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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  August 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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in their pursuit to find the killer./// ((keely breland)) and... as things heat up here in the valley... we could get close to breaking a record. i'll have more on that coming up in your weather now forecast. ((sharie johnson)) plus... a little league team here in las vegas is trying to fulfil the statement history repeats itself. details on their latest game as they work to make a run to the world series again./// /// "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) volunteers hit the streets today, looking for new leads on an unsolved homicide case. that's where we begin tonight... i'm sharie johnson... thank you for joining us. 60-year-old heriberto diaz-marcial was killed in february in the area of owens avenue and marion drive. reporter brittany edney joins us now live from metro headquarters with more efforts to solve his murder. brittany... ((brittany edney)) >> northeast area command
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in street and commercial robberries this year. and today-- they re-canvassed this area looking for new details that could help with the case. "place a gaurdian angel around us every step of the way, god." ((brittany edney)) investigators and volunteers go door to door reaching out to community members as they looking for clues to help identify heriberto diaz-marcial's killer. ((maria diaz, victim's wife "he's not coming back, they're not bringing him back, i just don't want them to go out er damage to any other families." ((brittany edney)) his wife of 19 years- maria diaz says her husband was walking home from work on february 20th when he was confronted and shot. ((maria diaz, victim's wife "i know there's someone that knows what's happened.")) ((brittany edney)) investigators say he may have been a victim of robbery.... and to solve a case like this, it comes down to relentless follow-ups ((capt james larochelle, metro police "the intent is, we can get that one piece of evidence, that one witness to come forward, the additional piece of
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help us identify the suspects involved and be able to put handcuffs on them.")) ((brittany edney)) maria says her husband was a hard worker and was only 2 years away from retiring. ((maria diaz, victim's wife "it's been terrible, it's been the worse experience we ever had. we were planning a trip back home and it never happened.)) ((brittany edney)) and to the person or persons responsible-- she says they should turn themselves in. ((maria diaz, victim's my life, my kid's lives, but they ruined their lives too." ((brittany edney)) >> anyone with any information about this case is asked to call crimestoppers. reporting live, brittany edney, 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) >> did metro investigators address any type of community fears that neighbors might have? ((brittany edney))
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addressing community concerns and to let them know what's going on. sharie. ((sharie johnson)) and north las vegas saw its 13th homicide early this morning... it happened near tonopah and stocker around six o'clock this morning. now police are on the hunt for the murder suspect who shot and killed the 51-year-old father. n-l-v-p-d says a truck driver getting off work was approached by a person with a robbed the victim. the suspect took off and left the victim bleeding where he later died on scene. ((gregg rojas/trucker: "to find out it was a truck driver just getting home just being shot and killed that touches me because i'm a truck driver as well." "i can't imagine how his family feels right now it's just sad it really is." )) >> family of the likely victim gathered on scene bracing for the worst. they were too shaken up to talk on camera.
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and are turning to the public for help. if you know anything about this case---call crime stoppers./// ((sharie johnson)) meanwhile... a metro police officer is behind bars in connection to a child pornography case. we're told officer ruben delgadillo was arrested yesterday following a dual investigation between the "internet crimes against children task force" and internal affairs bureau. he now faces charges for one count of possession of child pornography and one count of pornography. metro says delgadillo joined the department in july of 20-15 and was last assigned to the community policing division for northwest area command./// ((sharie johnson)) well the skies have been clear over the valley allowing the sun to keep things really heated. keely explains how hot it will get before a slight cool down. ((keely breland))
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................. what to expect this week. heat continues. near record highs are possible early this week. unsettled weather returns this week. mid-week thunderstorms possible. ................ satellite radar showing quiet conditions for southern nevada there's been some wet weather to the east of us which also will be pushing out of and east through tonight and tomorrow. ................ your sunday day planner. waking up at 84. 103 by noon and 108 enjoy the pool, or maybe a little football inside in the ac. ((sharie johnson)) one of the best local sports
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jon tritsch joins us now to explain. sharie, las vegas baseball bryce harper..kris bryant..and the mountain ridge little league team..they made a historic run to the world series 2 years ago and are trying to make it a 2nd time in three years mountain ridge little league repped las vegas in style again..playing tonight in front of 12,000 people in san bernardino.... regional championship against mighty southern california and the valley boysa southern cal got a late run and had a dominant 6 foot pitcher who notched 13 strikeouts.. mountain ridge falls 1-0 1 game shy of the little league world series.. but it was a remarkable run considering they lost last sunday and had to win 3 elimination games to have a title shot i know they feel empty tonight.. but their hard work put them in front of 12,000 fans on espn 2...asking the rest of america, what were you doing when you were 12?
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campaign pushes for donald trump to release his tax returns. when trump's v-p pick... mike pence... says his will be available./// plus... lousiana declared a state of emergency. a look at the many good samaritans helping those trapped in the unexpected floods./// ((sharie johnson))
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. it's a simple question. in washington, has congressman joe heck been standing up for you? heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and heck's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion.
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months away. --- and donald trump is not losing steam despite another week of trailing clinton in national polls and in most battleground states. ((donald trump / republican presidential candidate ) "she is going to raise your taxes and put more regulations for your businesses which is going to put everybody out of work.." )) today trump rallied support in connecticut. a republican presidential candidate hasn't won connecticut since 19-88 - - but trump
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win states that have gone to democrats in recent elections including pennsylvania. as for the blue team--- clinton's v-p pick tim kaine campaigned in new hampshire saturday criticizing trump's character. ((tim kaine / democratic vp nominee ) "this guy will make up anything and we are not gullible people." )) ((sharie johnson)) clinton's campaign is turning up the heat on donald trump to release his tax returns. new hampshire that trump may be hiding something in his tax returns. yesterday both he and clinton released their 20-15 tax returns. today trump's running mate... mike pence... announced that his returns will be made public before election day./// ((sharie johnson)) 8 news now is your local election headquarters for all the races and political news that matter to you... on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((sharie johnson))
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de-escalated after someone opened fire at a shopping mall earlier today. ((they had a weapon just in case it was anybody. but it was just the police. then we had to walk through, well run through the store with our hands on our heads like this and we made it out. i'm just so happy to have made it out.)) so far... officers haven't identified any suspects or found anyone with gunshots wounds. we're told several people suffered minor injuries as they ran out of the mall for safety. ha have died in historic flooding in louisiana. officials say more rain is in the forecast and flood watches are up across south louisiana through sunday. omar villafranca has the latest. crews reached a woman just as floodwaters swallowed up her car near baton rouge, louisiana ( get my dog) they found her dog under the water. ( i got your dog) in lafayette, the water surrounded cars in a hotel parking lot. officials say more than 100 roads are cut-off as rivers and creeks overflow their
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edwards) this is unprecedented. we don't have records to see who all is going to be impacted. the national guard made countless rescues including this man who had been clinging to a tree branch for hours. homes across southern louisiana have been flooded. (paulette short/flood victim) our house is gone under, our pets, our horses. everything is gone under back there. in jeanie holmes' neighborhood the water is knee-deep. she's still trying to recover from flooding five months ago. (jeanie mcandrew holmes replace. they're actually still in the big green rubbermade from last time. i've never put them up. while some homeowners are waiting to survey the damage.holmes says its time to move. omar villafranca, cbs news, covington, louisiana. ((sharie johnson)) once the waters recede... governor bel edwards plans to tour the damaged area./// ((sharie johnson)) the flooding hits home for our extended 8news now family. our producer... kalia...
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yard tonight. this is mission drive in baton rouge, louisiana. thankfully, her mom made it out safely. she's seeking shelter with another relative. but her home and car are almost completely under floodwaters./// ((sharie johnson)) ad lib weather tease ///
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tomorrow will be much like today, but temperatures will rise slightly. ...................... what to expect this week. heat continues. near record highs are possible early this week. unsettled weather returns this week.
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................ currents across the valley. ................ currents across the region. ................. almanac temperatures higher than normal. closer to ................. national... storms along the gulf and up through main. extreme heat for central atlantic states. fairly queit weather on the west coast. ................... the gulf .... areas of flooding .................... the west coast.
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................... the valley will be hot and sunny for sunday. ....................... tonight clear skies. ....................... tomorrow sunny and hot. ..................... uv index high for sunday. .................... here is the 7day
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rebels start the fall with a bang the first scrimmmage see who turned heads in this morning's showdown plus..demarco fell on hard times in philadelphia.. but look who's back.. highlights coming up in sports ///
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scrimmage showcased an offense that can score from anywhere on the field..if saturday's performance is any las vegas will be blasting from the unlv band and echoing throughout the mountain west all season long unlv playing tony sanchez slightly intense.. offense under the direction of kurt palendech to begin..moving the chains early.. meet darren woods..a freshman and a force..gain of 25.. defense would take a stand the first few drives.. dalton baker nice play in the back field.. but hereme .. johnny stanton at the helm finds allan cui.. a 5'5' walk on from hawaii.. he made plays all day.. tribute to the offensive line finishing drives.. david green sprinting for six behind great blocking from the behemoths johnny stanton battling kurt palendech for the starting job.. across his body to brandon presley in stride.. line coach john garrison never
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the great wall of las vegas...35 yard touchdoww.. untouched the offense exploded onto the scene.. and the offensive line made a statement..they are large and in charge and ready to light up the scoreboard (( )) tinsel town welcomes back the touchdown.. nfl returning to los angeles today with the rams first preseason game against the cowboys.. the coliseum was rocking for this most anticipated exhibition the city of angels from
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fans...80 thousand plus in attendance..gett ing silent super quick....for 21 years, everyone in southern california saying "i can't wait for kick off"....welll.. yes you can... cowboys lucky whitehead..chris tens the coliseum with an opening 101 yard touchdown.. los careful what you wish for... no worries, game doesn't count..they'll have time to regroup gorman grad demarco murray wase in 2014..he then fell into the philadelphia abyss in 2015.. well look who's back.. murray. a titan ..and torching san diego for a 71 yard touchdown..his first in a tennesssee uniform.. chip kelly may not have known how to use him in philly.. maybe just give him the ball..seems to be effective they can throw 93 miles per hour but today we found out they can also gracefully lower an entree without having it crash into mrs. johnson's lap...the 13th annual tip a 51
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pay attention to the order like you would signs from a third base coach.. the 51 players were put to work attempting to collect tips from customers with all proceeds going to olive crest's safe at home charity.. the fundraiser is expected to raise close to $4000 for neglected and abused children..i was thinking the players had zero experience in the kitchen ..but oh no,there was a food and beverage big leaguer among us (beck wheeler/pitcher: "my dad used to run a restaurant when i was growing on busy holiday weekends and weekend nights, i'd go down and help him and help the servers. i feel pretty comfortable in the kitcn and it's nice to interact with the fans here.") finally.. baseball is a great time for everyone.. until a foul ball flirts with a felony.. astros first baseman aj reed bulldozes a police officer enroute to a catch a pop fly.. i was bad luck...good news..the law enforcer is wearing body armor..
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((jon tritsch)) thats all for sports. let's send it back over to sharie for more news. ///
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((sharie johnson)) thousands got a chance to bullhead city river regatta. nearly 30- thousand people floated down the colorado river from laughlin to bullhead city. every year there's a theme and this year was pirates. participants decorated their crafts that varied from innertubes to elaborate rafts floating on barrels./// ((sharie johnson))
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for over 300,000 nevadans, social security means a secure retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible
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- you are being watched. the government has a secret system-- a machine that spies on you every hour of every day. i know, because i built it. i designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything-- violent crimes, involving ordinary people-- people like you-- crimes the government considered irrelevant. but i needed a partner. someone with the skills to intervene. hunted by the authorities, we work in secret. you'll never find us. but victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.


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