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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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captioning sponsored by cbsdetails revealed in court today mother of victim: "she said it's disgusting." we hear from the mother of a young autistic girl... to find out what tipped them off to alleged abuse at the hands of her school bus driver. ((denise valdez)) > the culinary union protests a local casino. we take you live to palace station... with the reason the union says their members might end up in handcuffs tonight. ((dave courvoisier)) > man- made diamonds are getting more and more popular: "you can't tell a difference, a jeweler can't tell the difference even with a microscope." michelle mortensen is on your side... to find out if it's worth shelling out thousands of dollars for the jewels made in a lab./// < news music voice over: "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now at 6." > ((dave courvoisier)) > disturbing new allegations tonight about a former clark county school district bus driver accused of sexual acts with a 10-year old autistic girl on his bus. thanks for joining us... i'm dave courvoisier.
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denise valdez... in for paula. an emotional mother took the stand in her child's defense in a preliminary hearing... the hearing determines if there is enough evidence to go to trial. 8 news now reporter mauricio marin has more on the testimony in court. ((mother of victim: "she said it's disgusting." )) ((mauricio marin)) a painful ordeal for one valley mother who took the stand and recounted what she says former c-c-s-d substitute bus driver ramiro garcia did to her 10-year old daughter. to protect the victim's identity...we didn't show the mother's face. ((mauricio marin/reporter: "in court the girls' mother says the conversation with her daughter about the alleged sexual acts was so distrubing she thought she was going to have a heart attack." )) ((mauricio marin)) with the help of an e explained what her daughter told her. ((mother of victim: "and thee dper to the baby." )) ((mauricio marin)) the mother says he daughter told her the bus driver cleaned her up over. the girl's babysitter also took the stand. ((babysitter: "she would cover her face." )) ((mauricio marin))
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right when the bus showed up more than 30-minutes late to drop off the 10-year old. after hearing from witnesses in court--- garcia now faces an additional charge of kidnapping. ((alexander chen/deputy district attorney: "based upon the testimony from the girls statement to both her mother and babysitter as well as the detective is that she had been moved from the front to back of the bus." )) ((mauricio marin)) but his defense lawyer argued the child being moved by garcia inside the bus is speculation. mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) we reached out to the defense attorney for comment but he declined an on- camera interview. garcia is due back in court next week for an arraignment on the
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ov trate teys for 20 years.: taes away the benefits s ot just not a good option to have." 9... he's since made his way off... was greeted to a crowd of dyne((denise valdez)) > happening now at six... dozens of culinary union members are marching up and down the sidewalk in front of palace station. they've been there for a little more than an hour now.. 8 news now brittany edney has
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is the protest growing? ((brittany edney)) as you can see behind me, dozens of protestors are picketing along the sidewalk here outside of the palace station hotel and casino. from signs, to chants and loud music, they are making their presence known.... metro is on scene... i've seen several officers out here., standing by.. monitoring the situation. culinary union's long running dispute with the station casinos about unionizing their workers. the labor group says sheriff joe lombardo denied their permit request for the demonstration... and yet they said they were going to proceed with a peaceful protest anyway. i contacted station casinos about this protest.. i did received a statement from them in which they say, quote: "we are proud of our 40 year
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team mghtbto join a union if they so choose as that decision is he since before 5 and the number of protestors just continues to grow... so far now, we are waiting to see whether this just dies down or if police will eventually have to step in. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now ((dave courvoisier)) > local latino leaders came together today... encouraging the latino community to get out a vote this election season. organizers say the summit an opportunity to educate potential voters on issues that are significant to them. key issues like education, immigration, foreign policy and small business issues. speakers say nevada caucuses will be tight... and the latino vote needs to be earned. so summits like this highlight how influential the latino vote can be. (( hector barreto, president, latino coalition foundation - "every election that goes by, the hispanic community plays a
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especially in states where the vote is very contested, where the vote is going to be close.")) ((dave courvoisier)) csn's cheyenne campus will host the second summit tomorrow morning... from 8 to 11./// ((denise valdez)) > it's a case that gained national attention... for all the wrong reasons. we catch up with the family of tammy meyers... on the one- year anniversary of her shooting. and tedd... should we go ahead and call it spring?? tedd florendo >did we reach our record high today. that is the big question. one things for sure, we have had a great ride of temps in the 70's. but could they through next week? your valentine's day
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ago tonight, the sound of gunfire shattered an otherwise quiet neighborhood and changed
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family. ((denise valdez)) 44-year old tammy meyers was gunned down outside her home. she died two days later, on valentine's day. ((dave courvoisier)) it's been a rough year for her husband and five children. the i-team's george knapp sat down with tammy's husband bob and joins us with a preview. ((george knapp)) from the beginning, it was a confusing story. the shooting itself was the result of mistaken identity, and it turned out tammy meyers knew the young man who confessed to firing the fatal shots. but the story took on a life of its own. tabloid rumors were repeated and reported by local and national media. there were questions about tammy meyers judgement on the night of the shooting, and then, even after the suspect confessed to the crime and dispelled all of the rumors, a lot of people still pounded away at the family and insisted that tammy must have had something going with her killer. (( bob meyers: it started off she was in a relationship with him and then it let off to my daughter was pregnant by him and then it let off to where my wife
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then it let off to where my wife was selling drugs to him ... they kept throwing one conspiracy after another. everytime a lawyer would say something, the local media would eat it up and run with it and there be no investigating and the whole time the confession's out. these people know abou tconfession but they dont want to go to the confession because that's not a good story. it's just not a good story )) ((george knapp)) most of the meyers children have undergone therapy in the last year and will likely need it for a long time to come. bob meyers says his business was devasastated and the family was pretty much forced to move out of their home. tonight at 11, more about why that happened, about tammy meyer's last moments, and about the critics who won't let go of various conspiracy theories. ((george knapp)) on our website, bob meyers talks about whether the death penalty should be applied in the case set for
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((dave courvoisier)) > they say friend... but what about man- made diamonds? michelle mortensen joins us to reveal how the popular gems are now being made in a lab... and how much you could save if you buy one.///
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andtexpected to be a big day for weddings in las vegas ... and for enagagements. ((denise valdez)) getting an enagement or wedding ring can be quite an expense these days ... but that doesn't mean you need to bust your budget to find the perfect one. ((dave courvoisier)) 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen explains ... in tonight's got a problem ... tell michelle. ((michelle mortensen)) never thought i would tackle the topic of finding deals of engagement rings ... but just a few days ago ...
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facebook. he wrote ... here's my problem. i want to pop the question ... but can't afford a ring? got a coupon or deal for that? you're always helping people save money. help me out! oddly enough ... i do have some jewelry deals this week for zales and h-s-n.. you can find my deals, coupons and freebies every day online at las vegas now dot com ... in the 8 on your side section. but ... here's another tip. there's a new diamond on the market ... that looks good and is pretty cheap. the catch ... it's man made. check it out.
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jordan hill proposed ((lisa bissell"these are the same optically, chemically and physically as mined diamonds, except they are 30%-40% less money." )) ((michelle mortensen)) an increasing number of companies are getting into the man made business.. one startup, diamond foundry, even has the backing of actor and activist leonardo dicaprio. (("you can't tell a difference, a jeweler can't tell the difference even with a microscope." )) ((michelle mortensen)) even the experts at the gemological institute of america say you can't tell the difference between man made and the real thing under magnification. in fact the only way to tell is under infrared light.. ((tom-gia "both the size and the quality of diamonds coming out of the lab today are really quite good.")) ((michelle mortensen)) some may hesitate to buy a non- traditional stone for their bride to be..
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((kim pavlacka/engaged "he couldn't have picked out a better diamond for me" ((michelle mortensen)) so you're probably wondering how much these man made diamonds... also known as lab created diamonds costs. depending on where you buy ... and whether its set in silver .. gold or platinum ... they can be as low as a thousand bucks. pure grown claims a typical diamond enagement ring starts at 5 grand .. while their man made one's start at 35 hundred ... so that would be about a 15 hundred dollar savings. ((weather toss)) < tedd florendo ((>another warm day in the 70's and coming
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winds remained light however, but expected to pick up again late weekend. dry too as we don't anticipate any rain for a while and changes next week. ............................... .. afternoon temps in the 70's around the valley with cooler 60's for kyle canyon. many neighborhoods over to the east will be warmer due to the lower elevation levels. which also includes henderson. ............................... ...... regional temp salso in the 70's at this hour with colder temps in the central great basin. warmer for laughlin and death valley with 70's this afternoon also for beatty late day. ............................... ......... valentines forecast looks warmer with highs in the mid 70's under mostly sunny and pleasant conditions. we could see the winds pick up a little for that day so could be breezy at times as well.. ............................... ............. warmer in the southwest. mild in dallas and the deep south. but look at this arctic
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from canada where temps in the teens, this will stretch all the way down to the deep south over the weekend into early next week. ...............................
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njuries erman out, unlv is really in a tough situation. even beyond what you'd think. players are having to learn new positions and it's changed unlv's approach to preparation
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