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tv   8 News Now at 4 PM  CBS  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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metro staff went to those locations to answer the calls, but it was a process to reroute those calls.... and that's why the wait could have been 30 to 50 minutes. and then after about six hours, the system was back up and running.. that was at about ten last night. ((assistant chief tom roberts: we realize 911 system is lifeline for our community and when someone calls, there is an expectation that someone will be on the other end to answer that call for help. yesterday's unfortunate event is not representative of the kind of service that we want to provide and is definitely not what the public deserves. and for that, i'd like to apologize to the community.)) the assistant sheriff also tells us the problem is not believed to have been caused by a hacker or any foul play for that matter.....but that intitially was a concern. and now there is additional monitoring at the communications center and extra tech staffers to help figure out why this happened and to make sure a failure does not happen again .
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is unlikely a failure like this would happen again. back to you. ((paul joncich)) vanessa, do we know how many callers could have been affected? ((vanessa murphy)) paul, we do not. the assistant sheriff told us the department is also trying to figure that out. i asked him if metro received complaints about this problem. he said yes - there were some angry callers last night and people have complained to the department. toss to weather ((tedd florendo)) not as cold tonight and overnight, but still chilly nonetheless. we're expecting more clouds. temp in the 40's this evening with abundant clouds late night
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we'll be 43 by 9 pm, then 41 but 8 news now at 11. yesterday we have 30's by 11 p-m, not the case tonight. up. ............. here are your forecasted morning lows in mid to low 30's around the valley. with some areas at or just under the freezing mark. many areas will not be in the 20's by morning but 30's rather. ................. regional temps also stay cold from the mesquite all the way to pahrump, you'll most likely be inthe 20's overnight. teens to single digits for the central great basin and chilly for laughlin. we do not have any hard freeze warnins issued this time around. ((denise valdez)) > new at four -- metro police searching for the suspects after a deadly shooting this morning. is all happened in t sternrt of the crsn and boulderhighy8 news now tony smith shows us who police may beooking fortonight.< "that is just wrong." one person... dead... "too many deaths, to close." now, metro police are trying to find the person or persons involved in an early morning shooting.. lt. dan mcgrath, metro police "with that many shots fired we're
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footprints and we have 4 or 5 people that called in so we got to talk to them. most of the just heard it not many saw a lot." just like this witness -- too terrified to show his face. "last night was one of the scary nights, 15 shots, well was counted from the cones." investigators say when police arrived on euclid avenue just before three this morning.. they found a hispanic man in his late 40's possiblly early 50's suffereing from multiple gunshot wounds. investigators spent most of the morning looking at surveillance video and speaking to witnesses. "the first thing, it was of drug deal." lt. dan mcgrath, metro police "what we have is a couple of black males, one wearing a gray jacket that were seen running after the shots were fired. and a vehicle leaving the scene. i don't know if they were all in a group meeting or could possible be a robbery outside." "police tell me, they don't have a specific description of the suspects they are looking for in this bizarre case. they saw something, say something. in east las vegas, tony smith 8 news now." > ((denise valdez)) the man's id has not been released until
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we want to add metro police are not sure if this was a robbery or if drugs were involved. /// ((paul joncich)) > the judge who refused to throw out the sex assault case against bill cosby has denied a defense request to disqualify the prosecutor from the case. the comedian's lawyers were hoping to disqualify montgomery county district attorney kevin steele because the cosby case was an issue in last fall's hotly contested da's race against bruce castor. steele ran ads criticizing castor for not prosecuting cosby when he had the chance. the judge denied the defense request today to remove steele. the case now moves to a preliminary hearing to see if prosecutors have enough evidence to prove cosby assaulted the accuser in 2004. ((paul joncich)) > a celebration of life will be held memory of celine dion's late husband, rene angelil. the 73- year- old passed away last month after a long battle with cancer. the ceremony will start at 7 p-m at the colosseum at caesars palace... where celine dion headlines. angelil is partly credited as being the driving force behind her rise to stardom..
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residency that began more than a decade ago. celine is expected to resume shows on the 23rd of this month. the ceremony will be streamed online... you can find a link on las vegas now dot com under the links we mentioned section./// ((denise valdez)) > ramping up security for the super bowl. ((paul joncich)) the steps authorities are taking to make sure the fans and players are safe during the big game. /// ((denise valdez)) > and home depot is hiring thousands of seasonal workers. just how often the temporary positions turn into permanent jobs. ///
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watching 8 news now at 4 with denise valdez and paul joncich. the news of southern nevada is now. ((paul joncich)) > the terror attacks in paris and san bernardino are on the minds of security officials as they prepare for this weekend's super bowl. ((denise valdez)) as c-b-s reporter teri okita explains... a massive security operation is underway in the bay area to
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< heavily armed officers are very visible at super bowl events this week. the san francisco bay area is expecting a million visitors each day ..and keeping everyone safe has been a two year project for federal, state and local police agencies. jeh johnson/homela nd security secretary we are confident are going to have a safe and success and secure super bowl event. on the the water..and in the air.police are using hi tech equipment to search for explosives and watch out for any suspicious activity. we can put eyes on anyone within a 30 nautical miles. all the intelligence and data funnels to the fbi command center.. not far from levi's stadium.. where police agencies can instantly share information. authorities admit: suspects acting on their own are a concern. (david johnson/fbi ) it is all about identifying the lone wolf before he or she acts. (teri okita, cbs news, san francisco) super bowl organizers told us: they want airtight
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but not so overwhelming that it becomes intimidating for fans. renee meachum/fan it makes you feel safe, but also makes you feel like you are in a foreign country. on super bowl sunday, 70,000 fans will pack the stadium. authorities say there is no credible threat, but they are taking no chances with the safety of fans and players on the nfl 's biggest day of the year. teri okita, cbs news, san francisco > ((denise valdez)) > the bay area is already home to the some of the nation's most sophisticated surveillance equipment. /// ((paul joncich)) > speaking of the super bowl... we're learning lady gaga will kick things off. the pop star will sing the national anthem before the game -- and coldplay will perform during half time. /// ((denise valdez)) > there's still time to enter the 8 news now super bowl giveaway. we're giving away 25-hundred dollars during our special newscast after the game. to enter.. just head to our facebook page. /// ((paul joncich)) > it's a healh
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((denise valdez)) florida's governor is sounding the alarm after a spike in the number of zika virus cases.
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this is 8 news now at 4. ((denise valdez)) > the governor of florida has declared a health emergency in four counties because of the zika virus. at least nine cases of the mosquito-borne virus have been detected there. officials believe all the cases contracted the virus while traveling. health officials around the world are also paying close attention to a dallas case of zika virus transmitted through sexual contact. the patient was infected by a person who picked up the virus in venezuela. the mosquito- borne virus is rapidly spreading through latin america and the caribbean. u-s health officials are not surprised to hear of transmission through sex but emphasize the disease is generally spread through mosquito bites. (( dr. tom frieden/cdc director, "the bottom-line for the public in the continental us remains the same. if you are pregnant and thinking of travelling to a place with zika spreading.. don't." )) ((denise valdez)) the virus has
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of cases of a serious birth defect called microcephaly which causes babies to be born with small heads. the world health organization has declared a global health emergency . ((paul joncich)) > it's expected to be another night of storms for people living on the east coast... in fact... millions of people are in the storm's path. this comes a day after destructive tornadoes swept across the south... flattening homes and knocking out power to tens of thousands of people. the same storm system fueling tornadoes in the south is creating blizzard- like conditions across the central plains. so far there have been no reports of deaths related to the storms./// ((paul joncich)) > check out this driver who quickly found himself surrounded by rising floodwaters in tennessee. crews were able to rescue the driver and bring him to safety. a flood warning remains in effect for that area. in all... five people and four dogs had to be rescued along the river yesterday.///
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< tedd florendo >another cool and below average day today. plenty of sunshine will give way to some clouds tonight and into tomorrow morniing. but winds stay light and conditions stay calm so far. ............................... ............. afternoon temps were in the low 50's today and some high 40's by afternoon. otherwise another tranquil day. still way below average for this time of year. milder over to the east sid eof the valley but still below average. cold up in the kyle canyon again and expected to stay cold but dry overnight. ............................... ................ regional temps in the high 40's this afternoon from mesquite all the way down to laughlin where they're warmer in the 50's late today. also cool conditions from pahrump to primm. it was mild again for death valley and cold up in the
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and expected to drop to single digits by morning. ............................... .......... storm reports all the action in georgia and south carolina this time around with even reports of tornadoes. an e-f 0 was reported outside of a south carolina town today. we also have reports of flooding through north carolina and heavy rain for the mid atlantic now moving through new jersey. ............................... ............ you can see the line of storms extended from florida all the way up to connecticut. still anticipating the threat of more severe weather up the atlantic seaboard tonight. ............................... ........... over to the west we have another system coming in from the west bringing mainly clouds for our region. more rain though for northern california and the pacific northwest with snow in east washington and over the cascades. ............................... ...........
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moisture staying to the north with snow in the southern great basin and we stay dry with more clouds tonight. wind expected to stay down to 10 or less and then we start off with clouds tomorrow and sun later in the day. temps will also be slightly warmer ............................... ............... 35 for the mornign low with more clouds and chilly conditions. winds less than 10 mph. tomorrow expect a high of 54 and with clouds then sun. light winds and below normal temps still at least for now. ............................... ............... mount charleston expect a high of 35 chilly and mostly sunny with cloud in the morning. red rock at 50 and lakes mea 58 and milder. becoming sunny after some clouds in the morning. laughlin almost 60. ............................... ................... extended forecast looking at warmer conditions. with breezes on friday. sunny and warmer for superbowl sunday. warmer next week with 70's in the forecast and staying dry.
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road is riddled with potholes and a variety of other problems. one local says he's fed up with hollywood boulevard. demetria obilor shows you what the road looks like and when the county plans to fix it -- in "what's driving you crazy?" (( )) demetria obilor: steve says, "the road conditions along hollywood blvd. between lake mead blvd. and charleston blvd. drive me crazy. there is loose gravel and numerous potholes. " first, hollywood was used as a haul route for flood control projects and recent storm drain improvements. now that those projects are done, the county plans to start reconstructing hollywood between lake mead and charleston next year. the county expects to install a roundabout at hollywood and sahara this summer. additional projects coming to the area include constructing a new section of los feliz st from sahara ave to charleston blvd;
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east end of desert inn rd over the channel to connect it to hollywood and provide additional access. hey! what's driving you crazy? send your traffic question to traffic eight at las vegas now dot com. ((paul joncich)) > calling for an end to bigotry. ((denise valdez)) where the president is visiting for the first time today...
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. choice for news. this is 8 news now at 4. ((paul joncich)) > pennsylvania
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and southern nevada has mojave max.. but some southeast texans are going to a different expert for seasonal advice. meet big al... a 13 foot gator who can predict an early spring by whether he eats a chicken. the folks at "gator country" say they trust big al's opinion more than the national ground hog. they say the 83 year old gator has better instincts because alligators will not eat when they know it's going to get cold, but will eat if spring is here. and well right now, big al is not hungry...which could mean 6 more weeks of winter./// ((denise valdez)) > the animal foundation want to make sure every shelter pet has a special someone this valentine's day. in partnership with best friends animal society... it's offering a speical deal through february 15th. all dogs and cats 6-months and older... as well as rabbits... are just 14-bucks. the animal foundation currently
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and 8 rabbits available for adoption. /// kirsten joyce > one of our acts of kindness recipients who brings his passion for dance to at- risk kids in the valley.... used the funds provided by klas tv... to become a non profit 501 c3. we're talking about tyrell rolle. he received our award last february. he's created the " rolle project"... which is a dance company and arts-centered non -profit project. tyrell had been a full time cirque performer, but had to take a break due to hip surgery. he's focusing full time on the rolle project, which he says is a positive place where kids and teens can escape the crime and violence that plagues certain communities in las vegas. (( tyrell rolle/recipient: right now we're working with the at risk underprivileged kids, so we are now giving them a chance to have a scholarship, to be able to dance, and sing, do much greater. )) ((kirsten joyce)) proceeds from an upcoming performance will go to those scholarships.
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for next friday, february 12th at the west las vegas library theater. you're watching one of the dancers who will be performing that evening. again... dance... go for scholarships for the teens./// if you would like to nominate someone.. just head to las vegas now dot com... click on "sections" in the upper left corner .. and acts of kindness will be under the "community" tab. or send us an email... acts of kindness at las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) > looking at the future... for the city of henderson. how u-n-l-v's new school of medicine... will benefit the city...
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choice for news. this is 8 news now at 4" ((paul joncich)) looking at what lies ahead for the second biggest city in the valley. henderson mayor andy hafen made his state of the city address today. ((denise valdez)) he talked about jobs, company expansion and even healthcare. 8 news now's mauricio marin joins us with how city leaders plan to keep henderson growing. ((mauricio marin)) within the last year...saint rose dominican added a second hospital tower. adding nearly 100 more patient rooms. and hiring about three hundred more employees.
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henderson's mayor talked about today. it--with more industries. henderson mayor andy hafen addressed a crowded room of business leadersnd residents at green valley ranch resort this afternoon. henderson hospital is among the major developments in the city beiing built right now..... it will provide more healthcare options for residents all across the valley. mayor hafen says that in turns creates better paying jobs and allows those living in the community to live healthier lives. with a new medical school coming to southern nevada...mayor hafen announced the city is working to establish any potential satellite clinics to henderson. ((mayor andy hafen/city of henderson: 'the new unlv school of medicine is not going to be located in henderson, we understand that. but we're working closely with unlv and dr. atkinson and len jessup to at least bring some of the amenities that are going to be needed or spin off's if you will from that new medical school to help with that medical infrastructure." ))
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mayor stressed there's been tremendous growth in henderson over the last year...from big businesses like costco that announced a second store is getting built in the restaurants like chick-fil-a heading to town. ((mauricio marin)) the mayor also stressed the need to also focus on helping provide the best education to continue the steady economic growth the city is seeing. coming up at six...we'll look how mayor plans to keep up with public safety demands as the city continues to grow. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) what's helping bring in more business to henderson? ((mauricio marin)) business leaders we spoke with at the state of the city say...with houses being built again. that's allowing for more shops and companies to make their way into the area. back to you./// ((paul joncich)) > we've learned the name of the woman... fatally shot in her own doorway over the weekend.
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40-year-old denise gray. the shooting happened in the early morning hours on saturday... near cheyenne and walnut when officers arrived they the woman shot was lying in the front doorway of the home. she was taken to the hospital where she later died. /// ((denise valdez)) toss to weather ((tedd florendo)) not as cold tonight and overnight, but still chilly nonetheless. we're expecting more clouds. temp in the 40's this evening with abundant clouds late night but not sticking around. we'll be 43 by 9 pm, then 41 but 8 news now at 11. yesterday we have 30's by 11 p-m, not the case tonight. but you'll still need to bundle up. ............................... ............. here are your forecasted morning lows in mid to low 30's around the valley. with some areas at or just under the freezing mark. many areas will not be in the 20's by morning but 30's rather. ............................... ................. regional temps also stay cold from the mesquite all the way to pahrump, you'll most likely be
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teens to single digits for the central great basin and chilly for laughlin. we do not have any hard freeze warnins issued this time around. ((paul joncich)) > the candidates running to fill harry reid's senate seat... nearly tied when it came to fundraising in the final three months of 2015. ((denise valdez)) demcratic candidate... former nevada attorney general catherine cortez masto reported raising more than 1-point-3 million dollars... while three- term republican rep. joe heck reported raising 1-point-2 million dollars in the last quarter. heck does have the advantage when it comes to the amount of cash his campaign has on hand... with nearly 3-million bucks. cortez masto has 2-million. /// ((paul joncich)) > both the democrats and republicans are adding thousands of voters. from december to january... both parties added about 7- thousand voters to their respective rolls. the demcrats have the edge in
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nevada... with 471-thousand. the g-o-p....423- thousand. there are more than 234- thousand non- partisan voters in nevada... that's about about 19- percent of all active voters. voters must register as a republican or democrat to participate in each party's presidential caucus later this month. /// ((denise valdez)) > president obama visited a mosque and school in baltimore, maryland to correct what he called a "hugely distorted" impression of muslim americans. as c-b-s reporter mark albert explains... this was mister obama's first visit to a u-s mosque as president. < neighbors waved hello as president obama arrived at the islamic society of baltimore. a few protestors lined the motorcade route as well. inside - muslim- americans told president obama about the increased bias they face. (president obama) "they talkd about how their children were asking, are we going to be forced out of the country? are we going to be rounded up? why
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conversations that you shouldn't have to have with your children, not in this country." (mark albert/cbs news/baltimore, md) this is president obama's first visit to a u.s mosque since taking office.. muslim leaders say it's been a long wait. (ibrahim hooper/spokesm an, council on american- islamic relations) "we've asked him to make such a visit for a number of years now and we're very pleased that he's doing it." ibrahim hooper is the communications director for the council on american- islamic relations. he says muslim- americans are more afraid now than at any time in history - even after 9-11. (ibrahim hooper/spokesm an, council on american- islamic relations) "thanks to donald trump, ben carson and others, islamophobia has been mainstreamed which makes it all the more dangerous." president obama says christians and jews need to speak out when they see anti-muslim rhetoric. (president obama) "we have to understand, an attack on one faith is an attack on all of our faiths." and he called on muslims not to become cynical - saying they're not muslim or americans but muslim- americans. mark albert for cbs news, > ((denise valdez)) after the
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some of the kids from the school on the mosque grounds. /// ((paul joncich)) > bringing back free snacks... to airline passengers. ((denise valdez)) the airline that will once again offer complimentary cookies and pretzels -- and the reason many of you think airlines can do much more for their customers. ///
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announcer: you're watching 8 news now at 4 with denise valdez and paul joncich. the news of southern nevada is now. ((denise valdez)) > if you need a job... you may want to start at home depot. the home improvment chain... is hiring 80-thousand seasonal workers, a bold sign that spring is just around the corner and that the housing market remains strong. a company spokesman said "spring is their christmas!" home depot has been hiring about 80- rothousand seasonal workers every year for a decade, and about half of them turn into permanent employees. the seasonal hiring means each of home depot's two- thousand stores in the u-s will hire 40 to 45 workers. /// ((denise valdez)) > gas prices
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nation... and here in the valley. according to triple-a... the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is now a dollar and 78-cents. get this... driver in missouri and oklahoma... are paying under one dollar and 50-cents. here in the valley... we're not quite that lucky... the average price for a gallon of gas... in 2-27 which is down 27-cents from what we were paying a month ago. /// ((paul joncich)) > with fuel prices dropping airline companies are making record profits... and american airlines is bringing back free snacks... something it hasn't done since 2003 that means cookies and pretzels for passengers in the main cabin. you'll see them on domestic flights by april and later this month on trans- continental flights. american airlines is also expanding its free entertainment options on domestic flights. customers with in-seat t-vs will have access to up to 40 movies, 60 tv shows... and 300 albums to listen to. recently, airliness have been raking in big bucks thanks to lower oil prices and strong travel demand. /// ((paul joncich)) > this story
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and most people are skeptical of the move. joann wrote... "bring back the meals, then we will have something newsworthy. greedy money hungry airlines." lynn said ""free?" or is the cost just embedded in the bag fees?" ashlie commented, "um with gas prices going down so should fares and they should still be providing more then peanuts. if companies worried more about putting some of that money back in the economy people would travel way more." annette said, "last time i flew hawaiian airlines in 2013 they still served full meals at no additional cost." to join the conversation... leave a comment on our facebook page. it may just end up on air. /// ((denise valdez)) > we've learned who'll face off in the first fight at the new t-mobile area. canelo alverez will get into the ring with amir khan -- may 7th. the two top boxers will duke it out in the 20- thousand seat arena -- one month after it opens.///
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capital hill are discussing the flint water crisis... ((denise valdez)) the key witness who didn't show up to the hearing to testify... despite getting a subpoena. ///
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with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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at 4. ((denise valdez)) > lawmakers on capitol hill held a hearing today on the flint lead contamination crisis but some were upset that many key players were not there to give answers. ((paul joncich)) adriana diaz reports from flint michigan where federal crews continue to test the city's water. when we turn on the water we are going to be collecting the samples epa crews in flint are checking the water in joe ragnone's home . it comes as congress held a
4:35 pm
contamination crisis. (leanne walters/flint resident) this isn't a flint problem or a rare anomaly. this is a national problem. leanne walters testified the city, state and epa all initially failed to act even after her son had lead poisoning. (leanne walters/ flint resident) the city and the mdeq still continued to tell everyone the water was safe the crisis began after flint started using water from the flint river in 2014. the river water was not properly treated, allowing lead to leach from the pipes. michigan's top environmental regulator apologized . (keith creagh/directo r, michigan dept. of environmental quality) in retrospect government at all levels should have done more. one man who didn't testify despite a subpoena was darnell earley -- the former state-appointed city emergency manager who oversaw flint's drinking water switch. (jason chaffetz committee chair) he's vital to understanding what happened and how these decisions were made. (adriana diaz/cbs news, flint, mi) many democrats also called for michigan governor rick snyder to testify but the panel's gop majority did not invite the republican governor. what do you say to those residents and congressmen who
4:36 pm
about how tihs happened (gov. rick snyder/r- michigan) i've released email i've been very open. we're cooperating with every investigation snyder announced he will propose $30 million dollars for flint residents. he says they shouldn't have to pay for water they can't drink. adriana diaz cbs news, flint, michigan. ((paul joncich)) an estimated 21-thousand residential customers have continued paying their bills despite the water problems. /// ((denise valdez)) > two russian cosmonauts are safely back inside the international space station... after a 5 hour space walk. they installed fresh experiments outside the i-s-s and gathered old ones. in addition... the cosmonaut released a container with a flash drive that has videos and messages pertaining to the 70th anniversary of russia's victory day last year. the flash drive eventually will re-enter earth's atmosphere and burn up. /// ((denise valdez)) > this comes as we're learning more about the sixth planet from the sun. the space agency's cassini spacecraft has sent new images of saturn along with new data.
4:37 pm
studying the ringed planet for more than ten years. cassini has found that the opaque rings may not contain the most material despite how bright they appear. research on the mass of rings has important implications for their age. /// toss to weather < tedd florendo > ((paul joncich)) > iowa has seen a lot of snow these past few days... and at least one man does not have a problem with it.. meet mason rumpf. the 22-year-old has been living with cerebral palsy since he was born. but his condition doesn't stop him from being active. with a special wheelchair...
4:38 pm
((paul joncich)) > iowa has seen a lot of snow these past few days... and at least one man does not have a problem with it.. meet mason rumpf. the 22-year-old has been living with cerebral palsy since he was born. but his condition doesn't stop him from being active. with a special wheelchair... he hits the streets regularly to clear the sidewalks for all his neighbors. they say it's no surprise he's so involved with the community: ((joe burkle//family friend - if there was one person that would try to find a way to be more active, it would definitely be mason.")) ((paul joncich)) as you might expect... modifying mason's wheelchair to cheap.. but that didn't stop his neighbors. the community raised the 15- thousand dollars in just a few weeks to give him his new chair./// + ((denise valdez)) > an explosion in mid-air...
4:39 pm
flight. ((paul joncich)) the astonishing video from inside the cabin... as passengers feared for their lives. ((denise valdez)) a blogger... stirring up controversy downtown. coming up at 5... the event he announced for las vegas... in a post about his support for legalizing rape./// announcer: now nevada's first
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at 4. ((paul joncich)) > the convicted murderer... and subject of an extremely popular podcast... is arguing for a new trial. adnan syed was convicted of killing his ex- girlfriend, hae min lee, in the year 2000. syed returned to court in baltimore wednesday to argue for a new trial. syed's case was highlighted by the podcast "serial," which drew in millions of listeners with its weekly installments. syed is currently serving a life sentence. he asked the court to introduce new evidence in his case -- related to an alibi witness and some cell phone evidence. /// ((paul joncich)) > investigators in somalia are looking into whether a bomb caused a mid-air explosion on a jetliner that took off from the capital city mogudishu.
4:41 pm
dramatic video. cell phone video captured the aftermath of tuesday's explosion as air poured through the gaping hole of the plane. oxygen masks were tossed around and one passenger was sucked out... his body was found later. (interior --see kullane filming) a somali diplomat on board, awake kullane - who shot this video - said everyone was afraid they were going to die. (awale kullane/passeng er) we saw a hole in the plane and the first thing you think about is you know, can we really make it. (interior) the plane was headed to the east african country of djibouti when the blast happened minutes after takeoff. the plane was at a relatively low altitude and the aircraft held together until the pilot was able to land it. somali officials say they've found no evidence of criminal activity so far, but the plane's pilot and aviation experts say the hole showed all the signs of terrorism. (denny kelly/aviation consultant) that's a bomb. that hole is caused by a bomb. and they'll be able to tell that, or they probably already know.
4:42 pm
al shabaab controls part of the country. and isis is expanding in the region. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news. ((paul joncich)) the somali government denies that the blast was caused by a bomb. /// paul joncich > that's all for us at 4. 8 news now at five starts after this. don't forget.. we're always on at las vegas now
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controversial meet-up downtown. ((denise valdez)) what a man who supports legalizing rape has planned for las vegas this weekend. ((dave courvoisier)) metro police... addressing the outage in the 911 system. the steps the department is taking... as they work to figure out what caused a delayed response in emergency calls. ((denise valdez)) candidates in the race for president... targeting the silver state. why nevada is seen as a crucial piece to the election puzzle./// < ((voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news.
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((denise valdez)) > thanks for joining us...
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