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tv   11 News at 430 AM  CBS  March 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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is in o. hello. areretarting ououin the0s and d withthomom ouou passinghrgh rnin monday will be partytyloudy with his in t0s a 60s. winds will breezy peally on the s erthere willhigh fir ngera a fl
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6pm for pueblo county and areas to the snd se. telelr county and areas west of i-i- will have theesesce for lig spotty shower in the afternoon, be c cnce for rain stays n of pasasco and the denver area could see some t-storms. tuesday will bringngooler and more seseonable temperatures with highs in the 40s and0s. skies s will be partly cloudand witechs roso lilit spty s srs ith afternn and en wedsd wille la tsdayith show chahaes cleteatures. by thursda ions dry outllllin nshine and mild weweher to return for the endndf the workrk week. a look at your m mning cmute with jordan sherman. traffic is moving along smoothly this morning, no major sw dos onour majors early on your mondacoute. to t fromsouth academy to n nththcademy, it will tata you about 12 minutes this morning...for live traffic conditions 24 hohos a day, gto traraicicatch on chael
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update is cong u 10 nutes. we have an update an 11 breaking news alererweweirst ld you about last nighghat ten- manyilies arnoback i eis in rc tevuate s invtvtgt a suiousev can city. lice tellss someone found the devicecen n e arkansas river and broughit to a home. officers say the dice y have been a threat to the community and evacuated about 19 homes s the area. we're told the device was n n scsed locaon t donated rememb, yostayn t/p of ofofur 11 eaking news alerts witthe 11 newsobile ap it's free to download, just k the p storo6 this hasas lotf broncos fans talking this morning-- peyton manning is retiring. later this morng, 're gog toeafrom manning about h h cision. th39 year old is expted to at a news conference
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differt s. we a tiganil tla :2 "i'exd pe, ats t st,at dounow, fr ar a b tg us heuperowtwicet thjoneul bmore ppy m. we will be at e ws conferen, anyowill hr om mniim about hes nocomiacto tnf . thor-- p ides a bonhecampaigngnri cratictes faof in date flimicg lastight hillary tod natorn sanderwenteatoov theidiffce onmi earlier, sanderseat ou clinton in theaine caucuc. saerveos,0 fasi20. the in s hg if est,eshis tr-- n in in mexi. tted
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he small sisses, theyre the soue t thirds ur jobs tepublisi, ser mao bio n all 23eleges in tori rit w -- ny a moug e of f form la. ncag is being memb frce protecr er anand whdened the lef fila. mrs.eadi yesesrdf cotiea h jos aelom shs yeald. she was genuinely considerate of e oproheananshe waysetvery wi a sle lle lao st be form predentro rgan tgan prenalry mu ilili. happening no- a,raq isclmingespoibil r a suicide bombing he iraqi cihilla. poce s a truruged with plosesdete ausecnt whh les to
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thblast t llt op, d woded re than hunedne mning-- inmili dlls twee the u-sogot ununayto right noh kokoa isteni nuclr tion e untrtrsa ill lh an "inscriminate " nuear r ri, reonding to wht conseraggronpart&ts "ems." ate diotes nna e okman sayingt stri ulow e coy's miryht nethisorni -- iad twoot a ied-- aftesiur sta isappeped in atr. poce say a man opened fire at a factory before tning g o msf. r r r n -- is ilknow the gn ha be dd reicente thfactthisor a derw f shoo r pas gunn dn in urarngot. appeneyesty indaho. remingn was s rtly sh fr tiin theheack, while he was lkg his. li sayay spectk off
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not en fou. noord d t how t p doing right no w the latatt on the figig the zika virus. . the cents f#see l and enon is s joini foesiti health officials in puerto rico the c-c-c c rector is s adadg ththe this week toto a firsand d t t w w e government is sponding t tthth situation. more than 100 cases haha been reportededn the islandnd.where evivince of t t lili b bween t t virususnd birth dedects is grorongng the popoololproblelecocoinues thisisorning. . . another r r damaged by a potle inolado ris.s soar thihiyeyrtytatc have fixed 74- huned pototles, accordinto ourararersrat the gazett that's about 550orortxan durini t saue t)me frara last ye. city ofjicls say thatgs cacae the p veventtinueu dederta. onepoe at ndso fid o lexinon rsha gzaells ushgogoa flat tire there over thweekend. she's a home health care nurse and was stranded for
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for a tax incrse and while i realize they can't'tepair l thehros d resuacth i coup mons,s,'d li a aemrary fix oth pool, st fill them." ney from 2-c will go to pang main roads and arri..ut it won't fifithth l.l.avavg withth-conez is pected to starnext mth you n repopw potholes our wsom& heououweweiti kk d com and clk the seion call "cing pool ght now --a colorado charity nts touild a ahree storyp colex@tororodeousingngor thhomoless. this ihappening in bld. . ttettion h/hessays iwod pridhomes for about 40eople between 18nd ears old, w were lily in foster rer w re viimof vioionce. but opponentsay ey are worried that the opop linthe would bebe because ofofenl l lness...andn they fear r r e saty o walklky the buililngng we will let you owowhat happens next titthis oposalal ppening totoy--
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from a magazaze e at's has asked for their permit to hold the '2016 colorado cannabis cup' to withawn. the pueblo board of counun commissionons says that 'high times' magazine is askininfor e wiwidrawl. pueblo cououy sayshey're unsure why the magazine asked for them to stop proceinthe quest. thcounty ss s enorganize have beehavingssuemeeting paperwork
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cold teaea marie, you have prededbetes. prpriates?! i don't have tme to eat right or ercise. i'm a sy yom ohyoyore a busy mom? yeah. th is great news! busy moms neveve get prediabebes. wait, what? letete st...yh! this is althe people at risk for prediabetes, and d over@rer-- busy moms. no
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we are startinout in the 30s avd 40s with some clouds passing t tough t ts morning. monday wille partrt cloudy with highspin the 50s and 60s. winds wilbe breezy espeally on the se plains where2there wi be gh fir er. a rereflag wning iin place from 11am - 6pm r pueblo
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se. teller county and areas west of i-25 will have the bt chanan for a light sttshower t t aerononbesthance fotays n oelaso co the denvererrea cocod see some t-srms. tuesday llringler more seanablblteer h hn the 40s and 50s. skies will be partly cloloy and we will see better chances for some light otty showers in the afrnoon and eveninin wewey wi be la tudawith shower chances and cooler t tperatures. by thursday, condidions dry lowing sunshine and mildl
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a okt your morning commute th jordan sherman. traffic is m ming alg smoothly is mng, no major slow downsn your ms early on you monday commute. to get froro south academy to north academy, it will take u abt 12 minutes this morning...foriv trtrfic conditions 24 hours a day, go to traffic watch on our web channel at r next t2tffic updatetes coming up in m0 minutes. 18 nfl seasons... th's a lot... a lot of w ws... a lot of touchdowns. a lot of records... and since the broncos supepebowl 50 w w... a whole tta time to think about whether he wanted to come back and play or not...
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enoughhiing. he offifially informed the broncos that he will b b retiting@from football... t a bad way to go t either. with his second career supepebowl t tle... he only ayed four of his 18 on bho four were second to none during that time... he passed for more than 17- thsaards a uchdownsle... he woan m won twafc ampionships. .. and.....he final imagee have ofofim in a brcoc/uniform??? winning the lombardi trophy... the brons hd an offi p crenctomo m mng.. eay asheolngstemen.. qte"wn yoloevyt on aplhe a er person,t'u sye horte we've en haimouteam. pe waserythinghat we tht was aneven m/menot only for ththfootball team but in the unit / .peyton n a loofwardanset t of recds, t to mewhat h lpedurm mp ri t lfoeas whtaou the most." thbroncos s@ll be hoing an official retirement press confence with
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manning thisorning at teamquarters. .. it ss at 11 oc banwillng you full coverage tonight on 11 news at 530630 and 10... we'ring toearn me ababt how this fire at a he e es quilylyprd to homeexorbothomesre e. e re brokeut jbeno on iday on uno circle near astr and pors. it's unclear if a&yone was home at the time, or if any animals madehet t ok. 13:41:14 the aunt ofamage, it going ttake us a while to do the investigation onlnhis hoe toigouatuse theire s. l leyoowso alearmo happening now -- man is facing chges aftetea stananff in a local neighbkrod. hned alamitne lanear stetson hills and peterson on the northeast side of colorado rings...over t t weekend.
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facing crg inclung fon menacing, harament, and child abuse. police first t t called to the area just b bore 9 o'clock saturday morning for a domestic vice situatiti. thorits told us reports were th thewas a mathg hiwi whil had gun. thwomaand d det t okbue ect red to leave.he surrend a hours la "istoff wiust a couplelof cop cars a jkeptdi andad andw ththbo uad, ww them setting u command and they had things rollllg out pretty quick." we'll let t u know w wt haens next in this cace. weleyou ow what happens next in this case. right now-- ce anvestigating a knini th sayas fndn p ty atnce longedo o- simpson. the fo fooar livingngre in 19-94... at the time his ex-wife nicole sisisoand ron goldman
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the home was demolished in 19-98 by new ownpolice say a aetireded-a-p-dtor offir receivedhe weapononrom a constrtion worker.... while h was providing seri for a movie filming nearby. . the officeceretedly held onto e kne til recently. ithie e stthe lapdbeme are of anm that alalgedly recoreby a citiz athe rockingham property the knife is now being tested by the l-p-d. now to aeveloping story y abouchemals found in a local waterupply. fofoow up tests the water stribution systems of ree colorado water utilities.... ow either low or n- teteleels amfulchal we're talking about a chemical war r llaian defield. seice for weeks nocause compous. the state health department did follow up teststof pipelines and water tanks used to distribute the
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/thesay they e eher found d non-dectab lels levs thate beloe esd lits. happening g - e attorney formetali priser, arar sergeanbowe bergdahl, wantntto meet with nana trump. on the campaign trl, trump has been calli bergdahl a traitor. you may ll --bergdahl was he captive versrsefefthu-s released fe taliban prisoners ineturn. he i ifacing desertion charges... for leaving his unit. bedahl attorney says h nts to intview umout his statements. ght now -- jimmy carternnncedayhe no lgeneed beated ca. e rm pde she will continuuuto be scannnd and me tatmeme iit's nded. e 39threside d dlared ncer-free in december. . he had an gressive form of melama that had spread to his liver r d brain. jimmy carter is 9 9years s
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asas sherman. trfic is movovg along smoothly this morning, noajor slow downs on your majors early on yoyo monday commute. to get from m colorado springs en iwi you about 45 minut this morning...for liliffic ndnd 24 day, go to traffic watch on our webchl kktvom...your next traffic updatetes coming up in 10 minutes. happening toy-coty commissionons are expected ppeneng g da- county commisisoners are expected to meet t alk about a possible deal... colorado springs mayor john suths is expressing frustration with pueblo county's hesitation to ac a dl unun waprec th icording news partners at the gazett on friday the cocoty commissioners did not accept
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that would be spent over the next 20 years e money woulgoowarar storm wateprojects, that both cities havelready aeed . t'not t t tt ti, e wld hto y a million doar fine to pueblo@oounty. thisom as pueblo county is thing to kp water from the soun delivery em fbeseo radogs pueblo west, fountain, and security. wel let yoknow if they approvova deal. happening tomorrow -- denver is ging homesespeople in the city until tuesday.. before they t evicting from homelessam e ciaymphaven pog up aund le rs o pubc es. they t trovid sitepo hlth ris startinwomorro the city willll stst momo ite like tad tentst te em to a storfafality. the ners ll have days to reclaim thfm. acing to t denver post, hole oroups sayany le t wa t i ishelrsbecauseheye concerneabout sanitationnd having their
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rules. one local animal svice has seen aincrea in the most common skin infectioininats, ririworm. it's'sery contagious. eblo animasees ss noal ty see one to two cases a month. t e mberheveeen one two cases a week. veterinarians tells us the best way prent
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eaenviroen t w --a man isacinin serioucharges after polili s s he was looking into windows an acting suspicious. it happened in t area of flintrge and academy in colorado sings. a woman called police after s e saw him peak through wiow heas eventuallzed arrested poli the suspect word rd to avoid beg caught. "we're asking the sidents who live in n is area to really check there
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they vms oburg u ghaway." "there c clde some victims out there that we are not aware of t." poli arresd joshua v v. they say he's also being investigated for identnty theft and credit card fraud. two arago 39 peoe st thr lion oa malsia rlines flight-370... and ever since, r%latives of those onboard have found few answers since the boeing iple sevenedisappeared gn its way to beijing from laysia. the deadline for families to sue thrline is tomorrow. the victims were rembered in a memoriri many of their families reaballllns tmark t niar e of pluto's m mt recognizable features may be cered in snow. . nasa's new h hizons team shared
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marialmostadofmethane e e. ietsts t metha mackeers eah's he, condndsisi as frost and falling like snow. ip helps us gegoing in the morng... how about a shout out for cereal! today is national cereal d. 49-perernt of americans start theiday with a bowl --or two-- of cecealal th's'sccording to national cealalototom 2-poininbibin s of cerealalre sold year. . that'snougtorap ound the eartthirteen
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coco tse marie, you havediabetes.prediabetes?! i don't have time to t ght or exercise. i'buom yo? yeah. thsreat n ns! busy momneverrget prediabetes. ititat let mjust...yea iss ale atf p,@d waerere syoms. no?? whew.
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breangews alt -- maya fales ckn their hos th rnaftebeg forcedo evacuate e'earng out icus vice t(ashdown a ighborhood. ppening toy ary that` has a loofeople talkinthis rning -- peyton nning's future wititthe broncos. when he's expected to talk abouts pls th then-n- a sneak peek of your morning weather. now from your breaking news ader, this is kktv 11 news isni hello.. thor joining thth morning. i'm rascswabe. and i'm david nancarrow... it's ) happy moay! temps are mild


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