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tv   8 News Now at 6 PM  CBS  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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(( disgusting looking at him. knowing what he did it's disgusting. )) ((paula francis)) > that's a father's reaction... after seeing the man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted his 14 year old daughter. ((dave courvoisier)) jimmy carter kim was caught back in december... after the teen escaped his home and ran for help... she had been held captive for a month. today kim took a plea deal in the case. ((paula francis)) 8 news now anchor paul joncich breaks down what happened in court. ((paul joncich)) > 4 victims came forward today to testify against him... but in the end, the district attorney's office offered him a victims... three of which are minors... from testifying. police were first alerted to jimmy carter- kim back in early
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after a 14 year old girl told them she had escaped his home, where he had locked her in his bedroom for a month and forced her to have sex with him on numerous occassions. kim's father even saw the girl in his son's room but says he didn't know she was being held against her will. when she escaped, police looked for more victims, and found them. there were 83 counts against him before the plea deal brought that number down to 4. the father of the girl who was kidnapped and held for a month says it was the right move, to protect the young victims: (( all i know is from what it sounds like is i'm very happy that the da did a very good job protecting everybody and making sure a monster like this is being sent where he belongs. hopefully i just never have to see his face again. )) ((paul joncich)) he said the month they were missing their daugther was very stressful... saying they went out daily searching the community for her. she told police she was running away from home, when kim told her he would give her a ride to her friend's house, but when she got in the car, she said she was
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her fall asleep and she woke up as he was driving into las vegas. ((paul joncich)) there is no telling how many more victims there might be out there... but prosecutors had three others ready to testify. today's deal would have kim pleading guilty to three counts of sexual assault of a minor under 16 and one count of sexual assault. kim would serve a minimum of 35 years in prison. he is expected to enter his plea on march 10th./// ((dave courvoisier)) > results continue to pour in as super tuesday polls close in colorado... minnesota and texas. politics now co-anchor patrick walker has been keeping track of the numbers all evening long and joins us now with the latest. patrick? ((patrick walker)) patrick walker is tracking the latest races being called. texas has gone to ted cruz and hillary clinton... according to cbs news. hillary clinton has won in
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where her husband was governor before his presidential run. donald trump... meantime... has just been declared the winner in virginia. the following are the results through 6 pm: hillary clinton also has wins in texas, arkansas, alabama, tennessee, georgia and virginia. bernie sanders has won his home state of vermont. and on the republican side, donald trump picked up wins in virginia alabama, massachusetts, tennessee and georgia. ted cruz as we just mentioned... wins his home state of texas. and marco rubio has been most competitive in virginia tonight... trailing trump there between 6 and 8 percent all evening. ((patrick walker)) we have a lot to talk about ((paula francis)) > all the candidates are keeping their eye on the prize: the white house in
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let's go now to our nation's capitol... where craig boswell is live with what's at stake for all the candidates. craig? ((craig boswell)) polls are starting to close in some of the 12 delegate-rich states participating in super tuesday. cbs news projects donald trump is the winner in the republican primaries in georgia, alabama, massachusetts and tennessee. the gop frontrunner is already stumping in the next round of voting states. ((nat sot trump)) yes we will build that wall! ((narr-2)) exit polls show - most republican voters want an outsider for president. but late- deciders are going for marco rubio and ted cruz. virginia voter jim dorgan doesn't like the tone of the gop race. ((sot jim dorgan/va, rubio supporter )) it's insane, it's unpresidential.
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to worry about then name calling. ((standup bridge - craig boswell/cbs news, washington)) voters are choosing nearly half the delegates needed for the republican nomination and more than a third needed to clinch on the democratic side . ((narr-3)) cbs news projects democrat hillary clinton won arkansas where she was once fist lady along with georgia, virginia, alabama and tennessee. (nats) feel the bern! ((narr-4)) bernie sanders is celebrating a victory in his home state of vermont, his second primary win. ((sot bernie sanders/d- candidate for president)) "this campaign is not just about electing a's about making a political revolution!" ((narr-5)) ted cruz is also hoping to win his home state of texas - the biggest prize of the night. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. ((craig boswell)) no candidate can clinch the nomination tonight. some 35 states still have to vote - inlcuding new york and california.
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> we're your local election headquarters... tonight at 7:30 we have a special episode of "politics now" recapping super tuesday. and of course stay up to date this entire election year on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((dave courvoisier)) > reading time has gone to the dogs: (( and so reading is it for us and we do everything we can around reading )) ((dave courvoisier)) the major strides made in reading skills... thanks to creative ideas like story time at the shelter. tedd florendo >the record today is 82 degrees did we beat it? and get ready for those 80's to turn to 60's very soon. we'll show you what to expect and even some showers. it's all in our 7 day coming up. < five-time world champion evander "real deal" holyfield versus the $4 real deal from carl's jr. a charbroiled double cheeseburger,
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plus small fries and an ice-cold coke. go round, after round, after round, after round. it's the heavyweight champion... of deals. the $4 real deal.
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is one of the most important skills a child can master. so nevada designates this week -- as reading week. ((paula francis)) with an emphasis on literacy -- schools invite people throughout the community to visit and do something as simple as reading a book. denise valdez is here with story: ((denise valdez)) > elizabeth wilhelm elementary school is a turn around school where in three years -- its reading levels have improved dramatically! but beyond reading today -- we learned about responsibility and friendship: < (( denise reading )) ((denise valdez)) > it's been proven that if kids read a loud to a dog -- it's a relaxing way to practise in a safe environment. (( quick nat pop)) ((denise valdez)) so i brought along gracie and ranger. (( kaynella: would ranger care if you missed a word or two.. or got mixed up on the story? no.... )) ((denise valdez)) both are certified canine good citizens -- and are part of a group called 'reading with rascal.'
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different approach from what they're used to. (( debra jones: "we do reading everyday .. because that's our main initiave our kids read 30 minutues .. every child has 30 minutes uniterupted time." )) ((denise valdez)) on the other side of town -- (( kids reading at shelter )) ((denise valdez)) 80 first graders from c-t sewell and ronnow elementary read to homeless dogs at the lied animal shelter. (( little boy with barking dog)) ((denise valdez)) reading to pets is a smart -- non threatening way for children to feel comfortable and gain confidence. (( sara vanhoose: from the moment they walked in it seemd like they found a dog that they connected with and they are so calm..wish they bring calmness back to the classroom! )) hopefully what they do get out this -- is a boost in self esteem and a chance to touch the life of a four legged friend. > ((denise valdez)) > typically reading week falls during the birthday of doctor seuss -- that's why you saw some kids and teachers dressed up.
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about the reading with rascal program it's hosting a saint patricks day event -- next saturday morning -- at desert springs united methodist church. everyone is welcome. ((paula francis)) > your daily coffee fix... could be holding you back from digging out of debt. michelle mortensen is on your side... to show us how quickly a latte a day adds up... and she'll show us ways to trim your budget... without giving up the
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> how much is your daily coffee fix really costing you? ((paula francis)) 8 on your side consumer advocate michelle mortensen is here with an interesting look at just how much we're spending on coffee and how it may be putting you in debt. ((michelle mortensen)) if you can't live without coffee from a barista every day ...
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and may not even know it. i've done a little math .. and what i'm about to reveal .. may surprise you. let's say you're coffee craving is simple. a grande fresh brewed from starbucks everyday. that's 2.10 a day. monthly .. that's 63 bucks. yearly ... you're spending 766 dollars ... just on a cup of coffee. now you may not think that's a lot .. but consider this . if you gave up your coffee for just 84 days... you'd have 176 bucks saved. enough for a ticket to a giants home game in the lower infield .. right behind home plate. skip coffee for 276 days and you can afford a suite on a carnival cruise to the bahamas. give it up for 2 thousand 5 hundred 62 days ... you just paid for tuition and fees at u-n-l-v for a year. see when you think about it ...
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is costing you a lot ... even if you're budgeting for it. now no one is asking you to give up coffee to save money ... but simple things like brewing at home ... can save a lot. a cup a day ... made a home ... will cost you about 2 bucks a month. if specialty joints are more your thing ... consider these tips. bring your own cup. places like starbucks give you a 10 cent discount ... and if you have a daily habit .. that's 37 bucks a year. and always join their rewards programs ... because a free drink is free ... and that's saving you money. ((michelle mortensen)) of course my main point with this story is to illustrate where your money is going. if you aren't budgeting each month .. you could be spending quite a bit on little things like coffee and not even know it. remember .. small changes equal big result. and i'll prove that again next week .. when we check in with our debt
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((weather toss)) < tedd florendo ((>the weather headlines for this week. near record highs again as we head through the 80's. but we'll be dropping from the 80's to the 60's and it's going to happen all in this week. also expect wind and cooler temps, confidence is high for those.
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the forecast along with mountain snow which you'll see coming up. ............................... .......... many neighborhoods this afternoon in the 70's over the west side of the valley where we're cooler and 80's through many other areas around town. warmer over the eastside where we're lower in elevation and typically warmer than most of the valley. ............................... .......... regional temps also in the mid 80's the valley with warmest temps down in laughlin near 90 this afternoon. cooler 60's for the central part of the state and death valley warmest in our regional temps near 90 there as well. low 80's for pahrump today and cooler in ely up in the northern part of the state. ............................... .............. we've got your nascar forecast, as of right now breezy and warm on saturday with temps near 82 with plenty of clouds. now sunday we drop down all the way to 65 for the high and windy. also could see showers on sunday as well. ............................... .............. we have clouds so far rolling through the region and now it's clearing up which we'll see this evening. rain stays to the west over california and over the pacific northwest but we remain dry. that system will not affect us, but but the one out in the pacific is the one that could impact us towards the end of the week bringing wind and cooler temps.ow aes as well. ..................................................vere stos impacting tother half of the u.s. as whave this front rolling
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now with severe thunderstorm tches for thosaae same storm is providing snow over the great lakes and icenffalo. ............................... ...................lergy report stillhinghigh readings for ash, mulberry, pine and low for weeds and ass.............................. ..........night expect a low of 56 withwer clouds and pleasant.nds less than 10 mph.paula francis)) > a longtime advocate for government transparency thinks it is time for classified files about ufos to be opened to the public. the person behind the push to declassify ufo records is former white house chief of staff john podesta, whose current job is running the campaign of presidential candidate hillary clinton. podesta has made other public statements about his interest in ufos but this time, he said it as part of the clinton campaign, adding that the candidate is also on board: ((john podesta/clinton campaign chairman: you know, i;ve talked to hilalry about that. it's a little bit of a cause of mine, which is, peopel really want to know what the government knows, and there are still
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((paula francis)) podesta made the comments to our political reporter steve sebelius. but will hillary clinton follow through on the promise, and if so, what secrets might still be contained in classified documents? tonight at 11, the i-team's george knapp will share more of john podesta's comments about ufos and will look at a long- standing interest in the subject by both hillary clinton and her husband, the former president.// ((paula francis)) > the summer olympic games are only 6 months away ((dave courvoisier)) which means rugby 7's is in the spotlight. chris here to tell us why. ((chris maathuis)) it's the first time since the 1920's that rugby will be included in the olympic games. and 10 of the teams in las vegas this weekend are making plans to be in rio de janeiro. plus... can you imagine watching manny pacquiao or floyd mayweather at the olympics. the door appears to be opening... i'll explain coming up in
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now this is sports with chris maathuis. > ((chris maathuis)) three of the top five rugby players in the world are in las vegas this weekend... the rugby sevens' season is attracting a talented field, lots of eyes are now focusing on the sport, because it's now part of the summer games. ((chris maathuis)) world class players who might otherwise skip the rugby seven's season are now playing because the carrot at the end ofthe rope is a possible olympic medal.. simon amor/england coach; 'since it got nominated you can see the way the series has progressed the standard in the sport and the auro just everyone talking about the olympics brings a special feel to it." damian mcgrath/samoa coach; "it's a special time to be back in the olympics with the sevens the world series was the qualifying last year so all the teams are using this as a build up to the olympics so this is its its strongest ever." ((chris
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since 1924 rugby will be included in the summer games. that was the same year usa won gold. dan lyle/promoter sevens rugby; "apparently in the final we were hitting them so hard and knocking them down that the fans rioted afterwards when they won the medal and they cancelled rugby from there." ((chris maathuis)) but now the american's are playing catchup... kenya has been on the world for years... but they see the usa team making noise. ben ayimba/kenya coach; "not too long ago, usa was a minnow in sevens just as kenya.. it's good usa is picking up for the country inself i can see usa is going to be really big and we can see already there's a lot more interest." ((chris maathuis)) rugby will be played over two days at the olympic games... it's a fun fast paced sport. and in august many americans will be able to watch what the eyes of the world has been witnessing for years. simon/england; "they really have progressed so well and a force now, they have some real pace some big guys up front and guys that can shift the ball around as well...
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competitive team." ((chris maathuis)) as we mentioned, 10 of the teams playing here this weekend have already qualified for the olympics, including usa. if you're interested the event is more then rugby... it's transformed into an international fesitval at at sam boyd stadium. ((chris maathuis)) there are still some tickets left for saturday's ufc fight at the mgm. on the card will be conor mcgregor and holly holm... two champs. miesha tate is fighting holly for the bantamweight belt. there's a reason why the ufc is suddenly sky-rocking in popularity. it all goes back to confident trash talking irishman --conor mcgregor. (( )) miesha tate/fighter;' he has reinvented the sport, single handedly changed the sport, at first i was a little reluctant because it was so different and brash and it might attract those who don't appreicate the martial arts aspect of the sport., kind of the humiltity and this and that, but looking back from the other side, i think more viewers is better period."
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it's looking more and more like professional boxers will be allowed to compete in the summer olympic games. the doors were opened long ago in basketball and hockey. and usa has really done well in hoops. and now it appears professional boxers will be allowed to fight for a medal. it would be interesting to see how usa would do then. not that this would ever happen, but could you imagine the philippino pacquiao fighting the american mayweather for a gold medal. that would be a golden night. ((dave courvoisier)) > today was a very special day at the clark county commission... as the commissioners awarded paula with the key to the strip... and recognized her 30- years news: commissioner - i just wanted to say thank you so very much because it was people like you and emily nielsen, when i was interning there it was my senior year, my mother passed away. i was fortunate to have you guys see me through school and i got my college credits and was able to graduate. so i just want to say thank you very much for being a friend and
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congrats on your retirement.)) ((dave courvoisier)) the accolades keep coming... tomorrow mayor carolyn goodman will proclaim "paula francis day."/// dave courvoisier > thanks for watching for 8 news now at 6. this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a writer and editor from deer park, texas... a data engineer originally from philadelphia, pennsylvania... and our returning champion, an author from atlanta, georgia...
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! hey, johnny, thank you. [ applause ] hi, folks. f.y.i., our champion david is into music. he particularly likes our "jeopardy!" closing theme music. now on the two occasions in which he's heard that music in our studio, uh, were right after he had won over $25,000. so he was in a really good mood. all right, what's going to happen today? let's start finding out. we welcome titi and rachel. and we put you to work now in the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories... then... followed by... and finally...


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