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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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metro's also investigating a botched robbery attempt at a best buy in the northwest valley. it happened near north decatur and 215 near 9:00. police on scene tell us the robbery attempt wasn't at the business itself, but an individual is the victim. shots were fired -- and all metro can tell us at this point that no one was killed -- but they're not sure if anyone was hit. the suspect got away./// music ((dave courvoisier)) > tomorrow is super tuesday here on your local election headquarters... and to give you an idea how important these primaries are to the presidential race... the last eight candidates to walk away with the most delegates on the big day went on to secure their party's nomination. hillary clinton has a slight lead on delegates over senator bernie sanders... but polling looks quite favorable for the former secretary of state. the latest cbs poll shows clinton leading sanders by 20 in virginia... 24 in texas... and 28 in georgia. other polls have her leading in
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sanders is hoping for strong voter turnouts to keep his campaign relevant: (( sen. bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate: "if young people, if working class people come out to vote we will do well... if the voter turnout is low we'll be struggling." )) ((dave courvoisier)) the back and forth between the campaigns has simmered down a bit... with clinton taking aim at the republicans more often in recent days./// ((dave courvoisier)) > on the republican side, the big question is 'can anyone slow down donald trump?'. the front runner has won the last three republican contests easily... and most polls show him with a large advantage over senators marco rubio and ted cruz. many felt that rubio had the best showing in the last g-o-p debate by going right at trump. now the two are engaged in an intense war of words on the campaign trail: (( donald trump / (r) presidential candidate: "he's like a machine, like a robot ...wind him up and he talks he like a robot, we call him the robot, well we call him the lightweight but he call him the lightweight robot." sen. marco rubio / (r) presidential candidate: "you know what they say about men with small hands? you can't trust them.
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((dave courvoisier)) senator cruz is hoping to pull off a win in his home state of texas to stay close in the delegates race. he says a win in the lone star state would turn the republican contest into a two man race. 8 news now is bringing you a special edition of politics now... tomorrow at 7:30 with all your super tuesday coverage./// ((paula francis)) > a news photographer and a secret service agent got into a violent scuffle at a trump rally in virginia. time magazine photographer chris morris appeared to go outside an area designated for reporters to get a shot of protesters being escorted out of the rally. the secret service agent exchanged words with morris... who admits to using profanity toward the agent... before he was grabbed by the neck and slammed to the floor. video shows morris then kicking at the agent, before getting up and reaching for the agent's throat. he was detained and led out of the rally before giving his account of the exchange to reporters: (( chris morris/time photographer: "i stepped 18 inches outside the pen and he
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started choking me and slammed me to the ground." )) ((paula francis)) time magazine released a statement saying they regret their photographer's role in the incident. the secret service says they are working with local law enforcement to determine exactly what happened./// ((paula francis)) > we heard from democrats and republicans who were upset with the caucus process last week... but that doesn't seem to be affecting our "first in the west" status. colorado's gop chair said today that nevada's caucuses went without any major hitches... which makes it harder for another state to argue for early voting honors. turnout was more than double what it was four years ago... and the nevada secretary of state's office says it has no reports of voter fraud./// ((paula francis)) > 8 news now is your local election headquarters for everything related to the presidential campaign... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > taking a live look outside... a gorgeous night for southern nevada... on a day where we saw the record high. tedd florendo here to tell us if we're in for more heat tomorrow. tedd?
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((dave courvoisier)) > hundreds of construction workers walked off the job at the tesla plant in sparks today. they're protesting the increased hiring of out-of-state workers for reduced pay.
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unfair labor practice that undermines tesla's promises to hire mostly nevada workers for more than one-billion dollars in state tax breaks: ((unidentified protester: "we would have hoped there was a little better protection for local workers when this went through the legislature, what they ended up getting was 50 percent local workforce on the job, we don't think that's enough." )) ((dave courvoisier)) tesla said in a statement it's in compliance with requirements that nevadans make up more than half of the workers hired by individual contractors. in fact, it said three-fourths of the entire gigafactory workforce is from nevada./// ((paula francis)) > speaking of tesla's electric cars... governor sandoval will join valley electric association tomorrow for a ribbon cutting at "eddie world" in beatty... for the first operational nevada electric highway charging station. the charging station is located past the gas pumps between eddie world and the stagecoach hotel./// ((dave courvoisier)) > former college of southern nevada students may have earned a college degree... without even knowing it.
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thousands of former students to make them aware of a new "reverse transfer" process within the state that allows for an associate degree to be awarded to some students who transferred from a community college to a university. eligible students must apply for their degree by march seventh./// ((paula francis)) > an inmate at the high desert state prison could be charged.. along with a woman on the outside.. for allegedly trying to bring drugs into the facility in indian springs. the department of corrections says 21-year-old keondre ridley tried to pass off 27 grams of meth to 21- year-old mustafa kyles... who is serving 36 to 120 months for robbery and possession of stolen property. the reported handoff was spotted and ridley was arrested. she faces a trafficking charge. kyle's case will be reviewed prior to filing further charges./// ((dave courvoisier)) > the notorious mexican drug lord el chapo is getting his own display at the mob museum downtown. the museum will debut the
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detailing his underground escape from prison last year... south of the border. a scale model of the tunnels beneath his cell is the centerpiece of the display. the drug lord was on the run until he was recaptured on january 8-th./// ((paula francis)) > talk show host ellen degeneres is hinting to something big happening in las vegas tomorrow. ellen tweeted "at u-n-l-v"... saying her show will be in front of caesars palace at 2 p-m... and added that someone is going to win something --quote-- "huge". she says if you're in front of caesars at 2, you'll be on the show... but those are the only details revealed so far./// ((dave courvoisier)) > a former runnin' rebel could go down as the worst overall number one draft pick in the history of the nba. somebody is looking for work tonight. can you get a designer look for less than 20-bucks? 8 on your side's michelle mortensen looks into bargain fashion buys that you can find on facebook... to find out if they're worth the money.///
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((dave courvoisier)) high fashion at rock bottom prices. ((paula francis)) people say they're finding it on facebook. but is it really worth your money? ((dave courvoisier)) 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen looked into the shops advertising or selling on social media... promising cheap couture... to find out. ((michelle mortensen)) cheap is right. i'm talking dresses for 10
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and this stuff looks like it came right off the runway... too. < facebook isn't just pictures ... status updates .. and comment wars... anymore facebook is big business. especially in the world of fashion. ((noelle: i fell in love with the dress )) noelle sliman adored this windowpane dress that appeared on her facebook feed a quick click .. took her to ... revealing the fabulous frock had a fabulous price tag. ((noelle: i paid $10.63 )) more than 30 days later ... the dress ... size small ... arrived. but it didn't quite fit her size 4 frame. ((noelle: i said this is for barbie because there's no way.)) she wanted a refund ... but returning the dainty dress ... required big effort. like pictures ... her measurements ... and a lot of cash. (($200 )) why so much? it came from china ... and sending it back meant paying customs. 200 ... was just an estimate the post office gave her.
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the cost would go up. ((noelle: i could easily throw this dress and 10 bucks down the toilet )) so was this facebook to find out ... we shopped. my interns surfed facebook ... and found a bunch of fashion houses hawking great deals. chelsea fell for this frock from rosegal dot com -- the same place noelle bought from. mariah preferred this purple number from tb dress- dot-com tiana swooned for a sweater sheath from she insider and idiana jumped at this jacket on trends everything item was less than 20 bucks .. and shipped for free. the only wrinkle... finding the right size. knowing noelle's experience ... we took measurements ... 18:06:55 you're in between but none of them ... 13:45:18 this dress is going to come here on you ... ooh met the standards set by these facebook fashion five and dimes. ((the difference between small medium and large is not even an inch.. a 14.5...14.7 and a 14.9 ))
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before 3 packages showed up. then it was off to the station dressing room for a fashion show. first up... mariah... with her purple professional dress. ((that looks actually .. it looks normal .. it does )) but once she got it on ... it was .... tight ... almost too tight for t-v ((i can't wear this to church, nope (laughs) )) chelsea's sequined shift was scandalously short. ((it's really short ... no bending or raising arms ... or i wouldn't wear short shorts this short )) tiana's sweater dress... turned out to be more of a jersey ... but that was the only surprise ((michelle: that's not bad .. tianna: not at all actually )) it actually looked like the picture ... it was the first to arrive ... and tiana said she'd buy from them again ((tiana: i'd wear it with leggings and a boot i guess. )) as for idana's jacket ... it never showed up.... it was the biggest facebook fashion flop. so three of our 4 deals were duds ... only one was a winner.
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((michelle mortensen)) not all stores on facebook sell clothing from overseas with sizing issues. tiana's dress came from new jersey. and many stores selling on facebook are quite reputable ... the key is doing your research. know their policies .. where they are from ... and check reviews. all the stores we featured had facebook pages full of customer comments that revealed quite a bit./// ((paula francis)) > the spring watering schedule starts tomorrow. the southern nevada water authority is reminding residents and businesses to change their watering times on their sprinkler clocks. irrigation is limited to three days a week through april 30-th... you need to know your assigned watering group. and don't forget... daylight saving time is march 13-th... so those timers will adjust an hour. you can learn more at s-n-w-a
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((tedd florendo)) < warm again today with also warm overnight. normal 65 with no record temps but still warmer than average. weather headlines calling for temps to stay warm for a little while. another day of near record temps this week. but it will become windy and cooler with shower chances. when? we'll show you coming up in your full forecast. ................................ afternoon temps also in the high 70's through the valley today but still above average near 80. warmest over the east side of
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cooler but mild for the west side of the valley and foothills of las vegas. ............................... ... regional temps warmer down on the colorado river valley with warmest temps south county in laughlin and bullhead city. warmest over to death valley late today and cooler up in the central great basin. ............................... ..... warm in the desert southwest and southern plains. cooelr in the plains states after warming in the 60's yesterday. they'll be colder tomorrow there and warmer 50's over to the mid-atlantic. they love the 50's after some cold temps the past few days. ............................... ..... showers in the illinois and indianat with snow just due north there with snow in the upper great latkes region and canada. back over the west coast we have high clouds scattered over the
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but no rain yet nor do we expect any. ............................... ........ it's a warm february indeed and dry too. 20 days of 70 degrees or more, beating last years record 19 days of 70 degrees or more. this will go down as the 3rd warmest february on record with an average temp of 57.3 degrees. last year was the warmest february on record. ............................... ....... tonight expect a low of 56 with plenty of clouds tonight and by morning. winds less than 10 and staying light. tomorrow expect a high of 79 with clouds and sun. starting with clouds in the morning and clearing through the day. winds light breeze, but still gusty at times down the colorado river valley for tomorrow. ............................... ........ neighborhood by neighborhood temps in the high 70's tomorrow afternoon with some 80's over the to the east side of the valley and in southeast sections of the valley. cool in the upper 50's. ............................... ......... extended forecast near 80 this week. mostly sunny with north breezes tomorrow and breezy winds expected late week. cooler high 70's but still warmer than average.
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((dave courvoisier)) > you may not have heard of respiratory syncytial virus, or rsv, but it will affect nearly all children here in southern nevada. r-s-v causes an upper or lower respiratory infection in almost every child by the time they're two years old. it's common here and everywhere and there's a quick test for it in the e-r... but in severe cases it can be deadly. knowing the symptoms can be important for your child's well-being: ((tony fredrick / medical epidemiologist, snhd: "it kind of can start out just like a cold: runny nose, and then gradually get a little coughing. infants sometimes they'll just be irritable and not feed as well as they had been and their symptoms are harder to tell about." )) ((dave courvoisier)) there is no specific treatment for r-s-v. those who are hospitalized are
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you can best protect against r-s-v by coughing or sneezing into your elbow -- not your hands -- with good hand washing practices... and not kissing babies when you're sick yourself./// ((paula francis)) > apple scored a win in a new york court today as the tech giant continues to fight the fbi's court order in california. a federal judge ruled that investigators cannot force apple to unlock an iphone owned by a convicted drug dealer. the government wants access to the man's contact information. apple is currently being pressured to break into 13 iphones across the country... including the one belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. apple has complied with similar requests from the government in at least 70- other court cases./// ((paula francis)) > it's fight week in las vegas and the women are on center stage. ((dave courvoisier)) the lady who beat ronda rousey is fighting... holly holm will meet miesha tate. chris caught up with the challenger today. ((chris maathuis)) and tate says the best thing to happen in the ufc was for ronda rousey to lose. i'll have more on the challenger, who says it's her
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around here waist. plus.. a findlay prep and former runnin' rebel is now looking for work.
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"from 8 news now, this is sports with chris maathuis." ((chris maathuis)) fight week in las vegas officially kicked off today with ufc's miesha tate getting out in front of the promotion. she's going to fight holly holm, the fighter who took out and not only took out, but knocked, out the seemingly invincible ronda rousey. tate feels it's her turn to fight for the title. ((chris maathuis)) nat's : "miesha tate is as tough as they come in women's mma> ((chris maathuis)) no war of words, or trash talking from miesha tate... she respects holly holm as the champion. miesha tate/fighter: 'most people didn't know who this holly holm was, she became a break out star and won four awards at the fighters only awards this year she's done remarkable things with that fight and since that fight." ((chris maathuis)) tate will be the first person to meet the
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miesha is on a four fight winning streak... she's won 9 of her last 12. two of those loses were to rousey, who following that loss to holm talked about suicide... a serious topic for fighters. even miesha says a loss can be devastating. miesha: "i have felt like i've wanted to die because of a loss, i can say that, did i want to think about taking my own life... no, but i felt like everything was dead to me." ((chris maathuis)) tate hopes to win by muddying the waters so to speak... she feels that's her best chance at a victory and hopefully another rematch with rousey. miesha: "i think it's easy for ronda to say i want to be the one to beat holly, but when i think about how devastating that loss was to her and how unexpected it was i have to wonder what seed of doubt his planted in her mind." ((chris maathuis)) now tate and holm are fighting for the women's bantamweight championship belt...
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for pride and a paycheck. all the fighters on the card clearly understand being on this mcgregor fight card makes a difference in their pocketbook... but there's more. (( )) lawlor is fighting corey anderson. lawlor is fighting corey anderson. here's what somewhat surprising, tickets to saturday night's fight at the mgm grand are still available. ((chris maathuis)) the first major sporting event in the new t- mobile arena will feature two guys who should provide an entertaining fight. there were out selling the fight in london today. canelo alvarez will fight britain's amir kahn in may at the new arena. they're already out promoting the bout... walking the streets of london and hyping it up to the boxing fans in london. amir khan/fighter: "i believe that it'll be great britain taking over las vegas on may 7th, one thing about british, they support and back me they'll
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i'll be like mini england when you go to vegas." former runnin' rebel and findlay prep star anthony bennett could end up being labeled as the worst overall number one pick in nba history. the former reb, who left school after one year, was waived today by the toronto raptors. wonder if the career of the 22-year-old is over... maybe he goes overseas... or back to the d-league. ((dave courvoisier)) > our
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((chris maathuis)) > it's time for our three strange stories our three strange stories for monday. ((paula francis)) > republican presidential front runner donald trump's name is more than a name.. it's a brand. but it's not his original family name! that revelation came to light on hbo's "last week tonight with john oliver" ... where they revealed the trump family name was originally "drumpf" -- the comedy show started a social media campaign to "make donald drumpf again" that's now trending. ((dave courvoisier)) > supreme court justice clarence thomas shocked everyone today when he spoke during oral arguments...
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last time justice thomas asked a question during oral arguments was february 22-nd, 2006. thomas questioned whether a misdemeanor offense should suspend a citizen's constitutional rights. ((tedd florendo)) > this might be a first... a virginia teenager almost faced charges for using emojis. you know, those little symbols you send in text messages? the 8-th grader was said to have sent an instagram message with a picture of a skull and a bomb that was perceived as a threat. after investigating, police said someone else posted the message in the teen's name to try to get her in trouble./// ((paula francis)) > that's all for us live at eleven. for us live at eleven. wake up with 8 news now this morning ... and remember we're always on at las vegas now dot com. ((dave courvoisier)) the late show with stephen colbert is next. we'll see you back here next
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