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tv   11 News at 6 AM  CBS  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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plht. seous atatollolo tt joiiliti opotioio what northththeapromisg is m m m. ..akakg hehealer for hi fay. red ag w win pce deilmimi up om yr ki ns leer, th i ikktv1 ws this uorng ll... . anororning u tpisngi'm sarascsce. d m m d w... it's s ) let'sehingoverotemily y & a lo ada 11 b baking weather r er ppy monday! teare mildld th mororng. 40s s r most spots with a few areas in the 30s. a f f pas clouds. . nday will be party
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60s. winds will be breezy especialal on thehse plainwhererthere will be high fire dger. a red fla warning is in ple from 11am - 6pm for pueb county and areatohehe andp. tellererouou and areast of i-2525ililhave the best chance for a lit spotty showewein t ternoon, chahae for ra sta s of asco a thedenv a a ae stms. eseswill brinincoel me seovab temperat wh hihi the 50s.kiil partly cloudy and we wl see tter chances for some light spot showers in the afternoo d d eninin wednesdsd will besimilar to tsday wh sher chances and cooler tratures. thuhuday, ctis dry out alwing sunshshshand mildlf weatatr to return for r e end of the work wee look at your morning commute th jordan sherman. traffic is moving along smoothly this morning, no major slow wns on yououmajojo earlylyn youruronday commmme. here's a livek powows blvd andnd barnrsoad...volume is picking up alongowers blvd and is stop ango in and aroundndhe carson area.orive trtrfifi conditions 24 hohos a day, go to trtrfiwatch on o channel r r xtxtraffic upda is s ming up in 10 0&
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we have pdpdpdto in 11 breakingngews alert first brought you at0. lin one sohe lora a back inheirom atatololscscbe`es rprplodede w the aa. thapved whilyou were eeeeng on the e 0 blblk k@ north rayayldldinanon ci 11 newrepoer gina espototo isive in the studio wthe lastst gina, why were pice worried abouth? ? dada, , ra the small torpedo, , jujubout 18 inches in length. there was no warad on the device, but there was a fuse. thatatlone had law e eorcece worried for everyone's safety. a man told canon city police that he found e device in the kansas river, submin ououtwo feet of war sterda at f rsrs he thought thing it. h hthrew ititit his trucu brought it home. it wasn'n'until juststore nine la nhththat he c cled popoce.
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abououe seand d poible explosion, theyey evacuated abou19 homes in the area. famili waiteteat the geife e urnt the ar ebrt rsonk& take caf vi. ask policthe devici got there. clininrorortson, con cy popoceceepartment t's not a package or a box. non/lili someone set a bob/down and we are wondererg at the cnents is. immediely inspect he device defitity gis usushehe appearancef f thininth woululcause us c crn." her r dia tls ararrepopoing g hisituatat the cacan city daily r rord has this picture on their homepage of whaapars s be the cet cacaededll the commion.n. we are worki to gere informatio about ththvicen% policeceelelus that if you ever findndndeviclike this one, n't t uch it call laworcement rig away. dave, , raraback to yoyo
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remb, , , stayn tooftoy's eakingewth 1 1news bile a'sto downadadst c c tppste. ghw. jot mimitara d dlllle underwayay. between the u-s and sosoh a. the operatio aren't sitting well wititnorth korea. the cocotry thrteninini nucleaeaacon. the e rtys ititill launch an ndndcrimate " nunueaeastri, , spononng to what it dpnsidereragggession on the part of its "enenens.s.mea in rerereretes a naonal denen spokesman sang thathe ke would show the country's military might. pping .. neral pls s e unde f former first lady nancy reagan. she di i i ir lifornia home yesterday, at the agof 94. mrs.s.eagan was known for bebeg hehehusbanans fiercestrotector and most trusted adviser. people who went to the same church asthe reagaga talked about theormer firsrs lala a aer sunday servrves she was genuinely consididatof
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greeted evyoneitsm diderhusban e llbu angsier hud heonalreagan esidential library. now tohe latest onhe 20-16 presidintiti campmpgn. dedecratic presisintial candndates are prepariri for apother unof&polls. ahead ofororw's voting... . bernie srs and lllly clinton faced off inin debate iflint, michigana, both candidates addrsed the city'sngoing water crisis. sot-bernie sanders/ presidtial candidate"children in flint, michigan are bebeg poisoned." ==bututto== hillarininn/ presesential c cdidate "people ould b bheldld accotablblwherever thaleads ."the twalso talkea@out the 2009 bailout of e auto industry... a huge deal f michigan. . presidential candidate "i voted to ve the auto industry, he voted against t money at end up savivi t totindustry." presidentiti candate) "if you'rekikikibobo the wall street ilout whwhe soso of your f fends, deseroyed this onomy" ou kw" "excmu i'm talking" t nolion hds a mor
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adade is leading an polls. to lifht agt t ziir. the c-d-c joining forces th health o oiciaiin puer rico. thth week, the c-d-c d dector headere to gfirshand l lk at h t t government is reonding to the situation. more than 100 cases ve been rted on the isnd...whehe evidence of thlink between the virus and birtdefefes isis growing. thisisis a lot of broncos fans talking this morningng peytononanning i iretiring. . latethis morng, we'rergoinin to hear om mannk abobo his decision. the year old is expected to talk at a news conference at doveallelater is mnini. he is only quartrtbacko win super bowls th two d)fferent tetes. we spoke to fans about big announceeeee . kaththen moria 05he's going to be mi, 'sell deserved. . m m ad he's going o othtop before hehes anher serious
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we will bet ne nfenceced u wi fg hihielf out hes s ng bk thefl expect to art arou 11. happenintoday... we're expecting to learnrnore out why a a gagane canceled anan upcoming eventnt 'h'hh times'agazinininked r their peitito hold@d2016 lolodo oannabis cup' to be withdrawn. pueuloloounty saysyshey're unsure why the magazine asked for them to stop processing the rereret.t. e county sent orninirs ve beeeevingsss m%mtg perwork deads. th hou fir spspuninio this mning... ilahea1 t rng.g hohohohohoors dedehe scary mentstwhenhe fe reado a condom butfi.. ppesstilcag ob dveverod lo sings. y poohes ilch bbl y y us look i urankiki wer a art... wpat that me for you
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wiwi 40 memu of internet speed frfr centuryli,a family of four c all be ononne at the same time, stamg, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and meup we a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much p pfer the two-day y ard,horn-rimmed glasses, -slept-in-his-s-r kindndthing. yeah, i miss the ru]pled crazyzuncllook. okay.
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that's the eenen of thisole. feele a hoywoode th hspd inet fromli happy momotemild th mororns. . . r mo spots wi freasn th 30 aew psing ds. monday w wbe dys in s ans.dsbeeezy eecy on ththth ps ertherwill hanr. a reflflarar iin pla fr1am - 6pm r r pueblo countytd arto t t ananse. teteernty ananareaeawest of i-252wilhave the bebe chae r a light spotty shower in the afteoon, chancfor rain stays n of el paso co and the er area ululsee some t-t-or. tuesesy bring cooler andndororsesuable@ tempatures
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skies will be rtly oudy and we wi seeetetr r chancecececememeight stty showerin the teteoon d innesdayr ue wir chs coolol atby tdaonditiondrt lowi suvshine d ld wther to returv for the
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a look at your morning c amute with jdan n sherman. traffic isoving alonsmoothly this morning, noajor slow downs on your majors early on your monday commute, with an exion for the fort carson a ea. yououill so see a few morerera lights along powers bd from p pmer parkrk blvd and
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has yoyo drive mes coming up in a coue minutes, until then for live affic conditions 24 hours a day, go to traffic watch on our web channel at thpoole problem coinues is mniananr r r maged by a phole coloradad spring so fs yerewshave fixeded4- hundndd pool, actoto r partrtrtrtt e.that's aut 550ore thanan the samt me fraasyear the ci say's'sau t vents deoring. ononpothole needing a fix is off lexito marsha garza tellslss she got a flatatire thtxe ovov the weekend. she's a home health care nururur and wastranded for hours, waiting foa tow truck. marsha garza: 9:22:20 "it's very frustrating i know it's going
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because i think it will need to beealied a athe suspension is ed up, thehe tireill l ve to be replaced. 's a aot."."." money from 2 will go t tpaving mainoads and arteries..ut it won'fix them all. pavinwith 2-c money i pectct to start next mth. you can report potholes to our newsroom. hehe to our weweitkktv d d com anclick he stiald icg es." 'rtr an brereing newsrt. dedeties with e el pascounty sheriff's office investigating a burg. itappenein seseri. ne higigay wewebetotonits a jus arrivingnkscen..we a cw on w, when lemomo'll owotdepu a on n looufor a ook ri up on 1newshi morning. what we ow abo t cmes the person iaccused of doingng but rst... the causof a house fire is@s ststl der investigation thisis morning...
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describe the scarmoments when theire spread to a second h he. now let's send tngs over to jamebrown for look at your morningrive s. jes? things are pickiki up on the major roadways. just slo arounthrt cars a thestis frie po be sfa it'lke 1teteetet thugh townwn47 minutes to denver. somslowing throug the tech center area. 38 minutes to puevlo. we'll
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we're workg to learn more about how th fire at aome stard. thamescklyprea a home next do, both homes are unlivable. the fire broro out just before no ofriday on bruno circle near a#trozon and we. t tked to neibo who saw the whole thing happen. rlene baes13:430've veseen airgogo fast. it notnly nt up, b whin 2-nuteit aeady got t xtouse bu 131: d k woding, bhereas meg oding inl you soon as we arre. lend thihir to ilr more otoy's reing weatatr alal happy mondnd! ! mpmpmild th morningmost ots with few arere i ithth 30s. few pasng clouds.moayayill be party cloudy with ghs the 50s d 6030ds will be brzy eiaon se pins erererwi hreanger. a rd fg ing isple fr1am m r puebloouy and eas to t s and se. teller county and areas s st of i-25 will have the best chance r a light spotty showerein the aernoon, best chance for rara stays n of el paso co andnthe denver area could see some t-storms. tuesday will bring
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temperatur with highs in the 40s and 50s. skies will be partly cloudy and we will see bettete chances r someigpopoy y shows ininheft and d ening. wneay wil simitosd thchs cooler temperatures. b thursday, cocoitions dry out allowin sunshine and mild weather to return fororhe end of the work week. a look at your morning commute with jordan shma affi ming g g ooly mngno majorw s r majo ely o yo ndomet fm soutadem north acade, wta u 12 mess
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ndio 24 hours a day, gto traffic watch onur web channnn at r nextraffic ups s ming up in 10 minus. an alleged proer is s king u u behind bars... and police had to use a stun gun ttake him down. coming up on 11 news this morning.g. what we're learning abt the charges against him right now. but first... deputies are on the lot fo a a ook right w.
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welcome to 11 news this morning. here's a look k canon city right now. it i' w toto deloping story -- about chemicals und in a local water supply. follow up tests he water distributionystems of three colorado water utilititi show eier low, or non- detectab levels of a a harmful chemical we're talklkg about a chemal
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cookware, ananfirefing fm./t/themils wfounin two wawellinntn an widefielel /those wells have of rvr weeks w eyad uvels of ou the health dtmdi llp tests of pipinnder nks edo distbuhe water. /# they they either d tectle ve olslshareow the ested lits. right w... deputies are looking foa theif. the dodos unty sheriff's office ss the crook is aus os ling nati jars 1 st. eck out videth sred on their facebook page. they're asking anyone with information to call the dougs county sheriff's office, the lone tree police deptment ght ay. happening da.. a stsre is ago. you might remember this s ene last year in baltimore... the death freddieray. the c-v-s ma sre was rnow 'sk d evenetr an before. cvs district manager tetra breeding: "within a week of it
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to come back s sit felt good to havthe full support that we would be back" the sond daged c-v-s store to reopen since the proteses. looking ahead... interest rates are pected to g thi... . cordininto a bighu of ecom. / ab75 percentf ececomists expect the federalalunds rate to gogop the end o>he ye. ercentntf e onomomts eyhinkhere bo tere rat ineases thisear. 7 peent pe t o an aed iki up hiar d poce to e a unun takakhim wn comimi up 1 news this morning... whwh we'rereearning g outhe ars againsnshim t pl anoththk id breakingthlertor re danger...has ean r your my? emily h t
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lce babao 11 ns thishay motempare mi this morng. 40s r mo spots with a fewreasn e 30 a few papaing clouou. monoay wl be par ith ghs in th50and wl beeeey espllon thee plainsnshereheil h hh fi danger. red flagngs in place
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pueblo county and areas to the s and se. teller county d areas west of i-25ill have theheest anan for a light spotty shower in the afternoon, chance foraintays n of el paso co and the denenr area cocod e some t-storms. tuesday ll bring cooler a a more asonle mpurwiign the s an50s. ies ll brtlylo we will sebetter chances for some light spotty showers in the afternoon and eveneng. wednesday will be simimato tuesday with shower chances and cooler temeeratures. by thursday, conditions dry out alwing sunshine d mild weather to return for the end of the work week. a look at your morning commute with jordan sherman. for live traffic condions 24 hoa day, go to traffic watch on our web channeat ur next c upda is cong uin 10 minutera isisovinalg smoothly ts
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mar slow dow on yo majors early on your monday commute. to get from south academy to nth acacamy, it will take you about 12 minutes is morning...for live traffic coions 24 ura day, go traffic watch ur web channel a tvom r ntrfic da is comip 0 mites.wee trtrkingn 11 breg newsle... depues with the elascoun@y sherf's office are invtigati a burglary. it happened in securiri... . ar highw 85.5.5. he's a live l ok at the scene ght now. deputies are investigating they s us one pso . no word onheirirondition. our crew tells us police are
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three suspects possibly a silver car righghnow. we are working to get momo formatio and willllring you t latest`as weet it. w thisorning... poli aki forwo m who walked out of comcor. it happened earlthis morning on the wt side of colorado springs. / police tell us the m, and a friendalked out of the facity. / out 15 mutesesater, ey showedp at o of their ex'sou / police say one of the men assault he and they brokthings inse the home. /# this morning, police are looking for both m. we're workrkg toet tir@ pictureson we learn more, we' let y ow. happpping today... cnt commissioners are expected to meet toalk about a possible
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frfratn with pueblo county's hetationo cece deal tom teojects. icoininurew ne at e gatt f fy. county commisisonons d not cept a dealalf 445 miion n llars spent over theext 20rs e moy tdstorm water ojojts, b have already reed on. if it's not spent inhat time, thcici would have to pay a million dollar fine pblo counun. this comes as pueblo cotytys threatening to keep water from the souththn live ememroing seo colorado springs, pueblo west, fountaini and serity. we'll let you know if they approve deal right now. a man is facing serious charges after police say he was oking into windows and acting suspicious. it happened in t t area of flintridgend acaden corado springs a man calledictesh w peg rough wiows. police usedea stun gun to arrest him. they telllls this isn't the only criri he was arreed for. ""founthate is wanted two outstsnding warrants, so h 's going to jail on those warrants.
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fraud and some other issues."." police arrestejoshua van. we're told he tried to change e his othes and even t tew out his wallet t fore was arrested. happenintaday... if you're looking for a job oraree change, thers a job fair y. e ast-oa colado ngs careerr tay. it's from 11 to two this afternrnn at the clarion tel and conference center. that's on weststijou, just wes springs. more tn topopmployers will be there, offering about 500 jobs. t t ere before 11 this moin aring at ast of your resume. happeng w...he nals y theyon't have enoughuntotond. / e e est or wms comes he e grouisd a moreorououerteism eratns. apparentlygunsnsresed by als activ ions, anpaed the oncehetu rsts beinloed at r now
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wee been trackinfor a while now. 12 chinese families with relatives aboard malaysia airleseslight 370 0 e f@ling a lanebere t deadldle for pursuing a lawsu agait the carr u'll recall, the plane disasaeareo yes ago while flyi from malaysia to beijing. the group's lawyer saysys e goal of the wsuit is "to nd out theheau of the ci a thohore sponsie." is mngings getting back to normal at a nuclear plant. this is video of the fire... at a nuclear plant in south carolinanansterday e fire apparently caused some uipment faururathe facility. now, fire crews e lookg g to what caused a trsformer catchire. new morng new efrts to combat concussions on the college foball field are having an unexpected result.. a rise in wer extremity juries. doctors in florida rept athletes a aiming lowow, causing a spike in knee, ankle, and thigh juri. l al ser h seen an increa in the most
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ringworm. it's very contagious. pueblo animal services says nonoally they see one to two ses a nth. but since decembmb they've seen one to two caseseweek. 19:08:14 ha s stew whe e reeng y y y whces trgh here and it appears as ough it's kind of slowed down but we still havene or two cases thate're trying to manage." teritetes us t best toveininm our cat and yourse is s epg g ean ent. ghghw.rice of gas is g tion..e erhas u seven cen i the pa teeks. / puts e nationalra at abobo 1-84 per gaon. that's still 70 centless nsive thananne yeaagag inorado spriris, aallon of gasasill cost you less than the avave, at 1- 76. /# in eb, expect to pay about 1-79 per gallon. dozens of ople are sporting g shaved deadsand it's'sll for a good cause. it's for the annual sasat baldrickck fouation
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arch ererheeekend an event s held at jack quinins irish pupu tejon in lorado springs. ateast 25 people had their heads shaved, th goal was to raise 20- thousand dollars. ital har lall ur hcaus of cr and hodienit ai i ve doing this to show that i support em" the event is back in the sprin next sunday, at the 'back east' bar and grill, it stts at 11 in the morng. anotr coloradodoouy is thinkiki about banning number of things inside parar and openpaces. spill ahead on 11 news t ts rning.. iciccounty is taking a ather look at smoking outdoors. but fit... the media ngn te upcominroad work to a busy yhway interchange. what we're expecting to learn, spifically, about t e major consucon project in the heart of colorado springs.
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morng.e'nd 11 ea werrt are we in r another niceeek? ily has your forecast, and jordan is s keeping eye oyour morning drive. head on cbthisni--trour forir lady nancy reagan. we'll talal with white h depeggy n powe mines esent lesleytahl w vered the reagan esidency. and- the ceof "bumbl joins us in studio 57. why the dating app is strivi for shi
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in the morning. see you at seven."
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isisning40s for most spots wiwi a f are in the 30s. a aew pasng ouds. moayayill ar cloudy with highs in the e s and will be breezy especially on the se plains where there will be high re danger. a red flag warni i iinlace from 11am - 6pm for pueblo countand areas to the s and se. teller county and areas west of i-25ill have the best chance for a light spotty shower in the afternoon, best chance for rain stays n of el paso co and the denver area could see some t-storms. tuesdawill bring coolernd more seasonable temperatures with highs in the 40s and 50s. skie be rt cloudy and we will see betr chances for some light spotty showers in the afternoon and evening. wednesday will be similar to tuesday with shower chces and cooler temperures. by trsy,ditiondry ou alloling sunshine an mild weathereto return for the end of the work week. okt yoorning cmu
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frn. trafc isovalong smoothlylythor soujoly on n yomoay ctewithn jointersections. ve lk atou nevada and 25...j brown has your drive mes comimip c u&& te u uil)tn,f live afajcococoio 24 hou uupp dada go to traffic watch on our w cnnel at tv...y
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il of ha r c#on hrkje feoudrdr spificalli..e inrshange prorect i-25 cirr i i coloraprprgsth is some videdeof t t ongoing work ther c-dot is giving the a a look at whato eect as asgi. ase e willllringight lane resictions for the next sevemonths. we'll sure let u know what we lea at torrowow meeting. looking ahead... one county wants public input on opedule regulate ria. rdinanonity ily rerd... the orornance & rrounding cultivatiofor/ rsonal and medical caregigirs. 's a a happening in fremont county. the board of cou comms will csir readin p ppod ordince. the meeting willljddddddd restrictconsn both indoor and odoorultivavava ofarijijna. mimiesre b bk home, safe, @ afteli res t icicevice. coni uws t morning... at wre leaing this morng about the device that started thehehole situation. but first.t.
6:45 am
thinng aboul banannn aof tngs sidearksnd en sces. which county is taking another look asmoking outdoors. nowolet't'sendndhis s er to james brbrn for a lookokt yoururp morning drive times.ames? traffic volume stillllicking u on m roways. ce d dve tim thi morning. women rd. from powers to i-25 will take you 14 nus.lalae avav from poo o town 10 minu in bd/rtininutr king bypasspo will l tabo
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lcome back to 11ews this mornrng.g.e's a lo in pulo ght no it an i'm ening now... a man is facing chges r a standoff in n local neighborhood. it happened on calamity jane la, aronon hihid tersonn the northeast side of colorado springs over e weekd. 32-year-d yareem barneneivy is facing charges. police got the call just before saay rnininwe'rld call sa t& s man thating his wiwi whihi he had a handgun. e woman ana chchd de i out ok, but barnes-ivyvyvy refufud to leaea. he srendered about two hours lar. neigigighelp theamil during the stand off. "we kept the kids taed about how these are hero out there and we get to watch ththheroes ctctanankn wd lilerill tm
6:49 am
crawl l d kept them entertained."." barnes-ivys facing felony nacing, harassment, and chililabususcharges. we'll be se to let you know when we learn morere looking ahead... smokers s parks and open aces pof cocoradadcould faca nes dea t pred res itll h hpeng iulder co, rth of denver. mmonarmeetg morr to nsider the cha... inuding smokg n and mariana edibles dr/#rosed nenenenge e 7 dollars for fit-tiderso 30 dolls for thnse. thisorning -the ch counis mourning the ss of one of their -- the man credited for inven il a knkn is died ray tomlmlson n s 74. he deved dirt e-mail messages whileleorking for a technology fm. b b not m m peop hess comp....iniodnake til the late 80's and early 90's. tomlinson is also credited for
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part of every e-mail address. families a back home, sa, poli respond uspicious device. coming up on 11 newss s momomomo what we'reearning thisorni abouthdevice that stted h the ole sin. thcrryhakear rich ancr.ownally a sher aficiadlike myself. it. you're a shake aficionado? t a shake shake e iciona. -who -(chucklesesyeah. ll, yodd. gohead. mm. there's a coolness. , it's cold.
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stop t pes, , ys. "ice cream is co," saysetet printntt. new slow-churned creamery shakes are here in premium flavors obrbroroug
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(clickck lcomomback i'm dave nancarrow. and i'm sah schwabe. happy y nday! tes are e ld is mornini. 40s fofomost spopopo with a few a aas i ithe 3030 a a few passin clouds. mondayill be party clouith highin the 50s and 60s. wds w wl be breezy especially on the se p pins where there will high fire dananr. a red flflfwning is in place from 11a- 6pm for pueblo county a a areas to the s and d se. teller county and areas westf i-25 wililhave the best chahae
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afternoon,n,est chance for rain n ays n of el paso co anthe dede area could e some t-storms. tuesday will brg g olol and mone seonable temperaturesh hihis in the 40s and s. skies wililbee partlyly clouou a we willllee@e@eter chanfo l spotty shererin t afternoon and eveneng. wednesday will be similato t tsday wi shohor chces d er mperatures. by thursy,ondions dry out alng sshinld weatheto rurr r enof woeek. a look at yoururorning c cmute with j jdan n sherebeb traffic is moving along smoothth this morning, major slow downs ononour rbjors eardr on ur mondommute...we are ju some volume at yourajor intersections...hehehe a live look apowers and reseaeah wy isis morninin f live traffic @ condititns4 hours a day, go to traffic watcon o w chael@ traffic update is coming up p 10
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we're tracki an 11reingh news alert... depupupupuith the el paso coty sheriff's of arenvestiting bury. it'sappening on coucucplace inecurury..... near higigay 8 herere a live look at the scenenenrighghnow. herers s s we e ow: we're told one person isisurt.t. and ththe spects are involold. they got away in a silver car. we have a crew on scene gathering more informrmrmn. awe learn moror we'll let you knowoq ots s wewewee uate an 11 brng news alert to a story y f f f bught you last night at 10.0. a device thapolili desesibasas a all totoo o used a big scare in southerer colorado n nghboboood. this happeped overnight on the 300 0 of north raynolds non cityty 111111rter gininininsijoinininow l l%l g ga, dlici k kw viceot
6:55 am
ha n nea. a main canon city orginally found ubmerged in n out t fe of water therkansas river. thf time, he thought noing g t.t.e repopopoly t tew it in s truck and drove home. wt t til just before nine lastight that hf called police. after police took a look at`the device, they sent out a reverse 911. about 19 familiewere ecuted fofohours. e canon ci@y pole dederement tell us it lookedike a small torpedo,o, just a aut 18 inches ilength. . we asked pole e at had tm so rrrrd. clroroson, canononony police departmenen " " w determined that there was no warhead or ything that's on it, but there is still f fe that's atdachehe to it there a concern that it ctill be an explosive." but t "he was veucky. he's very fortunate thatatt didn't denote. other dia outls e @ reporting on this situation. the canon ci daily record ha this picturen their homepage of what appears
6:56 am
the pueblo bomb squad and rt ca e-o-d rndedo take care o othe deviceceju aer dnight, falies were allowed returnrnack k t t hes.s daveveverarabacko you. remeer, you can stay on top of today's 11 bakws wititit bipp. it's fr to wnwnadstheckckhe app store.e. nethis mororor... morereha two-do people aead... after clalaeses between police and gunmen. p it happened near the libyan boboer of tunisia.a.n ththpast few w w tes, we learned inin total, 45 peop areonfirmed d bd. parently the gunmen targed popopo s stion and military filits early is moror
6:57 am
newsroom this moing. a a ear old,d,nd 11 ye old are missing right now. / police say m mguire and matthew legerg left over the weekend to go fo-by-y-ururg.the ir h m me e contact nce saturdrd. & / they're known n" go off-roroing in el l sosoteller and d rk counties. /# right nowno foul plays spected...ut there is concern for their wellbeing. they're likely driving a red 00 jwrwrgler withthololadlicecee plate qno-5. we'ee being tolt by y indepeneent search partythe jeep h h been ununoutuide e odland parar..nd wre workrkg to confirm that t th lenforcement. this is a picture e the boys. if you see them, or their car... ll pol t tt number is your scen 444-7000 right now... joint military drills are e underway... between the u-and` south ko e opopations aren't siing well w wh north korea. the couny is threatening nuclear action. the north ys it will lauauh an "indiscriminate " clea
6:58 am
considers sion on ththrt of its "enemies." media a theheegn quotes a nationefense okesessayiyi that t e e e ke would show the country's tara migig. . this h h a lot o /brons fans talkg th morng ytytanans`sfsfsf. r r is mning'r to hear from mannini aboutis decision. the 39 year old is expected to talk at a news conference at dove valley later th morning. he is the only quauaerback to win super bowls s th two didierenenteams. wepoke to fans about the big announcement . kateen mrtrt 055:5:i think it'sd time. o whi you're on the top,arly enou annncinit the team has chance to look for a good replacement and start moving on to a new chaptererf his life."."."."." we will be at the newsws conference, and u wiwi hear f fm mainhimsf about why y y s not
6:59 am
expectcto start around 11. here's a look at what's coming up nexexon cbs t ts momoing. "coming up, tributut pour in for influential t t dy nancygan. former secrcrary of@ statatlilipopoll joi us to share his memories. plus, wee on the grorodlin aqas kdish sololers batttt isis. more rnews comin up on s this morning, ne." goodbye
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good morning. itititmondnd, march, 202 welcomomomcbthis mng." aatnonors thehe rererkle life of influential first lacyreaganan w wl talk to those who knew r, about her love a legaga. thebs ns investigation into trump ununersityty what former sdents and teachers reve. . . > and hilliamss a her crew cacaht in th cha i i aq a b b bee againiv sis. egeghis u@rning with a look at totoy'y'"eye opener." ur world in 90 seconon.(( >open your e es to life. to see it in the vivid colors that god gav us, a a precicis gift t tenjojolifeo ththuls fullllt. remember america's eadfast first lady.


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