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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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cabreaking news from 8 news now. > ((dave courvoisier)) > happening right now... officials are looking into why a plane made a hard landing at the henderson executive airport. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier. ((paula francis)) and i'm paula francis. this happened about 30 minutes ago... the henderson fire department just confirmed this information. we're told there are no injuries... and the airport remains open. ((dave courvoisier)) we'll keep you updated on air and online when more information is available./// ((dave courvoisier)) > our other big story is the weather... it's been a grey start to the first full week of 2016... with clouds covering the valley pretty much all day. ((paula francis)) you're looking at a timelapse from just the past few hours... as the clouds hover over southern nevada while... you can barely even see them moving. ashley conroy is in for tedd tonight... are we going to see more rain as the week goes on?
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a grey start to the first full week of 2016... with clouds covering the valley pretty much all day. ((paula francis)) you're looking at a timelapse from just the past few hours... as the clouds hover over southern nevada while... you can barely even see them moving. ashley conroy is in for tedd tonight... are we going to see more rain as the week goes on? we're definitely anticipating more showers for the entire week -- here's our satellite radar map -- we have two systems
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protestors say they aretaving anytime soon.e group... led by bunkerl ncher iven bundy's n ammon...ys they'rprotesting aderal judge's ruling to sendo ranchers to prison. patrick walker explains...politicians are now weighing in on the conflict. patrick walker)) a militia group occupying federal land says enough is enough... after a judge ordered father and son ranchers dwight and steven hammond to return to prison. the pair was convicted of setting fires on federal land... but insist they were conducting a controlled burn. militia spokesman ammon bundy says their occupation is in response to government overreach. ((ammon bundy/citizens for constitutional freedom: "we're going to stay here until we secured the land and the resources back to the people of the county")) ((patrick walker)) senator hay reid monday... acting to eolict inegon. sen.harry reiddnada: "their y will come, th nnotntinue breaking the law like this without anything coming om people who believe in law order.")) ((patrick walker)) id says ontinue..." because this is a disupte with roots in nevada. in 2014.... ammon bundy's father cliven.... was involved in a dispute with federal officials over grazing rights on federal land in nevada. it led to an armed confrontation between the bureau of land management and bundy's supporters...
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sheriff joe lombardo. when i sat down with republican presidential hopeful marco rubio in october... i asked him about the bunkerville conflict. ((patrick walker: "would you say cliven bundy is a person who should be prosecuted or perhaps his supporters who were out there?" sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate (october 9, 2015): "we're a nation of laws, we have, no matter how worthy your cause might be, you cannot violate the law.")) ((patrick walker)) other republican presidential candidates... who generally favor less federal land ownership... are now weighing in on the harney county facility takeover. ((ben carson/(r) presidential candidate: "i don't condone them taking over, you know, federal building. you know, we have better ways of expressing our displeasure than that. but the fact of the matter is there are legitimate grievances.")) ((sen. ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate: "every one of us has a constitutional right to protest to speak our minds. but we don't have a constitutional right to use force and violence and to threatened force and violence on others.")) ((patrick walker)) patrick walker... 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) right now... only members of the media and militia members are at the wildlife refuge. the f-b-i says it has taken the lead in trying to resolve the conflict... but so far...
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stayed away from protestors. the harney county sheriff has called for the occupiers to go home. /// ((paula francis)) > metro police released video from a body camera... that captured a new year's eve officer- involved shooting. in the video... metro police sergeant robert bohanon and officer blake wawaord are seen... and heard... confronting 23- year- old keieih childress. childress was wanted by u-s marshals... out of phoenix... on 10 counts including armed robbery, aggravated assault, and burglary. when police arrived... they told childress multiple times to put up his hands... and not to come towards them. when he ignored those commands and made his way towards officers... they opened fire... killing him. police later found childress was hiding a cell phone in his pocket... not a gun./// ((paula francis)) > the man convicted in the 20-13 deadly shooting on the las vegas strrp was formally sentenced to death today. in november, a jury suggested ammar harris receive capital punishement for the murders of three people who died in the shooting and the fiery crash.
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has reaction from the victim's family. ((per the jury's decision, you will receive um, dea--death as prescribed by law.)) ((karen castro)) ammar harris looked stone- faced as the judge re- affirmed a jury's decision to sentence him to death. his lack of remorse struck a nerve with a family member of one of the victims. ((tehran boldon - victim's brother: the death penalty meant nothing to him. all it means is that he gets to go back to court and he gets to talk to people. he gets to talk, he gets to visit, he gets to breath. he should be dead.)) ((karen castro)) tehran boldon is the brother of michael boldon. the cab driver and his passenger, sandra sutton, were killed in the 20-13 fiery crash on the las vegas strip. harris first shot and killed kenneth cherry... whose car then slammed into the taxi. ((tehran boldon - victim's brother: he's a thug and he needs to be put down like a dog. he's a dog and anybody else who does that needs to be put down.)) ((karen castro)) this is the first time tehran saw his brother's killer since the murder trial. harris decided to skip the verdict...
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((tehran boldon - victim's brother: i thought i had closure. i don't have no closure --- i'll have some closure maybe when he's dead.)) ((karen castro)) the judge gave harris the opportunity to make a statement but he declined. ((tehran boldon - victim's brother: he took three people's lives. the whole, the whole situation is just bad. he should have shown some remorse. i miss my brother every day.)) ((karen castro)) karen castro, 8 news now./// ((paula francis)) harris was also given additional time in prison on other charges in connection to the strip shooting, including attempted murder and discharging a firearm into a vehicle. he will join 80 other inmates on death row in nevada./// ((dave courvoisier)) > harry reid... ready to welcome fellow democrats to the silver state. what he had to say about his legacy in boosting nevada's caucuses... and why he avoided targeting republican front runner donald trump.///
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than a month away from the first presidential caucus. on february first... the iowa caucus will take place. the following week.. on the ninth... new hampshire will hold theirs. then on february 20-th... nevada democrats and south carolina republicans will cast their votes... followed by nevada republicans on the 23-rd. those nevada caucuses are being billed as "the first in the west"... ((dave courvoisier)) > and senator harry reid played a big role in pushing our state towards the front of the line when it comes to the caucuses. ((paula francis)) this wednesday he's hosting a dinner featuring all three democratic primary candidates for president. this comes as those candidates work to win delegates at nevada's february 20-th caucus meetings. review journal columnist steve sebelius is here with more. ((steve sebelius)) harry rd is understandably proud of the nevada caucus. after all, he's the one who worked hard behind the scenes to get nevada moved up to third in
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picking a president. reid said today he wanted his home state to make its choice sooner because nevada is more diverse than iowa or new hampshire, and has much different concerns. and he said the caucus idea has unfolded exactly as he had foreseen. (( sen. harry reid.these caucuses that we kind of take for granted now were not that easy to get. when we started out on this venture we didn't know if we could accomplish what we set out to do, but we did. and it has been great for the country. as i have said many times i wanted to do everything i could to change the pattern of what was happening in presidential politics in america, because iowa and new hampshire control the destiny of my democratic party and that is not the way it should be. )) ((steve sebelius)) reid said candidates are addressing western issues such as tourism and yucca mountain in ways they would not have if nevada wasn't
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and he promised he'd share his endorsement for president after nevadans have their say next month. and reid couldn't resist wading into the republican primary, ignoring front-runner donald trump to focus his fire on marco rubio. reid said the florida senator has been inconsistent on the immigration issue. (( well, it's not only donald trump, look at marco rubio, what a hypocrite! marco rubio, who was one of the four republicans to come up with a comprehensive immigration bill, it was a good bill, we passed it in the senate, how can this man suddenly turn against what he talked... was responsible for doing? it's as if he went into a different sphere of the world. and not only that, rubio is so bad that he even wants to deport dreamers who came here so, it's not just trump that is so anti-
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the charge as far as i'm concerned because he is such a, i repeat a hypocrite! )) ((steve sebelius)) in reply, rubio's spokesman jahan wilcox fired back to accuse reid of distorting the rubio record. he said: "harry reid brought gridlock to the us senate, forced obamacare on the american people and is now spending his final days in office stumping for hillary clinton. his latest outlandish attack on marco rubio is as transparent as it gets. he knows marco is the only republican candidate who can defeat hillary clinton. the fact is marco has always said that we need to secure the border, make e-verify mandatory and implement an entry and exit tracking system. for reid to suggest anything else is simply untrue." ((steve sebelius)) reid said about two thousand people are expected at wednesday's dinner, and all the candidates are slated to address the crowd. ((dave courvoisier)) > keeping more money in your
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in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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ashley conroy here's a live look from our boulder cam, we have mostly cloudy skies right now -- it even looks like a dark night out there. ..................... currently, it's 51 degrees -- we're about 3 degrees colder than this time yesterday. humidity at 66- percent which is helping fuel these showers that will come through tonight. ........................... we reached that official high today of 55 degrees -- right around our normal high for this time of year -- our low was nearly degrees warmer than what we normally see at 48 degrees. ............................. here's our weather headlines for the week -- we're going to see a rainy start to 2016 -- temps will be near normal for early january. we do have that winter storm watch for higher elevations -- above 5- thousand to 55-hundred feet. ........................... our satellite - radar map over the past four hours shows
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throughout our region -- rain in throughout our region -- rain in california, and in arizona -- and this rain you're seeing in arizona is what pushed up here to southern nevada -- -- that's going to be the source of our rain the overnight hours tonight.
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((dave courvoisier)) > the runnin' rebels hit the road this weekend. ((paula francis)) unlv plays twice this week. chris maathuis is here with details on a very important road trip. ((chris maathuis)) it would be tough to salvage a successful season if the rebels dropped both games this week. after suffering that home loss to fresno state... unlv plays at a place dave rice has never won in four years. preview that coming up. plus... top rank's bob arum talks about manny pacquiao's future... and why coaxing floyd mayweather out of retirement, might not be such a good thing. sports is next here on channel 8.
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news music voice over: "from
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> ((chris maathuis)) it's strange to say after just one conference game in the books, but this is a rebels. after dropping that home game to fresno state, unlv now travels to colorado state on wednesday and wyoming on saturday. they've got to at least get a split and their best chance might be at laramie on saturday afternoon. rams are pretty good, cowboys are not. so it's time to regroup and hit the road runnin'. dropping to 0-3 in the league would cripple their chances of winning the regular season title. so it's time to focus. (( )) stephen zimmerman/unlv; "once we come in here it needs to be 100 percent about basketball and about unlv and i think people bring their off court issues onto the court, it' snot good for the team right now, it's a maturity thing."
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is we've got to get the ball into the block dwayne, zimm and carter to the low block, midpost one of those guys to touch the ball, period and that's my job to get it there." ben carter/unlv; "when you lose everything is maginfied everybody trying to find problems went there aren't any.. and trying to figure out what's going wrong. i think once we get back in our rhythm and starting winning some games everything will be fine." both games are on national t-v this week... cbs sports network will carry the games... wednesday's game at fort collins will tip at 7:00 and saturday's tip will be at 3:00 pm from frigid laramie, wyoming. we found out which 12 teams in the nfl will roll into the post season... it's been a strange year with different teams emerging as favorites to win super bowl 50. now that the post season has arrived... it's time to gather a little information from our friends at the books. (( )) jay kornegay/westgat e sports book; "now you look at
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struggling down the stretch. so it's wide open for super bowl. i wouldhave to say patriots are one of the favorites, arizona and carolina, those are the top three teams right now." ((chris maathuis)) and the 2016 historic super bowl 50 will be on cbs... we will be in santa clara for the game... bringing back to las vegas all the excitment of number 50. who knows there are a handful of local high school players still playing in the post season, they may end up at the super bowl. how fun would that be? last week we learned that manny pacquiao will fight timothy bradley for a third time. should be a good fight, the first two were exciting. bradley is working with a new trainer. pacquiao is working on preparing for the fight, becoming a senator in the philippines and maybe looking ahead to a rematch with floyd mayweather. (( )) aside from boxing... bob says take a look at the
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minnesota vikings in the nfl post season... they're a long shot at plus 35-hundred to win the super bowl.
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