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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 9, 2016 5:00am-6:34am PST

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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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this live zbrafk graphic is a sacred trust. that means that what's what you are watching is happening right now. no matter when you watch it. live show comes with certain risks. we have taken certain precautions. if need we we are prepared to cut away to this reassuring graphic. >> for the first time ever "the late show" was actually broadcast live last night. first time in 23 years its withinbeen on the air. >> after the super bowl he'll be live as well.
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kampf" to sell out its first printing in germany since world war ii. blocked from publication for all those deck, the book is now on sale in a heavily annotated two volume edition. >> print run for 4 thousand and received orders for 15 thousand. >> the along before the atrocities of the holocaust, history had an outline. "mein kampf," are ow my",," or my struggle. the nazis printed at least ten million copies. they were sold widely and even handed out to newlyweds and soldiers. when hitler died the allies
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bavarian government. but 75 years later that copyright has expired and "mein kampf" is back in book stores for the first time. this latest printing has some key additions. the german government would only allow an annotated version with academic annals of the test. this exposes the lies and such. >> it's a rant. it is unstructured. it is unreadable. and i think making that open and showing that to potentially interested students is a good thing. >> the publishing house behind the new additionedition says they can't
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controversy sells books. the reaction's been mixed in israel. >> i'm not thrilled that "mein kampf" can be in even wider dissemination around the world given the hateful content that it contains. but on the other hand it is kind of impossible to control speech. and i'm not even sure that we should. >> hitler's original "mein kampf" is already sold widely outside of germany and online. scholars say far from being a fascist bible the new version offers crucial context that exposes a horrific past so history can't repeat itself. coming up the geography of genius. the new book that explains why some places in the world create more brilliant people than others. that is ahead.
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for your weekend. up next, medical news in our morning round. latest recommendations for healthy eating. including stronger warnings about sugar and salt. >> and dr.'s lapook and phillips have the answer to a question for your powerball players out there. can money by you happiness? you're watching "cbs this
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and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life. time now for morning rounds with dr. john lapook and dr. holly phillips. first up federal dietary guidelines released this week could change the way some of us eat and drink. at a time when more than
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overweight or obese. what is the biggest change here is this. >> one of the most dramatic changes is they have included a top limit of the amount of added sugar. it should make up no more than o 10% of our daily caloric intake. these are added sugars. they don't include naturally sugars. to limit the daily caloric intake to less than 10% is basically 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar a day. many soft drinks already have that each serving. they are saying in a thinly people don't
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are in their. >> we're translating it to the reality. holly said 10 to 12 tea spoons of sugar. and less than 2300 milligrams of sodium and that is about a teaspoon of table salt. >> what should be encouraged and what should be avoided. >> one thing i thought was nice about the guidelines is they did in fact focus on overall eating patterns, not just the numbers. they say to increase your lean protein. increase fruits and vegetables. nine out of o ten americans don't eat enough vegetables in a day. we should focus on whole grain, healthy oil, olive and canola and eat less of saturated fats which are primarily found in animal products. limit added sugar and limit the
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>> what are with impacts guidelines like this have on people? impact. but here is an example of why label. this is a piece of white bread. this is a spinach wrap. you might think the spinach wrap is better for you. piece of white bread, 90 calories, no saturated fat. spinach wrap, 210 calories, two grams of saturated fat. how would you know that? you can get faked out. you have to read the labels. at the end of the day you can't just punt it. this is your health. and not just talking about short-term health. we're talking about over 10, 20, 30 years, your risk of all sorts of problems.
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even cancer. >> i would ask if you brought -- >> and just to add to john's point. even if individuals don't focus so much on the guidelines, they still have a huge impact on our society. they help us to make school lunch menus. they have an impact on food assistance programs like wick, and they also impact how our nutrition labels read. so whether or not they we focus on them they are going to have a impact on society. >> a new book the lucky years. john spoke with dr. david about the book and the role that data will play in the future of medicine. own data. the doctor's offices. a patient comes in, we measure everything, draw their blood and
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the doctors office of the future is they come in with their data. we can sit down and do something was -- have a conversation and sit there for that 10, 15 minutes and actually talk about the data instead of calling them a few days later. >> these days everything has to be evidence based medicine. but what you are saying if you gather the data outside that is very important but just having the old fashioned conversations important. and then it can add build up and be combined and rolled up into something called -- it is a dirty word now. as big as. you -- intuition.
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>> -- putthe human brain amazing at looking at something and making judgments. you and i have seen thousands of cases and we can start to say that is going to be more aggressive than that one and we can't always say why but there is something to it. the greatest technology i have by far and away at my fingertips is to go to a patient and say how to you feel? i couple that with my art and it's powerful. the hope is these technologies will make the poor physicians, you know, up to everybody is the same level. and it will be a democratizer for care in our count are you. >> the lucky years is available now for more of the interview go to what a interesting conversation. >> i love. if you let patients talk long you what is the matter. and i love the fact that he's such a scientist. he's so excited.
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he just nails it right where it should be i think. you can combine all the science and fancy stuff and high-tech with the low tech, with touching somebody's hand and what value that has. and by the way, when somebody comes into your office and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, that is not scientific. but you have learned after a long time being a doctor you trust those kind of instincts. >> finally, the beatles sang that "money can't buy me love." but what about happiness? a study of 4600 people find -- >> one thing i found interesting about this is the older people got the more likely they were to value their time over money. it becomes a more valuable resource. the less time we have the more
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we value it. one caveat is millennial seem to really value their time and are asking for more of a balance in the workplace. >> and the old expression, nobody at the end of their life on their death bed ever said if only i had worked more. >> for all the people who will lose the powerball tonight -- thank you both so much. >> from virtual reality to wearable, a future of high-tech at this year's consumer electrons show. that's coming up. everyone needs a bff. even your smile. colgate optic white toothpaste goes beyond surface stains to whiten over 3 shades. in fact, it whitens more than the leading express whitening strip. it's your smile bff. whiten more just by brushing. resolve to turn heads roc retinol. it's up to two times stronger than imitators try roc retinol correxion night cream... after one week,
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now get $5 off hgtv home by sherwin-williams ovation interior paint. the annual consumer electronic show in las vegas is a magnet for tech heads of all kinds. the coolest new products from
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gadgets to electric cars and wearable wearable electronics. here to tell us about this year's themes and some of the biggest surprisers is jason, good morning. >> good morning. >> it looked like there was some really cool car stuff at this show. >> yeah we've all been waiting for the tech industry to get its hooks into the out motive industry for a long time. and that's happened. chevy unveiled its new bolt car. despite the fact that the detroit auto show next week. it's pretty exciting. the deal is everybody's been waiting for a car that costs less than $30 thousand and can go 200 miles between charges. this is an all electronic vehicle. and the bolt looks to be the first to do it. >> there were other cars.
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the faraday future and the lift by gm. >> i'm going to start with lyft. lyft is like uber a ride sharing service. announce they are going to develop a fleet of self driving cars that people don't own but they can beckon to them through an app. and not just that gm is getting into the self driving cars but it is sort of this new model for car ownership. you don't need to own your own car. >> very millennial attitude. >> right. and another company, raised a ton of funding and they unveiled their concept car called the ff 01, it is also all electric. it is a concept car.
5:22 am
these on the road. they have four engines, one behind each tire. and their model is one also where you pay a subscription fee you. stuff. the washer and drier seems like it could be life changing. >> yeah. we've been hearing about the connected home forever. and instead of these big platforms what you are starting to see are individual devices that are a little more modest about what their connectivity is. so there is a new washer drier called marathon. it is all in one. there are a few of those out there already. it has connectivity in it. it has things like a camera in it. an app that is associated with it. but it doesn't give a hard sell on the connectivity. that is sort of almost a trojan horse, to see where kiktivity goes. and these be able to add that as
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i recommend nature made fish oil. because i trust their quality. they were the first to have a product verified by usp. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended fish oil brand. someone out there is just six numbers from striking it rich. really rich. the much anticipated powerball tonight at 1059 p.m. eastern time. the winnings easily take the top spot. though if you win nearly all
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taking the one-time cash payout. that brings you down to 496 million dollars. of course everyone who bought a ticket already thinks they are a winner. >> this is it. >> yeah. winning ticket. >> those are the ones right there. >> i'm gonna have a lot of money. ha ha ha. >> so the odds are 1 in 292 million. we want to give you an idea how long those odds are. there are 51 million pixels in this monitor and we have hidden a single red pixel. >> you have better odds finding it blindfolded using only a pin than winning the lottery. >> have you bought a ticket. >> i'm one of those guys i never get any numbers. >> i pougt you a ticket. >> so nice. >> up next, the golden globes. it is happening tomorrow night
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and we have a preview for you. for some the local news is next. the rest stick around. you are watching cbs"cbs this morning saturday". new money versus old money. i'm blue collar guy come up from humble begins who's made a lot of money. represents the american dream. poole's character is a u.s. attorney who's very ivy league has decided to take little money to fight in the public's name. so he believes in doing wrong things. i think he should stay out of my turf and we go. >> it opens with a kinky sex scene so i thought i'm not going
5:29 am
accent. >> my accent. >> how you decided which new york accent you were going to do. >> generous of you. as long as i have some kind of new york accent. >> no you do? >> i thought i great i can do my joe pesci impression. i was going to be doing this whole time and i did try that about half a day and brian and david t show's creators took me to one side and went, okay. so this is fine. but it is not our show. so this guy is from yonkers, okay? so in the end i decided that the rhythms and the emphasis and the way that new yorkers speak with that great emphatic quality with pace and with speed was the most
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so i hope i've done that. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." i'm anthony mason. >> and a i'm vinita nair. hollywood's first big award show of the year is tomorrow night. the preview of the golden dploebs. >> from superman to batman, superheros are super popular. we'll show you a new exhibit honoring those who invented these classic characters. >> and vacations like a super star for super cheap. travel experts have the secrets. >> top story, there are calls for a recaptured mexican drug lord to be extradited to the
5:31 am
the mexican government paraded joaquin guzman, el chapo, on mexican tv last night. >> mexican marines captured him on friday. he's wanted in six u.s. states and officials will likely push to have him extradited to this country for trial. violence against police has taken a new turn in this country after a philadelphia police officer was ambushed. eleven shots at close range, he managed to subdue the suspect despite being shot in the terrorism.
5:32 am
in silicon valley they announced the creation of the task force using social media to recruit followers. in chinaiciouss are stwars"star wars" opens. hollywood kicks off its self congratulations season tomorrow night the golden globes and stars big and small will turn member members. here to predict the top movie honors is matt singer, managing editor and critic for screen crush dotcom. good morning. amy. >> yes and the big story will be who he defends. given his performance in previous years.
5:33 am
guaranteed to be a few people. the other big story is going to be who win asks how that effects the oscar race. they are different groups. the oscars and the globus. the ostcars is the academy. the globes are chosen by less than a hundred journalists. it can be fun because it is hard to predict. >> this is the first sort of handicapping event we have right here. best drama. >> i'm going with spotlight in this category. for the reason it is a movie about boston globe reporter whose uncovered this sex abuse scandal and it really celebrates journalists so as a result not surprisingly journalists tend to respond very favorably. and who votes? a hundred journalists. >> especially when the
5:34 am
is this your choice. >> my choice would probably be mad max fury road. incredible achievement in action and cinematography. it really elevated the block buster movie to high art i thought. >> let's talk about best actor in a motion picture drama. serve talking about leonardo dicaprio dicaprio. >> you read the stories how hard it was to make the head lines. you read that ledo it a raw bison liver and slept in an animal carcass and lived to tell the tale. voters sort of respond to that sacrifice, dedication to the craft. and leonardo has won a few
5:35 am
>> who's getting best actress in a drama. >> i'm going with brie larson. she is one of the most exciting young actresses in a long time. comedy, drama. this is an intense movie. a great performance. >> i read this book and i couldn't put it down. it is so good if you haven't read the book also. let's talk best picture comedy or the musical. >> i'm going with the big short. it has some substance there. it is a funny movie but angry. about the economic collapse. it is funny but it is maybe the time timeliest of the bunch.
5:36 am
always goes over well with voters. >> i'm still trying to figure out "the martian." >> you didn't enzwroi story of a man trapped on mars? >> and let's look at musical. >> another very competitive category. i'm still thinking about matt damon. he's up for best actor in a comedy. he's so hilarious in that movie. but again, the golden globus. >> we have bestes. >> we have best actor up here. >> there really isn't a strong
5:37 am
matt damon in the maurgs isrtian is. >> who do you think takes best actress. >> jennifer lawrence. >> we all love jennifer lawrence. >> yeah. three movies with the david o russell. two golden globes already. i think this is going to be the third. >> let's look at best supporting actor. >> it's funny. just a few months ago you had me on to to a holiday movie preview and i said then i think sylvester stalone might win an oscar for krooed. and oh that would be crazy but i think it is going to happen. >> best supporting actress. >> jane fond disagreea. maybe mott the showiest performance. but hasn't fwhon a long time and is due for recognition. >> round one of the awards battle. >> it has begun. >> matt singer thanks so much.
5:38 am
and cheryl underwood from the talk will be taking over ore cbs this morning twitter feed. here is a look at the weather for your weekend. >> up next, if you want to find a gene us, you have to know when and especially where to look. a new book offers a detailed guide. the geography of genius. we'll talk with the author.
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a certain word gets thrown around a lot these days. >> genius, genius. >> genius. >> that is a genius of america. >> the pull off this genius routine one has to be a genius. >> he's a genius. >> i am.
5:43 am
come from? author eric winer traveled around the world hoping to answer that question. the geography of genius, published by simon and schuster, a division of cbs. good morning. >> good morning. >> i think we all have this romantic notion of what a genius is. but you say it is a tern place and a certain time. >> it is. there are two big myths when it comes to genius. one is that the genius is born. they just pop out say playing piano at three like mozart. but i really believe that genius is grown in the soil and that place does matter. and if you look at the world map and where geniuses have popped up it is not randomly. they are in groups, or genius clusters as i call them. >> genius clusters.
5:44 am
genius clusters in the morning. whether florida or athens or slk val it takes a stoicity to raise a genius. preem conversing and it's a genius connotation >> is it the dialogue that is happening in these clusters of very intelligent people that breeds the genius? >> it's the dialogue and in a way it is everyone. the people in these places act as kind of co-geniuses. their ideas are supported by others.
5:45 am
but his patron was lorenzo me deechy. and he said hey kid you have talent. come live with me. i'm going to support you. i'm going to back you. and were it not for him you may not know mile angelo. >> -- refugees or immigrants. what happens there? >> the traditional story of the immigrant success is they just work hard because they are motivated but i think there is more to it. the image is an of an outsider. they have a fresh perspective but they are insiders at the same time. so they occupy a sweet spot in culture. they are an insider/outsider. someone who brings a new idea but is accepted enough so their ideas resonate. you need both happening at the same time. >> interesting given the debate at immigrants and their status. >> look at the list of geniuses
5:46 am
who were immigrants or refugees. the list goes on and on. >> after studying you have a of these different places here and abroad is there something you can do to make your surrounds? >> i guess we have to stop thinking of genius as gift from the gods. you are either born with it or you are not. i think we also have to stop thinking of it as something that happens exclusively on the individual level. there is a sort of group genius that is going on. and it is part of the public good. we get the geniuses that we want. and that we deserve. and we're all in it together. >> you also make the point creativity is contagious. the por more you put it together the more it makes. >> and we're having a creative conversation right now so hopefully it is rubbing off. >> the geography of genius is on sale right now. >> up next, the founding fathers of superheros. a new museum exhibit is unmasking the inventors of the these classics. that's ahead.
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>> bruce wayne meets clark kent. i love it. i love bringing been captivated by the adventures of superheros. the block busts such as bat man versus superman out in march. the drama has never been more popular but how did it begin? mark albert takes us there. >> reporter: on a street conner in gotham this black modified ford galaxy has the power to freeze people in their tracks. one of four bat mobiles creat for 1960s bat man tv show.
5:51 am
and it is the bait to pull you to the exhibit at the new york historical society called "superheros in gotham". >> i love this. >> this would stop traffic anywhere. >> nina the exhibit's co-curator. >> it is great to see them line up and just ogle it. >> it is a show stopper. >> it is beautiful. >> generations of fans have fallen in love with not just the caped crusader and his ride but with the whole universe of superheros. gotham may be a made up world but the hold on us is real. >> what did you think when you walked? jeffrey and his fourth grade class are solme of the 4 thousand students will be whisked through the exhibit in the months to come. how many comic books do you have? you have to think about it.
5:52 am
you have counting. more than five? >> twenty-five? >> five comic, boosks. >> they know who all the superheros are and yet they don't know their history. and i think will it give them ideas in terms of creating some of their own comic books or art. >> you want them to be inspired. >> we definitely do. >> that comes from seeing the humble begins of the extraordinary creators and the men who created them. >> bat man number one. for example bat man's solo debut in may 1939 or superman in action comics number one. original sketches, the 1939 roil typewriter made of steel that gave birth to the man of steel. and the television showed a
5:53 am
the truth behind how the stories began is as sfantsfantastical as the tales they would tell. many born at a time when a country needed heroes. >> these were tanlers. >> yes. they are very young and they are looking for work. they were often discriminated upon because they were sons of immigrants. most all of them sons of jewish immigrants. so some cloaked themselves, changing their names to fit in. and get published. stanley lieber became stanley. jacob became jack kirby.
5:54 am
and the bob cain. and joe schuster even reportedly used more than one pseudonym. from this first superman cartoon in 1941, superheros would eventually take flight as the gravity denying media juggernaut we know today. comics have proven so commercially indestructible, disney bought marvel for $4 billion in 2009. and it's kept an endless line of films coming. super girl on cbs debuted as the season's most watched new show. and the comics inventionconventions known
5:55 am
estimates put sales at $875 million, a record. >> we want people who become artists at some point to realize that it is possible. and everyone has to start somewhere. >> even this daydreaming nine-year-old who drew bat man in his he drewbrew schoolbook. >> only way i could compensate was to draw become a super hero in my own way. >> a half century after the doodle of the dark knight he used bat man again for this memorable cartoon in 197. >> why are you still captivated by superheros. >> you never lose that initial fascination with cartoons. >> and those adults are passing that fascination on to their
5:56 am
first time you don't need superpowers to change the world. >> i do feel inspired in them in that way that you can become kind of bigger than you think you are. >> and the ability to leap tall obstacles with just a sickngle bound. >> the kpiktexhibit at new york historical society runs through february 21st. i went with my son last weekend. we were just drawn in. >> did you give him the lecture about how his past could effect his future like with the creators. >> he gets that lecture every week. >> and coming up. we have tips on how you can visit some of the priciest travel destinations on the planet without breaking the
5:57 am
morning saturday." >> did you come out of this with a different sense of you and what was important? >> all the actors involved. there for nine months in sub zero temperatures in calgary. real locations. far off locations. we looked at this as the grand artistic experiment. we'd never been apart of something like this. we rehearsed all day long to pull off some very crucial and hard to do shot asks then we'd have an hour and a half of natural light and it became like live theater at end of the day this frenetic pace, this intensity we needed to keep up with. but for all of us it was just about allowing ourselves to put
5:58 am
our trust in somebody else's unique process. and that is what this was for us as actors. but a lot of this was thought about beforehand in great detail. but we need to give ourselves over completely to something entirely new. and you know it created a great camaraderie between the cast and crew and director. >> but also the most demanding and toughest experience you have had as an actor? by nature of -- >> by nature of doing a movie, yeah this was certainly the toughest dpim i've estest film i've ever been a part f. >> and the amazing thing about this performance. you have probably said less in this film than any film you have done. it is about expression and about pain and it is about all the things that you do with your eyes and your body. >> that was what was interesting
5:59 am
onset was how to push timing is everything as the saying goes. and now thanks to a price analysis by the website trip adviser you can save big on travel to some of the world's priciest destinations simply by knowing the most affordable time of year. >> good morning. here with when and where great ideas. the first one is aspen, colorado. when should you go. >> aspen obviously is a ski destination. but that is the expensive time to go. it is the playground of the rich and famous. if you go in the spring you can save 74% and there is lots of
6:00 am
save a lot of money. >> i've done it actually not in season and there is great hiking. >> it is beautiful and lots of festivals too. >> and people always worry about bad weather when booking off peak. but in miami beach there is a window that works. >> late june. miami is hot hot hot because of the weather. it is also hot for people watching and the bar scene and night life. but you can cool off in the water during the day and go out at night. >> and san diego, you have a specific time to go. >> in san diego, november and december. you can rent a vacational rental and save $3 thousand,000 versus going in the summer and the spring. and you can take that and put it towards another whole vacation. >> and you say going in mid
6:01 am
february is the bargain moment. >> you can save through a vacation rental 70% by going in february. it is not going to be hot and the thing about san torini is there are these cavelike homes built in the cliffs that you can rent and we have hundreds of them you can rent on the site. and i say go do something unique you have never done before. >> vineyards. >> vineyards and ancient ruins and trails and the food amazing. and wine too. >> another popular location, to the best of your recollection and kay-- turks and caicos. >> all the vacation rentals have a beach, private beach or a pool and it is walking distance. start planning now. get on the site and start researches.
6:02 am
>> here is one of my favorite destination, london and summer is the peek. but there is tall window in the summer that is not pricey. >> one week. our july 4th where the kids in the u.s. are out of school but in the u.k. they are not yet until faw weeks later. so that is the peek time to go. and you can save about 40% off also on a vacation rental. and it is the time to go and look at the parks and look at all the museums. london is great but it is really expensive so some people just can't afford to go. so you can now. >> and also looks like the largest annual flower show takes place there the 5th through the 10th. worth seeing. >> and lots of shows. like broadway. >> and last but not least is st. mart maarten. >> i will tell you that this is
6:03 am
one of those islands where you can island hop because it is close to all the other islands. it is very european in feel. it has the french side, the dutch side and the similar so strong against the euro. so you can really stretch dollar even more by going. one that i scouted three bedroom, three bathroom, views of st. barts and the ocean. it is gorgeous. i was e-mailing my friends yesterday saying let's all go in. because it ends up per couple. if there are three couple, $130 a night. you cannot book a hotel for that price. >> -- won't have so do so much begging and pleading. >> i'm sure not. >> debra, thanks so much. >> thanks.
6:04 am
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chef chohan was born and raised in india. and at home she wouldn't just eat she would run to the kitchen and ask the kitchen what they were making. in nashville, globally influenced cuisine is served. she's a regular judge of the food network's hit show chopped and a james beard award of excellence winner. her first book is "flavors of my world" a culinary tour through 35 countries. >> i love those old picture, they are fabulous. >> oh my gosh.
6:08 am
dorky and embarrassing but love to share them. >> good for tv. >> exactly. >> tell us what you brought here. it smells delicious. >> tours around the world with an indian flare. the most important thing is the drink. lemon cello and a -- chile singapore crab inspired from brazil and from france port au 'creme. >> and on sundays you would go to the market with your father? >> in india my dad had a scooter
6:09 am
us going to the farmers market. and it used to be amazing because we knew each and every vendor and had a relationship with each and every vender and my dad would say the same joke every sunday. we'd go to get the potatoes and onions. and he would tell my dad should i pack five for you and my dad would be like i'm not cooking for her wedding. same joke, same answer. but such endearing memories. >> you kid hotel management. what made you cross over. >> cooking was always my first love. my parents say i was born with a ladle in my hand. and in india to become a chef you have to do hotel administration. and that is what i did. when i was in school over there they asked what i want too do next and i asked any instructor
6:10 am
go to in the entire world and without batting an eyelid he said the culinary institute of america. and i came here and when i came over here i was so fascinated with the fact that the perception of indian food was so different in america than it is in india. so that is where the journey into indian food started. >> how did you settle in nashville? >> good question. my partners approached me to open a place in naflshville. and i thought who goes to nashville? >> now everybody. >> now everybody. and it was love at first landing. i found the answer. it was me who goes to nashville.
6:11 am
the southern hospitality is amazing. the food scene is amazing. as the booming and exciting city to be in. >> we love having you on chopped. if you could have this meal with any person past or present who would that person be? >> oh my gosh, i have to say my two biggest critics. my son and my daughter, and my husband. >> chef, thank you very much. for more on the dish please head to our website at cbs and go to facebook. >> stay with us. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." the flu virus. it's a really big deal. and with fever, aches, and chills,
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a sold out tour in the u.s. >> and three grammy nominations including best new artist and best rock song for his hit "hold back the river" and best rock all bum for his cd chaos and the calm. james mc -- with his new single "let it go." from walking home and talking loads to seeing shows in evening
6:16 am
drunk to staying up and waking up with you but now we're sleeping at the edge need all the delusion in our heads is gonna bring us to our knees so come on let it go-oh-oh just let it be-e-e why don't you be you-ooh ooh and i'll be me everything that's broke leave it to the breeze why don't you be you and i'll be me
6:17 am
from throwing clothes across the floor to teeth and claws and slamming doors at you if this is all we're living for why are are we doing it doing it doing it doing it more i used to recognize myself it's funny how reflections change when we're becoming something else i think it's time to walk away so come on let it go just let it bo why don't you be you
6:18 am
and i'll be me everything that's wrong leave it to the breeze why don't you be you and i'll be me. and i'm be and i'll be me trying to fit your hand inside of mine when we know it just don't belong there's no force on earth could make it feel right no, whoa trying to push this problem up the hill when it's just too heavy to hold i think now's the time to let it slide so come on let it go
6:19 am
why don't you be you whoa ooh and i'll be me and everything that's broke leave it to the breeze let the ashes fall forget about me come on let it go oh oh just let it be, e, e why don't you be you ooh ooh and i'll be me and i'll be me >> don't go away. we'll be right back with more music from james bay. you are watching "cbs this
6:20 am
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tomorrow on cbs sunday morning, norman lire looks back and will talk about his new comedy. >> and tomorrow norah o'donnell gets to know don king, jr. and visits the brooklyn school where he was a student. >> and this is the grammy nominated "hold back the river"
6:24 am
try to keep you close to me but life got in between tried to square not being there but think that i i should have been hold the river let me look in your eyes hold back the river so i can stop for a minute and see where you hide hold back the river hold back
6:25 am
we road our bikes into the sky but now we're caught against the tide those distant days all flashing by hold back the river let me look in your eyes hold back the river so i can stop for a minute and be by your side told back the river hold back hold back the river let me look in your eyes hold back the river so i can stop for a minute and see where where you hide hold back the river hold back
6:26 am
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh lonely water lonely water won't you let us wander let us hold each other lonely water lonely water won't you let us wander let us hold each other hold back the river let me look in your eyes hold back the river so i can stop for a minute and be by your side hold back the river hold back hold back the river let me look in your eyes hold back the river so i stop for a minute and be by
6:27 am
your side hold back the river hold lonely water lonely water won't you let us wander let us won't you let us hold each other lonely water lonely water won't you let us wander let us hold each [ applause ] >> for more about cbs this
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