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tv   8 News Now at 4 AM  CBS  February 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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((demetria obilor)) > and make sure you slow down on the roads... because it may be a little slick out there as you head out. we will let you know what problem areas to watch out for... as the rain starts to move in. ((kirsten joyce)) > today's the big push to get the win... as the presidential candidates prepare for the iowa caucus. where they stand in the polls... and the issue the state could face in tonight's voting process. /// < welcome to a brighter morning, this is 8 newsnow with kirsten joyce, sherry swensk, demetria obilor and brian loftus > ((kirsten joyce)) > thanks for waking up with us, i'm kirsten joyce. brian's off today. ((sherry swensk)) and i'm sherry swensk. sunday was a big shift in our weather... with rain coming down across the valley... as well as a few rumbles of thunder and lightning. ((kirsten joyce)) and with that lightning, left one home with major damage. lightning struck a tree... which caught fire and spread to a house... in the las vegas country club estates. no one was inside the home at the time... but firefighters did save two cats.
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estimated to be around 200- thousand dollars. /// ((sherry swensk)) > mccarran saw some flight delays due to the wet weather... but also because parts of california and arizona were also getting hit hard with rain. some flights coming in from san francisco and san diego were delayed... in some cases up to two hours. rain, low clouds and gusty winds were a factor for some delayed flights. there were also reports of flights getting delayed or cancelled in reno... because of the heavy snow fall in the mountains. we spoke with one passenger who's just glad he finally got to las vegas: (( gage miller/flight delayed: "i guess the wind was so bad that like we got delayed an extra hour and a half to here las vegas and yeah when i looked at my phone there was thunderstorms here but now it's partly cloudy so it's pretty cool but definitely had to wait a little extra time in the terminal." )) ((sherry swensk)) just a reminder... if you're heading up to mount charleston to get in on the snow action... make sure you have your snow
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awhile to get cleaned up. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > we've been asking all of you to send your weather pictures to us. if you have any pictures, post them to our facebook page. or email them at p-i-x at las vegas now dot com. /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk it is still very wet outside... light drizzle mainly right now. waves of showers sweeping over southern nevada since yesterday around noon. some areas have seen some moderate rainfall. others somewhat light. .......... we've also had lightning and thunder... and good snow in the mountains... and rainbows. ............ chilly temps in the upper 30s
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grab a warmer coat today and maybe a rain jacket this morning because light showers are expected through the morning commute. ..... we also have winter storm warnings and wind advisory in place for today. we'll talk more about that coming up. .............. today will be much cooler than the weekend - no 70s or even 60s today. ............. look for light rain and drizzle this morning, with partly cloudy and windy conditions through the day. highs just barely making it into the 40s by lunch and maybe not even to 50 degrees for a high.///
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< > < > > that's a look at the roads... back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the first votes in the 2016 president election will be cast tonight in iowa. the latest bloomberg-des moines register poll shows donald trump reclaming the lead over ted cruz... while bernie sanders and hillary clinton remain neck-in-neck. marlie hall has the latest from the campaign trail. hoping to dampen donald trump's momentum... texas senator ted cruz made his final pitch to iowa voters sunday... (ted cruz/ des moines) if everyone here brings nine other people to the caucuses tomorrow night, we will win the caucuses tomorrow, we will win the nomination, and we will win the general election in november 2016 during an event in sioux city, trump pushed back -- this time labeling cruz dishonest and
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flier... (trump sioux city, ia) a voter violation. you see this? official documentation sent to voters, then they have grade for different things.//that is terrible. it's a fraud. (marlie hall/ cbs news / des moines, ia) forecasts here in iowa are calling for snow in parts of the state beginning tonight ...which could have an impact on voter turnout. volunteers for both bernie sanders and hillary clinton knocked on doors and made calls late into the night... as the two candidates made their closing arguments: (sanders) "together, we're going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1 percent." (clinton) "i will stand up and fight for you every day of this campaign, and when we win, i will stand up for you every day." clinton lost iowa during her presidential bid in 2008. political analysts say this time around the former secretary of state is working on her likability. (prof. kelly winfrey / iowa state university) she's focused a lot on her relationships with people // she's focused a little more on middle- class issues. with polls showing tight races
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iowa could come down to the wire. marlie hall cbs news des moines, iowa. ((kirsten joyce)) iowa voters will begin to caucus tonight at 7-pm. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > three violent criminals are back behind bars. although one turned himself in... police were forced to track down the other two, we'll tell you where they were found hiding.
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criminals who escaped from a california jail... are back in custody as carter evans reports... police are thanking a man after he tipped them off... where they were possibly hiding. (sheriff ) i did a big whoop in the air! orange county sheriff sandra hutchens says the two remaingn fugitives were captred in the heart of san francisco... after a man spotted their stolen van in the whole foods parking lot. patrol officers nabbed hossein nayeri after a short foot chase. they found jonthan tieu hiding in the van... according to san francisco police officer grace gatpandan (sf officer gatpandan) it was clear to us that they were armed and dangerous. when we conducted a search of the van we did find '380 rounds' inside.//we are still looking for a weapon if they had one. the third escapee... bac duong... had already returned to southern california. he turned himself in on friday. the inmates broke out from the orange county men's central jail eight days ago.after they cut through a steel screen, snaked through plumbing tunnels and rappelled from the jail's roof.
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a teacher who worked at the jail is accused of providing the men maps that they used to plann their escape. and while they were on the run... (sot sheriff) my fear was that someone in the community would get hurt because they had nothing to lose//"this is one of a sheriff's worst nightmares. and with three in custody once again... (sheriff) i can say this morning that the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief // now the focus shifts to continuing to look at where the system failed//believe me, we will be looking top to bottom on that. ((kirsten joyce)) that was carter evans reporting. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > dozens of peaceful protesters walked down m- l-k boulevard near washington... holding up signs about the recent violence in the valley. their big message was "all lives matter". several outreach groups along with community citizens say... the senseless violence and killings we've seen need to stop. they're working to reach out to at-risk youth. the event ended with a candle light vigil. ///
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as we're now just days away from super bowl 50. what the winning team will get this year for the first time... besides the trophy. and elon musk is embarking on a new adventure. the plans he has in store to help mankind live longer. /// anchors
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((kirsten joyce)) > we're one week away until the denver broncos and carolina panthers... take the field for super bowl 50.
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appearance over the weekend... in san francisco. the winning team will not only get the trophy this year... but something else. for the first time, they will also get an 18- karat gold plated number 50... weighing about 66-pounds. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > and the super bowl game will be right here on c-b-s. kick off is set for 3:30. now you also have a chance to win 25- hundred dollars... during our special broadcast after the game. to enter, just go to our website las vegas now dot com... and click the super bowl banner at the top. /// ((demetria obilor)) > one of the oldest carolina panthers fans... is getting ready to cheer her team on for the superbowl. this is 95-year- old mary ward... and she can't get enough of the team! she says it was her great- grandson who turned her into a panthers fan 20-years ago. since then she's fallen in love with the team... and cam newton's famous "dab" pose: (( mary ward, panthers fan: "i just love them all but cam is who i cater too. cam and that davis. he's a good player and he's a good sportsman. what i like about all of them is
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suppose to be played." )) ((demetria obilor)) mary says she's never missed a game... except when she's had to work. her advice to the panthers is to keep pounding! /// let's get to sherry with a look at today's weather. sherry swensk we'll start out the week very chilly and wet today...
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as we start out february and we'll dry out quickly over the next day or so. but it will take a while to warm up. ........... highs just in the 40s for the next couple of days. let's check the radar and see that we have rain and even some low elevation snow. we could see some flakes in higher areas around the valley for just a minute or two. .... let's check rain totals which have been impressive - more than a quarter inch in some ...... look how cool temps stay this week... just barely getting back into the low 50s by midweek. we struggle to make it even
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of the week. but we do have a lot of nice sunshine through the week./// --- california nevada stateline --- 25 car pileup along i-80 --- closed traffic in both directions for 3 hours
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> now for anyone heading up to the mountains... they're going to enjoy the snow! and so is this baby! mom and dad geared up baby henderson for her first ride up in utah. and she didn't do too bad standing up by herself on the snowboard! her parents had a string tied to the board... just in case she got away too quick. but just like her... snowboarders here in the valley will enjoy the snow we're getting in the mountains. ///
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back to you./// ((kirsten joyce)) > denver police are investigating what prompted a deadly shooting... at a motorocycle expo this weekend. one person died and seven others were wounded. a witness told police he heard several shots fired... and saw people diving under tables. police say the victims were stabbed, shot, and beaten. right now, three people are in critical condition. no arrests have yet been made. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > today, a new ambulance company will begin operating... in more parts of the valley. "community ambulance" will begin responding to non-emergency calls first... then non- emergency calls starting april 1st. the clark county commission approved the company to begin work... in about 150 square miles of clark county including mccarran. prior to the expansion... "community ambulance" was licensed to work in henderson, boulder city and federal lands. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > it's going to get hard to stop binge - watching your favorite shows on netflix...
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another reboot. the popular t-v series that's returning ... after nearly 10-years.
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bringing back another popular t-v series... following it's revival of "full house". the streaming service announced "gilmore girls" is getting a reboot. lauren graham and alexis bledel will return as mother and daughter. netflix doesn't know yet when the series will be released... or what it will be called. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > apple is recalling millions of power adapters... because they could cause an electric shock. the two prong wall plug adapters were designed for use overseas. the affected plugs were shipped between 2003 and 2015 with macs and other apple devices... if you have a faulty adapter, you can bring it to any apple store... and get it exchanged for free. they will also refund customers who bought new plugs over the /// ((kirsten joyce)) > two social media platforms are telling private gun sellers... to take their business elsewhere. facebook and instagram recently updated their policies...
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facebook released a statement saying... licensed firearm retailers will still be able to post about their services... but cannot sell. the company says it has systems to detect private gun sales... and will remove content that violates the policy. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > tesla c-e-o and head of space-x elon musk... is setting his sights on a bigger endeavor. his ultimate goal is to get humans to mars... where he says it will better the chances of survival for mankind: (( elon musk/ceo, spacex, " if something were to happen to earth, is life as we know it, does it end, or if it's on another planet then it probably doesn't end. a mulitplanet civilizations is likely to last a lot longer than a single planet civilization." )) ((kirsten joyce)) musk says the other reason for going to mars... is that it would be a great adventure. space-x is currently working with nasa... to bring supplies up to the international space station. and by late 2017... space-x hopes to bring astronauts also to the international space station. ///
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left of california's powerful storm this morning... with rain and winds gusting across the valley. what advisories are still in affect...
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