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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  December 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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up higher." the deadly situation mother nature is doling out for much of the country... and how that's affecting flights here in las vegas. ((paula francis)) the flu season is underway... and two locals have already died. what you need to ask for.. if you're planning on getting a flu shot... to help keep you in top form over the next few months. ((dave courvoisier)) clothes made out of copper... it sounds like something from the future. it's the real deal though... but what's the point? 8 on your side digs into the legal trouble one clothing maker is in... after making some bold promises./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > businesses... homes... and roadways... submerged in floodwaters as a brutal winter storm barrels down on the eastern united states. ((paula francis)) the massive storm system has already claimed dozens of lives... dropping plenty of rain in some areas... while others are getting pummeled by snow and ice.
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i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier. there is some good news tonight... that huge storm system is almost finished... and soon the clean- up will be underway. ((paula francis)) mother nature is causing plenty of delays and cancellations at airports across the country though. ((paula francis)) today more than 7-thousand flights have been delayed, and more than 13-hundred have been canceled. ((dave courvoisier)) paul joncich joins us in studio with a look at the problem areas... and the anticipated post new years crunch at mccarran. ((paul joncich)) this is the misery map. showing the airports that have the most delays and cancellations. today, chicago's o'hare has the most delays. due in part to severe weather in missouri and indiana. yesterday, dallas was impacted by all those tornadoes. the good news is today, mccarran isn't even on the misery map.... because there have only been a handful of cancelations and delays at mccarran. the folks at our airport are hoping....and in fact they expect that good luck will continue through new years. but, the airport is on a collision course....for its busiest couple of days in years.
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think of it. hundreds of thousands leaving town after the holiday. and at the same time, tens of thousands arriving for the consumer electronics show. at one point they'll all be converging on mccarran. ((christine crews/mccarran airport: "so we expect this week and the days leading up to new years eve to see about 260- thousand people arriving here at mccarran." "at the same time we'll see alot of people coming into town for the consumer electronics show which is also a peak time of year for with people arriving sunday monday and people departing it's going to be very very busy here at mccarran.")) ((paul joncich)) it's nothing the airport can't handle, it's just going to extremely be busy. in fact, they expect to break their all time record of cab loading. one day last year during c- e-s, the airport loaded almost 19-thousand departing cabs...theyexpect to surpass that this year. ((paul joncich)) now, let's see how the misery map has changed in the last 60 seconds. total delays nationwide today....
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to check the misery map go to flight- aware-dot-com. back to you. ((paula francis)) > tedd is here... we can feel very fortunate with our normal winter temperatures... < tedd florendo ((>new years eve expected to be a chilly one. this time we have wind this new years with breezy winds expected. ............................... ............. probably starting midday and continuing through the evening. temp by 7pm already down to the low 40's, 10 pm by the time we start our new years eve broadcast we're looking near 40. then chilly by midnight with breezes around and 37 for the midnight temp. feels like temp with wind could be near freezing by midnight. ............................... ................ it's going to a cold rest of the week for daytime highs and overnight lows especially. freezing by morning again and it's going to remain that way.
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could return as early at monday. we'll hmore on your forecast coming up dave? there are two days left in 2015... and we want to make sure you ring in the new year with a bang. this thursday night we'll start our new year's eve coverage at 10- pm. and during that broadcast... we teamed up with gavish real estate to take care of one lucky person's mortgage payments for a year. go to our 8 news now facebook page for a full list of rules and details on how to enter./// ((paula francis)) > a clothing line... that claims to come with some serious health benefits. but is it too good to be true? 8 on your side looks into the case against copper- lined clothing... and the trouble the clothing maker is getting into for making those claims. > and a body found inside a car... parked in front of a popular gym. the evidence police have to go on... in hopes of finding a killer.///
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debeing shot in his car outside a 24 hour fitness center. police believe at least two people were involved... but they don't have much more to go by as they try to solve the valley's latest murder. patrick walker reports from rainbow and alta. < ((patrick walker/reporting: "police say there were no witnesses outside this 24 hour fitness when the shooting happened. tonight... investigators are hoping grainy surveillance footage from cameras on the front of the building can give them some answers.")) ((patrick walker)) an early morning murder... with the victim sitting inside his car. police are trying to answer two big questions: who did it... and why. ((lt. dan mcgrath/metro homicide division: "it looks like there's, something occurs in the parking lot between the two people, we're not sure what." )) ((patrick walker)) it happened shortly after one this morning. police say surveillance cameras show a two door compact car with at least two people inside... driving up near the victim's
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that's when employees reported hearing a gunshot... and when they went outside to investigate... found a man dead inside his car. ((carlotta winn/lives nearby: "a little sad, because this is a pretty good area, not good to know." )) ((brandi giles/works out at gym: "we grew up here, we've lived in vegas forever, and i've never heard of anything like that happening." )) ((patrick walker)) while most people we spoke with said they were surprised something like this could happen here... one man told me it's a cautionary tale that violent crime happens in all parts of the valley. ((tony jurado/lives nearby: "it really doesn't matter what the neighborhood is anymore, it can happen anywhere, it's happening everywhere." )) ((patrick walker)) this is the 133rd homicide investigation for metro in 2015... five more than last year. longtime valley resident tony jurado says... enough is enough. ((tony jurado/lives nearby: "i really don't know what to say anymore, it's just too much, too much." )) ((patrick walker: "we're told detectives have also tried to get surveillance video from other nearby businesses... but we don't know if they captured any other angles of the shooting. patrick walker... 8 news now.")) > ((paula francis)) police say they need the public's help. if you have any information... call metro police or crime stoppers to remain anonymous. /// ((dave courvoisier)) > getting
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dollar settlement. michelle mortensen joins us with the wrong, two major cell phone carriers are trying to right... and how that could mean money in your pocket.///
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little something different. our consumer advocate michelle mortensen usually tries out products before you buy them. she does it to save you money. ((paula francis)) but have you ever wondered what happens to the companies that sell things that don't work as advertised. in some cases .. the goverment steps in and puts a stop to it. and michelle's here to tell us how. ((michelle mortensen)) sometimes the f-t-c ... which is short for the federal trade commission ... will investigate the advertisements of products. recently..
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products. they're all the rage and claim to cure pain and all that ailes you. the tommie copper brand of products actually made some pretty specific claims to sell their copper infused compression garments. their ads specificially said the products could relieve severe pain and inflammation. they also said the product could help folks with chronic joint pain...multiple sclerosis... arthritis, and fibromyalgia and that wearing the garmets would work as well as .. if not better than drugs or surgery. problem is ... there is no scientific proof to back that up. so ... the f-t-c fined the company 1.35 million bucks... and told them in order to sell their stuff they have to back up all claims with scientific research. ((michelle mortensen)) this is exactly why we do segments like try it befor you buy it. only the government can enforce regulations like this with companies ... but with our segment ..
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your hard earned cash on things that just don't work. and next week ... we'll actually be trying out some weight loss products just in time for your new year's resolution.... so you won't want to miss that. ((dave courvoisier)) you do a great job of saving us money ... and getting us refunds. and before you go ... you have some big news about a pretty big refund quite a few people can take advanatage of tonight. ((michelle mortensen)) absolutely. if you use sprint or verizon ... you can claim your share of 158 million dollars in refunds. but time is runni out to get your money. here's the back story. both companies allegedly charged customers millions of dollars for premium third- party text message services, years ago. the f-c-c came after them for it .. and they agreed to a settlement deal. that's why you're elligible for the refund. but to get it ... you have to file a claim by december 31st. that thursday. i have a link for you to do that on our website, right now. just go to las vegas now dot com
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section to sign up. and i know there's been a lot of scams on facebook lately promising you money for nothing. this is nothing like that. it's 100% legit. you just have to sign up. ((paula francis)) and if you have any questions for michelle... call the 8 on your side hotline at 702- 650- 1907./// ((paula francis)) > the southern nevada health district wants to make sure everyone stays as healthy as possible... especially after two people have already died this flu season. both of those deaths were men over 60. that age group is most susceptible to serious complications of the flu. health officials say if you fall into that category... you should definitely get a flu shot... and try to get a high dose if it's available. you should also practice good health habits like covering coughs with the inside of your elbow... not your hand... and wash your hands often. also... seek medical advice as soon as
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because catching it early is key to getting through the flu./// ((weather toss)) < tedd florendo (((>this time the clear skies held through most of the day and remaining that way. earlier breezes were around from the north , but winds have calmed down considerably and will remain that way through the night and overnight. ............................... ............ currently outside we did manage to squeeze out some 50's this afternoon after staying in the 40's all weekend. cold up in mount charleston and staying chilly over to the west and northwest sections of the valley. ............................... ............ regional temps also staying chill from the central and northern sections of the state while we remain cool to chilly from mesquite all the way down through laughlin and stateline. milder in death valley but staying chilly. ............................... ............... we're tracking the weather across the u.s. and it looks like the major
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still have some snow in the main leftover, but we still have numerous flood watches in effect as river are cresting even though the storms have left. ............................... .................... looking back west we are over and done with that weak storm yesterday, and now we're drier and clearier. however another low will form and move through the north in the southern great basin and increase winds on new years eve. we will remain dry however, ............................... ..................... here's your forecast for new years even night. temps will be colder with clear skies. breezy winds will make it feel chillier outside and we'll be in the 30's by midnight. we could have some of the breezes start to relax by midnight. ............................... ......................... here are your forecasted lows. a lot of neighborhoods dropping to below freezing by morning with temps near 31 and dropping to the mid tohigh 20's again in the edges of town from summerlin to anthem. ............................... ............................ regional lows also expected to get colder for pahrump and primm. even 20's for mesquite and searchlight by morning. ............................... ............................... here's the forecast. 31 overnight cold and clear with some north breezes.tomorr ow expect a high of 49 and staying chilly. light ne winds. ............................... ...............................
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neighborhood by neighborhood highs will be near 50s for some and mid 40's for the west side of the valley especially near the foothills. ............................... ............................... ...... extended forecast shows breezy winds again for new years and cold temps daytime and overnight. warming a little next week but still below average. slight shower chances for early week as well
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this case made national headlines... because sanders had been declared dead by his family back in 1994... after abandoning them. he remained missing until 2010... when he was arrested for the murders of sue- ellen roberts and her 12- year- old daughter lexis. police say sanders had met roberts right here in las vegas. earlier this month... a federal judge in louisiana rejected sanders' bid for a new trial. his attorney claimed a prosecutor encouraged jurors to speculate whether sanders sexually abused the girl before her death./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a 20- year- old man could spend up to 40 years in prison... for a crash that killed a 6- year- old girl and her grandmother at a las vegas bus stop. in court today... leonardo ruesga pleaded guilty to two counts of d-u-i causing death in the march 30-th crash at a bus stop near maryland and sahara. prosecutors say blood tests showed ruesga had marijuana and methamphetamin e in his system when his car jumped a curb... hitting 58- year- old maria garcia and her granddaughter ... alyssa. ruesga spoke with 8 news now in
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admitting back then he was "not innocent." (( leonardo ruesga/suspect: "i'm not innocent because i know what i did but truthfully, it was an accident. // "i was scared truthfully, that's why i just ended up hitting on the gas and fleeing the scene, but if i would have known that i hit someone and i was you know, like how it happened, i would have stopped.")) ((dave courvoisier)) ruesga faces between 12 to 40 years behind bars for the crash. he also hit an 18- month- old girl in a stroller... that baby was not seriously hurt./// ((paula francis)) >ron futrell is in for chris matthuis ---- ((dave courvoisier)) rebels open up league play tomorrow ((ron futrell)) and they're hoping their big man will be ready the latest on the status of the latest on the status of steven zimmerman and we spotted some cowboys down in texas --- not nomally a big deal, but these are from michigan --- we'll explain
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news now sports. > ((ron futrell)) > the rebels are 7 and a half point favorites tomorrow night against fresno state---- first game of the conference season for both teams ---- the big story for the rebels is whether steven zimmerman will be 100% and if daquan cook will be eligable to play for the first time this season... big zimm had a good workout monday with the team ---- he didn't get into any real contact but did workout --- he's got a deep thigh bruise on his left leg --- hasn't played since early in the game against arizona --- as for cook --- he was suspended for the first 13 games of the seaon for a dui earlier this year. late word this afternoon from the university --- cook has been reinstated and will be eligable
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fresno state and unlv are pretty similar teams --- the bulldogs have a deep respect for the rebels, ((they're an established program in our league, they're always going to be able to attract talented players to vegas. dave's done a good job, he really has, look at his won loss record - he's done a good job of working with this talent. )) ((ron futrell)) fresno st and the rebels are very similar --- both have 9 and 4 records.... like the rebels they're a very athletic team --- if you're looking for some comparative shopping here--- both teams played at arizona --- rebels lost by 12, bulldogs by 13 --- oh.... the bulldogs fans also like to throw stuffed animals on the court --- that's what i see happening here --- just angry at the refs so they try to hit them with stuffed animals. --- oh, acutally it's a charity thing to bring a stuffed animal, throw it on the court and they give it away to kids in the central valley for christmas ---- (that's what the press release says they were doing) start time 8 pm tomorrow night. ((ron futrell)) okay--- so who's
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football this year??? it's hard to argue that jared goff of cal won't be the first taken in the draft ---- the lockheed martin armed forces bowl --- cal against air force goff 37 td passes in the regular season because we love the folks at nellis and creech --- we'll show you this air force touchdown --- the falcons love their option play and tyler williams scores to tie the game at 14. but that was about it for air force --- goff with 6 td passes on the day. ---- he's just a junior, but everybody thinks this guy will be the first quarterback taken in the draft --- so look for this to be his final game at cal and an early first rounder in the draft. 55-36 cal wins over air force. the final four of collegee football is just two days away --- clemson and oklahoma are in south florida for the orange bowl ---- clemson tigers --- the only undefgeated team in the country are the number one seed --- oklahoma is seeded fourth. both teams went through workouts and media day getting set for this matchup. --- its interesting -- oklahoma is favored by 3 and a half
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town are fired up about these matchups ---- the cotton bowl is michigan st against alabama --- i thought michigan state were the spartans, but here linebacker jeremy schram shows he has a lot of cowboy in him --- that'll work down in texas --- the guy can dance as well --- but lineman justice alexander has that cowboy hat on backwards--- that ain't gonna work down there.... spartans look loose --- alabama is 10 point favorites. the final four games are new years eve ---- remember way back in the day before we had a college football playoff how boring it was??? that was before last year when ohio st won the first playoff. ((paula francis)) > finally tonight... new year's eve is thursday...
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party here in las vegas... the celebration with the most spectators every year is in new york city. they're expecting a million people at times square. that's why they don't leave anything to chance... and test everything! from the ball drop... to the confetti that falls from the sky. that's exactly what organizers did today... as they threw handfuls of confetti from the hard rock cafe marquee... to test it and make sure it floats freely to the ground. everything worked out just right... and when the clock strikes midnight in the big apple... one ton of confetti will fill the skies above the partiers below./// dave courvoisier > thanks for
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