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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 30, 2015 7:00am-9:00am PST

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it is wednesday, december 30th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." historic flooding threatens 18 million people in the midwest. the mississippi river could swell to its highest level in more than 20 years. donald trump holds a news conference on his plane to announce he'll spend millions on a final push for primary votes. will guns and roses make a return to the jungle? a reunion could be in the works. but we begin with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> a lot of disaster. a lot of people hurting right now. >> we expect most rivers to crest in the next few days. >> flood fears rise in more than a dozen states. >> 18 million americans now living under warning. >> missouri is grappling with what officials are calling historic flooding. >> whiteout conditions from the east to the midwest. >> george pataki announced the suspension of his campaign.
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his battle against hillary. >> madam president. can you imagine? if it's got to be a woman, which i'm all in favor of someday, it shouldn't be hillary. >> new allegations the white house ordered eavesdropping on world leaders. >> war tests in the strait of hormuz. >> a 4.4 magnitude earthquake widely felt across southern california. >> everything started shaking really bad. >> the fbi is investigating the fatal crash of a plane into an anchorage office building. the pilot's wife worked on the sixth floor. >> the latest celebrity to hit the deck: mike tyson. >> all that. >> we might come out with some new friends. >> my brother and i will whip both of their booties if we ever step in the ring with them.
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>> original members of axl rose will be reuniting at coachella. >> on "cbs this morning." >> it is a joy to watch a baby's first step. but it's a riot seeing this baby eating bacon for the first time. >> bacon! bacon! >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning," everyone. i'm jeff glor with margaret brennan. millions of americans this morning face the threat of flooding. torrential downpours of swollen rivers in illinois and missouri. mandatory evacuations are under way at this hour. in missouri, flooding is blamed for at least 13 deaths. >> the mississippi river could reach 14 feet above its flood stage in st. louis.
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people in states along the river, from illinois to louisiana. anna werner is in west alton, missouri, where residents have been told to get out. anna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, this looks like it's simply flood water, perhaps in a field. but as we step over here, what you see is this is actually supposed to be highway behind me. these are the southbound lanes of u.s. 67 in west alton, missouri. the mississippi river is over there. and this water is not supposed to be here. this is an urgent situation. there have been evacuations in the area. and the national guard has been called out to help fight these floods statewide across missouri. the water has surrounded west alton, missouri, where residents were told tuesday it's time to leave. >> we emptied our basement out of anything important. we cleaned out the house of clothes. >> reporter: as the mississippi
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county, it took teamwork to fill 20,000 sandbags. officials pleaded for help, and the community responded. >> just like the movie "field of dreams." if you build it, they'll come. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers is monitoring 19 vulnerable levees on the rising mississippi river and its tributary. in the shadow of the majestic gateway arch, the mighty mississippi is expected to crest at over 43 feet, close to its second highest level ever. missouri governor jay nixon. >> water levels in some locations are predicted to exceed the historic crest during the great flood of 1993. >> reporter: this was hannibal, missouri, in july 1993, when the river crested 22 feet above flood stage. nine states saw flooding. 50 people died. nearly 150 major rivers and tributaries were affected. >> i drove from kansas last
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>> reporter: after untreated sewage from this plant was pushed into nearby rivers and streams, residents fortified their water plant. in union, missouri, water crept over porch steps. cindy nations claims her neighborhood isn't prone to flooding. >> they would not sell me flood insurance. i've never been concerned about it. >> reporter: it's been more than 20 years since the mississippi river has overflowed like this. they're expecting what could be a record crest level, anticipated to come, they think, on thursday. meanwhile, people are being told to evacuate if they need to. >> anna, thank you. some areas could suffer from the effects of the storm systems for days. chief weathercaster lonnie quinn of our new york station wcbs shows us what to expect. good morning.
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in the midwest, they're not having a terrible day today. but the damage has already been done. there's a lag effect now as the rivers crest. look at the number of rivers forecast to be at flood stage throughout the country, 18 states, a huge area dealing with river flood warnings. if you take a look at one particular spot, these were the biggest numbers i could find, an ea just south of st. louis, in illinois, flood stage 33 feet. the mississippi river is at 43.1. the record, 45.9, they'll be at the crest. unheard of. if you look at what's happening to the rain, it's now making its way to the southeast, anywhere from raleigh, north carolina, to new orleans. could pick up the potential of another 2 inches or more of rain. that's problematic in that section of the country. temperature-wise, watch this little sort of light blue line. that is the jetstream. what's happening out west, okay,
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so you're filling in with that cold canadian air. if you look to the east, it's going to be milder, until you get to new year's day. colder air into the area. jeff? >> lonnie, thank you. airlines are scrambling this morning to get back on track after days of weather delays. more than 200 u.s. flights are cancelled so far today. more than 1100 are delayed. yesterday more than 7300 flights were cancelled or delayed. adriana diaz is at o'hare international airport in chicago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you're trying to get through security at this checkpoint, you'll have to get on this line. it's eight rows deep, extends that way about a hundred yards. some of the passengers on this line are frustrated and wary because they're trying to get home after weather delays from two days ago backed up flights. >> our flight was at 5:30. now it's 10:00 and they cancel it. now they won't let us speak to someone.
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this is such [ bleep ]. >> reporter: emotions have been running high this week at o'hare international airport, as out of luck passengers struggled to try to get to their destinations. >> this is ridiculous. >> reporter: abrar ail shahn tear is trying to get home to north virginia. the airport set up cots last night for people who have been calling these terminals home. others, like hope fiser and scott millman, found a spot on the floor. they described the situation as chaos. >> they didn't tell us the flight was delayed for an hour. then they continued to tell us it's been delayed for an hour. finally they move your gate and tell you it's cancelled. >> reporter:'s ceo says when it comes to getting airlines to pony up for a hotel --
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have an obligation. if you put enough pressure on them, you can probably pull it off, if you have a good reason. >> reporter: with wait times topping an hour, passengers are concerned, to say the least. we spoke to two girls going to the california rose bowl worried about making their flight. >> thank you. breaking news on bill cosby and repeated allegations of sexual assault. the pennsylvania prosecutor is about to announce a decision on whether to bring the first criminal charges against cosby. a woman claims cosby drugged and home. he says they had consensual sex. we'll bring you the prosecutor's decision as soon as we have it. we have breaking news this morning from new hampshire, where four secret service agents crash. local police say the agents' car was hit by another car that strayed across the center line border. the driver of that car was killed before agents are being
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nonlife-threatening injuries. donald trump says he's ready to put more money to work in the republican presidential race. the billionaire has led the polls for months even though other candidates have outspent him. he told reporters he will ramp up spending in the new year. major garrett in washington looks at trump's plans in the final weeks before republicans start voting. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump played squire aboard his sumptuously appointed private jet for an on-board press conference, reminding them not to scratch anything. republicans running far behind trump ignored the frontrunner and started attacking each other. >> madam president. can you imagine? believe me. women, if it's got to be a woman, which i'm all in favor of someday, it shouldn't be hillary. >> reporter: at a rally in iowa last night, donald trump aimed
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clinton but also focused on evangelical christians. >> to the best of my knowledge, not too many evangelicals come just remember that. in all fairness. >> reporter: senators marco rubio and ted cruz, both of cuban descent, were trump's closest competitors in iowa. >> try not to crash the woodwork, if possible. >> reporter: trump said he would hit the airwaves because he doesn't want to risk losing momentum. >> i'll be spending a minimum of $2 million a week, big ads, in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. >> reporter: republicans vying to become the mainstream alternative to trump battled each other. the super pac supporting jeb bush bashed marco rubio. rubio pointed to millions wasted
7:12 am
>> millions of dollars of spending have not changed his fortunes. he's become increasingly negative in his attacks. >> reporter: another ad criticized chris christie and john kasich for expanding obamacare in their states. >> which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? >> reporter: christie joined the jousting, questioning his rivals' qualifications. >> we do not want another president who spins around in his office chair on the first day and says, gee, isn't it great that i'm president. >> reporter: former new york governor george pataki quit the republican presidential race. he rarely made a ripple in the debates. jeff? >> major garrett, thank you very much. american spies captured prior to conversations of world
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obama's promise to end eavesdropping on them. the nsa is reported to have targeted benjamin netanyahu during the iran nuclear talks. a national security council spokesman tells cbs news, "we are not going to comment on any specific alleged intelligence activities. we do not conduct any foreign intelligence activities unless there is a specific and validated national security purpose." cbs news national security analyst juan zarate joins us now. he was a deputy national security adviser to president george w. bush. juan, good morning to you. you said you think that continuing to collect information on israeli leaders is a good decision. >> absolutely, margaret. i think we have to collect on heads of state. and certainly the israeli prime minister is fair game in that regard. that said, the white house is going to have to answer to
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intelligence collection for political purposes. the context here matters. it was during the height of the debate around the iranian nuclear deal, where the political process was central. it was in the wake of the white house having taken on ownership of determining who and at what times heads of state would be collected on for signals intelligence purposes. and it was also the white house's understanding that they would get the collateral benefit of understanding the political discussions happening in congress, and certainly within the united states, at the time of this collection. and so the white house is really going to have to answer for what is a very serious and important question. >> juan, you know, you look at what the u.s. has recently done with releasing an american who was spying for israel, jonathan pollard. you also look at the reports that israel had bugged the very negotiating rooms and hotels were the nuclear negotiators were staying overseas to get insight into what the u.s. was doing.
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>> absolutely fair game. i think the big boys and girls of the intelligence world understand that they are being listened to. one of the challenges of what the administration has done is to sort of unilaterally disarm in terms of collecting on certain allies and not others. it also puts the white house in an uncomfortable position of having to explain why it's decided not to collect on some leaders like angela merkel while also collecting on other allies like bibi netanyahu. >> juan zarate, thank you very much. modern a million people will start pouring into midtown manhattan for the biggest new year's eve party in the country. organizers ran a confetti test on tuesday, with colorful paper raining down on times square. security preparations are under full swing. don dahler is in times square. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the new york police department began their preparations for this year's new year's eve
7:16 am
of confetti fell last year. with the threat of global terrorism on the rise, security is more intense than ever. some measures you see. some measures you don't. when the clock strikes 12 this new year's eve, the new york police department wants times square to be the most secure place in the world. >> we are very, very confident that new year's eve in new york city will be the safest place in the world to be. >> reporter: roughly 6,000 police officers will guard the heart of manhattan. hundreds of them with long guns, radiation detectors, and bomb sniffing dogs. snipers and helicopters will be on patrol. in downtown manhattan officers will monitor thousands of camera feeds. this year, the nypd also set up a specialized counterterrorism unit, with more than 500 highly-trained cops. while officials say there are no
7:17 am
city, deadly attacks in paris and san bernardino have raised the level of fear. >> we are aware that the threat picture has changed because of isis. that's why we have enlarged our capabilities here in the city with these additional units. >> reporter: spectators on new year's eve coming here will not be allowed to bring large bags, backpacks, nor alcohol. the nypd issued 20,000 smartphones to their officers so they can get information about potential threats. guns and roses is reportedly considering a reunion tour for next year. it could publicly signal the end of disputes among the band's founding members. >> reporter: a welcome back to the jungle may be in the works for this famous band. "billboard" magazine says
7:18 am
plan to headline the coachella music festival in april. and a summer tour is in the works. one of the most successful rock groups of all time, g&r's 1987 debut album upended the genre. but slash left the band in 1996. the two haven't performed on stage together in more than 20 years. rose snubbed an invitation to the band's rock and roll hall of fame induction in 2012. but earlier this year slash talked to "cbs this morning" about burying the feud with rose and the possibility of the band reuniting. >> a lot of the tension we were talking about, we don't have those issues anymore. it's something that's more perpetuated by the media than anything. >> would you want to reunite? >> if everybody wanted to do it
7:19 am
i think the fans would love it. >> representatives for the band have not yet commented on the reported reunion. we would love to see the music. i'm not sure about the hair styles coming back. >> that's true. the so-called affluenza teen could return to the united states today. ahead, how a phone call reportedly l> metro police are -- the sun is shinning, but it's cold just 34 degrees -- we're about one degree colder than this time yesterday. ...................... here's our day planner by 9 this morning, we'll be at about 42 degrees -- getting to 48 by noon - our high will announcer: this portion of "cbs
7:20 am >>liti political fact checkers say % truth was the first to drop out of this year's presidential race. >> ahead, the candidates who put out the year's biggests whoers. >> the news is back in the
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ahead, the fbi steps in after a pilot crashes his plane in a building where his wife works. tomorrow, a look back at a big year in movies. can the "star wars" momentum continue next investigating after they say a man was stabbed to death. this happened just before 1 am at an apartment complex near swenson and twain.
7:26 am
boyfriend began arguing with another man over her.. when the ex stabbed the other man. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. 8 news now was the only crew on scene to speak with detectives about the investigation: (( lt. dan mcgrath metro police :the ex boyfriend, there's a female involved, from my understanding this is preliminary, the ex boyfriend is the one who did the stabbing, the person who stabbed, we're hearing he's not romantically linked, but we're not confirming that. )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the suspect was also hurt in the fight...he was taken to sunrise where he was treated, and released into police custody. the girlfriend is being considered a witness to the crime. if you have any information, call crimestoppers./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > metro police are also reminding people... that you cannot fly the drone you got for christmas.. over the strip especially to catch all those new years fireworks. it is illegal to fly it within 5 miles an an airport... without the airport authority's permission.....
7:27 am
if you're caught... metro may impound your drone and further criminal charges are possible./// quick check on your commute accident in the south valley on eastbound blue diamond at i-15. be careful approaching the area. there's another crash being reported at the rainbow intersection, as well. accident at koval and tompkins, which is between harmon and tropicana. < > < here's what we can expect for today -- a high of only 50 degrees -- our daytime temps will be anywhere from 34 to 50 today -- and it'll be cold tomorrow night for new year's eve. ........................... currently 34 on the strip -- 32 spring valley -- 33 in green
7:28 am
henderson 29 -- nellis 26 degrees. .................. cold all around our region, pahrump you're at 26 degrees -- laughlin 32 -- lake mead 28 degrees -- rachel really cold up there just 6 degrees -- 12 degrees there in pioche -- if
7:29 am
make sure to bundle up. next campaign. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the "chicago tribune" to announce that the mayor is expected to announce changes in police tactics today. it includes tasers for every officer on street duty and training police to deescalate conflicts when it comes to shoot or don't shoot situations. fbi leading an investigation into why a pilot crashed a small
7:30 am
where his wife worked. the cessna clipped her building, first, tuesday, before crashing into another building. the pilot's wife worked on the sixth floor. the pilot was the plane's only occupant and was killed. officials do not believe it was an act of terrorism. it is reported the faa is investigating a plane that accidentally land odd a taxiway in seattle-tacoma runway. the pilot landed in a taxiway between two runways and nobody hurt but it could have been disastrous if a plane was parked there. the fourth time that mistake has been made at the airport. "the new york times" reports on a new copyright class action lawsuit against the music streaming service spotify. david larry who led beethoven and cracker is seeking $150
7:31 am
the suit claims spotified streamed songs without the necessary rights. the fugitive texas teen known for the so-called affluenza defense is expected to return to the u.s. from mexico today. ethan couch and his mother tonya were arrested at a puerto vallarta apartment complex. the pair on the run for about three weeks. omar villafranca is a $350 a night apartment in a more discrete location. tarrant county officials say ethan couch had sort of a going away party before fleeing town
7:32 am
during the three-week. >> christmas eve is about the time that i think that the really kind of concrete information came in. the problem with it was, as you can imagine, puerto vallarta christmastime a tremendous amount oftourists. >> reporter: their search eventually led mexican authorities helping with the investigation to this puerto vallarta apartment complex. according to reports, couch and his mother moved here after first staying at a resort. a picture taken shortly after couch's arrest reveals that he had dyed his blond hair black. in a statement on tuesday, couch's attorney said we have not had the opportunity to speak with our client. couch disappeared earlier this month, shortly after this video was posted to twitter. it appears to show him at a party with drinking, possibly violating his ten-year probation.
7:33 am
killed four people and paralyzed another in a drunk driving crash. during the trial, his defense argued that he suffered from affluenza, a controversial condition of his privileged wealthy upbringing that failed to teach him responsibility. todd clement is an important families. >> no question that ethan couch was raised in a way where he was taught to avoid responsibility, that he was taught the rules don't apply to him and his family. i think now we seeing they do apply. >> reporter: couch will likely be placed in a juvenile detention facility until he turns 19 in april. in january, there is a hearing set to move his case over into adult court. as for tonya couch, she faces a third-degree felony charge for helping him escape and that carries a sentence up to ten years in prison. let's bring in cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman. let's talk about the notion of the adult system and whether he is going to be moved.
7:34 am
going to be moved to the adult is? >> well, first of all, everyone seems to think that because this is a, quote/unquote, bad boy, that he is going to be brought back to this country having fled to mexico and the book is going to be thrown at him and he is going into prison for a long time. the answer to that is wrong. and we have to go back, jeff, before i get to adult status. as a juvenile, the purpose of the system is to protect the child. it isn't to rehabilitate the child. the adult system is to punish. so what is going to happen? he is going to be brought back. he can only face 120 days in jail. that's it. then the government wants to transfer him to be an adult, because that is going to adult status. why? not because they can get him any more prison time, but they can, they believe, get him ten years probation or the reminder of
7:35 am
years and put him on probation to 2024. so if he then breaks the law or he then violates his probation, then he is going in. government is saying four deaths? we are going to look consecutive and look for 40 years if he does another bad thing. >> yet, the mormther faces a third-degree felony charge. >> the mother may do more time than the son. the mother is facing third-degree felony charge two to ten years because she hindered the government from getting her son by taking him off to mexico. you have to remember consistency here, margaret and jeff. what happened originally was they argued through the defense that this was the parent's fault, this permissive household and world of affluenza and why the parent should be responsible. i'll say an end of the year observation that i think we ought to look at.
7:36 am
boy who got a break, is too kind of a word, when he, by virtue of, quote/unquote, affluenza got probation. if he were a young man of color, you would not see that happen. that's why people get upset with the system. >> rikki klieman, thank you. political tall tales reached new heights this year. ahead a look at some of the xajs exaggerations on the campaign trail. if you're heading out to work, set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" this morning. you don't want to miss seth doane's rare look inside north korea. we will be right back. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh...
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2016 is almost here. you thought it already arrived from all of the talk about the election. but we are just over ten months away and 23 candidates from both parties jumped into the presidential race. today, the field has been whittled down to just 15. just 15. the crowded contest has kept
7:40 am
jan crawford is in washington with some of the most memorable tall tales. >> reporter: you where politics is concerned, there is always the truth to stretch. but this year, was something special. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> if you like -- >> reporter: in president hall politics, the whoppers can be legendary. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. know whether or not their president is a crook. well, i'm not a crook. >> reporter: but in this year's presidential campaign, the fact checkers say one candidate achieved truth bending royalty on. >> this is the first time we have named someone the king of whoppers. >> reporter: donald trump earned that crown says eugene keiley of with the biggest
7:41 am
>> and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: the fact checkers only found evidence of just a few celebrating. but that wasn't the only trump tall tale of the year. >> well, he is certainly keeping us busy. it is the worst that we have seen in the 12 years we have been doing this. >> you know, the president is thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take your guns away. you know, it started off with 10,000. the other day, i heard 200,000! we are going to take in 200,000 syrians or wherever they come@ from. >> it's just way over what the actual number is. >> reporter: but in 2015 trump didn't have the whopper ma nope reply. >> i'm sorry for that. i take responsible. >> reporter: hillary clinton had her share most notably her attempt to explain why she had an e-mail server.
7:42 am
convenience and it was allowed. others had done it. >> none of them had a private server, though. >> reporter: then she told a whopper about the king of whoppers. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people and showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: trump wasn't alone calling that false and noted the fact checkers. >> to lead the fight -- >> reporter: republican contender ted cruz got dinged for duping marco rubio. >> one of the things about that act it gave president obama blanket authority to admit refuges, including syrian refuges. >> that is simply not true. >> reporter: bernie sanders linked climate change to terrorism. >> climate change is directly
7:43 am
this is what the cia says. >> reporter: 2015 has kept fact checkers working around the clock to pin down the truth. >> it's important for the voters. they want to know the facts. >> reporter: here is the thing. the primaries haven't even started. the general election is still nearly a year away. so if history is any guide, 2016 may be an even bigger year for the fact checkers. >> i was going to say, ten more months? >> are you ready? >> of campaigning. yes, indeed! it was love at first bite. a baby's sizzling response to tasting bacon for the first time is awesome and becomes an online
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>> bacon! >> bacon. >> you immediately have a love affair with bacon after trying to it for the first time. that is 1 ej-year-old ethan beach trying to bacon for the first time. his mom recorded the reaction christmas morning in his pajamas. he is freaking out with cause. bacon is good. the video has about 10 million views on facebook. >> quite the audience, too. always funnye kids eat a food for the first time. >> your daughter. >> hilarious. >> she was a little less enthusiastic from what i saw. in the meantime, there is a new effort to keep hoverboards away from kids. even though grown-ups like mike
7:49 am
trouble. find out how on january 1st the law is changing one big state.
7:50 am
morning." living well your immune system works hard to keep you top of your game. you can support it by eating healthy, drinking fluids, and getting some rest. and you can combine these simple remedies with airborne. no other leading immunity brand gives you more vitamin c. plus it has a specially crafted blend of 13 vitamins, minerals and herbs. so when you want to support your immune system, take airborne,
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> the consumer electronics show starts next week...and thousands are expected to attend. traffic jams will come with them... city officials are working to keep traffic moving during the convention. there is construction going on
7:52 am
now. crews are putting in new sewer and water lines... repaving the road... and widening the sidewalk....but that will soon end. clark county required the contractor to shut down all operations, during major conventions. crews expected to clear out the cone zine, in time for c-e-s. ((erik pappa - spokesperson, clark county conventions are good for business. ces is an important economic driver in this community so the last thing we'd want to do is inconvenience the people that come to las vegas to enjoy, enjoy what ces has to offer)) ((brian loftus)) a total of 165 thousand people are expected to attend the convention. the 6-point-1 million dollar road project should be finished next summer./// ((brian loftus)) > hard to believe... but new year's eve is tomorrow night! our countdown to 2016 begins at 10- pm and we'll be on air until after the fireworks grand finale. we'll have crews stationed everywhere.. from red rock resort to downtown las vegas.. and of course, along the strip. show us how you're celebrating... by tweeting your photos at 8
7:53 am
want to check on your commute here's what 215 looks like near the mccarran exit. no delays along the south beltway right now. the spaghetti bowl is slowing down at this time. southbound lanes moving toward your screen. we'll talk new years eve road closures in thirty minutes, but right now we have to check in with weather. < > < >
7:54 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's december 30, 2015. more real news ahead including breaking news on big cosby. for the first time he faces criminal charges for an alleged sexual assault. we'll look at the case revealed minutes ago. but here's today's eye openers at 8:00. cosby is charged with indecent assault and he's expected to be arraigned later this afternoon. there's been evacuations in the area, the national guard has been called out. >> the passengers on this line are frustrated and wary because they're trying to the get home. trump promises to spend $2 million a week on campaign ads. >> the entire world blew up during her term. >> that said, the white house is going to is have to answer to whether or not they engaged in intelligence collection for
7:55 am
with the threat of global terrorism on the rise, security is more intense than ever. he is going to be brought back, he can only face 120 days in jail. that's it. if james bond ever needs an assistant, he might want to get this guy to the hang from the ceiling at the doughnut shop. >> he's going to commit. charlie, gayle and norah are off today. the first charges of sexual assault filed against bill cosby cosby. less than an hour ago a philadelphia prosecutor -- claimed that cosby drugged and
7:56 am
>> mr. cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault. this is a felony of the first-degree. mr. cosby established a relationship with the victim after meeting her through her work associated with temple university's women's basketball program. on the evening in question, mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. we have gone through and we have looked through a lot of evidence in this case to make the determination that we have. when you look at the case, there is a number of aspects that are undisputed in the case. and -- >> cosby claims the incident was consensual. this morning's charges were
7:57 am
statute of limitations would have put cosby in the clear.
7:58 am
from cosby or the strait of hormuz, a very busy and strategic waterway between iran and the arab peninsula. a u.s. military spokesman says iranian ships fired several rockets less than a mile from the aircraft carrier "harry s. truman." donald trump says he will spend deds million a week on campaign ads the next month. those commercials in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina would be the republican front-runner's first major ad campaign. at a rally in iowa last night, trump sharpened his attacks on hillary clinton. >> madam president, can you
7:59 am
believe me, women, if it's got to be a woman, which i'm all in favor of someday, it shouldn't t. she said, let's not put any carts before any horses. kids in california who received hoverboards for christmas have two days left to ride them. they will be outlawed for anyone under 16 on new year's day under a new state law. all outdoor riders in california have to wear helmets and use bike lanes as well and can go no faster than 15 miles per hour. videos of hoverboard-related injuries are spreading fast on social media. flames.
8:00 am
lithium batteries that paurower the boards may be to blame. russell crowe didn't get that memo. he blasted this. he wrote the following. >> we still don't understand why they are called hoverboards since they don't hover and we don't understand why people don't put their hands down when they are falling and it seems they crash their head back. watch out. north korea is one of the most isolated countries on the planet. seth doane went on assignment in the secretive nation. ahead, the sometimes surreal-- the sun is shinning, but it's cold just 34 degrees -- we're about one degree colder than this time yesterday. ...................... here's our day planner by 9 this morning, we'll be at about 42 degrees -- getting to 48 by noon - our high will 50 for today and colder when the sun goes down.
8:01 am
what we can expect for the week windy on new year's eve day -- freezinig tomorrow night -- a chilly start to 2016 -- a high of 48 -- and we do have a chance of showers next week. hey there, chilly start to our morning. it's 7:26 ... is an innocent man serving a life sentence for murder? the subject of a new netflix
8:02 am
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>> a new netflix series raises
8:06 am
wisconsin murder case like the podcast serial and hbo's "the jinx." making a murderer has reignited interest in a crime that vanished from the public spotlight. michelle miller shows us why many are wondering if an innocent man was framed twice. >> good morning. "making a murderer" focuses on steve avery who has a lengthy rap sheet but spent 18 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit. he was finally exonerated in 2003 by dna evidence. just two years later, avery was back behind bars, this time accused of murder. >> you know, we're all victims. they just won't leave us alone. they keep it up and keep it up. >> when it became clear he was the suspect in teresa halbach's death, steve avery claimed he was being set up. >> so you're telling me somebody planted the body? >> i didn't do it. >> who did it? >> i don't know.
8:07 am
blood in it was discovered in the avery family salvage yard. the 25-year-old's cremated remains were just steps away from his trailer. avery's teen age nephew, -- brendan dassey confessed to being an accomplice. >> who shot her in the head? >> he did. >> why didn't you tell us that? >> i didn't think of it. >> avery says police manipulated a frightened boy with a learning disability. he later recanted to his mother. >> did you? huh? >> not really. >> what do you mean not really? >> do that. >> halbach was raped and murdered in 2005, one year after avery filed a $36 million civil lawsuit for his wrongful conviction. that suit had embarrassed
8:08 am
officials in manitowoc county. two officers from that case also worked the halbach investigation and helped find her car keys inside avery's bedroom. >> i'm at the avery salvage. >> investigators were on the salvage yard for eight days looking for clues. >> i didn't see them plant evidence with my own two eyes. i didn't see it. do i understand how human beings might be tempted to plant evidence? i don't have any difficulty understanding those human emotions at all. >> avery was convicted in 2007 for the halbach murder and sentenced to life in prison. lower a ricardy and moira demos spent ten years on "making a murderer." >> we were very thorough and in our opinion very accurate and very fair. >> district attorney ken kratz told "cbs this morning" the netflix series leaves out key dna and other evidence,
8:09 am
showing avery lured halbach to the salvage yard. kratz said the suggestion investigators framed avery was, quote, irresponsible and inconsistent with the consideration of all the evidence presented. the filmmakers say their goal is to document avery's case as it unfolded in its entirety. >> our question going in was never about guilt or innocence or about trying to solve this crime. it was really an exploration into the system. >> and teresa halbach's family did not respond to our request for comment. before the series was released, they issued a statement saying they were saddened that people were creating entertainment and trying to profit from their loss. we also reached out to other police and prosecutors mentioned in "making a murderer." they either did not respond or declined to give interviews to "cbs this morning." >> thanks, michelle. >> thank you.
8:10 am
countries in the world invited us in for a visit, but within some very strict limits. >> is this the last trip? >> the last trip we interview people, we can't come to north korea. >> seth doane learns the north korean definition of press freedom but still gets insight into the so-called hermit kingdom. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."a complete, anway to support... ...your energy... ...immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. everyone needs a bff. even your smile. colgate optic white toothpaste goes beyond surface stains to whiten over 3 shades. in fact, it whitens more than the leading express whitening strip. it's your smile bff. whiten more just by brushing. all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk! okay! fun's over.
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8:12 am
north korea, this morning, introduced the official in charge of relations with south korea was killed in a traffic accident. state media gave no details of what happened. another sign of the country's secrecy. leader kim jung un. earlier this year north korea did allow journalists inside the reclusive nation. our seth doane was among them. >> reporter: reporting from north korea is equal parts fascinating and frustrating. there is no doubt they are masters at putting on a show. this is saber rattling on a very grand scale.
8:13 am
performance and what is real. north korea's government granted permission for us to visit this fall. we were bussed around like tourists. we cannot choose where we will go. we are brought to different places. today, we are being brought to the birth place of kim ilsun. he is the grandfather of kim jong-un jong-un. this secretive state. they took us deep down into a metro station. even here, it was hard to know what was staged. asking folks didn't add much clarity, especially with a government assigned minder controlling with whom we could speak. how about this lady here? we haven't asked. can we ask? still it was clear just how deeply the government touches
8:14 am
why do you want to wear kim il song? do you wear that pin every day? nrs this >> translator: this isn't get off even one hour. >> reporter: we were granted access to this secretive country but like we were ushered around a city and shown seats to a show. there were actual performances which demonstrated the softer side of this nuclear armed state. unbelievably the government took us to a doff fin performance. here the aim couldn't possibly have been to wow us with the tricks these marine mammals could do. the real show was next to us in the stands. seemingly happy and apparently middle class north koreans. wait. i just want to talk to some of the people who came. >> no. no time. >> reporter: we don't have time? we tried again outside.
8:15 am
until our minder lost his patience. >> we have to go. if you want this to be your last trip, do you it. >> reporter: last trip? meaning if we interview people, we can't come to north korea? >> you can't come. >> reporter: this military parade was the focal point of our visit and it's what the wanted us foreign journalists to broadcast home, a strong north korea. one of the things that you can't quite appreciate when you see this on television is with all of this goose stepping while you're standing here, the ground is shaking. but what struck us even more than the military might were the faces of those everyday people looking up at their leader kim jong-un in awe. could that possibly be an act? afterwards, we asked parade goer kim sue ha about the anti-american rhetoric we have seen and heard here. i'm an american, what do you think about that? i didn't know you were american, but it's quite surprising, she
8:16 am
what i've read about in books. there it was. a glimpse of something authentic. a sense that so much could be accomplished if we could only communicate for real. for "cbs this morning," i'm seth doane in pyongyang, north korea. >> so interesting to watch. >> seth did a good job. >> he did. can we talk to that person? no, they don't want to talk. i haven't asked her yet. >> at a dolphin show. you're not as evil as i thought you'd be. recent tornadoes ripped away pets from their owners. we will show you the emotional rescue of one dog trapped in the rubble for two"billboard" the original guns n' roses band will be going on tour next spring. they're reportedly scheduled to be one of the first acts to play at the new las vegas arena after it opens in april! sources also
8:17 am
will headline coachella... and play as many as 25 football stadiums around the country in 2016. guns n' roses took the rock world by storm in 1987 with their debut album. their rapid success led to tension between slash and axl rose... slash quit in 1996. he was on cbs this morning in may.... and hinted at a possible reunion way back then: (( slash: if everybody wanted to do it and do it for the right reasons .. i think the fans would love it. i think it might be fun at some point to try and do that but.. charlie rose: what would be the right reasons? slash: that's a hard one, it starts to get into a whole complex thing. but anyway, it's really between the guys in the band. charlie rose: is it likely you think? slash: never say never. )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the last show axl rose and slash played together was in 1993. guns n' roses did go on tour a couple years ago.. they had a residency at the hard rock..
8:18 am
original lineup that hit the stage for those shows./// now we want to get a check on your commute < >new years eve road closures begin tomorrow evening . at five pm, the spring mountain, flamingo and tropicana interchanges will shut down. around six pm, the strip will begin to close between sahara and mandalay bay road. there are a few routes that will remain open, which will help you get through. sahara, russell, frank sinatra and desert inn will remain open during the celebration. < > < > <
8:19 am
tt2waty#`*4 p bt@m@[l tt2waty#`*4 p "a@mpw( tt2waty#`*4 p bm@m[\$ tt4waty#`*4 r dzhq !#4 they do have a question about the chicken. could you tell us a little bit
8:20 am
>> the chicken is a heritage breed, woodland raised chicken that is fed soy milk and hazel nuts. >> one more time. is this local? >> it is. >> is that usda organic or portland organic? >> it's just all across the board, organic. >> that is the show portlandia poking fun at the new obsession with food labels. welcome back. allegations of fraud coming up in this half hour in the exclusive world of artisan sweets. the makers of $9 chocolate bars. >> nine bucks? alicia on the rise. that is ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's
8:21 am
the arrest of former "glee" actor mark salling for allegedly possessing child porn. the 33-year-old played noah puckerman on "glee." tuesday. $20,000. there is a global race to gain the upper hand in antarctica. turkey and iran are planning bases this. one long-term goal is explore the mineral oil and gas reserves in antarctica. politico reports one man showed up at a campaign stop in iowa for democratic presidential candidate martin o'mallieyo'malley. the man identified as kenneth braved a severe winter storm on monday to attend. the weather forced other candidates to cancel their events. o'malley said kenneth was glad to see him but he still wouldn't commit to caucus for him.
8:22 am
newest members of the new york city police department. they were more than 1100 graduates of the academy on tuesday. among them steven and twin brothers alec and john. they followed the foot steps of their father anthony who is a 30-year veteran of the nypd. new york city is reported on mail carrier who allegedly dumped bags of holiday mail in the trash because he was stressed out. officials say 25-year-old daniel darby was overwhelmed bill the extra cards and gifts he was supposed to deliver earlier this month. they say darby admitted to ripping open some of the mail to see what it contained. he faces up to five years in prison. new york "daily news" reports on pow people on twitter mocked a leader of isis. baghdadi tried to inspire muslims to join his group. one tweeted a translation of the message received funny response. one says he is busy watching "star wars."
8:23 am
what happens to john snow on the new season of "game of thrones." one said i have to be home at 8:00 p.m. will we be done by them? >> he got trolled on twitter. not interested. says a north texas family was reunited with a dog they lost in last weekend's tornadoes. >> ah! thank you! whoa! goodness! >> i love this video! it captured michael delgado pulling his dog lucy to safety. she was discovered in the wreckage two days after the storm destroyed the family's home. rescuers didn't hear lucy's looking. they also found the family's other dog sawyer. delgado said he is happy and bruises. both dogs are expected to be okay.
8:24 am
already watched the rescue on our facebook page. they liked it as much as i did. if you want to see or share the video go to a scandal surrounding high-end chocolate pushed the phrase bean to bar into the mainstream. the mast brothers chocolate company is accused of using remelted chocolate from another brand in some of its products. the brothers say they only did so in their early days and never lied to consumers. part of a larger debate about so-called artisan products. research shows americans want more information about what they are eating. 59% look for products labeled natural and 66% search for locally produced items. suzanne vranica, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: the mast brothers acknowledge they use some remelted chocolate and say they never labeled those beans to bar but we said this is part of a bigger issue. >> absolutely.
8:25 am
weeks another company is getting hauled into the social media sphere and everybody is attacking them because guess what. some of their marketing is not holding up to the product. all of those back to the changes that we are seeing in consumers eating habits, right? everybody is looking to be healthier. they are looking for simple source and they are looking for gmo-free products. and so companies are responding because people are abandoning products that aren't healthy so what do you do? you have to sort of use marketing techniques and different words. clearly they are trying to make better products in many cases but, a lot of times this is simple marketing. when it is marketing and it falls through, that is when you're in trouble from a company's perspective. >> the people are looking for truth in advertising but you're saying like any other business? >> it's business and companies are driven by profit margins and shareholder value. it's in conflict to what goes to making this stuff.
8:26 am
to spend 9 dollars a bar? >> they think it's better. different way. if you really want to spend $9 it depends on your taste. if it tastes better to you, then you should buy $9th.. today you have all of the tools necessary to figure out what is really in it. it's really up to the consumer. you shouldn't be believing advertising to begin with. do your homework. go to website and clearly they can lie but nine times out of ten these things are going to them. >> you still have to do research when people say organic is it so many labels. >> that video is great. when you about what is going on here you take it back to the natural craze. we saw that the last couple of years. natural was on every product and government agencies had to get involved. right now, the fda still doesn't have an official meaning on the word natural so companies can slap it on.
8:27 am
they have, no artificial or synthetics substances. but they actually are opening up for review and they are asking the public to comment so maybe they will come out with something stronger that companies can abide by. i think 40 billion dollar food business that uses the word natural and a huge business. it doesn't mean it can be interpreted by different companies in a different way. very few people out there checking up on this, right? there is not a whole task force looking at advertising every day. >> it's not just the word. it's the colors and the labeling the way they do it put trees and leaves on it and make it look -- it looks green and you just automatically think it's better, right? >> people just want to buy in. we always have bought into imagery and advertising is always going to be around and they get clever at it. today it's artisanal. >> mcdonald's has an artisinal chicken sandwich. >> i think people think it
8:28 am
>> right, handmade but lots of wiggle room because nobody has defined it at least from the fda's perspective. companies have a lot of wiggle room. if you want to spend the extra buck then you need to do your homework and sometimes it's not very clear so you have to wait for somebody to do a big expo say on a company. seeing this in suburban category. lots of companies are removing the word natural from their products because there was a rash of consumer lawsuits against them. so it will take time and, guess what. two weeks from now a new word we will be talking about and a new marketing technique we will be talking about and get us to pay more. >> in the meantime, i'm looking at the chocolates there. >> margaret wants a chicken sandwich right now. >> i just want the chocolate version. suzanne, thank you. hollywood's newest "it" girl found her spot on the movie set. >> i'm able to call what i call
8:29 am
>> reporter: which is pretty special. >> very special. >> anthony mason finds out how -- the sun is shinning, but it's cold just 34 degrees -- we're about one degree colder than this time yesterday. ...................... here's our day planner by 9 this morning, we'll be at about 42 degrees -- getting to 48 by noon - our high will 50 for today and colder when the sun goes down. ..................... what we can expect for the week windy on new year's eve day -- freezinig tomorrow night -- a chilly start to 2016 -- a high of 48 -- and we do have a chance of showers next week. hey there, chilly start to our
8:30 am
this has been a record breaking holiday season for hollywood. last weekend was the highest grossing christmas weekend in box office history. with $300 million ticket sales in north america. one highly anticipated moving drawing clouds and critical acclaim is "the danish story. >> it's based on a true story in a marriage in transition. it starred golden globe nominated actress alicia vikanner. anthony, good morning. >> reporter: it's an enchanting year for alicia vikander. a new cover girl and stars in films. behind her sudden success are years of hard work and they are paying off. in just a matter of months, alicia vikander has gone from
8:31 am
has even taken her by surprise. you got two golden globe nominations. >> which is pretty -- i don't think i've yet got my head around it. i did have a bit after freakout when i heard it. >> reporter: she has a best supporting actress nomination for her role as the robot in the artificial intelligence thriller." >> you shouldn't trust him. you shouldn't trust anybody. >> reporter: and the best actress nomination for "the danish girl." she plays the wife of danish artist einar wegener played by eddie redmayne. the true story of one of the first sex change operations.
8:32 am
somebody rejected from drama school twice. >> that's also -- i grew newspaper a country where is there a very tall industry. my mom is a stage actress, so i kind of know how tough it is and i never thought you could work abroad. >> reporter: we met at scandinavia house in new york at an exhibition of paintings by vilhelm hammershoi. growing up in gothenburg, sweden, it seems set on a different path. at 15, she went off to the royal swedish ballet school in stockholm but the demanding schedule made her doubt her commitment. >> i love to be on stage, but sometimes i question it. i can't do this. and you need to want it so bad of it. >> reporter: she left ballet school after she won a part in a swedish tv drama.
8:33 am
passion that i had been almost jealous of that some of other girls had. suddenly, with fear, i could read a script from 2:00 a.m. and not able to go to bed at night and i'm able to call what i find my passion, my job. >> reporter: which is pretty special. >> very special. >> reporter: in "the danish girl" her character has to wrestle with loving her husband, at the same time, she is losing him as einar becomes lily. >> i need to see einar. >> that be me. >> i mean, my husband. can you get him? >> it is a very tough journey that she goes on and really can't choose to be herself. that is just who she is. can make the choice and then support her. >> reporter: for vikander, each role is a jurnourney. >> the important thing is make the truth. why would somebody act like
8:34 am
>> reporter: right. >> you need to find why. >> reporter: then you start to understand some part of yourself maybe too? >> yes. it could be quite terrifying. i see a lot of things in your subconscious, i think. >> reporter: she landed her biggest role yet in the fifth installment of "the bourne franchise" with matt damon. do the stakes seem higher somehow? when you make a bourne film, you know you're making an international blockbuster. >> especially with the bourne movies, i have seen them and they seem surreal stepping on the set and somebody says this. i'm like, whoa. you realize it is one of those films. maybe you should see a doctor. >> reporter: what is the most for you? >> if you come on set and you feel like you believe in this film and it's something that you care about, everyone does their
8:35 am
is something that i love that creation that you do with all of the people. >> reporter: as much as you aspire to with every film, you just can't guarantee it? >> no. that is why it's also so special when you feel it because i think you long for that feeling. >> reporter: including the bourne sequel, she will star in another four films set for release in 2016 which is why a cover story in the january issue of "vogue" calls it "the year of alicia vik anner." >> she was great. >> she is great in almost everything i've seen her in and especially extraordinary for a foreign actress. >> right. another big import to the american film industry. interesting. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:36 am
the dancing queen sad news in our "cbs this morning" family. our news center is one man short today. where we coordinated the video for this broadcast. it's where russell johnson worked for years. he died suddenly on tuesday at the age of 55. russ spent decades at cbs beginning with cbs radio. our thoughts this morning are with his family. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune into the "cbs evening news" tonight and for
8:37 am
news network cbsn. the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ]
8:38 am
an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > metro police are investigating after a man was stabbed to death early this morning. it happened near swenson and twain just before one o'clock. police say it started as a fight over a woman...
8:39 am
confronted another man... the two got into an argument...and the ex- boyfriend stabbed him. the victim was taken to the hospital where he died. ((lt. dan mcgrath, metro police: a witness and a security guard chased the person who did the stabbing, then he was taken into custody over at katie and cambridge, where we think we have recovered the knife . )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the suspect was also hurt in the fight. he's now in police custody. the girlfriend is being considered a witness to the crime./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > the consumer electronics show starts next week...and thousands of people are expected to attend... and with that.. traffic jams. there's a lot of construction going on by the convention center right now and crews are working on clearing out the mess. they're currently putting in new sewer and water lines... repaving the road... and widening the sidewalk....but that will soon end. clark county required the contractor to shut down all operations during major conventions. crews are expected to clear out all the equipment and orange cones.. just in the nick of time for c-e-s.
8:40 am
conventions are good for business. ces is an important economic driver in this community so the last thing we'd want to do is inconvenience the people that come to las vegas to enjoy, enjoy what ces has to offer)) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) 165- thousand people are expected to attend the convention. the 6-point-1 million dollar road project should be finished next summer./// ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) > if you don't want to brave the crowds on new year's eve... then ring in 2016 with 8 news now! our countdown to 2016 special begins at 10 pm and we'll be on air until after the fireworks finale... we'll be reporting from pretty much all over the valley... from red rock resort to downtown las vegas... and of course, all along the strip. you can show us how you're celebrating.. be tweeting at "8 news now" ... with the hashtag "vegas n-y-e"./// <
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announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, hollywood heavyweight hugh jackman and "pretty little liars" star shay mitchell, plus shawn mendes sings his hit song "stitches," and kelly and michael take a walk on the frozen side when they try out cryotherapy. also tune in for
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