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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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i started to caucaus at 10am and did not enter building until 1:30>" )) ((mauricio marin)) some nevada leaders fought to have political parties caucus rather than hold a nevada will have more influence on who's chosen to run for president. those who came to rally today say that's a good thing...but at what cost? ((angie sullivan/protes ter: "we're first in the west and i think that's very exciting however if the cost is that you don't get to vote at all then i'm not sure what first in the west means." )) ((mauricio marin)) protestors say those who had to work or who couldn't physically get to a caucus site were also left out. and say that may have given one candidate an upperhand over the other in nevada. so protestors say they want oversight over future caucuses. ((nicholas lash/protestor: "we need to go to a fair system that works for all people." )) ((mauricio marin)) mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) we reached out to the nevada democrats for
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not heard back from them yet./// ((sharie johnson)) > on the republican side... donald trump is getting some help on the campaign trail. former gop candidate chris christie officially endorsed trump in the race for president... saying he is the best person to keep hillary clinton out of office. trump said it's too early to say whether he'd consider christie for a running mate. the republicans have their sights set on super tuesday... where nearly a dozen states will be casting votes./// ((sharie johnson)) > we are your local election headquarters leading up to the general election this fall. you can get all the latest results and headlines both on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((sharie johnson)) > the warmer weather all across the valley is making most of us forget it's technically still winter. sherry swensk is here now with more on how long it will last. ((sherry swensk)) we thought february would be warm for a short while and then we would start seeing some cooler storms and
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again, but mother nature is being so stubborn. that just may not happen. we may have seen our last really cool weather for the season. .......... beautiful lights of the city are popping on now as the sun has set. we are cooling down a little now but still in the mid 70s around the valley... but the nights will stay extra warm and above normal, too. spring starts in just about three weeks and we already feel like spring. ............... today we hit the low 80s... which is about 15 degrees above normal and flirting with record highs. ........... and we'll stay dry and temps above normal for your sunday. check out our weather now forecast for your sunday with upper 70s and even low 80s tomorrow. ................. we'll take a look at the extended forecast for the upcoming week in just a few minutes./// ((sharie johnson)) > as the weather continues to warm up... many of us will be headed outdoors... but police are reminding
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metro was called to about 160 rescues last year... most of them at red rock. both avid and inexperienced hikers agree that the area can get confusing... and the lack of trail markers doesn't help. some tips from experts... dress appropriately, check the weather, tell someone where you're going and bring enough water: ((bryan: it's a very beautiful place and we always encourage people to go out there and explore the beautiful lands that we have but the key thing is to go out there and be prepared.)) ((sharie johnson)) lawmakers are working to pass an amendment to help rescuers. the good samaritan search and recovery act allows rescue teams to go onto federal property -- within 48 hours of requesting a permit -- without requiring insurance. they must waive any expectation of government liability. the legislation now heads to the senate./// ((sharie johnson)) do you remember interviewing for your first job? it can be nerve-wracking for some teenagers looking for work.
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county school district provided students with training. 8 news now reporter karen castro is live in our newsroom with more on the "youth career empowerment summit." karen? ((karen castro)) today's summit was all about hands on experience and putting students to the test. the goal is to get them ready to enter the workforce. (( )) ((ezmeralda talking )) ((karen castro)) ezmeralda loya stood before some of her classmates to talk about how to dress for success. ((ezmeralda talking )) ((karen castro)) the workshop is part of the youth career empowerment summit... a well-rounded experience teaching students how to be job ready. ((ezmeralda loya - student: for me my biggest challenges are probably like not stuttering and feel comfortable.)) ((karen castro)) ezmeralda is hoping to land her first job soon... as she gets ready to graduate high school and move on to college... and she's not alone. ((jahrad mcgee - student: they say first impressions are key to everything because you make a bad first impression, that's how they remember you.
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day-long summit, students were exposed to real life scenarios including interviewing for a job. ((sherrie smith - jobs for nevada graduate specialist: i try to tell them to relax to the best of their ability, be true to yourself, understand who you are. go in their being yourself 'cause it makes you a little more comfortable.)) ((kevin child talking to students )) ((karen castro)) students also heard words of encouragement from school district leaders. ((kevin child - ccsd trustee: have a lot of confidence and that's why we're here. we're gonna show them how to get a job and what to do, empower them to be better citizens and for a better workforce.)) ((karen castro)) a better workforce that will soon expand. ((ezmeralda loya - student: i think this will be a great starting point for me. jahrad mcgee - student: i think it'll help me a lot because of the social aspect of knowing how to communicate with people.)) ((karen castro)) this is the second time the summit is held. the goal is to host it once a year in february to get students ready for summer jobs. ((sharie johnson)) > saving you money at the doctor. the not so secret tips that will keep you from emptying your wallet for medicine.///
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news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend edition ((sharie johnson)) > less than 24 hours after police issued a warning about an armed and dangerous man on the run... he's been arrested. the nye county sheriff's office took 21-year-old cody barnes into custody today. the sheriff's office says barnes attempted to kill his girlfriend friday afternoon in pahrump... and was told to do so by her mother. the girl survived with no injuries. police have not yet released where they found him... or what charges he will be facing./// ((sharie johnson)) > prescription drugs. studies show they've gone up in price by 76% in just 4 years.... causing an estimated 1 in 10 americans to go without.
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advocate michelle mortensen may have found a solution to the price predicament. and says the savings are worth it. < prescriptions. everyone's talking about them. ((hillary clinton: we have to go after skyrocketing drug costs. )) (( it's a big deal a big problem )) ((sanders )) (( the cost of medicine )) ((trump...newspr escript news nrws new s)) and some say this guy... martin why? the so-called poster child of prescription price gouging raised the price of this drug .. from 13 bucks a pill to 750... in one day. but shkreli wasn't the first to do this. here's proof. avonex ... an m-s drug ... was just 16 thousand a year back in 2005. in 2015 ... it jumped to 70 thousand. then cancer drug gleevec... jumped from 31 thousand in 2001... to 90 grand just 11 years later.
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spiked an average 76 percent in the last several years. so what's the secret to savings? shopping around. see pharmacies are free market businesses ... they can charge what they want... and they do... i talked to 10 pharmacies about 7 drugs and prices really vary.. synthroid ... a thyroid medication ... costs 62 bucks at walmart ... at target... just 25. lyrica is 222 at cvs and 189 for costco members . lipitor costs on average about 250 bucks valleywide.... but go generic ... and it's close to 100 bucks at cvs ... 30-40 bucks at target and walmart ... and only 5.25 at healthwarehou and healthwarehou ... is locally owned.... started by this guy. ((11:45:41 l: yea were the largest online pharmacy in the u.s., that's licensed in all 50 states. )) las vegan lalit dhadphale says his site is all about no
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(( :10 l: we are very transparent in the pricing and basically you just have your doctor send the prescription like you would do to any pharmacy and you make a payment online)) but online shopping isn't everyone's cup of tea ... so one last savings tip ... don't just shop around by chain ... but by zip code. we called several cvs and wallgreen's pharmacies ... and they all charge different prices. a c-v-s in north las vegas charges 2 dollars more for synthroid than other cvs stores. and a walgreens on the strip charges 4 bucks more for crestor .. 19 bucks more for celebrex and 25 bucks more for nexium. just more proof the prescription price problem is complex ... but saving doesn't have to be... > ((sharie johnson)) for this story...
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with insurance... all of her medicine would cost her about one- thousand bucks a month. but... by asking her doctors to prescribe cheaper alternatives... and getting coupons from the manufacturers. .. she saved almost 550 dollars a month. all of this information .. plus coupons for many prescriptions can be found on our website .. las vegas now dot com .. in the 8 on your side section./// ((sharie johnson)) > one of boxing's greatest... returns to las vegas. up next... we hear from mike tyson about his stance on the presidential race... as he prepares to take the
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news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend edition ((sharie johnson)) > clark county's first surplus auction kicked off today with some unique items up for grabs. the annual events feature cars... trucks... and other miscellaneous equipment from various government agencies. there's even a section with lost and found items from mccarran airport. the auctions are held three times a year... and each draws more than two- thousand people. organizers say the buyers tend to get very competitive... but it's all in good fun: ((mike wood- certified appraiser, tnt auction we've got stuff from all of the government entities pretty much here in the valley.
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a chance for the public to come together, bid on everything, compete against eachother in the bidding process. )) ((sharie johnson)) future auctions are planned for may and november. lasy year... the events raised more than 2- million dollars for clark county agencies./// ((sharie johnson)) ((sherry swensk)) nice shot from our rio camera... the clear skies make for great views from the high roller lately. we started the work week off windy and had a good cool down to the low 60s for a day or so... then right back up to above normal. ..................
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with very dry air and plenty of sunshine today. we've had just a few high clouds here and there, but overall - plenty of warm sunshine and the winds are calm. they should stay that way into your sunday. ............ we reached 81 today and just a couple degrees off the record of 83. tomorrow might be slightly cooler, but it doesn't look like we will get a break next week to start off march. and the nights are staying very mild - in the 50s. temps made it to the low 80s in many neighborhoods today. even warmer than we first expected with this high pressure over the west. ............ let's check your weather now temps around the valley right now... still in the upper 70s and near 80 for many spots. ............... humidity as low as near 10 percent. hopefully you're drinking lots of water and keeping yourself hydrated. you could get headaches and muscle cramps if you aren't drinking enough water. .............. it's still warm outside the
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feeling more like late april than late february. our normal afternoon high for the last few days of this month should be mid 60s in the las vegas valley. ............. sunrise at 6:15 and sunset near 5:30 now. days are getting longer to enjoy the warmer weather. ............ allergies are in full swing and lots of people sneezing at ash, elm, juniper and cedar trees already. ............. this is the last weekend of your winter watering schedule with just one assigned day a week. the spring schedule starts tuesday and we get those three assigned days a week back. ................ el nino has not delivered the wet winter we expected. and that is true for southern california, too. they are behind in their rainfall - although the mountains have received some good snowfall. ................orms pushingn e west ast...t they will stay well north ofe desert.'ll get some high clouds, but stay very dry.few showers up in northern nevada. d most of the coury isetty quiet f's good news after theadly twisters this past week
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ast.t there is another storm brewing that wi ing moreow and possibltnderstormsto the same areas nexte............... still he some good skiingrosshe west... use our ski report on las vegas now dot com. nice sunday in the mountas...d quiet and calm wds on the ke, but wmstake extrater withou! ...............ok for a quiet and mild nhtth temps in the 50s totartursunday.then a warm stretch of days as we head into march. highs up ne 80 degreesndld nights.///hanks> ((sharie johnson)) > former heavyweight boxing champion mike tyson returns to the strip in early march.... reviving his one-man show, "the undisputed truth". the show debuted in las vegas four years ago, found success on broadway and toured the world. in his show, tyson tells the story of his roller coaster life.. and doesn't pull any punches. one of the people who has touched his life is businessman donald trump.. now running for president. tyson is a muslim, but he told the i-team's george knapp that he is pulling for trump to win, in spite of his campaign promise to ban muslims from entering the u- s: ((george knapp: you support him? mike tyson/star of the undisputed truth: yeah 100%. 100%. george knapp: do you get any grief from muslims? tyson:
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everybody. you know, listen, listen if there are bad people here, why are they here? you know that's just the truth. this is the strongest country in the world. this is the most, should be, listen it's tougher to get into canada than to get into america, and it's tougher to get into mexico than it is to get into america, and that's just the reality.)) ((sharie johnson)) tyson says he's a changed man since the days when he ruled the boxing world. he's busier than ever, with movie projects, a tv series, and the one man show which opens at the mgm in early march./// ((sharie johnson)) > who's ready to scale the strat! what you need you need to know if you're planning on running up
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news, this is 8 newsnow, weekend edition ((sharie johnson)) > coming up tonight at 11... the number of tax payers who's information has been stolen is much higher than originally thought. how hackers got their hands on
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of thousands of people... and the steps the i-r-s is taking... to protect them. /// plus... putting shelter dogs to work. the training these pups received... to help in a big tennis tournament. /// ((sharie johnson)) > hundreds are getting some last minute training in... for the scale the strat event tomorrow morning. and we want to let you know... there's still time to sign up. more than 600 athletes will take on the stairs of the stratosphere on the famous las vegas strip this sunday. the goal is to raise money for the american lung association to promote lung health in nevada. our own paul joncich will emcee the event. registration is open on our website... las vegas now dot com. you can also register at the event before it starts. and in case your wondering... the tower is 108 floors...
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((sharie johnson)) > that's it
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a journalist and comic originally from lemont, illinois... a college instructor from milton, georgia... and our returning champion, a college instructor from squamish, british columbia, canada...
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alex trebek! alex: thank you, johnny. that's for you, louis. we've had a string of runaway games recently on "jeopardy!", ladies and gentlemen, but yesterday was not one of them. however, andrew -- nobody got the correct response in final jeopardy!, but andrew left himself enough money to become the new champion. so today, he defends for the first time against mary and louis. good luck, players. here we go. we'll get right into this. one daily double in this round. you know that. here are the categories. shall we? all right. followed by... and finally, a whole category on... andrew, start.


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