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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor, and this is a western edition of the broadcast. today saudi arabia cut ties with iran giving iranian diplomats 48 hours to leave the kingdom. it follows the storming of the saudi embassy in iran in weekend. these two middle east power players saudi arabia dominated by sunni muses limbs and iran by shiite-muslims are separated by the persian gulf and a religious divide that goes back 1400 years. but the rift appears to have reached a new and dangerous level. yesterday the saudi's executed 47 people including a prominent shiite cleric. holly williams is in istanbul. >> reporter: saudi a yaib-- arabia's execution of nimr al-nimr has inflamed a century's old conflict between sunni and shiite-muslims. saudi a yaib-- arabia seven
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ties with iran on sunday after an irate mob ransacked the saudi arabian embassy in the iranian capitol tehran. 42 people were later arrested. though iran has now also named al-nimr. the country's supreme leader the ayatollah ali khamenei said that saudi arabia will face di vien revenge-- di vien revenge. in india cash mir police used tear gas and rubber bullets against an angry crowd protesting the killing of the shiite cleric. in lebanon protestors also targeted the saudi embassy, heavily guarded by the army and police. saudi arabia is ruled by a sunni muslim monday arcky, nimr
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shiites and called for peaceful protests during the arab spring. he was shot and arrested in 2012, and sentenced to death two years later for crimes including disobeying saudi arabia's rulers. the u.s. says it's worried the execution of nimr al-nimr will exas rate-- exas base religious tensions but sawee arabia is unrepentant and says al-nimr and the 46 other people it executed on saturday were put to death in accordance with islamic law. >> glor: holly williams in istanbul. isis released a new video claims it shows the execution of five prisoners. they a us cooed the men of spying for britain in syria. the video has not been independently verified but resembles past video from isis. more now in washington. >> the men leave believed to be syrian were shackled and dressed in jump suit, reportedly claimed
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executed as spies accused of installing cameras so the british could observe isis movements in it's syrian stronghold raqqa where coalition air strikes have pummeled islamic state positions. >> this is a message to david cameron. >> reporter: the video features a masked man who speaks english with a british accent threatening the u.k. and its prime minister. >> on one day involved your land will be. >> and comes just days after david cam ro-- cameron's new year video message promises to continue the battle against violent islamic extremists. >> i want us to be very clear. you will not defeat us. >> reporter: the video ends with a chilling a paryns by a child in military fatigues threatening nonmuslims. >> the grew some video is the latest in a number of highly produced violent propaganda messages aimed at the west and used as recruiting tools. its timing may be no koins dengs, coming in the aftermath
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city of ramadi says michael morell dep tree correcter-- director of the cia. >> i think this say message to their supporters that they are still in the game after these series of defeats particularly ramadi. i think that is what this is all about. >> reporter: this purported isis video is the first to feature an english specter since ji hadi john, the notorious executionary killed in a coalition air strike in november. >> glor: thank you. tonight an antigovernment militia has taken over a federal building in burns, oregon. they're threatening a deadly battle over ranchers' rights, several protestors were part of an armed standoff in nevada in 2014. here's jennifer dowling of our portland affiliate koin. >> this is the constitution. that's what we are up here for, the constitution. >> reporter: armed militia set up camp at the malheur national wildlife refuge headquarters they say to seize land the federal government did not have authority to purchase. >> the constitution. >> that building is the people's building. >> reporter: how long will you
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>> as long as it is necessary. >> reporter: group leader ammon bundy posted this facebook video earlier this week. >> this is not a time to stand down. it is a time to stand up and come to harney county. we need your help. >> reporter: yesterday at teast a hundred protestors showed up to support dwight hammond and his ston steven. the men were convicted of arson after starting what they called controlled burns on their ranch in 2001 and 2006. they served time but a judge recently ordered the two back to prison for about four more years. >> don't know what to say. it just seems like a little overreach for having burned 127 acres. >> reporter: the two say the bundees don't speak for them and they plan to surrender peacefully tomorrow. >> we're here to stand up for our brothers and sisters and show the world, show america that we stick together. >> reporter: the protest spread to the nearest wildlife refuge. >> get out of here. >> reporter: ammon bundy
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dispute with federal officials over graizing permits in nevada in 2014. that developed into a confrontation between militia members and law enforcement. now ammon bundy says the militiamen plan to occupy this wildlife refuge for years until harney kowfntee residents can claim their rights to the land. >> when government steps outside of its bounds that the people have given it, that it is the duty of the people to put that government back in its place. >> reporter: it's unclear how many are in the militia group but members say using weapons is not out of the question if authorities try to force them out. jeff. >> glor: jennifer dowling, thank you. tomorrow about 600 workers return to the office complex in san bernardino, california, where 14 people were killed last month in a terror attack. the conference building where the shootings took place during a holiday party will remain closed. president obama returned from his hawaiian vacation today. and it appears he will begin his final year in office with new action on gun control.
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attorney general loretta lynch to discuss possible executive measures including expanded background checks that would not require approval from congress. on thursday the president holds a townhall meeting on reducing gun violence. >> starting monday a new hampshire, former president bill clinton will begin stumping for his wife in key primary states. it is a big move for hillary clinton's campaign in a state where she trails bernie sanders. major garrett is in concord, new hampshire. major? >> reporter: when it comes to presidential sur gat politics no one brings more to the table than bill clinton, that is on the plus and negative side. on the positive side bill clinton has an entire repertoire of victories or near victories in new hampshire finishing a surprising second in 1992. helping propel hillary clinton to an upset victory here in 2008. and he has a reputation in new hampshire of caring about the state and speaking to voters directly and persuasively. all that will be put to hillary clinton's benefit in a tight race against bern ye sanders. on the negative side there is
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all trump has made an issue but many new hampshire democrats fought those battles out the first time in 1992 and they tell me if trump brings up those issues now it is likely to rile up democratic supporters of the clinton family. because they fought those wars once before. helped bill clinton recover from them. and are ready, willing and able to fight them again on behalf of hillary clinton. jeff? >> glor: major garrett tonight in new hampshire. tonight many along the mississippi river still face blood threats. the river is expected to crest in the south over the next few days. meanwhile states where the floods have receded are struggling to recover. david begnaud is in illinois. >> reporter: nearly 14,000 acres of alexander county, illinois are underwater tonight. 125 properties are flooded. others are surrounded like the home of jennifer korte and brandon dillow. >> it happened so fast. you don't have time to really get ready for it. >> reporter: if they want to leave, they have to do it by boat. today they went out for supplies.
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the concrete is dry thanks to a levee they built that is eight feet high. and it's holding tonight. back in 2011 nair home flooded after water overran the levee. that time it bas was five feet. they learned a lesson, if you refuse to leave, build it higher. >> this is our home. we're staying here. >> reporter: so far nine deaths are confirmed in illinois, 15 in missouri. in allenville, missouri sheriff john jordan boated over a bean field to check on residents. >> this is the ross residence. >> teri and his wife wanda ross are two of 32 people refusing to leave. >> really close. >> reporter: their home is now surrounded in water. >> you know, you don't want somebody to come in and loot the rest of the stuff that you worked your life for. >> reporter: downstream the army corps of engineers is stretching from southern missouri to the gulf of mexico will hold. its 35 feet tall and 200 feet wide at the base. engineer derrick smith.
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systems. up there it is more of a levee protection. and down here the level of protection is much higher. >> reporter: back here in alexander county, illinois, i'm standing on the roof of the bigham home surrounded by water on both sides and the water is still rising tonight. jeff, the bigham family has put 25,000 sand bags and eight pumps around the property to keep it dry. and it's working. it's working very well. just look at the neighbor's home. flooded. >> glor: david begnaud, thank you very much. the west coast is bracing for a wild weather week. it's a wave of rain associated with el nino. beginning tonight four storms are expected to bring drought relief but also potentially mud slides. >> an entire neighborhood evacuated by a gas leak gets more bad news outside los angeles. and a final salute to the hug lady of forthood hood, texas
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following this story of a massive methane leak in california. it's in porter ranch, a neighborhood on the northern edge of los angeles. mireya villarreal reports neighbors are being told it may be months before they can go home. >> do you miss your house? >> reporter: eight year old nate soderlund is among hundreds of children forced out of their porter ranch homes by an odor they can't see but with effects so many have felt. his mother christine. >> i have been gnaw shus. i've felt lethargic. my kids have had nose bleeds, they've had headaches. >> reporter: two schools have closed because of abnormally high level of methane but residents feel they're not exposure. >> it's surreal. we are a living science experiment, i believe. >> reporter: it was the same nightmare for brian and kristen children. >> i almost had my own parking place at the pedestrian ya trition's office, we were there so much.
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and i felt helpless. >> then the boys started asking me questions, is it safe? you know, there is only so much as a parent that you can keep telling them without lying. >> you have an eight and a ten year old. how do you explain to them what's going on out there? >> somebody didn't maintain a gas field. and now we have got a problem. they say well, can we go home now. and we say well, not yet. we'll be home soon. okay, well, when. >> reporter: do you miss your friends over there? >> yeah, we don't get to see our friends that often over here since we're too far away. >> reporter: the cast family will now commute 40 miles each morning to attend their relocated school. >> we haven't been outside since october. our swing set has cobwebs and it's sad. >> reporter: their once thriving town now a ghost town. mireya, villarreal, cbs news, porter ranch, california.
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financial forcast for 2016. >> glor: the markets open for 2016 tomorrow coming off a 2% drop in the do-w in 2015, the worst since 2008. so what's in store for the financial year ahead from stocks to mortgages, to gas prices, cbs news business analyst jill sha linger. welcome back. we were talking about this, stocks, it wasn't as bad as maybe it could have been this year. >> yeah, and it seemed awful and maybe if you have a lot of the esoteric stuff, some emerging markets or commodity it was pretty bad. but it wasn't a terrible year. for 2016 analysts predict a lot of the same, volatile, probably mid single digits if we're lucky. it is also a presidential year and presidential years going back to 1948, we see a 6.1% increase in the stock market. that's compared to an 8.8% in other years. so maybe there is a lot of pressure on the market coming into the year. >> glor: the fed raised rates for the first time in a long time but the 30 year mortgage went down, what happens next?
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a lot of people saying that rates are probably going to inch up very slowly this year. that said, we've got some data about rents versus buying. still in about 58% of markets the realty tracks cover they say renting is cheaper than buying. that could change in 2016. mortgage rates low, job market continuing to improve, wages increasing. with we might see more people flow floo the housing market. that could be a good time to buy a house. >> glor: we have had an extended holliday with gas prices, what is next there. >> it is amazing, 40% something drop in 2014, another 30% drop last year. we see oil trading at about 37 bucks a barrel. we don't suspect it's going to be much worse. could go down in the 30s, and test that. but for the next year we're looking at about consistent level of prices. gas prices set to average around 2.30, to 2.40. that would be a drop from last year and pretty darn good flus for consumers. >> glor: happy new year. >> happy new jeer. >> glor: dairy prices are expected to rise after blizzards
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cows. farmers are still a session the damage. losses are expected to rise. >> still ahead here, a second
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inspiring comeback kid. >> glor: at least ten people were hurt during an off-road race in argentina after a mini cooper ka recented into a crowd. it happened during trials for the dacar rally, a 5,000 mile 14 day race across the mountains and deserts of argentina and bollive ya. it was one of the most dramatic comebacks ever.
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last night's alamo bowl featured an unlikely hero. >> a shot down the field. >> reporter: from the very beginning, it seemed like oregon's prayers were being answered. by the start of the second quarter, they had a 27-0 lead on texas christian university. tcu struggles seemed obvious. two days before the alamo bowl their starting quarterback trevone boykin was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer after a bar fight. so senior bram kohlhausen, a transfer who had never started a game in his career, and who lost his father to cancer in november, was forced to step up. it wasn't until the second half that kohlhausen truly broke out of his shell and into college football glory. his teammates fed off his energy, mounting an impressive comeback, overcoming a 31 point deficit. at the end of the second overtime, both teams were tied at 41. but kohlhausen scored soon after
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in the third overtime, oregon's last-ditch effort fell short, ceiling game for tcu and their new football hero. kohlhausen dedicated the victory tree to voi kin. >> this will be one i will tell my grandkids, a night i never thought would happen. i honestly just dedicated it to tray, is he the one who showed me how to play like i did tonight. >> it was a remarkable finish from an unlikely player whose recent lost inspired him to play the best game of his life. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. >> glor: a memorial today for the woman known as the hug lady of fort hood, texas. before she died christmas eve elizabeth laird hugged about half a million soldiers heading off to war and returning home. today thousands turned out for her funeral, and a final embrace. coming up, every dog has his day
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>> glor: a dog in pennsylvania doesn't have long to live. so her owner is fridaying to give her as much joy as possible. together they're working their way down a bucket list and sharing it all online. here's jamie yuccas. >> reporter: a drive through the carwash. swimming for the first time. >> nice job, honey. >> reporter: french fries at mcdonald's. and a walk down the aisle. with just months to live, this beagle poodle mix is checking off an 81 item bucket list with her owner todd. reyes is diagnosed with lymphoma just before thanksgiving. >> it was the toughest day of my life. >> reporter: he is posting each adventure to facebook. some are simple. snowman. others are sweet like number 66, take a relaxing bubble bath. and one all dog owners can
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watch a sunset with my best friend. >> reporter: why did you create the bucket list? >> we just wanted to do something that would be special for her in her last days. >> it seems to be striking a chord with people from across the country who write back with words of encouragement. the duo still needs to check off about 30 items. >> i tried to give her as many hugs and kisses and as many treats as she wants. >> reporter: it's a journey no one really wants to take, especially with their best friend. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. >> glor: that is the cbs evening news tonight. later on cbs, "60 minutes." first thing tomorrow, cbs this morning. i'm jeff glor, in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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access.wgbh.orggovernment militia group has taken over a wildlife refuge... and the familiar nevadan rancher... getting involved. > trading in one crowd for another. the new years crowd is out and the c-e-s crowd is in... as the marry-go- round of travelers continues in southern nevada .... what has this new batch of visitors excited for the big show. > possible rain heading to the valley... why this first full week of 2016 could be a wet one./// now, nevada's first choice for edition > the f-b-i is now monitoring a stand off at a national wildlife refuge in oregon... involving the bundy family. it involves a dispute over ranchers rights. the nevada ranchers known for being anti- government plan on
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8 news now's mauricio marin has the latest. (( )) ((mauricio marin)) an armed militia took over the headquarters building at a national wildlife refuge in oregon over the weekend. an american flag draped the welcome sign. ammon bundy....the son of nevada the dozens of people now occupying several buildings on the federal property. the bundy's were involved in an armed confrontation with bureau of land management officials back in 20-14 over unpaid grazing fees on federally owned land in southern nevada. ((ammon bundy/rancher: when govt steps outside of hits bounds that the people have given it, it is the duty of the people to put that govt back in its place. )) ((mauricio marin)) the group is protesting a decision by a federal judge to resentence 73 year old dwight hammond and his 46-year- old son steven. the ranchers were convicted of arson 3 years ago and served time, but a judge ruled their sentences werent long enough.
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