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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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((denise valdez)) the republican debate goes on -- without the party's front runner. the issues candidates sparred over... while donald trump held his own event a few miles away./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 11" > ((dave courvoisier)) > brand new tonight.... the fbi and oregon state police have released helicopter video of the operation that left militia member lavoy finicum dead... and ended with the bundy brothers and other militia members in custody. thank you for joining us, i'm dave courvoisier. ((denise valdez)) and i'm denise valdez in for paula tonight. the situation came to a head on highway 395 tuesday afternoon... with differing stories on how everything played out. ((dave courvoisier)) vanessa murphy has reviewed the complete, unedited tape... and joins us live in the studio with reaction. vanessa? ((vanessa murphy)) dave and denise, in a press conference this evening the f-b-i said various versions of the shooting as it reported were inaccurate... and some inflammatory. that's why they released the video now despite the ongoing investigation.
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home, while the video is not graphic it may still be difficult for some people to watch. ((greg bretzing/fbi special agent in charge: it was a reckless action that resulted in the consequences that you'll see here today.)) ((vanessa murphy)) this video shows oregon state police troopers gunning down lavoy finicum tuesday. he was a leading voice in the fight against the u-s government over states' rights. law enforcement tried stopping this vehicle finicium was driving with several passengers.... notice how an agent jumps out of the way as the truck avoids driving through a road block.... finicum gets out....hands up....and according to the fbi - he reaches toward a pocket at least twice where had a loaded handgun. troopers shoot and kill him. controversial cattle rancher cliven bundy spoke to us by phone from his home in southern nevada after watching the video. ((cliven bundy/cattle rancher: they're gonna kill my sons one way or the other if something don't happen here.)) ((vanessa
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fight against the federal government in 2014 over land in clark county. the bureau of land management backed down. bundy's son ammon led the fight in oregon.... he and another son ryan were part of a group of protestors arrested. ((cliven: lavoy finicum was executed and i believe my sons are political prisoners.)) ((vanessa murphy)) we also talked with nevada state assemblywoman michelle fiore. ((michelle fiore/assemblywom an: the blm is nothing more than a bureaucratic bureucracy of terrorism against rural america.)) ((vanessa murphy)) fiore and bundy disagree with the f-b-i's explanation of events.... they say they believe finicum was reaching to cover a wound after he was already shot.... but the special agent in charge says this video tells a different story..... ((fbi: actions have consequences and the fbi and oregon state police tried to affect these
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((vanessa murphy)) after his arrest, cliven bundy's son ammon asked supporters to back down and to let this play out in court. cliven says he believes his son was pressured to do that. ((dave courvoisier)) vanessa... do we have an update tonight on the standoff at the federal wildlife refuge in burns, oregon? ((vanessa murphy)) dave, the f-b-i says they still hope to reach a peaceful conclusion. they believe there are still four people inside the building -- they are negotiating with them. since the establishment of checkpoints outside the refuge... nine militia members have left. six of them were released and three were arrested by the f-b-i./// ((denise valdez)) > does the nfl have a future home in las vegas with the raiders? that's the big talk after we confirmed oakland raiders officials are in the city tonight... and they'll tour potential locations for a new home. ((dave courvoisier)) obviously, lots of parties have to be involved for such an ambitious project to become reality... including a stadium fit for an nfl team. chris maathuis joins us now with
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((chris maathuis)) a source very close to the raiders organization confirmed to me this afternoon that top brass from the nfl franchise flew in this afternoon and will meet with executives from the las vegas sands to look at a possible stadium site. the sands has confirmed they're in discussions to build a new special events stadium near the airport, mgm just off tropicana. unlv president len jessup says unlv would be interested in a private-public partnership. the school recently spent 50 million dollars acquiring 42 acres of land where the sands would build a billion dollar structure. raiders officials will check out the location tomorrow morning. ((chris maathuis)) one of the key stepping stones to the deal appears to be clear... the sands doesn't want to own a team, they would run the facility. there are a ton of stumbling blocks in front of raiders-to- vegas scenario first of all, would the league approve of a franchise in las vegas? the nfl still hasn't embraced las vegas and gaming, what would an nfl franchise mean to the sports
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one sports book director gave us an interesting take - i 'll share that in 15 minutes here on 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) > the raiders just tried to move to l-a but the league gave preference to the rams and the chargers... is it possible they're trying to leverage las vegas for another deal? ((chris maathuis)) definitely possible, denise. the team has been deadlocked in negotiations with oakland for a new stadium. and have been rumored to be exploring san antonio as well. oakland definitely doesn't want to lose them, so a lot remains to be seen here./// ((denise valdez)) > a spree of deadly violence continues across the valley... north las vegas police are investigating the fourth murder in southern nevada in the last 24 hours. ((dave courvoisier)) officers working the scene on civic center drive near cheyenne and interstate 15... after the call went out late this afternoon. mauricio marin is live on the scene with the details. mauricio? ((mauricio marin)) police just wrapped up their investigation on scene. but the hunt is on to find the person responsible for shooting and killing a man at the
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for most of the evening the area was taped off as investigators worked to collect evidence at the scene. north las vegas police tell us a group of people were hanging outside the apartment complex when a fight broke out. shots were fired. one man was hit by a bullet. he was taken to u-m-c where he later died. one person who works in the area and heard the gunshots says it all happened so fast: (( paul campobasso/heard gunshots "yeah to be in the moment and hear that was alarming. i don't really want to experience anything like that again." )) ((mauricio marin)) right now police have not released a suspect description. but are hoping someone will come forward to identify the killer. police say anyone with information should call north las vegas p-d or crime stoppers. ((mauricio marin)) this is the third homicide north las vegas police have investigated in their jurisdiction so far this year. the coroner will release the name of the victim once family is notified. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) mauricio...with so many people out there....have police heard how the suspect got away?
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that's part of the investigation. even though there were a lot of information has been released on whether the suspect drove off or ran away. back to you./// ((dave courvoisier)) > more than 300-thousand households in southern nevada which are viewers of this tv station will have to make other arrangements after midnight tomorrow. that's when the klas signal will no longer be transmitted to all subscribers of cox cable. despite five months of negotiations with cox communication s, no deal has been reached regarding what cox should pay for re- transmitting channel 8's programs, including next week's super bowl broadcast. the cable company has gone on the offensive with statements about klas which our general manager characterizes as quote "inaccurate and offensive." george knapp has the story. (( )) lisa howfield/klas general manager: to make a statement like that is untrue and frankly offensive. lisa howfield, general manager of nevada's first and most
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heard just about enough trash talk from cox cable. she says she would be remiss if she does not advise channel 8 views who subscribe to cox that they will lose the klas signal as of midnight friday. cox customers will no longer see the most watched station in nevada....with its popular daytime dramas...highest rated newscasts...syn dicated shows like jeopardy and wheel of fortune...and the powerful cbs prime time lineup, by far the most popular network...all gone for cox customers. howfield advises viewers to make other arrangements, especially football fans who want to watch super bowl 50 next sunday. lisa howfield: ....they won't be able to watch the super bowl on cox. you will be able to watch the super bowl on direct tv, dish, century and if all else fails, you can get a high def antenna and watch it over the air. other local providers are
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cox customers are looking for better deals elsewhere. cox had trouble even before the current dispute. the company once had a near monopoly here but the percentage of local homes which subscribe to cox is dropping. it was down to 48% of the market in november and has since plunged to only 41%. the dispute with klas has opened a lot of simmering complaints from dissatisfied customers. howfield: a lot of locals are starting to drop their subscribership to cox for various reasons. i've spoken to a lot of people recently so i've got quite an arsenal of feedback why they are making a switch. the issue is a simple one....what is a fair rate for cox to pay to retransmit klas programming. channel 8 is by far the most popular station, sign on to sign off, which means it is the biggest draw on the cox system...more than espn or tnt or any other stations which are
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cox customers pay 8 dollars per month for espn, whether they watch it or not. howfield says cox made a terrible business decision to pay that much. local broadcasters like channel 8 provide 35% of the viewership for cable systems, but get only 12% of the revenue. cox earns many times more from channels 8's original content than does channel 8. a public relations statement sent to cox customers is blatantly false and misleading, howfield says. the claim that klas is demanding three times what it gets from the current agreement--flat ly untrue, she says. callers to cox have been told their cable bills will jump 20 or 30 dollars if klas wins, which is not only false but ridiculous. howfield is prohibited by law from making public what the retransmission rates would be but says the typical fair amount negotiated by stations all
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dollar per subscriber. cox is paying many times that amount for espn, but only a fraction as much for klas. most telling of all is one fact that cox can't spin---the proposed re- transmission rate has already been deemed fair and reasonable by every other provider system here...all except cox. lisa howfield: every other carrier in this market has recognized the value of a local broadcast and agreed to the terms which are very tv, dish, century, they all agree. it's cox who does not. cox has shown it understands the value of klas programming. prior to this dispute, the cable company was one of the top advertisers on klas. it pulled 400,000 dollars in ads from channel 8 after it walked out of the negotiations, including 100,000 dollars to be
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program that now will not be carried on cox at all. george knapp 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) in the past decade, the parent company for channel 8, nexstar, has successfully reached agreements with cable providers all across the country, and contrary to what cox has implied, has not forced a cutoff of service during that time. the company has issued a detailed response to statements made by cox. you can read it on our website. those of you who are cox customers, we hope to see you again on some other provider./// ((denise valdez)) > would an nfl franchise in las vegas cripple the state's gaming revenue? chris maathuis spoke with a sports book director who doesn't think bettors would trade watching a team for betting on one... that's coming up in sports. and the g-o-p debate goes on without donald trump... but he didn't seem to mind. raked in a boatload of cash for a good cause instead./// ((tedd florendo)) we're getting a nice little warm up the next few days before the temps come
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here's a look at your current conditions, and when we come back we'll give new information on the weekend rain chances. stay with us. < news music voice over: "you're
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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caucuses -- republicans took the stage in des moines to convince voters they are the right choice
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the elephant not in the room -- donald trump -- who held his own event. even though the republican frontrunner didn't participate -- he still dominated part of the debate: (( sen. ted cruz/ (r) presidential candidate: "i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid fat and ugly, and ben you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way." // jeb bush/ (r) presidential candidate: "i kinda miss donald trump he was a teddy bear to me." )) ((dave courvoisier)) while trump was still a major course of discussion... without the boisterous front runner on stage... we got to hear more from the candidates chasing him... including a contentious exchange on immigration between florida's former governor and the state's current senator: ((rubio: "you changed your position on immigration. you used to support a path to citizenship. jeb: so you did you.. rubio: no you. jeb: so did you , marco." )) ((dave courvoisier)) senator rubio got the most talk time at the debate... followed closely by cruz. retired neurosurgeon ben carson's numbers have fallen off in the polls... he received the least speaking
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the iowa caucuses are monday./// ((denise valdez)) > donald trump staged his own show at nearby drake university...whil e boycotting the debate over a dispute with fox news. trump's full- capacity event of about 700 people was billed as a benefit for veterans. the decision not to debate could be a risky one for trump... as he currently leads most polling in iowa. he acknowledged he didn't know how the move would play with voters: (( donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) for me personally is it a good thing? a bad thing? will i get more votes or less votes? nobody knows. who the hell knows? but it's for our vets. you're going to like it because we raised over $5 million in one day." )) ((denise valdez)) by the time all was said and done... trump claims his foundation raised six million dollars for veterans./// ((denise valdez)) > a dispute between nevada's culinary union and the bernie sanders campaign has been resolved tonight according to a spokeswoman with the union. earlier today the union accused sanders campaign staffers of posing as union workers in an attempt to gain access to their members.
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allegation and chalked it up to a misunderstandi ng this evening. the culinary union has not yet made an endorsement of any presidential candidate. don't forget, 8 news now is your local election headquarters./// ((tedd florendo)) skycams showing mainly clear skies this afternoon, with more high clouds to increase by later in the evening. wind cooperating nicely less than 10 mph and we are certainly warmer than yesterday at this time. ............................... ............. afternoon temps jumped up to milder 60's today with warmer temps found on the eastside of the valley where we're lower in elevation and cooler for summerlin and centennial hills. expecting another warm up tomorrow. ............................... ........... regional temps also in the 60's all the way down to laughliin down the colorado river valley. milder in laughlin close to 70 this afternoon and same story for the warmer desert of death valley.
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central part of the state, but they'll drop to the 30's by morning. ............................... ............. looking outside at the satellite and radar we're seeing more clouds coming in from the west. some showers in california changing over to snow and dissipating over the mountains. ............................... ............ looking out to the pacific, we have tropical moisture here that's going to be pulled in with a low that will bring us some much needed showers and snow in the mountains. ............................... ......... when? futurecast shows first winds saturday then sunday we start to see that band of moisture hit southern california first then make it's way to us by sunday with more clouds all day. wind can also be expected. ............................... .......... here's an update on what to expect. saturday warming to 70. gusts winds near 50 in some locations. sunday rain and wind. 15 degrees cooler with plenty of clouds.
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windy with gusts to 35 to 40mph ............................... .......... 43 for the overnight low and more high clouds developing. chilly by morning and light winds expected. tomorrow the high 67 and above average . 59 is our normal and we'll have sun to clouds later. ............................... ........ ighborhdes in the mid tohigh0 afternoon with some ighborhoo aching 7fre on the eastside and in henderson. .............................tended forecast shows a bmp drop from satd tonday.windy weathefor a few days.en colder next we daytimeghs on ly0's and mornings in e 30's again. all nenight... paul kantner, an original member of the sixties rock band jefferson airplane... and the eventual leader of successor group jefferson starship... has died. kantner was 74. he survived close brushes with death as a younger man and recovered from a heart attack last year. he fell ill in san francisco earlier this week before he passed away today. kantner helped write favorites such as "wooden ships" ... and got national recognition for classic "somebody to love" and "white rabbit"./// ((dave courvoisier)) > would sports bettors trade live football for betting on the game? ((denise valdez)) that's an intesting question. chris maathuis may have an answer. ((chris maathuis)) if the nfl said to vegas, get rid of
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would bettors make that trade... could las vegas afford that tradeoff. interesting take coming up. > plus... the prop bet book is out... 27 pages of proposition bets tell us there's something for everyone. more next here on 8 news now. "from 8 news now, this is sports
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((chris maathuis)) earlier in this newscast we reported the oakland raiders are in las vegas to discuss a stadium proposal with las vegas sands. a meeting is taking place tomorrow. if sheldon adelson and his group are actually able to pull off something this big.. and it involves the nfl in las vegas.. he'd instantly be revered by millions as a miracle worker. i caught up with westgate sports book director jay kornegay and asked him if he'd like to see the nfl in vegas. he's probably speaking for many in the industry, when he said, 'sure' but on one condition. jay kornegay/westgat e sportsbook director: (("but i'd certainly be concerned if they were to entertain the idea of taking the games off the board.
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hypocritical way of thinking if we were to do something like that. there is nothing wrong with taking wagers on that. i think we would be sending the wrong message on that. the league always talks about the integrity of the game. well, that's our product as well. that's what we sell. if we don't have the integrity of the game, people are not going to bet into these games." )) not so sure the nfl wouldn't land in london, china, or mexico before ever allowing a team to set up shop in las vegas. ((chris maathuis)) something that is reality are the super bowl proposition bets. and this year, there are a record number of super bowl bets at the books. and once again, the westgate takes the lead as prop kings in vegas. ((chris maathuis)) it's mindblowing the creativity and the number of prop bets the westgate comes up with. this huge screen displays only about a third. jay kornegay/westgat e sportsbook director: "we have a prop that states with either team score three straight without the other team scoring that's a yes or no prop, we call it the grandfather of props because everybody likes to bet
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was we know, if it's a blowout or dominating performance that usually happens." ((chris maathuis)) seems you can bet on most anything relating to super bowl 50. jay: "celtic points versus thomas yards and it goes on and one... utah points vs ginn receiving yards, i'll take utah.. ((chris maathuis)) roxy roxborough is the grandfather of sports betting.. he's seen it all... but to see all these props... that's something he never imagined. roxy roxborough/bettin g king: "generally young women haven't been great sports bettors, they love props and it's done great for las vegas... because tomorrow i'll be in every paper in america, on tv it's fantastic pub for our city." ((chris maathuis)) from humble beginnings the super bowl 'prop' bet is the majority of all bets placed on the super bowl. jay: "an average fan that comes in here will bet five or six bets on the game, only one will be on the game all the rest will be proposition bets." ((chris maathuis)) the prop is the
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it has its own special window. it's also why fans will watch even if it's a boring blowout. jay: "back in the day there was only 20 on the super bowl, now we're looking at almost 400 different propositions on this year's game." ((chris maathuis)) the 27 page books won't be available in mass for a few days... but when they arrive... odds are they won't last long. ((chris maathuis)) don't forget the super bowl itself will be right here on channel 8... panthers are favored by 5 1/2 over the broncos. that's a boring number... check out props, they're much more fun. kickoff is set for 3:30 here on channel 8 and what do they say, if you can't be at the game, next best place is las vegas. we are going to reward some lucky viewer for staying home and watching the game. someone will win 25-hundred dollars in our big game giveaway.. make sure you're watching our newscast for your chance to win.
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and the world, really, will be on the super bowl in san francisco. ((denise valdez)) it's the
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the san jose police department trained for any scenario they can encounter at the stadium. special ops officers trained for active shooter situations in a large crowd. they say everyone should feel safe... and chris will be there so we're glad to hear it./// ((dave courvoisier)) > that's all for us live at eleven. ((denise valdez)) the late show with stephen colbert is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders.
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we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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