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tv   11 News at 530PM  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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with their family. how rescuers used d ueseonon social meded to trk em wn i'm dianne derby. don ward is on assignment. we are startininwith an breaking weather alert because ofigh fire danger.r. we wan g to f reca wcheif f meteorologist brian bledsoe. we a a under an 11 breing
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danger across souwhern coloriro. theris s red flag warning in plple ththugh m. wis are gusty along highway 50 into thehehe. humidity values are loon t se plains and in e dit traryry aroler thananante. .hne plains are seeing some shers. pueb man is under re right now accused of abusing two year old twins. both children have serious injuries. they had to be flown denver chdrdr's hospi police say 21-year-old jacob sandoval i ia frfrnd othe e e
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two brothers lost inhe mountains for two nights are now safely back with their family. ly y1 news was there for r e emotiwnal reunion. 11 n ns reporter dustin cuzick s there whenhe boys were reunited with ththr mom. d dtin, pow werecuers able to find themem dididi, it a a ae partof lotf pele one key part of finding the boysys was findineiababdoneded&d'jeee. this is s ll phone video of that jeep. volunteers used soci dididi narroe e e ch area. they fou aicreatt thth oldedeototr r d sted to snapchat, and one of the volunteers with stand tall coloradodoy-4 4 recognized a gn in the picture and found the j%e%. . the brotrs, , -year-d mama r d 10-yold d guirgot eieieiep sckh turday afternoon on a fhing trip in the motains. the twtwstayed t f first nig in a aabin that they fnd, but they didn't have cell service, so they kept hiking east through knee-high
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eventually this mornrng theyeyotc7llllvivi and c cled 9-1- p amy lelemother: "i had a teteive e thend h% t a text yiyi t tt t ere was s 91 ll, it might b bthe boys and th confirmedit a a matat immediaialyly edn n d i h!h! u everirodododd lk to matthew and everybody was crcrcr tt t "it s the bestohohanan'm s s s you guyarar . the brototos dididt have anyserious injujues, but theyere2e2etty sap up.he oldedebrother matt w w wctlly wearg shhe i ithe e wsroom, duduin cuzick kktv 11 newew anks dustit- comimg up tonight at 10,0,e'@l ar frothe volulueersho heed brirg bthers me.f
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last night. a man found a smalaltorpedo. it happenearou 8:3:3:3stst nighon n nraoldscanonocity. masayse fod the rpedo inherkansas r ft ofer. th wn heututt t his truck and took it me. didn't [ police ununl ter nig. . . police decid to evacuate some u and the dedede was n fodetonationon t'w't a lililits in a a papaage e a aox. n#n#n#n# meone sea box dodo and we e e e e ininwhat thnten is. immmmiately ipspt ofheevice defenitely gives us the appearance of something that would cause us concern. coming up on 11 news at n we will hear from that man who unu&the to weweust arned a man was s leased from th fterere wawasasad. ititapapned eaeaea morninion couch ccle e e he securury widefield area. depues were responding to a call about a possible robbery. whenenhey got ththe th's when ey fou the v vti ththren got away in a
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thererern'much oa suspspt deseription of@ them. righghnow deputies a a atilllltrfigugu outhahaled up t. lice a invtigating a stabbi. one person is in the hospital, and another is in custody. the victim w found at a a r wash near jet wiwi and tain nn the springs. police say it was some sort of domestic vionccase that led up to thehetabbing. apman n now in cocoact with poce afaer he was found at a local school carrying a weapon. it happened this aernoon@nt explorer elementnty ininintric 20 hool let oututut0 nutes late becausesef the lockdown police tell thman wparererehkecame upset over parking situatiti. afte18 years in the nfl... pepeon manngngs callinit a a careerer. officially annoucning his retirement this morning in a prs c@nferenenn d%nver... 11 sports director sam farnoror wawaththth m... it was a pretty emotional day. yeye... ( on's voice was
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om theheirst wordse spoke and for much ohis speech totoy. ununrstaly so... otball is all l 's'knono since heas yououhildld. omoming hiy dad play as a pro. t tmultipleleuperowowow tities o ohis own....( s sd thured his souin t game e e of reverence for the me. and he said he couldn't ha ne i iwiwiououe support of his family... inclcling,ghis young twin.. a week befororthe e per bowl o daughter my ked d d addd, this the lala gama-' mosle it's the e st game of f e e ason "'i sure want y to w n n btrophy. i dod/to my.y.nd t tt's what we're going to try to do.' hen she e e d, 'd!y, is this the last game ever?' and that't' just when iho my head i i amazement because i was s thng, , ort t d heheer had gototottoy 5-af-olo daughter totoultivava a a source.' one his greatest trts du his sareer w`s s sense ofumoror. using`a oft
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football repor... we'll hehehmore om m m m m6potional s s erence a bit later in sports. roro colorado people are celebrating mannning's career. ininuding d-i- eythis pisture t t their fabeok page. theyeyay " sururis a ad nununu. we'll he gatatr \our nt adadnturur" & a fami of f prison inmate who killll hasas beenenrd money afthey say heheasnst t properly cared for what they claim the prison did that lededhehe ill mself insi sermax. but first. authorities are e yiyi to track the owner of thesgs after th were eounnding d onon unthey now leet over r jamesroro for a k ateving mmutut
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fontarslowing that area. crashes s pueblabriendo ave. atatvend st.n n e wpings academy jet wingr. and nb nevadaveve e eleleococococ303&3&minunus s rough town. . rere an hour to denver. 42 minutes to pueblo. for livetraffic conditions 2 2 hurs a day, , to traffiwawah on ourebhannel at t tv.c. i'm james brbrn 11 newewewaffic c watata yoyoyo watkktv 11 news with d dnne derby, d w wd, chf meteorologogt ian ede, sam farnsnsrtth spor a aamem brororoh trafc. thiis kktv 11 ns
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p law foemis trying to trtrdown the o oer of two gpeat das o were fouou emiated a d waerininalon ou b ba er citize westeblo cococo. the gs were brought toto a shelter after the person said they were running loose for abououa ek. . the dogsgsach nene to gainbo 40 poundbefore theyeyret a healthy y ig agai anyone who hahaany y y infoion about these gs is s ked to call l e e mber on ysc. thderal govornme hagrerey 175 oularso mily an inmate who arguedhat the prison system failed to treat his mental illnessssefororhe killed himself. it hapapned at theheuperax prison i i i13. relativeof robebe kttay the prisoso didn givivhim oper tatmeme forscscphrenia and her probobob.
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knknt was servinina life ntence for a kidanpping spree. corado sgs has received other prestitiououawar downtown wasd numberine ten dowowns of 161616as publheheby livabilildot t t it was based oa varietof ththgsncludidi vacancy ras, n n housing and t relate bunesses. just last week, , a s sarate report, colodo sgs was named the fih best place to live ithe u- wyeal peopleake rrowas.theyse the ingreditsy want i like t freough.h. what's bhanngoitthe one ththdon't t heonyms. wh are fille? yoguysysust mama your pizzaathe way i make my pizza. hey! no ingredients that you can't onounce and artificial flavors.
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will the fe e nger end with the incong moturerei'll have detaininh the e ll forec after this w, frothe 11 baking
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bledsoe. monday wl be party cloudy wi hihis in 50s0and 60s. windsdsdsl be breezy esescially on the plainin where thererwill be high fire danger. a red flag wawaing is in n ace from 11am - 6pm for pueblo county and eas s& tohe s snd se.eller county and eas s p
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be chance foforain stays n of elasasco and theenveea uld see some trms. tuesday will jring seasonably cool temperatates with highs in the and d s.ies e partrtrtloudand we seeetter chances for some li spotty showers in the afafrnoon and d ening. wednesday will be simimir to tuesday with shower chances andnoler temperarares.b by thursday, ctions dry out lowiwi sunshine and ld
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so eppreable msture, each day thwindy willllllllhigh fire danr pay attentn totohe forecect anando nononornnything theindyr even breezy y itit an emotioday peytononanning ann hisis retirement fm football thi g enver. afafr 18 years in the nfnf.. the is no o ubt that he has left a lasng impression on sosoany in the game. and d 's all a rult ofll the workrke t inin his what that worormeant t hiominin up... plusuvvon miller cancelled somemelala and took l lt minutelight to be in denver foror today's prescoerence. he whahe says about nnininnextn spts.. here's rustpsomething about 18
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day i retiri f fm m o football." ananitas been a very memorablele 18 yrs... memomoesest t llt a lifetime with football alalacrohe cntry. although he wafillel with many otions w wn mamang h remarks... peytyn mamaincalled it a joyoys day... walklkg away from the only thing has known s hihieaeaierst m mories.. e f ba. alalheheoudown.. alcordrd.. l of theins... the per r wl titles... complishnts at w wl a ys accompany`hihihhh legacy... but y... he sa it wathe ttle thingat he e ll remembebest... fr post t me dinnene... cappg s each we with h s dad... a tking his little brotr i by phone after each h me while they'ron
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those are juststome of the things he lied offnfnf anone ing is undebatable... peyton m mng lovov this game at hlllllllllleeee.. "w"wn sosoonthoulyexhaus aexpeencehey y cacat help but revere ititi rerere footbtbl. i love the ga. so you`uon't't have to wonder if i'll miss it. abababtele. abablutely wl. cause every mont, every drop of sweat, ery earyyed d night o& prereration, every n iptook and every f fme ofilm i watched was about one thg, reverence for thth game. when i look back o omymymy carr, i'll knowow withoht a doubt that i gav evevhing hado help te away wi a w. thererwere her players whwhwerereore taleed, but there was no onene could out-prepare me and becauau o that havno regrets." maing is not onlnlleleing g g behind a aot o ogrgbt memories...
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game with him..... teammates from botthe broncos and colts were at manning's press conferencf...... anthey say his influeuee is felt by my.y.y. he typyp influence that he's had not just on e denver oncos colts, but on the whwhe e ort of football.`.h.hay he rerelutuoniz how you p py the posotionf have been so my greats that have come beforereim but h totay changed t e quarterback positi. yocan't say quarrback without ing, it ju goegethth." "work etc wise h would you define him? i sasa's the guyuy thattruly leads example. that gets overused but whater he askud you to do,o,o,was doing that and then memeand ththe's a earespect for r that.". bo m mning and head coach gaga kubiak said todadathththhis past seasowas tough.h. nning's foot injnjy at kepep him sidelined@for nearly two months... mamamag 't initially want to siout.t. kubiak shared a story today about that expiencncand the e gnhat manning ga him to let him know w was s ady.y.
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at ten... 6:30. w rmatioinur newsroom about a plpl crash thth happenenelalaeek. atatatjuju l lrnedut the two peop who weren bobod. and reme kkt11 news is your breaking news leader.
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wheeee.... of... rtune! ladi andenenemem, here are ththstars of our show w pat sajak and vannwhit wdy! thank you, jim. thank you, all. preciaia that. have a wonderfululrip totohe puzzle e ardr mouths word ]t hi! all rit, e e ebobyby gererey. they'r'rready. our first "t'ts up" -- 's a p pase. it's worth $1,000. vanna's in place, and here we go. [ [fllllhimes ] ic. a little downtime. atat i [ ause ] that's a a ack 1,000 bucks, huh? ah, can't beat tha for eric renner from hawley,y,innesota a pastsr bactherereruh? yeah, epherdf ththpraie moraraan churcr in, uh, fargo,o,orth dadota. all right. m mried man? yes, m mlovely w we e of 8 1/2 yeyrs.
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ananpretty much anything outdooror all right. sounds like it's a aoooopart of the couryryor that. thananyou. thank you. nini to have you hererererer good luck to you. , c rla. h!h!hat. carlfurlis from rivivcalifornia. an office managerr out that wayayand ied? i , totoaming husband, bill.we have fourrown children betwus in our spare time, we enjoy gogog motorcycle ridingg thughout southern caliia. are you takingrag racing lessons? is thisisise? we are taking dragagacing lessons. i can hardly w wt. 550-horsepower rig thehe. oh, , , t. w wl, i'm sure e neighbors wilippreciate that. i'm sure thewill. [ lahter ] ophavavyououe. thanyo llo, pat. todo goldberg g ew york, whh isn new york. uh, you're married? it's ithe heart of n york. yes.s. laughs ] married to m mlovely wife,e, sha, abo a yno uh-h-h. d what do you do r a living initdvtising s ses heesmedidimp theheorld there you go gives ise. [ la ] ]pi "r"quare. is -- that's eheheh ofof circle,e,ight?


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