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tv   11 News at 10PM  CBS  March 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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to bflto a spit.11 neas hisrres papers. what they revealbobohe injuries those children have. and we told you ababt a massive e majuana bubu a local home. firefighters tell us s lili thihione cabe so dadaers.hy it puts now, fm yoreaking news leader, this is kktv 11 newswst 10. . hello. im d d de derby. don vava is on assignment. new tonight. a local fire m mshall tells 11 news that large marijuana grows like this not t ly put the owers in danger, but also fire fighters if there was an emergency. only 11 newswwhere d ding the bu 11 news reporter danielle kreueuer joins live in a neighborhood in east colororo spspngs s ere that marijuana bust happened last wee what is the fire marshal so concerned? diannenene cololado spspngs fire
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and agenciescross the state have been responding to fires s s ed by legal and illegal grow operations that are going on inside of homes. he says as growers make adjumes to hse, they are also creang hazds that put yr neighborhoododt risk. st last we invesesgators pullededozens of marijuaua planut of f colorad springs home. came around theorner and i was like 'huh, guys in hmat sust that can't be good' fire marshall brett lacey is part of e city's marijuana task force to create rules on growing pot homes and he says operations like these belongngn a grn housnot a rental e. he's seen it across t t t city52:400 brett we've found holes cut in flos to allow t plplts to ow up through the basent, , we've found heavily overloaded electrical sysms t t tare way above thnormal capaca`y for a hothgr light o monthshsgo tts home in larkspur caught fire while i i
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bonnie herbet, lives next door to pot grow they were actually growingarijna in anan enclosed room that they reconfigured in the basent of the hohohoththe grow operations make a hard job even more dangerous for fireigigigs. 53:54:00 not only is it dangerous because of the smokey conditions and low visability but then when we have various grow lights an veion system, t to mention the plants andndoleses potentially t whe we would assume the would be a floo normally. lice aren't t leasing any details about that big bust in the springs. right now the task force is consnsering a plan that would createte 1 1 1ant limi per household. they'll eventually take their final suesti to city council. live in colorara springs, danielle eutter, kktv 11 news. new at ten we have the arrest papererfor a man suspececd ofofbusing twin tolersrse wawabasittg. the two-year-olds hahato be flown
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children'sospital this wewewed. 2year oldljacob r)ro sandovalals charged with ild abuse. / / rdininto t arrest papers, the andmother of the children broughone of the children to the e-r in pueblo west because she thght the child was sick. doctors und mulitple biseses a broken leg, a bleeding on the kidney and brain. / when officererwentnto investigatatatat he they found the other toddler,r, twin, with bruises. that child had a aruisisung and bleeding on the brain. /# sandavol is a ao accused of apsualting the mother of those children last september. asn't arrested for t tt crime until this weekend. tonight we are talking t tthisan who found a small torpedo in the arkansariver. he founun it yesterday in canon city. he tells us she s fishing when he came across it. "iicked up and t it o shorthoughghwow w n
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that's when he says he put it in trk d took it . he called police later that night. that'whenhey decided to evacuate me homes on north raynolds and tk th device for detonation. in an 11 call for action investigation, we're asaing morquestions anan getting ry few answers tonight about the sudden retirement of the colorado springs fire chief. chris riley announced his retirementntasweek with just four days' nice. and the city agreed to pay him 80-thousand dollarinever money. today thtpcity of cora springs prprided us wi thi his itiacontract and the separation agreeeent they made with chief chris riley. in his contract it says he can get s severance pay`if the city fires him, but it not bddress a severance if h retires. /in the separation agreement, the city and the chief rehe cannot scscse the circumstances suouing his departurfrom ]hey. /the agreentnalso states chf riy cannot make any negative commentsboututhe cy or qnyone e o wowos for it. /#if ieley zteakskshe r res, he
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t t ty hasrt a tion-wsearchor chief riley's reacement. we'll keou p pted.neatin we are hearing from the volunteers who helped brirg two strothhomen thththererlrst i ithe m ununins s r two daysus outidehef land parheje g g stuy rere out this weekend. thth sved one night by zreaking into bin.he second night thty slept outswhile volunteers searched and finally found the boys jeep th morning g hours but it was w wl rth it becau in the end you know it tprprd out positive and no matter how many hours we had to p5t in it was s rth it."butt to "i paced the floor all night t since 9 o'clock last night, , or 9 o'clock in the rning and cried. i cried a paced the floor and ths ititbesesee bruisethe two brothers are okay. we he e update totgn breaeang news s ert. policeceave wrpepe the
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pongry parwawawaenenth a weapon at a school. it happened at explorer elementara id- in lorado s sings. the parereas upsps over a papag space. they thought he had a gun himlut irns out it s just an empty holster. he was not tharged haeat t ayers and coaches and couldnt of de i without omaha broncos arterback peyt nning gave his lasthahaoday thth39 9ear old isisisng o o o top, after leadi the oncos to a super bowl amamonship l lt month anan holding s venfnfrecords.s. "when i lookokokk on m mnfnf c!reeri'l' +now w)w)out a a a dodot that i gave evythingad to help my teams wa away with a win. ererwrrerere other ayays at were more tatanted butre was no onon whwhcould outmprepare . and caof thatve no o grgrs." the five-time nfl mvp is also the only quauaerba to win the super bowl with t amam net $& a mamama i iililitere
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it hpenininiaiaiae cation abijo asasemy y tin poli say w w wfighti and th's one when took out a box tterernd t t e other man inthe face. the sheriff's offices trying to oiece together at led up to an asuland d robbery. it happened early this morningh couch ccle the cuririididield a aa. the viviim was taken to the hospspal but s been released thrhe men n t ay in a stolen 2020 silver hyununi sonata. . . it has colorado license plate q-o-j-0606new tonight we now knothe nananaf the mamama rest for stabbi a aoman h h hneneth afton aa wash%nr r jejewing andain n spsps. pole e y the woman was stabbeseveral times and ken to theospital. police say it stemmed fr meststiolencmoinleleke stodididididididd atatmptetetereer. update about a deaelylylarash. it hapapned st win@nmememe
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from longmont and 60 year old jeff caplitztzm fafatte were killed when their 1928-8[a plane nt down.((( t lketo a witness theheay ofhe crashho wasasrettttnoal untmt we`e` noticed something wasn't normal." the sb not yet relsed tpe e ofof c. the sear i own of these twos. mane society in eblo by someone whsa ty had been running e fofoa week. the twtwgreat t nes ar extrerely emaciated and need to gain between 20 to 40 dsdso appr r eawe thantkdto find the owner t tgso find oow t ty end d upupn thisituauaon. . 11inutes of non stop news coinues with this. a resosotion to oppose t t
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cololodo springs has gotten a lot of push back from o%o community and some city cococil mbers. city councember andy pico wre the resolution but now says the plan habeen minderood. he says was never his intention to refuse fugegeand that theheity council w uldn't en n ve the powero do that. h plan is to have ci councilile fied y y refugees comininto the cici. "well the e fugue's s e coming ve n ninifnsioioio sth i wanto o o sshabubui' kini o o oke to know aboututt."""" council l mber pico says hll re-write the resolotion. right t w w a prpaand a siceeaa principal`ar paid d ave. shelelelelinininie rkrkrkrkrkgh oln greele the two were escorted out of scscol t js mornrng.g. administrato are l/okingnto irregulaes in the admdntratatn n parenenenen surveys.inn n n n ctctht s setof ftudedes.
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awarded 55 millili dollars in her lawsuit over a secretly filmed nudvideo. her stfifieier nakededed hehenashville hol om thr &&a te andndndd d video online. n emotional testimonynyast t weekdrewewew d thththmiat 20202020ididt cacaed h h. . the woe is when girls high school, college, they tweet me 000 and say y want tbebebebe andrewewexheheararott alth a a control thathas evevev da. her stalkewas unced d two& anana a lf ars s prison. another top award for colorado ring dodototo wasasaskenumbmb n ne in the t t t best201616 was published livabily dot com. it wasased on a variety of things includingew housing and art rereted ne. stt ek, in aar
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place e live in the u-s. . the red flag warng expired at 6pbubuthe se plains sndwy 50 willtill be bree u uil late tonight. st othe e tuas to the nthf
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wi kththchance for a spotty shohor this eveving. t tsday wl l in asonably tratureth highs ths and 50 skiki will b% partltlcloudy and d will see er chances for some ligh
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showin the aernoon and evedsday ll be simir tuesday w wh showereresnd coerratures. b thursday, condititns dry ouallong sshe and d atr r rurn fofo
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e ty in lodo ima thme reme thnt fromheew. comi u where tt's happening and how soon the have to pack up ananmove o o but rs a aeml l amith urull sosoal securititnumber on it. lol man contnttehen it shed up in
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in a11l for aconon. did you get an eil that looked
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spconds. a new email scam is making the roundsthis one uses e name of the federal trade commission and even k kws your entire social security number. a colorado springs man was woied about identy
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notices. betty sexton shows you what to look for in tonight's 11call for action alert. the notices showededp in his inbox, with an official-l- looking seal, lame emblem, glarininmipellin and bibirre p.s. flow fenner was told h h sial curi number uld be put o o hold and he'd be arrrrted withinhohos for owing mo than $8,200. flow"i'mngry, i'm frustrated, i'i'upupt because it cocod have taken me and my kid out of evething at whave, you know our savings, the kids' college tuitions." i toldldlow the emails were scare tactics by thths to get him to fork ove money he didn't owe. what was alarming and different about this se is that thehieve actually knew h h entir social suritnumber beevhat's becaks ok o ohis bankccount tee weage isill haeeeererelvlv. "right n it's s x me a you'veveotros s n the e e oooo trying g g g peoe for evevything thahathey've got." o thenen tught wait a
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alys h eryons baed flocoact e of the cred reportg agagcieswhich alerted hers nosoci secy mb fed andoncauprein ne wiout aporit bey" rem n't ksre y y wh r phy emailsdom one calls. all coact with a aeralal cy typicly through t u. maey will nethaten odendt pat. y y willlws beiven pof reond. sexto11 f actn. r renforonthes of gornntosr s,s,ckut ak on tts story kktv.m.m.enrr, le cps havtogo, ofdown sidelkin dr. tys waing e pe, handinoufpye. th enforcrng t public's
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12:4 i could d neneivlike thth for reref my lanbe y, i mea every yiean ery da wake up th nothi in ckndt en theay 'vgosomethg tohow r the citves the s, e its wie ia storcicity. y reanill laid toto ret her huser psideond an th friday. americans are mourning the ssing of theormer firsrs la shdi ongveeart failile aterifni erat o. wi be ri herat t naldeaga pr lra. ies omose melissa arestimed ausand opil he e th ceremothwhe are or. wl be td -ine. the furais closesehed bl, bulle levi sups onun sayeyanto bleg pets iho cd cars. ose rect wld h h
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pace co u wre is haenind what elstyea tsasao.burs gascear. by m 'll exain ght e brea -did you fd everytngrightoday? -i didthank you. when y get the nrewardssrd fku& go,, u'lliscover host e rewas s up
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fe fomo ksksd fl diount
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and start rewardininyoyoself th more today. kugohereeanse. rdf thhighway ston shutown because there was a cras.. and bececse of woman dancing on topf a seui woman was nonowewe othes, which sledown traffic as drivers watc atathis ti, it's unknownwnhy she did it. 0 puties took heheinto c ctody. . gagaprices are up. ha youoticed i i the pump? tionaldl, the a`ere hahagoneneup by y arly seven@n ceces in the past t o weekek /4/ that pups the e tional average at about 1-8per gallon.
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th's still 6 6cents less expensive tn one e@arar ago. coradadrings, a gn ofof will cost y less thathe average, at 1- /# in eblo, so eect to p p ababt 1-757uerallon.n. doctors haveerformed the first oftssplan n . lindsesewabornhout a uterus. the e ound-b-baking nine hour surgery was perfoededast month at the cleveland clinic. it invols rereving h hlthy erroa donowhinurstisecsed d woofcte.he ututus is s en kooood,spd d implant in t rie liy lle toye beforereing t# get pregnanthrough in vitrtr fertili\ation.n. tomorrow, boulder county officials wi decide if they want to prohibit smoking, incling marijuana at all eotytyanaged parks and openenpapas. visito c cldn't consume majuanan foods dies. weleyokn how they vote
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manninannounced his rememe
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we jservanfishsandwich at cu's.s. serve wild-ca, nticod. cod gws iwater atcococlead istine full of avavful nutries, anthomes through theisis ithe wep p t yourests. it not-b-bed notnl wthth ghest quity but stiti hanit theashionay at's remarkablbl we think we get the bebe fishilil sandwiause oth. isthndwi meri.
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kk1 spts wsa fa "wl, i fgha good figig. . fininied my foototll race and after 18 arar its time. god bless a a ofofou and god`dless football." plse and with that... peyton manning announced his retirement from m the e tional football league aftefour bririiant seasons with theroncos... you could hear the emotion in his voice... see it in
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connecting with a wideececve in d dble coverage for a 50 yard touchdown is easy mpared to what manning had t todayay. announcing retirement was difficult... be he dederibed it as a joyful day and said he llev put a helmet on again... he said thattsittle ingsgshahe wilmi themo. pga cononrsatns h family. locroom latishs.. . en hiretion with thfans... "and this is imptant, football fa erywhere nene t tknow h h much they have mnt to me over the e ars. fans, you aret the core of what mas this game remarkable. i've receid more letters om you than can. fan leers ave uched , , m tpinin laugand d memeo o he't'tgee fans. anwu wl ways remember him..i'm sharing with youonht my top teg meri since joining the br.. a numberen is exacy that.. day he signed wi t oncos fo years ago... tang or fom tebod sayi i i is prprs conferenhat he wilildo eryt he can to win super bowl in deer.
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lnan w wng his fth v-p inin re in ngle sean rd touchdnsndassiar r to o sur wlppnce...mb eig. e er r..g bretete for st career touchdowns in aame against e 49ers... sesting the career recfor yayas... a 200 career wins... nunuerereven... how great was thseason opener in 201against the rans?!? theyadost tobaltimororinhe pyoffs the year before... and mamaing comes back witita reco tng s sen tes i e me tsthihip campaign... number six on my lt... hifit season in nver... ththbroncos comemeck against the chargers on the ad... down 24 at t t half... mning threw for 309 yards, thrhr scoreso come back for 35-24 win... manning nev lostst divisisn n me on n e ad with bos numberive...eatiom brady. ice...afchamonship mes... st reneny...ith h o
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passes tenanls tearntr to supel ... nunu f f f.. e e heheost raplays ju ti the b... of nning's rere career... the naked boototg td run again who??? demarcus ware and the dallas cowboys... down to the final thre.. it's wk 17 of this past ason ainst the chgers... manning returns from his foot injury in the third quarter and leads broncos to the win... and the mber o seed in t playoffs... numb twowo. liing lombdi in n frsco. winning super bowl 50... mpleting the goal he set out to accomplish when he signedith nvour yes ago th month... and numbmr onen my lisis..toda.. pe manng..ri o to thet... inokhiue in denverererwe as his career... nene stoto.. ring of fame an ll of fa. e s hostg arona yotes toninit... === it up and get back
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