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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  KLAS  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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brittany edney has been following both and joins us now with the latest... brittany? ((brittany edney)) dave and denise... in the span of just a few hours... the valley has seen two serious accidents.. at least one of them fatal.... right now im here on scene at cimarron and vegas drive.... where metro says a car and a motorcycle colliaded. metro says an s-u-v was pulling out of a gas station when it struck a motorcycle--- carrying two passengers. both of the riders were just wearing novelty helmets.. we know the male rider sustained serious injuries and his 19-year- old female passenger is in grave condition--- investigators say right now, the young girl is basically fighting for her life. as for the driver of the s- u-v... metro says alcohol is not a factor and that the driver is fully cooperating with police... and is understandbly, increadibly upset about the accident. and it's yet to be determined if the driver will face charges. also this evening, near spring
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a pedestrian was stuck and killed by a vehicle. in this particular case, the driver actually fled the scene but later came back and turned himself in... investigators say that alcohol was a factor. it's also important to note that the pedestrian was not using a crosswalk at the time so he was jaywalking. metro says that this is the 14th fatality this year.... 6 of those have involved pedestrians ...2 have been motorcyclists slash bicycles and the other 6 were automobiles. investigators say they are begging pedestrians to use crosswalks: ((sgt. richard strader, metro fatal detail "pleading as i have done hundreds of times to our public, pedestians, stay out of the roadways, there are specific places that you should be crossing, that's where we want you to cross. i am sorry there are not enough crosswalks for you but don't take your life into your own hands. you are going to lose the battle every time when you get struck by a car. ")) metro also wants to remind drivers of the new laws
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if you leave the scene of an accident, that alone, carries a minimum of two years. ((brittany edney)) investigators say it's been an incrediably difficult night with both of these accidents. and they also want to remind commuters, that the weather is starting to warm up which means more motorcyclists will be hitting the roadways... so just keep an extra eye out for them. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((denise valdez)) > also breaking tonight... north las vegas police have made an arrest in the crash that killed a 2-year- old girl on super bowl sunday. 51-year-old daniel garcia- martinez was taken into custody today. police say he was driving the white van that killed 2-year- old evelyn green... and left the scene after the accident. witnesses say they saw the little girl crossing the street when she was hit./// ((dave courvoisier)) > tonight marks one year since gunshots rang out in an otherwise quiet neighborhood... and the lives of the meyers family changed forever.
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to tragedy...the shooting death of 44-year-old tammy meyers, a mother of four. the story received international attention and generated a lot of wild speculation. now, a year later, the i - team's george knapp sat down with widowed husband bob meyers to address the still-unfolding saga. (( )) > bob meyers/tammy meyers husband: 10:40:10 i don't have a wife anymore, you know, when you're with somebody for 25 years........ 40:29 you wake up to that person everyday, you go to sleep with that person everyday and they're not there, its rough 40:36 bob meyers was out of state on a business trip when he received a garbled phone call about his wife being shot....he raced back to las vegas, driving 100 miles per hour, unable to get solid information for most of the drive. george: that had to be a very bad period, when you are driving there to find out what's her conditton and have no idea what the heck happened. 102845 bob well the nurse told me it was grave so she asked me to pull over and she kept asking me 'are you driving?' i'm like
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i said, you know, have her hold on until i get there you know. g: she did. r: she did publicist mark fierro, a former klas reporter, wrote a book about tammy's death, including the moment bob arrived at the hospital. mark fierro/author of "road rage in las vegas": 51:39 he sits down, he grabs her hand and immediately she squeezes his hand and he asks the nurse has she done this? she said no, she's been completely unresponsive ..... and he starts telling her how lucky he was and how much he loved here , how much he's gonna work to help keep the kids together 52:13 and so the last think that happens is this communication through her hand, she wants him to know that he's hearing, after tammy's death, things crumbled for the family. the siblings went into deep depression and sought counseling. their home became a magnet for media and murder buffs. 10:30:50 george: did you have problems at the house, people knocking at the door kinda
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taking pictures and 3,4 o'clock in the morning, parking up front of the house and you gotta wonder, you think after what happened, is that a shooter? or you know, it--it--pretty scary 31:07 and there was the constant drum beat of unfounded rumors about tammy and the young man who confessed to the shooting, eric nowsch. bob meyers: 10:32:30 it started off she was in a relationship with him and then it let off to my daughter was pregnant by him and then it let off to where my wife was buying drugs from him or then it let off to where my wife was selling drugs to him 32:43 ..;.. 32:55 this is all local media here in town. they kept throwing one conspiracy after the other 33:01 everytime a lawyer would say something, the local media would eat it up and run with it 33:07 and there be no investigating and the whole time the confession's out 33:13 these people know about this confession but they don't want to go to the confession because that's not a good story in a
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police, the suspect said nothing about drugs or a relationship with tammy. he made it clear the shooting was a mistake. bob: 38:10 i'm sure if she was buying drugs or it was a drug deal gone bad, which there is a lot of people out there saying that or facebook and other media, wouldn't he'd said that in his confeasion? 38:22 to try and get a reduced sentenced or a drug deal gone bad or there was a relationship or she was buying drugs 38:28 never said that. out of his own mouth he said he was sorry, he killed the wrong person, he thought he was killing a kid 38:37 nothing more 38:40 george 10:55:10 have you ever seen a story like this? fierro i''ve neve seen anything close to this 55:13 i think think that the dirty lie is so much interesting than the truth, the mistaken identity 55:22 that they want to hold on to that dirty little, dirty little lie
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it far more interesting 55:30 10:56:11 i think part of it is that they want to know something that other people don't know , not realizing that they're, that they're morons for suggesting it after he's admitted it, he's admitted the truth. it was a mistake 56:25 george knapp standup: bob meyers says he worries about the effects of the upcoming trial for suspect erich nowsch. the meyers siblings have been emotionally devastated, underwent therapy in the last year. they lost their mother, two of them witnessed her murder, and they've all been subjected to the conspiracy theories. their lawyer sam schwartz told us quote it is unfathomable why some people have clung to the lies... the truth is, this was a case of mistaken identity. george knapp 8 news now. ((denise valdez)) protesters filled the sidewalks near palace station tonight... amid the ongoing dispute with station casinos about unionizing
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when i say union you say power...union! power! union! power!)) ((denise valdez)) dozens of men and women marched along sahara with signs... and chanting on megaphones. the labor group says sheriff joe lombardo denied their permit request for the demonstration... but proceeded with a peaceful protest anyway. station casinos responded with a statement... reading in part... "we are proud of our 40 year history of treating our 12,000 team members with dignity and respect as well as support their right to join a union if they so choose as that decision is theirs not ours to make." /// ((dave courvoisier)) > a k9 officer was stabbed several times following a 12- hour long standoff with a man barricaded in an apartment. it all unfolded last night near last night near maryland and desert inn. metro says the suspect was arrested this morning... after sending in the police dog. police say the man was bit several times... but stabbed the k9 in the process. the officer is undergoing surgery... and it's not clear how serious it was hurt./// ((dave courvoisier)) > have you
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about spirulina? not your typical ingredients, right? inmates in clark county are learning what they are.... vanessa murphy is here with an exclusive story to show you why. ((vanessa murphy)) volunteers are giving their time, food is donated and the inmates are trying healthy ingredients they've never heard of.... it's all part of a non- traditional approach to try to change lives. (( )) + ((two spoons of that, two spoons alright.)) ((gonna break this in half. toss it right in.)) ((some ice...just a handful )) juicing... (( ready for this.... (turns it on) )) in jail.... ((voila. voila. come on, man. give him a round of applause. claps)) shaun leflore is considered a leader in a group of 148 men in a special program at the clark county detention center. ((shaun leflore/inmate: it's life changing. )) more than three years ago....the 34 year old man was charged with murder. he's accused of killing a woman he was in a relationship with... in a court document, he was referred to as a pimp... ((shaun: i saw life from a different perspective.)) but now because of leflore's good behavior - he can take classes
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with shane stuart - co-owner of grass roots in downtown las vegas. ((shane stuart/volunteer: they're striving for anyone to reach out to him to have any kind of connection.)) he's one of several volunteers brought in by lieutenant sasha larkin - ((nat of sasha )) who co- organized this program - ((lt. sasha larkin/metro police: if i affect two of these people that go out there and have less violent tendencies, i win.)) she says disciplinary action dropped 70-percent with these inmates who take part in the program. and she's hoping good behavior continues throughout their lives. ((sasha: i'm making the best use of their time while they're in here to influence the decisions they make so when they get on the outside again, they'll interact with your families and your children differently, my families differently. )) ((shaun: one day i'm gonna get out. and i'm gonna need to be productive. like everybody else in here. we're gonna need to be productive, so this is helping us learn how to produce, how to be effective, how to get good results.
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nutrition.... ((shane: it's social well being. it's spiritual well being. food is just a small aspect of that.)) inmates like shaun say they are grateful and they are hoping this opportunity will mean a fresh start.... ((shaun: america is about second chances. it's about love. it's about god. it's about doing what's right. america, we don't turn our back on anyone, especially our own.)) ((vanessa murphy)) last night - we aired a piece about yoga in jail... that is also a component to this program which pushes the direct inmate supervision philosophy.... inmates earn privileges like these classes. it's not the old lock em up, throw away the key approach.... administration is hoping to expand it in clark county for both men and women. you can check out both of our reports on this on our website at lasvegasnow- dot com. ((denise valdez)) > it's not uncommon for locals to want a pool in their backyard...
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your bank account to get one? ((dave courvoisier)) michelle mortensen is on your side... with what to watch out for when shopping for a pool. ((tedd florendo)) >did we reach our record high today. that is the big question. one things for sure, we have had a great ride of temps in the 70's. but could they through next week? your valentine's day forecast coming up. < news music voice over: "you're
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dave courvoisier. the news of southern nevada is now." > ((dave courvoisier)) > installing a pool in your backyard can cost a pretty penny. about 40 grand on average. ((denise valdez)) but it can cost much more depending on whom you do business with. as 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen tells us ... the best deal ... isn't always the cheapest. ((michelle mortensen)) no ... cheaper isn't always better. in fact ... it's sometimes a red flag. the sun always seems to shine in southern nevada. so pools are hot commodities. but no one wants one like this. sadly though ... many valley residents ended up with unfinished holes in the ground after going into business with this guy. jason lux. ((steve: he was very personable )) steve treese of blue haven pools ... knew lux too.
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and was good with customers)) steve hired lux as a pool designer in 2015 ... not knowing the truth about him. ((steve: i would say he conned us and conned the home owners. )) turns out while lux bid pools for blue haven ... he'd also offer customers a cheaper deal with his company a&a tops. and people took it. only problem.... it wasn't a better deal. ((jennifer: a good con artist is a good con artist )) jennifer lewis with the contractors board says lux would get cash from customers ... on average about 53 thousand... start the job .. then disappear. the board started investigating lux .. and soon learned he didn't even exist. his real name ... jason louis galindo. they built a case ... and sent it to the d-a. ((courtroom nats )) only problem ... he's never shown up to face his multiple felony and misdemeanor charges. investigators think he ran to the lone star state.
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tracked him down to an address on 6th street in austin. but that too was a dead end. ((michelle: do you have to start from scratch? well .. we sort of did. )) blue haven stepped in and offered to help victims with their pool problems. steve just hopes others hear this story and realize cheaper isn't better if it's with an unlicensed contractor... and he offers this tip to make sure you make the right choice. ((do your due diligence ... you'll end up with a good product in the end ... and watch channel 8 .. watch michelle )) ((michelle mortensen)) and i appreciate the endorsement because i've been warning you about these guys for years. so do yourself a favor check licenses. because if you don't .. it can cost you i've made that easy to do. there's a link on our website .. in the 8 on your side section to
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((tedd florendo)) >another warm day in the 70's and coming very close to record highs this afternoon. winds remained light however, but expected to pick up again late weekend. dry too as we don't anticipate any rain for a while and changes next week. ............................... .. afternoon temps in the 70's around the valley with cooler 60's for kyle canyon. many neighborhoods over to the east will be warmer due to the lower elevation levels. which also includes henderson. ............................... ...... regional temp salso in the 70's
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in the central great basin. warmer for laughlin and death valley with 70's this afternoon also for beatty late day. ............................... ......... valentines forecast looks warmer with highs in the mid 70's under mostly sunny and pleasant conditions. we could see the winds pick up a little for that day so could be breezy at times as well.. ............................... ............. warmer in the southwest. mild in dallas and the deep south. but look at this arctic intrusion of cold air coming in from canada where temps in the teens, this will stretch all the way down to the deep south over the weekend into early next week. ............................... ............... some high clouds over the state and rain in the pacific northwest with high pressure still in charge and keeping us warm and dry. it will also bring some breezes over the weekend into early next week. we see it break down more next week as a trough slides in and bring wind and shower chances ............................... .............. here's what to expect. we're staying warm in the 70's for a several more days. which could put us at a possible 12 days in the 70's before we start to drop back to the 60's
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winds and cooler temps. could also see another chance for showers. ............................... ............. tonight expect a low of 47 overnight with cool and clear conditions. winds stay light and above average overnight but warmer tomorrow. expect a high of 75 still nice with high clouds. probably not reaching the record but staying warm. ............................... .......... recreation forecast showing highs around 60 with cool and nice condtions and winds up to 15, even higher in the canyons. warmer at lake mead with warm and sunny conditions. even warmer for laughlin with 79 for the foecasted high. ............................... ......... extended forecast shows more 70's into next week. breezes kick in by midweek and then we start to see the low 70's and 60's by friday. slight shower chances for thursday but don't look too impressive as of now. it's valentine's day weekend.. and romance is in the air. and that means the county clerk's office is gearing up for some busy days. valentine's day.. and thday before are typically some of the most popular days in the year to tie the knot. last year, they issued more than 16-hundred licenses over the weekend. tonight... we spoke with one couple at the little white wedding chapel... who were in vegas for a conference and figured... why not get married tonight?: ((charles & lisa hess//newlyweds - we decided we have no kids, no work, we took a couple extra days of vacation. let's just do it. we've been together 3 years,
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we lived it's time to move on. the next phase of our lives." )) ((dave courvoisier)) to help commemorate the exciting weekend for all the newlyweds... clark county is giving flowers to ever 100-th couple who gets a marriage license over the next few days. just tonight... they reached 400./// > ((dave courvoisier)) the rebels are facing big challenges. ((denise valdez)) there might not be another team in college basketball dealing with the same issues.. right chris ((chris maathuis)) it would be hard to find any team out there that's had to overcome what the rebels are facing. todd simon talks about the challenges and why he says the coaches are working overtime > plus... soccer takes center stage in las vegas this weekend... the numbers for the mayor's cup are staggering. more coming up here on 8 news now. "from 8 news now, this is sports
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sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. ((chris maathuis)) the rebels are on pace to equal last year's disappointing win total...
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surpass the 18 games they won last year. unlv has got six games left in a season that's been more challenging then anybody ever anticipated. ((chris maathuis)) todd simon/coach: no one has been through this extreme of a series of adversities." ((chris maathuis)) no one first center goodluck okonoboh left... then center ben carter got hurt followed by big man stephen zimmerman. todd simon/coach: "to lose guys all in one position puts your roster in a tailspin." ((chris maathuis)) because now you're asking guys to play positions they've never played. todd: "dwyne who has never played a five... now he's playing a whole new position. ((chris maathuis)) same with derrick jones who's now playing center... he was a forward and he's a freshman. todd simon/coach: "not only is he a very young freshman, now you're a very young freshman who's got to learn a whole new position." ((chris maathuis)) a position that at 190 pounds isn't even equipped for... so it's crazy what these kids are thrust into. todd simon/coach: "its ridiculous on the face... but you try to get them to believe they can." ((chris maathuis)) that's the staff's biggest challenge. todd simon: "the staff is coaching their tails off."
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all you can ask for, everything else rests on the players shoulders. nats ((chris maathuis)) rebels home with csu tomorrow at 7. the largest international soccer tourney takes place this weekend here in las vegas. it's the 9th annual international mayor's cup. over 550 teams from all over the world are here. 31 states and 19 foreign countries are represented in what has grown into the largest youth soccer tourney in the usa. and it's a big boost to the local economy. roger taber/organizer: "we'll do 15- thousand room nights, economic impact will be over 20 million dollars... we'll rent out 300 mini vans, who know how many meals and bottles of gatorade and warm weather bottles of water.., we certainly have enough hotel rooms and a great great airport to accommodate them.. oh no, that doesn't happen every day." that's something you don't see very often...
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cup will be played on monday afternoon. tomorrow night is an excellent chance to see if las vegas would ever support mls soccer team. you've got two mls teams town playing an exhibition... the l-a galaxy will play the san jose earthquakes tomorrow at cashman field at 7. they're configuring the baseball field to a soccer pitch. it's being billed as california clasico... san jose and l-a tomorrow night. at&t pebble beach pro-am south korea's sung kang fired a tournament course record 11-under 60 to grab a share of the lead he's tied at 11- under with japan's hiroshi iwata. they hold a one stroke lead over lefty, phil mickelson, who lines up for the birdie on number 8... he shot a 68 yesterday, followed that with today's 65. ....that's joe lay-cob who owns the warriors and just like steph curry drains the long one. final two rounds here on channel 8 this weekend the nba all star game this weekend in toronto features the hall of fame finalists... and shaquille o'neal along with
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allen iverson... practice paid off.... he's also a finalists... so is you ming. others are also on the list... the new inductees will be announced at the ncaa final four. ((denise valdez)) > we'll be
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((denise valdez)) > our 8 news now facebook page is blowing up over concern for a sad -- skinny puppy in henderson. > a viewer shared this photo worried the little guy was malnourished -- lethargic -- and suffering from a hernia. the a-k-c rhodesian ridgeback came from an out of state breeder and is for sale at petland in henderson. animal control and a veterinarian checked out the puppy and declared it healthy. but because of all of the attention -- the dog has been pulled from the floor. ((denise valdez)) > animal lovers are so outraged they've started this go fund me account to adopt the dog. so far it's raised 955- dollars. the adoption fee for rhodesian ridgeback puppy is 25-hundred dollars. ((denise valdez)) > we'll keep
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