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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 11" > ((dave courvoisier)) > a developing situation in oregon tonight... federal officials and members of the militia holding fort at the malheur national wildlife refuge crossed paths... leaving one dead and several others arrested. thanks for joining us, i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez in for paula tonight. both ammon and ryan bundy are among those arrested... and one of the brother was wounded. our patranya bhoolsuwan has the details of the shootout and spoke with cliven bundy tonight about what happens next. patranya? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) dave and denise... the f-b-i and oregon state police issued a joint statement tonight saying that they initiated an operation this afternoon to bring the militia members into custody. multiple sources say the militia members were driving and not on the refuge property when officers attempted to pull them over to execute an arrest. during the arrest attempt, those shots were fired. we've learned tonight that lavoy finicum was the man who was killed -- he's been a vocal
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to oppose the federal government there in oregon. (( lavoy finicum/deceased militia member: "this is not just a little occupation. this is a movement that is taking place across the country." )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) ryan will survive. in total, eight individuals with ties to the militia were arrested -- one of them in arizona. i spoke with cliven bundy on the phone earlier tonight. he says ammon called his family from the back of the police car and this is what he had to say about the deadly confrontation: ((cliven bundy/cattle rancher: "he says he had his hands in the air told him he wasn't armed and they went ahead and shot him i don't know how many times but they shot him as far as i know he's dead.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) bundy says his sons were on a mission to help and educate other ranchers and have no intention of creating violence. he says lavoy finicum, the man who died, was a rancher in arizona who had a wife and children. and his death shows the government has gone to far: ((cliven bundy/cattle rancher: "the federal government is trying to prove a point here
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that they have authority over that land that's what they are trying to do." )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) the fbi says all of the defendants, including the bundy brothers, face federal felony charges of conspiracy to impede officers of the u-s from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats. they are working with the harney county sheriff's office in oregon... oregon state police... and the united states attorney's office for the investigation. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) now, late this evening another development to this story involving assemblywoman michele fiore... she's a big supporter of the bundys and is also running for congress. fiore tweeted that her heart goes out to lavoy finicum... claiming he was murdered and had his hands up when he was shot dead by federal law enforcement officials. that claim aligns with what ammon bundy told cliven bundy on the phone... but has not been confirmed. it remains to be seen if the lawmaker will get involved further./// ((dave courvoisier)) patranya,
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information when you spoke with him earlier tonight? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) i asked if him other protesters are planning happened today. he says he doesn't know. bundy also says he's not sure when he'll talk to or see his 2 sons who are now behind bars facing federal charges. ((denise valdez)) and what about the refuge, patranya -- are there any militia members remaining there? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) denise, we don't know the answer to that just yet... law enforcement partners will morning in oregon... where we hope to learn more./// ((denise valdez)) > a car chase ended with a metro officer shooting a suspect early this valley. ((dave courvoisier)) the situation came to a climax near pecos and bonanza... with a large police presence and the intersection shut down into the night. vanessa murphy joins us live where it all unfolded with the details. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) a witness tells us he saw a car speeding down the street here before it crashed at the corner.... turns out police say - the car was stolen and the guy driving it had a gun.
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((stephanie tamez/lives in neighborhood: i could see everything from the window of my room.)) ((vanessa murphy)) stephanie tamez says she and her mother knew something was wrong when they heard police arrive in their northeast valley neighborhood. ((stephanie: she told me you know stephanie, close all the doors, lock it, and lock everything, shut the blinds.)) ((vanessa murphy)) what unfolded: metro police say one of their officers shot a suspect. ((captain matt mccarthy/metro police: i'm here to talk to you about an officer involved shooting we had )) ((vanessa murphy)) captain matt mccarthy tells us the trouble started tuesday afternoon with a call about a stolen car.... he says an officer spotted it speeding at washington and marion....tried to stop it....the driver then crashed at bonanza and pecos...and ran away -- a gun in hand -- toward this residential area where stephanie lives.. ((captain matt mccarthy/metro police: our air unit saw that that occupant had a firearm in his hand.)) ((vanessa murphy)) he says an officer in an unmarked car spotted the suspect who then pointed the gun at him.... the officer opened fire. ((tamez: i just saw some big guy
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stephanie says she also saw a weapon on the ground.... ((tamez: i went outside my house and you could see the gun and everything on the floor and his clothes and everything.)) ((vanessa murphy)) police say the suspect was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital. he will spend tonight in jail booked on felony charges. according to metro, no officers were injured. the suspect was the only person hurt. back to you. ((dave courvoisier)) vanessa, any other information on the suspect?... and does metro plan to release any body camera footage? ((vanessa murphy)) dave, no....captain matt mccarthy provided information but he did not take any questions from reporters. metro holds press conferences about events like these through usually within 72 hours. since the suspect survived and this is an active investigation, we do not expect to see any body camera footage. back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) > this is
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involved shooting for metro in five days. earlier today, metro held a press conference to shed new light on friday night's incident on the strip outside the bellagio. police arrested 20-year-old kahleal black after they say he pointed a gun at civilians and then at officers. we learned that black's pistol was not loaded... but there were at least two times where police say he pointed the gun at people and pulled the trigger. surveillance video appears to capture at least one of those instances. we also learned... the officer was about 10 yards away from black when he fired twice at black and missed. undersheriff kevin mcmahill says this shooting, like every incident where a gun is discharged, is being investigated: ((kevin mcmahill/metro undersheriff: "we're accountable for every round that we fire, from an officer's weapon, and frankly, in this event, we were lucky that the situation did not end up in a very much worse scenario." )) ((dave courvoisier)) the officer who opened fire is 45-year-old george smith... a 10-year metro veteran. he's on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues... which is standard procedure.
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time officer smith has been involved in a shooting. police tell us that black was escorted off harrah's property after he quit his job that evening. 9-1-1 calls from concerned citizens said a man was waving a gun on the boulevard./// ((denise valdez)) > disturbing new details are coming out in the case of jillian lafave, the valley high teacher arrested on charges of sexual misconduct on her special ed student. the arrest report says the underage victim had been exchanging more than 13 thousand text messages with lafave, many of them sexual in nature...going back to october of last year. police also say the 25 year old lafave admitted to kissing and touching the student...but denied having sex. the student reportedly told police he loved his teacher and that she loved him. patranya bhoolsuwan has been busy tonight... she joins us again with reaction from one valley high student who says he saw first hand what he calls an "inappropriate" relationship between the two. ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) this student...who talked to 8 news
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calls the victim in this case... a very good friend... and that news of this case is spreading quickly on campus. ((manuel/valley high school student: "all the school knows...who this boy is...yeah so is he even in school? he hasn't come for a week. )) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) that was manuel, an 11th grader at valley high who says jillian lafave was his english and special ed teacher. he showed us the letter his principal sent home to parents about the allegations today. the letter spoke of wanting to keep families informed of important issues at the school... but it went out 11 days after the incident and only after the media uncovered lafave's arrest. manuel says lafave was nice to her students... but he says he did notice something going on between the victim and their teacher: ((manuel/valley high school student: "when we were in class she used to like let him borrow everything she has at her desk/ why do you think he treated him so special? i guess she felt something for him.")) ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) i reached out to ccsd wanting to
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board about this and other similar cases in recent months. they sent us a statement saying in part that "all employees undergo fbi background check, which includes being fingerprinted, as well as a local criminal history inquiry and that employees also receive training regarding child abuse and inappropriate relationships with students". ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) you can read their full statement on our website 8 news now dot com lafave is out on bail and remains on paid leave while the case is being investigated. 30th. ((denise valdez)) what else did we find out about lafave? has she been at valley high long? ((patranya bhoolsuwan)) this is school. she previously taught at an elementary school in houston. we put in a call there to ask about her work history but have not heard back. lafave's parents by the way both work at valley high, her mom we are told also work with special
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chemistry teacher.// music ((dave courvoisier)) > donald trump and senator ted cruz are slugging it out in the republican primary polls as we approach the iowa caucuses... but they won't have at it on the main stage thursday night... that's because trump says he won't participate in the scheduled fox news debate. iowa caucuses. trump is feuding with the fox news channel and anchor megyn kelly, who is a debate moderator: (( donald trump/(r) presidential candidate: "i'm not a fan of megyn kelly. reporter. i think she, frankly, is not good at what she does. and i think they can do a lot better than megyn kelly." )) ((dave courvoisier)) kelly asked trump tough questions in the first g-o-p debate that he claimed were unfair. fox news chairman roger ailes says the network stands behind kelly./// ((denise valdez)) > an interesting development with the democrats... president obama will meet privately with senator and democratic presidential
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tomorrow at the white house. the white house says the meeting will be informal with no specific agenda. the two discussed arranging the meeting during last month's congressional holiday ball. the meeting also comes just days after obama praised hillary clinton in an interview with politico. obama has not endorsed a potential successor./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the runnin' rebels are ready to "get the red out" their newest promotion to fire up the thomas and mack as they prepare to take on the top two teams in the mountain west. a mysterious virus causing a bizarre birth defect is spreading rapidly. what the zika virus does... and where it's popping up. ((tedd florendo)) get ready for another chilly morning, where some neighborhoods could drop to the 30's overnight. we're tracking the chilly weather and then a warm up this week. don't miss your extended
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tonight... for the zika virus. if you haven't heard of it, zika is a mosquito- borne virus that's causing worldwide concern because of its alarming connection to a neurological birth disorder and its ability to spread rapidly. the c-d-c is advising women to avoid travel where zika is present... including 21 countries and territories in the americas. symptoms of the virus include fever, rash, joint paint, and
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a rare birth defect can cause babies to be born with unusually small heads. 80-percent of those infected have no symptoms./// ((denise valdez)) > authorities are extremely worried about finding three inmates who escaped a southern california jail five days ago. a reward of 200-thousand dollars is being offered for information leading to their recapture. the men were all behind bars on violent crime charges -- murder, attempted murder, and torture. they broke out of the orange county jail cutting through steel bars, making their way through plumbing tunnels... and rappelling off a roof. each of the men faced long sentences: (( lt. jeff hallock/ orange co. sheriff's dept.: "when they get out onto the street there's obviously some desperation that they will lean on. and as far as where they'll go or what means they will go to to evade law enforcement. and it was evident by their attempt and eventual success to escape." )) ((denise valdez)) there are now up to 250 law enforcement officers searching for the fugitives. but there is no indication as to
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((dave courvoisier)) > it's been nearly three days since that massive blizzard buried much of the east coast... and many neighborhoods in our nation's capital remain snowed in -- and the frustration is showing. residents are taking to twitter to complain using the hashtag "snow stuck". a capitol hill staffer posted that 50 of her parents' neighbors resorted to shoveling and snow blowing their street instead of waiting for a plow to show up. it's feared that there will be an even worse than normal commute when the federal government reopens./// ((tedd florendo)) < >sunny conditions earlier and now clear weather. expecting some clouds late tonight, we had some breezes as well. temps in the high 50's by afternoon and expecting chilly
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overnight. ............................... ................... many neighborhoods hit the high 50's today and not quite 60. cooler in kyle canyone and milder for the east valley neighborhoods where' we're lower in elevation and henderson as well. ............................... ......... high 50's this afternoon also from mesquite all the way down to laughlin and milder. very mild for death valley this afternoon and cool in the central part of the stay and cold in ely. ............................... ............ storm prediction center says the severe weather could be in texas through louisian and florida again. storm already can be seen on radar through texas and stormy weather in louisiana. florida stays quiet right now with more storm chances tonight that could produce some severe t'storms. ............................... ............. back west we're clear and dry. high pressure migrating from west to east and really bringing some milder weather by late
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expecting some of these clouds to come in and give us some high cloud cover mixed with sun. storms stay to the north ............ here's what to expect this weekend. saturday 68 and milder. breezy winds kick in again. sunday windy with showers. .02" or more. wind gusts up to 35 to 45 in some locales on sunday. especially the mountains. ........... tonight expect a low of 38 and chilly with clouds later evening and some breezes. tomorrow look for a high of 62 and milder. look for both sun and clouds and light nw winds. ............................... ............ neighborhood by neighborhood highs tomorrow in the low to mid 60's in many neighborhoods. milder over to the east and southeast sections of town. ............................... ............... extended forecast shows milder weather starting tomorrow into saturday. more clouds for the weekend with
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early week more winds as well and colder too. the f-b-i says the bureau has prevented a mass shooting. 23-year-old samy hamzeh was arrested in waukesha county, wisconsin today. agents say the man confessed to a plan to kill dozens of people at a masonic temple in milwaukee. he reportedly stated that he hoped to shoot up to 30 people to show that --quote-- "nobody can play with muslims"./// ((denise valdez)) > investigators have a new theory on what caused a deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia last may. they say the amtrak engineer was distracted by radio chatter from other train operators.
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release new details on the accident next monday. this includes dispelling rumors that engineer brandon bostian was using his cellphone at the time. the crash killed 8 people and injured more than 200 others. bostian survived the crash, and has remained quiet since it happened./// ((dave courvoisier)) >ron futrell is in for chris maathuis tonight ((denise valdez)) rebels have a big game tomorrow night ((ron futrell)) ya ---we'll see if the turnaround is for real against boise state it's get the red out night for the rebels tomorrow --- we'll have a preview and they've gotta have footballs if they want to play football --- we'll check out how these critters are made --- next in sports.
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super bowl all the time --- here we go with the update on the big days ---- okay --- first we have to get the footballs made --- the
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--- they have 150 employees who make 3,000 footballs a day ---- they stitch each and every one of them by hand. these are the actuall footballs that will be headed to the bay area for the game a week from sunday. by the way --- each team gets its own footballs with their own markings on that they use while they are on offense so no funny business happens. and through the magic of television we will show you the actual truck that will deliver the footballs to santa clara for the game --- thousands of official footballs are in this truck ---- each team will get 120 balls to use for the game --- normally they get about 40 per game, but a game used super bowl football is pretty valuable --- so they've gotta have a few extra ones as souvenirs --- the francisco next week. the truck left this morning and by our calculations should be in topeka kansas right now on 1- 70 headed to denver. oh, and you've gotta have shirts for your teams ---- so here we go -- the silk screens are
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shirts --- these are the actual carolina panthers nfc championship shirts being made --- plenty of pink and blue so everybody is happy. normally these shirts cost a couple bucks to make ----but since they have all that championship stuff printed on em, you can count on a 30 dollar price tag --- worth every penny if it's your team and because the fcc demands we give equal time during the super bowl --- here is the stuff all ready to go in denver and being sold in the mile high city. its smart that they have the sweatshirts in denver. oh this is just the beginning --- 11 days ---- until kickoff so stay tuned --- much more of the fun stuff to come between now and sunday february 7th. ((ron futrell)) every super bowl weekend the ufc holds a major event here in las vegas --- but the one this year has taken a big hit --- heavyweight fabricio verdoom has pulled out of ufc 196 because of a foot injury--- the fight was just 10 days away here at the mgm grand --- his opponent cain velasquez pulled out recently because of a
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event gone --- this fight is being moved from pay per view to fox sports one ---- the main event will now feature welterweights johnny hendricks and steven thompson --- ((ron futrell)) the rebels have a great opportunity this week to get right back into the mountain west race --- they're taking on the top two teams in the league --- boise state and san diego state --- tomorrow night is 'get the red out' night with 5,000 red t shirts given out before the game. so we shall see tomorrow against the broncos and saturday if the turnaround is for real. ((we look toward this week as two games to get back to get back in this race for the mountain west and that's how we're looking at it. )) ((denise valdez)) > we're back
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new you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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a school in texas hope their space. the youngsters at lamar academy are testing different amounts of water, soil, and seeds to see which growing conditions would be ideal in microgravity. they hope their work will help plant tomatoes on the surface of mars one day. once they have the correct mixture, they'll send off their
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their experiments from the international space station: (( sabrina benitez/lamar academy student: "there was an experiment conducted in hawaii a couple of years ago, on a volcano which had similar settings to what's found on mars and the only thing they were able to grow on the volcano was tomatoes." )) ((dave courvoisier)) the space experiment will be launched this spring./// ((denise valdez)) > we're only 26 days into 20-16 and we already have the unlikeliest feud of the new year. rapper b-o-b and astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson are feuding online... over the shape of the earth. we're not making this up -- b-o-b insists that the earth is flat and that's there's a multi- government conspiracy to claim that it's round. tyson tweeted back that centuries of scientific evidence confirm that our planet is round. b-o-b then released a diss track at tyson... and you don't diss tyson... he responded with a diss track of his own tonight. you can check it out on twitter... @ neil tyson./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's
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((denise valdez)) the late show with stephen colbert is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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