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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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((dave courvoisier)) ((mauricio marin)) ((denise valdez)) > we check in
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second part of our team coverage. it's a busy friday night on the strip and the shooting created a lot of confusion. vanessa, what have you been hearing? ((vanessa murphy)) (( john evans/heard shots fired:
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walking down the street and heard really loud noise and immediately i went, uhhh.. that's not the sound the bellagio fountains make. sounded like a large caliber handgun." )) ((vanessa murphy)) heard the shots from across the street started looking around to see if people were running almost immediately, multiple police on scene knew it was a gunshot and something was going on. thought at first it could possibly have been bourne movie, but police were there so fast, knew it was real. ((vanessa murphy))
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((dave courvoisier)) > social ((dave courvoisier)) > social media is blowing up with video and pictures from the scene... we've been tweeting out information at 8 news now... look for the hashtag "strip shooting"./// ((denise valdez)) > tonight, the mid-atlantic east coast is dealing with what's shaping up to be a historic blizzard. ((dave courvoisier)) the massive storm could dump as much as three feet of snow on the nation's capital. falling at a rate of two to three inches an hour. ((denise valdez)) the storm has already been blamed for multiple deaths... and drivers are being told to stay off the roads. and this storm is far from over... tedd florendo is here with the latest on this storm's power./// ((tedd florendo)) >in some areas the storm just starting picking up steam. the storm will not be over in just one night either.
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posibsy some coastal flooding as well. ((tedd florendo)) >there are still numerous weather alerts from tenness all the way up to connecticut. winter storm warnings stretch from tennessee all the way up to pennsylvania. ............................... ........... but it's the nations capital that could get hit the hardest with blizzard warnings now in effect from there all the way now up to philly to new jersey. there are also coastal flood warnings, because this storm offshore could bring a storm surge with strong winds and high tide combining for flooding through the jersey shore and delaware beaches and delmarva. ............................... ................ it's size is big. with the heaviest snow now coming down in virginia and and now into d-c. areas of ice can be seen in north carolina and southern virginia. this storm is going to cause all sorts of problems for the east coast paul and denise.
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tied to el nino in any way? qe ((denise valdez)) thousands of flights have been canceled in d-c... new york... and several other east coast cities. ((dave courvoisier)) and because of that... can't get home tonight. we counted at least a dozen flights that were canceled out of mccarran because there's simply no safe way for planes to land in this weather. mccarran officials told us they expect the impact to extend into next week. complicating thing further... this is a major convention weekend with five sizeable shows
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200-thousand passengers expected to be trying to leave. one stranded passenger we spoke to said he stll has to get home, so he's taking matters into his own hands: (( jesse patterson/strande d passenger: "i'm going to cleveland, ohio, and then i'm renting a car, and i think it's about a 10 hour drive, so the flight's about 5, so about 15 hours ( ((dave courvoisier)) the airport says to check your flight status before you head to mccarran. many airlines are trying to work with passengers to waive change fees./// ((denise valdez)) > excitement is building for the upcoming super bowl. football fans will find out this weekend which two teams will battle for the world championship. ((dave courvoisier)) but local fans who subscribe to cox cable might have to make other plans if they want to watch the game. it will be carried live by cbs and channel 8, but unless something changes in the next few days, the game will be blacked out for cox subscribers, along with everything else that airs on klas. ((denise valdez)) george knapp reports on the contract dispute
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here's some real-life daytime drama for you. things are about to get a lot less bold and considerably less beautiful for cox cable customers. after january 29th, cox customers will be blocked from watching their favorite programs on channel 8. the price won't be right in the mornings. and in the evenings, say goodbye to alex trebek's jeopardy brain twisters or vanna white's stylish letter- turns on wheel of fortune the most popular prime time programs on the nation's most watched network will vanish when klas is taken off the menu...the big bang nerds...the sleuths of ncis...and tom sellecks iconic 'stash. klas g.m. lisa howfield does not want to be on the air talking about this. lisa howfield/ klas general manager: i'm doing this because i don't want viewers to go to their tv and turn it on next saturday morning or late friday night and
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but, she says, it looks like that's where things are headed. it means nevada's most watched local news station, 8 news now, would be gone. this sunday's 60 minutes will be the last for cox subscribers....a nd if no agreement can be reached soon, the biggest television event of the year...super bowl 50..will not be carried by cox, which is the service provider for about half of all viewers in southern nevada. cox customers would have to make other arrangements..s witch to another provider or try your luck with rabbit ears. lisa: if you are a cox customer and don't make arrangements, there's a very good chance you will not be able to see super bowl 50. like other cable systems, cox pays fees to rebroadcast original content. the biggest chunk of your monthly cable bill goes to pay for espn...8 bucks a month per customer....t.n.t gets 1.65 per customer. local providers, including klas and the other network affiliates, get a tiny fraction
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stations are the biggest draw for cable systems. howfield says, after 5 months of intense negotiations, cox is unwilling to pay a fraction of what channel 8's programming generates for the cable company. lisa: it's crazy. broadcasters bring about 35% of the audiences to any given cable system around the country and we get around 12% of those retransmission revenues. ... that.... howfield says cox stormed out of the last negotiation session and is unwilling to budge, even though the other local providers...incl uding satellite companies..alre ady agreed to a deal. cox declined to appear on camera but in a statement the company said it is willing to pay more but thinks that the demands made by nexstar, the parent company for klas, are "unreasonable". howfield is asking that klas
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them to settle this lisa: we're really upset at this point. we don't want our viewers to have to go through this but we're really at the point where we need people to rally around us and help us out on this. george knapp 8 news now > ((denise valdez)) on our website, we have posted information about how you can reach out to cox either by phone or social media. you can also read a full statement from klas and comments sent by cox communication s. again, the deadline is january 29th. after that cox will no longer carry any channel 8 programming including this newscast./// ((dave courvoisier)) > traffic remains shut down on the las vegas strip right now... but metro is now telling us that could change soon. mauricio marin has a live report one when the roads could be opening up again... right after this short break.///
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"this is breaking news from 8 news now." ((denise valdez)) > traffic remains closed north and southbound on the las vegas strip after an officer-involved shooting outside the bellagio earlier this evening. ((dave courvoisier)) police now police now telling us they could be ready to open up the road again soon. mauricio marin is live on las vegas boulevard... he just spoke with metro and has an update for us. mauricio?
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((tedd florendo)) < ((>cloudy skies outside today with temps staying cool in the high 50's this afternoon through many neighborhoods. winds staying light for now but will pick up tomorrow and we're certainly cooler than yesterday. ............................... ................. temps this afternoon shot back up to the high 50's today with charleston. near 60 late day for those areas on the east side of town where we're lower in elevation so therefore usually the warmest henderson. ............................... ................ regional temps show mild
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for laughlin today and cool conditions from mesquite to searchlight. chilly for areas from tonopah through pioche. colder in ely and the northern part of the state. ............................... ............................ clouds streaming in from the west right now with showers in california and near reno. big spin the atmosphere shows the the system which will change up our weather. how? first increase in winds and then a chances for show later in the day with snow and rain in the mountains. slight chances for sunday morning but we turn more sunny late sunday. ............................... .............................. all eyes are now focused on the east coast. where snow is stretching from tennesse all the way up to pennysylvania. darker blues here indicate heaviest snow bands now in virginia, west virgina and now
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philly. ice can see in the carolinas clearly seen. ............................... ............................... ... snow totals are going to be big. by sunday late we could see totals up to 2 fee in d-c and baltimore. newark as well with over a foot in philly, and maybe more in new york. ............................... ............................... ... tonight 44 for the low with dry. winds stay light as well. tomorrow expect a high of 61 and mostly cloudy skies with showers later in the day. winds increasing and becoming breezy at times as well. ............................... ............................... .... mount charleston showing 43 for the how and 23 for the low. cloudy skies with both rain and snow likely. along with gusty winds later in the day. ............................... ......................... extended forecast show temps near average this weekend and early week. breezes on tuesday and look at the numbers for late week with highs climbing to the mid 60's and some neighborhoods could
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((denise valdez)) > the village of whitesboro in new york state is changing its city's seal... after some pressure from a comedy program. whitesboro has long kept this racist. it depicts a white man and a native american man in some sort of scuffle. the village maintained that it match... but many pointed out that it looks like the white man is choking the native american. the village initially refused to change the seal... but after comedy central's "the daily show" did a couple of satirical stories about it... the mayor has changed his mind. whitesboro will now work with the oneida indian nation to discuss the creation of a new emblem./// ((denise valdez)) >it's pretty cool when the most decorated nfl player in las vegas comes home. ((dave courvoisier)) gerald riggs came back to be honored. chris maathuis joins us with more on the homecoming. ((chris maathuis)) he's a super bowl winner and a super nice guy. riggs came back to bonanza his alma
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years... i'll tell ya why. plus... the sports books are gearing up for huge weekend. more coming up next on channel 8. "from 8 news now, this is sports
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and lets start with the runnin' rebels tonight... they're heading to reno as 5 1/2 point favorites over the wolf pack. it's a credit to this group, losing a coach, then rallying to win 3 in a row. the makeup has changed... and maybe that's just what this team needed. same faces, maybe louder voices in the huddle... stacey augmon, who's normally ththquiet teacher, seems to be a little more vocal. todd simon/unlv interim head coach: 'staff has been tremendous, getting players going. rehashing what our plan is, stacey is a passionate firey coach he's gone a tremendous job with these guys... the talk and the fire sometimes have to come from coaches." the rebels have scored 80 or
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1999-2000 season. their game tomorrow against the wolfpack tips off at 7 pm on espn u. with the nfc and afc title games on sunday, it's going to be interesting to see how the sports books do... remember last year it was a books. again. denver... .or arizona or carolina. everything seems to be pointing to yet another big weekend. randy blum/westgate sports book manager: " it's gets pretty packed in here we also have the theater available for extra seating. but if you're coming down expect the big crowds... yeah wee have props on each game., basically player props, total yards passing by the quarterbacks., total yards by receivers and then some team props as well, for example will each team make a 33 yard field goal, what will the first score of the game be stuff like that." it looks like the weather won't affect the game in carolina , they're expecting a high of 40 and lots of sunshine although it
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and it's supposed to be real nice in denver on sunday. the first game on sunday kicks off just after 'noon' here on channel 8... denver at home is still a 3 point underdog. then the afternoon game has arizona visiting the panthers, who are favored by 3. ((chris maathuis)) it was fun catching up with former bonanza running back gerald riggs. he came back to his school for the first time in over 30 years... he was a beast in high school he was here to present the school with a golden 50th anniversary of the super bowl football. then the school honored the former nfl running back and super bowl winner with a plague and retired his number. gerald riggs/nfl great: "this has to be the coolest man because this is where it all started to come back and see all the guys then to see them retire your jersey in high school get a chance to present the school with something that took you through with a football it was just special." ((dave courvoisier)) > a live update from the las vegas strip
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right after this.///
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news from 8 news now." ((dave courvoisier)) > las vegas
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an officer involved shooting. ((denise valdez)) they expect to reopen soon... vanessa murphy is live on the ground with the latest. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) ((dave courvoisier)) > the 8 news now living green super recycling event is tomorrow at the thomas and mack from 8 to 3 you can recycle all sorts of elecetronics.
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we hope to see you there./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us live at eleven. join sharie johnson here tomorrow night. ((denise valdez)) the late show with stephen colbert is next. you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ead and stay ahead.
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that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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>> stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: thank you very much. thank you so much. please! thank you so much!
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