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tv   11 News at 5 AM  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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will vote on whetetr ban recrereioiol pot clubs. how y c cein n&theicionater tayw mng -- mo ta zen peop are hufter a tinerails. at investigators tnk csed ththtrn to come off the track. a sneak peek of your morning weather. nonofr your eang newleiss kk1 ne is morng. o.ththksorning us th morning. i'm sarah schwabe. and i'm david nancarrot's s now a lolo at t day's focast. we a a staing g g inhe0sto0303h h s ong i-25. winds are tweeee 5-50 f f most wiwiwi f f breeze ots. t%t%tay will bring asonabcoco tturerewiighs in
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anweweill see better chaes for some lighgh spotty owers in theheftononnd evening.neay will be similatoueue`yh m me limited d shower chances and temps just iglyly wawawa. by thuhudadadidionon dry ouo%lowingng ne a m m m mathe for t t tndndndnde wo week. mimi temith h h s in e e s and.70s continue through the weekend. no other meangful moiururchances une next 7 7 lolo,at thdashshman.n. fic is movalalg smooly
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eay y y y mo commuto g g fm uth adadadtoth academi, it will take youbout 12 minutes thisorning...for live traffic conditns 24 urs a a y, go traic w wch onon web channel at nexe8traffic datetes p in0 nunus.s. inghday. loaders will tup issusuof rrerel maririana clubs in colorado spspngs. 11 news rtererini i posito l le at citi haha in lolo ngngin whacan u teda, , h, c cy@y@unl wiwite o owhether r mariria cly. laststal cncne membere v to p p an tempory n onnynewlwls, b nowll cbs
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re sofssues councilmembebe r don nnightees. h5's'soncerned f f)fies re not gin notice that t ubasgoininin b bmoved d d t tir neighbhbhood. . he also worrieoutpthe e e acaivity t tt't'going onnsns clclcuststers e sictly brg n thebsbut at h s cri now,he sell of recreatnal pot isllal in the city. igigigays s s s to lu areli d g owng f the erel don , ciciouncilil "s"sththth now growntnrorororo strtrtrt liceceg the e e s in wzones we he but ! so adddddddd the potential of banning clubs." wili b v v maclubtoda the biggesvovos outhe e n. isbl mee i&)peoplelet ce weigh-in. live in coloprings, , m
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grs ke t ts t onlyut t t grers in@nanger, but also o rere fighrs if there e s anan emergency. e codo spr fire mahalls asrowers auststhhoho thth a2a2a2ao crti hazarar tttput y/ igigororododt r)sksk t0isisisdeo frome e o p mom] a in larkspsp. memeorteteteheowoperio pside. thfireshalal l lge e ows in a housenot a rep use. :41:wee found holes culos t to allow thehelantn totow ththsememe, ' ' ' fofofohey y y lolo thay ababa thep3city a aou fororortgrowhthte fofod`anan nunuf emicright nojoint mamaanatask rc w tfine rules for growing uosidef a mi coloradringththng st q4 geret afr@a ai deed is hpelastight i lilirnia. i vestigators s a
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tracks caused the front two cars of tra to de. on tll io a how numr car atatas on itctsisi, d wewewe wereble to open up the door. there were about 20 peop inside. imagine ththchrs oits side, ,t was meant for p `e to traverse that wa mo thatwo huhurerepassengers were on board at the time. 're told at let four people ve serusbut t life-threanjuries. ght now- ts rter erin andrews could get 55- - llion-dollars in damages. a arewsed for 75- million-ars in hoauiagaiait a nvted ald o coanieov sectly reede vivi anews suededicha bartt the hotels afteteterrett spied on andrews iner hoteloooorouga epholend ptethe vivio online : "we e disappointed with the outcome." : "this s d never happened before and hadv't happened since. there are all kinds of measures that were undertaken n aftetethis was
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lawyers for the hotel manament csmpany sathey are considering fililin isning- brre wang uininheir ownbeds. we a heariri frothe vonteers who lped bring them home. they were lost t the mntains for twdaysust outside of woodland park. their jeep got stu whilehey were there ov the weekend. ey survivid e night by breaking into a cabin. the second night they slept outside. volunteers we out arch d finally found the ' je yesayototvery waseeis ine e ght, you kw ey thoug is noio aood outce whwas good ouom w fst i mn people were crying, was just, erybodwas very joyl." aside from some bruises, the brothers are okay. it is something about 18 yrs, 18 is a good number d toy i re om pool." butt: so omaha
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nninga hist oma a o intthns th39 year d igng o op, after leading the brcos to a super bl chpionsh last monnd setting several n-f-l records. "i'lmiss recaping the me wiy dad.chki totot e if giants and tag with eli buttete i i ms pling in fy eat ns th amen ad d l ms thfans i fooro becuase theyeyure did gea lot of wins f ofofe the l is qerba toinhe s bwi ams. ppeninnow-- facebook says it's in the x to live-strean-f-l games later this year. thcial media giant is &repotey biddg plivem rsy nifollcots
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ers are alsoaid toinrest ithe packagt.t. p's n clear how mucucit will cost t/ ve sea football wames. the thurur t-v package is worth 450 million dollars a local city leader says he needs to clear up a mis-understanding g a sentive topic: coming up on 11 news -- what a city councilman is saying now about refugees who could settle in colorado springs. bufirst... we areooking into the deal with the former fire chief of colorado springs. in an 11 call for action investigatn: how that deal spells out why we'rt ttinvery many clear ansrs about his regnatio emily is back after the break with what you caexpect from your tuesdays you're gettiti ready for your day. jordan has aupdate on your
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flonase chans everything. a s s sing o%t t the 2 2 3 s sith clouds alg i-25. winds are between 5-10 for most with a breezy spotot tue wbrbrg seasabab coco tres s th hig s s theh4040an ses w pary ill see
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spsptytyhoworsrsn n e afternooand d in wedededay willllllsisir t tsdsdith h h h h more mited d erhancesnd tem just t slightly ererer t t tdada cofoftion dry t allowiwi nshine matturn f r the endndf th work week. mild temps wiwi highshe 6 6 a a 70s&& ntue t tgh t weeeend. no other r r r meaningful moisture chances unththnextxt-
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a ok at yourorning cmute with jordan erman. traffic is moving along smoothly this morning, no major slow downs on youmajoro early on your monday cmute. to get fm south academy to north academy, it will take you abt 12 minutes this mning.f live traffic conditions 24 houra day, go to traffic watch on our web channel at r next traffic update is coming up in 10 minutes. in an 11 call for action investigation, we're asking me questions and getting very few answers about the sudden retirement of the colorado
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retirement last week, with just four days' notice. and the city agreed to pay him 80-thousand dolls in severance money. the city of colorado springs provided us with thi his initial contract and thseparation agreement they made with chief chris riley. in his contract it says he can get his verance pay if the city fires him, but it does not address a severance if he retires. /in e separation agreement, the city and the chief agree he cannotisclose the circumsdances surrounding his departurfrom the city. /the agreement also stat chief riley cannot make any negative comments about the city or anyone who works for it. /#if chief riley brks the rules, he would owe the city 3grd. the city has started a nation-wide sech for chief riley's replacement. we'll keep you posted. two young children are recovering from some very serious injurietoday coming up on 11 news this morning-- the man accused of abung them is now facing charges: what his arrest paperseveal abouthdiscovery
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but first-- we're taking a look what a city councilman is saying now about refuge who could settle in coloro spring why thaty leader says eds clear up a
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lemet acpk 2 ere'a t new de on mcdos mc 2enu!
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now ck any two of yourfavoritelassics for just 5 bucks. mix n mch. share n savo 2 for $5. name your flavor choose any 2 iconic tastes, big mac deith 100% beef, a flaky fit-o-fi, seared qrt pou wiheese orrisp-p chicken mcetr st $bucks.hurr forn amaz2 $5deal oth dona tastes you ad bba welcome back to 11 news this morng. here's a live look at...pueblo. 's d . i'm ?? " right now -- a city council member says he is re-wring a resolution that got some push back from the community. the resolution opposes the relocation of refugees to colorado springs.
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wrote it but now says the plan has been misunderstood. he says it was never his inteion to refuse refugees, and that t city council would nohave the power to do that. "that's what people are reacting too that we are trying to ban refugee's t that was never the intent." pi says his plan is to have city council be notified when refugees are cing into the city. let's send things back over to meteorologist emily roehler. we are starting out in the 20s to 30s with clouds along i-25. winds are between 5-10 for mt wi a few brey spots. tuesday will bring seasonably cool tperatures@with highs in e 40s and 50s. skies will be
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better chaes for some light spotty showers in the afternoonnd evening. wednesday will be similar to tuesday with evev more limited shower chances andemps just slightly warmer. by thursday, conditiojs dry out lowing sunshine andild weather to return for the end of the work week. mild temps tdhs in the0s0snd 70sp inuehr theeeke. otr meaningfsterchans un ththxtxtxtxtdaysys a okt yourorning c with jordan sherma affic is moving alg sm isornini, no mor slow downs on your majors early on your monday commute. get trom uth academem to north#ademy, it wil u ouou mines this
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condmtions 24 4 hou u day, gto tffic w on our web channelt kktv.comou r nd8traffic update i i coming uin@>0>5jnutes. a man accusuof c ild abusepi hernolorado is nofang chahges sil ahead on/1nes momog- whwh his arrt pe revl about the discovy of an alarmi crime against two young d2d2.
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welcome back to 11 news th mornin herers a a ve look .... it's and d . i'm ?? " happening now --a man is ececd ofofbung twin le he was bysitting. the two-ye-olds were flolo t denvhin's ho this weekekd.d.d.year-oldacob ro sandoval is facinghild abuse charges. / accordintotoherrest papers, the another of thehildok one of the children to o o e-r in pueblo ecausesehe thoughththe chchd was sick. doctors found mulitple bruises, a broken leg, and bleeding on the kidndn and brara. / whwh officers went to investigate at a home they found the other toddler, a twin, with bruises. . that child had a bruised lun and bleeding on the brain.n.# ndavol is s so accused of asalting the mother of those children last september. he wasn't
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lookininahahd-- former first lady, nancy reagan, willllie in reposet the ronaldld agan presidential library in californianesday and thursday. she will be laid t rest friday afrnn xtxto her husband on t library grounds. the white house says first lady mielle obama will be attending the l. across the tion, flags are flying at halflfff in honor of the former r rslady. right now -- thesororges had d lot of peopleleeeeeg red on socl media. so much... its prompted whole foods to a. this picture, firsposted on twitter, went viral. ithows packages of pre-peeled ororges sitting inlaic ctains the sto. afr sasas of rweets d rants,hole foods tweeted it was a mistake and pulled them from the shelveses in the tweet, whole e ods also promised to o ave the oranges "in eir natural packaging." a police department wants to deter peop from drinking and posting this picture.
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loed in its front grill. police in linois pulled over the driver who was also on t wrong side of the road - back in nuary. the driver was arrested and chged with d-u-i. police later put the pictures up their faceok- some qutied t tthencity so police edash-cam video with the message: don't drink and drive. right now -- a new report ys colorado springs is pretty good place toive. downtown colorado springranked number nine in the top t best downtowns of 2016. that's according to a report by livability d com. it was based on a variety of things including new housg and art relad busies. ju lasweekin a separare report, colorado sprgs was named t fifth best place to live in the u-s. today a vote cld cnge the re of pot clubs inonononuthern colorado city. coming u 1newss rnin why some councilmembe rsrsant to ban e marijuana clubs. live loooutside. emily is tracking your tuesday
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jordan sherman is staying on
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rnind2ive.e. welcome ck to 11 ns this momoin a look ayour mng commute
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this mnr, nomajosl d dur`rajajajaj y your r r r cmute. . gegefr soucamy to n ntncademy, it w wl take u ouoy1212minunus s isoror liv trhourday, go o raraicatch oururur c cnn at kv.u u u xtxtraffifif update is mip in 10 minus. haeninifif.. thfufpfpcreational marijuanclubs is on the table for city leade in colorado spriris.11 newewrerter g ga a positois live at`tity haha thi mornrng. na, what are some concns counlibe rhahave, h, c c cmbr r knknhtht'sriedbout two g things. one... families that w we t t ven no t ta a ubgoing to b b b&b&binto thehe
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.. the aivy ytyn insi the clubs thartwtwtwawwhy fall, combmbs s te anempory b oany w clubs. they wanted totoo sose rearch. right now,wtheheell ofl@recrtitiots s s l l e city buwhat tfouns th..erar lyri t t p p pthclubun b t tt hahasie chd.d. re selling and growow potor t tir customers. knig says theitdecided b natat toululall gegedon knighth c c cilil "i"iwe plan totban t t clubswh happens to t e exextiti s? what in the didince thahaexistinglulu will haha losefter 5 5ears." 'll talk me t at happifcici decicicito br keepephe cbs o( up i i iththnext hal os isisngng
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gina esposito, kktv,`,1 newsws&&&weweave an 1 1 1affialertbto ll y y about this ing.n70 in enenod/owiwie re day rews cakroad repapain t t area youoll lecall, a a a ckosed a a0 mile s s sofofhehentst r@about week.` e osurbe anines rninand es untilil fofo in e afternoon.1-1-1-ill b% closesebetween glenwood sprgs and dotsero. . totoy,ouououananan fact ij)meime for ternates. havan updat odeadly plane e asas we now kthe s he viims. ihappened last weekmemela. -y-y daniel m mrafrfr longmont and year ololjeff c clitz froro lafayette re kleleleen ttt 1928-8-a a a plpnpnpnnt d d d palald d aitne the d he w saw the plane down. 1s:00:04 fit thoughweul get helpecauseeoe we oeruttete 1:1:"i'll l f fou i k kw stste e e e o o seamilil meers. ththn-t-t-b has not yet releed the use ofhehe
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happening today-- i imimiigigmississisind i have prieie auses today. delatesup forrabs.p dold tmp is epinted crinisssirs.whe cruz clalas he's thenlnl ndidate who cabeat the billionair sot: donald trump p r- ididtial candidate) lyin' ted crcrcrwho reallylys a liar, is really liar! a vote for j jn sisi, a vote fofomarco rubio o o ectivily a a vote r dona t. hthtemocsi, hiary cln s@s@s@bernie s byore than 600 dedegates. e e oner i c cld becece your nominee, t more i could begin to turn our attention to the rupublicans. mianill igze fofobo sidid th u u& republican deles up p p 0 0 moat delegegre on the li. happening now-- chael blmberg is not nning for president
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willotapblerg id quo cleato m mthi i tered d the race, i could not win." he went on to say he doesn't eve he can get t 270 elelele e tes requed topresident. today- it h h b bn two years sinc laysn ailit 37 disaeared ou tre. ightht hd to being from k kla lumpur. the searchontinues for the wreckage, but t farar only o confiediecef thplans be covered. two otpossssle pieces were fofod in t pasweek and a underg tting. 239 peop wererenboard the missing flighgh take a lats do u regne e gs? e is on to tirowow therbrbrght intohe humane society in pueblo by someone who said ty y had been running loose for a week. the two great danes are extremely emaciated and need t/ gain betweweto 4 4poun to
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the e ner heogs totoint hoth@e@eedp in situatthis morning-- starbucks is recalling one of itite-ckededefst ndwiches because o )lieria fears. we're talking aboututhe sisi ounce packagegesausaged egg and cheddar chse on enish h muffin. ththsandwiches wererso at arbuckstores in arns texas s d oklahoma thd-sa onle oresthole ndch are affefeed by the reca. no one has rerertedly gten sick, but arbus is pulling it off f s shshves. t no- lk hogan's00li-nllar trial againsnsthe news websi "g"w"wr" is now dedeay in012.....awker" published rtioof sapwh seeviex with a fens wife a athe time. gan is suing iasn ac gagkerimthat -- hogan is a public figure -- the sex tape is newsworthy. juryelectest week will decide. wel let you know what
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mi s failed a arug test at e ststlipe the 28- o ys has lally taken dr known as r the 10 years. but meldonium was banned starting at the begining othis yeae. she says she received a list of nnedstanceom world- dopinggency.y.utletotoook at it. isuenng i doenenititthe hlete cacaeaeale drug tes new thisorning-- chilen whoho motrs didn't get enough vitamin d during p p pancy may be agreate sk for multisclesis.. that's accding to researchs h theyeyoundhe risk of dedelopipk ms was 90 higher iildren whoho wereamin- deficient ri t first trimesesr. looking ahd-- t-isarniasnger xpt loer lis at artthey pre for millio of ring break travelers. the number of passengersrss up more thaneven percencompared tis time
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to get he apo reeepi youto onhems circung southern coloro. coming up wntvtvnews this morning in an n c cl for action alart some vieweelelus scammers have tir social security number totoakehth rip-p-f se bebeable. o w tct w yix x but first. we kw th i i ie urce a aeighbooo evacti thi w we are heangm person who found it d why he took it home. ve lootse. emily has look at ur fost is trac yroad d cbshis momoinin tmp joins us from florida. plus - asonauscott kelly shares how recovering from his year r ace. and - charlie shows us
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thmorning. seeyou u sev. a look at yourorni commute with jordan erman. with d dlo. the news iba in n
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look at t ur morng comte& th jordan sherman. traffic is moving g onsmoothly thning, maslowyour majoror early onour mondayomte. to get fro soututademy
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ysu about 12 minuteisornini...foriv trc condndio 24 urs a day, go to truffic watch on our web cnnnn at r next traffic update is coming up in n0 minutes. mor are talking fo thth man who found what looksksike e old millthe arkansas r. he f fnd it overerhe weekeke in canon city. he tellslus was fishininwhen he came across "i didn't even know what it was i tripped over it t d said oh wow w at's co, , ve nevern anhihi rivike that bor that's whehe says he put it i@ his uck and took it home. he cald police later that nigh eyidedo acte some homes on north raynol and tk the vice for detonation. pslice are telling us a heated argument is s w the part of an asasulvestigatiot comingp 11 news this
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daers in the parking lol/of a lal busins. but tjrst.t. 11 call for action alert: some viewers tell us scammmms have their s sial seritytyumber toake e riof belbl what t twawar t in your in-box if youeereakinnews call our newsom
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weweome e to 11 news th moing. re's a llo kt.t.can ty. it's and . . i'm ? " a new eml scams s kinghe rods. + cim tbe from the federal tradcommission and even know your entire social security number. e coradoprings man tells hhahay ceived twowofaoticic this is part of an 11 for acacon alertrt the notitishowed up ininis inbo fw feerol soalit mberould bpu hd heldlde arrested within two days for owing more ght ousand dollars. flow"i'm ary, i'm frustrated, i'm upset becausit could ha take anmyids t t evethinthat w, yo
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mind... fedel agen@w@wl typicacay ma y aplett if they nee get in n n toucthouou d t^ill r threaten you, or dend that yopay upfront. for more infmation on these types overnmene imposter scacheck out a lion o channel k-k-t-vot com. righnow-- a prinpal and assistance principal are on paid leave. shelli robinand d hn d dbold work at a highhoolgry. tho w%teteout scscol yesterday morng. adadnistrators are looking into irirgularititi in t t administration of pent rvs. iestititi doe not impact t safety of studen. ening todaa-- boulder county officls will decide if th want to prohibit smomong, includinmarijua all cocoty medarndn spes. vioun't um majuana foods orbles. we'll let you know how they vote later today. new this morng-- e legearroan- says its frontma brian johnson is at risk of going deaf. the ac-dc website says that doctors told him to
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may lelyly loeari.f thsays it pe me oit coming u-s tour tes. ac-dc is known f its high- ergyk-n-rollt` pushes the volume as high as i ) can go. happening toy-- if you flip-p-t for flapjacks... you ve aso e, becau day y iona pance day! and that m... a freal at ho inteional use of pancakes reaurantn arvi pcas om 7 7o 7p-m today. you mu din to o t the deal. in return n r the free pancakes, guests are asked to csider leaving a nanaon to ildren's mirle nrk spypals. i-hogan nationalancake day in 2006. sie th, he ra almillion llars for charities. poceceell a heated argunt now theheart of an assault stion.n. stilahead 11 ws this
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at we know today a a daerous brawl in t t paininlolo local busineseseses live look tse thth tuesday morning.emili,has a ok at t hsaping up. jordan keeping an eye your
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wetee back. i'i'dave n ncacaca. ani'm sarah schwabe. we arertouin t0s to 30s with clouou alon25nde e tween 10 mt a@w brey ots. tuesday will brbrg seasonably cool temperaturewithighs in
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50s. s will be ptl and we will see betterhances f some lit spotty showows in the afternoon and evene$ay wille similar to tuesday with ene ernces andempst slhtly warmer. bur, coioryut allowing nend mheto return f f the e oe work w wk. mild mpwith highs in t`e 60s a 70s ntinininhrgh t tke. . other meaningful moisture chances s theheext 7-dada
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wiwi jdan shn. trfioving seoothly this mornino majoj slo downs your majors early o o your monday coemute. to t from south acadady to noror ademy, it w wtake y abo 12 minutethis morng.f.five traffic conditionc 24 hours a dada go to traffic wch oour wewechnel at r next tff updatatisoming up in 10 nunu ght -- nnow the namef e man rested f@ stsbbing a woman. it happened d sterday afternoon at car wash near jet wing d i ithe riri licece tan was sel and takeketo t t hostal. police say it stemmed from mestiolence. roy biingsy keinto custody for attempted murder. this morning-- ma fg ouchchges r he attackesomeone in a memeotarkiitit enededasnie store located bijnd ademin the sgs. poce caywo me fighting d d 's when tk out a box cutter a cuthe other man in the face. new this uorning-- usmit bes sa as thehethink. aording to o
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software callele"ransomware" has eslyargeted ape couterfoe rst time. raraomware iftwarereha jacks a comper... and cks out t s user unt a rananis paid. the raomware inftiti comes aim when the tech compy is engageded in a major andoff with the e s. government over the seritytyf its iphonene right w- apple has to pay 450 m m mon dollars to settle a case over e-bk ice fing. mof mowill go back to c cmers.p apwas und d ilty of conspiring with five major publishers to inflate e-boborices. and yesterday thsueme cot t deined t tar a'sppeal.l. a major fi dger...ot just t for homes... but fireighters too. coming up p 11 1 wswshimo wharning all has
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itg`up ox clock yo tuesd. 'sha'r workinon this moroing. "happening tay... one sohern colorado city is voting on the future of marijuana clubs. what happens the clubs are baed." plus... righghnow... presidential c cdidadas arar preping for wh's'seing caed "petuesdarotwtw"
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the stlolon tonight's caucus polls. now from your breang new leader, thiskktv 1 isisni llo.... thanks for joining us this morning. i'i'dadada nancarrow. ani'm sarah schwabe... is let's s to meteteologist ily for a lo at what's haening rit w w uthern colorado weather. were startrng out inin to0s with ouds along i-25. . nds are between@ 5-10 for most witha zy spots. eswi bping g g onabab cool temperatures with highs in the 40s and 50s. s sesill beartltlclou d we wl chances somlight spot showers in the afternoon and wi bmitosday even more limited shower chanc and temps just slightly rmby trsday,s drdrout lowing


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