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tv   8 News Now at Noon  CBS  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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with conspiracy, assault on a federal officer, obstruction, weapon and other crimes. a criminal complaint filed today stems from bundy's role at the center of a tense april 2014 armed standoff with federal officials near his ranch... we spoke with bundy's daughter in law briana on the phone. she says the charges are bogus: ((briana bundy // cliven bundy's daughter in law: we've seen the charges -- they all seem pretty much like nonsense to us. but you know. that's about the only reaction we have. seems to me that they're holding him on a lot of charges that they can't even link him to directly. )) ((michael stevens)) bundy was arrested last night when he arrived at portland international airport from las vegas. he's being held at the multnomah county jail pending an appearance in federal court. it wasn't immediately clear if he had a lawyer to represent
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((michael stevens)) bundy's son ammon... was the leader of the refuge standoff. he... and his brother ryan were arrested at the end of january... when the f-b-i intercepted them.. driving to a community meeting. one of the occupiers died.. during that confrontation. ((kirsten joyce)) michael... does the bundy family plan on traveling up to oregon? ((michael stevens)) kirsten... we asked that question. they say right now -- they have no plans to travel to oregon to visit cliven... or the others. ((kirsten joyce)) > metro police are looking for burglars who have struck 75 times since november. this is a surveillance video grab. police say both of the suspects are black males in their 20's with short hair and goatees or beards. they are responsible for this slew of robberies all over las vegas and north las vegas. the crimes have taken place between midnight and 4 in the morning. anyone with information about the burglars can call crimestoppers./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a local drug
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it believes is linked to an illegal drug delivery service . officers pulled out equipment and 300- thousand dollars worth of marijuana out of a home near pecos and hacienda. metro tells us customers are becoming victims of crimes like robberies, burglaries and identity theft.......... since the services ask for personal information: (( sgt. craig lousignont/metro police: the criminals are growing this product using drugs and pesticides that aren't acceptable and then they're selling them on different websites to legitimate customers who think that it's a legitimate service but it's not )) ((kirsten joyce)) police say one of the best ways for a medical marijuana patient to make sure they're using a legal dispensary - is to confirm that the place has a storefront./// ((kirsten joyce)) > while we're experiencing gorgeous spring like temperatures here at home... cleveland ohio is in for another cold.. snowy day. much of the city is under a lake effect snow advisory or warning. snow totals could approach two feet in some areas when it is all said and done. a few schools were canceled...
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have been reported./// ((sherry swensk)) and even colder air will be diving into that part of the country this weekend... and the snow will keep going across the great lakes. quite a different picture for us here in the desert with blue skies and sunshine. .................. our spring fling continues today and will last right through our holiday weekend with extra mild temps a lot closer to record highs than the normal low 60s. .......... plenty of sunshine again today and dry air with light to calm winds. ............ the ridge is firmly built in over the west to drive temps into super warm 80 and even 90s this week in southern california... instead of the cooler el nino rain and mountain snow everyone was expecting this month. ............. but there's still time to get that winter weather... right now though - let's take a look at your warm temps outside at noon. lots of neighborhoods already in the 60s. we'll see how long the warm spell lasts coming up in your most accurate weather now
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((kirsten joyce)) > democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton go head to head tonight in another debate. this time in charleston... south carolina. there are questions about how bernie sanders will do among minority voters in the south. but the democratic socialist confident: (( bernie @1:02:22 ) change always takes place when millions of people stand up and fight back. )) ((kirsten joyce)) hillary recieved an endorsement from the black congressional caucus. the focus for her will be creating a new storyline out of this debate... after a big loss in new hampshire./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the republicans will be holding their next debate on saturday night right here on cbs... starting at 6 o'clock. it will be from charleston, south carolina and this will be
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of them on the stage. we will also have a special edition of "politics now" immediatley following the debate with analysis.. and how it impacts the nevada caucuses./// ((kirsten joyce)) > and we are your local election headquarters throughout the campaign... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((kirsten joyce)) > grief across maryland after two sheriff's deputies were shot and killed yesterday. the suspect who shot the officers ... 68 year old david evans... had warrants out for his arrest. evans shot one officer inside a panera bread... then another in a separate shootout nearby.. before turning the gun on himself. those inside the busy shopping center are trying to deal with what they witnessed: ((jill "my hearts just go out to their families, this whole community." )) ((kirsten joyce)) the officers killed... are 30- year -veteran and former marine pat daily... and 16 year veteran.. and u-s army vet mark logsdon./// ((kirsten joyce)) > some new signs at the white house are raising a few eyebrows. secret service members have put up a variety of "weapons prohibited" signs - they are posted right outside metal
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and prison time for violators. so why put them up? the secret service says they have to... in order to search someone and have the charges stick./// ((kirsten joyce)) > changing course: ((it's controlled chaos// it's a very difficult job )) the t-s-a has a new training school.. and a new direction to avoid mis- steps of the past. we take a first look inside the new facility...
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rst choice for news, this is 8newsnow at noon. ((kirsten joyce)) > for the first time.. the t-s-a is training all it's new airport screeners at one centralized academy. it was created after a number of mis-steps raised doubts about the agency's ability to stop threats. kris van cleave brings us this report after from inside the academy in (glen-co) glynco, georgia: < an explosive lesson on the dangers these soon-to-be airport screeners will be asked to help prevent. "that is a petn based explosive" the nearly 200 students assembled are some of the first to go through the new t-s-a training academy. ((nats 180755)) it's controlled chaos// it's a very difficult job ((cover above cut and track with b-roll of her at explosion site)).
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cerda. (cerda sot 18:08:05) it's a challenge. but it's a rewarding challenge. (vo - more training checkpoint or classroom) this is the first time since the agency's creation after 9/11 that the tsa has centralized training of newly hired screeners--who make between 31 and 45 thousand dollars a year. (broll from today: 021016 tsa screening b roll) .previously they were trained largely on the job at the airport where they'd work. (natsound/instr uctor training at mock checkpoint) "18:43:34 do you see anything prohibited in that bag?" (checkpoint training/pat down scandal thu0364) the academy opened in january as the t-s-a tries to recover from a series of high profile embarrasments including-two officers fired for allegedly groping passengers in denver (gfx-in) and in a damning inspector general investigation where screeners failed to catch potential threats in 67 out of 70 tests. (gfx-out) (natsound/neffe nger) (13:18:05) "those are bad results." (vo - neffenger teaching) peter neffinger took over as administrator following that report. (neffenger sot) (13:19:16) "so what i've tried to do is refocus on the mission. i said, what is a screener's job is to ensure that something that shouldn't get past the checkpoint doesn't get past, // (kvc/neffenger exchange) (kvc 13:19:46) the ig, if they're going through checkpoints today with one of their teams trying to bring things that should be flagged.will those things be caught?" (neffenger 13:19:59) "i
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i say that- " (kvc 13:20:01) "all of them?" ((butted to)) (neffenger 13:20:03) "i don't know if we catch everything. i sure hope we catch all of them ((butted to)) (neffenger 13:20:28) "my testing has told us that we have dramatically improved. (kvc 13:20:38) "can you ballpark for me what you're finding in your test?" (neffenger 13:20:40) "well i'd rather not say publically because again this goes to, i want this to be." (kvc 13:20:44) "are we talking about majority, the vast majority?" (neffenger 13:20:46) "the vast majority // ((kirsten joyce)) > that was kris van cleave reporting. the basic training at the academy is a two week course./// ((kirsten joyce)) > eric garner's death sparked national demonstrations he's the man who died after being put in a police choke- hold who is now hearing evidence in connection with his death. and.... our beautiful "spring like" temperatures continue. sherry will join us with what to expect this weekend in your "most accurate weather now forecast... "
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now nevada's fiqst choice for
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((sherry swensk)) hope you've got your short sleeves on and you've put away the jacket for the afternoon... because spring temps are back. it feels more like early april this week instead of mid- february! ............... right now with blue skies... temps are hitting mid 60s already... and we're on our way to 70s again. sunday... and it will last through this sunday - which is valentine's day - through president's day monday...and even into next week. ................ next week... but it's not a huge one. plenty of sunshine again today winds. ................. but there's still time to get that winter weather...
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normal which is 62 now and mornings in the low 40s. .................. outside the valley we have mid 60s and even mid 70s in laughlin in death valley right now. ................... temps around the country are vastly different from the west to the east... and chilly teens across the midwest with teens and just barely 20 degrees in chicago. ............. back to milder 70s in texas, but cool air over oklahoma with 50s in tulsa. .................. the ridge is firmly built in over the west to drive temps into super warm 80 and even 90s this week in southern california...
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rain and mountain snow everyone was expecting this month. ..................... more cold air and snow for the east and great lakes ....while we continue on the path to possible record days of warmth again for las vegas and the west. .............. valentine's day and president's day will be warm and sunny... and highs in the mid 70s. maybe cooler later next week! /// < ((weather toss))>
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(( (bernard guillas, chef) "she was right here, man. she was sitting here like this: service please! where's my food?")) a sea lion walks into a fancy restaurant... and seats itself. how the viral photo led to getting the seal, some much needed help. <
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this is 8newsnow at noon. ((kirsten joyce)) > a federal grand jury is hearing evidence in the death of eric garner. garner was killed in 2014 after a new york city police officer put him in a choke-hold. his death sparked national demonstrations .. with protesters chanting "i can't breathe." federal prosecutors began presenting evidence to a grand jury in brooklyn this week. a staten island jury had previously declined to indict the officer involved./// ((kirsten joyce)) > the rate of new dementia cases may be declining. doctors studied data from heart patients over 40 years. the research showed the decrease in dementia was more noticeable in highly educated people... diagnosed with heart disease. by 20-25.. an estimated 7 million people will be living with alzheimer's disease./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a california
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wandering into a fancy restaurant. the picture of her sitting at the booth in a la jolla restaurant went viral. the chef of the restaurant says everyone was surprised when she came in and took a seat: (((bernard guillas, chef) "i have to tell you, she's very smart because she picked out the best table in the house. she jumped right over here, sit down, and she just went, "where's breakfast?" )) ((kirsten joyce)) guillas says that is the first time it has happened in the 75 years the restaurant has been open. the little sea lion was malnourised and dehydrated... but sea world stepped into help.. and say she is recovering nicely and putting on weight now./// ((kirsten joyce)) > a different kind of valentine's day. the mob museum is celebrating it's fourth anniversary on sunday. what they are offering to commemorate the occasion...
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four... more and more young women are turning to heroin. how prescription pain killers have become the gateway to the dangerous street drug. /// wanted dead or alive. a massive hunt is underway... for a destructive species of snake. the effort to rid a unique ecosystem of intruding pythons. /// ((kirsten joyce)) > the mob museum is celebrating its fourth anniversary on this valentine's day.. to mark the occasion.. it's offering free admission for locals on valentine's day. and on saturday.. they're hosting a blood drive.. and anyone who donates will receive 1 free ticket that you can use anytime this year. the mob museum will also have the tommy guns used and new ballistics evidence displayed together for the first time since al capone's saint valentine's day massacre in 1929./// > that's all for 8 news now live at noon..
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job.
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...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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