton won a lot of awards and set a lot of recdsbut to me, what he heheed our team accomplishsh during t t last four years is what stsnds out t the mo." some of peyton'seammates also chimedon social medi toda.. nning backck.j. . derson tweeted out... "man i'm just awwith 1 1 gd havava frfrndship fer with my g. u thigaill missss."=== de reir beowle id. "s'sffl. tmhtey lassswoatinin sout t the sherff on grt career === sasatyarian stewartweeted... "congrats to my n pmpmn an amazing caca. it was an n nor to py with one of the greatest and to will with him." === and finay... a aormer teammmte....ight end julius thomasasweeting out thictutu
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saying, "toouch respect for you my guy." wi theheonlcusion of confererce p py last night, the mountain w wt confnfence releaeed its tournament brket fojothis weein las vega.. win or lose against t u yest.. the air fororlconaly ew thewoulededut of ea inouain west urnanantnt. buth t.. ty up to theixsethtoney. this is at it lololi for ose e o teams... aorcecececedrawthe home team... u-n-n-v for the opening round game... thne is s wednesday at 2 30 mountain timim.. winner advdvcing to face fresno state. / and cololodo state has the sth seed a ainst the last place team m the conference, san jose state... they play on wedneneay rig after the colusion of the ai foe ga... winner moves on to face boise state... e cu buf hadad chance la night to earn a rst round bye in the pac-12 conferce toururment..but with their loss to o e utes... colorado will plalaon wednesday aftereron t number'sow iokr u.. theyeyla 3:40 0 0@nst nu wpin
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number four te in the conferen, arizona... the denveruggets pad aunday avternoon matchup with the dallas riris... === check this out... final seconds s of the game... denver down two... they steal the inbounds pass and kenneth fied dunks s t otheheend to tie it at 106... we goo overejme... === end of o.... nuggets d augustin drives... dws the e ul... het t ts free throws..nuggets wiwi.. thm-l-s season opened today thlo radsdse on wesasasthjo hqs.....=== sdsscores sesoalf.f. akes score..chris skskwiththhe he fhe 1-nil.. = the rapidsame cla le
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se t 1-nng we will see e memelouder again day with mild afternonn temperatures into the 60s
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enjoy so time outdoors. late morning and afternoon will stilllle a bit windy, so the fire dange will still be high. there will ba red flag w wning arnd andnd h 0 onday om 1 1m.ater i ithe` ening spotty rain shows wi mrossl sotellerererd frt es. ad l l wrap up, goodbye! kk 11 news is your breaking
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i was anowbwbrding struct, a bounr in a ghtclub. >> lra logananand 44-year- old justin trudeau is a world leader. the neneprimminisier of canada ananhis wife will be guests of honor at a white house state nner later this ek. the trade and the syriananefugee crisis will likely be on the menu. while we were with trudeau we found out he loves to box and is not t raid of a fight.>> people think thah boxing is l out w hard you hit your opponont.t. it's notot 's aboututard of a hit y n n and kee i am m eert t t om wknowdtdtappenein t things tt we torn upit h e like an omicoj. >> aerson cooper: he i i taing about the explion th
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run by the man known as the king of coal, who just became t t first e.o. o&oa majoamerican company convicteof aorkplace safety c cme. >his coal mine e d a company that was, not an exaggerati to o y run, aa criminal enterprise. >> this can be likened to a arug organination andhe defenda was thngpin. ilwhitakak: l th condemd n in texasout 25 thered in place:th r in lingston. prpronet us inside t speak with s seral condededede kis juststks before ththth ececio t ttoldininin fal dada mprisisu. what do y think youililbe thihking >>f i am going to hell or heaven if i am m ing to hell eaean. >> i am steve kroft. > am lesley stahl. >p i a adersrs cooper. >> i am bill whitaker.


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