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tv   11 News at 9 AM  CBS  March 7, 2016 9:00am-9:30am MST

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now, from your breini news leader, this is kktv 11 news at 9. snk peek of yoororng athehe in just a minutes we'll a look fost wi mrogi ehlf dada ncarr and i'sarah schwabe.
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happy mondnd! ! arerertg t t t of sunshine, as sen in o o cameras nd thepro can cind mumen mild too....we are already into the 50s fofost locatatns, , warmrm than th t esterday-, winds are bree thohoh, staid ininhe teens t t20s for most with gusts already up to
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re dger will b ncerer.. red flag wawaininstartstst 11am. moren when ke see rain cogn u 're e acking an 11 breakin ne alert... de witthel po o un shers fice are invting a rglaryit's hpengn n h h e curity... ar highway 8 here's a look at the scene this morning. here's whwh we know: we're told one persos,is hurt... and three e spspts involved.d. they got away in silver or
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e suspecre whian a a anic man... th with da hr. 'llet you ow if we l l l more. ots we havan update to an n ea newalalt. familirereack in their homes.s. after beieg evuad d us a suspicious device. is all happened lastight ne raynos and highway 50n n non city, southwhst of colorado springs. soone apparentouou the item in thth arkansas river. we're told canon city police, eblo bomomsquad and fort carson n o-d reonded d to t(e c 9 hahasisint t the item home d up closer@rnspeion n cided to call l l enfcement. . while n actual exelosivwas found... the device did have some kind of fuseabout 19 families wewe evuad from the aa, and put into a nearby chch. just aer midnight, ty were alalwed b ck home. wewee told the dise was tan n fofodetonation at an unknown location. remember, you ca otoof day'akinne with the 11 newewmobile a a.
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check ththapp ore. new this morni... police are lki for two m m who waed o o of comcor. ititappened earlier thisisning onhe west sisi ofoloradsprings. / li tell usaronhohoes, a man namemechris walked o of the facility. / police go on to report about 15 minutes later, e papa showed up at the hoho of rs' ex- girlfrirod. / poliay one of the men asulted he and they broke things iide the home. /# ts s morning, police are okg for both men. wewee working to gethehe pictures, ce we lrn me, wll let you right now... t mita driris are south korea. the operationsnsren't sitttt ll with north korea. e countrtris thrhrtening clear action. the north sasasat ll launch anan "icriminat " nuclr strike, sponding to at iconsids aggression on the part of its "enemies." media ininhe r rion q%otes a nanaonal defse spokokying tt the stri would show t count's m m
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rmererirst lady ycreagagagshe died ih%r r lifofoiaiaome erda at t e age ofofof mrs. reagan was knn for being hesbsbst p ptetete andost trususd advivir. pe to thehshse chchchchtatktkuthe fr firs lady after sunday y yyyicic. & e geiny noiditata of pe nd dane alwa eeted everyone with a smelas diderhusband.she will be buried alosideert husbd heonalreagan pridential library. noto theheatestson thehf0-- presidenenen campmign. democratic p psisisiial cacaidates a a prepang f f r r r d ofls. . . ahahd ofomorw's votingng. . . rnrn sananrsy clinton faced off in a debaten flint, c c c c cadadadseseththth's o ooingng wawacris. . t-iederspralditen nnlintn4 arere inininisised."."=bto==lly cl prishcda "-eoeoshld`d unblw erev(tt ads slkld t t e 09 : :lof aundustry..... h he de for
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esidential candida) "i voted to savehe autut indu, he voted agaga the monethp ving t autotr idaldi yore t tkingbout thell seeilout whsome economy" "you know"xcme'm tng nontonol mor adnte isdingn ig p p. thasotf brcos fans ing thisorning-- yton mngrering. lar thorni, wee ing toear mningt hide thol eteto talkt a nene conference at dove vallela th mng he ie onlyuartback subowls wi o ffens.we s tnsbout unun . leorrty 05:357 goi tbe edbut it'sl rvedi'glad he's going o othe bere gether seous s ry."." we will t thnews nferen, ana you will
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why s not mingk t l.s pect to art ththe oblecontues thisisor. r r dad a ple in colorado f this artyws haveed 74- hundred thes, according to r rtnet e e tt thatbo 550orthan ri thee memet ar. the ci say's becau the vent iteoring. onpoe neinfi o xin. gar tells ugoa flatirerover tht weend.she'e'a homeealtltcaurur d wastedor urs,tior a tru. ma gza220 "ive frusat i know g bsiificamountf moy.sehink illll needo belied a t sponmehe re will ve t rlace 's a "." nefrfr 2-cl to ng
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one of pluto's most recognizable be covern snow. sa n hors te sd these im of motains covered in frozen methane. exexination of images cacaed by 'new horizonsns historor flyby in july 20-15 sugges trit rial is moly me of methane ice. scientists say the meane may act like water does in earth'stmosphere, condensing as frosanan
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it hps us get going in the moing..... hooushoufor cereal! today is national cereal day. 49-pcent of americans start their y with a bowl --or two-- of cereal. that's a aording to national cerealay dot m. 2-t-7 billioboboboof re areoldvery ar th's enoto wararnd teart
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xi het guis d co! 's targest serf a po-based dish. over 200 chefs took part i ithth aratof more an -thoususd po the yucat tradational dish. the philipipnes was the prio holder of this record, having prepared more than eight
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fi danger isigh today, when will wsee some
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weweome back! monday wilbeparty oudy witghs in thth50s and s. winds will bebe eezyspiaily on the e plains where there ll higfire dan a r f warng iacom 11a 6pm for pueblo county anareas to the
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and areas west of i-25 will have thststncfofoli othower inheheftnoon, best chance for rain sta nf el paso co andndhe denver area uld see some t-storms. tuesdayay will ol andemseonab teerates with highs in th40and 50s. ies will be partly c cudy y d we wililtter chances for some ligposxer t
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and evening. wednesday will be similar to tuesday with owow chances and cooler temperes. huhuy, cdions ou lowi sunshine and
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end o& theork week. love hr haha him, but you'll have to admithatatonald trump is a controvsialaligure. whi behe questn:n:yoyoown a coo with the trp label, will that me harder toesell? ll, ney expepe stacy johnson d to find out.t. "they're bringg ugs, they'y' bringing e, treapisand soi memeare good pe..." vomelihe candidat trump p enen juscontversrsl: for trum t ty're expensive much as been s sd aboue dama he's done to his brd. t what a aut t thodsf le linmp& ilngs? is itur tirresale v anp this is s ump hollywood: one o& many luxuxu properties
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condos in this building cost over a million dollars. the name ud be go. buist apnamemeou'd want on y#yr uoe today? vo t tre have be prosts at various trumbuildings: t kind of thing thatatypically increases property vals or attracts buyers. vo the mayor o ovancouver had is tsay y out the arly cocoleted d ump vavcouver: "it belief, that tru name and b bnd have nore placen vancver's skine than his ignorant s ha in e modede world." a atent at uld seeminy apapalalo buyers. spandudubut you think prices on trum properties are plunging, t again. i talked to agents who have sold dozenenof condos in building and other r rs l)ket. aithe lealararjuste. vo as for thehtrumum ganization, here's a statement sent t tme for this storb) eric trump: "the trump brand istrongerand r prerticoinue trfincribib otin thehenistates d ab." ttbseems btray. but here's what t prominent real tate consultant i spoke to said: sot "we havevet seen any
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still eay. we do know w at his statements havev emotiollfected my intetenapotentl bububu."standup bottom line? so the' evidence at donald trump isutti his coo o r's moy whwhe s mouth as for t future? we'll have to waititnd see. and while wre waiting, wewein: would you buy house with donald d trump's name on it? cast your vote. go to and jusdo a ar fortrump"for mo tanei'm stacy so
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after a quick break. now to a deloping story -- abououchemicalun a lalaterply. fo utests on the w w showither r w, or nonodectable levevs s hahaful chemicalal we're lking about a chemical widely u ud in
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firefighting foam. /the chemicals wereound in two watet%wells fountain and widefieie/those wave e ut for wes now because they h unsafleve ofofhe compounds the state health deparent did follow up teteof pipelines and w-w-nks s s tstbu e water. they say ey either founnon-n-ctct ver levelswere bow the suggested li. haening tomorrow... . down. theye be popopng up around homess s elters and public placecein denver.thtyill begin revingps li rps and other propertr andndnd take the items to a storage facility. the e ty says the improvised cas pose aealth fe rissut grouvsor the homomess say y nypln'nt t stayayn s elters because they're concerned about sanitation and having theirreom restricted by h hseseules. one last look outside foree go for the morng. we're under that 11 breaking weather alert.
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in oday's show:
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greqt quesons,, and rysibl a eag ch is is "whohoants to be a millionaire." [c[cd d d ause] [dramatic music] hey,rybo. i'm chs is welcome to thehow. are yoyoguys readydyo pl "mai" [cs appl alright. ououxt ctestanis a sial dater r o'oking for ve, t today y s szy on the1 miion prize. from park ole, nework,please welcomeevininaclean. [cheererand apauau] hey, kevin hohos it gng, bud? >> gd.d.d. >> bng iin. w you doing? 4oikay. doing okay gonna go on thts journey together. need a little-- >> if we are gonna go ononhiss joury for the right reasons-- >>es. >> y areer fofothe righghreasononon >e `ohi so. causthiserssib d d theheost dramatic "mlionaire" everer >> oh, really? >> it cod be. nonoi'm just making g uff up. lcomomto t thow.w. [laughtetete ngng? yes, yes.


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