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tv   8 News Now at 5 PM  CBS  January 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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metro after officers mistake a cell phone for a firearm. 8 news now will show you the body cam video of the deadly encounter. why officers say they had to shoot. ((dave courvoisier)) the bundy family takes their showdown with the feds to oregon: ((cliven bundy/rancher: "these people are only there to try to help reestablish their land and their resources and their lifestyle, not to destroy it.")) ((dave courvoisier)) why they say they're lending their support to the hammond family and what authorities are planning to do to get them to surrender. ((paula francis)) not a lame duck: ((president obama- we have tens of thousands of people every single year who are killed by guns. )) ((paula francis)) the executive action president obama plans to take on gun control. and what leading republican leaders have to say about the move./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 5.")) > ((paula francis)) > metro police release body camera footage from a deadly officer- involved shooting on new year's eve. authorities say they had
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wanted for attempted murder. good evening... i'm paula francis. ((dave courvoisier)) and i'm dave courvoisier... thanks for joining us. authorities say the initial information on keith childress being wanted for murder, were not true. ((paula francis)) but they say childress ignored several warnings to stop advancing on officers and that's when they opened fire. ((dave courvoisier)) 8 news now reporter vanessa murphy was there as police updated the case.. she has more. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) dave and paula, metro police say a sergeant at the scene ordered the suspect - keith childress to drop what officers thought was a gun for more than two minutes. when he did not comply, that sergeant and another officer opened fire - hitting childress 5 times. he died at the scene. officers later learned he was holding a cell phone... here's the body camera video from the sergeant....mome nts before the shooting. (( body cam video)) ((vanessa murphy)) the officer
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with metro for about a year according to undersheriff kevin mcmahill... he failed to turn on his body camera which is against policy. that officer may face consequences for that.... that is another part of the investigation. what we also learned - keith childress was facing prison time... he fled arizona....where the charges stemmed from... u-s marshals were searching for him, he ran....they called metro for help and told officers he was wanted for attempted murder. that is not true. however, his criminal record includes kidnapping, armed robbery, and more. i asked undersheriff kevin mcmahill if officers could have handled this differently - he says - the bottom line - officers thought childress had a gun. ((number one: is these officers believed he was armed. number two, you typically wouldn't use a tbser when you're confronting what you believe to
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the distance as far outside the maximum effective range of a taser. )) ((vanessa murphy)) mcmahill says the distance in this shooting was about 40-45 feet. and that a taser is effective within 21 feet. ((vanessa murphy)) both officers involved are on paid administrative leave. last week, we heard from the family of childress. they told us they felt metro's actions were not justified. mcmahill says metro has reached out to the family. and he's been monitoring news reports and social media. metro knows how sensitive this is... especially when again you have a man shot by police who was not armed. mcmahill tells us this is the first time in two years - a suspect who was not armed was shot and killed by metro police. reporting live, vanessa murphy,
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((dave courvoisier)) > the f-b-i says they've taken the lead in trying to resolve a standoff in with armed occupiers at a federal wildlife refuge. ((paula francis)) the group says they took over the facility to show support for two ranchers who were convicted and served prison time for setting fires on federal property. ranchers... dwight and steven hammond... have reported to a southern california prison to serve additional time related to the 2001 fire they describe as a "controlled burn." patrick walker is here with the latest. ((patrick walker)) if you think this looks familiar... you're right. although right now... there is no law enforcement presence at the camp. the group is now calling itself the "citizens for constitutional freedom." some of the key players from the standoff at the bundy ranch in 2014 are in oregon... including the group's spokesman... cliven's bundy's son ammon. < ((nats)) ((patrick walker)) a militia of self-described
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many of them armed... has set up camp in an oregon national wildlife refuge. they've been there since saturday. ((shawna cox/occupier: "we, the people, of these states united, have reason to believe that dwight and steven hammond were not afforded their rights to due process.")) ((patrick walker)) the occupiers say they want the federal government to give ranchers back the land they allege has been stolen from them. ammon bundy monday morning: ((ammon bundy/militia member: "everything that we use and everything we benefit as people comes from the land. and the federal government knows that that's where wealth is generated from and they're taking it and stealing it from the people.")) ((patrick walker)) ammon bundy is bunkerville rancher cliven bundy's son. cliven says his son has been traveling to- and-from oregon for the past two months... as the group has prepared to occupy the wildlife refuge. but... he insists this is a peaceful demonstration. ((cliven bundy/rancher: "these people are only there to try to help reestablish their land and their resources and their lifestyle, not to destroy it.")) ((patrick walker)) the bundy family has been down this road before. april 2014 - a decades-long battle between cliven bundy and
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head... after the bureau of land management began to seize bundy's cattle. heavily armed demonstrators were prepared to clash with equally-armed b-l-m agents. ((sheriff joe lombardo: "i need everyone to have calm heads, calm heads.")) ((patrick walker)) metro police and then assistant- sheriff joe lombardo intervened to diffuse the conflict. cliven bundy says in the case of the hammonds... he believes the harney county sheriff should have stepped in to prevent like lombardo did... to prevent this conflict from escalating. ((cliven bundy/rancher: "the sheriff should have handled this a long time ago and protected the hammonds, and at least given them a chance for a decent hearing.")) > ((patrick walker)) politicians are beginning to weigh in on the conflict... harry reid today condemned the actions. and a few republican presidential candidates are calling for peace. more on that... plus what marco rubio told me when i questioned him about demonstrations like this a few months back... coming up at 6. ((paula francis)) will we be seeing cliven bundy making an appearance in oregon? ((patrick walker)) i asked hi about that...
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and talk to the people in the community at some point... but for now he has no plans to go. /// ((dave courvoisier)) > the situation in bunkerville led to many confrontations with authorities including this one when ammon bundy was tasered by officers: (("whose got the guns? comply, comply, comply. comply with the order. yesir.")) ((dave courvoisier)) th videoposted to youtube in 20-14 appears to show bundy's son, ammon, kicking a k-9 being escorted by federal agents. that prompted police to shoot him with a taser ... and when he didn't fall to the ground, they shocked him again./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a lot of people in the valley woke up to rain showers this morning. and tomorrow we may see more of the same. ashley conroy is here with a first look at your forecast. ashley? definitely anticipating more rain the forecast tonight and into tomorrow. here's a live look outside from our strat cam -- you can see even with the sun going down we still have this cloud coverage. .............................. here's our current temps around the valley -- generally we're in the 50's -- centennial hills you're at 47 degrees -- apex also 47 -- kyle canyon 31 degrees. ..............................
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two systems in the pacific that we're anticipating hitting our area later this week. ........................ we have this general cloud coverage happening through the western portion of the u-s and arizona which is pushing up through southern nevada -- that's where we saw our rain from today. ............................... ...... tonight cloudy skies and we're anticipating a 40-percent chance of showers overnight -- 43 degrees -- so we're a little warmer than average for our overnight temps. ....................... we do have some winter weather watches and warnings going to happen in southern nevada -- i'll let you know what we can expect there coming up. .............................. ((paula francis)) > a former pastor on trial for sexually abusing children. ((dave courvoisier)) we'll tell you why a well- known criminal defense attorney will be prosecuting this case. ((paula francis)) > plus... on the campaign a to starte new year.the message hillary clinton
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and the shakeup in one republican camp.///
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on charges of sexually assaulting children. otis holland is accused of luring young girls in his congregation by offering private counseling sessions. after the allegations came to light, otis fled to mexico... and was later featured on "america's most wanted." he was arrested in tijuana. 8 news now reporter karen castro was inside the courthouse, where jury selection got underway this afternoon. ((karen castro)) the defendant, otis holland, appeared calm and confidant as his defense attorney and the prosecution questioned potential jurors. in a turn of events, a well- known criminal defense attorney is prosecuting the case on behalf of the state. robert langford most recently represented ammar harris in the deadly shooting and crash on the las vegas strip back in 20-13. it's not common to see a defense
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but in this case, langford was asked to step in because there was a conflict of interest with the clark county district attorney's office. steve wolfson, represented holland when he was first arrested by henderson police. this happened before wolfson was elected district attorney in 20- 12. during jury selection, langford read a long lost of potential witnesses who may be called to the stand. among them are law enforcement and three of holland's alledged victims. the youngest one is now 12 years old. defense attorney, carmine colucci, told potential jurors his client has pleaded not guilty to all charges including sexual assault of a minor under the age of 16....and lewdness. he also named one witness who may be called to testify. colucci did not specify if holland will be taking the stand. but prosecutor langford believes the defendant will testify in his own defense. ((karen castro)) jury selection will resume tomorrow. opening statements are expected to begin on wednesday at the very latest. the trial is expected to last about a week. if convicted, holland faces life
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reporting live, karen castro, 8 news now./// ((dave courvoisier)) > taking action. ((paula francis)) how president obama plans to close what many call a "loophole".. which is the lack of background checks for firearms sales at gun shows./// < (("you're watching 8 news now at
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the news of southern ((paula francis)) > president obama says he will not be a lame duck during his final year in the white house. ((dave courvoisier)) sources say he will announce an executive action this week -- expanding background checks on gun sales. the justice department's bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives is issuing updated guidance that says the government can consider someone a gun dealer regardless of where the guns are sold. the guidance aims to narrow the gun show loophole. only federally licensed gun dealers must now conduct background checks on buyers: ((president obama- we have tens of thousands of people every single year who are killed by guns. we have suicides that are committed by firearms at a rate that far exceeds other countries. we have a frequency of mass
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countries in frequency, and although it is my strong belief that for us to get our complete arms around the problem, congress needs to act." )) ((dave courvoisier)) the white house also says the f-b-i will hire 230 more examiners to process background checks. mister obama plans to hold a one-hour town hall on gun control thursday. house speaker paul d. ryan issued a statement calling the president's plan a dangerous executive overreach./// ((paula francis)) > the candidates are wasting no time getting back on the campaign trail as we start 20-16. the iowa caucuses are just four weeks away and democratic front runner hillar clinton is hoping that voters are not apathetic this election cycle: ((hillary clinton when the next president goes into the white
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will be a lot of challenges and opportunities waiting there and i am absolutely determined that we are going to make sure that we have a democrat to succeed president obama so that we don't let the republicans rip away the progress that we have made together." )) ((paula francis)) clinton made those comments during a town hall event in davenport, iowa. right now in iowa, clinton maintains a sizeable lead over her nearest challenger senator bernie sanders./// ((dave courvoisier)) > on the republican side... a former spokeswoman for mike huckabee's campaign has switched teams. alice stewart left as huckabee's cmmunications director less than amonth ago and is now working for senator ted cruz. stewart says she finalized a deal to join cruz as national spokeswoman and senior adviser last week. and she is already on the campaign trail with cruz in iowa today. stewart worked for the last two
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huckabee in 2008 and rick santorum in 2012./// ((weather toss)) < tedd florendo here's a live look from our strat cam -- you can see how cloudy it is right now -- we even have some rain drops on our camera here. currently, it's 52 degrees -- mostly cloudy skies -- and some of you might be getting some light rain drops at this hour. .............................. our weather headlines for the week -- we're looking at a rainy start to 2016, which is always a good thing here in the desert. our temperatures are near normal for early january.
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weather watch that will likely turn into a warning for portions of southern california and eastern california. also, look for that snow in higher elevations. ............................... ... our satellite - radar map shows two systems in the pacific that we're anticipating hitting our area later this week. ........................ we have this general cloud coverage happening through the western portion of the u-s and arizona which is pushing up through southern nevada -- that's where we saw our rain from today. ................................ let's look at that warning map -- we do have winter storm watches for multiple counties all throughout southern nevada -- but i want to highlight where the warnings are -- inyo county in eastern california -- and portions of southern lincoln county. ............................... ...... tonight cloudy skies and we're
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of showers overnight -- 43 degrees -- so we're a little warmer than average for our overnight temps. ............................. tomorrow we have a 50- percent chance of showers -- 54 for our high, so just 3 degrees below normal -- our winds will be pretty calm. ........................ around the valley -- 50's for our highs -- summerlin you're at 49 -- and kyle canyon 42 degrees -- and remember, there's going to be snow up there for the next few days. .............................. here's your 7- day forecast -- we have rain all week long -- temperatures in the 50's to mid 50's so we're not going to be seeing those cold temps -- our lows in the 40's until we hit friday, then we start to get colder lows in the 30's -- > ((dave courvoisier)) > a 19- year old woman has admitted to taking part in the dealdy gym last week.
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kyle staats both face several charges including first degree murder in the death of brian gandler. hippie told police she and staats were out committing car burglaries on the morning of december 29th, when they came across gandler sleeping in his car. according to the arrest report, staats got out of the car with the gun in his hand and knocked on gandler's window. hippie says she heard gandler say, 'don't do it' and moments later she heard a gunshot. hippie says she and staats then left the parking and stole another car./// ((paula francis)) > convicted strip shooter ammar harris was formally sentenced to death today. in november.. ammar harris was sentenced to death for the 20-13 crash that killed kenneth cherry, michael boldon and sandra wasmund. harris appeared in a clark county courtroom this morning and heard his full sentence. besides the death sentence, he was also sentenced on 8 other charges, including attempted murder, discharging of a firearm in a vehicle, and out of a vehicle. harris' defense team now has 30
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sentence, which they plan to do. /// ((dave courvoisier)) > markets fluctuating. ((paula francis)) what you should know about the major sell off on wall street today and how it could affect your retirement plans./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's
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((dave courvoisier)) > there was a big stock sell- off on wall street today. at one point the dow was down more than 450 points after an even bigger drop in china.. the market recovered somewhat, but many are wondering if this is the beginning of a major down- turn in 2016. 8 news now anchor paul joncich spoke to several financial advisors today. paul is it time to hit the panic button? ((paul joncich)) definetly not yet. while many people, including some of the saviest and richest people in the world, have been warning of a big stock market correction, one bad day is not an indicator that it's here. ((paul joncich)) this morning's market drop was triggered by a sell off in china that was due to a negative manufacturing report. china's economy has been
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but analysts point out that our economy is still quite strong. and while we are certainly tied to china in a world economy, there is no indication that our stock market is on the brink of a major correction or plunge. ((christopher jones/certified financial planner: it's very difficult to predict in the short term what type of impact china will have. it's an important economy, but like any short term impact. you know it goes away. long term is what we need to focus on. short term volability is common in every market. )) ((paul joncich)) hopefully, today's market performance is not an indicator of how 2016 will go. but it could be a bad omen... stock brokers have an old saying: as january goes, so goes the year. u.s. stocks have finished the year in the same direction as january 72- percent of the time. ((paul joncich)) the sell off was so steep overnight in china, for the first time ever they the halted trading. the shanghai composite was down 7- percent....which is pretty significant. by comparison, our s & p was down one and a half percent, and
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so tomorrow will be an interesting day. lots of people waiting to see what's going to happen when the market opens./// ((paula francis)) > senator harry reid... prepares to host political heavyweights. tonight at six... the big dinner he's getting ready for... and his role in putting nevada on the national political map. plus... no more clipping coupons! michelle mortensen is on your side with a one- stop shop for deal- seekers... who don't want to spend their sunday's flipping through newspaper ads./// ((dave courvoisier)) > thanks for watching 8 news now at five. ((paula francis)) > the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you at six. ///
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