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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  December 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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((dave courvoisier)) a north las vegas man accused of keeping a teenager as a sex slave. what we're learning about the online accounts he may have used to contact kids... and the fbi's involvement tonight./// ((patrick walker)) and i'm patrick walker... the republican presidential hopefuls face off in las vegas... we're live from the venetian with the night's most memorable moments and reaction./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 11" > ((dave courvoisier)) > freezing temperatures could be in store for las vegas. thanks for joining us, i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez in for paula... it just keeps getting colder... tedd florendo joins us live with details on a freeze warning tonight./// ((tedd florendo)) < dave and denise, like i mentioned in earlier newscasts, if we had some precip in the overnight hours, we certainly could see snowflakes around the region. but that's not the case as we continue to stay dry. behind me is the backdrop of the las vegas strip and they're bracing themselves for the
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............................... ............................... ...... right now our sunset skycam showing a beatiful but cold night. not quite tranquil because we are reporting a little bit of a north breeze at this hour and that's making our feels like temperature already in the 30's. ............................... ............................... .......... take a look at your current weather alerts which are in effect as we speak. hard freeze warnings are colored in purple and what that means are those areas could reach all the way down from 20 to 25 degrees by early morning. areas like pahrump, primm, amargosa valley and kingman to name a few. coming up we'll get more specific on how cold it's going to get coming up in your full forecast just a couple of minutes away. > music ((jeb bush: "if you think this is tough, you're not being treated fairly..." donald trump: "this isn't tough, i wish it was always as easy as you jeb..." jeb bush: "we're dealing with the islamic terrorism that exists, this is a tough
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know you're a tough guy jeb..." (laughs))) ((denise valdez)) > plenty of fireworks on stage at the venetian tonight... as the republican presidential candidates hit the stage for the fifth time this year. ((dave courvoisier)) our "politics now" crew is at the debate tonight. steve sebelius will give us his reaction in a few moments. but we begin with patrick walker live inside the spin room. patrick? ((patrick walker)) donald trump once again was center stage in this debate. but several others made their voices heard... as the focus was on foreign affairs and terrorism... topics that sparked a lot of heated discussion. ((wolf blitzer/debate moderator: "ladies and gentlemen, the republican candidates for president of the united states.")) ((patrick walker)) as the candidates took the stage tuesday night. a new face stood next to front runner donald trump. ted cruz. surging in the polls as of late. earned a center-stage spot. ((marco rubio: "does ted cruz
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that are in this country illegally now?" dana bash: "senator cruz?" ted cruz: "i have never supported it, legalization..." marco rubio: "do you rule it out?" ted cruz: "i have never supported legalization, and i do not intend to support legalization.")) ((patrick walker)) former florida governor jeb bush also was forceful when talking about immigration reform. ((jeb bush/(r) presidential candidate: "we have to secure the border, it is a serious undertaking, and yep, we do need more fencing, and we do need to se ore fencing, and we do need more border control.")) ((patrick walker)) the candidates squared off on national security and isis early on. chris christie on dealing with russia in syria: ((gov. chris christie/(r) presidential candidate: "yes, we would shoot down the planes of russian pilots, if in fact they were stupid enough to think that this president was the same feckless weakling that the president we have in the oval office is right now." (cheers))) ((patrick walker)) on isis... former tech executive carly fiorina said silicon valley would get involved... if asked. ((carly fiorina: "they have not been asked, that's why it cost billions of dollars to build an obama website that failed, because the private sector wasn't asked.")) ((patrick walker)) candidates sitting at the bottom of the polls tried to make their voices heard. for
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it was by taking on donald trump. ((jeb bush: "you're never going to be president of the united states..." donald trump: "you're a real tough guy..." jeb bush: " insulting your way to the presidency." donald trump: "well let's see, i'm at 42%, and you're at 3%, so, so far i'm doing better." jeb bush: "doesn't matter, doesn't matter.")) ((patrick walker)) the war of words on stage... as the republican candidates hit the home stretch before the first contests in iowa... new hampshire... south carolina and nevada. ((patrick walker)) the candidates will get one final chance to debate before primary season kicks off in earnest. the next debate is january 14th. /// ((patrick walker)) now let's bring in review journal columnist and my politics now cohost steve sebelius... steve... who do you think won tonight? ((steve sebelius))
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democrats kept a close eye on the debate tonight at a watch party at the martin luther king junior senior center. the prospective voters told us it's important to stay engaged and informed of what the presidential candidates are saying. the big issue in the news of late is national security... which took center stage in tonight's debate. we wanted to know how democrats feel about their candidates on this issue: (( roberta lange / chair, nevada democratic party: "i think the candidates have already been talking about national security issues. they've been talking about it for a long time. i would caution people against soundbites and look at what we've done and what we're going to continue to do -- and that's protect the american people." )) ((denise valdez)) the democrats are focusing on rallying support for their candidates. nevada democrats caucus on saturday, february 20-th./// ((denise valdez)) > and coming
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the meetings between las vegas casino owners and presidential hopefuls that could mean a big swing in campaign dollars. don't forget, 8 news now is your neighborhood election headquarters. you can follow all the developments.. on air.. and online. and don't forget to watch our show... politics now sundays at 5-30 pm./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a clark county school district janitor accused of sex acts in a classroom is behind bars tonight. ((denise valdez)) the disturbing acts had been going on for months...accord ing to a police report. 8 news now's mauricio marin joins us with what first got police to investigate. mauricio? ((mauricio marin)) a teacher at dondero elementary school alerted school police about a mysterious substance around her desk... she believed was bodily fluid. that's when police set up a surveillance camera and saw a janitor doing something disturbing and sexual in nature. 8 news now has obtained a copy of a letter going out to parents tomorrow about the incident... but parents we spoke to said they should have found out sooner. ((mauricio marin)) police say this man...michael skelton...a night time janitor at dondero
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bodily fluid on a teacher's desk after police set up a hidden camera. parents just learning about it say they're shocked. ((rodolfo garcia/parent: "yes of course it makes me nervous because i have two kids at the school. two little girls so it makes me really nervous about that." )) ((mauricio marin)) authorities first started investigating at the school when a teacher reported finding traces of fluid substance around her desk and even on her jacket. c-c-s-d officials say skelton started his shift after students went home for the day so they don't believe kids were involved. but staff tell us it's still disturbing. ((annette green/teacher: it's just sad that something like this can happen in a school but i do believe we do our best to keep our kids safe with any situation." )) ((mauricio marin)) when confronted by police...skelton reportedly admitted to performing the sex act about 36 times since the start of the school year. skelton told police he found the teacher attractive. as the news sinks in for some parents---they wonder how else the district can work to protect students from potential threats. ((rodolfo garcia/parent: "i
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attention when they hire new people for the school that's what i think. they need to check the backgrounds for all the people." )) ((mauricio marin)) but at least one teachers tells us this isn't representative of the rest of the hard working staff at dondero elementary school. ((annette green/teacher: "it doesn't reflect our school our teachers our kids and how we take pride in taking care of our kids." )) ((mauricio marin)) c-c-s-d school officials also sent out the information about the incident through parent link this evening. that's their automated calling system. as far as the suspect---skelto n is facing numerous charges including open and gross lewdness. skelton remains jailed in the detention center tonight. back to you./// ((denise valdez)) mauricio... we've learned skelton was a floating full- time janitor. have we heard if this could have happened in any other schools? ((mauricio marin)) denise, we have not heard anything to that effect at this point. we could learn more as the investigation continues. ((dave courvoisier)) and mauricio, do we know how long skelton has been with the school district? ((mauricio marin)) dave, we've learned skelton has
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the school district tells us all staff go through extensive background checks and fingerprinting. back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) > this is just the latest incident in a troubling trend for the school district and their employees who have been arrested on sex charges. ((dave courvoisier)) > last week we learned a local high school teacher, 38 year-old kristy yegge, was charged with having sex acts with a student. yegge taught at veterans tribute career and technical academy... and has been with ccsd since 2003. yegge is on paid leave during the investigation. ((dave courvoisier)) and late last month, 52 year- old ramiro garcia... a bus driver was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 10 year-old autistic girl on her ride home from school. metro police believe there could be more victims in that case. garcia's lawyer believes the alleged victim's accusations may have been coerced with the promise of a trip to disneyland. in a previous statement, ccsd told us they cannot foresee something that is not in
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((denise valdez)) > brand new tonight... the nye county sheriff's office is warning that a dangerous man is on the loose. they say 46 year-old jeffrey stevens ambushed a deputy and tried to get the deputy's gun. stevens reportedly fled on foot in the area of simkins and state road 160. the deputy was injured and is receiving medical attention. stevens is 6- foot-one, has blonde hair and blue eyes... and no facial hair at this time. if you see him or know where he is... call 9-1- 1./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the nevada legislature has been called into a special session by governor sandoval... beginning tomorrow. sandoval issued the proclamation this evening. the legislature is being asked to consider business tax incentives -- including the faraday future deal... and infrastructure expansion necessary for the apex business site, among other issues./// ((denise valdez)) > the fbi asking for your help tonight... in the case against a north in the case against a north las vegas man accused of kidnapping a teenager. where they say he's traveled... and his online accounts they want you to know about. chris? ///
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chris maathuis... baseball's all- time hits leader responds major league baseball's latest rejection of his lifeftime ban. plus... las vegan and m-v-p bryce harper is almost the best at something else. i'll share that coming up./// < news music voice over: "you're
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celebration on the steps outside the mob museum today. the one millionth guest was greeted with a surprise reception... from vegas showgirls and former mayor oscar goodman. the man was showered with confetti, given a lifetime membership and a key to the museum. he said he always wanted to see the museum... and what a day to choose to visit./// music ((dave courvoisier)) > ahead of tonight's debate, some of las vegas' most influential people
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republicans who want to be president. billionaire casino owner steve wynn reportedly met with texas senator ted cruz... and sheldon adelson was planning to meet with donald trump for the first time since trump announced he's running for president. both wynn and adelson have the cash to make massive contributions to a super pac... set up to boost the candidate of their choice. so far, no announcements of any commitments or contributions./// ((dave courvoisier)) > senator dean heller stopped by the 8 news now studio today. i had the opportunity to ask him about several issues he's working on that affect nevadans, including one you may not have heard of: the so-called cadillac tax. (( senator dean heller/(r) nv: "it's going to affect 130 million americans. and probably half the nevadans fear that have private plans and are simply saying that we're going to put a 40% excise tax on any program any good health care program. here's the bottom line is this is what i truly believe, the purpose of the cadillac tax is to reduce benefits in healthcare, raise premiums so that every nevadans and every american has the same bad healthcare." ))
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says 90 of 100 senators support the repeal of this portion of the affordable care act. the senator says he's also managed to get authorization to extend i-11 all the way from phoenix to reno: (( sen. heller: "well it's in there, that's the key... we got it in there... keep in mind one thing a statistic is that i have been working on this for years and it is my priority, number one priority for the economic health of this county and to go all the way up to reno, you can imagine the impact it's going to have." )) ((dave courvoisier)) heller says the next fight is to find funding for that stretch between las vegas and reno./// ((denise valdez)) > the trump international hotel here in las vegas has filed objections to a vote held by their employees... after a majority voted to be represented by the culinary union. the trump hotel is required by federal law to bargain with the union -- even though they've filed objections -- and the culinary union is calling on the company to negotiate a contract immediately.
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will help them get better wages and job security. donald trump said months ago on the campaign trail that his workers love him and didn't want to unionize./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a major snow storm continues to pound northern utah... and it's causing big problems for snow plow operators. crews in salt lake county have been working around the clock to clear the roads, but one major obstacle aside from the snowfall... is that residents didn't clear their cars parked curbside before the storm... and now they're snowed in and blocking the plows from doing their job. the problem is so big, the county is threatening to fine repeat offenders... and they're asking people not to park on the street./// ((denise valdez))
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and breezy outside right now with temps in the 40's and feels now. winds are still blowing a little from the north and cold air coming in from the north still. ............................... ..................... current temps outside already in the high 40's and cold through the valley right now with colder temps up in kyle canyon. southeast sections of the valley. colder over to the foothills and the west part of town. ............................... .................... regional temps also cold at this hour from mesquite all the way down to laughlin with coldest temps up in the central part of the state from tonopah all teh way to pioche. ............................... ...................... big dip in the jetstream from boise all the way to new mexico. coldest sector within that dip in the jetstream keeping things cold from here to the upper midwest while the deep south stays mild in those 60's. ............................... ........................ so we have hard freeze warnings in these areas in the purple. again these areas could see temp dipping down to 20 to 25 by early morning.
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..................... clearer weather outside but still seeing some of those north breezes sticking around. clouds clearing even more overnight and that could actually make it feel colder with clearer skies. we're tracking that low and it is now in the plains states and spinning snow in the nebraska and over to south dakota and even denver. ............................... ..................... tonight expect a low of 31 degrees and cold. north breezes around will make our feels like temps in the morning feel more like 26 degrees. tomorrow expect a high of 48 and staying chilly. less wind tomorrow and we'll be nearly 10 degrees below average. ............................... .................... now here are your forecast lows overnight. 30's to 20's everywhere with the coldest temps in the edges of the valley and more away from the center. aliante and summerlin along with mountains edge and anthem definitely below freezing. ............................... .................... colder outside of town in pahrump where we have that freeze warning and cold from laughlin all the way to mesquite. ............................... ..................... extended forecast shows we finally warm up to near average by friday. warmer weekend with breezes and next chances for showers could be by monday evening and tuesday
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is now involved in the sexual abuse of a minor investigation centered around a north las vegas man. jimmy carter kim faces multiple felony charges... he's accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a minor younger than 16... and lewdness with a minor younger than 14. kim has lived in north las vegas since 1993 and is known to have traveled to arizona on several occasions. the fbi believes kim could have additional victims. they say he operated multiple social media accounts under the name "yimmy sin" and other
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anyone with information is asked to contact the fbi or call crime stoppers./// ((dave courvoisier)) > baseball did not lift its lifetime ban on pete rose... and he's responding tonight. ((denise valdez)) also.. conor mcgregor is coming off a record breaking fight... so what's next for him, chris? ((chris maathuis)) you knew it was only a matter of time... lights, camera, action. can mcgregor score on the silver screen? i'll tell you about his movie debut... can this guy act? plus... have you heard of box jumping? las vegan bryce harper is one of the best at it. show ya next here on 8 news now./// "from 8 news now, this is sports
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league baseball upheld it's lifetime ban on pete rose for betting on baseball. his exile from the game has reached over a quarter of a century and it will continue. the all time hits leader addressed baseball's ruling... the 74 year old says he's disappointed... but still bets on sports... even today. (( )) rose hopes that someday he'll be
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fame. but who knows, it may be after he's gone. the ceo of the ufc says irish fighter conor mcgregor could be the first fighter to reach 100 million in earnings. for his last fight, which lasted 13 seconds, mcgregor earned 500 thousand to fight jose aldo. he'll also earn a percentage of the pay per view. and now he's got his first movie deal... he's going to be in the latest vin diesel "triple x" movie. after all isn't he the new pound for pound king? conor mcgregor/pound for pound: "i believe there are many great fighters, many who do great things, but when you combine it all together, combine the package the whole animal, that is the fight game, i don't think there is nobody that does it better then me.. i think i'm the pound for pound number one." ((chris maathuis)) the runnin' rebels are back home... they've got a date tomorrow night with arizona state. if there's something we've learned about this team and
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grabbing the 'boards' offensive rebounding has been awful and they know it. (( )) following unlv's home game with arizona state tomorrow, they travel to tucson to meet the wildcats on saturday. here's something you'll want to check out on thursday. at six pm on the 3rd street stage, the mayor is going to present las vegans bryce harper and kris bryant keys to the city. harper was the n-l most valuable player and bryant was the n-l rookie of the year. doesn't get much bigger than that. speaking of harper, did you see what he posted on social media... this box jumping is becoming a big deal. check out this jump... try this at the gym.. 55 inches... that's pretty impressive. but he's not the mvp of boxing jumping ... that honor goes to brett lawrie of the chicago white sox.. jumped 66 inches... 5 1/2 feet.
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over 800 table tennis players from all over the country in las vegas this week for the 2015 national championship. there are former olympians and future hopefuls... but the sport needs help. the junior program is solid... but when the best u.s. players graduate high school, that's when ya lose em. jimmy butler/table tennis: " we have amazing juniors here but once they graduate from high school you make a decision should i play table tennis or should i become a doctor or engineer, that's what's happening. my story is i went to europe and hung with the champions in sweden. you have to leave to play with the big boys."
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right after this.///unlv graduates who walked the stage at the thomas and mack today. it was winter commencement day for all those hard- working students who put in years of studies to earn those degrees and move on into their next walk of life: ((kiran mathew / biological sciences major: "i always knew that i wanted to be a doctor and we have such a great program here at unlv for pre- professional majors and biology is the foundation of medicine, so you really need to be an expert in that going into
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((denise valdez)) kiran told us she's lived in las vegas since she was 11 -- and realizes the need for medical professionals in the area, so she's definitely considering sticking around once she has her doctorate./// ((dave courvoisier)) > children of all ages are invited to go ice skating with police officers with the metro police department tomorrow evening. the event is from 6 to 9 at the downtown summerlin ice skating rink. the hope is that kids will participate in the fun setting, so they know that they can engage with an officer at any time -- and not just in an emergency scenario./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us live at eleven. ((denise valdez)) the late show with stephen colbert is next with quentin tarantino. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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