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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  March 7, 2016 2:00am-2:30am MST

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rereating the wos of t presidenof t t unidd sta that pid was dodad um iulul earra yooohaouchil repeat the rds tsi, tt' t go thi.. a t sh uys,shouldl toe half,ealo our shared values that mamerica who we are. thatats hohoi'm trying to campgn. i think thth's wthemecaca peoplela looking for. >> dickersonj donald trump sayay ere needs to be flexibility on miion. you talk aut t t "new rk mes"nd theonversation, whyhy not -- he's light, ofourse, negotiation flex flexibity. h h i i mososy absoluteli,nottt& ghttbut stunningg aspect of the debate that he saiaq over and over ain, flexibility. flexibity. actuquly that's one of the reon why we're selling now yoga mats on our website, tedcruzvor tt if you fin yourlf blive r enmeeoing yoga a th consertives are ed to seeing
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th to the left ith general. part of f reason we're so frustrated, so angry. we're tired off pliticians ing tos.s. at wasmaziut this dedete, hn, donald is a readad running to the left he's not evev out of the primary. in theebate this wk, donon stood d there sd, marco rubio, i agree with you marcoi understandhyou compromised flexible negotiating with uck schumerr the gang of eight. this is the dona trump who has made immigrationolhe centerpiece ofampaign who said he agaged with h`rco rubio supporti the gan of eighthtamstl. thas snng.>>icon: lastn thg puzes.yotalk a, gog toe n't tour chilelenatch tv.v. marcrubio says hss a con man all of t t terble things then at the end you'rersked i you'll suppo hih and youo. doesn't th undermine all of the criticismsmshat going to be s sh danger to conseseives and r rublilin values? >> listen, i tnk number one hiy clinton as preside would be even me castrhic.
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bara o oma you c cn noo not support hillary inton. but come do the autside of this campaign, i promised would susuort t e r rublican minee. anim someone who keepsis word, u know his past week on persday, the state o c xas, w w w anverwhwhngviy.y. nexay y p p oint rticareabeca thops they knometheyw ea thre the peopl that me priseshej r r for senate, you owe look m i'll lead the fight against obaacare and amnest ll lead d e fight ainst our debt and i il ad t t fightoo protorteligious liberty,yyy second amement and bill of rights.. e rere we won o oerwhelmingn ctory y y texass because texas said, ted, you kept your rd. i tell you,, john, asresident i'llllo very same thing. >> dickerson: we'lthat have to leave it there. sunator cruz. >> thanknkou very much. dickerson: we'll be rit
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withowererl, 24 4 ur... ...non-drowsy claritin, liveritin clear. every da ke d dicious recipese that a lightht in calories a.d added sugar you useplenda no calorie sweetener. think sugar, use lenda icon: 'r'r wifce b gregegnee -- - ie cairman of the a arican conservavave uon says that e hopelessly fractured. whatats your view on the h hlth of the republilin party? >>f f u lolo across thiscountry we're havingecord turn out. we have 70% more people coming ououin thi republin primary 're e 70%. democrats are d/wn 30%. e'so questn that
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we're beati them onn money, eating them on meanics and i like ouu hances. we're prepared to beat hiary clinton. >>ickerson: we got a suati the speaker house callininint the front runner on the questus ofigotot, thehe front ru is atduckikikihe govnor of souar wavavcoenplayaynery nsthat's toughff >>suguff.i don't k ere'snythg wrhrand intrigue.e. we've got plty o o t tt. there's no queio abut that. th k, though, is can you co- - t to a nomee, togeth and then taket to the mocrats. i i ink thth w wll gethere. i'm confident that we will. we've gomore republicans elected today since 1900 but w q do need to learn howo win a big c crara vote in this country that's'shat i'm opeful of.. >> dickersonthat coming to that'e doctor traditionanathing. in the last couple of weeks you ve benarson, no, h won't te. let's s a ird pay. ere's also talf a kindf
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esteonntion. t m clescsc isn't g to hn. tea is tt wreng oarch gotr dates t g t mea that pele are concerned leasd in theiir own interests as far as who the nominee is going t be. they're making plic statements lily to chae the course f what they see as direion that they don't likee. butltmately, the's a lonon way@ go. are going toome tether and we'ee going to beahillary inton who i now@ dodgi immunity agreements with the doj. >> dickerson: what do y u make of thealalbout the convention.. let's start th tt romne he's bacallll said, everybodydy shouldld have atrateg wi marco rubio wins i frida, sich wins in o o es h the numr of delegas. at do ink such a plne strategy? >> don'ty tnk aingof.. mymyo isays nnil --
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gets 1237 delegates i notot ing to do athing to help themet hat. nor am ioingo do anythingg t prevent t meone fr geting 1237 delegat. but keep in mind what is going on e. we have aolitical party, two political papaies these folks are runninto join o o popotical party as our n ninee. so, yeses they pledg toupport the evevt nominee, thewant to takeart in the process. eventuallye'e' get to that po they willll joi-- one pepeon will in our party we'll be 1 1% behind that person. dicicrsonrepublicans out ere o are wang, n ey m aboutstnvtitithar i otherdt's no a dirty rd, dickn:he's arocess r which contested nvention could beossible that's o oy. >> i still think it's unlikely. but not impossible.@ i was ne counsel, johoh foror two yeyebefo being chairman for six.
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i'll be prepared for anythinin but i still think it's very early to have this crsrsion. i think thaat in the month tha we'r'rsitting in situation where candidates areied, then i ththk k a m mth you start oking g those possibiliei. but right now we'v'v g a long way to oo. >> dickerson: do you think ld tmp's success because he's donald trump orepublican? >> iouldldhink probably a lile bit of bolh. bu again, i still think is early. i n'knowho i igoing be sues a aho is goi to be sucwh i knono i that w h agropoprtunyyeret tn vember. opportunyty to veur y rng ain pn wh dodgthe i.r.r. d has answer for aototf ings that people fintoe ettyroubling. >> dickerson: you have worked hard to try to expand the republican party in different communities wheepublicans ve h h trouble. span community, a aican american community. how has donald t tmp and way is campaign mid out s far helpededr hurt the efforts? > obviously the proof is going to be in theudding. there's a long way to go.
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put t re people onhe ground d different mmuniethanverr befofo in the hiistory of o o papay. wewee committed miions o o dollars,s, investeteundrdrs evev llions dollars in our infrfrtruc and mechanini, hae mu in0 i thhat t etic hompro. t t we have ekp pg din dates in ttebate edqo beero in thatt regard. i'm hopeful thatulr candndes will heed that sgegeion. >>ickerson: if t t pross goes forward, d youpese the reblicic paro eping more peoe as it gogoorward? >> i tnk w w are. youook at the numbers that we're pti up all of these states it' atrononicalal. i wasemocrat i i be ver concerned er lack enthusiasm over a sluggish ocesthat isn going to end anantime soon. even though llar linton i i now smingly w wninghese
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it doesn't seem tob ejnr he i k k iean iin to d dll ohe wstst coa.thl ctest at cong f hilelethey'rin for l ess etheth le nono. >> dicrs: 'lbe b bk inin
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>> diconwe're it r timeme che ielectiontohohos new yohi. isfforby the tablhmtoomom uhanr nonethn dona tth f?? >>ll. inicn,ou s see rump td ry sfi lkstheheparty jnot l wh s versnisis whor t tyy a f naldru, we asked voterer wh suppog trump ght now,ha should the republan party bing at th point. yoyo mig have expected to sf g er bou dt.acatlyawasedci47% % o sa t t p sh indd beng ererng thehe c to sp trtrp eing
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payul rallyehind nald ump geindhm t to n nr i tmp kps wig primaries her fifth w said going tahisss waitn see. i i ink k dovetit wt ee a as larghefhi mpaiaihaorsrsnoatr o o o 'ree for jtot ihe moodo o tolha to d d anody he sselated tohe plishnt. >> d dkeon: evh th ddruhere not iaklassssnd it's ncy e ofd. y y n'n'thee esblishmenvemoreeopl for o thihi v vs tel us thheeaeaomne i cotehe estabshment mas ths liky vote for thataterson. thathyr to one margin i think you're seeinghere momo of this outsider thhehaha wee seen throughout the mpaiai. i i ink that cinly playing outtn mhigan. ink also speaks the larger balalcingct thth the party has right now.
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millio``te he o conivesreo np`r iany t tolwh too estsh. atyo withool yo willh comenoveer t tse balendstat. >> drs: anthony sto\. herewashington wre h th mollyly bl who covs potics f the atltic. michl rs scholmust e "wasngtos kee an ezra edior of vox.m. ththe s flashh mob of establishmhmt peopall goi to stop donald trump how ishat gogog for them? >> ihink they would stillll in pgress. yayayaouan somethin failed when it'only been derway for a weer t. what is r rarkae it's taken so long to get going but really the denial didn't e until well after voting htart andn ump had built up qteit of momentum erarlot ofeoplp whoear that it is too le b you have
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mmittees that have started, seegingfunding,ir c ads in flora. that is the maiocus of l othe effos rig nowow saiajorititei i theeplican phatru mutoed. emale at thju tve arati palalarhehe a hlbentntn pi fro runner. >>ickeon: you wrwte ababt alternates what iss the most plausie one for stoing troubl a lot of peopl will aue, cruz, inecond place now. presumptive challenger tthis. ted cruzoo the rig of donald trump p s se issues l imgrn which does not solve that probl. 're i a situationhere the conservative critique ofrump is giving atltl tractctn. but the establishmentor rubio has not gotten tction.
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esti is cane winn s atave are clod primaried ca. he hasnoooo adequel e5t w weterhi florwiwiavt dwith >>ickerson: whdodo t tnk% out thaideahacrcz isss now the rnativand that's the way it s sd go for those whoho wanto o op trump? >> som dege at's been true r long time pa of th faiaire of the party to stop dodold trump has been completenwillllgness to ute behinded cruz. couplef months ago maybeot couple, not lg ago wn cruz beat trump inowa there was an obvioureasont that moment rp theepublican p pty.unlikeonaltrump, ted cruzz is a conservativiv he actually believes even if it goes much further, he i is fairly orthod, very much cononnectct to the core initution of thehe repupuicio parar. thcore thinkers.0 and dan oth folks
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crcrt didn't hppenecaus seame oututf yoyoed con the sat e ar senate wou invo toxt. that been problem >> dickeona sign of warming, lindsey grahan wouou suprt they even talklk onn the phe. maye picicking soon. ed, let me ask yubout marco rubio he got 1% inn kansas despite endorsement fromm thehe governor. 16% in k kntucky. whwh is happening? >> falling apart. it's evidentowhat's hahpening i was s sriring a hear a a ---ook what happened ubio. he runs in tneee hasomelast minut endorsements from senar lamar,oes tokansas, bos ththe entinetateafter cancli apances.ablyhere ael
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oes io flaa now,nvnvcecethey cantiin ther are conservates showthat the race tightened probably helped by millions of doarssnn atck adshatre now airing agagnst trump f. he c't get flora,a,ight as welel go home. individualal dickerson: ifou get endorsement fromovernoin the state theit of death you go an lose. michael gerson, what is the health of the r rublicaca party at this momomt? we hear lotf diii- taed whwhe you uee things? if you look at thisrom 30,ft republicans h twol of ththleast` popur politicians i auericic at one and two in he party. eply dividid par. ineaddf doing o oreach to grou rhat they eded too after la elect they have been determining whetherhey should hava aututritataan as`eirnomie,om n smalldemocrat. d i t tt'sisarous for theepubtyty
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or potenally split it with ump as thebominee. this is very good outcome f f hilllly clinton. >> dickersonmolly, the tablblhment pushin pnald trump, isn't that exacerbati^ihe very thing that caused trim top re inhe first t ace which is thehe sense th the establishment wasas out of tou with people in the rty and the cononrvative vement? >> that's why.. as mike said, this party is faing apart. cause you didd have an establishment that was so profoundly out of uch th a lot of theoters and base of the party that they complely failel t teeslslthe candidyy of trump and the anger that he was tapping. thererwrs feelg that this was a joke,here wasas so mucuc deniala at t ts was a a rl thing. you now have aro runnerho wowo majorittstes, the jori d des, pttyfar downheenenen andrmallyhauldeo a sort bdwfaecvebo
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of the sort off republican officer holders running scscaming in the other direction tatag aboutontested convention. as mik sai the's n no visibleoutcomthat doesn'tt entail sort of falalngbt of the pty. >> people have t appreate what happened this week that you had both the 2012 and 20000 republican nominins come out say need to stop the guy w w ison vergef becing 20166 nominee.e. mitt romney and john mccain both. he's bad for the party, bad for theououry, somebody else nds to stup up. problem is, you ask romnene woulyou be willingngo put yourame l? no, i st w wto say thehe thinin look my g gndchildren in th eye. great that h h ske out,,, unclear it's going to help things atat th poioi bututtill, itws thatat there is nution ifououousomeone wowoied autrunning. t's s thwe four toneeplicannvotor do nowant candididi whoched establiliment.
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partr is failing inn boastase ican n nction of the@ political party. a political par doess is very comexrld li we ou got int point whehe politicart ss,s, t this gu rs say, t tt'ss actua sendorment, right? then got into verrorouu plple of dysfslioecause you've lost that funcncon o orzinformation fvo. now on't h veryoo ways to figure out w to tru.thats gngo reay har ple e orgrgize ifi t facttthe eablishmentssom boon foronaltrumbecauset shth h h istandg u t reic parar e. >> dickersququy before we itch >> i wouldn'tnderestimate that reicans founun effveattataagait i t dete, , nanaial fraudnd a gigqgqfrauau hinknk re momomtu weekypesf atta go fwawahat may be an imanieme. >>kersthocra
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llarylintn h w y to omio i t tnkhe i s o but istl o itseaeae he aphplignnt bin llllcln ashehed uea s has obvus en vt majority riotndhi ideaticic tis ersiue by minorityatlcoalioyou t cribominee ois p if aan aca votern't tou t it is te tha ss winning whitees, wn v/ve she's g g vy veeliehind her. bern d twowof hr stes nig.. he does3ftie l lofpo i i i hety sas applpl whaha rses. "lshort has sortf uprising against the establishment and democratic party as well by folkocaleg machine thtt wanan to sea more radical position. >> d dkerson: how do fix the enthusiasm probl? >> ihink one of@heays,s, he
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despite ththfact h hs losg. find way to turn gra roots suppornot only in to votes but into c csh. sosothinto be leaed f fm whatandede is dng. thininit's ao lesson n everyone that you think super pac ve outsi influ. lot of t tse guyse run out of money donatat to their campaign, t e rerson s sders is ab, he's gotllll t tse pple donating $20-30 that is what is keeping him in the race.e. if he can find way to convince those people eventually she'lll ine. but certainlye still enjoys that. >icrsonwhat do y y make of the s ses inn massachusetts andhihi democratsrorogov and regegin e e espeop@eho a feeepublinst'otot g i ihi e wera stories ke that, ner proves tove large affectn the open r re.. telyou what presideia campaigns do thehere lg process s"dd rememded of who t ty lili andho they te. that speaks 20 your question abououthe enthusim gap, too,
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solve that is she'lle running ainst a rublicanandidate, veryossibly republicann caidatwhis scacaer to democrats than any rublican who hahabebeominated in neraraons.s. , tha going t to think reshape who democrats -- whether democrats turn out.t >> dickersrs: have to stop you therer anks to all of you. we'll back in a momt. expertrt suru am. my s sff c cld useour help staying in touch with cuomems.t. &t can hp yostay nnececd. am i seeinindouble? no mam.. our a at uy one g g one free' makes it easieie for your staff to send appopoenenreminders toour customers... ...and share protions on social media? you know it! now i'sengololr signs.s. you shshsh probly t youres checked.g'od one b tometrhumor.
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eds toyosw at&t. >> dicrsrs: that'st r toy. thanksor watchg.until nexteefor "fe the tioni'm ke. ptnong sponsedcb
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rkerer "usa totoy" andn ununererl cross worde not answered o calls. >> itt refeects pooyn " " today"nd should have a cross word edirorthy of their pape >> "e new york times" tweets is t cross woror plagiarized? you fill in the ank.>> that's e e bs overnight news"sfsr r nd. for some of you the newss cocoinues. for others checkac latat for the morning news and cbs ts morning.
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york city, i'm jeff glo > is i ithecbs overnight news." > welcome to the "cbs overnight ws,"'m jefff gloro tributes pouri in for nancy reagan. the former first lady died at her home in california.. presidentnobaaiddrs. rgan redefid the roleff the first lady. michael dede said ithout ncy there wouldhhee been no presiden reagan." bill plante hasmo. >> the first ladyyfhe united ates,,ancy davis reagan. >> reporter: it was a rel that fifiher like a glove. wife andartnooo the l lr of theree world.and it wasas a lonon way fmhere shee started. ann francis roins was born in new york city, they called her nancy. when she was a qpted by hehe stfather, a prominent neurosururon, shshtook his name,


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